Chicago P.D. Finale Recap: The Killer Truth

Chicago PD Season 1 RecapOn Wednesday’s season finale of Chicago P.D., Lindsay’s past is revealed, one member of the forcedoesn’t make it out alive, and two others get real close.

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Let’s rewind to the beginning and the blackmail: Charlie wants his payday or he’ll spill the beans about what happened with Lindsay and Annie back in the day. It must be really bad, because Lindsay takes his list of demands and asks Jin for a favor, off the books: She needs the records for the City Planning and Zoning Commission.

When Adam and Jay come across Charlie in their investigation, his plan starts to become clear. He intends to use explosives to rob a jewelry mart. Lindsay asks Jay to stall, which leads him to wonder what this guy has on her.

“It’s bad,” is all she says.

“What’s Voight always say? Tell him the truth so he can lie for you,” Jay replies.

But that’s not an option this time. If the truth comes out, she’s done, explains Lindsay. But after they arrest him, Charlie offers up information about an old murder, including who killed the guy and who helped hide his body. So Lindsay finally opens up to Voight about her troubled past with the criminal. She was 16 and in love; he was 25. (Girl, you can do so much better!) He got her hooked on dope, but he also kept the heat working and put food on the table when her dad was locked up and her mom stopped coming home.

Her best friend Annie also was involved with Charlie — this just turned a little One Tree Hill, didn’t it? — and she got pulled into some stuff that was even worse. Hence, the dead guy, who it seems was abusive to Annie, causing her to snap.

Lindsay tells Charlie that if he comes clean about what happened, she’s going to take the blame for Annie so her friend and her son can stay together. She convinces him instead to make a deal, go to jail for a short period and clean up his act so he can be a real father.

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Elsewhere in the episode:

Chicago PD Season 1 Recap* After discovering that Jin is spying on him for Internal Affair, Voight confronts him. He’s just trying to protect his father, Jin pleads, but maybe he should have been looking out for himself. At the end of hour, after doing something on the computer – for IA? for Voight? –  and warning his dad to get out of Chicago, he winds up dead on the street with Stillwell and Voight looking over his body. So, which side do you think had Jin offed?

* Kim gets saddled with a partner who likes to nap on the job. Her evening goes much better than her day when Adam shows up at her place to apologize for her career setback. But that’s not the only reason he came by. “I like you,” he says. “I know you know that. And I miss you.” And with that, the two get hot and heavy.

* Antonio’s wife is not thrilled that he’s gone back to work, so much so that he returns home to an empty house and a letter. Looks like someone’s packed up and taken the kids elsewhere.

* Severide is nowhere to be found, and I have to admit, I think the episode could have used him, especially considering everything that was going on with Lindsay.

Chicago P.D. fans, what did you think of the season ender? Was Lindsay’s past as dark as you imagined? Are you going to miss Jin? And are you as into Kim and Adam as I am? Hit the comments with your thoughts and grade the episode below!

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  1. Dani says:

    So they killed Jin off. I don’t want to play the diversity card but since I like Jin, what the heck. Couldn’t they have killed Ruzek instead? He is basically a less attractive and whiny version of Halstead. Ruzek doesn’t add much to the squad, while Jin was a tech expert. Sigh.

    • W says:

      True….so true indeed!

    • EJ386 says:

      But Jin was the one being blackmailed by the creepy IA guy, storywise a better choice. I agree though I liked his character. I just think that diversity over story should never be the choice…

    • Hmm says:

      I have to disagree a hundred times over. I really love Ruzek and think he brings a lot to the team. His interaction with Alvin is great, and I see that mentor/mentee relationship to be really important. Plus I really liked the Jay/Ruzek partnering situation, except for when Ruzek overstepped and got in Jay’s face about the Lindsay thing. Didn’t like that; Jay is more “seasoned” than he is. And to be frank, I don’t think Jin being Asian had anything to do with why he got killed off and it’s silly to suggest. I liked his character a lot, love the actor, and am sad to see him go, but I’m just glad they USED him; he had no story before this IA thing. And this will certainly make for a juicy second season trajectory.

  2. Amanda says:

    Yes I’m into Kim and Adam as much as you are. Love them! Great episode. Sophia Bush did an excellent job in the scene with Voight in his office. Sad to see Jin killed off though.

  3. Nunaya_Bidness says:

    Severide’s life is hanging in the balance of a burning building, so I think he is either a little dead or a lot busy.

    • Dani says:

      Probably the same can be said with Gabriela. They frequently cameo people from Chicago Fire, but Gabby rarely visits P.D. even when Antonio is in constant trouble.

      • Ange says:

        Actually outside of this last incident she has been there or was there when Antonio’s son was kidnapped so she does cross over when necessary.

    • Vlada Gelman says:

      Good point. But if that’s the case, Lindsay doesn’t seem very concerned about him. Timeline issues strike again!

      • Alexandra says:

        This! If you’re going to have two shows that crossover as much as these two do, then they should be on the same schedule and there should be timeline continuity. Since neither Dawson nor LIndsay seem concerned about their family/friends, I’m assuming all of these events are taking place before the Chicago Fire finale. In which case, both Gabby and Severide should have made appearances.

        • Kim says:

          While I generally agree with this statement. You have to remember that Chicago PD started mid season so it’s expected that at some point the timeline was going to be disjointed. It’s also a safe bet that next season all the story lines will match up since they are both picked up to start in the fall.

  4. Ashley says:

    Was hoping if anyone ended up dead, it’d be Lindsay. I don’t get the appeal of Sophia Bush. Her acting leaves much to be desired.

    • Dana says:

      Ahh, finally someone who thinks like me. Totally agree. Also, stop with the damn crossovers. It was fun at first but they don t need to do it every time. I m glad Kelli wasn t in this episode (seeing how CF ended that wasn t a possibility) and I hope to see less of these crossovers. Both shows have their own personality the constant cross is not nedeed.

    • Dean says:

      Yeah like you can do any better.

    • Beth says:

      Um you should look up everything she does for charity and how giving she is. I can’t picture anyone else playing Lindsay so I am going out on a limb and say you and the person who agreed with you are in the small minority of people who don’t like Sophia Bush.

      • I’d heard of her but never watched OTH so this is my first exposure to her work. I think she does a great job with this character. Erin Lindsay is a complicated person. Lots of layers but at the center is a good heart. And she’s fiercely loyal to those she loves while at the same time being very independent because of the way she grew up. She has a hard time trusting and holds her cards close to her chest. I feel that Sophia Bush does a really good job of conveying all of those parts of the character and I for one look forward to seeing the character development.

        • TayMads says:

          What you just described is the same character she played on One Tree Hill only a cop. I don’t dislike Sophia Bush but I would like to see her play a different character. She always seems to play the really pretty girl with parents who weren’t there for her. I mean the back story is a little different but she plays this character just like she played Brooke Davis only she is a cop and her name is Erin Lindsay. She does a good job but I feel like she plays the same type of role over and over. Which isn’t bad. I just want to see something different from her. Maybe it will happen in season 2.

        • Mari says:

          I agree with everything you just wrote…..

      • Danna says:

        I personally, wasn’t commenting oh her personality but on her acting talent, one has nothing to do with the other. I saw Sophia in interviews she is a sweet, funny, smart person but that doesn’t make her a good actress. Also, I know full well how many fans she has that’s why I was surprised to see someone who agreed with me. I don’t think she has more than one facial expression, she is almost the same in every scene. It is true we’re only in season 1 so I hope we’ll see her character develop more in so 2.

        • trueminx says:

          I agree, kind of. At first I really saw zero dimension to her acting but over the past few episodes, I’m starting to see that maybe she is better at acting than I thought and her “cherry” personality is not the only card she can sell. The finale showed her best acting because more of her story came out, so maybe her acting was to “act” sunny at first because she had a lot to hide, making her a better actor than I originally thought. Still not sold though… depends on the depth the writers ask her to play out.

    • Rob says:

      I couldn’t agree more… Lindsay needs to go and her pretty boy sidekick also. Neither one of them are believable as tough Chicago cops. Time to write them both off!

    • TV Gord says:

      I never watched One Tree Hill and I admit I had a bit of a bias of her because I didn’t think much of that show, but she has impressed me. I think she’s a good actress. She has me sold, anyway.

  5. mary says:

    Love the show

  6. CC says:

    Kim and Adam are what made me keep watching – otherwise it could have been any other cop show that I could watch occasionally. I’m pissed about her career setback but psyched they hooked up.

  7. leigh says:

    It was a good episode. Lots of loose ends to tie up next season. Glad it got renewed.

  8. sandra says:

    Watched seldom, but caught full episode tonight. Seemed disjointed, but I simply adore Voight as well as his husky voice. This beats the reality shows hands down.

  9. Beth says:

    Erin finally let Jay drive!!! All jokes aside great set up for season 2. Voight will probably figure out who killed Jin and it will be the IA guy trying to pin it on him. I can’t believe they made Kim and Adam happen and we didn’t even get to see the morning after !?! I love PD and Fire and cannot wait for them to return.

  10. bj says:

    I’m not happy that they killed off Jin. I liked him. I don’t think it’s Voight you killed him; he could have done that earlier. Maybe Jin wiped the computer for Voight and that’s why he told his father to get out of town. He was no longer able to protect him. And maybe that’s why Stilwell killed him.

  11. hs says:

    Yeah, I’m totally as in to Kim and Adam as you are.
    I may or may not have made high-pitched screeching noises when that scene happened.
    …okay, I totally did.

  12. Sarah says:

    Really? Marital trouble for Dawson? They just had to go there. Never mind that he’s been a cop for years, he gets injured on the job and what, we should believe his wife wanted him to quit or else? Seems like a silly waste of a storyline. Also, stop trying to make Burgess and Ruzek happen. No. Chemistry. Whatsoever. It’s also possible neither of them are very good actors. Don’t get me wrong there are things I like about PD but when it comes to the supporting characters I think the supporting cast on Fire is much more dynamic (Herman, Mouch, Otis, Cruz etc)

    • trueminx says:

      Agreed, the bigger problem than Burgess and Ruzek’s characters are the people playing them. Not remotely good actors, but this post won’t be approved because like one other (which followed the guidelines) simply disagrees with the author’s gushing opinions.

  13. chelsea says:

    One, everybody who thinks that Lindsay should be gone is crazy. She’s a part of Voight and Voight is intelligence. Also, she’s amazing. Two, Burgess and Ruzek made my heart smile, but I thought it happened a little too easily with Wendy saying she was done. I know something else is bound to happen, but I was super stoked about that scene nonetheless. Three, PD made an uh-oh when they had Brian from Fire on last week’s episode when he’s supposed to be maybe dead. I’m also gung-ho for Lindsay and Severide! Four, I was thinking that maybe Voight offed Jin to teach Stillwell a lesson of who is really in charge, but bj’s comment made me think that maybe Stillwell had him offed and Jin was trying to help Voight and his dad hence the leave town. PLUS, it kind of makes it seem like he knew that something might happen to him if he had to leave town, too. If that’s the case, Stillwell has another thing coming. I don’t understand why all these people come in underestimating Voight. He can be your best friend or he can be your absolute worst nightmare. I would choose best friend. I can look past him trying to kill Casey in Fire even though it broke my heart because I love Jason Beghe/Voight. Stillwell is smug and I hate him, so I hope Voight gives him what he deserves. Also, apologies for the novel I just typed.

    • Braddock says:

      she’s one of the few characters who knows of Voight’s soft side especially given the initial viewer reaction of Voight from Chicago Fire last year.

  14. prish says:

    It would have been more fun to have Voight and Jin interact, through the years, after the reveal.

  15. Kim says:

    I loved the whole episode, especially that Voight/Lindsay scene where she tells him what happened.
    With that said, I am so happy Olinsky wasn’t the one who was killed off.

  16. Yoki says:

    Do we forget Antonio was shot like four times on CF? Never mind the fact his son was kidnapped and he was shot AGAIN! Yeah, it’s time for desk job…

  17. forwarddad says:

    Liked the ep. Love the show. Voit will be very angry about Jin. Not liking burgess and Adam. She’ll never move up; maybe that’s the reason.

  18. Tran says:

    I’m disappointed Archie Kao’s character got killed off in the season finale. Does this mean the actor is coming back to CSI?

  19. Vlada, I absolutely agree with you regarding Severide. Because of PD starting at mid-season, the timeline with Fire with the exception of a few episodes is not the same so I think we could’ve seen Severide in this despite the fact when we last saw him on the Fire Finale, everyone but Boden was inside the building.

    That’s just my opinion.

    It was a very good episode and does set up a lot for Season 2.

    • Beth says:

      I am thinking now that they will have the same amount of episodes and starting around the same time the crossovers will set PD and Fire around the same time. I happen to believe the only way they accomplish this is if they show several weeks/months after the explosion and explain through flashbacks on Fire and do the same with PD and Jins shooting or leave the case open but do a couple week time difference. Either way the romance between Lindsay and Severide is going to have to end because they are on different shows.

  20. Maryann says:

    We didn’t see Severeide because ot would have been too confusing for the audience after that incredible, explosive cliffhanger on Chicago Fire.

  21. Mari says:

    I wish this finale was a week before Chicago Fires…. Then they could have been finale crossovers on both ends…. Oh well…. hopefully they learn for next year!!

  22. Man, three NBC shows I’ve been watching the past 8 months killed off their main Asian character. Obviously no way in hell this was coordinate but unfortunate coincidence. Pity, I quite liked Jin.

  23. Diz says:

    I love the show, but this whole Charlie thing is the weakest thing they’ve done by far. The whole team rides the line of good & bad every week so why would any of them care about what happened when she was 16.

  24. lisa says:

    I like both shows,CPD a little more. I was thrillled Adam & Burgess hooked up but I thought she gave in too quickly. Does she even know he is not engaged? She should have made him work a little harder for it! I like the characters and most of the story lines. Can’t wait to see where it picks up. And I lthink Voight needs a love interest… think Sumner should come back as it, esoecially as he now knows she was not the rat. That would stick it to that internal affairs jerk!

  25. shadester says:

    I love Ruzek! loving him w/ Burgessm! I think the IA guy had him killed not Voight. Hes on CSI anyway that could have played a part in him getting killed. I like all the major characters so Im glad they are still on the show. I was suprised too how much i like sophia bush on here. I remember her on OTH. I liked her on there but thought of her as the pretty girl. I thought the ending with her story was a little anticlimatic though. It seemed like there should have been more too it. it was resolved a little too easy.

  26. jaelyn96 says:

    The season finale was amazing. That was what was so great about it, Severide was not mentioned or seen in the last three episodes. She didn’t need him, she had Halstead and Voight. Halstead knows her better, Severide does not know anything about her past. Jay and Erin needed to bond as partners and after all the Jay/Erin fans went through from ep 8-12. This episode was great, they bonded as partners, they know that they have each other backs. And their famous line from ep 1. that’s why you have backup. That last scene, them looking at each other. I’m glad the last 3 eps were just the CPD cast. Sad Jin died. Glad Nadia is back. Antonio,felt bad for him. Jay finally drove.

  27. Christina Downs says:

    The episode would’ve, in my opinion, been better if Severide was in it but taking the air dates into account he could be dead or seriously injured

  28. Samantha says:

    I really enjoyed the episode and the season in general. I am super bummed that Jin was killed off as I really liked his character, but it made for a surprising (albeit disappointing) ending. I know I was expecting that. So far…I’m enjoying all of the characters in this show. I was even starting to warm up to the other girl who got the boot from Voight. I am really loving Adam and Kim, too. As soon as they first interracted, I was wanting more from them and am exciting to see where this goes. Jay and Lindsey…I hope we don’t get them for a while to be honest. I like their chemistry and would eventually like to see them get together or hook up or whatever, but not in the near future. I feel like they were “forced” at us (aka me) in the very beginning, and anything from them romantically right now would feel too predictable and expected.

    I have no problems with Sophia Bush. I was an AVID watcher of One Tree Hill, and while Brooke wasn’t my favorite character, I can’t deny that Sophia is a talented actress. And I am really loving Erin Lindsey on Chicago PD at the moment, and I think Sophia is playing her very well. At least, in my opinion. I think some people need to remember that – it’s an opinion if someone doesn’t care for an actor’s work. Someone has every right to voice whether or not they like Sophia’s (or anyone else’s) acting. I haven’t read through all the comments (just this page), and I feel like some people have been kind of unfair to the person who said they simply didn’t get the appeal to Sophia Bush and her acting. This person didn’t go on a rampage on what a horrible person Sophia is or anything like that so I think it’s only fair that we try to respect each other’s opinions.

  29. Ginger says:

    I love the show especially when they cross with Chicago Fire. I was unhappy to see Jin leave. Liked him on CSI also maybe he will go back or maybe his death was faked in CPD.