Exclusive: TNT Developing Planted Major Crimes Spin-Off to Star The Closer Vet Jon Tenney

Major Crimes Spin-OffTNT could be spinning off the spin-off!

TVLine has learned exclusively that the cable net is developing a planted offshoot of Major Crimes (itself a descendant of The Closer) that would focus on franchise vet Jon Tenney‘s FBI agent character.

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Tenney originated the role of Special Agent Fritz Howard on The Closer, and has brought the character over to Crimes on several occasions (sans his onscreen wife, “The Closer’ herself, former MCD boss Brenda Leigh Johnson, played by Kyra Sedgwick).

Tenney, as well as a handful of new characters — including Special Operations Bureau commander Ann McGinnis, described as a modern-day Annie Oakley — will be featured in the seventh episode of Major Crimes‘ upcoming third season (bowing June 9).

There’s also buzz that the potential spin-off could prominently feature another Major Crimes character — Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who debuted mid Season 2 as Lt. Chuck Cooper, a SIS (Special Investigation Section) supervisor who was brought in to help protect Raydor’s ward Rusty from a stalker.

A TNT rep declined to comment.

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  1. Sam says:

    Jon’s playing the [newly elected] VP on SCANDAL now, Andrew Nichols. Gonna take some scheduling, huh?

    • Andrew Hass says:

      TNT splits their each of their series seasons in half.So Jon Tenney could do both this new show and Scandal at the same time.As for this new series i’m very excited.Plus they could do crossovers with Major Crimes too.

      • matt says:

        Hm so we will get to see double of jon tenney now? :)

        Anyway, am i the only one who thinks he looks young for a 53 year old male?

  2. Carm says:

    I would watch it.

  3. Helen says:

    Wonder if pay is better–Scandal vs new show on TNT

    • dragons3 says:

      My guess would be “Scandal” pays better, since it’s an established show on a major network. However, I could be wrong and, in the case of the “Major Crimes” spin-off, Tenney would be the star and not a supporting player. I’d sure watch the show if it becomes a series. I like Tenney’s character. Maybe they can persuade Kyra Sedgwick to make a guest appearance or two.

      • yankeesrj12 says:

        In the August 2012 TV Guide, it noted Mary McDonnell earned $125,000 per episode.

        Kerry Washington in the August 2013 edition? $80,000 per episode. Obviously her salary will be bumped up big time when her contract is up, but everyone else, probably not so much. My guess is the money is as the lead in the TNT series.

    • cjinsd says:

      Well, since he’d be the lead, I’m thinking…yep.

  4. Ceejay says:

    What great news, I love that Closer/Major Crimes best of almost everything on television!

    • n. says:

      I feel the same way ,the actors just seem to work well with each other. I love the writing keep up the good work.

  5. K says:

    A spin off of a spin off? Eurgh. Major Crimes is a little hit and miss for me at times. I’d rather see a new procedural show.

    • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

      I agree. But, it seems that the only times that it is a miss, for me anyway, is when they focus too much on Rusty. The kid is a good actor but the character just grates on my nerves. It’s been two seasons and I already know more about that character than Tao or Sanchez or any of the characters that I actually like. With all of that being said, bring on the Fritz spin off.

      • MK204 says:

        I agree with you 100%. Major Crimes is okay. Not half as good as The Closer for the reasons you stated. The character Rusty grates on my nerves and IMO does not need to be there. If they want to show Rader in a more compassionate light, then she should get a dog. Brenda had a cat and that was a great hook. Also I don’t feel that the writers show the comedic comaradery between the staff as on The Closer, especially between Flynn and Provenza. Sad to say I also feel that Mary McDonough is just not lead actress material. I didn’t like her character on The Closer and I don’t like it now. They character, again IMO, is not dynamic enough for a lead.

        I’ll talk Jon Tenney in a separate thread.

        • Gippa says:

          Of course you haven’t watch a lot of major crimes for not knowing that Rader is actually Raydor and the right name is not Mary McDonough but Mary McDonnell. And you’ve said it twice. You obviously could think what you want but she is a wonderful leader that is a credible human being that gives the others a lot of space; sad that a lot of people need a improbable character (as Brunda played by Kila Soguick) and don’t understand the reality and the subtleness of another, is like comparing a lollipop with a red wine. Different tastes, people! But the world is big and there’s space for everyone.
          As I said, think what you want but if you wanna speak ill of someone you have to be prepared.

      • Joyce Willams says:

        I too liked the Closer better, but watch Major Crimes since it started. However, I agree, Rusty hanging around the office with the detectives all the time is not realistic and it grates on my nerves as well. I was excited to see his mom back in the picture and can only hope he leaves the show and goes back with her so the show can focus on solving major crimes rather than listening to Rusty’s whining ! If he continues to take so much of the show up, I will no longer be a viewer.

      • Darla Williams says:

        Thank you. I agree about the Rusty character. For a kid that lived on the streets he needs to man up. Gets on my nerves also. I love the Fritz character and would watch a show based on him.

    • Kendall says:

      Isn’t it really just another spin-off of The Closer?

  6. csr says:

    I’d like to see more of Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s character.

  7. Aimee says:

    I’m all for having Jon on my TV but this could be kind of weird. I’m not sure how I feel about having Fitz without Brenda. Are they just going to make occasional references to her? Are they never going to show him at home? Will she always be out of town?

  8. Jon Tenney deserves his own show, great at the funny and the dramatic and too good for The Closer/Major Crimes

  9. TW2 says:

    I realize I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m not a big fan of Tenney, and never really liked the Fritz character on The Closer. Not sure I’d watch. But then, I didn’t think Major Crimes would grow on me as much as it has, so who knows.

  10. Babar says:

    Major Crimes ratings are average at best, doesn’t warrant a spin-off.

    • Tina says:

      Actually Major Crimes ratings for Season One made it basic cable’s #1 new series of the year for 2012.
      It’s Season 2 ratings have put it in the Top 10 Basic Cable Dramas for it’s second season with an average of 6.8 million viewers.

      Pretty good ratings!

  11. Doris says:

    Great news!

  12. Jared Munson says:

    Wouldn’t Malcolm Jamal-Warner be a “Major Crimes” alum, not “Closer”?

  13. Closer says:

    So excited, Jon Tenney is wonderful in everything he does and James Duff is one of the best showrunners out there. Great team! Bring it on!

  14. Ethel says:

    I will watch anything with Jon Tenney so I am in favor of this. Too bad they could not bring Gabriel back

  15. Closer says:

    How about prominently feature some guest characters from The Closer, not Major Crimes?

  16. Carrie says:

    i really like Jon Tenney but i LOVE Malcolm. I would watch the heck out of that show!

  17. GildedRose says:

    Good for Tenney! I admit, when I heard Rebecca Romijn got another show after the collapse of King & Maxwell I was a bit bitter because my instant first thought was, “What about Tenney?!” Now I know. LOL. It’s a great idea for a show for him.

  18. Mary Beth says:

    Awesome! I still miss Brenda Leigh, but the Sharon character has turned out to be much more dimensional than expected. I liked King & Maxwell, too; shame it wasn’t renewed.

  19. Closer says:

    Don’t even think about getting Fritz and Brenda divorced. Just sayin’.

  20. rowan77 says:

    I love Jon Tenney. His show last summer was terrible. He deserves better. Maybe spin-off this will be it.

  21. I am so hoping that the new Jon Tenny spinoff does become a reality. I love Jon Tenny and hated to see King and Maxwell exit so early. Keeping fingers crossed.

    • Annie says:

      Loved King and Maxwell!! The only thing that bothered me was that Rebecca Romain’s face did not move. No emotion. Loved all the supporting characters and the storyline. Hated it did not get picked up.

  22. Annie says:

    I would watch all the spinoffs. The characters are well developed.

  23. KenL says:

    I love his character, but this is a BIG mistake. I say add him full time to Major Crimes and make that show even better. This is, in my opinion, spreading something too thin.

  24. Razzy says:

    I would love Fritz any way I can get him and if Brenda happens to make an appearance or two I would love it even MORE!!

    • JuliaJ. says:

      Yes!! I would love to see Jon Tenney in his own show. Fritz is a great character, and I would love it if Brenda would show up as well.

  25. steven says:

    It’s getting NCIS’d.

  26. sue says:

    i think that would be a great idea.jon never got enough show time buy i know he would be great.secretly he is my boyfriend.(i’m just 65 yrs.)no joking i would like to see him play a role with a little toughness bot whatever it is he can do it.GO JON.GO.

  27. MK204 says:

    I’m really happy about this. Loved his character on The Closer and I always like when they bring him back on Major Crimes. I loved King and Maxwell and was sad to see that get cancelled, so good news for a spin off, spin off. Malcolm Jamal Warner was good when he was on MC and so was Tom Berenger as Rader’s husband. It’d be great if they could find a way to put Tom in this new show. As long as Mary McDonough doesn’t do many crossovers and they keep the character of Rusty out of it (finish his story already), I’m good and can’t wait to watch this. So yay. I like Jon Tenney.

  28. Pat says:

    I was a Closer fan and I am a Major Crimes fan, so I will probably watch this spin-off. I like Jon Tenney and his character Fritz. My only concern is what will happen to his marriage to Brenda? Not being able to see her character surface once in awhile on this new show will seem kind of funny, especially if his character is married.

    • Tonight’s episode didn’t really clear this up in fact it made it sound like they were getting divorced but Brenda got a Washington DC job and Fritz was going with her but than there were other comments that made it unclear as to what was going on with Fritz and Brenda.

  29. TD says:

    Not sure if this excites me or not (so I guess it doesn’t if I’m not sure). But I cannot stand Malcolm Jamal-Warner! Anything I see him in lately, he seems so self-conscious and self-important!

  30. Marcy says:

    I liked his last show that flopped. But I felt it wasn’t him it was Rebecca Romin-O’Connell. The book series is wonderful and she was not the character in the book by any stretch.

  31. Jackie says:

    oh, so hope that happens!! Really did like the character of Special Agent Fritz Howard!!!!

  32. Debi Henrey says:

    U need to get rid of the kid story line. Enuf already. U need to put Tenney in more. …..he brings talent and continuity to those of that miss closer writing and drama w/ some sarcasm and humor……. U R boring us to death…..

  33. Kathy Kessro says:

    Would love to see this happen. Big fan of Jon Tenny

  34. Pat says:

    Saw the show tonite, and it was GREAT! Wonderful idea for another spinoff. Hope TNT follows thru.

  35. Eileen says:

    Yes!!!! I was hoping that would be the case! Otherwise why be so specific with those characters! And Jon Tenney is terrific!!!

  36. mohillmac says:

    I’ll watch anything with Tenney in it. Remember him as Murphy Brown’s young boyfriend? Hope they get rid of that DA mouthy chick in the red jacket from tonight’s episode.

  37. mohillmac says:

    And who was the blonde SWAT gal – McGinnis. A bit blah.

  38. Helen says:

    This was the best of them all. I am looking forward to this spin off.

  39. Billie says:

    i hope that they spin this one! i love Fritz and the Anne McGinnis characters. i’ll be watching for this one :D

  40. Patricia walker says:

    I would love to see this spin off I love crime drama shows

  41. gayle says:

    I like the idea of giving Jon Tenney as Fritz a bigger role in Major Crimes, but his connection with Brenda Leigh is still important to Closer fans . The plot line of having him stay in LA while Brenda leaves for DC is stretching things too thin as a premise for a new spin off. A big part of his character was expressed through his relationship with Brenda, and losing this creates problems. I doubt if fans would approve of a break in the relationship with Brenda , as others have said.

    • Darla Williams says:

      Don’t have Fritz and Brenda break up or I am done! Fritz would never leave Brenda for that McGinnis woman so don’t go there.

  42. DeeSmith says:

    Major Crimes finally back on track with the recent excellent Two Options. The cast was at their best and they finally quit focusing on the kid. Major Crimes Jon Tenney was GREAT in this episode and have missed him immensely on Major Crimes but am SO HAPPY to hear he will receive his own show. He deserves it He has been missed. He brings a lot of talent and character to his role.

  43. Anthony Dubitsky and Family says:

    Jon Tenney’s portrayal of an FBI agent has been one of the more noteworthy performances in The Closer and Major Crimes. My family has missed watching him and we do hope he has a successful spin-off show soon.

  44. Sue says:

    Don’t mess with Brenda and Fritz! Otherwise, would love to see a new show with Jon Tenney.

  45. Janet Gruhala says:

    Please settle on whatever you are doing with Jon Tenney. He is w great actor with a comedic side, shown in the very short lived series with Rebecca Romanj. This week showing him having a heart attack actually gave me a stomach ache.

    • Anna says:

      I was appalled when Fritz had a heart attack. Especially after they announced a new job for him that would make Fritz a part of the team. I like Jon Tenney a lot and have missed him.

  46. joni says:

    What happened to Brenda Lee? How is Fritz back working without the mention of her?? Did I miss something when he was on the first time?

  47. Ric says:

    Jon Tenney is great — can’t wait to see what they come up with for Fritz! Personally, I don’t know why they took off King and Maxwell. It was a great show.

  48. Ill take him anyway I can get him, the hear thing bothered me because I couldn;t understand why they put then in unless they were gonna use it as a kill off I hope not that woiuld really upset me and a lot of other people

  49. We authors can learn much from these savvy episodes, how to snap up storyline, elimanate the drag n never least, the levity upbeat, without which even this fab shows intenisity would be way more over the top. No doubt it’s great enough for substitute research reading.
    Anticipating catching up on Closer episodes to jump into Major Crimes!!
    DeAnne Marie DuMaine