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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Emma Hook

Does Once Upon a Time‘s Hook-up make sense? Is a Defiance duo in trouble? Which Covert agent is having “bad” sex? Which Major Crimes character has a secret? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I am loving that Hook and Emma finally kissed in the Once Upon a Time finale! Any hints about how Emma now views him/their relationship? –Liz
I can’t speak for the fictional character of Emma, but Jennifer Morrison, at least, feels that the couple’s new closeness makes sense. “If you had said it to me when we first started the show, I never would have anticipated it — but the reality is that he’s a very kindred spirit,” the actress tells TVLine. “They’ve both been through similar things, they’re both survivors and they’ve both had to fight in order to literally just live. There’s also something in them where they’ll both go to great lengths to protect the people they care about — and sometimes they’ll do really bad things to do that, but they both have really good hearts, so I think they see a lot of themselves in each other.” Emma is also seeing impressive changes in the pirate. “This season in particular, because Hook has really fought for Emma to be true to herself and be the most powerful version of herself, he’s earned a tremendous amount of trust from her, and that’s what really makes it organic for Emma to feel vulnerable with him,” Morrison notes. “I know that in my own life, I have a strong reaction to people who empower me and say, ‘You should be yourself, even if it means making some mistakes.’ So the fact that he does that, and isn’t at all put off by that, makes it a good place to start a relationship.”

What secrets can you reveal about Season 2 of Defiance? –Sally
Jaime Murray says that because things pick back up following a time jump, “Whichever cliffhanger you left the characters in, they’ve had to deal with the repercussions of that, so they’re all in an extremely different position at the beginning of Season 2 (premiering June 19).” And you can be certain that includes Stahma and husband Datak, who when last we tuned in had clumsily killed an E-Rep biggie. “You already saw Stahma dealing with her own resentments of Datak to begin with,” the actress reminds, “so she’s pretty angry with him for his impulsive stupidity that changed their lives irrevocably.” Hmm, might Stahma thus be spending more time at the NeedWant…? Murray smiles: “She may be, actually!”

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Do you have any scoop on Arrow and Amanda Waller? That last scene of the season finale got us really curious, and Season 3 is too far away. –Ana
I asked Stephen Amell how this new stretch of apparently Waller-centric flashbacks will inform the coming season, and the way he put it is this: “Oliver lost a lot of his humanity in those five years [away from Starling City], so as we see that continue to happen it in the flashbacks, we will see how much of his humanity he wants to get back in the present.”

I’d love to know what’s in store for Rusty on Major Crimes this season. Can you help me out? –Estee
I just screened the season premiere (airing June 9), and without revealing too much, the oft-troubled lad has a big secret he needs to share with someone — and for the time being at least, that someone will be a somewhat gobsmacked Provenza.

On Rizzoli & Isles, will Frost’s absence be addressed immediately in this new series of shows? –Bobbi
How the show will write in the tragic passing of cast member Lee Thompson Young is not addressed immediately-immediately in the Season 5 premiere (airing June 17), but then it sneaks up on you and all of a sudden you’ll be clamoring for Kleenex. The following episode then delves deeper into the sad, sad aftermath.

Got anything on what Pope is up to in Season 4 of Falling Skies? –JJ
I will go for the TNT Summer Series trifecta and tell you that when we first see Pope again, dude is on the wrong end of a flamethrower. But a little bit later, he’s kicking back, enjoying some Gilligan’s Island, when Hal shows up asking for a “favor.” Pope’s not big on favors, especially these days, so it won’t surprise you to know that the gents soon enough end up in a bit of a scuffle.

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Anything to share on the new “mini” season of 24? –Greg
If you suspect that the latest drone strike has left Kate Morgan large and in charge at the CIA’s London command center — if only by process of “elimination” — you’d (seemingly) be right. “That would make sense, yes,” Yvonne Strahovski concurs, “but that storyline is going to take us down some quite unexpected avenues.”

Are there going to be any life-changing events for any of Gibbs’ team members during Season 12 of NCIS? –Marsha
I don’t know if the storyline surrounding this reveal will be “life-changing” per se, but show boss Gary Glasberg tells me he still is on track to put a face to the long-MIA Mrs. Gibbs No. 2 during Season 12 — as well as unveil another never-seen spouse. “I look forward to introducing [Gibbs’ second ex-wife], and I look forward to meeting Bishop’s husband,” he shares. And along those lines, “We’re already playing with some ideas that I think are going to be fun for people.”

On Covert Affairs, how has Annie going dark and now trying to come in from the cold changed the relationship between her and Auggie? –Shelby
All told, “It’s a bit of a reset” when Annie resurfaces after months off the grid, Christopher Gorham reveals. “Coming off of what happened to her, she kind of ‘needs a minute’…. Her big challenge this year is that she wants to keep her work life separate from her personal life. Auggie understands that and gives her the space she needs — but at the end of the day, he may end up giving her more space than she bargained for!”

We saw Calder go from potential bad guy to hero last season on Covert Affairs. What can we expect from “the Sheriff” this year? –Shelby
You can expect struggles on the personal and professional fronts. “We may see him mess up in his personal life,” Hil Harper hints. “He starts having sex, that’s for sure – but maybe sex with the wrong person!” Meanwhile at the CIA, Calder is still the interim boss, “but Joan wants her job back, so there’s a bit of a thing there that we’ve got to figure that out,” Harper previews. P.S. Speaking of Joan, know that Kari Matchett’s real-life tot will be playing Joan and Arthur’s new bundle of joy.

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Got any Graceland scoop about Paige? –Hayley
If you’re familiar with Serinda Swan’s extracurricular endeavors, you can appreciate how much the following Season 2 storyline means to her. “Last season, I pitched to the writers a story on human trafficking, because that’s something that I’m very passionate about and I fight a lot on my own time — and they took it. We have a storyline on human trafficking going on,” she shares. “So I’m excited for Paige to bring that story into people’s homes in a way that raises questions.”

Hello, my name is Stephanie I’m trying to find out when is the new season of Twisted going to premiere?
There’s still no official word that there will be a second season – though the show is still listed on ABC Family’s press site, which has to mean a little something.

I’m confused — what’s the difference between the premise of The Returned and Resurrection? Is there a story behind this that I missed? –Lillian
This is easy: ABC’s Resurrection, a supernatural drama about people who come back from the dead not much worse for the wear, is based on the novel The Returned, while A&E’s The Returned is a U.S. adaptation of the French series Les Revenants (or The Returned), which is based on the French film Les Revenants (or The Returned) and concerns people who come back from the dead not much worse for the wear. Very different shows. Glad I could help!

Do you know if Crossing Lines will be back? I really enjoyed the characters and hope to see more. –Laurie
Sources confirm what we all probably suspected: Though picked up for Season 2 over in France (the country that brought us Les Revenants aka The Returned!), Crossing Lines will not be back on NBC.

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  1. Mary says:

    Emma with Hook makes no sense at all. None.

    • Freddie says:

      ^ Again someone by this name is always in denial, judging by how many times i see it, Its happening and it makes sense!

    • Lily says:

      @Mary: It makes no sense that Emma would be attracted to a man, who helps her embrace her true self and gives her a much needed confidence boost?

      • Freddie says:

        Risk and crosses realms for her, supports her, devoted to her and cares for her family too. Is her rock and, and HER person. And traded his home, his ship to find her! He loves her that much!

      • Frey says:

        Haha I love these answers. You basically have to ignore the whole Hook and Emma storyline for it to not make sense. It’s the best love story in the show, in my opinion. Other couples don’t get that much build up. I love where the show is going with them and I think their relationship is one of the strongest points of the show. And to add to the answers of why it makes sense, they’re obviously very much alike, to the point where they just know the other so much that Emma being the walls up kind of girl that she is, is naturally vulnerable when she’s around Hook because what is there to hide when he sees her, and truly sees her. I think this fact made Hook the much-needed friend Emma didn’t really have and I’m happy for her. I love that she can turn to Hook for everything. I love that beneath all the romance, Hook has genuinely become a friend to Emma, and like Jmo said, it makes it a good place to start a relationship. And at last!!! I’ve been waiting for this since Hook first appeared on the show. The chemistry is just too much! I’m happy they’re finally together!

        • Frey says:

          And when I said I was loving these answers I meant @Lily above and @Freddie below

        • Freddie says:

          @Frey – Emma has kept him at arms length due to not wanting her heart hurt which is what she has done, and operated under the radar of i am going back to NY, Emma has always been attracted to him and her feelings its that emotional connection that meant something and always done

    • Jennifer says:

      It makes sense if you only look at what they want you to see, which is how devoted (aka borderline obsessed) Hook is with Emma. Just ignore the fact that as much Hook loves Emma, he also objectifies her, and that he’s still a jerk to most everyone else. It might even make sense if you consider that Emma doesn’t have a full picture of him, except that, until the finale, she never treated him as more than a “one time kiss”.

      • Freddie says:

        @jennifer and mary – they are off their heads and insulting the build up and character of Emma, and also Hook! Yes coz thats what its been showing on the show – NOT lol. Seriously ppl who dislike them come up with some crap to say. Its not obsessive – what the hell are you watching, its called a man with spine who is devoted and loving a woman, who is broken and being there.

      • Freddie says:

        @JENNIFER – Emma knows pretty much who Hook is – a villian who wanted revenge and done bad stuff, she gets it – but she isnt holding to his head like you and whoever. She’s always understood it!

  2. TullaT says:

    I have no interest in either meeting another Gibbs ex, or Bishop’s husband. I would much rather see more McGee or Vance. And how about Delilah?

  3. Dan says:

    Thanks for Emma/Hook scoop, love them together, can’t wait for season 4!

    • Len84 says:

      Same here! Cant wait to see how they progress. I feel they kinda gonna be like Snowing 2.0 as they do have parallels with them from the very start.

      • Lily says:

        If done correctly, Emma and Hook have the potential to surpass her parents.

        • Freddie says:

          I always felt way back in season 1, as i watched it around middle of season 2, i watched S1 in a week, Emma became my fave, and i thought – Emma’s romance will have to be on par or atleast above her parents because she is the main heroine, product of true love, and its her journey…. so this is what i have felt, her love/romance to be epic… she has a man who adores her, who thinks the world of her and she is his world… thats true love right there, but Emma still has to get there. And we already do have Snowing parallels with them.

  4. Annette says:

    Oh, I would love to know what’s going on with McGee and Delilah? That’s what I care about in regards to NCIS. Oh, and would love to see how Vance has handled things since his wife died, other than meeting her father, we haven’t really heard much about him.

  5. NoChance says:

    Ready to finally meet the mysterious yet-to-be-name ex-wife of Gibbs. As for Ellie’s husband, Jake, ONLY if it’s organic to the story – say a Thanksgiving meal rather than case related. Or joining her at a hospital when one of her team is hurt. Please not case related (victim, witness, suspect) since we’ve already had that with multiple team members. Do it more like Abby with her found biological brother, as a side story.

  6. Len84 says:

    Thanks for the Emma/Hook, i always love what Jen says about her character and Emma/Hook, and yes they always been kindred spirits from the moment they met and connected on that beanstalk and i cant wait to see the start of their relationship, its a beginning for them!

    Looking forward to Covert Affairs, and also Graceland.,, i wonder how the feel of season 2 will be, coz most shows feel different when we go into S2

  7. Billy says:

    Not really much of “new” info on 24, seeing as in the promos Jack has Kate assigned to him, and then… well watch the promo

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Alas, I seldom get to see these “promos,” by screening episodes on DVD. Oh well! Hopefully someone out there enjoyed being teased by Yvonne.

  8. torimelching says:

    It sounds like they are going to kill off the Frost character. I kinda was hoping they would just have him follow that women that he was seeing. She was leaving for school or a job I can’t remember. I was really hoping they won’t kill the character, but that’s just me.

  9. Freddie says:

    Thanks Matt esp for Hook and Emma question. I for one am looking forward to them being together and navigating a relationship, with new moments and how we know they already are a team and unit as we seen them face challenges

  10. jaynecobb2 says:

    i kind of like the new layout

  11. Sam says:

    Sad to hear NBC not picking up Crossing Lines, I like the show. Now I need to figure out where can I watch season 2.

    • Shar says:

      Crossing lines may well show up on the CBC here in Canada since it’s a co-production with France. Good news for us Canucks or anyone who can stream it.

      • Maryann says:

        We can’t get Canadian shows legally in the US unless a US network picks them up. We would have more luck with stuff out of Europe.

  12. Dennis says:

    Any news on REVENGE? Madeleine Stowe was just cast in a movie that starts filming right around the same time REVENGE Season 4 should start filming…does that mean Victoria is gone from the Hamptons for good?! Say it ain’t so!

  13. Ben says:

    What have you done TVLine – We’ve been in a relationship so long, but now I do not recognise you any more.

  14. Meredith says:

    Your explanation of the differences between Resurerection and the Returned is kinda brilliant. If only I could talk about these leather goods of mine that are on sale…

  15. A says:

    I hate that the writers put Emma and Hook together. I hate them together

    • Freddie says:

      Thats been there idea from the start – the big episode – Emma centric in season2 and then all in season 3, its always been there! I like the build up, and for Emma to have someone who loves her that deeply and stands by her and understands her to the core!

    • Mel says:

      Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. It feels like JMo is in a “if I say enough good things about Hook, I’ll start to believe it myself” phase. LOL. Maybe if it translated onto the show it would be believable?

      • Kate says:

        I think if you go back over interviews, JMo has always been very excited and happy about the possibility of a Hook/Emma pairing. This isn’t the first time and not that recently either that she’s said those things about their relationship. She even said in one interview that she really likes where the writing is going (re: the finale) and on Twitter she said the best episodes for Emma were the finale one’s, so I doubt very much that this is just a ‘phase’. The writer’s have said that they were ‘always’ going to put them together right from the beanstalk episode, so they’ve had pretty much two seasons to get together. It’s not rushed, it’s not forced and who knows where it will go from here? They’ll still have troubles to deal with and although we know how Hook feels about her, we’ve no idea how Emma feels about him – I’m hoping we get to see more of that in season 4 :)

        • Freddie says:

          She’s always said similar things, and she has always said they are kindred spirits in each intwerview ever since the beanstalk episode. Pretty sure Jen and Colin knew they were gonna be a couple. Atleast the outline of it. As i said this show puts their couples and the pairings they want in giving them moments and journey/adventure on their own, so they spent time alone and interact which is what happened with Snowing, Rumbelle, and Emma/Hook and also Robin/Regina

          • Freddie says:

            The couples montage also cemented which couples are OUAT couples in the finale. And the finale of Emma accepting home and family and love. The man scarificed his home to find Emma and bring her home, thats the ultimate proof of love!

  16. I don’t see how Resurrection and The Returned being very similar is a bad thing. Look at all the new fall shows. It’s not like any of them don’t bear striking resemblances to something else. Who cares if they are alike? Not me.

  17. I was wondering about Crossing Lines.

    As for Resurrection and Les Revenants, one is good and the other is Les Revenants.

  18. tejasjulia says:

    Couldn’t really care less about the other ex-Mrs Gibbs, but I hope they do a decent job with her. Looking forward to Bishop’s husband. If they go case related, I hope it’s to have him provide info from his agency rather than something ludicrous. Granted, they don’t do much ludicrous these days, but I worry. :-)

  19. Amy says:

    Thanks for the OUAT tidbit and especially for asking Morrison about Hook and Emma’s relationship …their development has been one of my favorite things on the show (granted I love the show in general though) and the actors are a joy to watch in scenes together. I’m really looking forward to seeing where they go and how they grow in season 4…sigh but September is soooo far away

    • Amy says:

      Oh and before I forget I’m digging the new layout and your funky avatar, it’s a nice fresh look (granted it through me for a loop at first)

  20. Leny1 says:

    Thx for the Once question and Jen for answering it, I like how she answers how the relationship is between Emma/ Hook and its what it is on-screen. Finally they get together. Great finale it was for Emma and Emma/Hook. Cant wait for season 4 and their moments.

    Waiting for Covert Affairs now!

  21. Babybop says:

    I love Annie and Auggie together… That scene from last season where she sits next to him on the bus and he doesn’t even know broke my heart. Here’s hoping they’re not doomed forever!

    • Priscillia says:

      I agree with you, but no more of rupture between

    • Mark says:

      Love the info on the new season but the most important question hasn’t been answered is Anne Dudek making an appearance seen as Auggie as already told her Annie is dead. Now that’s the scene I want to see Annie explaining to her sister what’s been going on…..

  22. Mel says:

    Too bad I’ve never seen anything about Hook that JMo seems to see. Try again.

    • Freddie says:

      Watch the episodes lol. He always believes in her and encourages her to embrace herself and who she is, and what she wants. And challenges her. Seems to be you just like something else lol

  23. Douglas Hillyer says:

    I’m waiting on falling skies and major crimes good shows.

  24. Vanessa says:

    Love the new layout, but the sans seraph font is killing my eyes. Any chance for a change?

    • Emily says:

      I completely agree! Please, change the font!!

    • lll says:

      I’m floored by the new layout. Green and blue is replaced by crisp white. Represents cleaniness and professionalism. Love the logo and blue navigation bar. Absolutely stands out in white. I must agree on the font. Other than that, great makeover!

    • DidoTwite says:

      I love the don’t. Very screen friendly. Please keep it.

    • Angela says:

      I’m personally fine with the font, but yeah, if it’s going to prove difficult to read for some people here, then by all means, feel free to suggest other font options :)!

      The white background is…okay, but I definitely agree it could use a little…oomph, or something to balance out all the intense brightness.

  25. Lori says:

    Thank you for the NCIS scoop. This long-time fan is always happy to hear news of my favorite military investigators.

  26. estee says:

    thanks for answering my question :)

  27. Prissi says:

    I wrote some time ago asking about Crossing Lines. I just read a reply to Laurie that she inquired about this show and yes as I feared NBC is not bringing it back to the US. Is there any chance one of the cable stations will pick it up. It is absolutely the best show ever. What is wrong with NBC. Should have known this would happen. After one season they canceled Southland and FX picked it up. So sad. Hope you can answer this.

  28. Susan says:

    I don’t like that the links are now in black. I think they are too easy to overlook

  29. Prissi says:

    Let me add this comment to what I just sent to you. NBC never promoted this show last summer. Most people knew nothing about it until they saw it on Netflix.

  30. F.Barnes says:

    Really want to see a Zeava return won’t happen but Tony getting a bit “long in the tooth”to be chaceing girls. How ’bout that Dr.? She was a peach!

    • DidoTwite says:

      Tony is turning into a creepy old man like his dad. They won’t bring back the doctor. She was a Bellisario character.

  31. April says:

    The Returned is on Sundance TV not A&E for those who are interested in watching it

    • No, Les Revenants is on Sundance. A&E will be broadcasting The Returned, the US remake of Les Revenants. Meanwhile ABC are broadcasting Resurrection, based upon the novel ‘The Returned’ (unconnected).

      In short, the moral of the story is: US television executives need to come up with some original f-in ideas.

  32. Patty says:

    Miss the old TVLine layout.

  33. agent 86 says:

    What? Kate Morgan in the command Centre? She belongs in the field with Jack. I was looking forward to seeing Director Graham’s loose cannon.

  34. Sarah says:

    Sadly I am not hopeful for a Twisted season 2. The show should have episodes taped already for a summer start. So unless it airs in the new year, I feel we will hear it is cancelled soon.
    Looking forward to Graceland just hope Bravo airs it in Canada.
    Can not wait for Arrow season 3.

  35. Claire says:

    Thanks for the information on Arrow Matt! Oliver’s humanity is directly linked to Felicity and Diggle, so it sounds very promising indeed!

  36. Britt says:

    I honestly don’t remember what happened on Graceland and Covert Affairs. They both went off sooooo long ago. I need recaps

  37. stellvia says:

    So excited to see what’s coming next for Emma and Hook! And I’m glad JMo approves of the pairing. :) They’ve seriously been my antidepressant for the past 6 months!

  38. GeoDiva says:

    Thanks for the cable scoop! Love my TNT and USA shows!

  39. Ana says:

    Thanks so much Matt for asking Jennifer about Killian and Emma. Loved what she had to say and couldn’t agree more. Killian and Emma ARE kindred spirits. They’ve been set up like that since 2×06. And the fact that Killian sees and loves ALL of her is a beautiful and wonderful thing. Especially for someone like Emma who’s been abandoned so many times in her life. I hope Emma sees and loves all of Killian as well…they both have such good hearts and deserved to be loved endlessly and unconditionally.
    Rooting for them with all my heart and hope we see them going through whatever S4 throws at them together!!
    Thanks again :)

    • Frey says:

      Thank you! Thank you for asking about Hook and Emma! I cannot wait to see them together! This interview made me very excited! Thank you so much! I feel like whatever happens now, good or bad, they will be together through all of it!

  40. “I’m confused – what’s the difference between the premise of The Returned and Resurrection? Is there a story behind this that I missed? –Lillian
    This is easy: ABC’s Resurrection, a supernatural drama about people who come back from the dead not much worse for the wear, is based on the novel The Returned, while A&E’s The Returned is a U.S. adaptation of the French series Les Revenants (or The Returned), which is based on the French film Les Revenants (or The Returned) and concerns people who come back from the dead not much worse for the wear. Very different shows. Glad I could help!

    That one made my day KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  41. TinA says:

    This new site design is too bright and hard on the eyes!

  42. AntonioQC says:

    Bishop’s husband? really? *shakes head*

    • Tony Ncis says:

      i feel the same way Antonio.

    • John NYC says:

      Well I suspect his main use is and will remain as shipper-vaccine.

      • Angela says:

        Not that I could see them pulling this on a show like “NCIS”, necessarily, but all the same, it’s cute that people think someone being married means they won’t automatically get shipped with/flirt with/show romantic interest in another character. I mean, if there’s shows where being blood related doesn’t stop people from putting certain characters together, well…

  43. Tony Ncis says:

    Well I have nothing to say about leather goods, but i do have to say that Bishop is getting old. I hope they get rid of her sooner rather than later, or else i may be tuning out next year. I could care less about her husband. What I’m really interested in is, when is Ziva coming back? I miss her and Tony together.

    • opus says:

      ZIVA is NOT, I repeat, is NOT coming back!!!!!!!!!!!! Get over it already!

      • Larc says:

        NCIS doesn’t necessarily need Ziva to come back. But it does urgently need somebody with her kind of gravitas. Bishop doesn’t have even an atom of it.

    • Helen says:

      Bishop is not supposed to be another ziva. Give her a chance. I liked ziva also but she is gone. Gibbs is my favorite!! I will hang in there as long as Gibbs stays. Glad Dr. Ryan is gone. NCIS is my favorite show.

      • Larc says:

        Bishop has already had her chance. She’s failed! The only way I want to see her husband is when he shows up to help her clean out her desk and take her away from NCIS.

        • Mark says:

          Learn to live with change — Cote had her time. Its Bishops time viva the revolution…. I quite enjoy the new variation in the show. Live with it or stop watching its an easy either or solution but all this negative ranting is becoming boring as princess Cote burnt all her bridges at CBS and wont be welcomed back on a winged Pegasus any-time soon. In fact to end this argument once and for all the producers should kill ziva’s character off camera at the beginning of next season. It will kill this argument once and for all.

          • John NYC says:

            That Mossad would want to snip off the loose end Ziva in her new troubled state presents to them would be a very organic conclusion. Can they really put up with her going around to everyone she assassinated on their orders and apologizing to the victim’s survivors?

            I think not.

    • Dean says:

      She isn’t because Cote WANTED TO LEAVE! But naturally you and the other ‘fans’ who would kill newborns in her name are gonna belive the entire world is against you and belive that there is a conspiracy towards Cote depablo.

  44. karen says:

    Wait a minute Gibbs #2 married Fornel #3 was the red head that gave Gibbs his disgraced b back
    I’m now confused which one they’ve bringing b ack

    • mistycatz says:

      hate spellcheck should have been dog tags not disgraced Gibb wives Shannon, Diane married Forel and Stephanie but I agree of late the only Chemistry I seen Gibbs with is Abby (Coast Guard) and Colornel Mann who got married If you have to put Gibbs with somebody get somebody fun.. Sink Bishop anytime

  45. Casey says:

    I love Emma and Hook together and think JMo is right on with her comments. She should know better than anyone! I’m glad Emma finally found her “true love.” I hope they get at least a few days of calm and happiness before the Elsa hits the fan in S4, everybody gets put in danger again, and they end up having to fight for their love like all true loves on the show must.

    Not digging the new sans serif font, though.

    • Frey says:

      Hope for the same thing. I wanna see them be happy for at least a bit before things go wrong in Storybrooke again. And I agree. JMo is right on.

    • Sid says:

      JMo is pretty spot on as usual. The build up and progression of Hook’s love has come this season 3. Finally knowing in himself that he has moved on from revenge and first love, his mindset had to move on from revenge which it did season2 finale, and then the hope and light he feels for Emma and around Emma. He really believes in her, always has done. And encouragement of embracing herself and her magic, and her parents and home. Pretty much Emma opens up to him about how she feels about things. Its her own issues in season 2 esp S3 which were in the way of how she is and emotional deep scars she has, that kept Hook at arm’s length, but as she embraced home, she embraced love = Hook, who is a apart of that. He had earned her trust by being there, and by her side etc. Accepts who she and how she is. and understand that part of her very well. Its no wonder they always seen so much in each other, the heartbreak, the loneliness and the way they survive on their own.

  46. A says:

    Dear Covert Affairs, please bring back Eyal! No I wont let this go.

  47. Name This Tune says:

    The whole Emma-Hook thing is such a turn off. There’s nothing organic about the relationship. It is being written for lovesick, hormonal teenagers and everything about it is forced.

    I love OUAT, but that ship job turns my stomach.

    • Freddie says:

      The only pairing which has taken its time, and its not forced lol…. bloody been going on for over a season. And dont insult ppl – coz i aint a teen or anyone who isnt!!! Guess what ppl like it coz of the way its written and how they are.

      • Jess says:

        Yes it’s taken its time but it HAS been forced. That first kiss totally came out of NOWHERE. I think it’s hilarious that Emma has shown chemistry with Graham, August, AND Neal, but never with Hook. All Hook’s done is push push and push Emma into wanting a relationship with him and what I’ve seen on screen is Emma not wanting it because she doesn’t care for him. But all of a sudden we’re supposed to believe she cares about him? Especially not long after the father of her son has died? Either she has a kink for dead Neal or Jennifer Morrison did a really bad job at portraying that Emma had feelings for Hook, which is a real shame because she’s done well with portraying her feelings for her other love interests.

        • Frey says:

          Guess you’re alone in this cause who got nominated at the people’s choice awards for best chemistry? That’s right. Hook and Emma… after just 7 episodes or something

          • Francine says:

            Oh come on already! No, she is not alone. I feel the same way. I just don’t see it with Hook and Emma. That does not mean we are blind or in denial, just that we have a different opinion than you. That’s allowed! I’ve accepted that those two are going to happen but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it. And who gives a flip about the People’s Choice Award? The majority of people who watch shows don’t care and don’t bother to vote. My goodness, ships ruin shows.

        • Freddie says:

          LOL. You seriously are in DENIAL. Or even understanding Emma’s character. I guess her trusting him with her son, is Emma being wrong or not caring for Hook. The whole point is she cares, and she card about him since the start.

      • Frey says:

        I know. I hate it when people generalize a ship because of their opinion on the couple. Sometimes, I think it’s impossible for people not to comment hate towards things they dont like. But whatever, I think Hook and Emma are a beautifully written couple on the show and I know most fans see it that way anyway.

        • Freddie says:

          I feel like if you dont like it, or its says something about a show you dont like – you dont reply. Im not much of a Rumbelle fan but i get their story in the show, but dont see me going around bashing or whatever lol

      • Francine says:

        To be honest, I thought you were a teenager as well. The way your posts are written and the need to reply to every single post that is the least bit negative towards Emme and Hook…. I’m not trying to be offensive but that is the way it comes off. I don’t understand why people aren’t allowed to have a different opinion than you….

  48. arial2 says:

    Sorry about Crossing Lines, but not surprised. It was a truly international cast and show. It never got any support (ads, etc.) from NBC, the kiss of death in the U.S. Sad that the networks never want to take a chance providing monetary support when exposing viewers to shows set in other countries. That attitude insulates us as much as the oceans and never allows American viewers to become part of the bigger television world out there. I hope to find a way to see it because I was very impressed by the stories and the cast.

    • Fyrkat says:

      I’m also sad that it won’t be on NBC. Then I’d be able to see it for sure. I am hoping that CTV in Canada will pick it up.

  49. I’m not really agreeing with that PoV on Emma and Hook. This doesn’t resemble what I am seeing on screen. Not a fan of this pairing, and Hook has been overused this past season. IMO

    • Freddie says:

      They are kindred spirits, they have been through love and loss – they connect, they are good ppl who fight for the ppl they love. Hook believes in her and wants her to be her best, has earned her trust and has been there being supportive, and wants her to embrace herself, magic and all she is, and her home and family, which what he did all the episodes esp in the finale – i mean what have you been watching. Jen is spot on with what she is saying. And guess what Hook is the love interest of the main heroine Emma, so he will be use as a indivdual character and as a partner with her. Like Charming is to Snow, thats how it works! All Hook wanted is what she has been doing all season accepting herself and every part of her! Thats what the season and them has been about! I dont think the show has lacked anything regarding what Jen has just said and always said!

      • Mark says:

        Please what a load of rubbish if he hadn’t been shipped out of all proportion by a certain part of the fandom his character like the other characters in the pan arc would have disappeared. look at Tinker-bell to name one. But because a large base of the fandom jumped onto the Capt /Swan Ship… And the writers knew they where on a ratings win with him he was kept but if the truth be told by them he was never mean’t to be. As they have implied in many interviews regarding hooking Emma up with Hook this was done purely for ratings and the ship. Now I don’t follow either or who she should be with I just feel the show has suffered because of these ships and the general soap opera it has descended into because of it. I will give next season ago for a few episodes otherwise soap opera’s are for daytime telly.

        • Frey says:

          Actually there’s an interview by the writers saying that Hook and Emma was always the plan from the beginning. “Always” being the word they actually used.

          • Lily says:

            Exactly…. it was foreshadowed, in the writing. Plus, Colin O’Donoghue was promoted BEFORE Hook even debuted.

          • Mark says:

            Well if they are such kindred spirits why was he trying to have sex with everything with two legs and a heart beat especially Tinkerbell — more than Emma for most of the season.

          • Céline says:

            Seriously? He tried to “flirt” with Tinkberbell juste once in middle of season 2 because he was sad. At this moment, he thought that Emma was going to get back with Neal. He just wanted to try to forget her… Even Tinkerbell said it !
            And besides, however proof they are soul mates: in the flashbacks of the episode 3×17, we see that it was incapable to sleep juste once with another woman, during year in the forest enchanted. And nevertheless, he thought he was never going to see Emma again !

            In season 2, he wasn’t in love with Emma. In the past (in a lot of flash-back, with Tink, Belle, etc) also… You cannot blame him for being seductive when he didn’t know emma or when he wasn’t in love with her ! The rest of time, he just naturally “charmer/charming”, it’s a game when he spoke with girls, when he calls them “love” but he would have made nothing with them. We see that with 3×17…

            (sorry for my english)

        • Freddie says:

          Watch the beanstalk episode again, and pretty much the moments in season 2. You dont give Emma and Hook a journey on their own and moments if its not meant to mean anything in the long run, this is how the show works regarding pairings!!! Most ppl like them due to how they are written!

    • Freddie says:

      Hook is the main character obviously he will used and i dont believe its overused – why coz he was team Emma and by her side all the time, its call being supportive and devoted because all her life Emma hasnt had that, and thinking everyone always leaves her, and he is hasnt and stood by her etc!

  50. arial2 says:

    I’m not that interested in Gibb’s wife number two; that storyline is getting old. Now, if they want to add Diane Neal’s Abby Borin as a regular or bring Jenny back from “the dead” (WE never saw her body, so I’ve always wondered about that ending!), I’d like that. Those two characters are the only ones who have ever had any chemistry with Gibbs (IMO). Re the Ziva mourners still complaining: I remember how most weren’t willing to give her a chance when Sasha Alexander left, so I just roll my eyes. Cote wanted out, she wasn’t dropped. I agree with the posters who mentioned Tony aging out of the frat boy attitude. Now his leers just seem creepy. Too bad they burned the bridge with Jeanne so completely; I liked their chemistry.