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Michael C. Hall Breaks Silence on Maligned Dexter Finale: ‘Our Writers May Have Been Gassed’

Dexter Series FinaleMichael C. Hall is finally opening up about Dexter’s universally-panned series finale, and he feels your pain.

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The Showtime hit wrapped its eight-year run last September by killing of Dex’s sis Deb and sending Hall’s vigilante character into fake death-imposed exile in the middle of nowhere.

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“Liked it? I don’t think I even watched it,” Hall confessed to The Daily Beast of the show’s endgame. “I thought it was narratively satisfying — but it was not so savoury.

“I think the show had lost a certain amount of torque,” he added. “Just inherently because of how long we’d done it, because of the storytelling capital we’d spent, because our writers may have been gassed… Maybe some people wanted a more satisfying-maybe they wanted a happy ending for him, either a happy ending or a more definitive sense of closure.”

Thoughts? What did you think of the Dexter finale?

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  1. Tran says:

    The ending really disappoint me 100%.

    • Geo says:

      Michael C. Hall has the distinction of being on one of the best series finales ever (Six Feet Under, whose ending was brilliant and moving) and one of the worst (Dexter, whose ending was stupid and unsatisfying). An ending doesn’t have to be happy– Six Feet Under’s was often quite sad– but it was true to the characters and the themes of that show. Dexter’s finale just felt like they couldn’t think of anywhere to go (notice, for example, how the last episode– and the last season doesn’t even try very hard to follow through on any of the longterm secondary characters; they don’t discover Dexter’s secret or do anything interesting at all).

      Deb is maybe one of the most mistreated characters in the history of television. What the writers did to her in the last few seasons was disgusting and stupid: first, the icky incest thing, then luckily they dropped that, but had her go against every previous principle we’d seen from her and had her shoot LaGuerta, and then, how does her story end? Oops, she’s suddenly got irrevocable brain damage, pull the plug. What a total trashing of a once great character. I might even have been able to handle the “Dexter becomes a lumberjack” idiocy if there had been any satisfaction in any shape form or fashion to how they ended Deb’s storyline. But it was simply more pooping all over that character,

      • lindsay says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more about deb.

      • IsaBella says:

        Totally agree

      • pumpkin says:

        Totally agree and I didn’t ever like Deb

      • P. Roman says:

        I couldn’t agree more. the ending to 6ft under is arguably the best series finale ever. And, the Dexter finale – an out-of-season “Bah, humbug”.

      • Doug says:

        Six Feet Under was a brilliant series and had a brilliant finale.Dexter was a decent series that a a very very poor finale.

        I presently live in a BC coastal town where it is not uncommon to see logging trucks.I keep thinking I may see Dexter driving one of those trucks!

      • dw says:

        I agree with you 100%!!

      • John says:

        You think you are very clever. Well then tell me, How good was the finale of your TV Series? Oh you haven’t created one? OK then maybe not so clever after all. You all say the same about Dexter’s finale. I liked it. And I think if you didn’t like it, is because you never quite get what dexter was all about.

        • William says:

          Yes to this comment – I loved the series and the ending it seems they’ve left open the possibility to do something else with it

        • Jimmy says:

          LOL! Just read how passionate you are about this. Complete insanity. You really need to go play out side and turn the tv off for a while. To get so worked up over a tv show is just weird.

      • Eddie says:

        I agree with you.
        Debra was my favorite character in Dexter, and they completely destroyed her by killing her. She died because of a blood clot which to me, sounds like the most foolish way the writers could send her off. Seriously, Deb has been through so much in this show. And what does it add up to? Nothing… because she died. Honestly, I would’ve preferred it if Dexter left and Debra recovered. Then a nice time skip could have occured where Deb and Dex were reunited. Something along those lines.

      • Karen Brown says:

        I did not watch the series Dexter when it was actually airing. I got addicted to it on Netflix due to the recommendation of one of my son’s. I was immediately hooked! It was engrossing, smart tv, with brilliant storylines! The writing was so good, that I caught myself completely smitten by non other then a serial killer. YIKES! But all that was crushed by the last season, more especially the season finale! I agree with what others have said before, that it seemed like they couldn’t think of anything else to write and said, “Let’s wrap it up.” Maybe they let Harrison write the finale, I don’t know, but it was degrading to not only the intelligence of Dexter’s loyal audience, but to the actors and character themselves. Seriously, they kill Deb off..she is left brain dead, and then in his “killing suit”, Dexter goes and takes her off life support. Really? And no one saw him carrying out a body and speeding off with it in a boat? It was disappointing at best! And they over played the entire Hannah storyline..who by the way is running from Marshall’s and the law with blonde locks flowing in a bright and eye catching ensemble. I think Dexter needs to be brought back, and we need to find out that Deb was never dead, and that Harrison chopped up Hannah…it would certainly make a lot more sense.

        • Melanie says:

          Like you, Karen Brown, I recently watched Dexter for the first time on Netflix. Definitely hooked! Loved this show, at least Seasons 1-7, but I found season 8 to be poorly written & boring…such a disservice to all of the characters, especially Dexter. The writers had him making many stupid decisions. We watched Dexter’s character grow & develop for 7 seasons & suddenly he is stupid? Wow…

          Just as Dexter was finding his humanity he chooses to endanger Harrison by going back to Hannah over & over? What!? OMG… no parent, including Dexter, would ever do that. Dexter spent so much time & effort to protect his kids, yet he sent Harrison off alone with Hannah? I can’t even get my head around that thought process. The Dexter/Hannah relationship should have ended when she bit his lip at the prison. Instead, it became the ‘Hannah Show’, which makes no sense.

          I understand why Dexter left a tied up Saxon for Deb to handle, but come on… Deputy Marshall Claypool is suddenly stupidly taken out by Saxon? Then the writers killed off Deb in such a lame way – because Saxon was so uber smart!? This same Saxon who was killed by a ballpoint pen by Dexter? I don’t think that was very cleverly written at all. Sheesh…

          Season 8 had some potential with the Brain Surgeon, Zach & Vogel, but it was ruined with keeping Hannah involved, Deb’s poorly conceived death, and then Dexter riding the ‘Slice of Life’ into the hurricane only to end up ‘serving time’ at a lumber camp. Dumb. Incredibly dumb. Just dumb.

          The first 7 seasons were so well written, which was fun watching Dexter grow and the other characters develop. Then season 8 happened. Season 8 makes no sense. I want a season 8 do over.

    • jezzus says:

      the biggest problem was that Scott Buck felt in love with yvonne strahovski and he just HAD to have her back.
      Every time he gave an interview you could tell how much he just couldn’t resist having her back on the show (Even if it didn’t fit with the rest)

      The final 4 episodes or Dexter become all about Hannah, instead of Dexter trying to escape from the police, it was Hannah,
      Instead of Dexter getting closure with Deb, or thinking about Rita, it was Hannah.

      Dexter in the last two episodes feels like a guest star on a show about HANNAH.

      Hannah was the reason the final season and the end felt so awful

  2. SS says:

    I was beyond disappointed with the ending. It 100% sucked

  3. Kristy says:

    Still the worst series ending ever, the second worst perhaps being HIMYM.

    • Dan says:

      Because you’ve seen every series ending ever shown in history, so far, right?

      • Ana says:

        they are probably talking about their own experience with tv shows

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Don’t be an idiot, Dan, and don’t be rude. Anybody with half a brain could see she was referring to the shows she has seen. Saying so would have been stating the obvious. I’m sorry you live such a boring, sad life that you have to attack random people on the Internet who have done nothing to offend anyone.

        • Dan says:

          Jesus, Britta… Look at my reply. Now look at yours. Whose life is boring again? Who’s offending whom again? I’m not aware of the word “ever” meaning “that I have seen”. It’s still some idiotic teenager that thinks the history of the world began in 1995. And you should exercise some filtering instead of going around attacking people who say idiots are idiots.

    • anonomousaurus says:

      I feel so out of the loop I thought both endings were brilliant

      • Joe A says:

        I agree I thought Dexter and HIMYM ended exactly the way they should have.

        • I figured out the HIMYM ending about Season 4 because there had to be a reason as to why he was telling his practically grown children the “warts and all” story of the gang. I’ve started watching Dexter on Netflix and I’m not a fan of the character Deb. I don’t like the way the writers are handling her character at all. Hollywood is ever STUCK in the mode of victimizing and making women weak pathetic caricatures of women who can’t do anything unless they have a big strong man to help them or a brutal one hindering them. Not fair to men, either for that matter.

      • jezzus says:

        you guys are insane. This is why Dexter sucked.
        did Masuka needed a daughter? no that felt like a joke.
        What happened to Batista wanting to find out who killed Laguerta? I guess there was no time for that because…
        What the hell was the point of spending hours on Jamie and Joey Quinn??? did we need to have like 3 episodes dedicated to them? WTF?

        And then, the worst part of all, Harry didn’t create the code. he didn’t create anything, he was not capable to teach his son about survival. it all came from this Deus Ex Machina doctor Dr. Evelyn Vogel. and her cliche killer son…
        yeah GREAT final season. This was a clusterfck of epic proportions. they ruined the whole show

        • pumpkin says:

          Let’s face it, the show was never all that good. I watched ever episode and I knew from the beginning I wasn’t going to get any sense of closure at the end for the main characters (never mind the secondary). There story’s were pointless filler. I enjoyed Dexter very much but never felt like there was a deeper meaning to say Masuka having a daughter. Just garbage to fill airtime. If you want a “deeper meaning” and a show that makes you think try game of thrones.

        • Jeff says:

          I’m sorry I can agree that the overall final season became a little convoluted but like Michael c hall said in a a recent interview -this topic limited what they could do and the intense drama that they had managed to create for 7 seasons basically was just difficult to wrap up….I almost feel like they would have benefited from doing one of these increasingly common “double seasons” with a mid season finale (which i usually hate! But I just think would have worked here) or like the sopranos did and split the final season into an a and b part…just because there were so many things to tie up. I totally agree that we didn’t need all the Masukas daughter stuff. Not did we need the Quinn as Sargent crap subplot But to the person who said what happened to Batista looking for la guertas killer? It was pretty clear that the Hispanic guy (was it Jimenez?-can’t remember name) that killed dexters mom was the guy who shot capt la guerta. Well I mean we know it was deb but to Miami metro it was a closed cAse, there was no killer to look for!. Watch the show before you make comments for crying out loud. And also for the people complaining about Quinn and Jamie I think that was actually necessary to eventually segue into what was supposed to be the life that deb would have after dexter left. It was important for Quinn to come to this conclusion that Jamie wasn’t the one for him and then go back to deb who obviously never stopped liking him. It would not have worked to just have the two of them suddenly come back to each other. That was one of the few subplots I axtually thought worked. And what’s with all he Hanna hating. I likes the actress who played Hanna and I also liked the character. However There are anomalies though. What happened to the dept shrink that was helping deb from previous seasons…she just disappears.. But to get to the actual finale I may not like the whole season or even some parts of the final episode but I love the bud scene when elway catches Hanna and she tranquilizes him! And I also like he hurricane scene, the way dexter kills Saxon and Batista is so funny when they are watching the video of the kill and it ends and he’s like “dexter I’m just a little confused here tell me what we are looking at”. Or something along those lines. He delivers it in such a great soft tone it just comes across as very humorous-like many of the better written darker moments of dexter manage some humor. And then he’s like” but you don’t even work here anymore?” Lmao as I write this. Anyway also just have to say that whether you like the lumberjack ending or not how can you not appreciate that zoom in on he face, the pause for effect where he closes his eyes, and then the deafening silence and fade to black-just like the first episode and many of the early seasons episodes ended with a close shot of dexters face and a fade to black. It brought chills to me. Another side note. Anyone catch the seeming homage to the ending of Five Easy Pieces? The early jack Nicholson film? Maybe it was just the lumber trucks but the whole feeling reminded me of that ending wher Nicholson just leaves his girl at a truckstop and hitches a ride on a lumber truck and the movie ends with a super noirish long shot of the steep rode with the logging trucks going by and nothing but the natural light and sound whole he credits roll for about six long mins. Brilliant. Anyway i just for the same vibe from dexter finale. Also even tho I agree debs character was messed with a bit I loved the final scene with her and the storm and dexter carrying her to the boat. I always knew from season one on that she would end up going over the side of his boat(I’m sure most people did too not trying to say this was profound guess or anything). I loved how the storm created tension and there was a moment of quiet before dexter heads to the stormfront. I don’t know I just can’t hate on it like the rest if you. Show finales are setup to fail in my opinion. It’s very hard to please people who deep down just really don’t want a show to end. And a lot of the time I find people are initially unhappy about a finale and then eventually appreciate it because at first it’s like the death of a friend. Eventually you get over it and can actually see it for what it is. Just my thoughts

          • noor says:

            wow just wow..the last 2 lines of ur comments just naileddd it..i totally agree with u..100% my view..i just didnt like hannah much..i mean..i dont.know..she n lila seemed not so different..didnt.expect dexter to forget his code abt serial killers..again..may be thats what love is all about..he ws finally able 2 have feelings for ppl like normal ppl he couldnt help falling for someone who fitted his code..same goes for hannah as my attempt at getting over it is to consider their relationship a consequence of true love :p .well it seems sick but i would rather see dexter in love with deb..haha…i still want more of of my fav shows..n now i kind ending.that i once hope they things work out for the spin off series n the fans get the closure or more of dexter or whatever.. fingers crossed

    • Ray says:

      I think Roseanne was the worst. Everything you watched was BS. Dan’s dead, Jackies gay, and really the daughters had opposite husbands. Followed by The Soprano’s, Seinfeld, and St. Elsewhere. The Dexter finale looked like they watched The Shield finale.

      • Francine says:

        Agree on Roseanne. I’m one of the few who didnt mind the Seinfeld finale but I know I’m in the minority. I’ve always wondered though how people wanted it to end…

        • Longbranch Pennywhistle says:

          I would have prefered a finale like Everybody Loves Raymond which is not a show that I enjoyed but when I heard how it ended I respected what they did. It should have ended with just another episode. Nothing special. No huge changes. For a show that was supposedly about nothing having nothing happen in the ending would have been perfect. I don’t despise what they did like others do but it felt off.

        • John says:

          I didn’t hate the Seinfeld finale either. In fact I liked it. It wasn’t amazing but I was satisfied watching it and was surprised at all the hate that followed. You spent years loving characters who, if you knew them in real life, would be some of the worst people you ever met. The finale cleverly brought that realization to the forefront. And they successfully (in my opinion) got to revisit past characters and clips without it being a lame and forced “hey remember when” type scenario.

    • prish says:

      No, Glades was the worst, with Life the second worst, then your stuff.

    • No way does HIMYM deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the crapfest that was ‘Remember the Monsters’. For starters, Dexter’s problems were not just with its narrative choices, the entire last few seasons made decreasing amounts of sense, all geared around creating ‘cool moments’ that Buck wanted to insert into the mix which had to be shoehorned in. Added to that, Dexter went from being a dangerous sociopath to a bumbling and loveable buffoon. Then we have the inherent paradox in the ending that Dexter suddenly decides that as a serial killer, he cannot be a good father, so he decides to leave his son in the care of a morally-devoid and unpredictable…. serial killer… when there’s perfectly good grandparents looking after Astor and Cody.

      HIMYM was divisive, but that came down to the choices mostly, and admittedly a little to do with the condensed time-frame of the post-meet chronology. Personally, I agree with Hannigan, that they should have left the funeral in, but the central idea of a life-changing love which is sadly short-lived, I found extremely daring and thought-provoking. And for the most part, it stayed true to the characters and what we’d seen of them before (I have a few quibbles with Barney’s ending, but it was okay).

      • Daervarn says:

        The HIMYM ending is even worse. It is retconning the entire show right from the pilot and is righfully hated for it by the majority of the audience and reviewers.

        • Bobby says:

          I saw the HIMYM ending coming from season 6. I thought to myself “why is he telling them how he met their mother?” And I thought that either one of his kids was going to be getting married at the end, or that the mother was dead. I always figured the mother was dead. I didn’t think he was going to be getting with Robin, but I thought that being made sense. That way he met his future wife in episode one, and their mother in the series finale.

          • Jasmin says:

            Honestly the ending would have fit if they ended after season 3…. but characters change. They spend multiple seasons engraving the thought in our head that Ted and Robin could never work out until we believed it. Plus the placed Barney and Robin together and it just made sense. I don’t know about you, but I loved Barney and Robin together. They got our hopes up, spent an entire season about the wedding weekend, continued to bring tears of joy to my eyes that Barney and Robin would finally be together. We met the mom and got to know and love her. Then it all went downhill five minutes within finale episode. First with the divorce. Then when the moms death started, I understood because like you said, no one just decided to suddenly bring it up. Then Robin started talking about her and Ted again. The final 40 minutes I was crying in anger and frustration. It made me thing. Wait… So Ted told his kids this story not because the mom, but because he wanted to hook up with their aunt Robin?! WTF man…. and if Barney and Robin didn’t work because of her job…. then why does Ted suddenly make that okay? She still has her job.

            It was just pure betrayal. Dexter started getting worse slowly so I saw the horrible end coming. but HIMYM was just a final episode of pure shock and betrayal that gave me heartbreak…. and it was not cool :(

    • Jack says:

      For bad ending what about Dallas? or the Soprano’s…

  4. chadcronin says:

    He should have been able to go off and be happy and same for his sister. I am not a fan of unhappy endings

    • anonomousaurus says:

      Yes the serial killer who has murdered hundreds and got his wife and sister killed should get a happy ending.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Who’s to say he shouldnt? I mean the shows not written to karma or justice or anything. It’s written however it wants to be written, tons of horrible people in real life…mass murders…disgusting people got to live the rest of their lives happily ever after. Why couldnt Dexter get a “happy” ending?

        Just arguing the point, not saying i wanted a happy ending per-say.

      • jezzus says:

        It could have had a sad ending but the last 4 episodes should have been titled HANNAH.
        Because that was what the show became, just Hannah, everywhere. Dexter was not running from the Law, but Hannah was.
        the biggest problem with the season was adding her, it ruined everything

  5. alistaircrane says:

    I really wanted the series to end with Dexter’s execution.

    • Max says:

      I always expected the series to end with his capture by his sister, instead the made her an accomplice.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Mmhmm. I was loving Season 7 when LaGuerta put it all together, then they went and ruined that development AND destroyed Deb in the process.

        • They trashed Deb the second they did the ‘I love my brother’ storyline, for no seeming purpose other than Buck didn’t think the fact that they were siblings was enough to justify Deb’s covering for Dexter’s crimes (and that since season 2 Buck’d been trying to push the idea, but got laughed out of the writers’ room before he had control).

      • Anna says:

        Me too! It would have killed her inside but at least she would be alive and hewould be the one with the death penalty or life in prison..a fair ending

        • honestly, I don’t think he would have gotten the death penalty. I think he probably would have righteously been sent to a mental institute. (probably for the rest of his life, but still…)
          he was brainwashed to be a killer since he was a child. Sure he might have been a psychopath before Harry Morgan got his hands on him, but it’s Harry who trained him to be a killer and basically pushed the idea in his head that he could never be anything else..

      • Mikael says:

        I always expected the final season being Batista figuring out who killed LaGuerta and then the final episodes being the hunt for Dexter. Deb has to make a decision whether to kill him/turn him in or let him escape. The only finales I’ve liked in the past couple of years are Fringe and Nikita.

  6. maayanelson says:

    now lets wait for the stars of HIMYM to say how much they didn’t like that ending…

  7. Well, it took him 7 months to admit it, but finally he did. Let’s just be glad he did and not ask for him to go ballistic on the finale. We all agree it was crap (personally I think everything after the trinity killer was crap. That the problem with setting the bar so high: coming back with anything of less quality and/or intensity will be a huge disappointment. But not everyone is Vince Gilligan I guess).

  8. Johnh says:

    Blah blah, that’s no excuse for a horrible season.

    • flutiefan says:

      Why does he need an excuse? He didn’t write it. His job is to act what they give him.

      • Actually he was also a producer for the show.I know producers don’t really do much but I’m sure he could have influenced the ending if he’d wanted to.

        • The episode that Hall directed was actually one of the best of the season (visually speaking). I noticed from watching the early seasons how much attention was paid to camera shots, lighting and angles. Then in later ones, they just bathe the scene in light, set the camera at eye-level and roll.

          As for choices, one producer has already claimed that they were blocked and forbidden by Showtime executives to kill Dexter. although Buck claims he never intended to, so somebody’s lying.

          • jenny says:

            I hope they can bring him back and start another set of series. I don’t want it to just end as it did I want more Dexter.

  9. Ending suited the show really well (if you binge watch it, you’ll see), but it didn’t suit the fans… It’s like these indy movies that are made for the sake of art itself and not to satisfy the public.

    • jenilee says:

      My brother binged the show and he still found the final season and series finale laughable

    • Brad says:

      I binge watched too, the finale somewhat suited the show. Although I thought that he and Hannah would go happily ever after, until Harrison began killing.

      • I was really hoping they would do a “flash forward” to show Harrison taking after his dad, making his first kill, a sloppy one perhaps. The ending they selected was very unsatisfying…a lumberjack? What is he, Dexter or the Bounty Man?

        • Jimmy luvs2lickit says:

          Just a quick stop in Oregon where all serial killers go. Then to Argentina where Hanna the perfect serial killer girlfriend will poison any teacher that gives Harrison a bad grade.

    • Marc says:

      I agree, the dexter finale actually did make a certain amount of sense and was consistent with the lesson dexter learns over the course of the series, which is that he can’t have a normal life or relationship and he is a destructive force for anyone who is close to him. Season 1- he has to kill his brother because he puts deb in danger. Season 2- after doakes discovers dexter’s secret he is killed by Lila to protect dexter (some people don’t realize that he’s a good guy who’s just too obsessive). Season 3- Dexter must kill Miguel after dexter corrupts him and turns him into a serial killer who kills another innocent person who is actually a good guy (and the second person close to laguerta to be killed). Season 4- Rita. Season 5 is pretty much entirely about how he’s messed up his life and the lives of his and Rita’s children. Season 6- deb finds out sending her down a destructive path. Season 7- deb kills laguerta, breaking her as a person and killing another good guy (even if I hated her). Season 8- the entire season was how he destroyed deb, she is killed by Oliver Saxon (who also killed Vogel) after dexter decides to let him live…. I’m not saying it was well done and personally I felt like the show was pretty average after season four, but I can see how it makes sense for dexter’s story. I think Michael C. Hall’s idea about him being put to death and seeing everyone he’s killed or whose death was his fault in the observation room would have been a cooler and more satisfying ending (if the story that led there was well done, which is a big “if” considering the drop in quality after season four).
      P.S.- they also really messed up like every supporting character after season four too. I didn’t really care about any of the other characters after season four. Deb and angel got it the worst.

  10. David says:

    It was absolutely one of the worst endings for a show ever. It was on too long to end that way. I remember reading that Showtime insisted that he not be killed off probably hoping to resurrect it in some way at some point. However they ruined the series with that ending and may have possibly ruined any chances to do that.

  11. MP says:

    I like how early showrunner, Clyde Phillips, would have ended it, with Dexter on an execution table surrounded by all the people he killed. What a great finale that would have been.

    • Ava says:

      I choose to think of this as the ending, as opposed to what was aired.

    • jenilee says:

      Heard a prediction that finale dexter would die and the ending would be older harrison making his first kill and ghost dexter showd up to teach him harrys code. I wouldve been so satisfied with that!

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I’d have loved that as well…especially considering how they seemed to be setting up Harrison in so many ways to experience things Dexter did as a child, and to be disturbed (his drawings etc)…to have it just end with him with Yvonne’s character just normal…doesnt make sense.

    • I just bought the boxsets up to season 4 and pretend that was the end. Thematically, it’s a pretty satisfying ending.

  12. Sheila says:

    In other words, “Please don’t hate me! Please watch my next show!”

  13. jb says:

    I didn’t mind the finale. I did think Harrison being left with Hannah was a terrible choice. Poor kid living with another killer. But I guess I got what the writers were trying to do. Dexter got his own personal hell. I didn’t lovenit but don’t feel it deserves all the hate.

  14. P3TE says:

    I actually really liked the ending. It leaves it open for a possible spin-off series.

  15. tv2day says:

    The ending fit the show. The only way it would have made more sense is if both dexter n deb died. Deb murdered her boss n dexter was a serial killer.

  16. Brian Shields Shields says:

    Loved the show and the finish..he did a great acting did all.Hope they bring him back as same ..

  17. BAM says:

    The finale most definitely sucked, but I certainly enjoyed the ride.

    • Dan says:

      I always tell people to watch seasons 1-4 and just don’t mind there were others. All happy customers so far.

      • Kevin says:

        This!!! The series jumped the shark when Rita dies. They had a epic season finale and built craps from it.

        • You’re not referring to the death itself as a shark-moment, surely? If you’re saying what I think you are, that the setup from the S4 finale was terribly squandered, then yes, I wholeheartedly agree… f-in Lumen.

  18. Meredith says:

    The final season robbed us loyal viewers of his coworkers various potential reactions to finding out about Dexter. Masukas reaction could have been the thing of legends.

    • Remember that fantasy scene from earlier on where Dexter is dragging a bloody corpse through the police station, and everyone carries on regardless… that’s pretty much what the Miami Metro PD reaction would have been in S8! Dexter murdered a man in the police station (a place he had no legal right to be in at the time) and was let off by his former boss for what….? Ridiculous!

  19. I didn’t like the finale until I read the reasons for it, and then I thought it worked. It didn’t get the point across clear enough to me while viewing it, but when I read the comments from the show runner as to what was going on, and I thought the non-voice over, as the concept that he wasn’t even speaking to himself any longer, was actually kind of brilliant, but it was almost too smart for its own good.

    • Valarie says:

      This is so true, that was the point of the silence, which for some reason most people did not catch. Going out in a blaze of glory or running off with Hannah would have been predictable.

      • John says:

        The lack of narration was a good idea in that final scene. The entire last season was still a travesty though.

  20. Katie_Mead says:

    I always wanted to see the entire team’s reaction when it finally came out just who Dexter was. We didn’t any of us get the ending we hoped for (whether we wanted him caught and suitably punished, or off in La-La Land with a happy family), but we did get an ending that didn’t conform to standard expectations – just like the series.
    So maybe I uttered a few expletives as the last episode drew to a close (water them down to “lame-butted cop-outs”), but that wasn’t the worst (planned) series finale I’ve seen.

  21. Joey says:

    I have to laugh because Michael C. Hall was a main character on two shows: one with the worst series finale of all time and one with the best series finale of all time.

    • jj says:

      the six feet under finale (and scrubs season 8 montage) is what i judge all other series finales by!

    • docleone says:

      Absolutely true. SFU was the most beautiful, complete, amazing hour of television I’ve ever seen. Dexter was illogical. The authorities will be on the hunt for Hannah and Harrison once Young Indiana Jones quit being paralyzed on the bus. It was just totally unsatisfying on every level. Sad way to end a great run.

  22. ClewisWrites says:

    Dexter’s finale was such a let down. I loved the series but that was just a lackluster ending to a wickedly wonderful show.

  23. Melora says:

    Heard a rumor he has another series in the works. I’m not surprised he spoke up.

    • He’s clearly said he is not doing an open-ended series in the foreseeable future, and he can’t wrap his head around the idea of doing a Dexter spin off. He’s just been asked the same thing too many times and decided to give a definitive answer once and for all. His latest film Cold In July was a Sundance and Cannes favorite. It opened to glowing reviews with a 92% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. I doubt he needs to get back to TV just yet.

      • Kirk says:

        Hey Jasmine Kelland, just saw “Cold in July” and it was great. Sam Shepard, Don Johnson, and Micheal C. Hall were great together…good story line also. I would very much recomend this movie.

  24. Drew says:

    The Dexter finale was far from the worst series finale I’ve ever seen. Buffy’s was worse. Seinfeld was worse… Series finales are notoriously bad in my opinion. Dexter’s wasn’t horrible. I think that what bothered me most was that I hated the decision to have Deb kill LaGuerta. I always imagined her putting together the truth at the end of the series and that leading directly to the finale with Dexter either killing her to save himself or turning himself in (or dying) to save her. But for what it was, I didn’t hate it. If anything, I am leaning toward neutral on it. I usually only hate series finales that completely betray the show that came before it, all for the sake of a grand finale.

    • What was wrong with Buffy’s? They destroyed the whole freakin city and had an epic battle with tens of thousands of vampires… how is that not cool?

    • Brooke says:

      Buffy’s was perfect and completely in line with the rest of the show. What was there to complain about?

      • Drew says:

        The entire final season was a mess. They introduced the First as the big bad because it was so huge and evil, only they had no idea what to do with it once they had to tell the story. So they introduce a number of lame standin villains just to give Buffy someone to fight. The uber vamps start off super powerful, and a few episodes later anyone can kill them without a problem. Caleb was a cliche afterthought, not a real character.
        The First is going after the Scythe, which is a weapon that can only be weilded by the Slayer and is the only thing she can use to destroy the First… It makes no sense. Why lead Buffy to a super powerful weapon that only she can use? It would be useless to anyone else.
        In one episode, they depict the creation of the Slayer as a form of oppression. It was seen almost like rape, the way they tied the first slayer down and forced it upon her. Everyone was disgusted… And a couple weeks later, Buffy and her friends do the same thing to countless girls around the world.
        On top of that, they spent the entire season neglecting the show’s main characters in order to focus on the potential slayers, most of whom were incredibly annoying.
        The finale was an attempt at being a huge and epic finale. In that attempt, they forgot an actual story.
        The funny thing is that most of the shows season finales would have worked as better series finales than the actual series finale.

        • Brooke says:

          That is quite a bit more about the finale season rather than just the finale, and quite a bit I disagree with. The Slayer was ALWAYS oppressed by the Watchers, the way she was created fit right into the history of Buffy’s treatment by the Council (remember the episode where she had to pass the test where all her powers were taken away and she had to fight an insane vampire?) The finale had a storyline, and the final season had so many excellent episodes (Conversations With Dead People and Help being some of the best of the whole show).

          • Drew says:

            So how is Buffy and the gang right for forcing slayerhood on all of those girls? What makes it empowering when she does it and a horrible offense when someone else does it?
            The show was mixing its metaphors at this point, just like with Willow’s magic. One year it is presented as hardcore drug level badness that is corrupting her very soul and the next year it’s good heroin! As though that exists.
            Okay, the first half of the season had some good episodes, but nothing after “Conversations with Dead People” is even worth watching.

            The finale was “we should destroy Sunnydale in an epic battle!” And everything else was written around that idea. Whereas if you look at previous finales, like “Grave”, ” The Gift”, “Restless”, ” Graduation Day”, “Becoming” or even “Prophecy Girl”, it was about character and emotion. ” Chosen” and season 7 in general sidelined the main characters in an attempt to build up a large scale finale. Characters that we had known front and back for years did things that made no sense, just for shock value (how exactly does the sole money maker in a house get booted by freeloaders?).

            It was the low point of the entire series, not counting the comics, and the finale was like the rotten icing on a rotten cake.

    • Joyce says:

      In the book, Leguarta was killed by the brother and the brother got away. Debra found out about Dexter then and not later.she was made LT. and lived and not died.

  25. cjeffery7 says:

    ugh can we stop picking at this scab? lots of people hated it, i thought it was fine.

  26. Dee says:

    I think the ending fit the show! I think killing Dexter would have been too predictable!

  27. David4 says:

    It was Showtime’s fault, they wanted him to live.

  28. Mark says:

    Bad endings must follow Yvonne Strahovski first Chuck then Dexter — but him being a lumber jack did leave the door open to a possible spin off or movie. If all are willing to return.

  29. ScorpionGlow says:

    I was just discussing this with a family member last night as we re-watched an episode of season one. The ending was one of the worst for a show. It left me with a hollow feeling. I hated it.

    • yurie says:

      Season 1 is a masterpiece. Nothing compared to that. I honestly felt that the show should have been a miniseries… the “party in Dexter’s mind” was such a perfect ending to it all.

      • Abe Froman says:

        A masterpiece? You honestly thought his long-lost brother as the Season 1 big bad was brilliant? Seemed kind of “soapy” to me.

        • ryan ardi says:

          This show had a fantastic ending. The entire series was amazing. The thing to take from the ending is that he was actually put into his worst nightmare. After all the bad he had done, did you really think it would just end with it being all good? Death would have been embraced by Dexter by the end, which is why it was not a suitable ending. He is literally in his own hell by the end. That is a fantastic way to end the show. I did not watch eight years of a dark show for it to have a happy ending. It was realistic which is something most shows do not embrace anymore. I loved it.

  30. RichardWad2U says:

    Considering how awful the writing had become for the 3 seasons prior, I wasn’t surprised the ending was a mess. The writers were just phoning it in at that point.

  31. R.O.B. says:

    I think we could have had a satisfying ending if the Miami Metro PD finally caught on and committed to finding him at the end. They did a huge disservice to the intelligence of that entire group of characters, All it would have taken would have been to have Masuka’s daughter, whose part was relatively useless, tool around in Dexter’s computer after he left town and say “Dad? Dad? I think you need to see this…” and then we see a montage of the PD with realization dawning.

  32. Wtactualf says:

    The lumberjack thing was just odd. They didn’t address his dark passenger at all. It was just bad storytelling really.

  33. sarah says:

    I was not a fan of the ending. I would like to have seen him be with his son. I know he though Harrison was better off without him. Dexter was a great father and I wish they would have been together.

  34. I like the ending because it portrays a scenario that does not happen in real life to people who do evil deeds and yet try to do good in the end … in real life bad people do get to live with a happy ending but in Dexter the bad guy gets punish with the death of his sister and he in turn try to punish himself by self exile :P

    • Chris says:

      You hit the nail right on the head, my friend. He cared for Debra more than anyone else and once he lost her it destroyed him! He wouldn’t turn himself in because the last thing he would want to do is to shame the memories of Deb and Rita and not to mention his kids. He wouldn’t kill himself, as for Dexter views that as an easy solution since he doesn’t believe in God…so what’s left, condemning oneself to a life of loneliness. ;-)

  35. ND says:

    Very good finale. Just as the Series started out as a schocker, it ended with a shock for all the ones who whished for a happy ending.

  36. Dr. L says:

    The whole final season(s) was a joke. Why are they even talking about the season finale fiasco.

  37. JennieErin says:

    This is what I’d like to hear from the cast of How I Met Your Mother…

  38. mike says:

    A little too cheesey. They could have taken him to Argentina where he could have continued his “work”, I’m sure there would have been enough story fuel to contine the series. Would have loved to see Dex and Hannah work together.

  39. Pat D. says:

    Zombie Doakes should have “surprise m–fer’d” Dexter to death in the finale.

    I’d be more thrilled with that particular ending than what we got in real life.

  40. Kirk says:

    I didn’t care for season 8 either comparing it to 4,5,&7 but you have to admit that when the psychiatrist handed Dexter those pictures that he drew when he was young (episode 1) then turned around and said that he couldn’t kill her because she didn’t fit the code…That literally blew my mind, I mean it came out of nowhere and blindsided me. WOW!!! what a show. I liked the finale but remember folks it was a finale…nobody wanted it to end. I kept looking at the clock to see the precious minutes with my best friend slipping away. And when he put Deb in the ocean I kept begging the TV to not let it happen…and then the music started, you know, that slow theme music that made my gut twist and turn with grief. This was a masterpiece of a show, I wish Dex would come back in the Great Northwest, where all the prolific serial killers have worked their craft. It fits in well with the story. DEXTER LIVES!!!!

  41. Jan says:

    At least they left it open to maybe bring it back. We are hoping.

  42. Joe A says:

    Dexter is my all time favorite show and I think I am one of the few people that was completely happy with the ending. Everyone should know from watching for eight seasons that Dexter would never have killed himself even if it meant saving his loved ones. If he had been willing to he would have done it a long time ago. I like the ending because he was able to get his son somewhere safe and I like to think he was continuing his work. I loved the ending.

  43. Tom Urban says:

    I faithfully watched every episode of Dexter and think it could have went on. Killing Deb, a big mistake, sending Dexter off to some wilderness, a real let down. Writers getting burned out? Get some new writers! Looks from picture on this article, Michael C. Hall took that wilderness thing seriously.

  44. Dale says:

    I haven’t watched the finale yet because I’m a netflix binge watcher. For me this is entertainment, but I’m not surprised at the disdain for how the show ended. The writers lost me with Deb in the first season. I’m not dissing the actress, its the writing and casting for the character that left me rolling my eyes. Cops are not wispy thin waifs, and they are able to articulate without the f bomb being the default exclamation. I bet the actress that played Deb rolled her eyes too at a few script readings.

  45. J77 says:

    I would’ve liked a happier ending but i am ok with how things ended. Dexter and his Dark Passenger were the final two victims imo. Dexter killed other serial killers yes but what he was doing was still horrible and wrong. He is paying for that as we see him for the last time.

    I may be alone but i really hope we don’t see some spin off just to kill him off.
    That would tarnish the legacy of the original series we all love.
    Yes the ending was sad and maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but real life doesn’t always end perfect either.

    Dexter was protecting his son and Hannah by doing what he did in the finale.
    I’m ok with that.

  46. Nick says:

    I thought it sucked. How could Dexter abandon his child and his one true love. I would have preferred that he had finally overcome his demons that fueled his compulsion and went to live happily ever after with his son and the love interest. Total bummer

  47. Nainika A says:

    The Dexter series finale was, to put it completely honestly, terrible. The show had lost momentum up until season 6, but it had picked up decently by season 7. Which is why I don’t understand why the last season ended with the opposite of a bang. It was predictable and absurd at the same time, and pretty dissatisfying.

  48. liv says:

    I didn’t mind the finale, but I am partial to Michael C Hall ever since I watched him play the David Fisher character on Six Feet Under.

  49. Norm Tanner says:

    Hands down, the worst I have seen. The final season was like the writers had 3 seasons left in them and when it was announced that this would be the final season, they crammed all three seasons into one. Then the lumberjack thing?! Talk about riling my “Dark Passenger”! Who knows? Maybe like HBO once rumored, “Maybe we”ll make a movie” with the Sopranos. Oh boy another in the disaster column.

  50. Norman says:

    I can only describe the finale chapter as a melancholic reverie.