Fall TV Preview

The Originals Stars Tease Esther's Revenge, 'Uneasy' New Alliances and More in Season 2

The Originals Season 2 Spoilers“Revenge” is on the menu when The Originals returns this fall, and this being the first Tuesday without a new episode of the CW drama, TVLine is here to ease your withdrawal with a little Season 2 scoop.

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We recently spoke with the show’s stars — Joseph MorganDaniel GilliesPhoebe Tonkin and Charles Michael Davis — for a preview of the first three episodes of The Originals‘ sophomore season, which are already in production.

HAYLEY’S HELPERS | Now that Klaus’ baby mama is a full-on hybrid, she’s going to need someone to show her the ropes, but which of the Big Easy’s fanged fellas will step up to the plate? “We’re actually waiting to make that discovery,” Morgan says, though his co-stars have a few ideas. “I think we’ll all put our names into a bowl,” Davis says, to which Gillies adds, “I think Hayley has a trained hamster that draws the names for us.” (Honestly, stranger things have happened on this show.)

GONE BABY GONE | Though the finale ended with Klaus and Hayley sending baby Hope off to live with Rebekah, Tonkin says the hybrids’ daughter won’t soon be forgotten. “The baby is not the elephant in the room,” Tonkin explains. “We definitely talk about her in the first three episodes. We don’t just pretend she never happened.” And before you assume Morgan and the rest of the cast is relieved to not have to work with an infant, the guys insist they’re all baby lovers.

BAND OF BROTHERS | Unlike Season 1, which found everyone at each other’s throats, Season 2 will begin with relative harmony between the men of New Orleans. “That finale was basically an apocalypse, but I suppose we’re a little more bonded than we’ve ever been,” Gillies says. Adds Morgan, “It might be a bit uneasy, but there’s an alliance. Certainly, by the end, we all developed a common goal.”

PARENTAL CONTROL | And the boys will likely find themselves teaming up again to stop Mikael and Esther from wiping out the rest of their family. “They’re not very happy with us,” Morgan says of Klaus and Elijah’s parents. “We’re responsible for killing both of them, so I imagine they’ll be seeking revenge.”

Any thoughts on the cast’s Season 2 teases? Drop a comment with your hopes and fears below.

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  1. Charlie says:

    I’m more worried about the show moving to Monday…. So with that I’ll wait for a season 3.

    • bigguy3080 says:

      Mondays can’t be bad forever. It has to break sometime. A lot thought this season wasn’t that good, but the 2nd half was phenomonal. But I do have to ask. If season 2 is going to bomb because it is moving to Mondays, why would they bother with a season 3?

  2. ninamags says:

    I love this show and think it is loads better than TVD.

    Can’t wait for season 2. I can watch it live and DVR whatever else might be on.

    • TracyWx says:

      It’s only “loads better” at end of season 1 when everything is new and fresh. Vamp Diaries was a juggernaut for 4 seasons til this season when they lost the “originals”.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Are you serious? The first three seasons were good, but when elena died so did the show. After she became a vampire the show went downhill. I had to force myself to watch the last two seasons. They should change the name into the elena diaries.

  3. meah says:

    When is kol returning!he’s so fun and free spirited.he’s one of those people who will be interesting to watch,why has julie not brought him back yet?
    Plus we need a strong female character that matches bekkah.am not one of those people who hate phoebe and call her all the terrible names in the world,but I feel she alone can’t carry the show as the female lead
    Marcel is everything I hope he continues to slay next season

    • TracyWx says:

      Rebekah will return soon enough. I though the Kol dude scored as a cast member in an upcoming pilot.

    • tp says:

      I think I read somewhere Kol got sucked into oblivion when the “other side” went away. If so Kol isn’t coming back.

      • lukaas says:

        if they said that damon will come back to TVD then i am pretty sure he will too. This is the reason why i dislike these shows, they keep recycling the same characters.

  4. Danielle H. says:

    So instead of just the constant Marcel/Klaus drama, s2 will be everyone vs the Original Parents. Ok … I can dig that. The show isn’t bad, but the same storyline over and over In s1 really got to me.

  5. Cas says:

    I like when Marcel and Klaus are friends. I found those episodes were my favorite.

  6. Liza says:

    I also like Marcel and Klaus as friends. I wish that Esther and Finn would be in the bodies they were in TVD though. Going to be strange with different actors.

    • joao says:

      I think they’ll find a way to make this happen, they always do lol…but yeah, I also wish for the original actors to return

  7. Ally Oop says:

    I’m not really excited by the return of the parents, especially not with different actors, but I would like Kol to return. I think we need a balance between Klaus and Elijah, which is what Rebekah contributed to the show. And I agree with what a poster above said in regards to female characters. Hayley is my favourite character, but if Rebekah is not returning full time, we need another female character on the show. Maybe Davina will be a more major character next season but Camille just doesn’t fit in with the show. What The Originals needs is a new female love interest for either Elijah or Klaus and I am not talking about Caroline–please no. Since the finale, I’ve actually joined Team Klayley and I would like Elijah to find a different love interest. Here would be my character description–“Julia is an old vampire, almost as old as The Originals. Sired by Finn in the 11th century, she was the reason Finn got daggered way back then in the first place. Originally a witch, Julia studied her craft under Ester. Prior to The Originals’ transformation, Julia has been engaged to Elijah but after the transformation, things between them changed. When Elijah left her for Tatia, Julia and Finn became close. When Finn began a war against his brothers, he entreatied Julia to create a spell that would incapacitate his brothers. It was Julia who created the daggers to incapacitate The Originals but the spell backfired when one failed to work on Klaus because of his hybrid status. Instead, Klaus put the dagger meant for him into Finn and killed Julia. However, Elijah saved her and she became a vampire. She escaped and never set sites on The Originals again until she arrives in New Orleans.”

  8. sarah says:

    I am looking forward to season 2. I am worried that moving it to Mondays will be bad though.

  9. Advice says:

    ”0ver the course of my long life, I’ve come to believe that we are bound forever to those whom we share blood. And while we may not choose our family, that bond can be our greatest strength or our deepest regret. This unfortunate truth has haunted me as long as I can recall”–Elijah…. Best quote for the 1st Episode!!! Waitin for Season 2

  10. Mikael says:

    Why do so many people like Kol? Aside from being attractive, that is. Unlike, Klaus and Damon, Kol is just a straight up d-bag with no redeemable qualities. I guess if they can make him less one-dimensional it would make sense to bring him back. I’m glad that Season 2 isn’t going to be more Marcel vs. Klaus. I was over that way before the season ended.

  11. B says:

    This show is A+mazing!

  12. Robert Wood says:

    For sometime there has been one story plot that has really haunted and annoyed me in regards to the character of Mikael. Based on flash backs and through Klaus we know that Mikael has always hated Klaus and only a partial reason was given to viewers as to why, as Mikael stated that Klaus is an abomination and beast. However that dose not really answer the question why Mikael was always abusive to Klaus. According to flashbacks Mikael did not know that Klaus was not his real son until they were Vampires and Klaus changing to hybrid before his eyes, prior to that it was always perceived by Mikael that Klaus was his son. Yet we see many flashback of Mikael very abusive to Klaus even when Klaus was just a child and yet Mikael was never abusive to the other siblings, so the big question is why and apparently Mikael’s hatred of Klaus must go much deeper then what the viewers knows already. There must be a root cause to Mikael being such a monster to Klaus and ONLY Klaus from child to adult way before they became Vampires and way before Mikael found out that Klaus was not his son. This is something that I am sure others like myself would like to know . Hopefully this is something that can be written in the storyline in Season 2 now that Mikael is back and even possibly Esther as well. It would be nice to actually see a softer moment between Klaus and Mikael where Mikael actually takes some responsibility for his abuse and for having a hand in making Klaus the way he is, it seems that Mikael is more of the Monster then Klaus ever was.

    • Chrissy says:

      You have to watch The Vampire Diaries to understand Mikael’s hatred towards Klaus.

      • Adruska says:

        Yes yo do need to watch the vampire dairies in order to understand some of the questions you’re stucked with. I do understand the hatred mikael has towards klaus in the vampire dairies there was an entire episode of how terrible klaus was so I actually did was standing behind mikael since klaus was really terrible in 2th and 3th season of the vampire dairies.

        • cece says:

          Why did Mikael hate Klaus when he was a little boy? TVD only said they did not get on.Klaus was 8-10 when Mikael was kicking him.

    • Kieran liautaud says:

      Well klaus was also not his son his mom had affairs with another guy

  13. Leigh says:

    LOVE KLAUS ! Really like the originals with Klaus, Elijah ,Rebekah and the new crew. Can’t wait to see the baby.

  14. Elly says:

    I really cant wait to see how Klaus baby would look like I mean her strength and capabilities…more to that I think Michael and Esther will up for a hard revenging task as Elijah,Klaus and the new hybrid form a team…but then I wonder what will marcellous do?? If he still wants to be yhe king of New Orleans,he might team up with Michael and Esther to destroy Klaus,Elijah and Rebecca and that will make it very interesting…

  15. Escarlata says:

    Please, More klayley for season 2

  16. Grant Albert says:

    Am in love wiff both vampires Diaries nd The originals

  17. Benza says:

    Will fin be back in season 2

  18. Vanessa says:

    Aren’t we all baby lovers,hahha.Can’t wait to see my favourite vamps and oh hybrids on the screen again.It would be fun and nice if kol joined the show.

  19. dero says:

    its fun but its delaying here in Uganda

  20. dero says:

    please don’t stop we enjoy it

  21. i can’t say but i can’t just wait to see how the season 2 begins

  22. dOelz says:

    The originals is great from start till the end. monday tuesday etc I don’t care, neither do 100% fans so season 2 just bring it ( YEAH:) )

  23. Chantall says:

    I would love to see more of the baby in season2 it would be intresting to see the originals handle a dirty diaper and a screaming baby that would be nice to see…i saw in the last two episodes that klaus was kinda nice to hayley could there be some kindve a connection besides baby hope

  24. Pamèla says:

    Who will act Hope?

  25. Mjudah says:

    I like dis movie

  26. sibusiso says:

    Just finished season 1. Wow am out of words to describe how the writer keep me glued and captivated each and every second of it. I am longing for season 2. More curious on what klaus daughter will bring.

  27. Disha chudasama says:

    The Originals is far more better than the vampire diaries..

  28. Shellah Milly says:

    I love you buddies and not forgeting the production house. Love u NIKLAUSE

  29. Shellah Milly says:


  30. Patrick Maxmillion says:

    l like it

  31. matt adamz says:

    Góod work, keep it up.

  32. Patrick says:

    We also need the other brothers for the original family drama

  33. phumlani griffits says:

    will they show us flash backs maybe will get to see klaus real werewolfe father…

  34. phumlani griffits says:

    finn is practicing magic..??? On season2

  35. Karen says:

    We in the South cannot wait for Ingrid. This is going to be the best season yet!!

  36. Amora says:

    It doesn’t matter to me wat day or time The Originals air i’m gone watch it anyway and as for The Vampire Diaries Elena becoming a vampire is not the end of the world it makes her more mature. I hope they don’t change a thing about these two shows..

  37. Abiola says:

    This aspect of the movie is quite intresting. Am really eager to watch the rest of the originals season 2. Not just the first episode

  38. AA5 says:

    The Originals – is not as good as I had hoped ,to much voodoo –
    Get back to vampires – stay focused – take the originals and move them to mystic falls –
    They work well with – the vamps there way more acting chemistry ,
    The storylines where way better too.
    There’s a certain blond in mystic falls that is a epic love story waiting to happen for Klaus , and Elijah – Elena – Damon -Stephan
    All have super Chemistry –
    The New Orleans /witches/ voodoo over kill – yuck storyline
    For me and others , we are teetering on dumping a show , that has lots of our favorite characters .
    That’s a shame – come on writers
    It’s a vampire show-your loosing focus-
    Epic love stories are a must – get busy ………
    The werewolves are just ok-
    Take this show back to mystic falls
    And make both shows intertwined a two hour each week
    Call it the Original Vampire diaries —– seperating the two casts justs sucks so bad –
    That’s what I’m seeing –
    And I’ve watched the series many times.
    Endless possibilitys leave New Orleans -Boring

    • biola says:

      I belive that the storyline is okay. But you guys should try to involve more casts from vamp diaries. Since the premier only tyler was involve in only one scene.