Supernatural Stars Preview 'Chilling' Finale Cliffhanger, 'Extreme' Measures to Save Dean

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersWith Dean full of First Blade-fueled rage after last week’s Supernatural, Sam and Castiel will be forced to do the unthinkable to save their brother and friend in this Tuesday’s season finale (The CW, 9/8c).

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“Sam and Cas are going to have to team up because Dean has powers that are heretofore unknown, so they’re surprising both Sam and Cas,” previews star Jared Padalecki. “We have to go to a pretty big extreme to take care of what’s going on with Dean.”

Meanwhile, as Cas faces the loss of his angelic powers, he “may go to great lengths” to save his own skin, says co-star Misha Collins; at least it seems like he’ll have some time before his juice runs out completely. “I’m interested to see what the writers do with Cas’ fading grace in Season 10.”

Although the Winchesters have been at odds for much of the year, Padalecki assures TVLine that the season ender is full of “a lot of what makes Sam and Dean Sam and Dean and a lot of that brotherly love that the show is based on. You see a lot of it in the finale, in a weird way. So hopefully, next season, we bounce off of that” to show a stronger bond between the two, he says.

While finishing some post-production sound work for the episode, Padalecki found himself overwhelmed by a gamut of emotions. “Parts of it made me laugh, parts of it brought me to tears and parts of it really gave me that feeling where I was excited to see what happens next,” he says.

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But before fans can see what comes next this fall, they should prepare for a long, torturous summer: Padalecki teases that Tuesday’s hour closes with a “huge” cliffhanger that changes the landscape “big time.”

“More than any other season before, this season finale has implications for Season 10,” he adds. Says Collins, who sums up the ending as “chilling”: “It may be the best last 10 seconds of a season that we’ve had in five years.”

(With reporting by Matt Mitovich)

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  1. Jerry says:

    Honestly I hope the last 10 seconds are God showing up, and I hope he is pissed.

    • EJ386 says:

      That would be awesome… I’m not sure how they would properly portray that though.

    • Lysh says:

      I want God to be played by Rob Benedict (Chuck) but I know that’s a longshot.

    • Henry says:

      THIS!!!! I’ve been thinking the exact same thing, God showing up and him being pissed off as hell for how the angels have been running things “in his name”… This would make thing soooo exciting and would definitely make it a tortuous summer..!!!

    • Abed Nadir says:

      Kripke’s last parting words before leaving after the fifth season were “no more God”

      Chuck as God was meant to be a little nod
      It wasn’t meant to be anything more than that.

  2. Dan says:

    “of “a lot of what makes Sam and Dean Sam and Dean and a lot of that brotherly love that the show is based on. You see a lot of it in the finale, in a weird way. So hopefully, next season, we bounce off of that”

    I don’t understand. They’ll show brotherly love but the boys will still be at odds? Also, the “weird way” part doesn’t give me much confidence.

    • Scotty says:

      One episode of brotherly love is supposed to make up for the other 22 episodes of crapping all over them. The writers are hacks.

      • Dan says:

        I agree. However, it would be good if they started with the season finale. I’m not holding my breath, though.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I so disagree. This is one of my favorite seasons. They are getting older and they have to change at least a little. Also in this season it is reasonable that they didnt get along. This season was fantastic, Each show I would wait impatiently for each show. I only wish Misha was in it more. The show has many fantastic writers who take turns. I loved this season with a lot of great episodes

        • Jude says:

          Me too!! Me too!!! Me too!!!! Like you, Elizabeth, I have enjoyed each and every episode, some maybe a little more than others, but I’ve felt rewarded for my loyalty as each episode ended.

          I have three siblings I would die / kill for…… but that sure as hell doesn’t mean that we agree on every little/ large issue. I think the writers have done a great job since day one!

  3. Tran says:

    Really hope that Supernatural is going to get a “final season” soon. Make it happen CW.

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      I don’t want it to end. I just want the writing to get better and bring back bobby!

      • Jane says:

        That would be wonderful. Get some really good writers back on the show, who actually remember what the show is about and what has happened in the past. Then find a way to fix some of the past mistakes like killing Bobby. I really want the show to go on for a long time and hate to see the way the current writers have messed things up.

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          I completely agree with you.

        • Dan says:

          Great comment. Completely agree.

        • Drew says:

          Bringing back Bobby would be bad writing. If death means nothing on this show, we might as well just watch The Vampire Diaries.
          The writers are fine now. They just need to get out of the angel/demon rut that they’re in.

          • Scotty says:

            The writers are lazy and can’t bother to follow the show’s previous canon. Continuity is a total joke.

          • Jane says:

            Normally I would agree, but we’re talking about Bobby. Surely we can make an exception for him, please? :)

          • Drew says:

            The writers are fine. Bloodlines didn’t stick with canon, but I like to pretend that one never happened. What else directly violated canon?
            Lazy would be bringing Bobby back just because we like him. Whether or not it was a mistake to kill him, it happened. People don’t come back to life just because we miss them.

          • Jane says:

            OK, in the name of good writing I’ll concede, however, I will hold out hope that if they take the fight to Heaven they will find Bobby already potting an overthrow with other souls.

            With regard to your other question I think Reapers as angels violates canon.

          • Hmm. says:

            When has death ever meant something on this show? How many times have Sam, Dean and Cas come back from the grave? Why not Bobby?

          • Drew says:

            Reapers as angels isn’t a direct violation. We know that there are different beings in the angel family, serving different functions in the world. Reapers could be angels of death. Not angels like Castiel, but related.
            I will grant that this wasn’t made clear and the episode as a whole should have focused more on Tessa so that this story was more clear. But I wouldn’t call it a direct violation of canon. Just somewhat sloppy plotting.

        • Sina Taslimy says:

          bobby came out of his deal with crowley by talking to his son,s ghost
          but now his son is here and the past is changed and that could alter everything ellen ash joe bobby could be alive in the new timeline ?right?
          well we have to see

    • aria says:

      Season 10 is the final.

    • Daisy says:

      That’s CRAZY!!!! Supernatural is a awesome show I don’t want it to end. Many fans don’t want this awesome show to end. The character are cool especially Cass. Cass is AWSOME <3 :) !!! He's my favorite character ever!!!:) I hope that next season with his powers fading doesn't do anything bad to him. But then again he is going to be a main character, so its all cool. Really the only reason I still watch SPN is because Cass is still in it, because if he wasn't in the show I wouldn't be watching it. I got bored with season 1,2, and 3. But season 4,5,6,7,8, and 9 were good but mainly the episodes with Cass in them were good, but without Cass in the show I would never see the show again. :(

    • alexjones says:

      no supernatural has to get one more season beyond next season so it can overtake smallville as the longest sci-fi/fantasy show, smallville will still be slightly ahead when supernatural finishes it’s tenth season due to season 3 having a reduced episode count due the the writers strike, so supernatural needs a season 11 to become the longest running (in the US at least).

      and as the getting out of the angel/demon rut as someone put it, I disagree, if they dropped the angel/demon storyline, they’d have to come up with some random new foe to keep the show going, they tried that in season 7 with the leviathans and it was a disaster.

    • Jensen Fan says:

      final season? If you dont like then dont watch it! stop being an idjit!

      • Val says:

        I so agree Jensen Fan-I can’t understand people whining and moaning about the Whole Season being bad and lousy writers and on and on! Mark P. has said the ratings this season have been higher than ever before and he wouldn’t mind them continuing on for a few more years.He obviously didn’t make that up.I myself think this season has been incredible and love the show as much as ever.I can’t imagine watching something week after week that I found inferior and poorly written.My time is too important,I would just change the channel!

  4. akane171 says:

    I’m not ready for this!! Gross sobbing is coming TT

  5. Linda says:

    “…So hopefully, next season, we bounce off of that” to show a stronger bond between the two, he says.”

    I really hope the writers get their sh1t together and put the brothers back together.

  6. Lysh says:

    The brotherly love is what’s kept me going with this show, but I really hope they don’t start off season 10 with lying to each other. I swear they have this agreement that they make and then quickly break every. season. and it drives me crazy. There’s other ways to have tension besides lying or withholding the truth.

    • Scotty says:

      It’s not every season, it’s only since Carver has taken over. He’s a hack.

      • Jo says:

        ? They’ve lied to each other every season. Or are you one of those newbs who thinks it was all sunshine and unicorns farting rainbows in the Kripke years?

    • Ahoy says:

      Yep, this is the reason I’m still watching.
      I hope this is the beginning of the writers fixing what they broke. Hopefully it’s not too late.

      • Jane says:

        Um… sorry, but this thing has happened before many times. They fight, then they are brothers again and again and over the same thing. So not as excited as they probably think I should be. All this has happened many times before.

  7. Jo says:

    I reeeeeally hope we aren’t set for a return of the codependency that got them in this mess to start with.

    • Jane says:

      I think that is exactly what is gonna happen *sigh* . At this point I do not understand anymore what is this (the plot), what they are doing and for what reason ..

      • Daisy says:

        I don’t know why so of you guys are complaining about its a show what do you wzpwct. Come on guys. The show is fine its awesome. the characters are cool (especially Cass who is ny FAVORITE), also the storylines ae good too, and the writers are trying their best to keep the show good and they are doing fine. So STOP complaining!!!!! >:(

        • Daisy says:

          I wrote some things wrong like:
          I don’t know why so (many) of you guys….
          And I miss spelled expecting.

  8. Arthur says:

    Loving Carver’s era of the show on the whole – can’t wait to see what comes in season 10. I’m just glad to know that Dean, Sam, and Cas are all confirmed for the next season!

  9. Katie says:

    Yeah, not sure what all the complaining is about. I, personally, have LOVED this season, and I think Carver doing the showrunning has done nothing but breathe new life into Supernatural. Seasons six and seven were such a mess, it’s nice to see a showrunner with an arc that is something more than Monsters of the Week. I do think there were too many big bads this season (Crowley, Metatron, AND Abaddon) but Crowley typically isn’t considered a villain, and Abaddon’s purpose was probably to allow Dean to kill the last Knight of Hell and introduce the First Blade, so I really can’t complain. I know it’s painful to have the brothers at odds, but we all know they’ll come back together in the end, and until that happens, I have really enjoyed seeing Sam and Dean strengthen their bond with Cas. This trio is absolutely perfect – they’ve all made giant mistakes, and have had to go through a lot to regain the other’s trust, and it’s just nice to see them working together in a way they never really have before. I know Dean has been “off the reservation” this season, but, again, we all know it won’t last, they won’t leave Dean evil and in the meantime, we’ve gotten some really lovely scenes between Sam and Cas. And we usually get lovely scenes between Dean and Cas, so that part’s not really new. But anyway, I’m enjoying the ride.

    • Melanie Desi says:

      *wishes for a ‘vote up’ button for this post* Agreed! I have loved this season as well. I didn’t think S6 was that much of a mess, but S7 – yeah, less said the better for S7.

      Can’t wait for S10!

    • Claris says:

      I loved everything, everything so far in seasons 8 and 9 agree with everything you and @Arthur spoke.

    • Daisy says:

      I TOTTALY AGREE Katie!!!!!! The show is awesome. I agree. And the haracters are cool too. But Cass would be my favorite!! <3 :) This show is awesome I also didn't like the whole moster stuff but the show did ge better after Cass came he made the show COOL, AWESOME \, and GREAT!! I don't know why so people complain about this show its cool. And actually the trio are all bros. Dean, Sam, and Cass(in a way. Dean, Sam and Cass all once said that they were family.)

      • Hmm. says:

        It’s Cas* FYI

        • Victoria says:

          Actually canonically it’s Cass, but according to the fandom they like to write it like Cas. So she’s right.

          • Lili says:

            His name is Castiel, the shortened version is Cas. It’s spelt Cas because Castiel only has one s…

          • Becky says:

            That’s right, only one S in Cas.

          • Sara says:

            It’s also spelled as Cass in the scripts. Not every nickname is spelled the way you would think it is. And, just because the fandom spells it one way, doesn’t make it right.

        • Candace says:

          No it isn’t, its Cass. Its spelled that way in scripts. Fans don’t get to decide everything, they may want it spelled cas for some reason but its not. Its spelled Cass.

      • G says:

        I know being 10 years old is hard and all, Daisy, but could you please pack up your smiley faces and your Cas boner and go away so the adults can talk? No one cares who your favorite character is; you don’t need to mention it in every single comment you make.

  10. John says:

    When a show with such a dense mythology goes on for this long, it’s kind of inevitable that things become a mess. I really hope that Season 10 is the end.

  11. Drew says:

    Carver has turned the show around from the mess of season 7. The show is still solid and there is a lot of potential for things to come. I really don’t care if the brothers argue or whatever. Anyone who doesn’t expect that by now is missing something. But what I would hope for next year are more human stories and less angels and demons. It has been hard to relate to the war stories this year because the Winchesters aren’t really a part of those worlds and it doesn’t really matter to us. I wouldn’t mind wrapping up those stories and then shelving angels and demons for a while. There are a lot of human based stories out there and other monsters to hunt as well.

    • Alane says:

      Personally, angel’s stories is one of the main thing that still gets me. One of the main reason I’m still watching

      • Drew says:

        I can’t connect to it at all. There is no human peril. Nothing for Sam and Dean to do in that battle. In some ways it feels like a spinoff of the series is slowly taking over the show… I’m not even sure what to expect in the finale at this point. What is the mission for the Winchesters? I get that they have to address this conflict and resolve it, but I am ready for that to happen.

  12. Claris says:

    Angels and Demons were the TOP for me and loved Supernatural seasons 8 and 9. Thank you Carver! THANK YOU! :D

  13. Heale says:

    I just hope to “place we haven’t gone before” in the finale isn’t something brotherly bonding related because this is not. something. they haven’t. done before.

  14. beth says:

    Im hoping that this giant tease isnt going to be as underwhelming as the angels falling. There hasnt been a real cliffhanger season finale since one. I’d really like to know when Supernatural turned into a soap opera.

  15. Ella says:

    I want Kripke back now that Revolution is dunzo. I love Supernatural but I miss the days of good, consistent writing and not messing with the mythology.

  16. Dee says:

    What I want to know is where all these obvious trolls came from.

    Never read some of these peoples’ comments before. Daisy, honey? Spell-check and punctuation are our friends. Also? Castiel sucks and is a waste of air.

    This season has sucked balls and the angel storyline is so, so beyond boring. Someone up above said that we can’t be invested in the angel storyline. Exactly right. Sam and Dean have been relegated to the sidelines of their own freaking show.

    Bring back Kripke, please!!

  17. Sara says:

    You know what would be totally off the wall – if Dean became the new king of Hell. That’s a long shot.
    Do we think that Dean might kill Sam? Or try to kill Sam?

  18. Breck says:

    The last shot should be of a dump somewhere and we zoom in to see Dean’s necklace that Cas threw out….and it starts to glow, meaning that God is around

  19. Beverly Kohl says:

    Supernatural is obviously doing many things right to have so many of us invested in the characters, the story, and the excitement of this season finale. Supernatural has created a show that involves us and here we all are reaching to predict what’s up for Dean, how will Cas handle his grace burning out, will the Cain/Able past be replayed if Dean slays Sam or if Sam and Cas kill Dean as the extreme to saving him? Will they all end up in the veil with the lost souls who can’t get into heaven? Will they join Bobby, Jo, and Ellen in heaven – slipping in through a side door of course – or will season 10 be something entirely new? I can’t wait for showtime! Love the hype! Love the characters – Dean! I am pulling for you! For some reason Dean’s determination to do whatever it takes to save Sammy tugs at my heartstrings and the fact that it does makes Supernatural, for me, a far cry above all the cop shows and similarly predictable plots out there on TV. I haven’t always liked the story lines. I can’t believe how sad the rift between Sam and Dean has made me feel But I love that this show has made me feel! I love that we have fan art and fan stories. I love the variety of comments above. Hooray! What an extraordinary and downright fun show Supernatural is!

  20. mark says:

    They planned a 10 season run as for Rob Benedict (Chuck) comeing back as god. When the boys find out they will be pissed. Also need to find out what happned to their parents they are missng.

  21. zovi says:

    Oh my God!!!!!!!!!! The finale was incredible/ happy/ depressing/ OMG. I can’t believe what happened. I don’t know how I’m going to recover from the last 10 minutes. Both my heart and brain are now broken :'(

  22. Lily says:

    I don’t even know… I’m not sure how to recover from that episode. I just… I can’t life. I’m just glad we already know there’s gonna be a season 10. Those last couple minutes… They messed me up, man, they messed me up real good. The worst part, though, is that I predicted it early on in the episode, after Crowley said Cain was a demon and Dean’s body couldn’t support the power of the blade. I instantly thought back to the episode with the dream root, when Dean was talking to himself as a demon. I don’t know whether to be proud of myself for predicting it, sad that I was right, happy to see a new side of Dean, or pissed that he’s now what he is supposed to be hunting. UGH. I don’t wanna wait for the new season!

    • Sara says:

      I agree with a lot of this. I knew something big was going to happen, that’s for sure! I think for me I’m just unable to process this yet. I mean, Dean as a DEMON?! It’s the craziest thing ever. Not being possessed by one, but actually being one?! After drinking all that demon blood and being Lucifer’s vessel, I really thought that if one of them went that dark that it would be Sam. I guess the writers got sick of making Sam the evil one. It is definitely a new twist on things. Yeah, it might be interesting for a couple of episodes, but nobody in their right mind is going to want to see Dean stay that way indefinitely. It’ll create nothing but fan outcry. And, I don’t see how demon Dean is going to be too helpful in working on the brotherly love and bonding…

      I’ve heard a thousand times about how the writers read what the fans have to say on Facebook and Twitter and they’re trying to give the fans what they want to see. Yeah, Dean going dark is new and nobody can deny that Jensen’s even hotter when he’s playing a dark character, but Dean is not evil. He’s very complex and definitely a badass when he wants to be, but he’s not EVIL. He’s the hero. He’s the one we all want to win. It’s going to be hard to fight for the bad guy. I mean, it’s Jensen playing him, so we’ll still root for him, but he still can’t stay that way. They will definitely have to fix him. I really think the luster of this new excitement and intensity will wear off after a couple episodes of watching Dean kill innocent humans…

      • Sara says:

        As a side note, every year they end us with a crazy cliffhanger…from Dean’s deal to save Sam, Dean going to hell, Sam going to hell, Castiel being the new God, Dean in purgatory, Sam almost dying and the angels falling to this. It’s more extreme because it’s Dean and he’s a demon, the thing he hates the absolute most, but at the end of every season we always wonder how they’re going to fix whatever horrible thing they did and they always do. They’ll fix this too or a lot of people will stop watching. Very few people will want to see Dean stay a demon indefinitely. Besides, what was really the point of them learning how to cure a demon if they wouldn’t ever end up using it.

        And, before anyone says anything about it starting up the trials, we don’t know for sure that it would. Sam may very well be able to cure Dean without dying. And, it doesn’t have to be Sam’s blood. It just has to be human. Also, if Castiel gets his grace back he might be quite helpful in all of this. I know they’ve got some kind of trick up their sleeves. I sure hope they’ve figured it all out already. I remember reading about Kripke trying to figure out how they would get Dean out of hell. They went there and then they had to figure a way out of it, which is where the angels came into play; angels that Kripke always said they would never have on the show.

  23. mark says:

    The thing is that Dean has always had a dark side to him and the blade brought it out

  24. James says:

    Just rewatched the episode and while there is a lot of stuff I wanna talk about I was asked what drink is it that Sam is drinking in the last couple min of the episode before going to summon Crowley. Looks like a scotch but I’m not sure. it also looks like the last couple letters on the bottle are “ki’s” I’m not 100% on that though. Anyway help would be wonderful

  25. Dennis says:

    Just wrapped up watching the final episode. Excellent cliffhanger. There’s a bit of irony in the idea of Dean being a demon now with the way he acted when Sam was juicing up with demon blood. I was a bit ticked when they killed Abbadon, though. I thought they could have done so much more with the character. I hope they explore the Men of Letters plot more next season because I don’t know how Dean is going to get out of this one…alive.