NBC's Undateable: Will You Take It Out Again?

Undateable Series Premiere

NBC’s new comedy Undateable, which premiered Thursday, is a lot like the movie Hitch — if Will Smith’s character had been a leather-clad womanizer who unknowingly pimps out his sister.

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Allow me to explain: The Undateable pilot introduces serial dater Danny Burton (Whitney‘s Chris D’Elia), whose sister Leslie (Rules of Engagement‘s Bianca Kajlich) is worried that he’s “pushing 30” and has yet to settle down. But rather than take her concerns to heart — where’s the fun in that? — Danny chooses to impart his questionable wisdom on his clueless new roommate.

Enter Justin (comedian Brent Morin), a barkeep with the voice of an angel and the game of a mole person. The first student officially accepted into Danny Burton University — a total party school, or so I’ve heard — Justin puts his newly acquired knowledge to the test at one of Leslie’s wine-tasting events. Cut to the next day, when Danny learns that Justin’s hunt was successful… and that his prey was none other than his sister.

Leslie assures Danny that no sex was had — good ol’ Justin chickened out at the last minute — but Danny still becomes irrationally angry with his new roommate, a conflict that lasts far longer than it should before they patch things up and move on.

While a few of the jokes in the premiere might make you physically angry — like when Burski tells Brett, “You’re so lucky you’re gay. Whenever you want to hook up with a dude, you just go up and pull on his noodle like a doorbell chain” — there are definitely a few genuine laugh-out-loud moments in the mix, like when Brett acknowledges to being “dressed like a chubby Marty McFly.”

So here’s our question: Will you come back for Episode 2, or are you already out like a herd of turtles?

Drop a comment with your review of the Undateable premiere below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Bill Lawrence has been tweeting during the eps. He says it gets better in Ep 3, so hang in there people.

    • Sheila says:

      That’s not really encouraging. I don’t consider “it gets better” to be a big selling point!

      • jenna says:

        the majority of shows aren’t great right out of the gate, theres too much backstory and initial character development to give. I don’t think i’ve ever felt ‘attached’ to a show before episode 4/5. Great cast chemistry with undateable which shouldn’t be surprising in a bill lawrence show, I hope it gets a chance to grow!

        • karen says:

          I agree. The Mindy Project didn’t get “good” until epi 10-11!

        • B says:

          Agreed. Not sure why so many want to brag about how quickly they changed the channel…pretty sure that says more about your attention span than anything else!

          • sanchopanza says:

            The deal is, if I haven’t been even slightly amused in a half hour of “comedy”, I’m pretty much out. Two half hours and it’s over. I left it on NBC because there was nothing else on worth watching, but eventually I went back to playing computer games

      • Amanda says:

        I believe new shows deserve a minimum of three airings to know what it will really be like. Pilots are often a throw away for me because they mostly just set up the show. They don’t get to the “meat” of it until they are 3-4 episodes in. Plus, it takes writers, directors, and actors a little time to see what works and doesn’t. Then they adjust accordingly. Bill mentioned a couple of things(jokes, character traits) they changed/dropped after the first two episodes. We need too much instant gratification these days. Give shows a chance, people.

    • Andy Swift says:

      lol the fact that he even has to tweet that…

  2. Lynn says:

    Pleasantly surprised! I think it has potential. Great support cast….hope they are patient with it to let it grow an audience.

  3. Aleana says:

    I like it hope NBC give it a chance

  4. steve says:

    that was awful. will not be turning it on again.

  5. LADY_in_MD says:

    Some good lol moments liked the chemistry between all the guys I will give it a try see where it goes

  6. Mo says:

    I was unsure midway through the pilot but kept watching. By the end of the 2nd episode I was pleasantly surprised. I’m definitely up to give this a chance to grow on me. Justin’s angelic voice & love of cheesy pop music compels me…

  7. Jackie says:

    Hate that it has a laugh track.

  8. Diz says:

    After the horrible trailer I didn’t even give it a chance.

    • joe says:

      trailers are produced by the network not those involved with the show… and is it really something to brag about that you’re willing to write off a show after a less than 2 minute clip/trailer

  9. I’ll give it another shot next week. Most shows need a few episodes to find a groove. I saw the two lead males and Ron Funches (Shelly) on @midnight and they were hilarious.

    • kathleen says:

      I think Shelly is the best part of the show so far.

      • joe says:

        agreed, shelly is gold! I wasn’t expecting much but I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes. Found myself laughing out loud multiple times which is a rarity when I watch tv

  10. Kris says:

    I thought it was great, lighthearted and fun. Who was the gorgeous blonde in second episode that spent the night?

  11. jr. says:

    I really enjoyed both episodes!

  12. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    Good not great. But the cast is awesome.

  13. DavidSask says:

    If men will watch it will have a chance but sitcoms in summer have yet to have many hits and this network is horrible for them

  14. ken says:

    A hell of a lot of canned laughter. Calm it down a bit

  15. ken says:

    Too much canned laughter

  16. S. says:

    His sister’s concerned that he’s “pushing 30” and hasn’t settled down? There’s nothing wrong with being 28 or 29 and single. If he’s 38, then start to have a word about if he ever plans on settling down. He may not and that’s his business, but nobody in their 20s needs to be yelled at to find a nice girl and get married or be ruled off of civilized society.

  17. Mike says:

    Insulting, dull, unattractive — this whole show is undateable and unwatchable. I am so tired of lazy writers who can only come up with sleazy sex joked to make their comedies funny. It was obvious the cast invited all their friends to come and laugh as hard as they could, so that the laughter felt forced. The show just feels sleazy. And, P.S., It’s time for a new look for Chris D’Elia.

  18. pauldeng529@yahoo.com says:

    absolutely garbage!

  19. Scott Johnston says:

    I didn’t think I’d like it but it was kinda sweet. Far too many comedies are based around people being nasty but this was quite good natured.

  20. Sue says:

    Undateable=Unwatchable. Couldn’t get past the first commercial break — and I’m from the D so I was pre-disposed to like it.

  21. chloe says:

    It was bad. The canned laughter was really annoying. Expected a lot better from BL.

    Love this site, but **please** change the font for the articles. So hard to read.

  22. Hannah says:

    I’ll give it another shot next week, but I have to admit I don’t think it’s gonna be around for much longer. It just doesn’t do it for me. I’m not too crazy about the cast, I don’t think there’s any chemistry between the actors and I really don’t see this show lasting

  23. jj says:

    3 minutes of the show was more than enough for me. Awful, just awful.

  24. Some of the jokes were a little rough, the plots could do with some polishing, but I find myself interested in the characters already – so that’s definitely a plus. Yes, they’re all oddballs, but with some work, they can be some very entertaining oddballs (which we already saw on episode 2).

    Maybe I need to mermaid the crap out of this show before passing further judgment.

  25. Employee says:

    I have to correct two things! If you don’t like the show no worries, thanks for trying it. But if you don’t like the show for one of these reasons than you are just wrong:

    1. No canned laughter. Our tape nights were so fun and energetic. The cast does stand up in between scenes. The live audience loves the show so much we actually had to edit the laughs DOWN for time. I swear on my mother. We also had people come to multiple tapings because they had so much fun.

    2. The cast has chemistry. Don’t believe me watch them on @midnight on Comedy Central. We are all friends long before we all got hired on this show (me in the writers room and them in the cast). We do stand up together and hang out all the time. Justin (Brent morin) and Burski (Rick Glassman) are in Wisconsin for my wedding right now sharing a cottage on the lake and making silly Instagram videos. They mathematically and objectively have amazing chemistry.

    If you hate the show for another reason than God bless, it’s not for you. I will say that the first two eps of a tv show, especially this one, are the hardest and worst. It gets miles better next week. The premise of being undateable drops away and it’s about friends hanging out in Detroit and surviving.

    Thanks to all who liked it!!

    • DeeKayTee says:

      I actually thought the show had potential but I found it hard to get past the feeling that Shelly was portrayed as the “Buckwheat” of the show. I had a really hard time with that. If they could clean that up (I mean its 2014 you can have a black character that even while “geeky” can come across as mildly intelligent, well groomed, and with no speech impediments) I would watch.

  26. Tenney says:

    The first episode was kind of rough, but I enjoyed the show by the time the 2nd episode was finished. Some shows just get you right out of the gate (The Goldbergs was one of those for me) and others take a little time to flesh out the characters and for them to find their groove. I actually thought the cast had great chemistry and I would like to see more of the three dudes that were the sidekicks. I liked it enough to give it another couple weeks and see how it goes.

  27. Joey Padron says:

    Like it. Show got better in 2nd episode. I’ll keep watching.

  28. CMarie says:

    There were definitely funny parts, but was anyone else completely distracted by the fact that they just used the Whitney set without bothering to change much of anything?

  29. GD says:

    I don’t like to be mean iwth comments, but I think Chris D’Elia is unwatchable. I am surprised he is getting another show after he helped make Whitney so bad. Maybe it is well written, but I won’t watch because of him.

  30. Jack R says:

    After the fifth time the “bullets of criticism bounce off me” shtick was used followed by the sixth use of the “baby bird” reference I was done. Like so many new comedies in the last few years, they appear to be written with all the cleverness an eight grader can muster…

  31. KC says:

    Terrible – I changed the channel after 10 mins

  32. Sam says:

    Chris D’Elia’s character is annoying and I am not digging his acting….didn’t really like him in Whitney either. He needs to clean up his appearance – that stubble and hair are so out of date – and his leather jacket and jeans need to go. However; I was impressed with Brent Morin.

  33. me says:

    Brent Morin is hot.

  34. erin says:

    I think it has promise! No, it wasn’t **great**, but there were a few lines/jokes that definitely made me laugh. Maybe it was because I was expecting it to be terrible, but I warmed up to it over the hour. I’ll keep watching, but I’m also the same person that watched “100 Questions” because it was summer and there was nothing else to watch…

  35. frustratedwithbadtvshows says:

    I decided to give the pilot episode a try even though the show’s promos were not impressing me. Comedy was uneven at best. I watched fifteen minutes of the second episode and just gave up. Good luck with the show, you’re going to need it.

  36. david7118 says:

    The first episode was better than the second but I’ll give it another try. Briga Heelan’s character was without doubt the best part of the show.

  37. HAP says:

    Actually it was better than the trailers I watched. And ep 2 was better than the first one.

    I can’t help thinking as far as D’Elia has got a ground hog day situation here. He was on Whitney. That show really stunk in the beginning, but got much better over time. Unfortunately, most people that tune out early are very unlikely to tune back.

    Question for Matt- Your sister site Dateline called this a burn-off show. So, does that mean its fate is already determined?

  38. mikey says:

    It was so-so – some funny lines and moments in both of the first two episodes but the whole concept seemed tired. Chris D’Elia is so gross – he seems like the type of guy that would only shower once or twice a week and wear dirty underwear for days on end. He needs to shave and wash his hair! Brent Morin, on the other hand was delightful – and very, very cute! Shirtless scene coming up? I hope!

  39. crowbone says:

    All that choking, coughing and gagging…was that supposed to be……the audience laughing?
    No. I will admit it was me.
    “UNWatchable”. Just about seven minutes of this was all I could bear.
    NetworkTV (and NBC in particular) just keeps getting worse and worse.

  40. Christ says:

    I was surprised I wasn’t the only one to notice they were using the Whitney set…

  41. Jess Dyal says:

    If you aren’t completed infatuated with this show, then you have no soul and you’ll die a lonely death. Not only do I watch it, I re-watch it. Then, I watch it again. After the third time, I invite all the neighbors over for byob/bwtfyw (use your imagination here) party and we laugh until someone nasal sprays the room with booze. We are chicks in our 30s and we are undeniably undateable.

    Basically…. I’m trying to say, we want more.

    Please and thank you.

    ~ UndateableATLiens