Was Bones Shootout Too 'Quiet'? Dixie Baby on the Way? Chicago Timeline Glitch? And More Qs!

Hannibal - Season 2We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Mentalist, Bones, The Good Wife, Supernatural and Chicago P.D.!

1 | How many times during that Hannibal scene did you ask yourself, “Is Mason Verger doing what I think he’s doing…?!” Yet given the exquisite subtlety of the show’s main cast, wasn’t Michael Pitt’s Heather Ledger-as-Joker-channeling turn as the nasty meat-packing titan just a bit over-the-top?

2 | How would you like to see Hart of Dixie handle this news (assuming it’s true)? In wacky Bluebell fashion with town events that hide Bilson’s expanding belly? Or should Zoe and Wade settle down with kids? (He did eventually win over Vivian’s kid.)

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3 | Best music cue ever: Orphan Black‘s Felix getting ready for his big date to Tear for Fears’ “Head Over Heels”?

The Good Wife4 | Anyone notice anything unusual about Cary’s left nipple in Sunday’s Good Wife finale? And where can one purchase the airborne bed linens that Cary and Kalinda were fornicating on/in/under/over?

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5 | The flight attendant pulling closed the curtains on the latest Mad Men: just a cool transition, or a visual hint at Megan’s (or someone’s) imminent demise? Discuss.

6 | On Game of Thrones, at what point is Arya’s willingness to kill going to get worrisome?

7 | If NBC had to dust off and air an old Women of SNL special, couldn’t it have recut it to open with something better than the too-long, unfunny Real Housewives spoof that kicked off the show?

8 | TVLine reader DarkDefender asks: “How is it that The Mentalist‘s Lisbon changed to flip-flops for that walk on the beach when she seemed to have underpacked, requiring Jane to buy her dresses and shoes for their dinner date?” Also, can the Season 6 DVD set include the scene where Abbott explains “Jisbon” to a disbelieving Cho?

9 | After Devious Maids‘ Lucinda revealed she has a long-lost daughter, did anyone else suspect said kid might be Didi (Lucinda’s father’s new bride)? Or would that be too messed up even for this show?

10 | Why hasn’t ABC built some kind of franchise — scripted, reality or a combo of the two — around Dancing With the Stars‘ ridiculously dashing Maksim Chmerkovskiy?Bones Season 9 Finale

11 | Was the Bones finale’s shootout at Booth and Brennan’s house one of the most gripping action sequences on TV this year? That said, did not one of their neighbors call the police upon hearing minutes upon minutes of automatic weapons fire?! We didn’t even hear sirens nearing as the dust settled! And is it wrong that we were slightly more concerned about the destruction of his and Brennan’s lovely home than Booth’s life?

12 | How is it that one of TV’s most entertaining reality series, RuPaul’s Drag Race, continues to produce such terrible reunion shows/finales? (As the Real Housewives franchise has proven, all you need is a couch and some good lighting.)

13 | Did the suggestive, Schweddy Balls-y “Dee’s Nuts” sketch feel out of step with the rest of The Maya Rudolph Show‘s rather tame debut? And could NBC please look into a spin-off based on that daft sketch of Rudolph and Fred Armisen as obscenely rich, exceedingly out-of-touch socialites and Sean Hayes as their long-suffering butler?

I Wanna Marry Harry14 | On I Wanna Marry ‘Harry,’ could reciting that he was in the “Britisah” army be the thing that gives the fake prince away? #CheatSheetFail

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15 | Are you surprised it took Supernatural nine seasons to play the one-of-the-Winchesters-turns-into-a-demon card? (Not to be confused with the one-of-the-Winchesters-gets-possessed-by-a-demon card.)

16 | What if Netflix simply titled its upcoming series The Psychological Thriller from the Damages Creators? Too meta?

17 | Now that Revolution is over (and with Lost before that), do you think Elizabeth Mitchell hopes to next play a properly showered person who gets to wear pretty dresses and such? And given the finale’s final tease, are you suddenly pretty OK with the show getting powered down?

18 | What was ABC’s least brazen piece of corporate synergy this past TV season: the S.H.I.E.L.D./Captain America 2 tie-in, the Once Upon a Time/Frozen crossover or The Middle’s Everything Turned Out Totally Awesome trip to Disney World?

19 | How sweet was Mike’s admission on The Middle that he wanted to go to Epcot to give Frankie the “Paris” vacation she deserves? (The Heck kids “reluctantly” having a blast together only added to the awww factor!)

Chicago P.D./Chicago Fire Crossover Spoilers20 | Are the timeline discrepancies on Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire starting to get in the way of your enjoyment of the shows? Like, shouldn’t Severide have been there to support Lindsay this week? And if he wasn’t there because he’s injured (or dead) as a result of last week’s explosive Fire finale, shouldn’t Lindsay have shown some concern for him in the P.D. season ender?

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21 | Don’t you wish Modern Family would edit together and release all of Alex’s cell-phone footage of Luke and Manny’s “marriage”? And just how conveniently close was that cafe to the second wedding venue that Haley could quickly flit back and forth to see Andy? Speaking of which, anyone else surprised that the season ended without those two crazy kids sharing a first kiss?

22 | Whose rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” this week did you prefer: American Idol‘s Jena Irene or The Voice‘s Christina Grimmie? (Mark this as one vote for Jena!)

23 | From betsy boo via Twitter: “Is Judy Greer too good for the Framily commercials?”

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kat says:

    20 I YES, YES, and YES! Seriously. I already said that when Antonio got injured and afterward the Chicago Fire Finale, and NO WORD of it. I mean, shouldn’t have Gabby been concerned for the life of her brother? But no! Business as usual. Same now this week with the exploding building. I mean, it’s not only Lindsay, but Gabriella was in there too, so Antonio should have been concerned about his sister’s life as well. Seriously, those timelines are SO screwed up, it’s not good anymore…

    • sarah says:

      The Chicago Fire and PD teams did the best they could. It did bother me at first but the shows had to film the storyline etc that they had. I know next season will be better for the time lines matching!

      • isa0511 says:

        20 I agree, they did the best they could especially since they had to build theirstoryline without knowing if the spin off season would be complete/pick up/air interely or just the air date. Next season should be better plan, I would love to be able to watch the 2 shows as 1 big show.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree, sometimes it has been really screwed up! I vaguely remember times when Gabby should have been at Antonio’s side (I think one time is when his son went missing. If they’re as close as previous Chicago Fire episodes make them seem, she should have definitely been there/ talked to him on the phone at the very least.) And didn’t Severide’s sister’s kidnapping only happen on Chicago Fire? there was at least one episode where they didn’t mention that the PD team didn’t even mention the case and just worked on another one!

      I’m not asking for a ton of continuity, a little more would go a long way. No mention of the explosion is highly suspect. All they had to do was have the characters watch the news for a split second.

    • James says:

      It could be partly blamed with the fact that CPD had an additional 2 episode on top of its 13 episode order. 1×13 certainly felt more of a season finale thus the last 2 felt somehow a bit rushed on my book.

    • YES – that so pissed me off that Gabby wasn’t there when Antonio was shot. It’s messed up, but then sometimes if you haven’t watched on episode you can’t go forward on the other. UGH.

  2. catherine says:

    Bones action scene was incredible, beyond all my expectations and oh, their poor home, waaah

    • Kathy H. says:

      The shoot out on Bones was AWESOME!!! I found it hard to believe that Bones would leave Booth when she knew he was in trouble; however, she comes in and saves the day and his life!
      Sorry about the house and yeah – where the heck were the police?

      • Shar says:

        Bones total disregard for Christine’s safety was jarring… no mother instincts at all for an anthropologist or a decent Mom.

        • 206episodesofBones says:

          You do realise that Christine was left with Max don’t you? That’s where she was going when she got the phone call from Fisher. You don’t honestly think she would turn around with her three year old in the car do you? Really?!?

          • Shar says:

            Booth had to tell her several times to take the baby out of the house when she wanted to stay.

        • Rach says:

          Really?! She was upset that he was telling her to leave & stay away! She probably would have put up zero fight if he has said, take Christine, get to safety, & then come back but he wanted her gone (of course) for her safety as well & probably because he thought the worst & didn’t want Christine to lose them both. Brennan knows that either of their best chance is TOGETHER because they are a team.. She wouldn’t have put their child in danger & I’m thankful the writers respect us fans enough not to have to hold our hands & explain things like this that are no brainers. (Well to most of us obviously)

          • Julie says:

            Agreed… however when they were having this fight Christine was still in the house. And during this time they were well aware that armed men were on their way to their house. I realize that Booth said they were probably 40 min away but there was no guarantee. I think it’s funny how people are saying we need to be spoon fed this information when it looks like we were the ones paying more attention.

      • Daisy says:

        I thought that the Bones shootout was COOL!! It must have been hard to shoot that scene, but they did an awesome job! So I’m guessing that Booth and Brennan will be moving. I cant wait to see season 10, it might be weird to see Booth in jail, and Brennan not with Booth,
        And about Supernatural, I was not expecting that would happen to Dean. It was shocking ( The Bones finale was also shocking Booth getting arrested.) And I do like Dean and Sam but I kind of like Cass a lot more. Cass is my <3 FAVORITE character in the show. I wonder what going to happen about his powers. In my opinion I think that sense nobody trust Meditron and they trust Cass again I think everyone is going to try and help Cass get his powers back. And I wonder how Sam and Cass are going to react when they find out what happen to Dean. Misha is coming back as a series regular that is cool no that is AWESOME!!<3 :)
        These show are the only one I watch (Bones <3 and Supernatural <3 ) because the other shows are boring. I watched all the other show but these are the only ones I liked.

      • Stormy says:

        The entire scene was ridiculous. Too Tom Cruise for starters. Also the Delta guys would have lobbed in concussion grenades before entering the house. Then tear gas, which Booth should have anticipated and worn a gas mask. Then Brennan ran in standing up instead of stealthily. And last she took out a guy in full body armor with one shot. Yeah right. In a comic book maybe.

    • Valerie says:

      David Boreanaz directed that scene; great job- and he managed to work in a screw-the-head-off old fashioned neck breaking A LA Angel…..swoon

    • Rich Abey says:

      Yes & Yes. The shoot-out was executed perfectly, though the finale didn’t end well for the duo or their lovely house. I literally cringed, not during the multiple times Booth was either shot or grazed by bullets, but during the many many many (too many!) times the house was blow up by the delta-force guys & Booth. R.I.P. House. Welcome Booth/Brennan’s ‘New Digs’?

  3. cjeffery7 says:

    23. only because she barely gets featured in them.

  4. #10 – They definitely should! He’s never been hotter and they need the ratings. The ending of DWTS was this season’s best feel-good moment so why not build on it? They are interviewing him on World News Tonight this evening. lol

  5. Elena says:

    6. It’s already worrisome, but that is part of the character development. Arya is going to end up as a very different person than the little girl that was introduced in season one. It’s equal parts fascinating and sad. Still, she’s a very interesting character.

  6. 20: Absolutely. For the past 2-3 weeks on Chicago Fire/PD I keep wondering why a) Gabby hasn’t either mentioned being worried about Antonio being shot or crossing over to see him in the hospital, b) if last week’s eps were out of order since Otis was on PD after being in the fire on Fire the day before, and c) the same question you asked about Lindsay/Severide. Also, something I’ve been thinking of since day one of the shows: did Dick Wolf purposely pick last names that work as first names for most/all of the characters? Whenever someone calls Sophia Bush “Erin” I get confused…same with “Leslie” Shay, etc.
    Rant over.

  7. m. says:

    Wondered the same thing about “Hart of Dixie”. I think a pregnant Zoe could be hilarious.


    And yes, Mike’s admission on “The Middle” was kinda cute. This show is sadly & totally underrated.

    • Alice says:

      I’m kind of hoping that we get a time-jump, not right away, but maybe for the last episode or two and we just cut from happy Zade finally abck together to pregnant Zoe Hart-Kinsella, refusing to stay on bedrest and getting into all kinds of hijinks. It would be adorable.
      Plus- can you imagine all the fun changes that you would get to see in Bluebell if they fast forward a few years? With Lemon and AB and Lavon and Tom?Wanda?

    • Pat says:

      I too, wondered about how close that wedding venue was to the cafe, that Andy was at. It seemed like Haley was able to get there and return to the wedding, in a blink of an eye. Also, I am hoping next season that Alex shows the video she took of Luke and Manny. That was funny, funny stuff. Not sure if I can comment on Bones yet, due to the fact that I am still in a state of shock.

  8. Julie says:

    In regards to Bones I was yelling to get their daughter out of that house!! Plus I was thinking of all the people in the neighborhood that are possibly being hit by gunfire as I’m sure not all of the rounds stayed in the house.

    • Paloma says:

      Christine was already at Max’s house. That’s where Bones had taken her before heading back to save Booth

      • 206episodesofBones says:

        I can’t believe people didn’t realise this LOL!! Some people really need to be spoon fed every little detail don’t they?

      • Julie says:

        I realize that she had taken her there. But when he was preparing he was telling her to take Christine to Max’s so Christine would have still been in the house at that point. So she’s basically arguing with Booth while 3 armed men are on the way to their house.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Well most TV shows don’t exactly go into such intricate details (even Game of Thrones…how come more people haven’t died via wound infection given that a skirmish or two occur ever hour…it’s not like they carry penicillin around) & it’s not whether the neighbors were disturbed the important factor. What’s important is Booth getting through the shoot-out alive.

      • Bob Smith says:

        You just have to love Monday Morning Quarterbacks. Like they could come up with something original and correct BEFORE seeing it. Try being a TV writer and see how well you do, nitpickers.

  9. Nicole says:

    I love the middle and it was nice to see Mike being romantic but even better was the kids spending time and having fun together!

  10. Elyse says:

    #2 – definitely hoping for a Zade baby!

  11. boreanazfann says:

    20. The timelines for Chicago Fire & PD were screwed up because of filming at different times. I think it’ll be better next season since they’ll be filming at the same time.

  12. Shar says:

    #21 – Yes, I would LOVE to see Alex’s movie of the boys acting like the uncles. But I’m glad that Haley chose to back off on the Nanny. It’s a sign of her growth and leaves us something to watch next season. She can be the new Ted for HIMYM fans.

    • Lizzie says:

      I don’t get the HIMYM reference. But yes on Hailey growing up! I love the Andy chemistry but just make Adam Devine a series regular or at least semi- series regular.

      • J. Norman says:

        I think Haley would quickly tire of Andy. She would not want to hurt him, but would soon realize he was not her guy.

        • elie says:

          He makes her laugh and thats the sign of a person you wanna be with someone to keep you happy I hope their pairing works out they have serious chemistry plus adam devine has that lovestruck experessions perfect to the tee.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Not sure whether Haley is now the “Ted” of Modern Family but I’m glad she didn’t kiss Andy. He needs to work out what he wants rather than Haley ‘showing skin’ and seducing him when he is most vulnerable (which she has been doing since Season 1) and would be repetitive, not becoming of the high standards of Modern Family. Plus it does setup some intrigue on this relationship going into next season.

  13. HeatherC says:

    20. The producers got asked about that when CF aired their finale and aside from the planned crossover eps, they said that it was CPD coming on midseason that made it harder for them to make things match up with both shows. CF and CPD starting next season at the same time should help synch things up better between them because they’ll be able to plan big events with both shows in mind right from the start. It bothered me too initially but I also understood that they were trying to make each show it’s own and not rely on crossing over too much, so I just tried to enjoy each show individually knowing that next season there will be a lot more synergy. If you follow Derek Haas on Twitter, you need to find the diagram he drew and posted about the two shows timelines….it gave me a chuckle last week, LOL ;)

    • Beth says:

      I saw that diagram and laughed. At least they acknowledge they are off! On a side note I love how Derek Haas answers fans questions every Wednesday and Sunday.

  14. westwingwolf says:

    20.) Severide not being around didn’t bother me, because I prefer the moments Lindsay had with Voight and Halstead. Gabby not being there when Antonio was in the hospital bothered me more, especially since that episode had Otis show up, and he’s in that same building on fire with everyone else. If they were going to show that the timelines don’t match up, they might as well have had Gabby make an appearance for her brother’s sake. As is, I’m assuming these last two episodes of Chicago PD took place prior to the building explosion on Chicago Fire. But it was only these last couple of episodes where the timeline was clearly off. Hopefully, the shows will match up more next season.

  15. Alice says:

    18. AOS began as a spinoff of the Marvel movies- and they had little tie-ins to other films, like Thor 2. So I didn’t see that as a brazen tie in, it was a natural result of the way the series was intended to run- parallel, behind the scenes of the film universe, with occasional crossover from characters like Fury, Agent Hill, Lady Sief.

    OUAT- now that “twist” was just crass commercialism at its finest. The character had nothing to do with the story and is nothing but a brazen attempt to stay relevant by abandoning the pretense of having a plan for a story and just chasing the coattails of someones else’s hard work. The show already has a stable of characters that never get used- adding Elsa so you can prop up your show with Frozen-fever is kind of an insult to all those underused actors.

  16. LFields says:

    Heather Ledger?

  17. Cindy says:

    Crazy shoot out, absolutely gripping. All though I was gripped in fear for Booth, I kept on thinking not the mighty hut!! So many precious memories there with my favorite couple waaaah

    • another Bones fan says:

      So I am obviously not the only one who thought – oh no, not the Mighty Hut! I mean, given that David has signed a contract for next season as well we knew Booth was going to make it – wasn’t so sure the Mighty Hut would make it as well. They surely can fix the damages – the question remains if they would want to…??? I just can’t lose the feeling that life for B&B can never be the same as before… perhaps two years ago when Brennan was framed by Pelant everything seemed to be more frightening – but this year’s cliffhanger certainly points towards more changes.

  18. Beth says:

    #2…. I think they are going to have to write it in..,, they can’t dance around it like they did with Lemon. The show is called HART of Dixie. But perhaps that’s me hoping for a little Zade baby. The way I look at it, he has grown up, she’s seen perfect man doesn’t equal her perfect relationship…. If it is the last season, that would be a great ending.
    #20….. They maybe should of tried the Severide/Lindsay thing early at the beginning of next season and had the Antonio being shot storyline when Pulpo kidnapped his son when Gabby was in that Ep. Or just chose another character like Ruzek to take the bullet given that Antonio had already been shot in season one of Fire. If only us fans had input!

  19. Bradster says:

    I admit when I saw Judy Greer doing the framily commercials, I thought the same thing. She is one of my favorite character actresses, yet never found the “fame”

  20. Katherine215 says:

    #2 – I was wondering if Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy is one of the reasons HoD isn’t returning until mid-season. Depending on when she’s due, they may not start shooting until after she has the baby. I wouldn’t mind Zoe and Wade having a baby at some point, but I don’t want them to get together *because* of said baby. To me, that’s a series finale kind of event.

    • Katherine215 says:

      A quick google turned up that she’s already showing so maybe she’s due by September/October, and could start filming by the end of the year.

    • Alice says:

      I think the network made that decision before she announced her pregnancy. If anything, coming back earlier would mean they start shooting earlier, before she starts to show. Coming back in Mid-season means they won’t start shooting till close to her due date, when it’s going to be the hardest to shoot around. It’s been done for Kerry Washington on Scandal and Kristen Bell on House of Lies.
      But I agree- I don’t want the baby to be the reason they get together. But a finale flash forward to a few years in the future with pregnant Zoe would be perfect.

      • Katherine215 says:

        I would assume the CW knew about her pregnancy long before it was announced to the public. She’s apparently made no secret of the fact that she wanted to start a family and as the star of the show would know her pregnancy would have a bigger impact than Jamie King’s did. I have to think she let the network know before 2 days ago when the news broke.

  21. Tracie says:

    2. I guess it depends on when they start filming since the show is being held to midseason. If they shoot normally, I’d rather they just write it in instead of trying to hide Zoe behind every prop. Although paying the “hide the bump” game was amusing with Jaime King this past season. Ideally, I’m hoping they wait to start filming until after, but a Wade and Zoe baby would be a different twist to the story.

  22. Babybop says:

    11. THANK YOU. I was thinking the same thing!! All these explosives are going off, and none of the neighbors decide to scream/call the police/look outside and see what’s happening? I love Bones, but them doing this at the house made that scene ridiculous to me.

    • Stormy says:

      Thank you. Another voice of sanity in the wilderness. It was illogical and OTT from start to finish.

      • Danny G says:

        Remember the last owner of the house has the address of Leavenworth so it is possible that the neighbors either did not want to get involved or were used to the bangs that come from guns and explosions.

        • Stormy says:

          Fair enough. So, explain to me why, knowing Booth had been a Ranger and a sniper, they wouldn’t have used concussion grenades before going in? That would be home invasion 101 to Deltas.

          • Danny G says:

            Fair enough. I do not know enough about Deltas to say either way. I can only try to figure out the mindset of the unseen neighbors. *shrugs*

  23. the girl says:

    9. Absolutely, yes I totally did think to myself WHOA please show don’t go there. But this is Lifetime after all.

  24. Viv says:

    6. already there. Seriously this girl needs a shrink asap. But on the other hand… so does the rest of this cast. To bad there aren´t any around in Westeros. (and I had to laughwhen Michiel Huisman was saturday night on my screen in Orphan Black and hopped to Danys side the next night, all that when I was rewatching Nashville S1).
    15. Hell yeah! I waited for that since this S3 episode where Dean was confronted with his evil-post-hell self. Took them long enough and I´m not very happy that they actually went there…
    20. It distracted me a little bit, because thinking that it has something to do with production schedules while you want to get “into the show” doesn´t work.

  25. DarkDefender says:

    #6 with Arya, I hope never. Valar Morghulis!

  26. Boiler says:

    Don’t know when Rachel Bilson due but I am hoping that this is the reason for delaying in 2015. Maybe they learned from Jaime King’s pregnancy which was one reason this year off a little

  27. Michael says:

    I hope a Zade baby happens. It would make a nice ending if the show ends [like Scott Porter said].

  28. Curly Girly says:

    #9. I thought the exact same thing too….daddy is now married to his granddaughter? Oh snap! And no, that’s not too messed up for this show!

  29. Ally Oop says:

    I think I’m done with Chicago PD. I don’t watch Chicago Fire nor do I intend to and all the overlap is incredibly annoying and confusing. It was a good show for me until the crossover stuff but it was never must-see TV. And yes, after seeing what direction Revolution was going in with the ridiculous nanites-taking-over-people’s-bodies storyline, as much as I loved the show (it was my favourite), I am glad its cancelled because I do t have to watch that stuff go down–the characters are better than that. And I also wonder how many episodes Hart of Dixie is getting for its final season. If its a short enough season, her pregnancy might not interfere with filming much.

  30. Lois says:

    I figured the lack of DC police/rescue was due to the FBI bad guy who sent in the “fbi” guys to serve Booth a warrant. It must have been all part of the cover up.
    Probably told locals not to respond. My question, who got the ambulance to come?

    • Jeff says:

      Booth’s death was supposed to be a clean hit. There’s no way they’re telling local PD about it to leave a record they were there. The shootout took less than 5 minutes. Police response time could easily be longer than that.

  31. GeoDiva says:

    #9: Yes, it did cross my “devious” mind.
    #18: The SHIELD/Cpt American crossover is what made the show so good on the back off. Plus, the Disney stuff didn’t feel forced since the Hecks were having such a bad time.
    #19: Mike was so sweet!

  32. Sara says:

    #10 — I wonder that daily. I would happily watch a show following Val & Maks Chmerkovskiy around. Would eeeeeasily be better than all the other families camera crews seem to follow around. And they’re always busy! It’d be cool to see some insight into their dance studios. C’mon, get ABC to make this happen. ;)

  33. Coal says:

    #20 Chicago PD was originally suppose to be 13 episodes order so the episode were Antonio got shot and the season finale of Chicago Fire we suppose to happen the same week. However NBC ordered two extra episodes of Chicago PD which ruined the synergy of CPD with Fire.

    • Beth says:

      I forgot about that! It would of made it a lot better and maybe we could of met Gabby and Antonio’s parents given they would have been in danger. I personally thought that the writers should of made those two parent less and only had each other which wouldn’t of made it so off when Casey asked Antonio to marry Gabby (even though they tried to explain it)

  34. sarah says:

    20)It used to bother me but I pushed it out of my mind! I am sure next season as Chicago PD is getting a full season they will match the timelines up.
    21)That video would be funny! I too wish Andy and Hayley would have kissed.

  35. 17. Funny thing… When Elizabeth Mitchell was on V she got to wear plenty of makeup and I didn’t like it… she’s much prettier with the grungy island/post apocalyptic look.

  36. And is it wrong that we were slightly more concerned about the destruction of his and Brennan’s lovely home than Booth’s life? – No, it’s not wrong. We all know that Booth, as one of the two leads, was going to live, but the house is another story. And he and Wendell rebuilt that house to make it the perfect place for the family. So sad.

  37. Regarding the Chicago Fire/PD time issues, yes it is bothering me. Where was Gabriella and Casey when Antonio was in the hospital? Why wasn’t Antonio or Lindsay upset in this weeks finale over the explosion in Fire’s week before finale that included people they both care about? Yes, it’s getting irritating.

  38. Kendall says:

    The Middle going to Disney World isn’t particularly brazen. ABC family sitcoms going to a Disney theme park is a right of passage.

    Just imagine The Goldbergs visiting when EPCOT was brand new.

  39. Alichat says:

    11) Thank you! I not only wondered where the police were, but also was more upset that they were demolishing that beautiful house!

    Additional questions……

    24) How startling was the reveal on The Americans that Jared was not just sleeping with Kate, but was the killer too? I at first thought we were going to find out Kate was the killer. And is it a sign that I’ve watched too much television when I immediately thought Stan was going to stage a car accident, getting Nina set to a hospital, so that he could sneak her out of there and away from the Russians? Also, loved the use of the Golden Earring song in this episode.

    25) On Orphan Black, was I the only one who said ‘Thank you!’ when Art channeled the audience and commented at how quickly Helena got to her assassin’s perch? She subdued Art, left his house, somehow got to her storage locker before Sarah got to Art’s, designed and built her ‘My Pretty Target’ diorama, figured out where Rachel lives, picked the cross site, set up that conveniently large coffee table perch, and trimmed Rachel-doll’s hair all before Art and Sarah pulled up to the building.

    26) How predictable was the Fargo ending between Gus and Molly this week? The moment Gus began lamenting about never wanting to be a cop against the large window showing the blinding snow storm, you knew something like that was going to happen. And as smart and tricky as Lester’s escape was, I couldn’t have been the only person repeating ‘fingerprints…..your fingerprints’ over and over while he was planting the hammer at his brother’s house.

  40. John NYC says:

    When a 911 dispatcher hears full automatic gunfire over a call it may be that they don’t send the closest traffic patrol officer over to check it out but go right to the SWAT people, who would be further away and so a longer (but a lot more survivable upon arrival) distance away.

    And that entire firefight was concluded in a few minutes…

    So Booth got transported by the responding ambulance/SWAT that arrived as soon as they could, just not in time to get caught in the crossfire….

  41. Heidi says:

    #4 I thought the scene between between Kalinda and Cary was so beautifully filmed. I think it was only you, Team TVLINE who caught that brief nipple framing by CBS.

  42. Kathryn says:

    Definitely Jena. I’ve been listening to that one on repeat.

  43. Jamie says:

    6. – Game of Thrones – There is no point where Arya’s killing will bother me. After all that child has gone through in her short life, everyone she’s lost, all the murder and tortures she’s witnessed (please GRRM do NOT let anyone ever rape this girl/woman) …. it’s all pretty understandable for her to be like that in GRRM Land. It will be interesting to watch her development as time goes on (so bring back Jaquin H’gar [original actor pls and ty]). And damn it HBO, and every other network, so what if it’s Memorial Day weekend … Sunday nights on a long weekend are perfect for TV watching. Bet the darn ratings would have went up, not down. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR And only 3 episodes left. :-(

    • DarkDefender says:

      I am with you, Jamie.. 100%.. But I’m pretty sure that last year HBO had a dip in the ratings for GoT on Memorial Day weekend.. Which is why I’m guessing they skipped this weekend. Let’s hope they get hip and marathon this season Sunday or Monday so I can reDVR it, to watch it again before the fall network season starts. :)

  44. Tom Charles says:

    21 | Don’t you wish Modern Family would edit together and release all of Alex’s cell-phone footage of Luke and Manny’s “marriage”? And just how conveniently close was that cafe to the second wedding venue that Haley could quickly flit back and forth to see Andy? Speaking of which, anyone else surprised that the season ended without those two crazy kids sharing a first kiss?
    The marriage footage would be awesome. AND FOR THE LOVE OF THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER STOP TRYING TO MAKE HALEY AND ANDY HAPPEN! It went the right way. She needs someone better than him or Dylan. What’s the dude who plays Ryan Shay doing now that Suburgatory and Enlisted are done? Get him as her love interest.
    23 | From betsy boo via Twitter: “Is Judy Greer too good for the Framily commercials?”
    She sototally is. Don’t get me wrong, she’s great in them, and I get the concept and all but………..yeah. If the rest of the characters aren’t bigger names, she’s too good for them

  45. Frankie707 says:

    I’d imagine that whoever sent the 3 Delta Force guys after Booth is someone in authority, someone who could alert the local police that they an FBI op underway at that location so that the police wouldn’t be caught in the crossfire.

    How close to the truth would that be, I don’t know but it works for me. It was an awesome scene and to think he was directing it as well as acting in it, with so much going on. awesome. :)

    As for the house? I think it was in worse shape when they first found it than it was when they finished with that firefight.

  46. frustratedwithbadtvshows says:

    #11: Great action sequence. Real edge of your seat tv watching!

    • Ted says:

      More like ROFL at how impossibly ridiculous it was. Wiley and Roadrunner would be more believable. Delusions of adequacy, Boreanaz.

  47. A says:

    17) Yes after seeing that they were going to continue with the horrible nanos storyline I was glad it ended. I was watching despite the nanos.

  48. Lauren says:

    I was totally thinking that about the daughter and wife on Devious Maids, then immediately grossed out. I also loved the part where Carmen said she dated a guy who wanted her to walk on his back with heels, nice Desperate Housewives reference.

  49. csr says:

    2. A zade baby would be great fun.

    • RichieS says:

      Yeah inevitably they would enlist Grampa Crazy Earl to babysit and the baby would probably fall off the roof or something. Hilarious.

  50. prish says:

    Flipflops would have been the one thing Lisbon brought along, for sure, being she was going to Miami. She would have slipped them into her purse, first thing.

    • DarkDefender says:

      And not packed anything else but work clothes? I thought when she initially declined dinner she said she only brought work clothes. Aside from the fact that she was supposed to be moving to DC the next day (when Abbott told her she couldn’t leave).. And the walk on the beach was Jane’s “impromptu” idea.