Supernatural Finale Recap: The Dark Side

Supernatural Season 9 RecapDuring Tuesday’s season finale of The CW’s Supernatural, Dean wasn’t hungry enough to eat his cheeseburger, so you knew something was really wrong.

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And it only got worse when during a bloody confrontation with Metatron, the wannabe God killed Dean. But wait! It gets even worse: Dean came back to life as a demon!

But first, let’s rewind to the beginning of the episode, when Sam and Castiel lock up Dean while they figure out how to deal with his rage. Almost immediately, Dean starts coughing up blood. Crowley explains that the First Blade “high” and the need to kill come with consequences. “The more you kill, the better you feel,” he tells Dean. But if he doesn’t kill, he feels less better. As in dead.

Even though Dean is unpredictable, Gadreel convinces Sam and Cas that he’s their best chance of defeating Metatron, who’s harnessed the power of the angel tablet in his quest to be God. Now he’s gone down to Earth dressed as a pathetic human. After a kid films him healing a woman struck by a car, his miracle goes viral and soon the masses all know of “Marv” the messiah.

“I’m going to take my shot,” Dean vows to his brother. “For better or worse. No matter the consequences.”

“We’re going to do it together,” Sam adds – before Dean knocks him out. This is his fight.

Perhaps he should have accepted the backup, because things do not go according to plan with “Bernie Madoff with wings” (nickname courtesy of Dean Winchester). Metatron beats Dean to a bloody pulp and then stabs him in the chest! At this point, I shouldn’t be shocked since Sam or Dean dying in the finale is tradition, but whoa.

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“It’s better this way. The mark is making me into something I don’t want to be,” a barely conscious Dean tells his brother. Then he adds, “I’m proud of us.” Sniff.

As is “so expected” (Crowley’s words), Sam starts summoning the King of Hell so he can make a deal to bring back his brother. But Crowley is elsewhere, sitting beside Dean’s lifeless body, talking about how Cain also accepted death rather that become a killer — though rumor has it The Mark never quite let go. Now Crowley knows there’s a “new kind of life” flowing through Dean.

“See what I see, feel what I feel,” he urges him as Dean’s eyes fly open, completely black. (“Chilling” was definitely the right word, Misha Collins.)

Meanwhile, up in Heaven, Gadreel kills himself, allowing Castiel to escape Heaven’s jail and destroy the angel tablet. More importantly, Cas secretly broadcasts Metatron’s spiel to the entire angel flock, exposing the smug bastard.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the cliffhanger? Are you excited to see Dean as a demon or are you hoping Sammy finds a way to save him ASAP? How did Sam and Dean’s millionth, tearful farewell rank? And how do you think Cas is going to get his angel juice back? Hit the comments with your thoughts and grade the episode below!

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  1. alistaircrane says:

    Can we finally just be done with the angels now? I hated this season because they hijacked the show. Let’s get back to basics and focus on Sam and Dean on the road hunting monsters!

    • Ginny Johnson says:


      • Cjlud says:

        I think God has to make an appearance. My prediction for next season is that Sam will cure Dean, as he almost did to Crowley, completing the trials and sealing the gates of hell.

        • Fred says:

          OMG, I totally just said that. God gave Cain the Mark and maybe Chuck/God will appear and remove it from Dean around the mid season break and stop Sam from sacrificing himself to save Dean or something like that. I just don’t want to see Dean a Demon for too long, it will crush me.

          • scott says:

            God never gave the “Mark”. It was Lucifer. U really should watch the show.

          • Lakota says:

            So, what? You want the biggest twist in Supernatural history to just be brushed under the rug because “it will crush you”? Dean becoming a demon was the most unexpected thing the show has seen so far, and it needs to be used, not swept under the rug like it meant nothing.

            I personally believe Dean should, and will, embrace his new demonic being, he might even gain some powers that Cain has, “flicking”, for example. The red smiting ability that is unique to Cain, what will happen when the Son of Murder kills the Father of Murder?

            Perhaps something powerful, something unexpected, or perhaps, nothing at all. Maybe the writers will just sweep away the twist like you want, but I honestly hope they don’t. The show needs something new, something it hasn’t seen yet, and I don’t want Dean to be cured, I want him to embrace his power, strength, and whatever other perks this brings.

        • Maria Manuela Martinez says:

          I Will make an appearance when i want. And you carry these chains for me

        • Michael says:

          curing a demon isn’t just a trial it’s also a spell to make it a trial he has to recite a spell after he cures a demon to make it a trial if he doesn’t recite the trial spell it’s just a spell

    • Carter says:

      I 100% agree. Angels should of been one season tops. I’ve had a hard time enjoying this show since season 7. If my dad didn’t guilt trip me weekly to watch it with him I’d of stopped a long time ago. I’m glad others still enjoy it but I’m really starting to get Angel fatigue from this show. That and the Winchester bickering. I really hope he doesn’t read this website cause I try to act like it doesn’t bother me to watch it these days. It makes him happy.

    • Kate says:

      Double AMEN to that!

    • Staci says:

      100% agree the angels are completely played out never been a fan of them from the first time they made an appearance. It’s time to bring the focus away from them and back to Sam and Dean.

    • Elizabeth Hooper says:

      Yeah, the angle plot has been killed, buried and brought back to like (like almost everyone on the show) Let’s get back to the basics.

    • Arthur says:

      I couldn’t disagree more, actually – I love the angel plot, I find it really compelling, and any successful show that wants to continue will evolve and grow. If we had stuck with a monster-of-the-week format, it wouldn’t be approaching the 10th season. I’m guessing the angel stuff will be wrapped up in the first half of next season, with Cas choosing to live a mortal life – that’s been hinted at for seasons and I can’t wait.

      • Maddie says:

        Huh? Cas said tonight that he wants to be an angel. And I think he was being 100% honest in that sentiment.

        Cas is angel – it’s not just a character trait, it is who is he & what he is meant to be. And he is good at it.

        I would hate for Cas to become human..again.

        • Annika says:

          Cas, as Josiha said, isn’t an angel at his core. He doesn’t think like his brothers, he feels. Like Metatron said, he is in love with dean. But now dean is dead, he saw the blade that killed him, and probably is best for him to stay with his family.
          He doesn’t seem particularly sorry for his own imminent death.

          • molly says:

            Metatron said Cas is in love with humanity, not with Dean.

          • daryl425 says:

            Please Molly, rewatch the last two episodes. You definitely missed a little something.
            Every time Metatron used the world “humanity” with Gadreel, he was referring to Dean. He dropped the act with Cas, and he had to say him that Dean was dead just to hurt him. And since Metatron is clearly the “avatar”of the spn writers, they couldn’t be more clear than that.

      • Agreed, I love the angels and I adore Castiel

      • Rainbow says:

        I agree with you Arther.. I do love an angel plot and seeing Cas around. SUPER DUPER LIKED! I can’t wait either!!

      • Jeff says:

        you’re absolutely right iF was a stuck with the monster show thing it would have ended along time ago! And as for Castiel and the other angels He will make a decision and the order will be restored. About Dean not to sure?

      • Divaks says:

        Dude the angel plot is overkilling it. It looks completely fake and full of assumptions. why the hell would fearsome supernatural forces join ranks with humans or bla bla bla. This show is making a fool out of angels and god. They’re taking too much for granted. This angel and god thing. pfft cmon. really? Unrealistic. Even more unrealistic than the monsters and ghosts

        • LucianJaceDimitr says:

          A lot of people watch the show for the story. That includes all the suspense and the plot twists. I agree there are moments when the Angel plot is a little overkill, but it adds to suspense and intrigues viewers. Your comment about how the show is “making a fool out of angels and god’ and how “unrealistic” the show is, is quite redundant. For one, it’s a tv show so nobody who watches it cares if it makes a fool of angels and/or god. For two, you can’t assume that angels or god in the show or even real life are actually pure of heart and aren’t evil or emotionless, especially when even in reality angels were created to be soldiers and therefore weren’t created to have free will or give a damn about anything but their father and self preservation. And finally, you make the comment about it being unrealistic when in the real world, not you or anyone else can say with 100% certainty that angels or god exist because faith or no faith, he has done nothing to help the people of this world and the only proof you or anyone else have of their existence is a book written centuries ago by corrupt religious leaders.

          • Ann says:


            We are all entitled to our own beliefs and our faith. This comment section is not for ridiculing God/Bible/Angels. You make up one person’s opinion on the subject of where your faith resides. Don’t try to bash anyone else’s. God bless you and yours.

    • Matt says:

      Hell no, I love the angels! Cas, Gabriel, and Balthazar have been some of my favorite characters over the years and they add a great dimension to things.

      • Carrie says:

        I don’t understand the complaints about the angel storylines. I find the angels very compelling, more so than the demons. I still haven’t gotten over the death of Balthazar. He was awesome. I wish they’d bring him back somehow.

    • Daisy says:

      WOW!!!! Awesome episode. Two AWESOME finales, Supernatural and my other favorite show Bones on fox. Both finales were awesome big cliffhangers too both show. Nice job. <3 :)
      Cass is my favorite character and he was awesome in this episode and in Bones Booth gets arrested. That was AWESOME!!!!!!!
      Cant wait for seasom 10!!

      • Matt says:

        I agree, I loved the episode – can’t wait to see what comes next for Sam, Dean, and Cas. And I agree, loved Cas tonight. His reaction when Metratron said that Dean was dead kind of crushed my soul – Misha knocked it out of the park in a very nuanced way. And Mark Sheppard KILLED IT in that last scene. Come on, season 10!

        • Mark Sheppard is amazing in everything he does, and he has such an incredible understanding of Crowley that I’m in awe when he’s on screen. Put him and Jensen in a scene together and it’s pure television magic.

          • reboot2099 says:

            And that’s why I think they should make Crowley a regular, especially with demon Dean! I am kinda tired of Crowley, sometimes he just seems to be there just because they like the actor.

            And you know what? He’s just so great that I want even more Crowley even though I am tired of some of the storylines that seems forced just to keep him around and not have the brothers kill him. lol

            And if he is buddy-buddy with Dean and showing him the ropes of demon-ness, that could be gold. He’d finally have a purpose that could not be filled by any generic big bad.

          • @reboot2099 – I couldn’t agree more. More Crowley is season 10!!

          • GhostWolf says:

            Agree about Mark Sheppard. Any role I’ve seen him in the last couple of years are always memorable (Leverage, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, etc and even Firefly). His Crowley just has the right enough snark and this season he seems to have added another layer to the character making him even more interesting with Dean and Moose (love that nickname). Bring on the Fab 4 (Sam, Dean, Cas & Crowley) and hopefully a more even season 10.

          • andreaj says:

            Just saw a movie from way back (an Enclish movie) that had Crowley ( a very young Crowley) as a demon- he was just as scary then as he is now- great actor- In fact all the guys on this series are 1st class- can hardly wait to see what the “demon” boys will do in season 10- who will win- Winchester team or Crowley??? hmmmm what an awesome finale

          • Carrie says:

            I totally agree. Dean and Crowley are gold. I wouldn’t mind at all if they made him a regular next season.

          • Jeff says:


        • Ella says:

          THIS. The heartbreak on his face was so tangible, I wanted to weep. Amazing performance. Also, Destiel is basically canon now. Castiel is “in love” with Dean, everything Castiel does IS FOR Dean.

          • Annika says:

            We can’t say if “destiel” is canon, since we still don’t know how Dean feels about Castiel…and now that Dean is a demon, he has bigger problems.
            But the fact that Castiel is in love with Dean is canon as Dean’s love for pie.

          • J.B. says:

            Never going to happen based on Jensen’s past reaction to the whole “Destiel” fandom. Do some Google searches. It’s cool that the show kind of, maybe tipped their hat to the fans when it comes to Cas but it will end there. And expect the “that’s not what we meant when we wrote that scene”, “Metatron was really suggesting that Cas is in love with humanity” comments.

          • Lisa London says:

            Didn’t Dean make some sort of slight derogatory comment about Castiel last week (“weird little dude” or something along those lines)? I remember thinking “Oh, Destiel fans are going to be mad”… Castiel loves Dean but he’s not ‘in love’ with him and Destiel is NOT canon, no matter how loud the fans shout about it.

          • Trully says:

            Destiel is not canon. Castiel is in love with humanity and that why he did what he did, not because he’s ‘in love’ with Dean.

          • J L says:

            Metatron said that Cas was in love with humanity, in the episode before the finale.

            BUT then he changed that in this episode, when he said that it WASN’T really about humanity, or heaven, was it? It was all about saving ONE MAN – Dean Winchester.

            Basically, Metatron DID say that Cas is in love with Dean. And he isn’t the first one to say so.

            Cas didn’t give up his army for “humanity”. If it was about “humanity” he would have killed Dean and kept his army’s loyalty, because he believed his army was humanity’s best chance against Metatron. No, as always, he gave up EVERYTHING – for DEAN.

            Destiel may not be canon on both sides, but Cas being in love with Dean is about as canon as it gets, at this point.

          • daryl425 says:

            Sure Trully.
            In fact, that time Cas said to Dean something like “I gave everything for you” or when he said to Naomi “I won’t hurt Dean”, or every time he dropped his angel war to answer to Dean’s calls, he meant “I do that for Humanity”.
            Silly me, I didn’t understand that!
            But I wonder why, if he loves humanity so much, now that Dean is dead he wants to be an angel again, and why he didn’t stab Dean to keep his army…his brothers were his best sghot against Metatron, after all.
            He is really a weird dorky little guy….
            Or maybe Dean’s full name is Dean H. Winchester.

          • AM68 says:

            I think CROWLEY is the one who is in love Dean. As evidenced by how this whole season he has maneuvered Dean to right where he wanted him. He knew all along what the Mark of Cain would do to him. Crowley himself has an obsession with the Winchesters- specifically Dean. Although I think he would go for Sam too especially after that episode this season when Sam kept catching Crowley staring at him. Too funny! No I don’t think Cas is “in love” with Dean. I think he loves Dean. There is a difference

    • How quickly we forget Season 7 and Dick Roman!

      • James says:

        I remember “fans” didn’t like Leviathans dominating much of Season 7 and were just “happy” to see angels in the show again for the next 2 seasons and now their complaining about them too?

        Ugh…People just can’t make up their minds.

        • AM68 says:

          I actually though the Leviathan season was pretty good because it gave the Winchesters a formidable foe which they haven’t really had since. But- I was glad when that season ended too.

      • alistaircrane says:

        I loved Season 7. Much, much better than this garbage.

    • Although I do love the road tripping aspect of the show, any show needs to grow and evolve. I actually liked the balance of stand alone monsters of the week with the overarching mythology episodes of this season.

    • Elyse says:

      THIS! Though I wouldn’t be mad if they kept Cas!

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      I agree. I have said before that all this angel crap is ruining the show. It should go back to basics!! Hire some new writers and bring back bobby!!

      • alistaircrane says:

        Agreed! Jeremy Carver used to write some of the best episodes, but he is an *awful* showrunner. Season 9 is on par with Season 6 as the show’s worst season. Now that Revolution’s been cancelled, the CW needs to intervene and bring back Eric Kripke to run things again.

        • cecilia says:

          I agree, bring back both eric kripke and ben edlund. Edlund was one of the best writers the show ever had.

    • Alexis says:



    • Mimi says:

      I somewhat agree with you, but you have to admit that it made you wonder WHERE IS GOD????? Also, I think a season of Dean being a demon and Sam trying to turn him back would be great, but how would he find someone to take Dean’s place. Remember Sam and Dean is the reincarnate of Cain and Abel. Sooooooo

      • Kennth says:

        But at the same time they did say that Dean and Sam was the reincarnate of Michael and Lucifer. So we don’t know for sure.

    • Daisy says:

      Totally DISAGREE!!! The episodes about hunting monsters are BORING. The season was good. I did think the scenes with Cass were AWESOME. I hope there is a way to get cass powers back. Obviously Cass is getting his powers back because in the end of this episode Hannah asked him and now that means that Cass got his followers back, so they will help him. So that all good. Cass is my FAVORITE CHARACTER WVER!!<3 :)
      And the problem with Dean I think that ether Sam and Cass find a way to turn him back or something else I really dont know, but Dean better go back to normal SOON.
      So the episode was cool( mainly the scenes with Cass and Sam and Gadreil. And the scene with Sam and Dean bonding like brothers again.)

    • I say the same thing all the time lol. I really did not like the whole leviathan or the angel story line and I hate that they stopped hunting different demons on every show and just stuck to one plot over the last 2 seasons.

    • kira says:

      I 100% agree!! I hope Sam can cure Dean!!! I’m sick and tired of Leviathan and even the Angels and Demons (minus Cas, I love him) Still I miss them hunting monsters and I’m SURE there are plenty left to hunt!!!! Let’s get back to what made the boys soo much fun to watch before~~

  2. kate says:

    this was great. I hated it. and I LOVED it. can’t wait for the fall.

  3. Pauly says:

    It’s a good thing that Sam knows how to cure a demon without started the trials from the beggining so he wouldn’t die doing it!

    • iKronos says:

      The trials never reset, I’m pretty sure if Sam begins curing a demon, the trials will pick up where they left off. Or that’s what I gathered from the info we got in last seasons finale.

      • Robby Horine says:

        And what if as Sam cures Dean, by completing the trials, he inadvertently sends Dean to Hell and with the doors locked, no way out.

        Sam and Crowley stuck together forever? So wrong, yet so right.

      • Ahoy says:

        Curing a demon wasn’t all it took. It’s curing plus saying that spell that would finish the trial. Sam won’t die if he doesn’t recite the spell when finished.

        • iKronos says:

          Wrong. The spell is needed to cure the demon, that’s why Crowley was never cured fully. So to cure Dean, he’d have to recite the spell, which would complete the trials.

          • Howlin4Stiles says:

            The spell is needed to cure the demon yes but what almost killed Sam before was the effect of all the collective trials not just ‘curing a demon’. The guy who attempted it before and succeeded was later found dead because Abaddon killed him as he messed with the linings of hell and she wanted to make an example out of him. I think Sam can cure Dean, but also I don’t think they’re gonna make it that easy for us so as usual we’re expecting some big time obstacles! It’s like the cliffhanger of all times for this show and they won’t just wrap it up first thing next season. Also Dean might not be fully himself, he lost his humanity so voluntarily co-operating with Sammy is highly questionable.

    • RowdyBug says:

      OMG Pauly I totally forgot about that!!!! You just saved my night!!!!!!!! HUGS!

    • Jane says:

      But if they can cure Dean will he die? If I followed what Crowley was saying the Mark was what held on to life. Besides Cain, have there been any “living demons”? All the rest I remember were using meat suits and when the demon left the suit died?

      • AprilD says:

        The person would die only if the body was too damaged to survive after the demon left. But since Dean IS the demon, there might be different rules. If they could *cure* him, he would still have his soul and since his body was damaged enough to die, all he’d need is an angel to heal him… Hm… What angel could that be? ;)

        • AM68 says:

          Castiel can’t cure Dean – at least atm. He is losing his Grace and used the last of his healing powers on Gadreel after Dean cut him with the blade.If that is where they decide to go next season would alps have to have a story line giving Castiel his Grace back. He smashed the Angel tablet so he won’t get it from that.

  4. Linda says:

    I gave it a B only because I suspected the final 5 seconds so it wasn’t a shock to me. I loved the brother scenes so dang much. That is the show FOR ME!

    • Same for me… seemed the only likely thing, so it was no surprise. Didn’t stop me sobbing my heart out when Sam was holding Dean though!

    • Elizabeth Hooper says:

      I did the same, I saw the whole “Dean a demon” when Crowley showed up. But it was still pretty good.

      • James says:

        I kinda saw it too when I read Cain’s entry on the SPN wiki months before the finale (initially to catch up on what I missed this season).

        Hopefully we won’t get back to the status quo that soon. I wanna see how it plays out, even only for the first half of the season.

    • andreaj says:

      I LOVED the finale few minutes so much I found myself talking to the TV set out loud- with no one but me in the room- how focused is that??/ anyway- I am totally committed to this series- I cried for Sam and Dean- the pathos was so real I could almost feel it- Lord it was awesome!!!!! what an ending

  5. Dj says:

    This was so awesome. They know how to cure a demon, but getting there and how dangerous Deanmon will be. Next season will be all kind of great.

  6. Maddie says:

    Is anyone feeling that SPN is kinda lopsided lately?

    Supernatural, to work properly, needs to be Sam & Dean’s story, and this entire season, including tonights episode, felt like they weren’t really the most important moving piece.

    I feel like Carver gave more screentime than was really necessary to Megatron. Like I could have done with his scenes/monologues being cut slightly (or a lot) so we could have had a slightly longer convo between the bros when Dean was dying.

    We didn’t need to see Megatron picking out what outfit made him look “more pathetic.” Carver could have used that time way more significantly.

    My heart was going 100 miles an hour during the Sam & Dean scenes, and then we cut to Megatron/angels & I was taken from the moment & yelling at my TV to go back to Sam & Dean!

    I was feeling the Gad/Cas scenes (but Gad died (booooo) & nothing with Cas was really all), but all the other angel scenes fell flat. There is no heart there.

    Megatron is a terrible bad guy. Crowley is a bad guy we all love to hate, but there is nothing redeeming or interesting about Megatron. And that is a problem, especially since we will still be dealing with him next season.

    SPN has seemed like a lot of pointless filler this season, and tonight. Writers need to fix that next season. Stat.

    • iKronos says:

      Do you mean Metatron?

    • ninamags says:

      Yes, Maddie.

      Sam and Dean have become secondary characters in their own show!

      The whole season was sort of boring and meh, honestly.

      There were some very dull moments tonight for sure. I was like, hurry up and finish talking so we can get back to Sam and Dean!

    • Ahoy says:

      Completely agree.

    • Arthur says:

      We must be watching a different show, then, because tonight – like all episodes – basically centered around Dean and Sam. This season has centered around Dean, because they tend to alternate, but I have no problem with supporting characters getting focus, too. Shows need to grow and evolve to continue, and we wouldn’t be coming up on 10 seasons if they had stuck to monster-of-the-week stuff with only two characters to focus on.

      I’m looking forward to season 10 – they couldn’t resolve everything in the finale, so I’m sure the first half of the season will be solving Dean’s demon dilemma and Cas’s failing grace (with him ultimately choosing a mortal life to be with the brothers, who have become his true family). I can definitely see them setting up revisiting the third trial with Sam “curing” Dean of being a demon, which may kill him but would result in sacrificing himself for his brother.

      The show is always going to center around Dean and Sam, but there is DEFINITELY room for other characters. SPN has a great ensemble cast and I love getting to see everyone’s stories play out.

      • Maddie says:

        I never said there wasn’t room for other characters (I in fact welcome them, always have), however, I think it is an issue when a character like Metatron is given so much attention & focus, that we lose crucial insight into Sam & Dean. We have been especially lacking into Sam’s headspace until tonight, and honestly, I still feel short-changed there.

        It shouldn’t ever feel like Sam & Dean are fighting for relevance & importance with secondary characters.

        A better balance need to be achieved. Maybe it was the writers intention, but the the past few episodes have felt like Metatron’s story, not Sam & Dean’s.

        Also, I don’t get people wanting Cas to become mortal. WHY? Please explain this to me. Cas is an angel. Has been for thousands of years, and you know what, he’s made some mistakes, but he is good at it. It is who he is & being an angel defines him. And while families bicker (look at Sam & Dean), I think he is still loyal to the other angels & heaven & God.

        I don’t see what the writers would do with Cas long term if he were a human. You can’t throw him in the back seat of the Impala & send him on hunting trips with the brothers. He would be a third wheel & it would completely change the show’s dynamic. It would also kinda be injustice to his character to “power” him down so to speak.

        Cas is already a part of Sam & Dean’s extended family – a family that includes Charlie & Jody, as well as Bobby & Kevin when they were around. Cas does not have to be a human to be a part of that.

        • grammardemon says:

          Unless Cas and Sam start hunting and Dean becomes the third wheel who pops in and out as necessary, as Cas once did. Sort of like Ruby, only hotter and less likely to sleep with Sam.

      • iKronos says:

        Completely agree. Sam and Dean were the main characters, and I personally loved the way they did this episode. The story evolved through Sam and Dean, but they used other characters to evolve the story arc that the writers have been planning for seasons 9 and 10.

    • Dean_TXGirl says:

      I completely agree with you regarding Metatron’s screen time. The finale, while awesome, felt rushed, especially the scenes between Sam and Dean. At the same time, though, I must admit I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing what kind of evil Demon Dean can get into. ^_^

  7. trooperwife says:

    Dean pulled Sam back from Lucifers grasp in Swan Song, and then pulled Cas back from Naomis influence in Goodbye Stranger, I’m betting it will take both Sam and Cas to bring Dean back from the brink with a speech about love and family

    • iKronos says:

      Dean’s a demon. He’s not possessed, he’s not half demon. They won’t be able to “bring him back” with a speech. Have you even payed attention to the previous seasons? I think you’re underestimating how it works when someone turns into a demon.

      • Jennifer says:

        Yea, but let’s not forget Ruby she was a demon and aside from her ulterior moments she had moments of sincerity. There was a sense that she was still aware of the person and woman she once was, she met up with the orginal daemon that killed her and she still looked scared. If anything Supernatural has demonstrated that occasion only our most wicked monsters still have humanity within them. If not take a look at Cain, he was a demon for quite awhile until he fell in love. I think they can bring Dean back from the brink, but it won’t be easy. Secondly if season 10 is the last season you better belive it’s all tied to the closing of hell.

        • John says:

          Ruby? You’re trying to use Ruby as an example of a ‘good’ demon?! Everything she did was an act to get Sam to the mental and physical state he needed to be in in order to kill Lilith and raise Lucifer. Did she love him? In a sick and twisted way. She was a religious zealot, hardly the best example of a monster with a human side

        • Yanez says:

          Jensen and Jared have signed on through Season 11.

        • iKronos says:

          Indeed. There’s a lot of potential for this story, from Dean’s perspective, AND from Sam’s. Sam said he would let Dean go, but we all know he won’t. It will be interesting to see the lengths Sam will go to. Because this will definitely need more than a Winchester speech.

      • Moody0013 says:

        Yes … Demons aren’t the pure evil, they have own mind. It’s like the another rase in this series. It may be only the different life for Dean. Witch this “immortality” abilities he may be unstoppable to kill any kind of supernatural monsters. Better than cure. :)

    • Arthur says:

      Yep, definitely feel like Sam and Cas will be working together to save Dean – who is arguably the most important person in both of their lives.

  8. Nick says:

    Season 10 should be interesting. Sure Sam can do what they did to Crowley with Dean and pump him full of human blood, but that just makes him an addict and doesn’t stop him from being a demon necessarily. Curious to see how next season plays out.

    • iKronos says:

      You must be forgetting how that story played out, the only reason they didn’t fully cure Crowley, and the reason it resulted in him being an addict was because Dean stopped Sam from finishing the final trial (which was curing a demon. ie; Crowley). I love how people comment on bumper natural, but forget most of what actually happened. Quite amusing.

      • MinuteMan says:

        But if Sam cures Dean wouldn’t that complete the trials, seal Hell and result in Sam dying?

        • Ahoy says:

          Not if Sam doesn’t recite the spell. It was the trial+spell that made the trick, not the curing alone. Though we’re talking about LOL!Carver here.

        • iKronos says:

          Yes, it will complete the trials as the spell is needed to fully cure him. The reason Crowley was never cured.

          • Nick says:

            Oops my bad, haven’t been following the show on a weekly basis, just got caught up on the last 9 or so episodes of this season a week ago. Totally forgot some stuff. But I don’t see curing Dean being that easy, I figure they’ll stretch it out half a season like most things they do.

          • Melanie Desi says:

            Dean stopped Sam from injecting Crowley with the last vial of his blood. That’s why Crowley wasn’t cured. After the third trial (curing the demon) was complete THEN Sam could read the spell and have hell close.
            So I think Sam can cure Dean of being a demon without saying the spell and dying. The wildcard is still the Mark of Cain.

  9. Jack says:

    This season finale kept me to the edge of my seat the whole hour. I thought Season 8’s finale was the best and it never crossed my mind that Jeremy Carver could write something even more shocking than a twist such as falling angels (something I never pictured happening in the show). But Dean becoming a demon?! OMG!

    I kind of wanted Metatron to die, but it’ll be cool to see him again, because I love Curtis Armstrong. Same thing with Crowley, I really wanted to see him die and have Abaddon taking over in Hell, but now I know why they killed her and kept Crowley alive. I bet Crowley has some plans for Dean. I personally think it was good to see Dean getting a dark storyline while Sam is trying to watch out for him. It has always been the other way around so it’s good to see Dean (and Jensen Ackles) getting the opportunity to have a storyline he never gets.

  10. Lauri says:

    I hated the ending. I don’t want to see Dean or Sam as a demon.

  11. RReg says:

    Sam or Dean as a demon? Hell no, but I guess every other plot has been played out. Time to wrap up. Time to wrap up.

  12. Liz says:

    I thought Metatron’s name was Mark but I could have heard this wrong.

    I guessed this was the outcome after Dean “died”. He had already gone to Hell, Heaven is a mess so he couldn’t become an angel, so the mark turned him into a demon, his greatest fear. Like Crowley astutely observed, other outcomes were “so expected” (I’d say predictable).

    Both Dean and Sam had been in Hell, Dean had been in Purgatory, the only alternatives at this point is for one of them to give up hunting altogether or go dark. Giving up hunting means introducing a female recurring actor which the show resists with all of their might (they never last very long before being killed off). Sam had already gone dark with his demon blood so it’s Dean’s turn this time. I don’t mean to be cynical but there are limited options after 9 season finales.

    What was most bewildering to me was reading Twitter and seeing fans that actually believed the season finale would see Dean and Cas declaring their love for each other! Maybe in fanfic but not on the CW, for two of the three leading male characters. It ain’t going to happen!

  13. Marci says:

    I haven’t really enjoyed the show since Kripke left. I wish they had stuck with his original five-year plan and ended it there. I finally stopped watching this season, except for a couple of stand-alone episodes. After reading this recap, I’m really glad I’d stopped watching. The show, as far as I’m concerned, has gone totally off the rails. I wish the CW would put a fork in it already!

    • @Marci, of course you are welcome to your opinion, so feel free to quit watching. No one is tying you down and forcing you to watch this show each week, at least I hope they aren’t. But, for the rest of us who are still enjoying the show, I’m speaking up and saying I hope it sticks around a few more years.

  14. Michael says:

    Loved the ending. Sure I saw it coming, but what the hell(pun intended) it was awesome. Would be interesting to see what Dean will be like as a demon and even more interesting to see Sam’s reaction to it. Crowley will most likely try to get Dean on his side (you saw the loathing on the massage therapist’s face when she was trying to get Crowley back as their king) seeing as he and Dean bonded and not only is Dean a demon, he is also a knight of hell. I’d also like to see more of Cain. Finally, I want my Charley back!

  15. Samael says:

    Very interesting episode. Cain was the original Knight of Hell, he did not aquire his powers through training like the others did. This would, assumingly, Dean the 2nd most powerful Demon in existence, and one of the stronger characters we have ever seen. Like, archangel levels of power. Interestingly enough, Cain never called him back to end his life. Given the actor who played cains main show recently ended, It would be a pretty safe bet that Dean stays a demon for a while at least and learns from Cain.

    So the question is, who is the antagonist for Season 10? It is not likely crowley, since Dean’s potential power far outweighs his ( Cain without his blade was easily able to “whammy” Crowley and have him shaking in his boots ). There are no bad angels, or bad monsters left capable of presenting a season long antagonistic approach.

    I would be willing to bet it is either Dean, or Cain himself.

    • Dan says:

      Ugh, I will hate if they turn Dean into a fully Villain. Just NO, show, please!

    • AprilD says:

      The guy who played Cain, Tim Omundson, is in Galavant a new show that got picked up for the fall. So I’m not sure if we’ll see him in S10. I’m not sure about the powers either. Cain was made a demon by Lucifer. Dean became a demon by the mark. We’ll have to see just how powerful he becomes AND just how much of his humanity he has left.

      • Samael says:

        Rewatch the end of episode. Crowley explains that Cain was willing to die rather then kill as well, and that the story goes the mark did not quite let go. Lucifer did not make Cain into a demon, the mark did. As for Galavant, ABC picked it up but has not released any information. He is also the antagonist, and its a musical show. He wont have a large obligation of screen time and Tim made a commitment to Supernatural before Galavant ( for atleast one more episode, likely more given the lack of information released yet ).

  16. Ahoy says:

    Loved the scene between the brothers and that Sam lied when told Dean that he wouldn’t go to extremes to save him.

    I hope they’ll fix Dean soon. I miss the real Dean already.

  17. Amber says:

    Ok, I’m an old fan of Supernatural, and I’ve been shocked, appalled and worse during the various preceding eight finales. This one really did surprise me- but once it happened it seemed like a brilliant way to continue the series – what with the pending trials and Dean’s soul being in question. I mean we had a soulless Winchester (which Jared did surprisingly well, right?) but the concept of an evil one should be fantastic. Especially as it’s Dean.

    IMAGINE how awesome his music tastes will be with an evil theme or smirk? AWESOME. And the Impala. I gave the episode an A because despite being an old hat with Supernatural finales, I did cry and well… Y’know. He was proud of his baby brother.

    • AM68 says:

      Why is it surprising that Jared did such a great job as soulless Sam? He’s a great actor! And I highly doubt Dean will be riding around in the Impala while a demon. I think Sam will have to fight for Dean – I think Crowley has what he wanted which is a true bromance with Dean

      • reboot2099 says:

        You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but I think Jared is not a great actor. Ackles is great. He is nuanced. But look at Jared when he’s angry. Always the exact same face, doing the same motion with his jaw and clenching his teeth. It bothers me to no end. Doesn’t seem quite believable to me. Although he’s not that bad in general, he’s not overall that great.

        But hey, I’ve seen a lot worse :)

  18. Remember when it was Sam who had all the demoney power no jutsu?
    *sighs* I’m with a few of you; only seen a few episodes here and there this season but the majorly huge fan in me has committed herself off this planet a long time ago.
    Every year we keep hoping for the brothers to be together once and for all and this is how we are paid…
    Like, demon Dean sounds hot and awesome for the Dean fans but FFS you are killing the epicness of the Winchesters seasons 1-4 (and a little bit of 5)…

    I’m sad to not be a rabid fan of this show anymore but I won’t be watching an “angel” version of Days of Our Lives in hopes for a miracle….

  19. Elizabeth Hooper says:

    I felt that the final was alright. Not the best, but up there. I feel like the angel plot lines needs to come to an end. Was kind of shocked that Dean became a demon, but not SHOCKED. I thought that Cas would use the rest of his grace to save Dean and so on. Apparently not. I can’t wait for season 10, I feel like this time they have a chance to explore another WORLD of plot lines. I mean, Demon Dean? Dying Cas. I mean, they are either going to blow us away with how awesome the season is, or it’s going to be one of those “well, they should’ve done that, and that. That was stupid. Why did they do that?” and so on. I gave it a B, it wasn’t the best, but it was fairly good.

    • Arthur says:

      I’m sure the angel plotline will be wrapped up in the first half of next season, with Cas ultimately choosing a mortal life with the Winchesters, arguably the most important people in his life. The grace may come into play with trying to save Dean/reverse the demon stuff? We’ll see, but either way, I’m really excited to see what’s in store for Dean, Sam, and Cas next season – love those three.

  20. I am willing to give Demon Dean a chance if they keep him that way for the first half of season ten. If they just give Dean the human blood cocktail in the first episode back it will be a complete waste. Crowley and his First Knight Dean vs Castiel and Sam is a good 13 episode arc.

    • bilal says:

      Agreed. I hope there is a bit of a role reversal in the sense that Sam has to struggle and find a way to cure Dean, much like Dean always has done for Sam. I’m wondering if there will be a time lapse where Dean and Crowley have been doing things unbeknownst to Sam or if it will pick up around the same time.

      • Yanez says:

        I’m hoping the first episode shows what happens immediately after Dean wakes up and Sam realizes what has happened. Then episode two starts a year or more later after Dean has wreaked total havoc.

    • Fred says:

      I think, and I hope, that they will cure Dean around the mid-season break. I don’t think my heart could take it much longer than that. I figure the first half will be about Dean dealing with being Demon!Dean and hating himself in that way that Dean does and then curing Dean, and getting Castiel new, or his original grace, and wrapping up the stuff in heaven and then setting up for the brothers and Cass to take on Crowley in Season 10.5 now that Dean is free of his influence and Castiel has is Seraph juice back again. I love Crowley but he has the opportunity to really be a truly awesome big bad and be defeated in the end. Hell maybe with Crowley gone they could then do SOMETHING with Michael and Lucifer in season 11. Maybe Michael is freed and gets Heaven back into shape while Lucifer is trapped in Hell but gets it in order. Hey, we could even see a return of Chuck/God, I think that would be freaking awesome! He could return to remove the Mark of Cain since he’s the one who created it in the first place. Wouldn’t that be a twist, if after trying to find a way to cure Dean at the mid season break Chuck pops out of no where, stops Sam from completing the trials and sealing hell/saving Dean/sacrificing himself and just wipes away The Mark before giving the boys a few choice words and then pops away.

  21. ninamags says:

    It will be interesting next season for sure. Just as long as we get Sam and Dean stories not angel stories.

    And also? Eff you Carver, that Peoples Choice was earned. All the fans still loyal to the show voted and wanted this nice thing for our two guys.

    • Yanez says:

      This isn’t the first time someone has mentioned Carver saying something that pissed fans off. What happened with the People’s Choice Awards?

      • ninamags says:

        Well Metatron said a Peoples Choice Award was lame and unimportant. The show did win several.

        He’s pretty much saying that the fans, you know, the people that watch the program, are unimportant and it was just a slap in the face, I thought.

  22. bilal says:

    I found the ending shocking and intriguing. I had at first thought that the humanity of Crowley would have somehow convinced him to bring back Dean, but I love this twist more. With so many loose ends left untied, such as Castiel’s reluctance to lead and his grace problem, Sam’s inability to cope with the loss of his brother, Dean’s new path as a Demon and how Crowley will attempt to use him, I’m really looking forward to the new season this fall.

    To recap, I thought the episode was great. Metatron was a crafty, resilient antagonist that really blossomed into a formidable opponent for the Winchester Brothers (much like Crowley toward the end of Season 8). I think he will find some way to escape from the prison and cause havoc again. The moments between Sam and Dean may not have been as plentiful this season as some of the others, but as this episodes shows, they make them count. I loved Dean’s line “I’m proud of us” and Sam admitting that he still cared for Dean, despite his harsh words mid-season. Out of all the Season Finales so far, this is probably my second favorite (my first being the 5th Season finale).

    I’m just hoping that the teasing of Gabriel in Season 9 is a sign that he will be returning in the near future. I’m also hoping that Lucifer somehow returns because it just seems that he should be back with all the chaos and confusion in both heaven and hell. I’d love to see him return with the new goal of trying to overtake heaven. Finally, I’m hoping God shows up if this truly will be the last season (fingers crossed for Morgan Freeman lmao). If God doesn’t show up in this series, with all the talk and hinting they have done over the seasons, It will be a huge let down IMO.

  23. Tony says:

    I kept thinking, “where is Chuck (aka God)?” Remember, “Carver Edlund” who wrote the supernatural books? Kinda like what Metatron was trying to do? I really liked the episode but kept expecting Chuck to pop up and do something to set things straight. Maybe that will be left for the series finale.

  24. Heather says:

    Oh I screamed at that last scene. Dean as a true demon is going to be interesting. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.

  25. I liked the episode. For me when Dean got stabbed and Sam yelled No and rushed over towards his brother instantly I remembered season 2 finale and they are very similar if you think about it. In season 2 finale Sam is stabbed, Dean yells No and races over to him where he dies in his arms then later we see his dead body on a bed, Dean is upset and alone and then heads off to make a deal. In this season finale: Dean gets stabbed, Sammy yells No and heads over to his brother where he eventually dies in his arms (and in both season finales the brothers cry on the other’s shoulder) then we come to a scene where Dean’s dead body is laying on a bed. Then we see Sam upset and alone and he makes the decision to make a deal but Crowley has a different agenda. And there was a moment when Crowley was talking to dead Dean and the camera got a close up of Dean’s dead face (mainly his eyes) and it hit me that he was going to be a demon way before Crowley started talking about Cain’s death and before Dean opened his eyes to revel the blackness of a demon. Another thing that both season finales have in common is: when Sam was brought back in season 2 he was a little darker, the yellow eyed demon said to dean: “How sure are you that what you brought back is 100% pure Sam?” Sam was darker, he killed Jake in a way that Sam before his death would have done and now in season 9 finale Dean wakes up with black eyes as a demon, he like Sam isn’t 100% pure themselves. Dean is not all him, he is darker. And I love to see how the story lines kinda have flipped. Sam had demon blood in him, demonic/psychic powers, Lucifer’s vessel. Dean the hero, Michael’s vessel. To now where Sammy was purified when he took on the trials to being possessed by an angel to having some angel juice left in him and Dean to gaining the Mark of Cain and becoming a demon. I can not wait for season 10 and I hope for many more seasons after that! Sorry….ramble

    • Also, anybody remember season 3, dream root episode, sleeping Dean is talking to himself, and he says in the end THIS is what you will become, and he is a demon…where Dean did go to Hell, he never became a demon…until now….

      • bilal says:

        I did think about that. It will be interesting to see if that is brought up again in the next season. That’s a hell of a foreshadowing job if it finally happens 6 seasons later lol.

    • bilal says:

      Excellent points. I too look forward to seeing these similarities that have been reversed play out. It just sucks October is so far away! lol

    • Jelinor Rigby says:

      The yellow eyed demon was so freakin’ charismatic, you almost wanted to root for him, you know? He was hilarious! I think that Dean will rival that. He’ll be Lucifer level evil. Mark Pellegrino is amazing, but he won’t stand a chance against Dean as a demon. I just can’t wait to see how it plays out, man. Seriously. The most exciting plot twist in this show in years.

  26. Kaleb says:

    From browsing the posts, everyone seems to think Dean will be “cured” by Sam. We’re overlooking something. Every demon in the show up to now, was a demon possessing a human, with the exception of Cain. Dean and Cain (yay subtle Superman reference), are the only flesh and blood demons that we have met so far. Every other one was a possession. The cure may not work. This may be a whole different animal to deal with.

    • Kaleb says:

      Side note. While not likely intentional, Nightmare Dean telling Dean he would become a demon turned out to be prophetic.

    • reboot2099 says:

      I laughed at the Superman reference! Nice one.

    • reboot2099 says:

      Curing Dean might a possibility. After all, Crowley, while not in his own body, could’ve been cured if Sam had finished the ritual. In fact, curing him (or dying) is the only way to get Dean back. Because what they CAN’T do, is get the demon out of Dean. Because Dean IS the demon.

      Is it going to be Sam curing him, the new God (there has to be one eventually. And where is the old God anyways? Was it ever revealed? I guess not, so he’s bound to reappear sometime) or something else, we’ll have to see.

  27. Kyle Morgan says:

    Sam and Dean dying every couple seasons and being brought back is starting to get too predictable. Sam has died twice and Dean three times now. One of these seasons, if one of them dies they better fricken stay dead. They never introduce anything actually that shocking anymore. Just like the Winchester bickering. One of them is constantly pissed off at the other about one thing or another.

    • reboot2099 says:

      That’s exactly what I was coming here to say. It wouldn’t be a Supernatural finale if one of them didn’t die, and it wouldn’t be the beginning of a new season if the brothers weren’t at odds with each other for some reason. This has been the case almost every season for a while, now.

      I mean, come on. This is getting ridiculous. I like surprising endings, and the first couple times, it really was. After 5 or 6 times, it kinda becomes cliche. Before I watched the finale, I told myself “Ok, let’s see how one of the brother dies!” as a joke. I didn’t really think they’d do that AGAIN. I was wrong.

      At least this time they showed us right away how he’s coming back, and to be honest, I do like the demon twist. As long as they make him evil and not just Dean with black eyes and a hunger to kill that will be sated by killing only demons while doing good.

      I really like Jensen Ackles as an actor, I think he is great, and I’d really like to see him go really evil, while keeping his Dean sense of humor. Could be a great combination.

  28. Doc B says:

    XD …and you mean to tell me throughout all that stuff from Dean being rescued from hell all the way back in S4, finally assured Salvation in Heaven (aside from Sam) in near end S5. All the mess he has been through Purgatory and whatnot, everything Crowley has done and seemed to turn a new leaf…and now this happens at the end with him in with Crowley…That’s jacked up! XD Hopefully Crowley will only have lapdog Dean on a short-term lease/leash. Seriously, Sam and Cas have a WHOLE library of stuff in the bunker for a solution, hopefully before Cas’s grace runs out. Come on Carver, write up a good 10th season!

    • Last season they learned how to turn a demon human. The question becomes, with the Mark of Cain, is Dean better off a human or a demon? He’d probably choose neither, but then there wouldn’t be a show.

    • Dean_TXGirl says:

      I sincerely doubt Dean will be *anyone’s* lap dog, lol. I think he will be a Knight of Hell and will wreak havoc on the world. Jensen will be a deliciously evil demon. Can’t wait!

  29. Mayb says:

    Just like Ash said many seasons ago, “you boys die more than anyone I know”

  30. Tracy says:

    Loved the finale! Can’t wait to see SPN goes with this!

  31. Tracy says:

    SPN takes more risks than any show on TV! With this cast and writers the show can run forever!

  32. Patrick says:

    Let’s be done with the Angel stuff, let’s get back to the brothers on the road in what could be the last season. Taking it full circle.

  33. glen ang says:

    i loved the season finale! im thinking of making deanmon my wallpaper.

    just a thought. everyone forgot about sam’s psychic ability. he could move things before he even became a demon blood junkie. he could still have that in him. i hope they use it

  34. I’m very excited for this story line. This episode did a good job of wrapping up plenty while still giving us plenty of story to enjoy in the next season. Dean’s biggest fear is becoming the evil he hates, so this is going to crazy fun/

  35. George guyot says:

    I love supernatural they should get the undertaker to be the show I love the whole thing about men of letters and where they stay at I do remember one episode about the kid that was like a anti christ and had all those powers to alter realty I wonder what happened to him its a good show and now we wait

  36. Jelinor Rigby says:

    Sweet Baby Jeebus, I love that Dean is a demon now! I don’t think he’ll be so easily “cured”, either. He’s smart. He knows all Sam’s tricks. And, let’s not forget, he is NOT human anymore. He is a full fledged demon…powered by the Mark of Cain and completely freed of all human conscience issues. I can’t wait to see what kind of ride on the wild side he takes with Crowley. We all know that in the end, he’ll be normal Dean, but can’t we all just take a moment to enjoy the exceptional opportunity we have to see Ackles go full tilt evil for at least half a season? (Please, SPN Gods…give us at least half a season of gleefully wicked Dean before we go back to the same old formula)…we, as a collective, have been complaining about how the show runners need to kick this show into gear to keep it going, and they answered us. Thanks to all of you producer/writer/director types! You really really like us!

  37. Carlos says:

    “All roads lead to the same Destination”-Castiel

  38. Josh says:

    I am a huge Supernatural fan! i think it’s absolutely mad how it has been going on foir so long :O it has become more of an addicition than just a tv show i watch every fortnight or so! but i have always thought since series 4 i think it was when we found out about sam and dean being vessils, that eventually it will end as sam becoming an angel if you must and dean becoming a demon, they would fight eachother for peace on earth… gotta admit that would be pretty epic! the show starts with them and ends with them! i think it would be an absolutely amazing way to end the franchise! Dean’s always had more of a evil side to him and he’s even became a vampire before and got cured… it’s pretty obvious Dean will be cured as Sam will probably go through anything to bring Dean back as per usual, but would be pretty cool i think if Cas gave Sam his angelic power if possible then sam fights Dean ahhh maynnn i need some Supernatural Fans to talk to! i LOVE talking about it! it’s AMAZING!

  39. Jim D. says:

    Mh, maybe I’m the only one here but I think that this was a sub-par finale for a completely wasted Season. I’m super pissed that the whole brothers conflict is still not resolved AFTER NINE FREAKING SEASONS and they can only admit anything to each other, (but especially Dean) when one of them is dying or worse. I mean, how about some character development? I don’t think this is cute, I think it’s super unhealthy.

    Then let’s talk about Castiel. I mean I was super sceptic about this “Destiel” business, I’ve heard of it somewhere around Season 8 and was like “yeah okay if you squint but they’ll never go there” but now… I feel like this dropped me on the head a bit. I’ll have to rewatch the last five seasons, maybe you really could have seen this one coming? Well it surprised me, is all I say, but in hindsight I feel it shouldn’t have? Idk how to explain this.

    Then Sam. Why is Sam either the big bad or the supporting character who’s really only there for the tears? I mean, Jared Padaleckis acting has improved hugely since Season 9 but I still think Jensen Ackles would be better suited to fill the REALLY emotional roles, because he just nails it every time.

    Let’s continue with the point of the Season. What was the point of the season? I mean I didn’t even see all the episodes from start to finish but even I saw the ending coming, and even though I think Dean as a demon could be interesting, it was the opposite of a surprise.

    I really feel I have to talk about Dean and Castiel again, because man, this is huge, isn’t it? It’s the one thing I take out of this that was a surprise to me, and it feels like it could open whole new doors for the plot and the show and the actors. I have to tell my uncle about this, I have that feeling he and his husband and their kids will want to watch Supernatural now. He’s always complaining about underrepresentation anyway.

    • Kat says:

      What are you talking about? There wasn’t any great scene between Cas and Dean. There was Metatron monologue about how Cas choose Dean but of course Cas choose Dean they are friends. If your going to take that as some great indication for your shipping future I think your going to be disappointed. If your threshold is a third tier character remarking on the friendship of Dean and Cas as an indication of some supposed great love affair than destiel would have been canon after Balzahar stated the angel that love you. How is this any different? I suppose I should be happy that it takes so little to make the shippers content. If this is all you need.. I can live with it because to the rest of us it’s just another indication of their friendship. So I guess everyone is happy.

      • Annika says:

        This was very different from Balthazar’s joke!
        Metatron said to Gadreel that Cas’ weakness is that he is IN love (very different from “loves”) with humanity, and then he said to Cas that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about humanity, but only about Dean. Cas didn’t even try to deny it (and his face at that point…never saw an expression which says “I’m busted” more that that one!). And how could he? The only constant in his behavior is that he always chooses Dean.
        I get that people can’t see love from Dean to Cas, (and nothing will ever happen anyway) but every look from Cas to Dean screams “I love you”. “Friendship” it’s what Cas has with Sammy. Can’t you see the difference?

      • carlaforyou says:

        ‘So little’? There have been serious signs pointing to it since season 8. Dean made it clear that there was a lot more to their friendship when he told Cas “I need you”. He could have just stopped after “we need you”, meaning him and Sam. He made it personal. And he said over and over in his prayers to Cas as well. Also, did you notice how the only time Dean really smiles lately is when Cas is around? And he dropped everything to go see him in Rexford for no other reason than to see him? This is not how Dean acts with his ‘friends’. Also, sure, Metatron sucks, but it’s not like what he’s saying is any stretch. He just summarized Castiel’s actions for viewers who still didn’t get it: the reason he could not kill Dean is because Dean is his weakness, his only reason to keep fighting for what’s right. I understand if in the earlier seasons it might not have been as overt (definitely debatable) but as of the season finale it’s pretty damn clear…

        • Kat says:

          Every season we hear of the oh so ‘serious signs’ a true serious sign would be to have an actual scene with Cas and Dean maybe together. The writers are not subtle or smart. These are the same people that couldn’t remember that Dean never went to the Grand Canyon and have massively retcon the reapers. I am amazed that you still have confidence in them well more power to you. I don’t have to rain on your parade the show will inevitably do that for me.

          • carlaforyou says:

            ‘The writers are not subtle or smart’ – I would disagree, not because I think they’re the best writers in the world but because the subtext has been pretty consistent since season 4, and so subtle that most casual viewers didn’t start picking up on it until recently, because they decided to make it more obvious. Also, keep in mind there are several people writing for the show, and the subtext takes different forms depending on the writer in question. I think the beauty of Dean and Cas’ relationship is the fact that it isn’t in your face and honestly, probably won’t be for quite a while, so if people are still bothered by the prospect of a relationship between them for some reason, they could ignore it if they wanted to. Supernatural would not throw a homosexual relationship in viewer’s faces without a really slow build to get their audience used to the idea, which is exactly what they’re doing. I would argue that Dean and Cas have already given us ‘serious signs’ in seasons 8 and 9 alone, and it’s not so much subtext and is it blazing arrows pointing at what is no longer a platonic friendship, but at the end of the day, it really is up to viewer interpretation.

          • reboot2099 says:

            What the hell? Seriously people, I think you see what you want to see. I am not homophobe by a long shot and yes I like to see some gay romance if it’s well done. But really, it makes no sense at all with Dean and Cas!

            Dean is absolutely not gay. We’ve seen how he acts around women and no, it isn’t to hide his homosexuality. As for Cas, as an angel he couldn’t care less about sexuality and relationships. He doesn’t have those desires. And when he was human, he was clearly attracted to women, even slept with one and liked it.

            I know you will say things like “love has no gender, you can be bi etc”. Well, not these to. There are no hints that they could love each other. They are family. Dean is like a brother to Cas, he really loves him. As a brother. He’s the closest person he’s ever been with, as a brother. Sam too, but moreso with Dean.

            It just doesn’t make sense for both of them to be romantically involved and you’re seeing what you want to see. I’m sorry.

          • Lisa London says:

            Thank you Reboot; could not agree more. All love doesn’t have to be romantic or sexual. Cas and Dean are family and that’s just fine. The golem episode proved Dean’s no homophobe but he’s never show any evidence of being attracted to other men. Destiel is perfect for fanfiction but it’s not, and never will be, canon and that’s okay because SPN is not about romance anyway.

          • daryl425 says:

            I’m sorry reboot, but I could never tell that a man is strictly straight basing on his behavior only.
            I’m married, I act like a heterosexual would since I was 10, but I’m not hetero and nobody could guess that. I could bring to you dozens of “absolutely straight men” which at one point in their life discovered they were not so straight. It happens. Ups.
            If one day Cas or another male will thrown himself at Dean and he will politely reply with “I’m flattered, but thanks, let’s stay friends”, I’ll be sure that he is straight.
            At the moment, I think that Cas is in love with Dean (maybe it’s romantic, but not physical) and that Dean is too absorbed by Sam and his problems to care. (and I love Dean for this very reason).

          • reboot2099 says:

            Daryl, I know full well what you’re saying and I too have gay friends who act like they are hetero and nobody knows they are gay. It’s a fact, it exists.

            I think that to make a very big change to a character, in this case, sexual preferences, it needs to be in one of 2 categories for it to be successful: a)drop clues from as far back as you can or b)the character needs to be somewhat of a mystery on that front and haven’t shown much in this regard.

            Aside from the “clues” people say they see, which are more personal interpretations than anything else, Dean has never shown any doubt that he is anything other than hetero. Sure, it could be that he “acts” hetero but isn’t. Or that he doesn’t even know it yet. Could be, because it happens, as you say, in real life.

            But this is not real life. This is a fiction. And we’ve seen Dean in a lot of situations, when he’s with people, when he’s alone. We never, ever had a clue that he was gay. In fiction, you have to make your audience know that what you are doing is planned (even if it’s not). You have to be consistent. But after 9 years of Dean the macho, saying and showing time and again that he likes women, even when he is alone (like how he looks at a beautiful woman that passes by etc.), it would be terribly bad writing to change him that way. I am not saying it couldn’t be possible, but it wouldn’t be good writing.

            Also, you said “If one day Cas or another male will thrown himself at Dean and he will politely reply with “I’m flattered, but thanks, let’s stay friends”, I’ll be sure that he is straight.” I might be mistaken, but didn’t someone already came on to Dean and he said that exact thing? I think it might be in the Golem episode, which Lisa London mentioned in a post above mine. Not sure about the episode, but the situation seems familiar.

            As for Cas, it could be argued that we didn’t see him as much as Dean and since he is an Angel with very different perceptions than us, the writers probably can do more with him and find a valid reason why he is in love with a man when no one had a clue he was gay. And gay might not even apply to him, as you said and I agree, it might be romantic for him but not physical.

            The only thing that makes me want to say this can’t be the case, is when Cas was human this very season, he showed interest in women and not in men. And he couldn’t care less about keeping up with appearances. He just does what he does and doesn’t care about what others think. So if he was attracted to men, we’d have known for sure.

            But as I said, I know Cas works differently than humans and one can assume that love is different for him and gender doesn’t matter to him as much as us. So if it was the case and Cas was in love with Dean, it would be plausible and I’d accept it quite easily, if well presented by the writers. But not if Dean reciprocates. For me that would be completely out of character for him.

            I really don’t think this is the way they’re going, though, as I see it as a brotherly love. A really big bond has been forged between Cas and Dean by their many trials. I think it is maybe even stronger a bond than between Sam and Dean, in a way. But still, nothing more than friendship.

          • daryl425 says:

            We had little hints in past episodes about Dean’s “not-so-straight” sexuality…and his character (as well as Cas’) is inspired by a bisexual male character. You can google “Dean” And “bisexuality” if you are interested.
            Imho there is not enough to tell anything. I mean: the show isn’t about Dean&Sam love life, luckily.
            Ah, and neither Dean or Cas, if the destiel should ever happen, would be “gay”.
            Since they both enjoy women, the would be bisexual.
            But I see Cas as asexual as an angel, and straight as a man, so far (even if it’s difficult to say, he was human for too little time and he was mimicking Dean, his role-model). We’ll see.
            The only thing I take for sure is that the writers did say through metatron that he is in love with Dean, and that Misha has scripts which say “Cas act like a jilted lover”. that’s not friendship and it isn’t brotherly love. Unless you aren’t in the incest kink, I mean. ;)

          • Kat says:

            I can’t help myself but after this weekend – I told you so. Unless you think the writers have some ‘super secret’ plan that they haven’t let their actors know this was never the build up you hoped for. Ship what you want love the show for what you want but fandom and show are not the same.

    • AprilD says:

      This whole season was about Dean’s descent into darkness. From not being able to let his brother die to tricking him with an angel to taking the mark of Cain to finally being a demon. I love Castiel’s character. He’s spent most of this season trying to fix heaven but also sacrificing himself (the grace he ingested will kill him if he doesn’t charge up again) to be able to help Dean with angel power. After he finds out Dean is dead he says all he wants is to be an angel when most of the season it seemed like Cas would choose to be human again if the grace ran out. Meanwhile all the homoerotic subtext between Dean & Cas is piling up, isn’t it? I doubt that TPTB would let them have an open homosexual relationship on the show, but it certainly is interesting.

  40. april says:

    Season 10 finale will be Dean as a demon killing Crowley and taking control of hell. Cas taking control of heaven and Sam on earth. The end.

    • GhostWolf says:

      Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens IF the series finishes at season 10. Crowley seemed a bit off (maybe bored) being the king of hell in the finale.

  41. Courtney says:

    It’s kind of sad to see Dean as a demon. Since the whole reason they got into hunting their entire lives was to kill a demon!

  42. R says:

    Crowley is getting what he wanted for some time….Dean as his new demon bff

  43. Ella says:

    Whoa. I definitely had chills. I may have screeched. A small part of me suspected it but I honestly never thought they’d go there with Dean. Sam, yes, Castiel, maybe, but not Dean. Somehow, he’s always the good guy. I’m simultaneously terrified and excited. I can’t wait for Jensen to flex his acting chops as a baddie but I’m also petrified for how this will affect his relationships with Sam and Cas. Can we also please acknowledge Destiel as canon now?

    • Annika says:

      I think that the only canon thing, for now, is Cas’ love for Dean.
      better than nothing.

      • carlaforyou says:

        Dean’s love for Cas was well-established in season 8…

        • Annika says:

          To me, it was. That “I need you” was an untold “i love you” like the one in the J.Edgar movie.
          But the rest of the world is still squeaking because “Dean is straight”. So I think the best thing would be a plain “I’m in love with you”, because a simple “I love you” would be seen as always like “I love you like a brother”. Sig.

          • ninamags says:

            Yeah, like that will ever happen.

            It’s actually funny because the more some fans mention Dean and Castiel’s “epic love” the more the writers go the opposite way.

            When was the last time Dean and the angel shared a scene by themselves? When was the last time Dean and the angel went off on a mission by themselves? When they actually do share a scene it is with other actors as well. Dean is always sending the angel off with Sam, actually, forcing them to work together.

            Dean threw the angel out of the bunker when Gadreel said Sam might be in danger, without a moments hesitation.

            Sam and Castiel were in more scenes together this year than ever before.

            There is a reason some fans are called “delusional”

          • carlaforyou says:

            Dean is as straight as his legs. If they really wanted us to think he was straight then I have a LOT of questions about certain scenes and directors…

          • daryl425 says:

            Yeah, ninamags, all the greatest love story are like “I love you, you love me, let’s stick together without a single problem for the rest of our life” That’s not boring!
            The writers aren’t creating an epic love story: they are writing the story of two brothers. One of them stumbled in an angel, who is in love with him. Maybe tomorrow Dean will find a cute huntress and Cas will set himself up with a stripper…who knows? but at the moment, (and since cas appeared) Cas is in love with Dean and Dean is busy saving his brother and the world.
            No one is so delusional to believe that the show will suddenly become a parody of beautiful. no one wants a sex scene between Dean and Castiel. I’ll happily set for two “I’ll stay with you” and a handshake, if you ask me.
            I laughed a lot for Metatron first line of the episode:
            This is a story, Neal: a marvelous story, full of love and heartbreak and…love.
            I have to tell that: this writers have a huge sense of humor. I really respect them now.

  44. rhonda says:

    I think most SPN fans can agree that demon!Dean was not at all shocking (sorry, cast, but you REALLY oversold it lol) but it’s still really intriguing as far as season 10 goes. I loved Crowley’s monologue with Dean lying on the bed, though, because it 1) continued to set up Crowley as a weirdly sympathetic yet evil character and 2) further cemented the parallels between Dean and Cain. Both ultimately good men who made bad choices and then tried to die rather than hurt the people they loved, but couldn’t. Considering Metatron finally revealed that Cas would give anything and do anything for Dean, I’m really interested to see if they let the Cas/Collette parallels play out as well, once he finds out that Dean isn’t dead. And yeah, if after Dean’s desperation to find Cas in purgatory/his inability to remember Cas letting go because it hurt too much/all of his praying and ‘I need you’s’ in season 8, and then everything Cas has done for Dean in season 9, if after all that people are still unsure about the direction this show is taking in terms of their relationship, I don’t really know what to say to you.

    Speaking of Cas, I don’t think he really wants to be an angel. The show has made it clear over and over how much he’d rather be with the Winchesters. But the fact of the matter is becoming human at this point with Dean dead (as he thinks) would be way too painful. Why not just live out the (relatively short, if Metatron can be trusted) remainder of his life as an angel in heaven? Humanity means very little if he can’t be with Dean. Also, I don’t think he has enough strength to leave heaven even if he wanted to. And what’s it going to look like, stealing another angel’s grace right after he proved himself heaven’s hero once again? Very tricky situation…

    I have to say, if you’re sick of the angels, as Sam and Dean said a couple episodes back, sucks to be you! It is incredible to me that people could still want a Sam and Dean only show after NINE seasons…after everything they’ve been through, just driving around looking for wendigos and women in white? Seriously?? Different strokes, I guess. Personally, I’m glad they’re branching out and *attempting* character development. The show would be so boring otherwise.

  45. pickle says:

    i so hope dean comes back as a knight of hell. he’d be an amazing breed of demon with cain’s training

  46. I thought dean and Sam had tattoos preventing them from demon possession?

  47. Hobbes says:

    I thought Sam and Dean had those tatoos on the chest that PREVENTED them from becoming demons!! What gives??

  48. Hobbes says:

    Guess I should have read ALL comments B4 posting that! LOL!

  49. jj says:

    Is it me or is this show becoming the Dean show? It’s time that they end the show. Don’t get me wrong I love supernatural but a Winchester becoming a demon is nothing new!

  50. tnpir4002 says:

    I was kind of disappointed in all the angel subplots that were left unresolved, but the biggest one has to do with the angels and their wings–I had expected that the last visual of the season would be the angels’ wings being restored and all of them happily ascending back to heaven. The ending of the episode makes it look like there’s still only one way into heaven–through the portal in the playground.