Summer TV Wish List: Our Hopes For True Blood, Suits, Pretty Little Liars and 13 More Series

The summer TV season officially kicks off this week, and TVLine has a few demands humble requests for 16 upcoming series, both new and returning.

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A real-life girlfriend for Teen Wolf‘s Stiles, an even-brighter spotlight on Suits‘ Donna and a “tasteful” reveal of Eric’s fate on True Blood are just a few of our (we think) reasonable hopes for the summer months to come.

Browse our gallery of summer TV wishes, then drop a comment with your own. And feel free to include any shows not found in our gallery. (There are just so many.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Yes to the Donna wish. More Donna Paulsen always.

  2. anon123 says:

    What? No Rizzoli & Isles??

  3. Theo says:

    Agree with the Suits wish (you can never have enough Donna) and also about the Teen Wolf (Stiles needs loving) as much as I ship Stiles with a D.Hale he does need some love. I am okay with keeping Sterek for fanfiction and Stydia in canon. That Malia girl (more the way she was just introduced) annoys me.

  4. Riana says:

    How about Beauty and the Beast tanks in the ratings and CW decides to bring back Star-Crossed?

    • Brandy says:

      How bout you quit rooting for other shows to get cancelled?I liked SC too and am sad it’s cancelled but it’s not coming back,even if BatB tanks in the ratings (which it already did yet was still renewed).Natalie Hall already has a new project.

    • Stinky Feet Lover says:

      That show was a YAWN! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Hmm. says:

      I have never seen something worse be suggested. Settle down Riana.

  5. Slowride says:

    I’m guessing the last picture also means more half-naked Freddie Prinze Jr and I couldn’t agree more !

  6. Beth says:

    You can never go wrong with more Donna perhaps a girls weekend is in order with Rachel where they get into some trouble and Mike and Harvey have to bail them out! I hope TVLINE continues their ship shape column for summer shows :).

    • rowan77 says:

      Sure, because it’s not like Rachel and Donna are smart enough or otherwise able to get themselves out of trouble #sarcasm How about Donna and Rachel get the boys out of trouble.

      • Beth says:

        Jeez do you not get fun? I would say Donna figuring out Harvey’s problems before he does and Rachel constantly being Mike’s moral compass would be them always getting the boys out of trouble! Lighten up.

        • rowan77 says:

          I get fun – I just don’t see putting damsels in distress and needing to be reduced by the boys as particularly fun or original. Turning that idea on it’s ear is much more entertaining.

  7. Ally Oop says:

    I agreed with all of them except the Teen Wolf one. Stiles and Scott’s mom?! No way. That would be wrong on so many levels. He looks up to her as a surrogate mom. What I would like to see is Scott’s mom and Stile’s dad get together.

  8. AT says:

    I have the opposite wish for The Killing. I’m actually liking the idea of a little romance. I wouldn’t have it be in your face. But that was one of the best moments when Holder almost kissed Linden. I think they can pull it off well without it making the show soapy or have it feel too “shippy.” As for True Blood, my wish is more along the lines of having Eric and Sookie reunite to make up for the book’s crappy end.

    • dude says:

      They won’t. It’s already been confirmed this season is going to be a Bill/Sookie/Alcide triangle. They’re not adding another guy into the mix. She’ll likely end up with Bill or no one.

    • Kim R says:

      I really wanted Holder to kiss Linden at that moment. I don’t have to see a “relationship” happen but just some stolen, unable to resist, kisses would be fine. :)

  9. Daphne says:

    What about Under the Dome?

  10. Columbus says:

    Yes to the end of angsty Brandon — and to the end of Brallie.

    • Jamie says:

      Thank you! I need Brandon and Callie to stay away from each other. Whether or not she is officially adopted, they are family at this point. His moms are basically her moms now. Plus, her future and happiness is too tied up in making this family work. Please kill the Brandon/Callie love drama dead once and for all.

  11. Kim R says:

    Love the Donna episode for Suits. Someone mentioned a girls weekend with Rachel and I would go one step further and throw Louis in there as well. Perhaps the 2 girls could take Louis away to help him recover from his broken engagement. :) I would LOVE that episode!

  12. Sierrah says:

    None for Covert Affairs or Royal Pains or Graceland?? :(

  13. Daniel says:

    Nothing for Under the Dome? I guess there is a lot to wish there.

  14. bookworm says:

    Couldn’t agree more with The Killing.

    Wishfully thinking about an Eric/Sookie happy ending on TB. And that they get rid of Alicide quickly (at least as a main storyline, he’s pretty to look at…) and find a way to make Bill’s character less annoying. A tall task, I know.

  15. J says:

    Yes yes yes to Bay and Emmett. If they had them hook up and then not be together for good, it will be too much for my poor little heart.

  16. Gwen says:

    Longmire? Covert Affairs? Royal Pains?

  17. webly3 says:

    “that we see Miss Claudette at least once in the new season.”

    Yes please! I’ve sent at least two questions to Ausiello & crew to see whether she’s in next season LOL. I’m really excited for the new season, but I’d be more excited if I knew that Ms. Claudette is making an appearance.

    • Aimee says:

      The actress who plays Ms. Claudette was in a terrible car accident back in January. Her injuries were so bad that doctors kept her in a medically induced coma for 16 days. Thank goodness she survived and is recovering but with injuries that bad I’m not sure if she would be able to do any filming for the second season. Does anybody know when they started filming?

  18. Anne says:

    Lydia, Malia, Scott’s mom (who has a name, btw). So basically you “don’t care” who Stiles gets together with as long as it’s someone female.

    • Carrie says:

      Oh, for crying out loud. He’s only ever shown an interest in girls, so it makes perfect sense to suggest the female characters. He’s always had a thing for Lydia and he just slept with Malia. They mentioned Scott’s mom as a joke.

      • Mike R. says:

        To be fair, they did kind of tease his potential bisexuality in 3b, but I don’t believe they ever planned on actually doing anything with it. This show is notorious for baiting their audience on Stiles not being straight, but just look at O’Brien’s end of the season interview on here, and it is clear it has never been anything more than queer baiting. Whether fans like it or not Stiles is never going to be anything other then straight.

  19. EJ386 says:

    The Rookie Blue one is kind of lame as the first episode has already aired in Canada and has given the answers.

  20. Ashley says:

    Wish for PLL: for them to reveal who A is. I feel like it’d give the show a resurgence if they made it someone influential who can now taunt them openly. It’d make it more thriller-esque again, instead of teen soap repeating the same storyline over and over.

    Wish for Teen Wolf: don’t kill any of the remaining core four!

    And I’m with you on Witches of East End!

  21. Gerald says:

    Rookie Blue. The writers need to quit making Andy MOON over Sam. He was a horrible match for her and having her go goo goo for him all the time really demeans her awesome character.

    • ddutchie88 says:

      I used to like them together, but too much has happened. I like Nick better now. But I won’t complain too much if she gets back with Sam, as long as it’s for good and they stop the endless stupid love triangles.. ugh

      I’m way more interested in Gail and her new GF anyways
      And Dov/Chloe is super cute too

  22. tv2day says:

    Suits always has great writing. Will be fine. True Blood was just awful last year and I’m a true blood fan.

  23. HAP says:

    #10- Sarah Rafferty is one of the most accomplished women on TV. Graduate of Hamilton College, attended Oxford, and has a masters from Yale. She play Donna as smart, because Sarah is smart.

  24. Wtactualf says:

    Forget naked Eric. My wish is for Bill Compton to meet the True Death.

  25. JM says:

    Where’s ‘The Bridge’, the only Summer series I care about??!!

  26. Delirious says:

    Wasn’t sure if I should ask about “only 1 new show?”, or simply “only 16?”… So I guess I’ll stick to both. Dominion? Leftovers? Under The Dome? Extant?

  27. Amy says:

    ROOKIE BLUE: I AGREE. enough. Just give me Sam and Andy.

  28. Haley1020 says:

    Teen wolf: I hope Kira and malia gets killed off and I hope stiles and Lydia get together.
    Pll: Ezra and aria don’t get back together cause they annoy the living hell out of me and that we find out Ali has a twin.
    Switched at birth: completely agree with what you said

  29. ilona @ilonarcari says:

    ehm… no Major Crimes hopes? or Rizzoli and Isles? of TvLine come on!

  30. Mike R. says:

    Yeah, that sounds like a wondrous idea, let’s fix Teen Wolf’s serious women problem by killing off even more women. How about no. That would leave Lydia the only main female member of the cast ( like it isn’t a sausage fest already). I don’t give a flying hoot about who Stiles gets with, frankly the over saturation of his character has turned me off his character, but why is there any news to kill off Kira ( who is Scott’s love interest anyway), or even Malia ( frankly I haven’t seen enough of her character to really decide whether she will be a good addition to the cast), just so your ship can become reality.

  31. Alicia says:

    Can I actually say vehemently no to Alison in a love triangle with Emily/Paige! Alison would need to grow a heart before I even thought that would be okay! I want to know who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis and who’s body it is!

  32. Maria says:

    re: Rookie Blue. Andy should be with Nick – Sam is a douchebag.

  33. itsbighead says:

    No joke

    Veena Sud is the worst showrunner ever. She is the reason why The Killing got cancelled twice. Without her it would still be here on AMC today

  34. Angi says:

    Teen wolf: kill off peter, gerard, kate, kira and malia please they all annoy the hell out of me

  35. Stormy says:

    Huh! I don’t watch any of these.

  36. J says:

    Making Gabe from BATB a love interest for Cat made no sense. He was such a better character when he was a Beast. Still love the show and happy it got renewed.

  37. A says:

    MORE DONNA!!!!

  38. Longhorn Sally says:

    True Blood – an endgame closer to the novels.

  39. Apples says:

    I want the ladies on suits (Donna, Jessica, Rachel) to get their own storylines. Bit bored of the Mike and Harvey show.
    The incessant love triangles with Andy are why I quit Rookie Blue.

  40. Haha, the commentator derides the love-triangle in one show (just pick one) while on the very next slide says they hope there is a love-triangle. Make up your mind.

  41. Becky says:

    The new look of this website looks too tabloid…bring back old TVLine!

  42. Ann Hopler says:

    New layout of website looks very amateurish. Don’t like it at all. The Summer TV Wish List gallery is to the right, not below. And it doesn’t display the photos with the description, just in a “ticker” below.

  43. Where is the gallery? New layout is horrible. Centered headlines and bad fonts.

  44. Katherine215 says:

    I know change can take time to get used to, but I’m not a fan of the new layout. The picture galleries take you to another page, which is super annoying because I sometimes like to refer back to the pictures when making a comment. Also, the layout looks rather cheap/janky. Sorry, TVLine guys and gals! Bring back the old version, or a better new version.

  45. Jeni says:

    I can not see any pics in the galleries. I can see the thumbnails, but not the big picture. The very first one flashes, then is gone and no other pictures show up. This is true in all my browsers. It works on my phone, though. Any ideas of what’s up? I sort of remember this happening the last time the layout changed, but I can’t remember what I did.

  46. Patrick Maloney says:

    Can live without seeing naked Eric again

  47. HATE HATE HATE HATE this layout and where the F is the gallery pics of True Blood?

  48. Sauva says:

    My True Blood hope is for the long overdue happy and loving reunion for Bill and Sookie.

  49. Lizzie says:

    Hoping for an Eric and sookie reunion. On PPL was hoping for a revisit to a Aria and Jason hookup. Bay and Emmett are a must and keep Callie with Wyatt for now.