Closure for The Closer? Major Crimes Boss Wants Kyra Sedgwick Back If Phillip Stroh Goes to Trial

The Closer Brenda Stroh

If legal lizard Phillip Stroh resurfaces in the flesh on Major Crimes, he likely won’t be alone. Ideally, his longtime adversary — played by The Closer‘s Kyra Sedgwick — will be there to watch him pay for a litany of crimes.

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When last we tuned into TNT’s spin-off of The Closer, clever testimony from Sharon Raydor’s ward, former street rat Rusty Beck, seemed to seal serial rapist/murderer/stalker Stroh’s fate. But, Major Crimes creator James Duff reminds, “That was just a pretrial hearing,” at which Stroh was a “sick” no-show. “We have not made a deal nor have we had the trial.”

If and when that long-running arc is revisited, Duff says it is his “dream” to have Billy Burke — now no longer swinging swords on Revolution — finally reprise his role as Stroh. “He’s a wonderful actor and he’s a fantastic presence on screen — one of the best villains we ever had,” Duff raves.

But were Burke to finally make his Major Crimes debut, the significance of the situation would all but demand former MCD boss Brenda Leigh Johnson’s presence, as well. “That’s the thing — I’d like to have them both there,” Duff says of Burke and titular closer Sedgwick. “And it would have to be a two-parter.”

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Duff says he tried to get Burke on Major Crimes for the aforementioned Season 2 finale, but Revolution‘s shooting schedule prevented the actor from  slipping away for even just the nine-hour courtroom shoot. “All he had to do was sit there,” Duff notes with a chuckle. “I think he would have had one line, which is, ‘Hello, Rusty.'”

With Revolution now cancelled by NBC, Duff is holding out hope that Burke will be available for any such critical encore, should the day come.

“There’s a great move to make there that we have not made” with regards to resolving the Stroh storyline, which started on The Closer in 2009, Duff acknowledges. “And believe me, I’m plotting!”

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Major Crimes kicks off Season 3 Monday, June 9 at 9/8c — keep your eye on TVLine for an upcoming in-depth preview from James Duff.

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  1. curtlyon19 says:

    here’s hoping. It would certainly be well watched!

  2. Aimee says:

    I would love to finally get closure on Stroh but it just wouldn’t work without Brenda.

  3. Heidi says:

    I’d also like to see Billy back on Rizzoli & Isles for a cameo or two!

    • GeoDiva says:

      I’ve always liked his interaction with Jane. In the books, they actually get married but it looks like the TV show is pushing her and Casey together.

      • Heidi says:

        I’m wondering, though if they put Casey in there until Billy could come back. My thoughts are that Casey may get killed in Afghanistan, Jane would be pregnant and bring in the character of Gabriel Dean to marry her and raise the child? I love the R&I novels by Garretsen!

      • matt says:

        What, are the show based on a book?

  4. Tran says:

    Still sad about the cancellation of Revolution but I’m glad to hear the news about Billy Burke reprising his role now that he’s on The Closer spin-off series Major Crimes.

  5. Nick says:

    I would KILL for this to happen! I miss Brenda so much and I’d bet ratings would literally more than double.

  6. Closer fan says:

    Don’t forget Fritz, if Kyra Sedgwick returns, then Jon Tenney should be in the episodes with her so we get to see Fritz and Brenda together again.

    Mr. Duff expressed his wish for Kyra Sedgwick to appear as Brenda last year already but Sedgwick doesn’t seem to be so quick to please The Closer fans who have supported her show for so many years. It’s all up to her.

    • Jared Munson says:

      She wants to spend time with her family. Now that Kevin is working she’s home with the kids. She wanted to watch them finishing growing up. Is that a crime?

      • Closer fan says:

        Sorry but guest starring would not take her away from her family that much. She’s working on other things and she’s away from them so this would not be any different. That argument/excuse doesn’t work.

        • Aimee says:

          Or maybe she just doesn’t feel like doing it anymore. It’s her prerogative. She gave us many great years as Brenda and has earned a break. She doesn’t owe us anything.

          • Closer fan says:

            Actually, she does. She signed a contract for 3 appearances on the spin-off. Signed contracts should mean something. Plus, James Duff and fans want her back, how can she keep saying ‘no’ to him and to fans? Not very nice of her. It’s my prerogative to say what I think of her decisions.

          • Nick says:

            Except for the millions, the accolades she never would’ve received without us, oh and the ability to be able to sit on her ass now. It’s not too difficult to work 30 hours for 2 epa of Major Crimes. Please be real. KTHNXBAI!

          • Closer fan says:

            Exactly, Nick. She didn’t do The Closer for 7 seasons for fans, fans were no factor there, it was all about her and her career. She got the Emmy and Golden Globe and then quit. You can see that fans mean nothing to her when she actually could do appearances just for those of us who loved The Closer but she’s unwilling to because it would not benefit her current career.

        • Michael says:

          There are many actors who do not want to revisit an old character after it has been given the proper sendoff. I wouldn’t fault her if she didn’t want to return but I would be happy if she did.

          • Closer fan says:

            And there are many who happily do because of fan demand. Fans mean something to them.

          • David says:

            Maybe she’s afraid of fans like you who think they have a right to make demands on her time simply because you watched her play a character on a TV show.

          • Closer fan says:

            Yeah, that must be it! Or maybe she’s unwilling to fulfill her own promise she made to James Duff by signing a contract for 3 appearances even before the spin-off started.

      • debbie says:

        yes a major crime! >)

      • Suzan Lowe says:

        Apparently it’d a “Major Crime” .. Snicker

  7. Closer fan says:

    Actually if that ever happens, please give us more Brenda/Fritz interaction than anything else. Never liked Stroh episodes on The Closer.

  8. Closer fan says:

    Just read TV Guide’s Mega Buzz, says that Sedgwick appearance is unlikely. Why doesn’t anyone ask her about it? And “maybe” isn’t an answer. Yes or no please.

  9. Lorie says:

    Fingers crossed!

  10. MK204 says:

    Since I’m bored with the whole Rusty story, I’d love there to be an end to Stroh. However, I would also love it if they brought Kyra Sedgewick aka Brenda Lee Johnson, back in any shape or form. The old PD is not the same without her.

  11. John says:

    No, it’s time to let go. The show-runners need to decide which show they’re making: Major Crimes or The Closer. Unfortunately Major Crimes is not very good, due largely to being held back by the Stroh storyline, which, while a great storyline, does not belong in Major Crimes. It belongs in The Closer, and The Closer is over. So it’s time to let go, move on, and try to improve Major Crimes by making it about the present and not about a show that no longer exists.

  12. Pat says:

    I am looking forward to Monday night and the return of Major Crimes. I can only hope, since the character of Fritz will be coming back that Brenda might surface. It is going to be hard to have him back and no Brenda in sight, especially since she had played a major part with all of the characters on this show. I just hope that the writers do not write a separation of their marriage so as to answer the question, Where is Brenda?

  13. Deion says:

    Creatively, it was probably a bad idea to create the Rusty character and place him in major crimes as a way to stay connected to Phillip Stroh if they couldn’t get agreement from Kyra Sedgwick to come back and resolve it. Rusty is a poor replacement for Brenda versus her nemesis.

  14. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I would like to see Kyra back as Brenda on Major Crimes to close out that storyline w/ Billy Burk’s character. Also see a bit of a reunion maybe BTW Brenda, Rusty and Sharon?

  15. JuliaJ. says:

    I would love to see Kyra Sedgwick and Billy Burke finish out the Stroh storyline. I also want to see Jon Tenney so we can have some more Brenda and Fritz.That would be an episode I would watch.

  16. katedfw says:

    I would love to see this match up in court! Plus seeing Brenda Leigh would be great!

  17. Martoukian says:

    They haven’t been able to get Brenda back because she’s actually been lost in her giant purse.

  18. Sandra lee good says:

    When Brenda Leigh Johnson left I felt as if I lost a best friend MY FIANCÉ AND I REALY MISS HER!!!!!!!

  19. I wanna see the both of them come back too! I would hope that Kyra knew when a spin-off was created from her hit who that that did not mean she was done with Brenda yet. The biggest overlapping storyline is the Stroh case. And it can’t be completed without her there.

    I think the bigger question is if another spin-off is created for Jon Tenney, what does that mean for the screen absent Brenda & Fitz’s marriage? If he’s the main character of a show, you’d think we’d see his wife every now and then. And they were such a great on-screen couple to have them break-up would be heartbreaking.

  20. matt says:

    It would work, hes show just got cancelled so he has time

  21. d says:

    i thought that was the finale surprise…..but brenda leigh MUST be there for trial!!!

  22. Limners7 says:

    The show isn’t worth following since Brenda left. I catch an occasional episode because I miss the characters she left behind and the one who left. Rusty is too old to be a teen. Watching him is painful.

    Brenda has to nail Stroh’s coffin lid and eat one more chocolate something. Please bring her back and leather make him pee himself.

    • Marilyn Robertson says:

      I agree with the Rusty story line having been taken to ad nauseum length. Boring and adds nothing to plots. Stroh should be dealt with Brenda or no Brenda although having her back for one or two episodes would be pure joy. Sharon is okay but certainly lacks the charisma and personality and energy that Brenda did. But Rusty is such a flop it is difficult to watch him trudge through the episodes. Let’s hope he attends college in a remote island off the coast of Antarctica and doesn’t get home very often.

    • Yes Marilyn Rusty is dull . We do have to punish the sadist Lawyer Stroh. Getting there is drawn out. Stroh beat our Brenda! What punishment would you like to see? Loretta.

    • Hello from Sydney. Ah yes Stroh. An impaling would be nice.

  23. Suzan Lowe says:

    I have all of The Closer episodes on DVR and bought all seasons from iTunes. It would take an act of nature to keep me from watching should Brenda Leigh sachet back onto the screen!!!

  24. L. Hargreaves. says:

    The Stroh monster criminal beat The Closer. The cruel smarmy Lawyer Stroh must be caught. We depend on Major Crimes’ Script Writers to finish him off. Please.

  25. Ruth says:

    A lot of post here are downing Kyra because she has not made a guest appearance on MC. She does have a career to tend to, and I have seen her many times on different late night shows saying she would love to appear on MC. I’m sure she appreciates the fans. It would be fitting for her to be in the courtroom when Stroh goes to trial. I have to admit I haven’t seen very many MC shows with Mary. I find her character cold, boring, mundane, she is a wonderful
    actress just don’t like her character. Rusty has been a bore. But still love the guys Flyn, Provensa, Hulio, Tao, Taylor, and Buzz

  26. Phillips Stroh on Trial is fraught with problems. Smarmy clever vile Stroh would beat the System surely. A Lawyer, himself he would find a way out. Why was not Stroh shot when threatening The Closer and Rusty??