Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Finale: Did the Right Couple Win? Plus: Top 5 Moments!

DWTS Season 18 finale recapIn a season full of shocks (how did stellar dancers like Charlie White and Danica McKellar not make the finals?), unwelcome surprises (ploys like the Switch-Up and guest judges such as she-beast Abby Lee Miller), and suffering (call the ambulance, there’s another injury!), Season 18 of Dancing With The Stars inevitably concluded with what truly matters most – one teary-eyed celeb getting her mitts on the famous Mirrorball trophy.

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That said, tonight’s DWTS finale was also one big reunion/celebration, which meant that much of the two-hour live show was jam packed with extras: Season 17 champ Amber Riley (performing her new single “Colorblind”) brightened up the festivities — along with performances by Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson, Iggy Azalea, and Christina Perri – plus the return of the celebs (hey, it’s Nene Leakes and Drew Carey!) to shamelessly mug for the camera and revisit some of the season’s most memorable dances. All that, plus our surviving finalists performed their last respective dances (under the heading of “The 24 Hour Fusion challenge).

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Here’s a quick look at tonight’s Top 5 moments, plus the really, really, really big announcement:

TOP 5 MOMENTS (in no particular order)
MERYL’s MAGIC CONTINUES | So what’s next, Miss Perfect? Dancing a fox trot-cha cha fusion, Meryl’s insane tally of perfect 10s continued in the most astonishing style. Carrie Ann dropped all pretentions (“the best part of the season … was you two”) while Len dropped a personal bomb (“this may be my last season…”) and Bruno got romantic (“something’s stirring inside me … it’s like when you discover the passion and the excitement of your first love”). On a side note, can anyone remember the last time Meryl got a 9?

PERFECTION, THY NAME IS AMY | Dancing an Argentine tango-cha cha fusion, Amy and Derek brought the ballroom to its feet, earning a trio of perfect 10s. Len played down the emotions and focused on the footwork (“you are a fantastic dancer”) while Carrie Ann (“there’s so much to say, I could write a novel to you…”) also gave Derek a well-deserved nod. Bruno simply called her “unforgettable” and who can argue with that?

ERIN ANDREWS, UNCUT! | Is it just me, or were the unaired segments of Erin’s delightfully snarky highlight-reel clips light years better and more appealing than her live segments? Though Tom Bergeron explained this was Erin’s “R”-rated footage (apparently unfit for prime time), I found this upgraded version of Brooke Burke Charvet’s successor (“want me to smack you now or later?”) exceedingly more entertaining. More naughty, uncensored Erin next season, please!

DRESS REHEARSALS, GONE WILD! | While we’re at it, can we just turn the entire Season 19 into one of those highly appealing, hilarious, and refreshingly real dress-rehearsal clips we saw tonight? Have Tom Bergeron (“you can Tweet as many times as you like, we don’t give a #$%#$”), Bruno Tonioli (“Are we done?”) and Len Goodman (he giggles!) ever been more DVR-worthy? I smell at ratings bonanza, ABC!

WELCOME BACK, AMBER | The season 17 DWTS champ reminded us just how talented, dynamic and joyful she is, stealing the show with her astonishing voice and presence in that happy and healthy dance segment.

Now, onto the results…

Candace Cameron Bure & Mark Ballas

Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Amy Purdy & Derek Hough

Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

“It’s just plastic, but it means so much,” said Maks of winning the long-awaited Mirrorball trophy for the first time, before adding, “to do it with Meryl, is a dream come true. There’s a reason why it didn’t happen before, because this was meant to happen with us.”

Did the right couple win it all? If not, who should’ve triumphed? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!


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  1. Sara says:

    I am so, SO happy Meryl & Maks won. Well deserved! Such beautiful people inside and out, such talented people. I really did not expect them to win and I’m so glad that I was wrong. I am so unbelievably glad.

    • mia says:

      This show could not get any more stupid. The professional dancer wins! Why even bother to pretend this show is about NON-DANCERS learning to dance???

      • Vetle says:

        I think the US version of this show brings in too many contestants who are already good dancers and knows how to hit a rhythm. I agree that it should really be about the non-pro (I’m happy for Maks though, and Meryl deserves it).

        • Linda says:

          You are right about this as living in Europe I watched two other versions with the Serbian one sticking out in my mind the most, for even though the women were thin and beautiful and the men masculine, rhythm and grace were not their friends! Plus, I think most hadn’t a clue as to what the dances were which doesn’t help either. For the two weeks I watched, as it was painful due to me comparing them to what I see here, most votes were 5 and 6’s with only one couple getting 8’s! It did help that Meryl knew the premise of dance and was very muscular, yet dainty, but it was evident that she did have to learn some steps as dancing on ice isn’t the same as on a wood floor…but I will add that I think she came up with some ideas of lifts as they were done before with White.

      • Elaine says:

        Who ever said the show was about non-dancers learning to dance?

        • Lynn says:

          Exactly! Everyone seems to think that everyone should be a non dancer. The producers decide the contestants and they have figured out that drama brings viewers. No one seems to realize that 3rd place went to a non dancing person – Candace. 2nd place went to a non dancing, disabled person – Amy. If the competition wasn’t so fierce, would they have done as well? When one is put up next to the best, one tries harder. When put up to someone who is your equal, one just has to expend a little effort to win. Being in a competition against Meryl made Amy and Candace better!

      • Sara says:

        It’s not about NON-DANCERS. It’s about celebrities. Please, show me the fine print in which it says “this is only for celebrities with no dance experience whatsoever”. Maks and Meryl deserved it 100%. They had their own journey and their own growth and they handled it with beauty and grace and she was the best technical dancer left. THAT is what the show is about, combining a persons journey and their dance ability – she had both.

        • mia says:

          Face meet palm.

          Talk about clueless.

          • M&Mforthe WIN! says:

            Your face meet my fist…you are an annoying, hateful person! You need to grasp it’s tv and entertainment and quit spewing venom everywhere. Annoying doesn’t begin to describe you!

        • lisa says:

          Did you ever ice skate, like the judge said you can move on wood, sure she moves her arms the same but dancing is not skating, you probably sit around watching showtime primetime porn, this show is lively and uplifting.

      • amelia rose says:

        It’s not called Dancing with the ‘Never taken a dance class’ Stars. If Ice Dancing and Ballroom Dancing were interchangeable we’d see Derek and the others out there on ice skates. Does anyone remember the one and done season of Celebs on Ice or whatever it was called? It’s not the same thing so get over it already, even So You Think You Can Dance where plenty of the newer pros and troupe have come from call their winner “America’s Favorite Dancer” because America gets a hand in voting. More people wanted to see Meryl and Maks win than Amy and Derek, me included.

        • Ken says:

          Your analogy of Derek Ice Dancing is absurd. It further illustrates the overwhelming advantage Meryl and Charlie had. Dancing is difficult, but dancing on ICE is exponentially more difficult. Your reference to the show “Celebrities on ICE” works against the point you are trying to make. It was too difficult to look graceful on ice for the celebrities. Forget about dancing. A more appropriate analogy would be: clear and elegant public speaking with marbles in your mouth. After winning a gold medal with the marbles in your mouth, you enter a contest to speak without the marbles against people without public speaking experience.

          Anyone who thinks someone who has danced, On ICE, for hours everyday for the last 10 years; is not going to be a better dancer than an actor or singer, is deluding them selves.

          It is obvious that Meryl was the best dancer but you could have saw that coming once the contestants were announced.

          If what you want is the best dancer on the show, next year just use all pro dancers. The quality of the dancers will be constantly better. That was not the original premise of he show. Maybe that is the reason for the ratings .

          • Debbie says:

            Using your argument then Charlie should have finished 2nd because he has just as much training as Meryl. But he came in 5th. The audience could have voted more for Amy or anyone else and they did not. She only scored 1 point higher than Amy by the judges, so this year it was Meryl and Maks that the audience chose. I don’t think she has any more dance experience than Nicole Scherzinger or Jennifer Grey who have also won in the past.

      • Angela says:

        …and here I was thinking, “Oh, boy, Maks and Meryl won, I won’t have to read so many ranting posts tonight after all!” Never mind. *Sighs*
        Anywho, I was fine with either couple winning myself, so congrats to Maks and Meryl on their win, and congrats to Derek and Amy for doing as well as they did, too.

      • LittleMo says:

        Meryl is a professional ICE SKATER with her skating routines composed around dance moves that can transition to ice . Not even close to ballroom. She used ballet training for endurance and balance training but there are players from professional sports teams who do that for the same reason – doesn’t make them professional ballroom dancers, either, unless you want to eliminate all athletes from competing. The ONLY advantage an athlete has is the physical conditioning for the demanding rehersals b/c the athletics they are involved in demand that conditioning. Meryl deserved to win.

      • Lena says:

        The interesting part is the hypocrisy that exists in the DWTS fan base. Last season, people bashed Corbin left and right for his background, but suddenly the same people think it is okay with Meryl. Also, the judges were easier on her this year than most ringers. I wonder where all the arguments about DWTS not being for non-dancers were last season. Oh, that’s right! The same people were hating on Corbin. Let’s see if the Maks/Meryl fans keep their same argument next season with a different ringer, or if they will travel by to the land of hypocrisy.

        • M&Mforthe WIN! says:

          You are nuts! Jennifer and Nicole NEVER had a thing said to them and they were huge ringers. Oh but they danced with Derek so that’s ok right? I, personally, have no desire to watch a season filled with Billy Dee’s, Dana’s, Drew’s, Master P’s, etc who totally suck. Shows evolve and DWTS includes who they can get to sign on and most times they are athletes, Olympians, singers, etc. who do have a slight advantage with being able to train hard and learn fast. Derek has had many advantages over the years. Just because the chick without legs didn’t win even though they shoved her disability down our throats and allowed them to get away with minimal dancing and multiple lifts for 10 weeks doesn’t mean it wasn’t fair.

          • Lena says:

            Sorry, I’m not a Derek fan, so your argument just went out the window. Your name however speaks volumes about how bias you will be on the topic. Also, I’m not quite sure why you felt it was necessary to attack Amy. She was there. She wasn’t my favorite, but oh well. Thanks for demonstrating the lack of class most Maks fans have by describing her as “the chick without legs”. Anyway, it still doesn’t take away the demonstration of hypocrisy the fans gave by bashing Corbin last season, but accepting Meryl this season. And word of advice my dear, learn to make a point without stating someone is “nuts” for not having your one dimensional, small-minded view. Bye.

          • CDB says:

            I agree with you. First of all, each Ballroom dance has specific rules. If you break a rule they take a point off for each one. Derek and Amy broke all of the rules. While I admired Amy trying each dance, Derek’s Chorography made it appear she did a fairly good representation of the dances, without actually ‘dancing’ them. Derek had her sitting on a stool, then sitting on a table, lying on a table and scooting across it and moving her upper body, twirling and lifting her constantly, and finally swinging her around while hanging from a circus rope. This is not Ballroom Dance. Many other competitors should have surpassed Amy in earlier weeks.

            Where was Carrie Ann’s previous seasons’ policy of taking off points for a female dancer’s foot coming off the floor for many moves she insisted were lifts in many of the Ballroom dances in which lifts are not allowed? Amy accomplished many new skills during the season, but did not master any of the dances. Meryl did! Meryl is in outstanding physical condition, a very disciplined, and hard worker.

            It was so tiring watching the producers shove Amy’s disability down our throats and allowing her and Derek to do multiple lifts and minimal dancing. I was especially dismayed by the circus stunt of Amy twirling on a rope in Monday nights free style event. A desperate attempt by Derek to “wow” the crowd.

            Meryl mastered a great deal in her ballroom dances and Maks coached her underlying passion into their dances. She became the most exciting, passionate, graceful and technical ballroom dancer in all or DWTS 18 seasons, and they became the most exciting couple ever to dance on the show including the pro-couple dancers who often imitate passion. Congratulations Meryl and Max!!!!

          • Charles Farley says:

            Wow – I’d call you a shovel, but that would be an insult to tools.

      • Ken says:

        Exactly!! The original premise of the show was to take NON-dancing celebrities and see how they progress. That was lost this season when you had two Celebrities who have been dancing for over 10 years for hours each day. Sure it was on Ice but what do you thing is harder dancing on Ice or wood???
        The ratings have been slipping and, in my opinion, the shows days are numbered.
        Getting the Olympic Gold Medal Ice Dancers was not the right path for this show.
        I agree that Meryl and Charlie were the best “NON-Pro Dancers”. Did you really think they would not have been??

        DWTS jumped the shark this season

        • C says:

          Having trained for ice dancing is nothing like ball room, neither are hip hop, ballet, jazz [well they do actually do jazz now occasionally on DWTS] or a ton of other styles. What all these have in common and does give those trained in other styles of dance or athletics is practice at memorizing routines, physical stamina, strength, flexibility and practice at preforming in front of a live audience for judging in many cases. Yes this is a huge advantage but it’s one that more than Meryl had. Being assigned to Derek is also a huge advantage. He’s brilliant at his job like him or not he knows not only how to choreograph excellent ballroom routines but also how to choreograph to his partner’s strengths. There were things neither Amy nor Amber before her could do but Amber won and Amy came in second because they had talent, worked hard and had Derek as a partner to show case their strengths.

          If you’re going to complain about athletes and people trained in other styles you might as well complain about the male eye candy they put up as contestants [Giles, James etc — I’m not saying they couldn’t dance only that I’m not sure it was their athletic abilities that led to their casting] and pros who preform shirtless so often… not to mention some of the costumes the women wear as well… could Peta’s costumes get any smaller?

          And I have to agree with the other poster who said that they didn’t want to see a show made up of people who can’t dance. Billy Dee, Florence Henderson, Valerie Harper were all fun to see but they had neither the skills nor the stamina to really compete. What I’d really like to see is an older ‘ringer’. Someone over 60 who can dance and is still in great shape. It’s nice to see older faces but most of those they cast are not and never were dancers. It’d be nice to see someone over 60 who was a dancer and that could give the younger crowd a run for it’s money.

      • jazzie2 says:

        So, you would love to see dance pair after dance pair like the “swim lady”, or big mouth NeNe, BillyDe…. “Dancers” like James and Cody, I definitely appreciated, along with Charlie W and Meryl.

      • di says:

        I agree Mia.

      • CA says:

        Ummm, who said the show was about non-dancers learning to dance? That’s one aspect, but I don’t think it would entertain people for two hours every week if some of them weren’t already pretty good. The “contestants” are all professionals who have a public following, and the better known ones have an advantage just like the ones with more dance experience do. I just love the joy of watching all the dancing!

        • C says:

          Agreed! Actually I often DVR the show and fast forward through everything but the dances and the judges comments. Can watch the whole show in less than an hour that way and not really miss a darn thing.

      • Mary S says:

        EVERY couple has a “professional dancer” who teaches the celebrity non-dancer how to dance and compete. It is now and always will be a show for celebrity NON dancers. Even those who were hip-hop dancers were still not considered “dancers” and had to be taught…the one who learns the most, and best, will win. Period.
        The voting is for the celebrity, not the professional. IF the pro has done his/her job well, then their partner, the celebrity, will win the mirrorball trophy.
        I am thrilled that Maks finally had a partner who was open to learning and willing to follow instructions. As we know, he had some partners who refused to follow instructions and even argued with him about something as mundane as pointing their toes and learning to move gracefully. Meryl deserved the trophy, period…of course, so did Amy…and NEITHER of them are “professional dancers” – ice skating might have given her strength and some moves for lifts, but I guarantee that there is no similarity between gliding over ice and moving across a dance floor one step at a time. She had to learn all that from scratch, on her own, following Maks’ teaching. They both did a magnificent job.
        On the other hand, the dances that Amy and Derek did were phenomenal, and her graceful moves were a joy to behold. There was a part of me that really believed they would win, but the truth is, I wanted M & M to win. She was poetry in motion…

      • Caydence James says:

        An ice skater is now considered a professional dancer? Wow…..

      • Lynden says:

        This show is about non-celebrities and has-beens trying to stay in the public eye. it is about drama (pronounced DRAMA in this case). We had the opportunity however, to see some great, truly GREAT choreography this year by Maks, by Derek, by Peta. I have only watched the show a couple of years but was more impressed this year by the quality of dancing than ever before.

      • Emily says:

        Hey fool, if she is a “professional” dancer and had an advantage then why didn’t Charlie get second,.. or even in the finals? Use critical thinking before you speak please.

      • Cheryl says:

        When the show first began all contestants were non dancers. The format has changed, The producers now cast the current popular celebrities. This season, there were 3 Olympians, 1 reality TV star, a TV show host, singer, 2 grown up child hood stars, etc. Drama is what brings on viewers! Why else would one put 2 Olympic Ice Dancers against Billy Dee Williams? The stars get paid well for their appearance.

      • Kelly says:

        Meryl is NOT a professional dancer. She is an Olympic athlete and most people know that to be an Olympic athlete, you have to be an amateur athlete. So maybe Mia, you should get your facts straight before you comment.

    • Phyllis says:

      I am so glad that Meryl & Max won. I could watch them dance together for hours. They have such chemistry together. Watching them together is so romantic. I hope they continue to see each other.

    • Kim R says:

      Ditto! Thrilled with the outcome. :D

    • Rita Leone says:

      Definitely! the right and most talented couple did win….Maks is so elegant, professional and has
      such beautiful wonderful talent he should have won long ago…However, he usually did not get
      a Meryl for a partner….They were like 1 unit dancing together….I could watch them dance every
      single day together…I was very worried cause Derek has won over & over….that I was beginning
      to think that it was fixed….I agree with most comments…James should have stayed and Candace
      should have gone home before him….she was OK but not in the class with the rest, especially
      Meryl & Maks…They were and are over the top performers….I hope they dance again like maybe
      in a Movie or live stage dancing again…

      Hope we see you two together in the near future…Meryl & Maks…


    • Hayden says:

      wah-wah-wah – I’m Maks the maginficant and I should have won years ago. Really, he’s so self absorbed, notice how much credit he gave Meryl, hello Maks, it’s not about you. Amy had to paired with Derek, or Mark, or Tony for that matter. Someone who “it’s not all about them”, and even though didn’t think she would get as far as she did, would be someone who could nuture her to bring out all her inspiration. (hello Chaz, with the knee problem, but I digress). And sorry Meryl and Charlie, they’re professionals, there history of working is in difficult medium, no one else really had a chance.

      • Caydence James says:

        Actually every chance he uncharacteristically gave credit to Meryl every chance he got! It was hard to miss…..if you watched most of the episodes. She actually improved his attitude!

    • Have you ever seen Maks in any other season (i.e. one where he didn’t get a professional dancer for a partner)? He’s not a beautiful person, he’s an abusive jerk and completely unapologetic about it. Stop supporting abuse, Maks is NOT a nice person.

  2. Liza says:

    It is about time Maks won this thing!!!!

    • Jenny says:

      Completely agree. He has been so close before and very happy to see him finally win.

    • amelia rose says:

      Yes the ‘Blushin Russian’ won :) So happy…loved watching Meryl and Maks dance together and their interactions, so much fun.

    • Lena says:

      I hope Maks enjoys his win. It will be the ONLY one he ever gets. If he comes back next season, he will have no leg to stand on since he apparently has the inability to teach someone who doesn’t have a background like Meryl and help that person win.

      • Ken says:

        You make a very good point. In many of the rehearsals shown, prior to the competitive dance, it looked like Meryl was coaching Max.

  3. Ashley says:

    I still maintain that the final three should’ve been with James instead of Candace, but it wouldn’t have mattered in the long run because it turned out the way it should’ve. As much as I wanted Amy to win given what she stood for, I’m rather sick of seeing Derek win season after season. It’s about time Maks had a win under his belt (especially with it feeling like it’s his final season). Meryl was consistently strong and it was a toss up between either her or Amy. Couldn’t go wrong either way, but again, I’m happy Meryl won for Maks’ sake.

    • starr says:

      while I really wanted Meryl and Maks to win from the start, what i loved about their journey and wonderful performances of their dances were than Maks never employed gimmicks to make Meryl shine. He pushed and challenged her and she rose to the occasion, which in turn caused Maks to choreograph truly amazing ballroom dances that never seemed to be “dumbed down”…they were all dances that 2 pros of DWTS would have danced in a bumper or showcase spot for the show. So while yes, this victory was a long time coming for Maks and Meryl worked really hard to prove that she really was the best of the best, the way in which they won was most impressive. It was the dancing in its truest form that won them the mirrorball trophy! :)

    • Ken says:

      I don’t think there are many more seasons for any of them. Ratings are way down, only once a night, and too many ringers.are just some of the reasons

    • Caydence James says:

      I agree. What happened to James looked ridiculously fixed! I’m sorry but Candace may still be considered America’s Sweetheart of sorts and we may want to give Amy the self confidence she may need due to her disability but this is not about sentimentality here – it’s about dancing and there’s no way someone would convince me that the judges or America really thought that Amy and Candace danced better than James.

      Still I agree. If it had to be anyone, I’m glad it was Meryl and Maks!

      • Jo Anderson says:

        I totally agree. James was much better than Candace. Don’t know how she made it that far except that voters are fans NOT dance lovers. Too bad they don’t give the judges the final say on who goes from the bottom three each week. Right pair won, but don’t diss Amy. Didn’t you see her two-step? Never saw it so fast and perfect on that show!

  4. skrable2 says:

    The proper order among the finale three, for sure. Amy Purdy is an inpirational woman, but as cheezy as it sounds, it’s about time after 18 seasons that Maks finally gets his trophy.

  5. Alichat says:

    OMG! Maks and his partner won?! It’s about damn time!

    • TNelson says:

      My thoughts exactly! So happy for Maks. Now maybe next year Tony can be given a good partner.

    • mia says:

      Gee, now if they can just pair him with professional dancer every season he’d win every time! Until the voters grab a clue that is (okay, clearly by the average IQ around here that won’t happen.)

      • Elle says:

        Could you be any more unpleasant? In case no one’s ever told you, insulting people’s intelligence says more about the insulter than it does the insulted. The best dancer does not always win this competition. I don’t know why people are so outraged when it does happen. My impression is that the number of times the best has won vs. the number of times they haven’t shakes out pretty evenly. It’s never going to be fair, because it’s just which star (or pro, let’s be real) people like best. This time, people liked Meryl. So what? Honestly, if Meryl and Maks hadn’t been paired, I don’t think she would’ve won. Too much backlash about her experience. Yeah, it’s ABC’s problem for casting stars with experience to begin with, but once in the competition, the ones with an obvious edge have to be twice as good as those who come in without one, because they are judged harder by judges, or viewers, or both. Everyone loves an underdog story, after all. I think if Meryl hadn’t been in the competition, Amy still probably would’ve triumphed over Charlie, who had just as much technical prowess as Meryl, but lacked that extra something. But I thought Meryl and Maks captured lightning in a bottle. Their pairing had to be something really special to overcome the disadvantage of having an advantage. They never would’ve won if it wasn’t.

      • Alichat says:

        I’m curious Mia……did you come on this site and insult everyone’s intelligence when Derek Hough won three times while paired with a professional dancer?

        • When has Derek been partnered with a professional dancer? Jennifer Grey was an actress, Brooke Burke was a model, Nicole Sherzinger was a singer (hip hop dance videos don’t count as “professional dancer” especially not compared to an olympic ice DANCING gold medalist) Kelli Pickler was a singer, Amber Riley was a singer. Don’t see anyone whose career includes the title “Dancer”.

          • Alichat says:

            Maks was not paired with a professional dancer this season. Those are Mia’s words which I used in my question. Maks was paired with an Olympic athlete. Ice Dancing is not the same as Ballroom Dancing. As a former dance teacher who has danced since the age of 3, I can tell you that they are alike in the same general ways all athletes are alike. (strength, endurance, determination, etc) Maks’ pairing with Meryl is no different than Derek’s pairing with Shawn Johnson (an Olympic athlete with ballet experience.) Then there is Derek’s pairing with Jennifer Grey (who had danced since childhood,) and Nicole Scherzinger (who had danced since childhood and attended a Performing Arts School.) The point to Mia was, yes Maks had a partner with experience, just as Derek has had at least five partners with experience. (Joanna Krupa and Jennie Garth had taken dance lessons as children as well) Mark has had at least three partners with experience. (Sabrina Bryan, Kristi Yamaguchi, and also Shawn Johnson)

  6. Kate says:

    Really happy! Meryl changed Maks in the greatest way. He’s been adorable to watch because I don’t think even he understands it. They were the best dancers and so much fun to watch. I was a little worried when James won the encore performance though. Although I wonder if the producers have it to him rather than tip the outcome that early in the show.

  7. Name That Tune says:
    The right team won.
    Congratulations to Meryl and Maks. At last, Max won the Mirrorball!
  8. M says:

    Finally Maks wins!!! I was star

  9. M says:

    Finally Maks wins!!! I was starting to think it was going to be Derek Hough again

  10. Kaylee says:

    This was the most evenly matched final two ever. I wanted Amy to win and for Maks to win.

    • Matt says:

      This exactly how I felt. I was so form between rooting for both Maks and Amy even though I love Meryl. I am a huge fan of Derek even though admitting that might get you beat down.

      • Angela says:

        Like whomever you want :). If others can’t handle that, that’s their issue. I understand people’s thing with Derek and winning so much, but I still personally have no issue with the guy, either. He’s talented and knows what he’s doing on the show. I felt as torn as you did!

  11. M&MfortheWIN! says:

    The right couple absolutely won! Meryl and Maks have been outstanding since week 1 and earned that Mirrorball! It’s really no different than Derek and Nicole or Derek and Jennifer. Both of them came out ahead from the start but people ignore that because it’s Golden Boy! All the pros were so excited for Maks. Tony and Val were jumping up and down like they won! Loved it and love Meryl and Maks!

  12. april-ann says:

    Yay!! Finally, the couple I wanted to win, DID win! Never cared for Candace and too bad she came this far. Should have been Danica or Charlie. I would have been just as happy if Amy and Derek had won, though. I have a crush on Derek, he is such a gentleman and Amy is a DARLING. I’m so pleased with the outcome but I couldn’t give the finale an A grade because that singer Christine Perry was like nails on a chalkboard – such a high pitched and outright loud, squeaky voice, horrible! Awful! Had to mute until she was done.

    • Kaylee says:

      That song was so awful and it was making everyone cry. It didn’t seem like the right moment for that song. Meryl or Amy deserved to win, but Danica showed tonight that she really could have won this too.

      • Angela says:

        When I saw Danica again tonight I was reminded how missed she was these last few weeks. She was great, too, and it’s a shame she didn’t go farther.

      • april-ann says:

        Totally agree. Danica was the whole package, so much better than Candace, actually several of them were better than Candace. And at first I was wondering if it was the horrible, awful song or the singer that was so bad…turned out it was both. She must be related somehow to the producer that decides who gets to perform on this show. She was that bad. I saw them crying too, and wondered why! Then I realized they can see the big screen from their vantage point, just like we can, and it started showing their biggest emotional moments while dancing with their partners – that’s what brought the tears, not the bad song by the bad singer – I bet at that point they were all so nervous they didn’t even hear her – thank goodness. But since we still could, I had to mute.

    • I muted her too! In fact, I muted all the singers except Amber.

  13. MattArmando says:

    Meryl & Maks broke 2 DWTS records this season:

    1) Highest Scoring Couple EVER on DWTS (Ave. = 28.4)

    2) MOST Perfect 30s (6 perfect 30s; tied with Jennifer Grey)

    • Ruth Prince says:

      Meryl & Max Exquisite, Lyrical so glad they won. Couldn’t take my eyes off them. Congratulations

  14. After really stiff competition, my personal opinion is the right couple won. Congratulations to Meryl and Max…well deserved!

  15. Prediction: Maks takes over as the “tough judge” for Len next season.

  16. nobody special says:

    You know, i’m really, really happy for Meryl, but more than that, i’m happy for Maks. He’s grown up a lot since the first time i saw him on this show. His arrogance got him in a lot of bad spots in previous seasons, and it seems he figured it out, and it showed in his efforts not to torpedo Meryl’s chances. Who knew “Humble Maks” would be even sexier than “bad boy Maks?” He’s made every dance every week a showcase for his partner and their partnership, and he’s impressed the heck out of me more than he ever has (which was a LOT!)

  17. terryt04 says:

    Maks & Meryl won. And I was wrong, but who cares. Justice was serwon on DWTS. Just don’t get another “Not fairly critiqued person” again, don’t do switch up week again (I felt bad for Charlie that week, the whole “Is it or isn’t it a rumba” thing) and I might watch next season. Wish it had been james, Charlie and Danica in the final 4, but hey, at least M&M won.

  18. Britt says:

    I’m glad Maks and Meryl won! I wish Danica was in the finale, but that’s the voting system for you. Also what was going on with Iggy Azalea? I know she couldn’t hear herself, but don’t just stop. At least she finished her performance.

    • Babybop says:

      Thank God someone else mentioned Iggy Azalea. Why would you stop in the middle of your performance? This is live TV! It was very bizarre.

      • Britt says:

        It was weird because she could still hear the music, so she should have kept going. Professionals don’t just stop, they keep going. Also who said to start the show at 9 PM? The recap wasn’t necessary since we saw most of it yesterday. Then certain parts kept repeating in the actual finale.

  19. Babybop says:

    I was happy with the outcome. I only started watching this season because of Meryl, Charlie, James, and Candace so I’m glad one of them won!

    Meryl and Charlie’s dance together was so beautiful and I wish it was longer! But I’m happy James got his encore… BTR forever!!

  20. cc says:

    These last couple of seasons have been so predictable and boring. I wish the producers would stop casting ringers.

  21. Austin says:

    I find that Amy should have won. Here’s the thing. It’s not that Meryl has dance experience, because we all know she does. I’m saying this because Meryl and Maks had some what of an advantage, only because, since Meryl is an ice dancer she already knew how to keep beat, which saves time for them in the beginning, and helps them get higher scores, and she already has correct form for dancing because of what she does. This helps them big time. I find that Amy should have won because she was performing on the same level as Meryl, but with not dance experience. This isn’t because she has no legs, even though it’s amazing that she can perform that well, this is based on who have grown the most. And that would have to be Amy. Meryl had little to no room to grow. She also is more flexible and can do more things than the other dancers because she is already used to it. Don’t get me wrong on this, I’m happy if them, and I’m still happy of the results, I just think that Amy deserved it more that Meryl. Congrats to all the finalist and thanks for an amazing season.

    • Sara says:

      I mean, to be fair… singers have the same musicality. Amber Riley, Drew Lachey, Nicole S, Brandy, Mel B, Corbin… there’s a lot of singers on the show and they ALL have that musicality too. I understand what you’re saying, just wanted to point that out because a lot of people (not necessarily you) forget that a lot of people on this show have had prettttty great musicality

    • Cynthia says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE…..Amy should have won…What a wonderful person inside and out.

  22. Thea says:

    The best dancer won, but beyond that I am SO happy for Maks! As for the order of the finalist, I truly wish it could have been Danica in the Top 3 along with Meryl and Amy (James fourth, Cameron fifth). Hopefully they do another All Star season so she can have another go at it.

  23. Maryann says:

    I never thought I would ever vote for Maks ( he has historicslly acted so terrible to his partners) but Meryl was so perfect this season, and Maks really has been better behaved this time around, so there was really only one choice for the trophy as far as I am concerned.
    The thing about this season though was that we had the best collection of dancers that I can ever remember on the show, and at least 3-4 would have been good enough to win in any other season.
    And the biggest unfairness as far as I am concerned? Charlie White did not make it to the finals.

    • lll says:

      Agree about Charlie. I thought he would have made it to the finals. Guess we’ll have to settle for semi-finalist.

  24. Anne Derasmo Morgante says:

    I am going to get slammed for this, so go right ahead but here goes; I loved Amy and thought she was beyond amazing but she did not belong on this show. She should have been dancing on a paralympic version of DWTS. It was just not an even playing field. Having said that, Meryl and Maks were incredible and the right team won. I don’t know when I have enjoyed a team as much. In the past, Maks never stood a chance of winning because he never had a talented partner, the way a few of the other pros did, time and again. I am so glad that Maks was finally able to achieve his goal of gaining recognition.
    I understand that he is starting his own dance studio in Manhattan and I am sure he wanted this Mirrorball trophy as a token of his professionalism and to aid in the success of his venture.

    • lll says:

      I hear what you’re saying but Amy wanted to come on this show. She didn ‘t want to be treated differently, and I personally admire her for this. She didn’t want her hand held and she didn’t want special treatment. I honestly thought she was going to win; however, she beat a lot of people to end up in second place. That’s shows how good she really is, and that’s an achievement in itself.

  25. Asil says:

    What a shock! A professional ice dancer won Dancing With the Stars!

  26. For says:

    For the record, as a former Ice Dancer, ballroom dancing is close when it comes to the beat, the dance names and performance ability. Balance, and posture are totally different. I am a better skater than dancer.

  27. the8tregirl says:

    My favourite moment of the entire season was in the package where Maks & Meryl have practised an ending for their dance, his face is buried in her abdomen, and she’s rubbing/patting his back. His voice is very muffled (because of being buried thing) when he tells her “You can’t pat me like that.” “Yes, I can,” she tells him forthrightly. “Well, you can,” he tells her. “But you shouldn’t.” “Yes, I should.” Pause. “Well, okay then.”

    Talk about your transformational journeys! Maks is still a man of incredibly strong opinions and beliefs, and he will still speak out about them. But Meryl’s belief in him (I don’t have another way to put that — faith in him? trust in him? love for him?) brought out the part that says you can be both right and gentle.

    When the baby bump is announced, I will be ready with baby-sized t-shirts printed with ‘Boris Bear’ and ‘Oleg Bear’ printed on them.

  28. Leah Faye says:

    If James/Peta couldn’t be in the final 3, then I’m super happy for Maks & Meryl.

  29. mary says:

    Glad Maks won Meryl looked like a big bug annoying to look at!

  30. Garry says:

    Wrong winner announced. This vote shows us that we overlook people with disabilities. You have a couple that won, who both are in excellent health and have all there limbs, “winning”, against a couple with one that has, “TWO’, missing limbs. We can’t imagine how hard Amy worked mentally and physically just to compete in the olympics, and now dancing. Just for her to walk is a great accomplishment. For her to be an Olympian and also dance that majestically. That is awesome!!!!!!!, that is magnificent!!!!!!!, that is remarkable!!!!!!, that is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Amy WON this competition by far.

    • shmrck14 says:

      So then what was the point of the whole season? Amy should have gotten the mirror ball trophy just for showing up? That’s not what she is about, at all.

    • M&Mforthe WIN! says:

      Sorry you can think I’m a witch when I say this and I don’t care but why do we have to bend over backwards to make Amy feel good about herself because she lost her legs? She is of sound mind, has become a parolympian, and obviously lives a very full life. Why should complete bodied people bow down and give her anything? She competed and lost. She rarely did a complete dance where Derek didn’t support her or hold her back. People like you make me want to scream. You’re the same people who think that just because one kid doesn’t like another and that one that isn’t liked gets their feelings hurt, it’s bullying. Yes what she did was great but she didn’t deserve to win because a medical illness caused her to lose her legs. SMH!

      • terryt04 says:

        Thank you M&MfortheWIN! Glad someone said this. You’re the only one of the few people on here that gets it. And one of the people that makes me happy to see say what’s on their mind regardless:)

    • Sarah😜 says:

      I agree 100% Amy should have won! I would like to see some of you try to dance with prosthetic legs. And Candace should not have made it as far as she when scoring 9’s you can’t score a perfect 30. The final four should have been I this order; Amy,James ,Meryl, and Charlie.

  31. terryt04 says:

    Are you kidding me? Someone actually used the “disability card” on here? Smh. I get Amy’s an inspiration but c’mon. She barely danced and Derek held her most of the time during dances (don’t even get me started on the table used in the dance a few weeks ago). I mean, Danica had a broken rib and still danced. Amy has back spasms and it’s “oh no. Poor thing.” I mean, I’m not hating her as a talent, but jeez, enough. Before anyone says the same thing about Meryl, think about it. She might’ve been accused of having an unfair advantage but she proved everyone wrong. She didn’t need pity or a phone call with Oprah to win, she had motivation and the ability to make not only the fans, but also Maks to believe in her. That’s what matters.

  32. Janet says:

    Meryl and Maks deserved to win. Meryl is wonderful and she does not have ballroom experience. Just because she is a gold medal figure skater doesn’t mean she has ballroom experience. Anyway I’m happy Maks finally got the MBT. What a awesome going away present!

  33. Nikki says:

    Meryl and Maks were good, yes, but Danica, in my opinion, was better. James was better. Amy was light years ahead of her. Meryl and Maks made suburban housewives’ ladies parts happy, and that’s why they won. They weren’t dancing, they were wandering around looking for a room and a bed. The soccer moms, like Carrie Ann and Bruno, ate that stuff up. Len was the only one even vaguely grounded in reality, at the beginning, but even he lost it eventually.
    P.S. Abby was soooo on point about Meryl’s feet -_-

    • Sarah😜 says:

      Amen to that!!!

    • Ross Hales says:

      I Totally disagree; Meryl and Max exuded magic and executed each dance perfectly and every dance was breath taking and sublime.; Meryl’s role playing ability was way beyond incredible and her understanding of proper form and grace of movement was astonishing for a non dancer. LOVED HER in every dance!!!

  34. Amber says:

    Nothing against Amy but I’m so glad Derek didn’t win. I feel like they set him up to win with a partner that’s really popular, has dance experience or both. I feel like they were setting him up to win again, with sympathy votes.

  35. Debbie says:

    I voted for Candice and Mark because I think this show should be about the person who improved the most all season WITHOUT ANY sort of dancing experience, Meryl is an ice dancer, and WHEN Amy danced she was great, but most of the time Derek was carrying her around and then the dance when she got all 10’s all she did was slide around on a table top, Candice should have won.

  36. Mary says:

    Erin needs to be fired. She talks about HERSELF constantly. “I think” “I agree with the judges” etc. She is not there to offer her opinions about everything! Bring Brooke back!

  37. Fran says:

    If Charlie had a better pro/choreographer than Shana or Shauna or whatever her name is, he would have lasted longer. Cheryl and Karina would have taken him to the finals. Candace was ok. Nothing great and certainly not as good as James or Charlie or Danica. If you get a pro like Derek or Maks or even Mark, you have an advantage. They are wonderful choreographers. I could do without the lead-footed non-dancers. I fast forward thru those dances and Bruno’s idiocy. Having guest judges did not help the show. I think the judges’ scores should count for much more than viewers’ votes. That makes it a popularity contest. What Amy accomplished was wonderful but not worthy of a final. Derek covered up for her so much – she sat or swung around while he danced. She got the pity vote. Truthfully so did Candace with her mental worries. The show needs a makeover but really needs to get rid of nasal Erin. She was so annoying – ugh! Brooke was excellent.

    • Ross Hales says:

      I disagree; the show format is great but need to make sure to get informed guest judges who have a love for the art and exercise judgement properly. I loved Erin; she was a welcome addition and was very incitement and appreciated the effort each contestant fully.

  38. Dianna Brendle says:

    Oh my gosh, it’s about who the viewers want to see win, when it comes down to it, who gets the most votes, who the viewers enjoyed the most and voted to win, Amy supporters, get over it. She has been raved about also, she simply did not get enough votes to win, Meryl got the votes and I am glad of it. I think she was the best, I enjoyed their dances the most, I would pay to see her dance, I would not pay to see Amy dance. She was amazing with no legs, but by the end all her dances had the same few steps she was great at, the swiveling back and forth, the laid back dips and lots of lifts, she needed stools and desks and a circus act on the rope because she couldn’t do all the needed dance steps and moves. Maybe to make it completely fair to please all who think only someone with no experience dancing or entertaining should be on the show, and only other ice skaters should have competed against Meryl, perhaps Amy should compete against other people with the same disabilities to be fair. Enough is enough, Meryl and Maks won, live with it.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, I really don’t get this entire debate at all, either-it’s gotten absolutely ridiculous. Reality/competition shows may not always be fair and accurate? There might be bias or favoritism? Gee, color me absolutely shocked! All of you arguing in this thread over voting and fairness and whatnot are in for a world of disappointment with TV shows if this honestly surprises you so much.
      I just watch the show ’cause I think the dances are fun. And if there’s a celebrity on I like, it’s entertaining to watch them try a new activity, and I like some of the pro dancers as well. Beyond that, I don’t get too bugged about this stuff one way or another *Shrugs*.

  39. chance says:

    Since Purdy could not be judged by her footwork (obviously) the others were at an unfair advantage, congrats to the winners, they deserved it all.

  40. Glolou says:

    Just happy Derek didn’t win! He never gets a bad dancer,ever!!

  41. Joanne says:

    I truly believe Meryl and Max should have won. It was truly well deserved. They were phenominal. But, I also believe that Danika should have been in the top 3. Unfortunately, people vote on who they like instead of who is really good.

  42. gary says:

    do not let any professional dancers compete except to teach.

  43. When is dancing with the stars starting again?