Orphan Black Recap: What Happens In Rehab Doesn't Stay In Rehab

Orphan Black Dr. Leekie Killed

Clone Club, welcome to Orphan Black Season 2’s version of the potluck episode. Naturally, the zippy antics once again involve Alison and a case of mistaken identity as her rehab center hosts Family Day. Sadly, a hot glue gun is not involved this time, but there is lots of glitter — and a killer ending!

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ALISON & SARAH | Our favorite rehab resident “unburdens” herself to Vic about sleeping with Aynsley’s husband. Encouraged by his supportive response, she adds: “And I killed her.” To Vic’s credit, he’s only momentarily sideswiped by the crazy confession. Then he calls Angie (ugh), and Alison overhears their conversation. Now that she knows Vic is snitching on her, it’s time to bring in reinforcements. “I can’t go to jail, Felix,” she says. “I don’t have the temperament. In the shower, if they touch me, I will cut them.” So it’s up to Sarah to come and clean up her “do-do,” as Alison puts it.

At first, Vic just wants to “atone” to Sarah for what he did, but then he tells her he wants her back. Everyone’s reaction is pretty much, “Seriously, dude?” “Don’t tell me that Nail Gun Ken is still in the picture,” Vic replies, to which Felix responds, “No, but you should see the new one.” Sorry, Vic, but if we’re ranking Sarah’s boy toys, you are very far down the totem pole. Then Vic starts to get woozy – Felix spiked his tea so he’d miss his meeting with Angie — finally passing out and falling head first into Alison’s table of glitter and feathers, giving him a “molested by elves” look.

Meanwhile, Alison’s sponsor comes knocking for her, so Sarah has to once again don a headband and play the role of her uptight “sis,” which gets really meta during a roleplaying exercise with Donnie. “And I’m being Alison being Donnie?” she asks, falling in and out of character during the bit. At one point, she even exclaims, “He’s the one who’s blocking her!” “Now who are you being?” Donnie asks, confused.

Orphan Black Leekie KilledTo top off the shenanigans, Felix and Alison are lugging Vic’s body through the rehab center – he can’t be seen in her room because family tours are coming up – Angie is looking for Vic. They finally dump him in the front lobby, leaving everyone to assume he fell off the wagon. As Sarah and Alison are arguing in her room – how cool was the framing with both of their reflections in the mirror? – Donnie walks in to see the two side by side. Alison congratulates him on finding the runaway clone, but he’s seriously and genuinely clueless. He was recruited by a sociology professor into a study with no knowledge of what it was really going on. The spying and lies “ruined our family!” Alison yells. “And you’re so stupid, you don’t even know why!”

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RACHEL & THE DYAD | Paul lies to Leekie about Sarah coming up empty in her search for Duncan, so maybe he’s not totally dark side now. The doc calls for a meeting with Marian (played by Chicago Fire‘s Michelle Forbes), who appears to be even higher up the Dyad food chain than Rachel. Leekie fills her in on the Sarah/Rachel/Duncan situation. “Out paths rarely cross anymore,” Marian says to him. “But when they do, it’s almost always because of Sarah Manning. We need to look at that.” That’s an elegantly put, not-so-thinly veiled threat, if I’ve ever heard one.

Mrs. S also meets with Leekie, offering up Duncan in exchange for him giving up on Kira, but what she’s really after is whether or not Rachel knows her father is alive. Through their conversation with Leekie, she pieces together that Rachel’s not aware. There’s no telling which way she’ll fall when she learns the truth about her parents, but Sarah doesn’t care, so Mrs. S stages a meeting between Duncan and Rachel, during which the proclone even sheds some tears. Later, Rachel confronts Leekie and reveals that the plan to get rid of him is in motion. “Don’t get into your car, don’t go home,” she offers him. “You might survive. It’s foolish to spare you. But you raised me. Nurture prevails.”

Orphan Black Leekie KilledAs Leekie is running for his life on the street, Donnie pulls up – with a gun! – and forces the doc to get in the car. “You lied to me. It’s not right, all the secrets,” he exclaims. Leekie calls him a “turnip” — an apt description, if we’re being honest — and a footnote in the experiment. “I won’t participate anymore. I quit!” Donnie yells, slamming his gun against the steering wheel – and causing it to go off and shoot Leekie in the head! Typical Donnie. Can’t even quit without screwing up and accidentally killing his boss.

COSIMA | The science geek finds out that the stem cells they’ve been using to treat her came from Kira – Leekie procured the child’s tooth from the hospital – and she’s really mad at Delphine for keeping it secret. “You only have one way forward and this is it,” Delphine argues, noting that the tooth is a “finite source.” Poor Cosima has to call Sarah, who packs up Kira to take her to Dyad. Cal can’t understand why she’s taking Kira to the enemy. “She’s sick. Kira might be her only chance,” Sarah explains, while Cal pleads, “Don’t do this to our kid.” What Kira does to herself might be worse: She uses a piece of string to pull out her own tooth! Man, that kid… Before Sarah and Kira take off, Cal reminds his daughter that she can always call him, using the number they practiced. Can I have that number, too?

Orphan Black fans, were you shocked by Leekie’s accidental demise? What did you think of the rehab adventures? (Nice touch how Alison didn’t make Donnie a name tag, yes?) And why is Kira so darn special?!

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  1. Stephen Portman says:

    This show just keeps getting better and better. That’s all I have to say!

  2. David4 says:

    This episode was probably my least favorite of the whole show but the last 20 minutes were good.

  3. CourtTV says:

    I’m going to miss Leekie. But the glitter was awesome.

  4. Jerry says:

    I think my only problem with this episode is it had a lot of improbable traveling by Sarah. She got to and from places way too fast

    • Adam Lenhardt says:

      I think we’re supposed to take it that this was all taking place in rather close proximity, that Cal and Kira met Sarah in the city, and that the rehab clinic was close by.

    • TV Gord says:

      It wasn’t played out in real time, though.

      • Jerry says:

        Not real time no, but Sarah was off with Cal and Kira when Felix called from the Rehab and she was able to make it over in time to talk to Vic. And then get back out to them after

        • Alan says:

          cal met up with sarah somewhere in the unnamed city where all the action takes place, its not that farfetched to imagine her getting from point a to point b fairly quickly in a place she knows how to get around well, there doesnt seem to be a traffic problem in the city and from whats been shown its not really all that big, most likely you could get from one side to the other in an hour or two and i doubt sarah has to travel all the way across the city to get from the meet with cal to the rehab.

    • Missy Kelly says:

      Maybe she went to the Jack Bauer school of getting around

  5. Adam Lenhardt says:

    The final beat in Donnie’s car reminded me of something “Justified” would pull.

  6. Amanda says:

    She did make a name tag for Donnie. She just didn’t fancy it up, and was ignoring him when he asked her to pass it to him.

    • Alan says:

      looked to me like that was something thrown together at the last minute by the staff when they noticed he didnt have one.

  7. James says:

    I felt this episode was season one quality with Sarah and Alison together. I loved it! It pulled me back into the show again.

    • Nate says:

      Why would go away! !!

      • James says:

        Until this episode I felt there was way too much exposition and not enough clones. I miss the days when Sarah, Alison and Cosima were together more often.

        • 324B21 says:

          Me too. I get that it’s is easier for the show (and actress) if they don’t have a lot of scenes with all the clones together but it’s just not the same.

  8. Suz says:

    Kira is the key to everything! That kid has some super DNA.

  9. Et al. says:

    Incredible episode!

  10. webly3 says:

    I loved this episode. My favorite part was the idea of Alison going to a women’s prison. I wouldn’t mind if Alison joined the cast of Orange Is the New Black. :)

    • Cheri says:

      I loved this episode too. And, I’ve had the same thoughts about Orange is the New Black too. Kira has some extra special traits to her genes. I’m glad that Cold Rachel found out about her dad and mom and Leekie. And, I’m glad Dr Leekie got his due.

  11. abz says:

    “I can’t go to jail Felix. I don’t have the temperament. In the shower, if they touch me, I’ll cut them.” better end up on the week’s best quotes list. Honestly one of the funniest lines I’ve heard on the show. I was laughing way too much during this episode. Lol Sarah impersonating Alison pretending to be Donnie was hilarious.

  12. D says:

    ok I don’t want to offend anyone but I have a question about the show and maybe I missed something that explained it. How is one of the clones gay? if a person is born gay than all the clones would be gay or all wouldn’t be, right? they aren’t twins, so either they are saying being gay is a choice or that people become gay through experience. they may have covered it and I missed it, if so could someone explain it? I know it seems like a silly thing to notice on such a great show.

    • Rook says:

      There is actually a study about identical twins where one is gay and the other straight, to see if there is some kind of difference in their DNA. So I get what you mean about the clones, but its such a complex topic that we don’t even fully understand. I also don’t think the show is trying to make a statement about the reasoning behind why some people are gay.

    • Jen says:

      It is the understanding of the academic community that sexuality exists on a spectrum. There is not a clearly defined gay or straight, with people ending up in one group or the other all the time. Genetics play a role in where a person exists on the sexuality spectrum, with some on far opposite ends (who would never be interested in a gay or straight sexual experience) but for the most part people fall in the middle of the spectrum. Further, womb experiences of the fetus is also a big contributing factor; hormone levels and placental conditions are believed to factor an individuals place on the sexuality spectrum. Finally, there can at times be a nurture aspect that may hedge someone in the middle of the spectrum a little more one way than the other.

      Orphan Black touches on this in more ways than just the sexual; they examine the psychology, personality, sociological conditioning of each clones as well as their womb conditions and genetics.

      What needs to happen is for society to make the paradigm shift from sexuality being a black/white, either/or condition, to a far more dynamic, fluid one.

    • arianeb says:

      Funny how everyone focuses on Cosima’s sexuality as an odd genetic quirk, and no one mentions her near-sidedness which is considered a stronger genetic trait than sexuality. Near-sided vision is most often caused by a flattening of the eyeball by the muscles around the eye. Usually a genetic disposition, although there are environmental causes too.

    • michelle says:

      The show also said that helena and sarah were actual twins in the womb and she had Opposite organs in her body. I hope they don’t abandon her. The whole point of the show was how different each of them were. Nature vs nuture.

      • Alan says:

        that reversed organs thing is actually real, its the same thing that causes conjoined twins to happen that causes this sometimes.

    • This is not really worth discussing BUT not even clones are exactly identical. The real science is that everyone has the potential to be gay, but in life they fit along a sliding scale of sexuality. Holding fast to the argument of born gay is a recipe for trouble and makes no difference to whether or not someone’s sexuality should be respected as nobody else’s business.

  13. Missy Kelly says:

    The best episode of Orphan Black ever!

  14. Alichat says:

    Oh my god…that ending was so startling, funny, and typical dumb Donnie. And Fe carrying Vic all over the rehab center was hysterical. Although, I don’t understand why they didn’t call Art to have him help intercept Angie at the rehab center. I’m curious to see what Rachel does now. Will she still pursue Sarah because it seems she has been going after her for emotional reasons than scientific. Also….gonna miss Frewer.

    • Jerry says:

      I was wondering why they didn’t call Art as well. Unless we missed it I’m pretty sure what Angie is doing is off the books, and she can’t wipe Vic’s record anyway.

      • Alichat says:

        Yes, I believe it is off the books because a few eps back Art threatened to call their boss and report her. She made some crack about letting down another partner or something like that. It’s interesting that Rachel and Angie both seem to be going after Sarah for personal reasons and not professional. I just don’t believe that Angie is doing all this “investigating” just for Beth.

  15. Lisa London says:

    Fun episode! Loved the shenanigans with Vic being ‘molested by elves’. Laughed so hard at him falling on the table in a cloud of feathers… but then I read the stuntman broke his nose doing that – a little less funny now. Also TVLine, it’s ‘doo-doo’ and not ‘do-do’ – you may want to get your poop vocabulary right.

  16. Elyse says:

    Such a great episode! I always love seeing Cal and Kira together and it made me sad when he had to say bye to her. hopefully Kira can save Cosima! When Donnie accidentally killed Leekie I laughed hysterically. That scene was so funny mostly because of Donnie’s shocked face!

  17. Ken says:

    R.I.P Max Headroom!

    • KenM says:

      … Or in this instance, Max Headshot. Michael Mando and Kristian Bruun were so good in this episode. I hope the producers continue to find things for their characters to do on the show.

  18. Cate53 says:

    So great to have lots of Alison this week – but no Helena! Hope those Proletheans are treating her well! Sarah has, of cours, played Alison before at the party in S1 and you’d think she might know a little about rehab too. Would have liked to see a bit more of her role play with Donnie! Donnie gets to play Alison too for a bit :)
    So Leekie arranged the fire that killed Rachel’s mother then took her in and raised her. I’m still a bit confused by the power structure within Dyad. Rachel seemed to be pretty high up – higher than Leekie. So what about Michelle Forbes? Is she the main boss?
    I’m rather worried about Cosima. Firstly, her story so far this season hasn’t had the depth of some of the other clones, sickness and a little Delphine doubts and not much more. Delphine realised that the stem cell treatment was from Kira and warned Scott off from telling Cosima as she knew Cos would baulk at using Kira so you can understand her actions. However, Cosima’s sense of betrayal is also understandable. However, Delphine was always very much Leekie’s protege – indeed, implied lover I think! What is her status going to be now he is gone? Hopefully Cosima will forgive her for the deception. Particularly as she seems to have come to the conclusion that she needs Kira too judging by her phone call to Sarah. Kira once again displays her weird psychic abilities by pulling out her own tooth without being asked! Still not sure. I fully a trust Cal. I almost expected him to pull out a phone after Sarah and Kira left.
    Donnie, Donnie, Donnie!! Like Alison, he’s an unintentional killer now. Is it wrong to hope those two crazy kids work it out?
    Can’t believe there are only 3 episodes left…

    • I wouldn’t be too scared for Cosima. In my view she’s a fan favourite clone, and her lack of meaningful storyline gives the impression that the writers have much more in store for her once she’s well.

  19. Elaine Bondra says:

    I loved this episode. If they had squeezed in Helena, it would have been perfect. I won’t rehash all the great moments; there were just too many of them. BUT my absolute faves were Vic’s head bumping the wall, Donnie’s absolute shock at seeing Alison & Sarah together & the last scene in the car. I will forever think “turnip” when seeing Donnie or hearing his name.

  20. Elaine Bondra says:

    One thing I forgot to mention is that I’m jumping for joy at the prospect of Alison/Felix/Donnie scenes in the future. Pure comedy gold awaits us, people. Oh please, let it be soon. :-D

  21. arianeb says:

    The big question left is, “what now?”
    We basically have reached the climax point in the second season arcs of three of the clones: Allison, Sarah, and Rachel. We have two clones left still in danger: Cosima and Helena, and I suspect Sarah is going to play the hero in both situations. Can Allison and Donnie reconcile? Can the Dyad change its mission now that the head Neolutionist is gone, or are they just getting started? Is Kira still in danger? Can Professor Duncan’s research save Cosima and the other clones?
    One answer we got in Ep 6 is that there only seems to be female clones (so much for having a bunch of Felix clones). I’m guessing that the reason is “self directed evolution”, the female clones are supposed to have lots of babies, but that didn’t work out so well.

  22. Aisha says:

    Alison telling Donnie how she loves him and he’s ruined their family was amazing. Tatiana should honestly just be awarded an “all awards you’re eligible for” award so other people can continue to win as well.
    Kira is so cute. How many accidental murders can one family commit? Stay tuned

  23. 324B21 says:

    So help me Cosima better not die or I’ll cut someone! (just like Allison.) :-)

  24. April says:

    So who is going to start the petition to get Tatiana a guest spot on Orange is the New Black.?

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  26. Nit Picker Jr says:

    Epic! The glitter, the head-banging, the tooth-pulling (oh, come on, we’ve all done it haven’t we? ;)), Rachel’s utter composure in the face of turmoil (meeting Father) and revenge (ousting Leekie), Siobhan’s bad-assedness… Tatiana as Sarah as Alison tearing Donnie a new one for “blocking her”… who’s who? Where am I? oy… and then Donnie. In his car. With a gun.

    (Don’t know why but I felt like D-bag should’ve done a gangsta pose and gone all “hah- in yoah FACE m***erf***er!”, or something. No? Too soon? Okay.)

    And, mmm, Michelle Forbes. Always a pleasure.
    And, no no no _no_, don’t you dare kill off Cos. We will make you hurt if you do.

    Is it next Saturday yet? Is it?

  27. Aimee says:

    Is it just me or do all the scenes between Cosima and Delphine look like a p0rno. All that arm stroking, soft focus, slow music in the background. I mean really, no matter what they are doing (drawing blood, calculating data, cleaning a toilet, whatever..) there is a soundtrack and sensual looks. Don’t get me wrong, I love them as a couple but it’s getting a bit weird.

    • Emily says:

      Sounds a lot like you haven’t seen a “p0rno” before. They are supposed to be in love. There is supposed to be sexual chemistry. Let it happen!

  28. LovinLife says:

    Thought I was the only one who noticed the reflections in the mirror. So cool. They are doing some crazy tricks in the filming of this show. Still Tatiana Maslany is the show. She just keeps getting better. Love every character she creates. Feel sorriest for Sarah though. She’s become the heroine of this story and she never gets a break. She’s saved pretty much all the original clone clubbers so far plus Paul and Felix. No mention of the charges this week but I would think they will use Daddy Duncan now to get those dropped. Too bad she can’t take Cal up on that trip to Iceland but she’s not done being a Bad-A$$. Still see another Rachel-Sarah showdown coming.. Loved the scene with Cal when she finally meets back up with himl and with Kira waking up with her mother there finally. Very sweet.

    • Emily says:

      I’m so scared they’ll kill off Cal. I want nothing more in the world than for Cal & Sarah to have a happy family. Also for Cos to live.

      • LovinLife says:

        Me too. I want them to at least spend some more time together, without clone club interruptions. They need a Dyad-free family day.

        • BP says:

          I agree! They all deserve it. They are all great together and its a nice balance to the intense action. The best shows have the great ups and downs like this show does.

  29. How meta awesome would it be if Leekie’s chatter about Nrolutionism means that the next time we see him, banked stem cells or some other technology leaves him as nothing but an intelligent being inside a computer, similar to that recent Johnny Depp movie or…yep, Max freakin’ Headroom!! ;) loved this ep and loved that Donnie did the deed, loved the Sarah playing Alison playing Donnie playing Alison bit, and Donnie’s pitch-perfect “…Now who are you being…?” Well done!

  30. Anya says:

    My favourite episode of the season.
    It was so much fun to watch!

  31. Rich Abey says:

    First of all might I say: Best episode of the season! While Orphan Black is always super-cool & awesome, Allison takes it to the next level & when it’s an Allison-heavy episode, it’s sure to rock our minds.
    Favorite moment: Sarah’s total-bonkers/WTF look when she spots Felix & Allison lugging an unconscious Vic down the stars while stuttering through her speech pretending to be Allison while pretending to be Donnie in a role-playing exercise! Mind-boggling stuff! If any non-OB fan read this sentence they’d think I’ve gone crazy!
    – Leekie’s accidental demise? That came out of nowhere. Thankfully I had just finished watching Game of Thrones’ very very violent ending before DVR’ing OB that it didn’t shock me much. Stupid, clumsy Donnie finally gets some used out of his stupidness.
    – Okay I get that Cosima is out of options but asking Kira be brought into the Dyad? And Sarah agreeing? Seriously..WTH?

  32. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Watched the episode twice on Sat. all I can say is WHAT THE F#*K! The ending was insane! Plus Kira is one hell of a little girl SHE is most likely the key to all of this crazy DYAD science.

  33. Kate says:

    I have a question regarding this one, that no one talked about. Last week Scot said: “Whoever you cloned, has a sister or a daughter… ” In this one we learn it is Kira’s DNA. So, does that mean that they cloned Sarah? Does that mean she is not a clone, but an original?

    • Alan says:

      all the clones share the same dna so she is technically the biological daughter of all of them so i dont think that means sarah is the original because she would have to have the same dna as the original too.

  34. She says:

    this episode reminds me why i love orphan black! right mix of thrill, comedy, drama.. name it. And, Tatiana is just amazing, the supporting cast doesn’t disappoint as well. I love seeing Alison and Donnie, they seem like a good match eh? hope it works out for those crazy kids.