Sons of Anarchy Exclusive: The Bridge’s Annabeth Gish Joins Season 7 Cast as... Gemma’s Worst Nightmare?

There’s a new sheriff in town on Sons of Anarchy.

The FX smash has tapped Annabeth Gish, who currently co-stars in the network’s detective drama The Bridge, to join Season 7 as Charming’s smart and edgy new sheriff, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Gish’s character, Althea Jarry, will call on her years of experience in Stockton’s Organized Crime Unit to pursue the murderers of former Sheriff Eli Roosevelt and Tara Knowles (the latter of whom was butchered to death via meat fork by Katey Sagal’s Gemma). Jarry quickly realizes she’ll have to work with SAMCRO to keep the peace, even if that means playing by their rules. But she has a few of her own that might surprise the club.

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Gish will shoot her recurring SOA role simultaneously with her regular gig on The Bridge, which returns with its second season on July 9. SOA’s seventh and final season, meanwhile, is set to premiere this fall.

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  1. Julia says:

    I don’t know what it is, but this actress really drives me nuts. Good for her to land on SOA though. Such a great show.

  2. Mel says:

    Bring Gemma and Juice down, please.

  3. Television Watcher says:

    Reblogged this on The Television Watcher and commented:
    This is exciting.

  4. GrammarDiva says:

    She played a politician’s wife in Brotherhood, and created a character you love to hate. This should be interesting.

  5. John Darsey says:

    Final season? Oh NO!

  6. micheal says:

    Why are you killing off the show its the best show on tv

    • Nicholas98 says:

      They arent killing off the show- Kurt decided that he wanted to go out while the getting is good- and not peeter out like so many series do. He is contemplating doing a prequel of SOA, with John Teller at the helm. We shall see- theres always something up his sleeve- I think this upcoming season is going to be a sit on the edge of the couch and have to dvr so you dont miss anything- and maybe keep a box of tissues nearby, just in case.

      • John Stacy says:

        7 seasons was the plan all along. Sutter has had a story arc from the get go and it will finish pretty much as he originally planned. He doesn’t want a “jump the shark” thing to occur with this show.

      • Mike says:

        The show has already pestered out. He’s killing characters off in the name of art and I think for a drama it has too much drama. At first it was based on a possibility that these things could happen and the strength of men to make the decisions they do. Unfortunately that has been lost for a few seasons now.

        • Tundrabeast says:

          On a show like this there’s only so much you can do to keep it fresh enough that fans don’t start thinking its becoming repetitious. You can only have so many gang fights before it becomes too much the same. Basically that’s the past 6 seasons. Killing off major players needed to be done to bring a sense of something fresh for the last season

          • TN Girl says:

            The show is loosely based off of Hamlet, so killing off characters is going to happen…I will be surprised if anyone is alive by the end of the show.

      • Cyndie P says:

        And maybe Ativan, or your Psychiatrists phone number handy.

      • dixiedragon says:

        how about a spin off with a brand new story line — and Jimmy Smits character (do I hear a yummy ladies?) — Nero — at the helm of a newly formed powerhouse club running all of No. Callie?? – would certainly appeal to the Hispanic population – and he could close out an episode over a mass grave of rivals and open the NEXT episode in a confessional – sooooo Catholic

        • Tundrabeast says:

          As for a Smitts spin off. Pretty unlikely seeing how his part really was contingent on being hooked into the Sons…..

          As for all this nonsense of Terra returning……I realize the women have to have a love story in EVERYTHING or they won’t watch something that’s basically about a mans world. So while we’re watching for the trials and tribulations of this criminal enterprise they are basically watching the soap aspect (Maybe a bit generalized, but you get the point).

          This is the last season so that would indicate that all the loose ends of those still alive will get resolved. I think that by the end there’ll be several more deaths including Gemma…..And finally Jax

  7. please keep Bobby Gibs & Tig & Happy in season 7

  8. MaryAnn says:

    Love her and hope she brings Gemma down and tortures her like she did to Tara

    • I keep hoping that when it comes back on, Tara is alive, but barely, with head injuries that may put her in a coma, and when she comes out of the coma, she has amnesia and something triggers it, she remembers, and takes out Gemma herself!

      • Erin says:

        Like that way Tara.

      • Sheila says:

        Unfortunately, she is/was having a baby so she won’t be able to continue with the show ( what i heard) but she is not coming back :(. I wish she were though, that would be kinda cool if she were to come back that way.

      • Beth says:

        I would love that but that is too pretty for Kurt Sutter. Plus he recently said in an interview that he took the two people out of Jax’s life that were his moral compass (Tara,Opie) to bring him to his darkest place and see if he can come out of it for his boys or just stay there. I think I may puke if we see a Jax/Wendy love scene though, now that would be doing Tara’s character a disservice!

      • Deanna Jones says:

        That sounds like a bad soap opera.

        Tara’s death has been the writing on the wall for awhile now. Jax needed something dramatic and personal to move his character along.

      • Bryan Snyder says:

        Although Tara won’t be returning for Season 7, I would DEFINITELY like to see her boss and close friend Margaret Murphy return for at least one episode; acting as a means of letting Jax know the full truth about his mother’s involvement in his father’s death. I recall back in Season 4 Tara giving Margaret a copy of the letters and she asked Margaret to make sure Jax got them just in case anything happened to her. I think this would be a great way for Margaret to hurt Gemma after knowing what Gemma did to Tara.

        • dixiedragon says:

          thanks for reminding us …. but you are RIGHT — I remember that and it’s a loose end that needs to be cauterized to heal Jax and punish his psychopathic mother – god she was a NASTY piece of work and did she EVER wash her HAIR???? Jax too for that matter – his hair was ALWAYS oily

    • John Stacy says:

      Tara was a bitch the last couple of seasons. I actually CHEERED when she bit it.

      • Lee says:

        Yeah, don’t you just hate those kinds of mother’s who will do just about anything to protect their children? Such meanies, they are.

        Of course, a man doing such things would be considered heroic.

        • Deanna Jones says:

          I hated her hypocrisy. As much as she claimed to hate Gemma’s actions, she was never above emulating them when it suited her needs. For everyone saying that Tara was only doing what she did to protect her sons, well so was Gemma. Pot, kettle.

          • Michael says:

            If you think that Gemma works on the same plane of existence as Tara did, you are psychotic.

          • Beth says:

            Um I don’t remember where Tara conspired with Jax’s best friend to kill Jax and covering it up. Yes everything Tara did was for her boys and when Jax figured that out he was willing to give up himself. Gemma uses Jax to make it look like she is selfless when really she is. The most selfish one on the show.

          • Jay Gray says:

            Right on!! I agree 100% with your comment!

          • Tundrabeast says:

            My thoughts too. I’ve had a really tough time with her character after the first few episodes. I mean she was a good doctor and surgen who after doing all the hard work to get her to that position she starts to get involved with some biker and his gang that she had feelings for in high school. Then she becomes a really hard core ol’ lady in that first season, and that eventually ends up becoming a second Gemma. Had she been a teacher or ran some business I might have bought that, but a surgen…..Anyone with the intelligence and perservernence to get to that level wouldn’t put themselves into a situation that could easily destroy everything they worked for.

            The other thing was she always just came across as seconds away from having a total freak out at anyone who made her angry. Somebody like that wouldn’t be someone you’d want to have if you had to go under the knife. I really wish they’d made her more believable…..

          • dixiedragon says:

            and Tara never seemed conflicted over her oath to “first do no harm” and the demand that she risk taking lives to protect her boys and time after time saved the lives of men who as a business practice took lives. let’s not forget her first post high school “hook up” with Jax was after she shot and killed her would be rapist Josh Kohen an ATF agent. Not only was she a hypocrite she lacked strength of purpose – of devotion — to any one particular cause – whether to Jax, her boys, her career, the club … she just wishy washed among them all with no real purpose – not even in the END could she choose .. Jax had to choose a path for her and turn himself in – ,and I think it was the writers’ intent to show this character flaw in her juxtaposed against Gemma’s passionate devotion to herself LOL – they did a GREAT job of making it seem like Gemma would do anything for family … when in reality everything Gemma did was for Gemma .. from the murder of John Teller and forward, Gemma’s sole goal in life was to maintain status as Queen B and not even Gemma seemed to grasp the concept of her own selfishness – but we DID see that selfishness hit Nero like a freight train in the season 6 finale) the writers did an amazing job of portraying this inner turmoil we knew as Gemma — these are GREAT screen writers and I don’t think we’ve ever seen a character as deep and complicated as Gemma in a television role…. unless it is perhaps Jax himself – deeply torn over his birth tather’s legacy and the legacy he desires for his own children versus the legacy of violence, lying, hatred, fraud and deception left to him in SAMCRO by his step father Clay.

            Brilliantly written with acting that meets and even surpasses some of the greats of the big screen – Sons of Anarchy has been one helluva ride.

        • Totally agree with you Lee. Everything Tara did was for the safety & well-being of her children! What’s Gemma’s reasoning? Oh yeah, she’s a selfish witch!

          • dixiedragon says:

            Oh I so disagree with you there … Tara could not decide which alter she worshipped at – that of her children, her career, Jax… she had innumerable opportunities to run with her kids – or to turn on SAMCRO with evidence she accumulated … Tara was not a drugged out biker chick and she wanted to BELIEVE her actions were for her kids but I don’t think she understood her actions which was part of the drama of her character – for someone with her intelligence her character was almost total reactionary with little real forethought to her actions until the thought she put into defrauding Jax into signing the insurance custody agreement and even that was reactionary to the escalated violence in Charming. just IMO

  9. Good choice this actress can play a real hard a**. She is great on The Bridge another creative show.Mr. Sutter I am sure will wrap up SOA in his own unique style.

  10. wendy parker says:

    Please bring Tara back in some sort of weird medical induced coma in witness protection. I mean come on. They just got all to flowing again.

  11. Terry Falvey says:

    I have been watching this show from day one but I have to say killing off Tara got me…I couldn’t even go to sleep after that episode!!!!! Would be nice for her to still be alive but I’m sure she’s not!!! Awesome writing by Kurt..hate that it’s the final season hope there is more to come!!!!

    • Winter says:

      I completely agree I was depressed for 2 days. It was like someone I knew and loved had been suddenly and violently taken from me. That said I would be pissed if she were still alive. Tara’s death should have an overarching effect that brings the 2 big monsters (Jax and Gemma) of the show on a tragic collision course.

    • Jodi says:

      I was in shock, I sit there with my mouth wide open for about 5 minutes, I could not move, i was so mad.

  12. Miguel says:

    Can you please ppull lease have Sutter write more if not its back to general hospital M-F. Please have a heart Thank You

  13. Chris Mulch says:

    Please let there be 8. The SOA is the best show on TV. Love the Bridge. It will take the place of SOA next year.

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  15. Tim says:

    Love her! She’s plays an excellent bitch.

  16. George Westen says:

    Don’t tell me it’s the last season!!!!
    There should be seven more season to go!
    It may be my altimeter favorite show

  17. Billy says:

    Marilyn Manson,I would”nt let a dog watch a scank lihe him. s.o.a. one great show and i hats to see it go.last season was the best up to date.R.I.P.

  18. web site says:

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  19. Beth says:

    I am for anyone that will put the screws to Gemma. It did say she learns to work with the club so as long as Gemma gets what’s coming to her I’m good. I am looking forward to the scene when Jax finds out and maybe this new lady will allow him his own justice.

  20. d21 says:

    This IS the last season and Tara IS dead. I wish neither were true but they both are.

  21. Coal says:

    Get Katey Segal an EMMY. I’m also happy that its the last season, all great shows have an end game insight, Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos, Lost even The West Wing to a certain extant, drawing out shows for as long as possible is insulting to us and it can lead to shows getting cancelled with out any conclusion e.g. Deadwood.

  22. bigguy3080 says:

    She will look just as hot as one of the sheriff’s here. Lets hope Sutter comes up with a scene where she is required to wear a swimsuit. Hell, on Justified, they had bare asses and thongs.

  23. Mel says:

    Now you know the show is ending.

  24. tom says:

    i would love it if jax and the new sheriff get together as a couple and jax takes his mom out the way she took tara out.

  25. Karina says:

    She made the X Files unwatchable. Lets hope she doesnt do the same here.

  26. Pati says:

    Is this the same person that plays Spencer’s mom on pll?

    • Tee says:

      No that actress is Lesley Fera.
      Annabeth Gish played the psychiatrist that was told about A on PLL. Though I always think about her as Kat in that old movie Mystic Pizza, with Julia Roberts as her sister etc, mostly because that movie seems to replay all the time.

  27. Meg says:

    How funny that the one character killed off the show is the one person getting any type of award recognition now. Go Maggie!

  28. Donna says:

    Why do we always have to loose a show that is as awesome as soa?

  29. Barbara says:

    I really like her …she is a plus for the Sons….

  30. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Finally…….SOA news! I’ve seen the 1st season of The Bridge and it’s really good! As for the actress who will be the new sheriff I hope she gets on Gemma’s ass…. but of course Jax is the one that will take her out once he knows the truth about EVERYTHING including Tara’s death. UGH!!!!…..Can’t wait for the final season don’t want the show to end.

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  33. Barbara says:

    love her…..we go way back…very gd choice….

  34. Dennis Malcom says:

    S O A may not be the “perfect” Biker show, but it’s probably as close to “real” biker life as you’ll see in a fictional show. It’s very well done, and everyone in the cast really plays their part well. Thank you for this series!!!

  35. dixiedragon says:

    Almost painful to hear seventh and FINAL season … but with Tara down it would be almost impossible to go on…. her character is core — although with a new sheriff in town I wouldn’t mind a bit seeing a spinoff with Smits’ character as the new “godfather” on the block – I mean the guy is a man’s man AND a ladies’ man!!! We always knew that Gemma was a closet psychopath – shame they had to kill off Tara to let Gemma’s true colors shine — all i can think is THOSE POOR KIDS — why WHY did i ever anticipate a happy ending to this show? Jax & Tara with a side car for the kids ride off leaving the cemetery where Gemma & Clay rest side by side in eternal biker damnation…. but if not a happy ending AT LEAST FX WILL BE GIVING US AN ENDING INSTEAD OF LEAVING US swingin’ in the breeze … like so many shows do …. super sad farewell to SOA . it will long stand as some of the FINEST acting never to win an Emmy ….. just episode after episode after episode of consistent STELLAR acting

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