Idol's Caleb Johnson Talks Bond-Theme Aspirations, R-Word Dustup and the Importance of a Full Band

Caleb Johnson says he never set out to win the approval of American Idol viewers. But by staying true to his classic-rock leanings (and making sure he had fun in the process) he managed to win their votes — and take home the Season 13 crown.

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For his Reality Check exit interview, Caleb tackled the question of whether or not he’s “current enough” to capture a modern music audience; why he covered tracks by Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin and Adele; and what he learned from a controversial interview after Top 5 results night during which he seemingly used the word “r–ard”  to describe some of his fans.

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Side note: We experienced a technical glitch right at the end of our Q&A, so you won’t get to hear Caleb discuss his winner’s single “As Long As You Love Me” (which he conceded is not exactly in line with the heavy, soulful rock sound he’d like to achieve on his debut CD) or the pressure he feels to put together said CD with a rapidly approaching mid-August deadline.

Fret not, though, there’s plenty of other good stuff: discussions about Caleb’s connections to Candice Glover and Phillip Phillips, the mic stand he murdered on Top 3 performance night and the lost art of the saxophone solo.

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  1. Lunakit says:

    I’m *sure* he must have some redeeming qualities…. everyone does, right?!

    • Cheryl says:

      How rude do you have to be? Caleb has a lot of charisma and redeeming qualities,do you??

      • I think he’s hilarious.

      • Lunakit says:

        No, on second read I guess that didn’t sound very nice…sorry about that…
        I was actually trying to find a positive spin on what I had just watched.

      • The Original Lemon says:

        I didn’t see any rudeness at all.

        • The Original Lemon says:

          I didn’t see any rudeness on the part of Caleb, is what I meant to say. I thought Caleb was great.

      • Tom22 says:

        I ‘m also perplexed by the negativity.. but lots of it starts from Michael.. not about Caleb earlier particularly but about so many.
        An example of the tone setting are the attacks MS makes on JLO . Michael’s comments far exceed the satirical aspects I enjoyed from him more in the past where contestants might have set themselves up for snarky comments and the barbs were quick responses to action synopsis … tit for tats or pointing out untruths. His comments about border on personal.. she’s never invited assessment of the vocal strength of her voice and has been very careful in her criticisms on contestants to stick to what she does know… musical entertainment, but he time and time attacks her as if she’s saying the contestants voice isn’t strong enough or something and MS attacks her like she’s a hypocrite or unqualified to assess stage performance or selling a song to an audience etc.
        Jokes are different that assaults….. and the “some redeeming qualities” is too thin a joke that is totally unprovoked by the interview where we had a polite charming guy talking…even if it wasn’t enjoyable to someone I don’t think anyone would show this interview to an unknown party as an example of a cold unlikable guy like the joke implies…. there was no context to invite it.
        What could be a fair joke from a commentator for Caleb? I could think of some other offensive one that weren’t fair but at least refereed to the interview . Say the James bond thing… .”007 franchise will really have changed when the traditional sexy voice of the opening number has a guy with Calebs body and hair style behind it” ? Ok.. that was bad, but at least it referred to the interview while taking a less direct pot shot at his physique and styling.
        While a critic really should offer criticism the down rating of shows we’re watching is pretty silly. People who don’t like the shows shouldn’t be writing about them as the people reading them are people who are still watching the shows.
        MS talks about his hopes for the shows but, imo he’s not open enough to changes in the music played which will no longer favor the Diva performances he cherishes and he’s got to be able to get behind well executed performances of a pharrell song, and he’s got to learn more about country music or he’s going to have far to few good things to say about the singing shows .
        Jake on The Voice was quite good, and charming.. but in a way MS didn’t find charming? So that turned into negativity about the season? I had been a bit over whelmed by music shows and I was doing some other things in the evening and watching idol pretty well but sort of let The Voice fall behind on my DVR as my teens were busy with homework. Reading MS and watching Idol-loonies made me feel like I wasn’t missing much but it was a really good season i just got to the final weeks of on my DVR
        Had MS been more of a promoter of the show as a Realty TV writer I could have very well had the little extra push to watch it live(r) . I mean, it really sounded like a chore for him to watch, and perhaps it was. Isn’t there something odd about that though? If it were only one season going wrong I can see but really its been too many tepid responses now.

        It’s a balance between being a sycophant telling us to love a genre and a honest critic but an entertainment site that tried to find good things to compare each song too.. and maybe showed less interest by omission . If he talked about the song itself when he didn’t have much to say about the performance of it, at least it calls for paying attention to things… rather than inviting moving on…
        .. IDK exactly what examples I can use but… I guess what I’m saying is that all situations have room for comedy…. and please make the snarks funnier (both MS and other commentators) what’s the sense in forums a place for personality assassination or expressions of dislike that helps people lose interest in the shows. Talk about what you like, if you would like to criticize someone elses opinion, that’s all fine and good and adds to interest in the show if done in a way that shows you paid close attention and have particular thoughts about improvements the individual you’re criticizing could make ? right?

        • Libbyxd says:


          • MichelleD says:

            Okay, so I’m not alone and I consider myself to be pretty intelligent and intellectual and I didn’t get an ounce of what was said and I tried. I really did.

        • Becky says:

          Uh I’m sorry we’re you trying to make a point? It got lost in that bible you just wrote k thx

          • Emma says:

            LOL! That was my thought exactly. I really can’t stand these self righteous posters coming in here and dumping their sanctimonious lectures!

        • I understood you very well. I think I know one thing Michael likes.He likes the girl singers better than guys. Didnt care for Caleb, Jake Worthington, or Josh and at the time Phil Phillips was on, didnt like him. He wanted Jessica Sanchez to win. He loves also Haley, Melinda, Jess, Jena, and bunches of others! That is just my Guess! He didnt like Jeff Gutt on x factor either. Im only guessing, but I bet he liked Cassidy Pope and not Terry Mcdermot or NIcholas David on the voice. See? There may be a pattern! But thats ok, some people like the girl singers more! Yes ok I just went and looked up that year on the voice. He graded all the females with A’s and the males Terry Mcdermot and Nicholas David with B’s and C’s. LOL sound familiar?

        • sharro says:

          What r u talking so many words

    • What a remark! How proud you must be of yourself! JERK

      • Jill Moy says:


        Are you the new me…..LOL? I only have a second. Good to read you out there! I am glad, you are so passionate about Caleb! Never knew you’d call person a jerk! Well, that’s how you feel so you said it! It’s an open forum! I expressed my feelings and people complained like babies! I don’t have nothing bad to say about Caleb…BUT, I sure don’t want to get on your bad side…LOL! NO WIRE HANGERS!

        • What made me mad was coming on here and seeing many people calling you a troll. To me they sound like the trolls. And then all the continuous Caleb bashing. Im just sick of it. They express their opinion, but you were expressing yours, then they all gang up on the person who doesnt agree with them? WTF? This place is worse than high school! Their just being “poor sports” because their favorite did not win! I made it sound just as “high school” as they act! LOL

          • Jill Moy says:


            Thanks a lot for that! I like Caleb too but let people talk! They are mad cause he won! Gotta go, and THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!


          • Thanks Jill! Yah I know they are mad cause he won!

          • MichelleD says:

            The Caleb bashing is out of control. I really like Caleb a lot and feel I have been his advocate to some extent, because I just can’t take the hateful comments. I don’t understand why people want to trash him so badly? What garnered that kind of response? I think he’s down to earth, funny, charming, honest, sincere, quite talented, and a man of integrity. He’s humble as well. I guess I see a person that other’s must not, or they are just plain out jealous of what he’s accomplished so far in his young life. I just hope that they never want to go for a dream and have to suffer the brutality of hate like some of these other young people have had to endure.

          • Michelle D You said ” I must see a person the others do not” meaning Caleb! Its just lots of the internet people that are the haters! Remember that tons of millions of people saw exactly what you saw in Caleb! THE VOTERS! LOL YAAAAAY! Thats why he won! I love his voice, but also just love outgoing personalities, also to add that he is an awesome singer! I loved Durbin for the same outgoing personality and the way he performed! Its also a fact, we found out by listening to Jena’s interview they are all receiving tons of haters! I think that just comes with anyone that is famous!

  2. I see an Alex interview and a Caleb interview. Is there going to be a Jena interview?

  3. Scott says:

    Great interview. He sounds very guy-next-door (not guyliner next door).

    • I agree. Everyone knows a guy like this.

    • The Original Lemon says:

      It was a great interview. There was, surprisingly, a pretty natural rapport going on there. One of the best Idol interviews on TVLine I’ve seen. You can see why Caleb won….the charisma…the appreciation for the band…the voice. Congrats Caleb!

      • I absolutely love the person he is. He is definitely the goodtime guy that we all have known somewhere in our lifetime! He would be great to just kick back with and have great conversation. And of course his singing voice. I actually respect that he said he wasnt going to try and be what everyone else wanted him to be. He did stay true to himself! Best interview!

        • A lot of people are saying he’s their least favorite winner. The internet is so full of negative about this guy, but he just reminds me of the dudes I hung around in and after high school.

          • THE OTHER LEAH! Thank you! Im so effin tired of the hate for caleb! I have seen the word Moron a few times today! I guess these people think thats PC. This season was my first time on ANY comment blog and I started out nice and now I am just getting pi***ed. You have always been a nice person, Thank god there are some great people here. A few anyway. Hey Im just glad Caleb had gret support from lots of the past idols. Candice, Scotty, Amber Holcomb, Carrie Underwood, and many others supported Caleb. And Haley and Casey were at the finale in support of Caleb too! I saw the interview with Haley. The others, I read their twitter feed at their twitter page and thats how I found out.He cant be a bad guy if all those contestants were for him to win!

  4. MFPRanger says:

    Very happy to see the “Reality Check” format of the interview, instead of Google Talk!

    I do get the impression that he will be one of the hardest Idols to “manage,” so to speak.

  5. Catniss says:

    The interview was not as akward as I expected…Anyhow, because of Caleb season 13 turned out great! Enjoyed all of his performances and looking forward to his new CD. He seems very confident and knows who he is as a artist. This may sometimes get misconstrued as arrogance. Best of luck Caleb!

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Up-vote! I was perfectly happy with Caleb’s win. We finally have a winner my boyfriend likes (though he also likes some of Phillip Phillips’ stuff). I’ll still get his album, whenever it comes out.

      • mary kaye says:

        Caleb is like P2. He doesn’t care at all about clothes and doesn’t have a lot of tact. but he is very honest in his interviews. Also very confident in his performances. I like him a lot and miss Wednesday nights…lol

    • CATNISS I think you are right. He is very confident and that can come off the wrong way as arrogance! But he definitely is not conceited. I watched his interview right after he won! His exact words were, ” Im not the typical American Idol, just look at me and then made a face and laughed. He does have some insecurity. It was actually very cute! and he said, Im a rocker, how did I win this? That does not show a bunch of conceit or arrogance, but I think as a performer, very confident! as he should be! So happy for him! This is only the second time my favorite has ever won! My other favorite was Phil Phillips and I thought for sure Jessica would win. I was happy and surprised when Phil did!

  6. saddlebags says:

    Great interview!!

  7. Kaba says:

    Caleb is a bit of a conundrum for me. There are things he said that I wholeheartedly agree with, while there are things he said that I was not on board with. His demeanor was also so…hard to figure out, but I’ll jump into that in a sec.

    What I liked: Him pushing for artistic integrity and not feeling like he needed to be some multi-dimensional artist to have a chance on the show; Him telling people to get the hell over the entire old ladies comment

    What I didn’t like: Him saying he’s not trying to impress people…how does he expect to get anywhere on the show? Frankly, I’ve never met, or heard of, a serious artist that wasn’t aiming to impress people. That’s how you build a following and make a name for yourself in the music biz, by proving to people that you’re worth their attention and adoration. He can’t honestly say that he isn’t trying to impress people if he was willing to audition 3 times. Maybe it was for the chance to get a label, but still :/ 3 times and you’re “not trying to impress anyone”? Alright :/
    Also didn’t like his whole “This is a learning experience, I didn’t know not to call people r*tards”…My brain just can’t wrap around the idea that someone would go on a singing competition where America votes for them, but it doesn’t register to them that calling ANYONE “r*tards” is just a really, REALLY bad idea. He could have said crazy people, fanatics, etc. Nope, he says r*tards…Jeez

    What I’m confused about: his entire demeanor for the whole interview…I just don’t…I just don’t get it. I can’t tell if he’s putting up a wall, a front, whatever. He just seemed so…defensive and calculated. Everything was, “A…B…A..B..A” as though he had to defend his case for his life..

    All in all I liked a good chunk of what he said, but I feel like there’s something he just…idek

    • Catniss says:

      Kaba: I think what Caleb is trying to say is that his plan was to stay true to himself and his classic rock roots, whether people liked it or not, instead of giving into the pressure of pop autotune.
      We need to remember these kids get thrown in front of the cameras with very little preparation and get scrutinized to death for everything they do or say. That can’t be too much fun.

      • I like the idea of an artist who knows what he wants, critics be damned. I really don’t like the direction that music has taken in the past ten (or even 20) years. Music should be created in a garage or a basement, not in a boardroom or with a dozen producers and songwriters. There are still a lot of people out there who like rock music.

      • Kaba says:

        See, that much I understand. I just don’t like that phrase so much on a show that’s geared toward impressing the masses whether you stay true to yourself or not.
        I’m a lot less sympathetic about how they react to being on camera. Aside from being shy, you pretty much know where this is headed if you do continue to advance through hollywood week.

    • You are confused! Because he is the most forthright and honest contestant I have heard in a long time. He knows exactly what he wants. Your not used to seeing very confident people. I find his confidence and attitude extremely refreshing. He might get some of the confidence from his dad, who is a well known football coach. You have to know you are good to coach!

  8. Debbie M. says:

    I’m glad Caleb said he plans to go more of a Daughtry route as a frontman for a band instead of a solo artist. I think that’s a smart move. Side note: doesn’t Slezak have his own office and has to use Ausiello’s? I’m assuming that’s where the interview was done since every framed pic had Ausiello in it!

  9. Jicer says:

    Loved the interview. Something that hit me was when Michael asked him how he felt about the doctor coming onstage for him. We as his readers were perhaps thinking that it was a set-up for Caleb to say, “Aw man, it was unfair to the others for me to be singled out like that.” I was surprised when it appeared that Caleb didn’t even think along that slightly mercenary (albeit true) line and answered with how grateful he was that the doctor was helping him from the beginning to keep his voice healthy. It made me think that it would have been very ungracious for him to have said anything different. The producers may have given Caleb an advantage, but Caleb was classy enough to show gratitude instead of turning his back on the doctor who helped him. It shows that although I was a bit off-put by some of his comments this season, we are all works in progress no matter our age.

  10. grandma Jane says:

    In case someone is keeping score, I liked the Reality Check interview a million times better than the google thing. It just was smoother and more watchable.
    Caleb was more relaxed and comfortable than most of the other interviewees. That helped too I think. I really enjoyed Alex’s interview as well. He seems a very cool guy. (Alex’s voice sounded like he had a cold though?).Alex is really interesting. Seems so happy to be ” jamming” with whoever, and learning everything he can about everything!
    Good luck to Caleb. He didn’t always have my (our) respect, but I always thought he had an amazing voice, and brought everything he had to every performance.

    • GRANDMA JANE Yah he hardly had anyones respect on these tv line sites, but these haters on these sites were proved to be a small portion of opinion, and the polls were small opinion also, because millions of people voted him for the winner. Including myself! What do you mean by MY (OUR) RESPECT? ARE YOU THE REPRESNTATIVE OF ALL THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE? You should not decide that you are that much of an influence that you can say ” He didnt always have my (our) respect. Speak for yourself. You actually sound like the HEAD of the group of bullies that have been bashing Caleb for months now, and I am so tired of it! AMERICA DISAGREED WITH YOU ALL! SO SORRY YOU WERE WRONG! FACE IT. Your peoples disgust for Caleb is in this little teeny tiny SITE and is NOT the real voting world. AND WE WONDER WHERE OUR CHILDREN LEARN TO BULLY!

      • grandma Jane says:

        I’m sorry you misunderstood my comments. I liked Caleb alot all season, and I don’t have one bully bone in my body. I really dislike all the put downs on this site. They actually upset me, and you were upsetting as well. I don’t have “disgust” for any of the contestants. Just disappointment when they are unkind. And Caleb did kind of bother me when he used the R word. It is hurtful to many people. And, by the way, used by people who bully. Caleb’s mistakes were just learning things. He’s a young man suddenly thrust into the limelight and not used to being under a microscope. I get it!
        By the way. When I said “our respect” I was referring to this site. Not the whole Idol voting public. Obviously. This is the only website I have ever commented on. I am a loyal, if somewhat disenchanted, Idol fan since season three. I have my opinions and favorites like everyone else. I try not to disrespect anyone when I mention they are not my favorite. I am frequently appalled by some commenters, and you were borderline there. Did you notice my last lines? The one about good luck, and amazing voice? I meant those. But there were alot of commenters on this site that had some problems with Caleb’s comments throughout the season. And they were the “our” I was reffering to. Sorry you took my comments in a spirit I definitely did not intend. And try not to make it so personal. That’s hurtful.

        • Grandma Jane Ok You sound like a nice person. Im sorry> I truly am. Ok so I understand what you are saying about the “R” word. Big mistake on his part! He said that once. I have seen many many words about him like fat pig, greaseball, moron,and many other remarks and even one comment about his “family” looking shabby! The comments and bullying on here do not compare with Caleb saying the “R” word one time! They can think his family looks “shabby” but his uncle is a well known doctor and his father is a football coach! They even bashed his little brother, while it looks like Caleb loves him with every bone in his body. Im glad they let his little brother come up on stage to meet Kiss. I hope you understand where I am coming from! Thank you Grandma Jane.

      • MamaLis says:

        I’m sorry, I have to jump in. That you took a simple, benign statement by Gramma Jane in what was clearly a very positive, overall post and not only misconstrued the statement, but completely attacked GJ for it – is just beyond unnecessary.
        WAY way over the top.

        • I am WAY OVER THE TOP because some of you have been way over the top for months on this HATE CALEB crap! It wasnt a simple statement that she said! “our respect” for Caleb” sounds like a whole group of bullies. So you go ahead and JUMP IN whenever you want. More power to ya!

  11. Eric S says:

    I like this format better than the other format. Video sounds better and it seems more relaxed. The other interviews Michael has to be so close to the contestants. Here it is more casual then the usual claustrophobic feel. Disappointed about the technical glitch. I wonder how much more the interview was. It seems like the winner should be interviewed longer than 15-20 minutes anyway. I guess I can understand more about his controversial comments. It still doesn’t sit that well with me, but I can get it. I gather he just got caught in the moment and didn’t think much about what he was saying. I sincerely hope his album is more in the hard rock/metal vein. I don’t want something that is pop rock. He needs to rock 100x harder than Chris D.

    • Well, hopefully he rocks harder than James Durbin
      (I’ll never stop being disappointed for that one)

      • Oh God, My other favorite contestant! James Durbin. I loved, loved, loved him. His singing, performing and his story broke my heart! One of the hardest eliminations to watch. Watched it on u tube a few weeks ago (again) LOL Everyone is crying, him, j-lo, audience. He is expecting another baby. Did you know that? Love him, such a sweet boy! Oh and yes! I wanted him to do heavier rock music too.

  12. TheReal says:

    So… he lies to Michael TWICE! Smh… first, the interview with Jason Ikeler where he used the R-word was not after the Sam incident. It was the night prior. He is, once again, trying to make it seem like there were other reasons he said it. Then, although not that big of a deal, he told Michael that he destroyed the mic stand because of adrenaline, when in another interview he said that he asked Rickey Minor if he could do it prior to performing because he wanted to go out with a bang.

    • TheReal says:

      Edit: I stand corrected. It was the night after. Either way, he came off like a completely pompous, arrogant, self-absorbed, wannabe rock karaoke bar singer. :)

      • If you dont like him why are you on this comment site at all. Why dont you go where you LIKE the contestant you are commenting on? Also why watch the reality check with caleb? I dont watch things I hate and I dont go comment on things I hate. Its a waste of my time. Your post name should be changed, you are not real.

  13. karenb says:

    I got 4 minutes in and could not take one more word from him. He seems like a real d*ck.

  14. Christine says:

    There is a difference between confidence and thinking that you are better than everyone else. If you really believe that you have “honed your craft” to the point where you don’t have to try to impress anyone (aka prove your talent to a group of people who don’t know you and are hopefully going to vote for you) or pay your dues then you should audition for a show like the Voice (you should still try to impress there of course but it is more for semi-pro’s which I feel like Caleb thinks he is). To me he doesn’t seem to have much respect for the Idol franchise and that’s why I had hoped that he would not represent it as the winner.

    A (hopefully) perfect comparison would be David Cook who was the resident rocker on his season. He was older than most of the other contestants and was a big brother figure to some and had more experience. He was able to stay true to his rocker self while tackling each week’s challenge in creative and fun ways, changing up songs that he normally wouldn’t sing (Little Sparrow, Always Be My Baby, etc) to fit his style and voice all while staying humble and gracious.

    This whole interview seemed uncomfortable to me, even with the more laid back setting. I may be projecting but I felt like Michael was less open here than he is with other contestants.

  15. MamaLis says:

    So my comment has to do with that JLo clip in the first minute of the interview. MAN… she looks like a different person without the “cosmetic filler” she now has all up in her face & cheekbones. LoL WOW! Money can sure buy you beauty!

  16. Jill Moy says:

    These are my last comments as I am very busy!

    I like Caleb! While I did pick him to come in 2nd from his first audition, I don’t feel he is the best winner ever, or has the greatest voice ever! But, he’s very good and excellent for R&R!

    My opinion is if someone hates or doesn’t care for Caleb, that’s their view on it! Just like I dislike many singers and people took it personally! Good singers are subjective! There will always be people who like or dislike a particular singer! No big deal! I sometimes forgot that myself in the past. But, a lot of the time I tried to be a little funny or sarcastic and people were far to serious!

    All in all, Caleb was better than “MUMBLES!” He can sing and I FEEL, she mumbles and has terrible diction! Oh well, let the bashing begin!

    • Yah Jill I need to get off of this site for a while too! Ive seen enough caleb bashing for today! While they are all bashing, he is probably having the time of his life! LOL

      • Jill Moy says:

        Yeah BECCA,

        I LIKED DUBIN TOO! We agree on 99% of the singers! You and I know talent when we hear it…Beatrice, Angie, Durbin, Amber, Santiago, etc., etc., etc. It’s been fun commenting back and forth and I’m glad you understood me and we could joke around as well I got disappointed that Briana Oakley was cut so early as her singing was stellar! Oh well, maybe next year she’ll win it! Listen to her sing! She was definitely the best on group week….had STAR written all over her! Thanks Becca….JILL!

        • Jill Moy says:


          MEANT DURBIN!

        • Oh Yes I went back and looked at her about a week ago. She was extremely talented! I dont get what the judges were thinking. AS well. I loved Kenz too. And the girl ellen had on her show. I cant remember her name! There was so much better talent, than what the judges picked. The 2 brunette girl who look alike, one was Emily Piriz and dont recall the other ones name! They were both terrible! Those 2 brunettes could have been replaced by Brianna Oakley and Kenz! If they were going to pick a” heartthrob” for the season, Sam was the wrong choice. How about Casey Thrasher or Spencer? Sam? I didnt get that either! and Alex I will never understand! The guy with the braids was excellent too! Cant remember his name either! Their choices that day that they picked ten kids to sing were horrible choices. I wonder if they were told by producers to get mostly very “young” contestants. because you know these were the youngest group ever on any season and most of them were not ready for this.

          • Jill Moy says:

            That girl was JESSICA BASSETTE! She looked like an old maid on AI. She goes on Ellen and was a vibrant very good looking girl! Plus, on AI,she wore a horrible, horrible outfit! She made Majesty look like a SLAVE TO FASHION….LOL!

          • Oh Yes, she was dressed horrible. I wonder if that is one of the reasons they said no! Yer right, that Majesty even dressed better than that.

        • I really thought Amber Holcomb would win. Even though I loved Angie just as much. Amber had all the attributes. Gorgeous girl. and what a phenomenal singer! So cute when Burnell went and kissed her when he got eliminated. There is a video of burnell and amber singing Rhiannas “diamonds” on u tube. It is from the tour performance. You can see the electricity between them! I think they were still dating at the time, but are not now!

          • Jill Moy says:


            What was amazing was they used Bassett’s song LYDIA for 90 seconds while other things were going on, then she began blending in with the song on her audition and then HARRY AND KEITH SAID NO! JLO WAS “THE VOICE OF REASON. LOL, saying a good one got away! Those long passages are usually reserved for recording artists! Harry later went on ELLEN and in so many words admitted he made a mistake!

          • Yes I saw that on Ellen! She told Harry he was wrong!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Have time for one more comment! Maybe it was the reason, her spotted like a speckled pup out! She was very pretty! On AI, she had no makeup and looked twice her age! I hope her song LYDIA becomes a hit, I really do! She was so humble and a joy to listen to her and her music on ELLEN!

        • OMG! I cant stop laughing Jill! I was listening to one of my favorite old rock songs,”Never Been any Reason” by Head East. Then theres tha tpart of the song that goes, “Save my life Im going down for the last time”. Somebody wrote in the comment section below the video, SHAVE MY WIFE IM GOING DOWN FOR THE LAST TIME! hahahahahahahahahahahaahah What? LOL LOL

          • Jill Moy says:

            Funny stuff! Yeah, Amber was one of my favs! Briana Oakley and horrible BRIA were sitting next to each other! Then they said, “and the last wilcard is BRIA(I thought they were saying BRI…ANA)” What a shock! She shouldn’t have been put in that position….she should have been in top 10 girls for sure! Can you imagine BRIA, CJ and MISS DIAPER THE MUMBLER making wildcard and no OAKLEY! Also check Melanie Porris…looked little like Haley….LOL! MAYBE REASON WE NEVER SAW ANOTHER AUDITION OF HER….SHE WAS TALENTED and her guitar playing was spot on!

          • Okay I just looked up Melanie porris. I had forgotten about her, she was very good! I dont know what was wrong with the judges this year!

          • Bria was the little black girl who was sooo into the lipstick colors, I remember that! The worst for me was Emily Pirz and that Ooh La La song! I agree with Harry on that! Horrible, but then why did they keep her?

          • Jill Moy says:


            Meant her speckled pup OUTFIT! BASSETT sounds like a recording artist I like I’m hurrying now and can’t place her! Catch up with ya Wednesday! Take care!

  17. Cindy says:

    Could Caleb have possibly used “a” and “b” a little more in a sentence? That would a. make ears bleed and b. make him seem even more pretentious.

    • Could Cindy possibly be mad because A) her contestant did not win, and B) Caleb did?LOL haha

      • Im also very impressed that Cindy has learned the alphabet clear up to the letter B.

        • Karen says:

          Wacko…I think it’s funny how you are the self-imposed guard dog of Caleb. It’s like you sit on this site and just wait for the opportunity to defend him. He doesn’t need it, and based on his interview, he doesn’t want it. But have fun defending…
          BTW…I’m not a Caleb lover or hater.

        • Jill Moy says:


          You’re catching on….LOL! Anyway, I boarding a plane so talk to you later. Read my comments on Jena, mumbles, interview! I’m sure you’ll find 10 bashers complaining! I’ll have to check it on Wednesday! Take care! CALEB WON……YEAH! HAIL TO THE CHIEF!

    • Jill Moy says:


      Decided to come on line while I’m at the airport. I can’t believe I couldn’t place NORAH JONES! I believe she has sold more albums than any other female singer since 2000!

      Actually, I went to her father’s funeral a couple years ago! She was there, crying and very distraught!

      Listen to Norah then listen to Jessica Bassett’s LYDIA! They sure sound close don’t they! Anyway, Thanks for saying I’ll be missed!
      ‘ll be back on Wednesday! By the way, listen to DIAPER’S interview! I hate that break in her voice that sounds horrible! Sounds like she’s throwing up! Bye Becca!


      • Is that the one who did”come away with me? Norah Jones? I love that song!

        • Jill Moy says:


          Yeah, that’s her! She didn’t live with her dad when I visited him. He had another daughter living with him. Anyway, Jessica Bassett sounds somewhat like her. On some of Norah’s songs she sounds a lot like her.

          Norah sold over 20 million copies on one album alone; a very prolific singer with a special voice.

  18. Donna says:

    Candid, authentic, entertaining, talented, composed and confident. He could surprise the nay sayers about his future success. The Political Correctness Police should take note: despite their sniffy disapproval, his off-the-cuff statements obviously didn’t hurt him with the voters. I suspect plenty of people voted for him because of that.

    • Catniss says:

      Agreed. I am not endorsing the use of the R word, however, Slezak’s smear campaign against Caleb seemed so personal and extreme. I don’t think Caleb demonstrated a pattern of inappropriate speech to warrant such condemnation. I suspect this motivated his fans to vote for him even harder. Caleb can sing AND perform, which is unsual for an American Idol winner. Caleb does not fit the mold, but I think it is refreshing.

  19. RaeLynn says:

    Wow, he sure has a healthy self esteem. He just seems so in love with himself and came off looking like a total d-bag. I’ve thought that all season and this interview just confirmed it.

  20. myrna says:

    not a fan of his choice of clothes

  21. t624ami says:

    (A) I will be buying Caleb’s CD and (B) This “Old lady’ was so happy to see Caleb win American Idol! Hahaha ;D