Gang Related: Are You Ready to Join Up?

Gang Related Series PremiereKeeping the streets clean can be a messy job, especially when you’re a crooked cop pulling double duty for the very crime family you’re supposed to be helping to apprehend. That’s the dilemma plaguing Ryan Lopez (Charlie’s Angels‘ Ramon Rodriguez) on Fox’s Gang Related, which premiered Thursday, and his duplicitous actions are already breeding deadly consequences for those closest to him.

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Let’s begin with Ryan’s partner James (General Hospital‘s Ross Thomas), whose brutal death at the hands barrel of gangster Carlos (Sons of Anarchy‘s Reynaldo Gallegos) is only one of the premiere’s many cringe-worthy moments. That’s to say nothing of the opening scene, in which young Ryan has his arm broken for being in the wrong neighborhood, or gang leader Javier’s (Missing‘s Cliff Curtis) interrogation scene, which solidifies my fear of cleavers and the giant scary men who wield them. Seriously, the bad stuff is supposed to happen when the gloves come off, not when they go on!

James’ death only further complicates Ryan’s double life, as Sam (Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn), the head of the Gang Task Force, orders his team to target every member of Javier’s family in an attempt to get to the patriarch. Naturally, Ryan warns select members of Javier’s family in advance, and even helps to dispose of the gun Carlos used to kill James.

Gang Related Series PremiereIt’s a bold move for Gang Related to make such a divisive character its main focus, but it’s one that ultimately pays off in the long run. Not only does that make it harder to predict what’s going to happen next, but it also makes the show infinitely more entertaining. (Besides, it’s 2014. Aren’t we bored of one-dimensional heroes by now?)

Of course, Ryan isn’t the only one with “family” drama on Gang Related. Sam’s daughter Jessica (One Tree Hill‘s Shantel VanSanten) is an ADA who butts heads with him in the premiere — “You can be a real prick, dad,” she tells him — as he attempts to block her investigation into James’ murder. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next, especially after Jessica receives a tip that Ryan might not be the straight-shooter her father believes him to be.

Dun, dun, dun!

What did you think of the Gang Related series premiere? Rate the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.


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  1. Shaun says:

    bleh,same old same old

  2. Rachel says:

    just another cop show.

  3. greysfan says:

    Same old same old. Nothing new here. Next please.

    • bingy says:

      please explain how a cop planted in the LAPD by a gang boss is the same as every other cop show? leave the hall.

  4. mike says:

    I like it

  5. Scott Johnston says:

    I quit after 10-15 minutes…. Oh yay. A corrupt cop show, screaming, “long, predictable, arc”. All on a net infamous for ending shows. Bye.

  6. Ann says:

    I enjoyed it. I feel like this will do well.

  7. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    I like the new cop show. It’s going to be the best show of the summer. “Gang Related” is the show that I really like.

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  9. Patrick Maloney says:


  10. Sarah says:

    I was going to give it a C, but the ending definitely makes for a more interesting show… Looking forward to the next episode

  11. Tran says:

    I’m always a sucker for cop shows and Gang Related is one of them. Can’t wait for the next 12 episodes all Summer long. I give it an A.

  12. MP says:

    Meh. The best part was the motorcycle scene.

  13. christopher bee says:

    same old cliche out of the box. One tablespoon “blood in blood out”, two spoons of the task force readymade ” multicolored but with an irish chief”, take a wiff of the “departed” and get some close-up shots for some bloody faces, there you´ll have it. Just another cop show frpm the shelf.

    Bring back Almost Human.

  14. nate says:

    saw the first 2 episodes at a screening earlier this month. for those that don’t like just watch the first 2 and make up your mind…hell there’s nothing else on tv at that time

  15. stevie says:

    he has to GO BACK!

  16. CBWBDK1 says:

    I thought it was terrible!! RZA needs to stop acting! He ruins everything he’s in!

  17. LynnH says:

    I enjoyed it. Very interesting cast. Plus, I’ll watch Terry O’Quinn in anything. I’ll be sticking with this one.

  18. Malaspina says:

    A total waste of time.Poorly written.Poorly acted.

  19. LaLa says:

    I liked it. So far, I’m in.

  20. Morgan says:

    The whole cast screams early cancellation. The show is also pretty unoriginal.

  21. Bong says:

    Boring, full of cliches, badly acted, poorly written. No wonder it’s being burned off. FLOP is written all over this show, and low ratings are almost guaranteed.

  22. Viv says:

    I watched this first sequence and thought “Well, that´s not starting promising”. Watched it till the end but… nothing for me, sorry. Won´t be watching the rest.

  23. Amber says:

    I thought it was kind of boring and unimaginative, but I’ll give it three episodes. Pilots are usually not blowing these days.

  24. Disco Dave says:

    I’ve already watched this show when it was called The Shield. I literally LOL’ed when Jay Karnes showed up in the last fifteen minutes.

    I think the Los Angeles cop stories are played out now. We’ve had decades of shows based on them.

  25. Dakota says:

    What kind of motorcycle was he driving!?

  26. says:

    it’s 2014. Aren’t we bored of one-dimensional heroes by now?
    He’s not a hero, the main character maybe but why do I want to watch the bad guys get away with everything week after week?
    The Shield did it first and better.

  27. AAWC says:

    If your are going to have sniper using a Barret to take out 2 vehicles…don’t then show it hitting a guy with an obvious paintball…that rifle would have blown half his arm/torso off…that’s why it is expressly forbidden to be used against people by the Geneva convention…other than that…it has enough elements of interesting to be worth watching as long as they don’t continually screw up the small but important things…

  28. phillip wevb says:

    If you quit watching after 15 minutes you missed the best part of the show it started out slow but got really good I think it stands above the rest of the cop shows!

  29. mdd43 says:

    UGH. Ridiculous and repetitive scenes of brutality and violence don’t make a show more interesting–just cringe-worthy. Some good actors are totally wasted in this unimaginative bag of stereotypes.

  30. The Bluelady says:

    so sure about this program. I watched the premiere ep and have decided to watch a couple more before making up my mind. But, keep in mind: Fox loves to cancel programs before they have a chance to gather a following.

  31. Jack says:

    Why does Terry O’Quinn keep signing up for crap shows? Done before. Ripping off The Departed. At least The Departed had good actors. The motorcycle scene…I guess everyone in LA runs red lights because everyone did in that scene. The writing…OMG…bad…as is the acting and casting, (hey let’s cast a black rapper and a hot girl who is extra bad ass tough (the movie SWAT ring a bell). Done before. I was hoping for a replacement for The Shield but got a poorly executed Mexican soap opera. Fail.

    • Greg says:

      I actually wrote a script in 2003 called “Gangland.” There so many similarities, except the parts that feel very “Fast and Furious.” I think I need to find out if I can connect the dots. Personally, I think my version is better.

  32. john beach says:

    Gang Related in my opinion has a decent chance of making it providing the audience gives it a chance. I think the storyline of a cop being raised by a gang family is an interesting storyline and if the show continues I would be very interesting to see which side of the fence he ends up on. He is very conflicted but how many of us are conflicted in real life. Gang Related has a very realistic feel to it and it deals with some of the everyday choices that people have to make every day; the choice between good and evil. The question is their ever a grey area? The cast please give the cast a chance they may surprise you after all. I am pleased to see that the woman from One tree Hill is on the show and I hope she stays for the duration of the show and she is not killed. I always thought she was hot! Good Luck Gang Related something tells me you are going to need it.

    PS: One last piece of advice is to try not to make the show to soap opery LOL.
    Of course their has to be relationships in the show but try to keep the main character loyal for the most part to one woman. At least in his romantic life! If you stay away from the soap opera aspect I believe you will have a decent chance of making it. You will hear from me again good luck.
    PPS: If you don’t watch Arrow you should…

  33. Cdog says:

    What kind of motorcycle was Ryan riding tonight? In the beginning. Twin taillights that ran vertical.

  34. Tommy Finger says:

    Similar to Scorcese’s “The Departed”, itself based on the Hong Kong movie “Infernal Affairs”. The acting and dialogue aside, I think the basic premise makes for a decent summertime cop show. I would expect plot twists galore and tons of ‘near misses’. Given the offerings during the summer season, I would expect the show to last at least two seasons.

  35. R says:

    Why they have to speak half spanish? It’s an american show so speak english por favor!!!

  36. Farah says:

    Show has potential but I cannot understand Rza’s character to save my life and knowing Fox they will cancel this one too…they always cancel the good ones

  37. Dave Stevens says:

    How sad that TV has become such a cesspool of degenerative waste. It wasn’t bad enough that we were subjected to the likes of Honey Boo Boo (albeit another network), but now the great tradition of the TV cop show is being degraded with a new series glorifying a crooked cop with…..issues of morality? Give us a break! He’s just as much a criminal as the drug-dealing, murdering family he holds above the law…maybe even more so because he’s lying to the people he’s paid to “protect and serve.”

  38. diamond kirkpatrick says:

    i love this show it is personally one of my favorites

  39. elze says:

    What kind of motorcycle does Ryan drive on the show

  40. Dee3 says:

    The bike Ryan is riding I believe it’s a Ducati street fighter 848

  41. Howard says:

    When did this series begin, is 2014 the 1st year

  42. Ruby Williams says:

    I love gang related I wish it didn’t have to end.

  43. ellen says:

    Gonna miss this show. …anyone know when it comes back??

    • Danny Las Vegas says:

      Canceled. Bastards. I loved that show. I can’t understand why it didn’t get good ratings. Maybe they shouldn’t have premiered it in the summer, when ratings are lower to begin with. And it’s a show that’s hard to just start watching in the middle of the season. If u don’t know the characters and what’s going on, it would be uninteresting.

      So, FOX… Start your good shows in the fall and they’ll get better reviews!

  44. carmen says:

    Omg this show is crazy love it..

  45. Danny Las Vegas says:

    Can’t believe Fox has once again canceled one of my favourite shows. Gang Related was original, exciting and clever. I really looked forward to watching it every week. It’s like they cancel the good shows and keep the garbage. Really makes me angry. Thanks a lot Fox.

  46. Smita says:

    Well, most of the people here said- same old, corrupt cops playing double game. Strike teams hitting the street gangs and threatening their CI’s for some street intel. Sometimes I feel like watching something like that, however Gang Related hasn’t got me interested yet. I am just on Episode 03, but I like the hotties. The female cop (Inbar Lavi) makes me wanna lick her baad, and I like the qute chick from One Tree hill- Shantel VanSanten

  47. Lenette says:

    Why was this show taken off the air, it was great and just when it was getting better than they took it off.WTF Fox!

  48. ricardo says:

    The show is great want more there has to be a 2nd season

  49. Julia says:

    Just watched series on android box (watching in England). This was sooo good. Why were no more series made. There’s so much rubbish out there that a good one seems to get overlooked.