24 Recap: Has Kate Established Herself as the New Female Jack Bauer?

Fox’s 24, for all its accomplishments over the years, has seldom given us the female equivalent of Jack Bauer. (One could argue that as badass field agents go, the list starts and ends with G-woman Renee Walker, RIP.) But did disgraced CIA analyst Kate Morgan just join the short list?

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This week on 24: Live Another Day, Jack laid out his demands to President Heller and CIA chief Navarro, in the name of thwarting Margot al-Harazi’s terrorist drone strike. On that list, alongside the always handy “field interrogation kit,” was the name Kate Morgan. And though Navarro at first balked at putting his Langley-bound black sheep back in the field, “Jack wants Kate, Jack needs Kate, Jack gets Kate,” Heller declared. Matt wants Kate, too, but that’s for another day.

To approach Rask, an arms dealer Jack had been working for (though for the right reasons!), Jack tells Kate he needs to “deliver” her as a CIA informant who recruited one of Rask’s men as a snitch. And since Rask’s men would then want to immediately interrogate her, Jack wants to shoot her up with drug that knocks her out. Hopefully Jack can get done what needs to be done (tricking Rask into loading a virus onto his laptop) before Kate awakes. “Just make it count,” she says before plunging the needle in her neck like a boss.

Of course, the plan goes awry. Rask has a drug to counteract the sedative, and soon enough Kate is awake and being hoisted up onto a hook, her arms shackled behind her. Belcheck is perched on a nearby roof poised to save Kate, but Rask first must load in the virus. In the meantime, Kate’s interrogators run some current through her, slash her leg… and power up a drill, Quinn Perkins-style. But just as Kate is about to meet that gnarly fate, just as you’re screaming for Chuck to show up and “flash” on kung-fu, MI5 agents storm in and start shooting up the place.  Amidst the melee, Kate throws her legs around her captor’s neck, wrests herself free from the hook, grabs his dropped dagger and with a swift, impressive-as-hell move, drives the blade into the guy.

Added bonus: Jack clicked ENTER on the laptop during the shootout, allowing Chloe to rifle through Rask’s banking records and find a cell phone attached to some recent, suspicious payments.

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Elsewhere in the 4 o’clock hour:

* The British PM is now wise to President Heller’s possible Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and thus is second-guessing his counterpart’s judgement — including entrusting Jack Bauer with a covert op.

* Mark’s forgery of POTUS’ John Hancock on the papers promising Jack to Russia is at risk of being found out — as if he already hadn’t had bad enough an hour after coming face to stone-face with the Jack Bauer!

* Margot sent Simone, owner of The World’s Worst Poker Face, to chat up Naveed’s sister, to see how much she knew about his plan to get outta town. Simone clumsily tried to help the sister, but wound up stabbing her dead instead. (Oops?) Simone wound up getting smacked (though not quite George O’Malley’d) by a bus while chasing the sister’s horrified young daughter through the streets.

* Mole alert! We learn that Navarro, in cahoots with someone, framed Kate’s husband for the selling of secrets — and now computer wonk Jordan is on the verge of finding that out!

What did you think of 24: LAD‘s sixth hour?

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  1. Justin says:

    Amazing episode. I love Kate Morgan. She, Jack, Chloe, and Jacks friend look like they may make a great team.

  2. Susan says:

    Simone lost a finger and her left hand was wrapped. She had a miraculous recovery in order to wear those black leather gloves or she’s able to regenerate the missing digit.

  3. Tran says:

    During Season Eight I was shocked about the death of Renee Walker. This season on 24, it’s all about Kate Morgan. Her and Jack should make a great team together and hope she’ll make it to the end.

  4. James D says:

    This show is so good I really hope they keep doing these short seasons for a while, if Keifer doesn’t feel that he can do it, I’d be totally cool with Yvonne taking over she is definitely the female Jack Bauer and the more time she spends with Jack i feel the more Jack she will become. with that said unfortunately after years of backstabbing double crossing etc it is a very predictable show I knew Benjamin Brett was dirty for most of the season so it wasn’t a shock at all. still stellar season thus far can’t wait for the next one.

  5. Susie says:

    It freakin’ exhausts me each week. I am kinda sleepy before it starts and afterwards, I’m wide awake and pumped up. I hope Simone kissed the bus to death. And Kate is awesome!

  6. Blah says:

    I swear in the last episode After she rescued jack from the hostage situation I heard the government guys call Kate Agent Walker. I did a clear double take. Oh well good to know that Ben Bratt sold him out and chuck didn’t sell secrets to the Chinese. I mean seriously Zach Levi has to be cast as her husband right?

    • Tahonia says:

      Great casting idea! And what a chuckle (;-/) to think that it was Chuck that sold the Chinese secrets….

    • acurat says:

      Okay, this made me laugh. Zach Levi as the agent who sold out his country… that would work with the doublecross that benjamin bratt is now on the hook for. You could merge the Chuck mytholgy (sort of) with 24. The only problem is, Chuck was a comedy CIA show, and 24 is very serious. It would be a switch for the comedic Zack Levi – one I am not sure he would make.

      • Derek117 says:

        First off, I’m not sure Navarro is a traitor. As others have said, he could have been speaking to CIA higher-ups on the phone; and they could all be involved in a scheme that discredited Kate’s husband. They could be “sacrificing an agent” or discrediting him in order to get him deeper into the Chinese intelligence network–assuming he’s not dead.

        That said, if Kate’s husband does make an appearance, having Zack Levi do a cameo as the husband would be in keeping with casting choices that shows have often made–connecting two actors who worked together previously on a different show, in the same/similar relationship in the narrative of a new show. Zack would NOT be “Chuck” but, as Kate’s husband, it’s still a nice touch that fans of both shows (like me) would get a kick out of.

  7. Holy cow! My heart was racing throughout this episode and just watching the preview for next week made it go faster. Sheez…can’t wait ’til next week. haha

  8. Faye says:

    Sure there the show asks you to suspend your normal thought process for an hour but this is the most thrill packed series in a long time. I love the 12 episode format. Hopefully, it will finish with an open ending as I would love to see Jack return for another 12 next year.
    Had already determined Bratt’s character was complicit in framing Kate’s husband. He is too easily manipulated. I figured he got his position by being useful to others.

  9. H. thorn says:

    In answer to the headline question “has Kate established herself as the new Jack?”–No, never, not ever and when hell freezes over.

  10. KevyB says:

    Navarro is a mole? WHAT A SHOCKER!!! OMG, who would’ve ever guessed that?!?!?! Oh, yeah, anyone who’s ever seen this show before.

    • I’m holding out for evil Stephen Fry.

      • maggie says:

        An evil Stephen Fry would be great. But he seems to be another dumb politician who underestimates the awesome indestructibility and unwavering righteousness that is Jack Bauer.

        • Derek117 says:

          The British PM is, like President Heller, being duped by his (very hot) assistant, Caroline Fowlds, played by “MI-5” alumn Miranda Raison. BTW, this season of “24” is really loading up with the Evil Women: Margot, Simone, Caroline. I guess with “equality” comes the evil gene: “I’m just as tough as the dudes!” It will be interesting to see if Kate (or Audrey) gets to take care of Caroline, when it all shakes out. Finally, I wouldn’t put it pass Caroline to be the doctored-voice on the other end of Navarro’s phone, AND that she’s knocking-uglies with Mark on the side.

  11. hello says:

    I really hope they don’t do a silly “Heller forgot he signed” storyline

    • Eric says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure that’s how Mark will try to spin it.

      • B says:

        As soon as I saw him sign it with the shifty-eyes, I figured that’s where they were going with it. And the PM realizing that Heller may have some issues will only help to back it up WHEN Mark lies about it.

        Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Mark has replaced Heller’s meds with something that makes him worse so he can have more power over things.

  12. Tahonia says:

    “But just as Kate is about to meet that gnarly fate, just as you’re screaming for Chuck to show up and “flash” on kung-fu”>>> perfect line! That ‘s exactly what I was screaming for–but she’s a pretty adept chick! And I was waiting for a mole to be revealed! Oh, I love 24!

  13. Tahonia says:

    Does it look like there’s any chance of more seasons of 24?

  14. Yvonne was sensational in this episode but what’s with this stupid Female Jack Bauer crap. Kate Morgan kicks butt. Leave it at that.

  15. tv2day says:

    I still think Kate is working for the Russians n jack will have to kill her at seasons end. But its 24…who knows lol! I also don’t think navarro is a mole. Too obvious. I think he was talking to a US govt official. But its 24…who knows.

  16. Patty Stamps says:

    I was just so happy last night knowing there were viewers unfamiliar with Yvonne to see how badass she is! I just love her. #ChuckForever

    • may says:

      Thinking the exact same thing Patty! I saw comments on other sites saying how they didn’t like Kate because she was “not believable as an agent”. I wanted to sit them down to force watch some Chuck! But I’m glad Yvonne got to show her butt kicking skills

      • Chlojack says:

        Yvonne was truly amazing last night. That was probably the most impressive action sequence she’s ever done.

  17. Mike says:

    Yvonne rocks…….

  18. spp138 says:

    So it looks like next week, Margot al-Harazi will be trying to enhance her candidacy for “Mother of the Year”…

  19. Gambs says:

    As soon as they strung Yvonne up with the chains to begin the torture, I knew that eventually Kate Morgan was going to turn into Sarah Walker. And she did. She even used a knife to kill the guy. Anyone who watched Chuck, knew that she was “pretty good with knives.”

  20. Gambs says:

    By the way, I think the distorted voice that Navarro was talking to in the end is the head of the clandestine hacker group that Chloe has been working for. In the end, I think he’s the one Jack and Kate will be hunting for after stopping Margot.

  21. MLO says:

    Loved the look on Jack’s face when Kate stuck herself with the needle!

  22. katedfw says:

    Great episode and I loved how Kate stepped up to the challenge! I am liking her a lot. I am sure Navarro is a Red Herring right now but you never know on 24!

  23. agent 86 says:

    Ratings haven’t been so hot, so I doubt that LAD will last more than 12 hours. Wouldn’t mind seeing Jack sidelined and Kate take over. If not on real life, then maybe a Fan fiction.

    • MM Pollard says:

      I thought the ratings had bee great.

      • MM Pollard says:

        Maybe I’ve been reading too many comments!

      • Derek117 says:

        From everything I’ve read, the ratings have been good-to-excellent. We’re only half way thru the 12-episodes, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if Fox announced another 12-episode season before the conclusion of this first dozen.

  24. Heryshaf says:

    Unfortunately, they played the “mole in the ctu” card again, still, some more. It’s become almost a staple in their story. One wonders how well the government screens people. I guess though that helps with the Kate story line of how she didn’t know? I love this show, have seen ALL of them but c’mon, use some imagination with the mole story. Keep up the good work (but I know you can do great work).

  25. Ant says:

    Yvonne needs her own show. Loved her in Chuck, Dexter and now 24.

  26. Yeah calling Kate the new Jack is like calling someone the funniest comedian in the world: a standard that, even if true, the audience is colored against thanks to a natural inclination to go, “Oh really?”

    That said I was quite pleased with Kate this episode. Her general air hadn’t been too interesting up until now for me at least. I mean, “He’s going for the roof?” Thankfully this week she could be made to look interesting without needing to make the rest of the CIA look stupid or have her read ahead in the script to know what the right move is. Slashed, splashed and shocked, she choked one guy and knifed him before gunning down another. Dunno about a new Bauer but I’d love to see that in a Bond film.

  27. AW says:

    Love this summer season of 24! Looking forward to more of Jack, Kate, Chloe etc. if it’s renewed for next year!

  28. lar says:

    great hour of tv–i am soooo loving this 24 hrs. Kate and Jack make a great team! (Chloe, too!)

  29. MKNJENGA says:

    Her name has change to KATE JACKLYNE BAUER

  30. no such thing as a bad episode or season for 24..i was surprised though that navarro was the mole

  31. Jeff says:

    I love 24 but there are some over used plots, including:

    1. Mole in govt agency
    2. When staking out a lead on a house, recall group as soon as they’re inside and say ” it’s a trap, it’s a trap”
    3. Have president that might not be in the right state of mind to make decisions in the best interest of the country.

  32. acurat says:

    I love 24 but predicted from the start that the addition of Yvonne Stohovski to the cast was sure to be a female Jack Bauer. From the start, she has shown signs in the way the role was written she a mirror image of Kiefer Sutherland’s amazing character. Sutherland is just getting too old to keep this up, and if the show is picked up again – they needed someone else to carry the load. Enter Yvonne Srohvoski of NBC “Chuck” fame, a woman who can do all her own stunts (as she did on Chuck), is athletic, is a black belt in the martial arts. Ifyou have not noticed, Jack no longer runs really on the show. He is in his mid 40s now, not 30 like when the show started. Yvonne is about 30 and can do what Jack did in 24 Season 1. It makes sense adding her, and her husband is a great story waiting to be told if there is another season (he could be the villian, or maybe the recently revealed Navaro being bad…)

  33. C says:

    I read somewhere that Kiefer Sutherland sais that he’s getting too old for this role and this will be his last season. Like everyone else, I hope that’s not true and that there will be another season (or 2 or 3…..), but I think “Kate” could be a really good substitute and carry on the tradition.

  34. James lee says:

    I’m very glad to see 24 back In action,I hope tony comes back to the show.

  35. blackwell says:

    Another great “24” show!! I look forward to seeing this every week. AND, of course, Jack is THE MAN!!! Kate’s a smart agent, too. Didn’t they say that her husband was still alive? I thought I heard that at the last – THAT should be interesting…………

  36. Derek117 says:

    While any discussion about “24” is good, because it shows interest in the show–and increases the chances of more seasons; I would point out that Kiefer is only 47 years old. And Tom Cruise, who is going strong making Action Movies, is 50 years old. So, let’s not talk about Kiefer like he’s an Old Man. Far from it. And let’s also not forget that Liam Neeson celebrates his 62 (!) birthday today–and is kicking ass, left and right in movies.

    • acurat says:

      You obvioiusly did not see that the latest Action flick this week by Tom Cruise is tanking badly like his last film. It was Sutherland himself who said he was getting too old an interview. He is no longer running on the ground in this season of 24, see for yourself. Still a great actor, just not as athletic as he used to be.

  37. mallah says:

    Why would anyone write about this topic so soon? This is just silly speculation…at least wait until the show ends later this summer and then bring up this subject…Really? Seriously?

  38. Janet says:

    I too think Navarro might be too obvious to be the mole, perhaps the PM’s assistant? And totally agree with everyone that we love love Kate Morgan! I also love the fact that Jack is getting what he wants from Heller….prob due to the condensed 12 eps but still, refreshing!

    • James lee says:

      I only watch 24 for the reasons:It’s not predictable,nothing out there like it,Story line is one of a kind.I have tried to watch a new program,but after the second episode,I told my wife what was going to happen before the next episodes,& she thought it was funny that I was right.So Jack,”I’m glad your back”Once you watch 24,there’s nothing else to compare & worth watching.I”M ADDICTED to 24″.

  39. Abel Garcia says:

    Jack and Kate ought to get a room!

  40. GROMIT35 says:

    A TV show only works if you care about the characters and as Jack has been tortured and shot so many times…without him slowing down…we need a fresh face to care about. Yvonne’s Kate fits the bill – looking fragile and seemingly genuinely distressed while being tortured but having the strength to win out. Kate looked exhausted after the gunfight – adding realism to the scene. She would certainly be a worthy replacement for Jack – he can’t keep going forever !