Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Finals (Part 1): Did the Right Star Go Home?

DWTS cameron 325Though season 18 may be remembered as one of the most injury-plagued ever (let’s hope this ends with pro Mark Ballas’ scary, headline-generating shoulder injury over the weekend), the two-part Dancing With the Stars finale still pointed directly to Olympic ice dancing darling Meryl Davis as the hot favorite to be showered with glitter, confetti and Mirrorball glory tomorrow night.

Along with our four remaining celebs (Meryl, Candace Cameron Bure, James Maslow and Amy Purdy) tackling the judge’s pick and make-or-break freestyle dances, tonight’s live show was further enhanced by no guest judges (can I get a high-five, producers?!) and a truly shocking elimination.

Let’s high-kick right to the highlights:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT: With the perfect paddles flying yet again, James’ terrific tango and fabulous freestyle were each just a point shy of flawless (as was Amy’s high-flying freestyle), but for my money, here is the top dance of the night:

Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: With the ballroom illuminated by a fiery red glow, Meryl’s oh-so-hot Argentine tango was sensual, sizzling and sheer perfection. Bruno Tonioli called it “sumptuously seductive” and was so overcome by the performance, he delivered his accolades (“ever more stunning, ever more beautiful, ever more surprising”) in respectful, almost hushed tones. Len Goodman once again predicted it would be the dance of the night, while Carrie Ann Inaba gushed over their chemistry and “this incredible magic that none of us can put into words.” Yeah, nothing but 10s here, kids.

CO-RUNNERS-UP:  Amy Purdy & Derek Hough: Despite another back-pain scare in rehearsals, Amy’s sensational salsa brought down the ballroom. “Flashy, exhilarating, flamboyant,” shouted Bruno, while Carrie Ann applauded Amy’s growth, with crisper movements and stronger musicality than ever before.  Len called it “fabulous” before all three gleefully whipped out their “10” paddles.

Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: How can yet another dose of Meryl perfection only land a runner-up slot? Their majestic, skin-baring (Maks just skipped the shirt altogether) freestyle brought out the Carrie Ann romantic waterworks (“I think you guys should get married!”) before summarizing the dance as “divinity in motion.” Once again, Bruno was almost hushed in his praise (“as close as it gets to a flawless work of art”). Len concluded with “there’s good, there’s great, and there’s Meryl.” And of course, another round of 10’s.


James Maslow & Peta Murgatroyd

Candace Cameron Bure & Mark Ballas


James Maslow & Peta Murgatroyd

“It’s alright, I’ve really had an amazing experience on the show,” said a gracious James, amidst scattered boos from disappointed (shocked?) fans in the ballroom. “I’ve made some amazing friends, and I’m just grateful for the opportunity.”

And with that, it’s your turn. Did the right couple go home tonight?? Can anyone combat Meryl’s perfection and win the Mirrorball trophy? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sara says:

    Unshockingly, no, the right star did not go home (again). Candace is decent, but James was better. He deserved to be in the final three. Whatever, though. I will lose it if Meryl doesn’t win. She’s the the best dancer technically, she’s a beautiful dancer. Maks & Meryl deserve to win this. Not confident in any way whatsoever that they will – but they should.

    • Kays says:

      I agree with every word you said here, Sara!

      • kay says:

        Really bad elimination. I feel because Candace was on Full House and is a vocal Christian she is getting the votes. It should be about dance. If she wins over Meryl Davis, I will never watch this show again.

        • shar says:

          Agree 100% that if Max and Meryl do not win then something is wrong because although Amy is very inspirational and love what she has been able to accomplish with Derek as her partner they do not hold a candle to Max and Meryl on the dance floor. Max and Meryl’s chemistry is undeniable and their freestyle and Argentine Tango had you literally holding your breath watching the two of them.

          • Linda says:

            I agree 100% too, Max and Meryl should win and if not then it is fixed and I will not watch anymore. I admire Amy for what she is doing, but Meryl is the best dancer.

          • rotties65 says:

            Wow great comments. Agree with all of you who want Max and Meryl. I think Amy is incredible and she is more than amazing. But Max needs to win.
            Meryl has been the best partner he has ever had. 100% chemistry!!

          • cheryl says:

            I agree that Meryl and max deserve to win.. But the judges love Amy. She has Derek as a partner and he makes everyone look good. If Amy wins I will never watch this show again

          • Dave says:

            of course Meryl would win, she does just as well if not better on blades on ice. Voting James off was wrong, Candice with 8’s and 9’s and was 3rd place? Fixed? i believe so. Amy was amazing to watch and admire and respect here accomplishments, but Meryl out dances her. If Amy would have won some would have said he did because of her handicap. I think it would have been interesting to see Meryl and her skating partner be the 2 finalist and see thee results. Would that have broken up that relationship? Hard to say

        • Kathi says:

          kay….you nailed it. James is head and shoulders above Candace.

          • Dan says:

            Candace got low scores that night and other nights because the judges were prejudiced against her. If you had watched her dances as closely as you should have you would have seen that she danced better than everyone there except perhaps Meryl. You were wrong for saying that her dances were poor compared to James. She danced better than James – and Amy. Most of Amy’s dance moves were not so much “dance” as they were “position” in Derek’s hands. Derek was great. Amy was not. She simply looked good in his care. I admire her. She has tremendous courage. But she did not display dance skills and moves that merited anywhere near final four. And the vast number of “tens” that were so generously handed out were not deserved. It was shameless. If more realistic scores were given according to skills displayed on the hardwood floor, then you would see that Candace would have finished in one of the top two slots. You said that Candace’s Christianity gave her a points advantage. Well not with the judges. I believe it had the opposite effect. Now about Meryl. She won, and she should have won. She was unquestionably the “best” dancer. But she was an experienced, well trained, Olympic gold medal winning “DANCER”. And please don’t make me sick with more of that “ice dancing and hard floor dancing are two totally different things, one is on blades, the other is on a hard floor.” Whether on blades or in shoes, or bare feet – it is all dancing. The training is similar. The posture, gracefulness, conditioning, preparation for intense competition, like the Olympics, dealing with nerves and fear during live competition, none of which Candace has in her background, all add up to experienced dancer. She was in the competition, and she won because she was the best. But I say she had a drastic advantage over all the other contestants other than Charlie, and beyond him, perhaps Amy. Had the experienced dancers not been in the competition with everyone else who had no dancing background, then Candace would have won it all. Shame on DWTS for the way you treated a true amateur. You were wrong in what you did. I think there were other good reasons Candace had so many loyal fans besides the fact she is a dedicated Christian woman. Among those reasons is that many of us saw the unfairness in the judging, that some of you point to as evidence that Candace was not as good a dancer. We also began to see DWTS attempt to prevent our votes by shutting down a huge voting region in the US. I never got the chance to vote after her semi final night. even though I tried many times.
            Yet somehow enough fans kept her alive. I felt sorry for Charlie. I thought that night James should have been bumped, not Charlie. And it was after Charlie was bumped that the judges did exactly what I expected them to do with Candace first dance on Monday night of the finals, “all eights”. Her dance was great, and deserved at least all nines. Two of the other three dancers got all tens, and one got tens and on nine. And then when on Tuesday night they announced something new – this time the points allowed from fan votes could only be counted as no more than half the total score, I knew they “the judges” got their way.. They also said that the judges scores would count as half the total vote. Does anyone but me see the manipulative design of that rule. In other words, if the judges scored Candace low on Monday night, 51, and Meryl 60, and Amy 59. And then on Tuesday, scored Candace 27, but scored Amy and Meryl 30 each, then Candace’s fan vote points are now limited to no more than equal or less than the judges scores. The judges were in the driver seat. I think they knew that on Monday night, and thus the “low ball” scores. And the 27 on Tuesday as compared to the other two getting perfect 30s, then the competition is over. The judges won. Or should I say, the judges’ and their favorites won. I think with that new rule in their minds Monday night, the judges had already made their decision. That night they already knew who they had picked to win. And finally they could get rid of Candace. How? Because they limited her fan vote. And that is what happened.
            I would love for DWTS to have the courage and integrity to reveal the total number of fan votes Candace, Meryl, and Amy got in that last vote. I challenge them to do it, and post it on their Facebook sight. But I don’t think they have the integrity to do it. Bottom line. Good bye DWTS.
            I am through with you. And to those of you who are pleased with how things turned out, I am happy for you. But I wish for just a minute you would think about what was happening behind the scenes. Yes your favorite won. But at what cost?

          • disappointed_dancer says:

            I agree with you, Kathi. Candace should have been eliminated the week after NeNe — don’t care about anyone’s religion. This is a dance competition — not a church meeting. Candace was always missing steps and then she would get that “deer in the headlights” look that she does so well. She should never have been in the final 3.

      • morgan flynn says:

        Couldn’t agree more. Every time she dances, I tear up – and i’m a 72 yo hardened vet – she’s just exquisite. Go Meryl and Maks

    • Kim R says:

      Could not agree more. With everything you said. :) I am so hoping that Maks and Meryl win because they deserve to. I’m not sure I can take it if they don’t. :D

      • Carol Ignatz says:

        Max and Meryl are hands down the best dancing team that has ever been on DWTS!!! Of they don’t win, something is wrong, this whole program is fixed!!! Candace is not all that good and it shows, Amy can only do some of the steps, but she really tries. Neither one is a better dancer than Meryl. Meryl and Max dance almost as one, they are the best of the best!!! They deserve to win!!!

        • MBK says:

          Meryl is the best, period. She didn’t “know the steps”, she knew how the ice skate albeit so well that she won a gold medal. Meryl and Maks danced to perfection and they deserved to win. Cameron is a train wreck (“the day that Mark hurt his shoulder was the hardest, most difficult day in my life so far, next to having my children.” )Really? All Amy talks about is her disability and her back spasms. ALL dancers have backs spasms, muscle aches and pains but they don’t focus on it. I was a gymnast a dancer and then I taught both. I contracted bacterial meningitis and subsequent paralysis from it in 2011. I know a lot of folks that overcame a lot worse than Amy did and NEVER complain about it. She should have just danced with a smile on her face and never complained, never kept talking about her disability. Derek “carried” her through every dance. She did a good job, but she relied on pity for her votes. Carrie Ann even said “there was no dancing, but you were dancing with your soul”. That hat has no place on this show! It just shows you the judges play favorites…

    • Chris Lantz says:

      I agree with Sara! Now, how about replacing Erin? She’s too loud and unrefined for the job. Bring Brooke back!

    • susan proper says:

      This is about dancing….Meryl is technically the best…sometimes popularity contests make me dislke the show

    • Patty says:

      I firmly agree with you

    • Carla Facio says:

      I just don’ get it, is this a dancing competition or a popularity contest? Candace is a wonderful person and did pretty good for someone that has never danced, but this is a dancing competition and she should have been gone three weeks ago. Danika, Charles and James are much better dancers in every way. Come on, vote for the dancer and not for the star.
      If she stays and Meryl doesn’t win I am not watching this show again.

    • Sha'non says:

      I so agree with you the final three should have been James, Meryl and Amy. Candace is a good dance but not the best 3 that are still on the show. Meryl and Maks deserve to win this year and I hope that happens.

    • jeje says:


    • rosie says:

      I agree with Sara. Candace is far inferior to James. She must have the whole Christian community voting for her, as afterall she dances for “only one.” Disgusting.

      • Rosie palms says:

        I seriously hope she wins to piss ogf the liberal scum such as yourself.

        • Joe Codi says:

          The Ammerican (sic) Taliban has just spoken

        • Wendy Lizardiiii says:

          I resent that I use to Vote for Cameron-Bure at first but than I started to see how bad she was doing and she was no more inspiration to me like Meryl did so I switched and Cameron-Bure does not deserve to WIN Meryl Deserves to Win this season because she is so inspirational with doing dwts and Stars on Ice she has worked so hard for this win so Maks can finally get his MB… I have faith that Meryl will Win it tonite! At Least I’m PRAYING for her to WIN!

        • Bgdavis47 says:

          Oh please… Wake up and open your little mind!

        • America says:

          Rosie, the ONLY SCUM is you! Candace SUCKS as you do, go finger your old nasty stuff in a corner somewhere you overweight slob; I smell rotten fish.

    • Carol St. Dizier says:

      candace is a klutz with no musicality. James was a natural beautiful dancer. She should have gone home long before, especially with all the flubs last week.

    • RUCookie says:

      This times 1000 – Meryl and Maks better win . . . if they lose, any shred of credibility that the show had will be lost. Candace has lasted far too long and people that belonged in the finale have been lost.

    • Linda Lorraine says:

      you are so right! on all counts

    • Becca says:

      Agree with you 100 percent. I’ll lose all faith in this show if team Meryl loses!

    • Joe Codi says:

      ABC should dispense with viewers voting. The public votes not on talent but on personality, fame, and religion preference. In almost every season there has been injustice. Gilles Marini’s talent and hard work in season 8 was not match against “darling gold medal gymnast” Shawn Johnson, who relied more on gymnastics than dance to win. Besides, he is French………how could he possibly win.

      • America says:

        ABSOLUTELY Erin does NOT work! She is big and klutzy and WRONG! TERRIBLE! OMG! Candace should have been gone AGES ago! She is NOT better than James and most definitely NOT better than Candice. Candice scored the first complete 10 Scores. Won’t be watching this show again for a long, long, long time.

        • America says:

          Oops, I meant Danica; NOT Candace! Danica is the SUPERIOR dancer! Amy was NOT that good either…her votes were pity votes. The three (3) people that should have been up there are Meryl, James, and Danica. They were the BEST!

    • Carla says:

      Meryl & Maks did deserve to win; they were beautiful and just darn near perfect. But what else would you expect from two polished professionals who know choreography techniques, timing, acting, etc. better than the average joe, i.e. Drew Carey or Candace. It was a no-brainer that a pro would take the title over Joe Blow. And Erin Andrews is obnoxious.

    • DONNA ROCCHI says:


    • tony urmos says:

      Yes you are right, she is one if not the best they ever had on DWTS!!! Imagine if she kept dancing how good she would be, good as a pro!!!!

    • Dennis says:

      I like Candace, but James is a better dancer. James should have made the final 3. Amy should be no. 2 and Meryl should be champion! PS-Max, you deserve to win this one with Meryl!!

    • Steve Vines says:

      Yes, James should have been in top three but remember, Donnie Osmond won too on fan base! Meryl and Max was hands down and heads up better than the the rest and deserve the win. Cudo’s to Derik for training Amy well and they should have gotten at least an honeray trophy, after all, there are Special Olypics. Nuff said. Congrats to Max, I’ll miss you!

    • annette says:

      I have watched DWTS from the beginning and by far this was the best season ever and the right couple won.

    • misschrisr says:

      I agree totally with you Sara. However I feel Candy should have gone home when Danica was eliminated. Danica was a better dancer, it was due to her broken rib that caused the elimination.
      Amy was given special breaks due to her injury at the same time as Danica, however Danica did not receive any. Danica and Val were better than Candace and Mark.

    • lavinia trull says:


    • If you think that taking lessons since Meryl was three and dancing all her life is fair to win the trophy I guess you should be glad that she won. I don’t believe she or the pro deserve to win because there was no competition with any of the other stars, she is a pro regardless of ice dancing it’s dancing and she has taken so many different fancying lessons to prepare her for the Olympics. Meryl only had to practice the routine every week to perfect it but didn’t have to tale time to lean positions,mumps, dancing, acting, performing etc. etc. Meryl and Maks would have been better off if DWTS would have given them a trophy at the beginning of the show and have a real competition among the rest STARS. Wasn’t it enough that Maks cried and beg to get the trophy every week because he has never won it but the fact is he never won it because he is not a good choreographer and his actitud and work ethics sock.
      He had never won because he is not that good as a teacher period.

  2. The Dancing Fool says:

    Do not underestimate the power of Full House.

    Also, the ‘tweens’ had their smart phones taken away from them last week after their parent’s phone bills arrived in the mail. Oh well, back to waiting tables Mr. Maslow, no?

    • Steven says:

      She also has the crazy extreme Christian right wingers who propelled Palin to finale. Maslow was much better plus we deserved another shirtless performance

      • Lynn says:

        Cameron has gone further than she should have and she is a Christian and a very beautiful soul…however she isn’t crazy. And you have no idea what her politics are. I would be upset if she won because she shouldn’t. And maybe if people would learn to withhold their judgmental attitude towards individuals that they don’t agree with politically or because of parents or perception of what their lifestyle or political beliefs are we wouldn’t see a group of people voting for them to support them against the prejudice and bigotry that statements like this exhibit.

  3. Name This Tune says:

    I’m all Team Meryl and Max

    • sara says:

      LOL. By all means, the professional ice dancing ringer should win. eye roll.

      • Name This Tune says:

        I am guessing you like the pity party team?

      • Anna says:

        Although I highly doubt this will have any impact on your opinion, I feel obliged to point out that ice dancing is quite different from ballroom dancing, particularly in technique. For instance, trying to move your hips on ice in way many ballroom dances require would land you flat on your rear- the hip area remains more stationary to lend stability. Gliding on ice is a far different movement than dancing on solid ground- a skate can remain in contact with the surface while executing a long move; friction prevents this from happening on wood floors. Meryl and Charlie had the advantage of knowing how to train and lift, but also the disadvantage of having to unlearn old habits before learning new ones

        • sara says:

          No, it isn’t. Nice try. Ice dancing is dancing. Enough with he denial-fest.

          • Rose says:

            Let’s see you try both ice dancing and ballroom dancing. Then try to persuade us with your argument.

          • Lighten Up sara says:

            For Gods sakes sara … lighten up. There isn’t any law that says an ice DANCER can’t be on Dancing with the stars. Have you ever seen this show before? There have been differing degrees of ability since it started with many of the celebrities having extensive dance training. If we had to watch 2 hours of Kate Gosselin, Master P and Evander Holyfield dance the show wouldn’t stay on the air for long. Often a celebrity with a dance background doesn’t get a lot of public support because of the fairness issue. But so many viewers, like me, are sick of Derek and his partners getting over-scored year after year. Another fine example tonight was Amy’s freestyle that conveniently had very little dancing but of course got a perfect score. Max and Meryl deserve the win this year. But I suspect after Amy once again pulled the injury card that they have already inscribed Derek and Amy’s name on the trophy.

          • lk says:

            So by your logic our womens ice hockey team could also be our Olympic field hockey team because it’s the same thing right? an ice sprinter could easily be a summer Olympic contender too right? Because it’s the same thing.

          • Meredith says:

            I would say the women’s ice hockey team would be more likely to be good at field hockey than, say, Candace Cameron (not to say she should win). Of course they’re different sports, but it’s disingenuous to pretend one naturally gifted in one form of dancing would not also be good at another. I still want Meryl to win, but she has an advantage. Own that.

          • Lisa says:

            I actually disagree with your points about Amy, “Lighten Up sara”. Derek has had a challenge of choreographing routines that would work with her unique situation. Most people have the ability to point their toes when needed and come off their toes for the rest. Amy has to have pointed toes the whole time, in order to be technically correct on certain dances. She does so by having pointed toes on her prosthetics the whole time. To do that, the dance needs to be choreographed in such a way that will allow her to do that. Amy is not a ballerina, and certainly not accustomed to standing on her toes for a whole dance. You would have to figure that balance would be an issue.

            I happen to think Derek is to be commended for choreographing engaging routines that work with her unique circumstances. Amy dances just like everyone else, and the majority of the time, her dance routines are at least up to normal standards. He has not dumbed down the choreography for her. He HAS adapted (and quite well) to her strengths, which is what every one of them do. I guess you have to ask the question, if it had been anyone else that had done the same routine, would you make the same remarks.

            That said, I still think Meryl and Max have the best chemistry as well as dancing ability. Thus, I think they should actually win. I just don’t feel that Amy was carried through this season. Either way, she accomplished something, and should be commended for taking on such challenges. She gave it her all just like everyone else, in spite of her challenges. She has never gotten a pity vote from me, and I hope to GOD she didn’t from anyone else either. Amy should be judged on her merits, and she has definitely done well as a dancer, using the same standards as everyone else. Amy and Derek have given high quality performances. Yes, sometimes that meant extra challenges, but adapting doesn’t equal less quality. Others have been adapted because of injuries. Derek has worked with someone he must adapt to all season, and I’m sorry, I disagree. She has danced, and quite well.

          • shar says:

            Proves how totally uninformed you are as ice dancing and ballroom dancing are two totally different things entirely, and yes Meryl and Charlie did have to unlearn some habits in ice dance that do not in anyway translate to ballroom dancing. Max and Meryl all the way!

          • Ellen says:

            Ice dancing is skating. Figure skating is not dancing on a wood floor.

        • chris says:

          I totally agree!

        • Lisa says:

          I agree. You’re 1000% correct.

        • JLK says:

          Well said. People who have never been on skates love to think that dancing is dancing whether it’s on the ice or on the floor. It’s not…at all.

        • darla says:

          Anna now I feel obligated to point this out to you. Until a few years ago, in competitions including the olympics, ice dancers had to perform all ballroom dances so obviously they had to learn them. They first learned them on the dance floor then performed them on the ice. So Meryl has 17 plus years ballroom dance experience but I guess that is what maks needs to win. For meryl to win is nothing special but for someone like Amy who is an inspiration would be amazing.

          • Janet says:

            Bottom-line, there is no way to fairly judge Amy against anyone else in this competition. Amy is truly inspirational and it is amazing to watch what she has accomplished with Derek’s smart choreography, but this is a “dancing show” and it is undeniable who has danced the best throughout. Amy has overcome incredible challenges and obstacles and done so beautifully, but that is not what this program is about, hence the name, “Dancing With The Stars”. Meryl and Maks are the most deserving of this title, when they dance it is mesmerizing and the chemistry is undeniable. I probably won’t continue to watch this program if they don’t get it right, but I fear, because of public opinion it will end up a popularity vote and quite possibly Candance could win which would be the biggest crime of all.

      • LOL you do realize that they’ve NEVER gotten the preferential judging that Amy got, right? Meryl and Maks had to earn EVERY SCORE they’ve gotten and if they made a mistake, they were marked down. Meryl didn’t get to sit on a table for nearly an entire dance and get great scores. She didn’t get to sit on a stool either and make mistakes and get perfect 10’s. She had to work for every score, every week, and that’s a TRUE champion, not a ringer which by rights means she was a lock no matter what. Meryl will have EARNED this win.

        • Ronny says:

          I agree 100%.
          Meryl and Max are the besttttt dancers..and they have an unbelievable chemistry…I think Candace should have been gone already..She’s a much less of a dancer compare to James..
          I hope Meryl and Max will win..

        • Judy Be says:

          I agree totally Amy and Derrick did a fine job, but doesn’t deserve to win. Meryl and Max had to earn her scores with criticisms from the judges and a few low scores. They came back strong and regained the lead due to their flawless performances. Whereas Amy and Derrick rarely if at all were criticized and always had non-deserving high scores and standing ovations. Let’s hope that the winners will be judged on their dancing abilities and not anything else……

          • jean says:

            I agree 100% The judges were harder on everyone else and took points off if toes weren’t pointed or legs weren’t positioned correctly or took missed steps where as they couldn’t judge that on Amy as Derek was always picking her up. Yes she was inspirational to lot of us but to win, no. She didn’t deserve some of the high scores she received as Meryl and Maks had to earn every point that they got. If they didn’t win tonight I will not watch any more.

        • shar says:

          Chandra you are 100% correct. I think that Amy’s story is totally inspirational but because Derek is such are remarkable teacher he made it look like Amy was dancing a lot more than she was as in the table dance and the rope to name a few examples. She never got knocked down on scores and a lot of the time she should have but what she has been able to accomplish is remarkable, but Max and Meryl with the chemistry have just been totally breathtaking to watch and literally their freestyle last night brought me to tears. Meryl and Max deserve and should win.

        • Janet says:


        • lINDA says:

          I totally agree with you, most of Amy’s dances was not dancing, it was either sitting or being thrown around by lifts from Derek. I like Amy but get real, Meryl has danced her tail off. If Max and Meryl don’t win, I too am done with DWS…

      • di says:

        I agree with you entirely. On ice or a dance floor dance movements are the same. Meryl has been studying choreography since she was little. A VERY UNFAIR advantage. Maks and Meryl have sex appeal and that is what gets the crowd, again unfair when compaired with married contestants. I know they will win but I am done with DWTS if they think that is fair

        • lk says:

          Meryl also has dyslexia which would make learning new routines very difficult. She’s also been touring with stars on ice this whole time which only ended this weekend. So if anything the other contestants have had a huge advantage over Charlie and Meryl who have been inc a demanding skating schedule as well as dancing this whole time.

        • sm says:

          Have you actually ever watched ice dancing? It is completely different from ballroom from the waist down.

        • Juju says:

          By all means, take those trophies away from Shawn Johnson, Kristi Yamaguchi, the Pussycat person and Dirty Dancing lady. All people who studied choreography since they were little. I believe there were a few others in that category who didn’t win, but those all did. If all those other Olympic athletes with dance in their repertoire and professional dancers were okay to compete, why should Meryl Davis be DQ’d now? I admit, I’d rather have seen Shawn Johnson, Kristi Yamaguchi, Pussycat Doll and Dirty Dancer compete against Meryl Davis in the same season, but hey, I’m not running ABC or DWTS. (Please note that the four biggest ringers — the ones I mentioned — all got the Hough or the Ballas as their partner. So maybe the upset is really that the usual ringer partners didn’t get this season’s ringer.)

      • paula says:

        So the professional ice-dancing ringer Charlie didn’t get eliminated?

      • sam says:

        Yes, she should. Her dances have been nearly flawless. It’s called Dancing With the Stars, and by golly that’s just what this little dynamo did. She danced. Better than anyone else. Yes, she has a Gold Medal in Ice Dancing. It certainly gave her some advantages. But, no one expected her to shine like she has. Kudos to Maks for teaching her ballroom technique and some stunning choreography to show her off. If there’s any justice in this world, she will win.

      • M&Mforthe WIN! says:

        I really wonder if you got all bent out of shape when Derek had Nicole and Jennifer who are two of the biggest ringers ever on this show?? The producers are going to put who they want on here and you can enjoy it or whine which we know what your choice is. Meryl DANCED every dance and covered an entire floor every dance. Amy has permanently pointed prosthetics so they couldn’t nitpick her feet and Derek dragged, lifted, twirled, or used props to mask what Amy couldn’t do. Meryl and Maks have EARNED this but the stupid Derek followers who fall for every sob story and injury plagued contestent he gets will make sure the brown nosing twit wins again.

        • darla says:

          M&Mforthe WIN! This is for you. Nicole and Jennifer never had ballroom dance experience like meryl. meryl has 17 plus years. Maks needed to have a partner who has this much experience in order to maybe win. I hope they do not win. Anyone with a half a brain would realize Derek had to choreograph different dances than the others because of her prosthetics and they did an amazing job. Im sure she would trade the permanently pointed prosthetics for her own legs and feet that she was born with. Derek is amazing and maks could not be half the choreographer as him. 5 mirrorball trophies and an emmy– that’s something to be proud of. What does maks have? Even the guest judge- choreographer Kenny Ortega said Derek was the Best choreographer of his generation!!! Grow up really with the name calling. Its pathetic!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Me too. Charlie & Sharna should have been there also. It’s a shame, but when Charlie got eliminated, I’ve been all team Meryl & Max. They dance beautifully together, and their chemistry is unmatched.

  4. Kim (@AD76) says:

    No, Candace should’ve gone home two weeks ago.

    • Ronny says:

      I Definitely think Candace should have gone home 2 weeks earlier..It is so unfair to James who is a much better dancer.. No wonder even she herself was surprised.
      I really believe that the voting system should be changed so things like that don’t happend again..The judges votes should count more so the best team dancer DO win..My favorites are the amazing and sooooo sweet Meryl and Max..Lets help Max get his first trophy..They deserve the mirror ball trophy the most!!!

    • Jackie Davais says:

      Candace is not even on the same dance level as Meryl or James or Charlie but never underestimate the Disney machine. They have been promoting her for over a year. People magazine dancing etc. so since Disney runs ABC the fix is in. Pretty sickening.

    • Jennifer says:

      Actually, she should have gone home six weeks ago so that the real talent could perform.

  5. Sarah says:

    I was BLOWN AWAY by what Maks and Meryl did with their freestyle. Those lifts were gorgeous, and I really feel like Meryl never settled on letting her partner do all the heavy lifting.

    I think Derek Hough is a brilliant choreographer. That being said, Amy Purdy hardly danced during her freestyle between all of the lifts that Derek lifted her into, and then the ridiculous 15-20 seconds she spun on a rope. The reason she made the finals is her body of work this season that proved what she is capable of doing, and her freestyle was terribly flat.

    My heart is just breaking for James. Team M&M for the win! Can’t wait to see her and Charlie dance together tomorrow!

    • sara says:

      You do realize Meryl does dance lifts professionally, right??

      • Sara says:

        Amy flips in the air professionally. That’s what she did all night.

      • Sarah says:

        Yes, and I realize that Derek Hough choreographed her Olympic short program, which is why I was shocked she and Charlie were in the cast this season. However, unlike other Olympians who have competed, she really has pushed the level of difficulty both in terms of technique and artistry. She and Maks had a routine that was lyrical, contemporary, and technically difficult while having that strong character and emotional content that’s been their signature all season.

        • Arlene Ashworth says:

          Derek Hough only had dance move suggestions as input into their Olympic short program. He did not choreograph the entire program. The fact is that there are a lot of elements that are required in ice dancing, especially the short program and he only worked on things like the Finn step (which is an ice dance quick step) to help give it more dance authenticity. Look at the program and see how much difference the Finn step is for most of the ice dancers and even the best of them compared to the quick step. Most don’t dance on ice close enough and have the proper dance body position.

        • darla says:

          The best pair ever to dance was Derek and Shawn. They had some amazing routines and they pushed and raised the bar so high that there is not one pair that will even come close to them.

          • M&Mforthe WIN! says:

            You are crazy if you think Shawn and Derek came close to Meryl and Maks and I loved Shawn in both seasons she was on. I don’t remember one of their dances by will remember many of Maks and Meryl’s.

          • Juju says:

            And Shawn was as big a ringer as anybody who ever danced on this show. Her event includes floor dance. You know, DANCE.

          • Christina says:

            I’m sorry but with all due respect I have to disagree, the best for me was Kellie and Derek season 16.

    • Meryl and Maks should win, they were the best. No gimmicks, no spinning on a rope, no need for any of that. They were raw and real and naked and vulnerable and they just danced and let their chemistry ooze out of them. Derek, as usual. had to use gimmicks and schtick and schmaltz for his dance instead of just letting Amy dance as she can. That’s why Meryl and Maks should win; that freestyle was the best one ever.

      • Jules says:

        I fully agree! That freestyle was breathtaking!I It’ll be a huge injustice of M&M don’t win.. I will say that what Amy did this season is impressive but she is getting scored higher then others. If any other dancer had sat on a table for the majority of the dance they would have been slammed on their scores. Amy’s been over scored all season! I’ve never seen Maks more genuinely happy. Meryl has been very good for him! Hopefully they’ll be lifting the trophy tonight! They definitely deserve it.

    • Ronny says:

      I agree..Meryl and Max -for the win!!!!!
      I hope people will be fair enough to see that they deserve it the most and vote for them. I know I will!!!

    • Diana says:

      I agree Sara Meryl and Maks freestyle was amazing and so was their tango. They have so much chemistry between them. They deserve so win. Candance should have gone before Danika and Val. If either Amy or Candance wins it will be wrong. Meryl and Maks are the best dancers.

  6. flutiefan says:

    I’m nervous people will vote in Amy’s story and all that she’s overcome rather than the technically perfect Meryl, who performs flawlessly as well. Amy is beautiful and talented and can move with stunning precision, but Meryl is just even better.

    • sara says:

      Good Lord – of course she is technically perfect – she is a professional ice dancer! Helloooooo!

      • amelia rose says:

        Have you ever worn a pair of ice skates? There’s a huge difference between them and dance heels or dancing barefoot. So she understands the artistry behind dance, what difference is that from past contestants who had dance training, did gymnastics, or were in boy bands? You can have someone who should be able to put it all together and do fantastic that stink whereas someone you think should be horrible and they kill it. I much prefer watching actual dance than someone sit on a stool or table or be lifted throughout the entire dance.
        Yes I’m team Meryl and Maks. Loved Candace on Full House and don’t mind she’s staying with what she believes and feels is right for her, a lot of people cave and just go with the flow, but she doesn’t have the grace that just makes it connect. So here’s for the ‘ringer’ to win Season 18, don’t like it? Don’t watch.

      • Tess says:

        Have you ever watched ice dancing? A professional ice dancer does not equate to a professional ballroom dancer (if it did then they would not qualify to be on the show). You do realize that being on skates on ice is completely different to being in dance shoes on a wooden floor, right? If it was so darn easy to do then Charlie would be in the finale too. Ice dancing is just pairs figure skating with more of a dance hold to it and some dance moves but it gives no more of an advantage to someone being able to do ballroom dance routines than any other athletic sport. Olympians have a long history on this show and several of them and other non-Olympic athletes have won too; so long as they are the best in their respective seasons then no one should cry foul for that. There have been celebs every season with “advantages” because they are athletes or have some non-ballroom dance experience but that doesn’t negate their journey on the show or mean they shouldn’t be allowed to win, especially if in the end they are the best of their season. In this case, Meryl is the best of the season and deserves to win and I sincerely hope she does.

        • Jackie says:

          This. Absolutely this. Could not agree more! Kristi Yamaguchi won and people seem okay with that. The football players who won, don’t think they haven’t spent plenty of time on the dance floor doing ballet to help their sport, etc etc. Ice dancing does not equal ballroom dancing!

          • Lisa says:

            The real common denominator seems to be discipline. There’s a certain degree of discipline that is inherent in figure skaters, gymnasts, and yes even football players. However, a history of self discipline does not automatically translate into a win on Dancing with the Stars. Those that do not have such a background CAN learn it, as we have seen. Not to mention that some with no background in the aforementioned careers have exceeded those that have, on some occasions. Additionally, just because they have danced, does not mean ballroom dancing. There are a lot of differences.

            We also have to keep in mind that popularity of the star does come into play. James dances better, but Candace has the following. We have seen others with dance backgrounds (not ballroom) that have NOT made it to the finals. The point is, ballroom dancing is different, and each of them have to learn it and a large part of ballroom dancing is being able to sell it. You still have to connect, or your dances will come off as contrived. So, chemistry is a factor as well as ability to learn and perform the dances.

        • sara says:

          Stupidity is nothing to be proud of dear. Meryl is an ice DANCER. Do you need a further explanation of how dancing is the same as dancing??

          • MissMel says:

            It’s completely ridiculous to say that all dance is the same. Salsa, ballet, waltz and hula are all types of dancing but I wouldn’t expect someone who excels at one of these to automatically excel at all of them. If I was making a music video and needed a hip-hop dancer, I wouldn’t go get a ballroom dance champion and assume he/she could do hip-hop as well because “dancing is the same as dancing.”

          • Arlene says:

            You don’t know anything about ice dancing, obviously. It is far from ballroom dancing. Check it out. Does the Finn step look anything like the quick step? There are always some, especially athletes, singers, gymnasts etc. that have an advantage. This is never about taking the person that has absolutely no dance experience and making them the best in 10 weeks. It would be a boring show since most wouldn’t be very good and would not be very enjoyable to watch. Just look at Bristol Palin – she did improve, but it was still painful to watch and not very enjoyable.

          • chris says:

            sara, how many times have you laced a pair of skates to your feet and glided around a freshly resurfaced ice rink? I can tell you, it is not the same as dancing on a wood floor.

          • Lisa says:

            Funny because the hip hop type dancer got voted off.

          • Elle says:

            Yeah, sara, dear. I do need a further explanation. Please, by all means, tell me how ice dancing is the exact same as dancing (and also how all styles of dance are, apparently, one and the same), since you’re clearly the expert. And don’t worry, make it as technical and detailed as you want. I’ll know what you’re talking about. The question is, do you?

        • darla says:

          common sense tells you that before you do the ballroom dances on ice you need to learn them on a dance floor. Really people use your heads. Until a few years ago, they had to do ballroom dances in competition so she knows these dances well. Her and Charlie are doing a dance tonite on the finale? Gee I have never seen any other stars do a dance on the finals. That is because they are truly dancers already and they had no business being on the show.

      • paula says:

        Charlie is also a professional ice dancer. Where is all your scorn for him?

      • Jules says:

        Sara please drop this crap!!!! Being an ice dancer doesn’t give her an advantage.. the only way it helps is with musicality. She’s danced her behind off all season and has had to fight for every single score they got! It’s truly getting old hearing you complain about her being a “ringer”

        • shar says:

          It is easy to figure out that Sara knows absolutely nothing about dance or she would not be posting such absurdly ridiculous comments comparing ice dancing to ballroom dancing and saying they are the same. The two are entirely different and why not give Amy props because what she does in snowboarding is flipping and turning upside down and that is what she did all season with Derek who used what she does in the Olympics to her advantage. Derek is a great choreographer and made Amy look like she was dancing a lot more than she actually was, and because of that she got scores all season for things like dancing on the table sitting down that if it had been Max, Meryl, Charlie, or any of the other performers the judges would of raked them over the coals. The win should go to Max and Meryl!

    • Keith says:

      People vote for Candace because they are Full House fans,same difference

      • di says:

        Actually I vote for Candace because she had NO dance experience coming into this. Her improvement is why I vote for her.

        • mi says:

          Totally agree di! People have lost focus of that, including the judges. But thousands of fans of the show, ( not just full house or Disney fans ) have not.

          • Shawn Kennedy says:

            I think people should not speak so badly of Candace’s being in the finals. It is not her fault that she has such a huge fan base who want to support her. She doesn’t need to feel guilty for being in the finals. She came in with no dance experience, has worked very hard, long hours and has shown amazing improvement. That’s what DWTS is all about. She did not slide into the position effortlessly. She may not be of the same caliber a Meryl, and I know Meryl will probably win, and that is fine, but please don’t say things that could make Candace feel guilty for being there. She deserves to be where she is.

          • Sara says:

            To me, it was never meant to be a show about who was inexperienced and who learned throughout the season. It’s always supposed to be about who, in the end, is the best dancer technically. It’s not “Dancing with the Inexperienced Stars”, it’s just “Dancing with the Stars”.

        • AngD says:

          That was why I was voting for her – because with no dance experience she was doing such a good job and improving week after week. But after last night and seeing the freestyle M&M did – it literally took my breath away so I voted for them.

  7. flutiefan says:

    oh and Candace and her anti-everything religion need to go.

    • Sarah says:

      The beauty of the show is people of all walks of life celebrate dance and throwing themselves into a medium they maybe have never experienced before. If your belief system is different than hers, respect that difference rather than put her down for it.

      • Name This Tune says:

        Seems like we’re being visited by little sara and big Sarah tonight. Are we feeling a little bipolar?

        • Sara says:

          Actually, there’s a sara, a Sarah, and me, Sara. Brutal.

          • Angela says:

            Sounds like my group of friends, LOL (seriously, I know more people with that name than I can count). I like the name Sarah (or Sara), but it can be confusing with how common the name is sometimes :p.

      • AngD says:

        Exactly. There are so many on here who are just plum anti everything. UGH. I like seeing the dancing. Of course I have my definite favorites, but I think it’s ridiculous to hate Candace because she is making it through. There are people who are voting for her for reasons other than her religion. Up until this week for me it was because she really was improving and doing well with no dance experience and she was giving it her all. But when it came down to the final I decided that M&M’s final dance just stole the show for me so I voted for them. No other reasons.

  8. Beth says:

    If Meryl and Maks don’t take this it will be so wrong on so many levels! That freestyle was breathtaking, no other dancers, no rope, just them! I’m not a James fan but Candace should have gone home….. Like three weeks ago!!!!

  9. Rac76 says:

    I think that Amy Purdy should have went home a while ago. Just not a fan of hers. Was surprised but not surprised at the same time with the elimination of James. The power of Candace’s fan base is huge. We late 30 something Moms have a cool remodel, and the power to vote. So don’t mess with Full House fans! LOL In all honesty though, the Mirror Ball trophy should go to Meryl and Maks as they are the best dancing couple. Yet, she has been ice dancing for decades, so dancing on wood would be easy for her. Just saying.

    • JBC says:

      I actually have Full House on right now, LOL. As far as dancing on land or ice, I often wonder if people think Max or Derek or Cheryl Burke etc.. would just be able to do an ice dancing routine? I am sure they would have to learn how to dance on ice.. Meryl and Charlie had to learn to dance on land.. Nonetheless, Watching Meryl and Max has made this season so enjoyable. As far as Amy goes, she got overscored a few times and a phone call from Oprah??? What was that about? She does fairly decent but gets carried quite a bit.

      • darla says:

        And meryl and charlie did learn ballroom dancing on a dance floor long long ago since they used to have to perform it in their competitions until a few years ago. All you people sound sooooo desperate for m/m to win it is hilarious. lol!!!

    • mi says:

      Well said Rac 76. Amy is an inspiration for many, but should have gone home I agree. Meryl and Maks are the best dancing couple, but Meryl does have experience. Candace has NO dance experience and has improved with each show. For fact, because of this, many people are voting for her not just because of Full House or Disney. Although that does help. (:

  10. JBC says:

    Meryl & Max all the way! I didn’t like Amy & Derek’s freestyle, the rope was odd, but her first dance was very good. I really thought it was silly of Carrie Ann to say about Amy that she dances with her soul.. that isn’t really what the show is about. Candace had a wonderful first dance but not the best freestyle.. I felt bad for Mark too he must have been hurting. I reallly hope Max&Meryl will WIN! James is a sweetie and was very enjoyable to watch all season, although I didn’t care for many of the outfits Peta wore.

  11. Taylah says:

    Meryl and Maks deserve to win this so bad. Amy can be good but I think Derek has made a mistake with her choreographies for her. Instead of showcasing what she can do, he keeps pulling stunts. That’d be great with any other dancer but with Amy it feels like he does it to hide things she cannot do which I don’t think there are many, so it bothers me. The mystery of why Cantdance is still there can never be solved. I supposed God is truly pulling some strings for her cause honestly it makes no sense AT ALL.

    Meryl and Maks have to win this thing. Pure, unadulterated dancing with grace and beauty and passion and nothing but the two of them and their bodies to prove how much they deserve it.

    I feel bad for James. He has never been my favorite but he is much better than Cantdance. Again I think Danica or Charlie should have been at least in the Top 4 but if James HAD to be there then he definitely deserved that Top 3 spot.

  12. Kate says:

    I love that Meryl and Maks just went out and danced. There is never a sob story with them to build the drama. They just love to dance and are working really hard. She’s been touring with Stars on Ice the whole time but you don’t see them whining about it. I love Amy but the longer the season wore on I felt Derek was doing most of the work and that their default is her disability. Candace came off like a whiny child in her video. They’ve all come a long way but Meryl and Maks deserve the win.

    • Beth says:

      Yes she did! Crawling off, out the door like a baby. Meryl and Maks had a spotlight and each other and that was more than enough. I don’t care what haters say about Meryl being an ice dancer, I forget all about that when she and Maks are on the floor. They are the best pair this show has ever had.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree! They had someone in Meryl’s video package talk about how he is Russian, but actually he is from Ukraine. This whole season could been about his family there, could have pulled the emotional angle. He and Meryl have so much chemistry, so much talent, that it was unnecessary.

    • mia says:

      pssssst… Meryl is a professional dancer. It is baffling that some people aren’t grasping why it is so ridiculous for her to win this show. And that they are actually shocked that she dances well. Because, SHE DOES IT FOR A LIVING.

      • Name This Tune says:

        Not anymore more ridiculous than Kristi Yamaguci.

      • Tess says:

        Psst – just because she is called an “ice dancer” doesn’t mean she does ballroom dancing. She’s on skates and there’s a big difference to being in ice skates versus dance shoes. She has no more of an advantage than any other figure skater has had on this show or any other athlete for that matter. She skates for a living (though technically they’re all getting paid for doing the show so they’re all dancing for a living at the moment) she’s not a professional ballroom dancer. It’s baffling that some people can’t grasp the difference between the two and think it means she shouldn’t win. If the show thought it was such a problem in the first place they wouldn’t have invited her – or Charlie – to participate. And if they were exactly the same thing (ice dancing and ballroom dancing) then Charlie would still be there since he’d surely be every bit as good as Meryl to have earned a spot in the finale, no?

    • darla says:

      Yea their sob story is that Maks never won before. I am tired of hearing that sob story. Can’t help it that he wasn’t good enough to ever win before and he had some good partners.

  13. CC says:

    On the positive it’s a girl final, on the negative Amy is still not being critiqued. So if anyone doesn’t deserve to be in the finale it’s her.

  14. Meryl and Maks by all means should win based on talent alone, but have thought from the start that she started on not a really even level with the others. However, their incredible chemistry Is so hot and her grace and body lines are so magnificent that for them not to win would be a travesty. My only fear is that Amy and Derek may win because of the incredible challenges she/they have overcome. Based on that, they should win, but based on beauty, M and M have them beat. Now, as for James and Peta getting the boot, that was just WRONG! Candace and Mark should have left weeks ago. Some strange fan control going on there!

  15. Robbin says:

    Yes. For all the audience who booed, you should have voted. I love Candace and what she stands for. She might not be the best dancer, but people love her for who she is and she works extremely hard. She had never danced before, so she is having to learn everything about dancing and is trying very hard.

  16. Kathy V says:

    Maks & Meryl should win! Great dancing! I agree that Amy’s not being critiqued as the others, & as much as I like Candace she should have been voted off before James. Meryl & Maks for the win 😊

  17. Mary says:

    Not surprised at all. Candace must have one hell of an agent because I swear, her mug is on people mag all the freaking time. So sick of her her face.

    • Jackie Davais says:

      Her agent is the entire Disney machine. They have a plan for her comeback. And exposure on all the shows and media that they control is the heart of the campaign

  18. 4hristine says:

    I love M&MI

  19. 4hristine says:

    I love M&M!

  20. Irene says:

    Max and Meryl should win, they deserve it. No doubt Amy should be in 2nd. Candace shoud have been gone weeks ago. This is a dance contest, not a full house personality right wing Christian popularity contest. James was robbed of the final. He truly improved and was the better dancer! Heck Charlie White should have stayed longer than Candace. It’s painful to watch. I’ll be so bummed if max and Meryl don’t win. Max alone deserves the mirror ball for his improved temperament.

    • Beth says:

      I have a feeling that if they take it, Maks will leave the show again. Not because he is mad or bitter, it will be because no partner he gets will ever top Meryl. Maks and Meryl for the win, hasn’t he waited long enough?!?

    • Fan of DWTS ... for Now says:

      Amy shouldn’t even be in the top 3. That should have gone to James 2nd with Charlie 3rd. I couldn’t believe that because blond boy didn’t get a perfect 30 for HIS freestyle (Len gave him a 9) he swears.

  21. wow!!! says:

    I love m & m, too.

  22. A says:

    At the beginning of the season I thought it was unfair to have ice dancers on the show, but Meryl is just soooo good. She’s become one of my favorite dancers to watch ever on TV.

  23. Lynden says:

    Candace should have been gone LONG ago. Am I the only one who sees the super-simple choreography week after week. Of course she does well but so would a 5 year old! The others are taking risks, going for it. I loved James and Peta and am so sad they are gone. They were my co-faves. Amy or Merle and I will be happy.

    • jan says:

      I see it too. And she doesn’t even do the simple choreography well and Carrie Ann says she
      should be a dancer?????

  24. jan says:

    o.k. Candace is cute and everything, but I don’t think she is anywhere even close to the talent of the remaining ones. She should have gone home weeks ago. Ridiculous and disappointing. Don’t think she has much talent at all.
    James is amazing, but I still think Meryl and Max should win!

  25. terryt04 says:

    Hmmm, I wonder who’s gonna win? Cause we all know Amy’s gonna win cause let’s face it, when Oprah backs you up, everybody else is screwed. James should’ve stayed along with Meryl/Maks and Candace/Mark. I mean, he was the last male celeb standing and was one of the most improving celebs. Hell, I would’ve had him, Charlie & Meryl as the final 3. Would’ve been must see tv. But no. Amy gets to be in the freaking final 3. She’s only been in jeopardy once and that was in the freaking semifinals. I’m sorry, but if Amy wins, I’m gonna be disappointed. Cause Meryl really deserves it. And to the people that say “Oh, back to waiting tables for James,” you do realize that he’s a singer and actor (he has a backup plan unlike some past celebs on the show). He’s still young & a rising star, not some no name nobody just there to look good.

    • JBC says:

      I know right, the call from Oprah, what was that about?.I thought the theme was about people that inspired the particular dancer. Amy seemed surprised Oprah called and never once said she was her inspiration. Anyway, fan votes do count so I gave all mine to Meryl and Max. They are just beautiful when they dance. As far as James goes, he has over a million likes on his facebook page, no table waiting for him. I have enjoyed most of the celebrities this season. The one exception would be NeNe who was so rude to Tony.

      • darla says:

        yes amy did say she was inspired by oprah. watch it again- it wasn’t hard to miss. i am sure if oprah called meryl you guys wouldn’t be crying. oh boo hoo go get a tissue.

        • M&Mforthe WIN! says:

          I never really understood how Oprah was an inspiration to her. Is Oprah a double amputee that has acheived success in spite of her disability? Does Amy asprire to be a talk show host? She just name dropped to get a call from Oprah. You, dear, need to stop drinking the kool aid and get a grip. Derek held her up, moved around her, and kept her in a small dancing box. Yes she’s inspirational but she in no way deserves to win for the very little actual dancing SHE did this season.

  26. Babybop says:

    As much as I love Candace (I’m a diehard Full House fan – I have to stick by the Tanners), I wish James would have stayed. He did better than her tonight!

  27. elle says:

    Its very amusing that Candace was saved but it will be more amusing when her and her partner go home empty handed, what a joke to call what she performs dancing.

    • Valerie Tower says:


    • Cynx says:

      That’s pretty harsh. In almost any other season, she would have earned that spot. I’m hoping that M&M win tonight and they will if there’s any justice, but I can appreciate Candace’s efforts, and her fan base (both Christian and Full House).

  28. KA says:

    I had hoped that Candace would have done the right thing to do last week and give up her spot to the more deserving Charlie. Any chance this week?

  29. Kay oneil says:

    Candace & Mark should have gone home not James & Peta!! Sure hope she goes home tomorrow night before Max & Meryl (m&m), & Derek & Amy!
    Meryl & Max should take home the mirror ball!

  30. Isabella says:

    I’m very upset James should have stayed on the show and Candace should have gone home. James is a better dancer and should have stayed to fight for 1st place. Sorry Candace but you had to go home.

  31. Diz says:

    Please, anyone but Meryl & the guy that slobbers all over her every episode.

    • Mike says:

      I agree, he’s all over that women even when they are talking to the judges, and he got to take his shears off again.He is really full of his self.

      • Sheila markwell says:

        Max is a slobbering fool,and let us not forget,when dancing with stars started it was supposed to be for stars who never had dance experience,lately all it is with people who have danced before and they win not in experience dancers.

        • MissMel says:

          When was it ever stated this show was supposed to be about stars with no dance experience? Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block came in 3rd the very first season and he definitely has dance training. Season 2 was won by Drew Lachey, another boy band member with dance training. So there have been cast members with “advantages” from the very beginning.

        • Lisa says:

          It has always been a mix.

        • darla says:

          Couldn’t agree with you more!!! I am so happy to see people feel that way about meryl.

          • Rose says:

            Well in my opinion, I’d rather see some amazing and breathtaking dances than ones that make me cringe and feel bad for them. If they were all unexperienced, it would be like watching Billy Dee dancing five or six times.(No disrespect to Billy)

  32. Emily says:

    To the trolls complaining about Meryl having an “advantage” because the word “dance” appears in her job title, there have been plenty of other contestants with just as much if not more of an “advantage” than Meryl. A lot of football players take ballet as part of training, gymnasts have a large dance element to their job especially in the floor routine, actors tend to have dance training especially if they have gone to school or worked on a musical, and most musicians have some dance training especially all the boy band members along with nicole and mel b. and for petes sake if anyone ever had a real “dance advantage” it would be season 11 winner Jennifer Grey who is best known for her role in Dirty Dancing where she had to learn *gasp* multiple BALLROOM dance routines.

    • Kim R says:

      I agree. It is a silly argument. And I would venture to say that it is probably not “trolls”…. but 1 troll, many names. :D

  33. Rose says:

    Candace should have gone home a long time ago. Charlie and James are the latest to be eliminated while she remains a contender. The winner should be Meryl and Maks and Amy and Derek should be second.

  34. Delaina says:

    I swear with my hand on my DVR if Meryl & Maks don’t win, I shall forever remove my ability to watch Derek with the Stars live or said DVR.

    • I agree with you. If Maks & Meryl don’t win this year, I’m done with the inconsistent judging and blatant producer manipulation.

      • Delaina says:

        It’s been really, really blatant this year. I’ve seriously started calling the show “Derek with the Stars”. He’s won when he really didn’t deserve to win. Yes, he’s a great choreographer, goodness knows we’ve had that fact stuffed down our throats for however many seasons he’s been on. I admire Amy very much. She’s done a fantastic job. But she doesn’t deserve to win. And besides, if Meryl and Maks don’t win, Maks will be done with the show, and there will go my biggest reason to watch anyway. Eye Candy!!!

    • jeje says:


  35. chickymama says:

    It is ridiculous to me where some of these comments come from. These are only opinions, they are not stated facts. They need to be treated as such. The vast majority of people who posted comments seem to be under the impression they are experts in all things “Dancing with the Stars.” Sorry, none of you are. We all have our favorites, leave it at that.

  36. Carrie says:

    To be fair, Meryl has the advantage of a dancer’s grace as well as the determination it becomes to win an Olympic gold. If compared to Candace, sure it seems lopsided/rigged/unfair, as many posters complain about, but I don’t care. Watching Maks and Meryl this season was worth every magical second. I have never seen a better pairing on a televised dance show, ever. Amy blows my mind and I think she has made overcoming her challenges look so effortless that people have become immune to sympathy or compassion. I read posts about Derek’s choreography, tricks and props that are used to assist a woman who dances with artificial feet, and I’m sad that there are so many heartless, thoughtless comments from those that cannot comprehend what Amy has accomplished, how many people she has inspired and how deserving she is of every bit of praise. Yes, I want Meryl and Maks to take the trophy, and like Meryl, more for Maks because HIS transformation this season has warmed my heart, but I want Amy to take second place, and for posters to please take a moment and think before they type.

    • aeromel78 says:

      I respect Amy for what she has accomplished, however, this is a competition. The other competitors are being judged on the complete package whereas Amy is only being judged on what she is capable of doing. Perfect example, there were several times this season that Carrie Anne (the self-described “lift police”) took points off of other contestants because the woman’s feet came off the floor during the routine. During Disney week, however, when there was an obvious lift in Amy and Derek’s routine, Carrie Anne actually said “I normally take off for lifts but I can’t take a point away from you because you’re so inspiring,” That’s just completely unfair to the other contestants. As much as I respect Amy for what she’s overcome in her life, she’s not the best dancer on this show and she doesn’t deserve to win.

  37. Valerie Tower says:

    Candice should have been eliminated long ago when they voted off Danica. The great news is there is NO WAY they will win this. They are dancing in a different class than Meryl and Amy. Maks & Meryl for the win! Can’t wait!

  38. acurat says:

    What a non-shock, two Olympic athletes in the final. DWTS track record stays intact. The only surprise it is Amy and not Meryl’s dance partner, Charlie. Not that the results showed that, just the preseason favorites before anyone was on the dance floor was the two of them. If Meryl wins (not that she does not deserve it), you could see that coming when the competitors were annouced months ago.

  39. mi says:

    Really people! Thanks to our many soldiers, we have many freedoms, including the freedom of speech. We see and hear many things from this show, but get one person who has morals, believes in God and isnt embarrassed to say so, this person gets bashed. Theres many on this FAMILY show half to three quarters naked but nothing said about that. Everyone believes in something or nothing. Its a free country. We all have our own opinions. Enjoy, watch the show, and vote for who you think should win. All the contestants have worked hard, regardless of experience. Good luck to them all!

  40. M&Mforthe WIN! says:

    I really wonder how many of you idiots that have whined all season about Meryl being experienced got all bent out of shape when Golden Boy had Nicole and Jennifer (both ringers with a capital R), Amber who had experience from Glee, Kelly who has musicality due to her singing, etc.?? Or how about all the other Olympic athletes that used their ability to train hard and learn routines to make it far?? It only seems to be unfair when Derek doesn’t get the advantage. I, for one, am beyond sick of that brown nosing twit getting away with breaking rules and capitalizing on sob stories – ALL of his partners seem to get hurt at some point and whine and cry and moan and groan for sympathy!! Meryl has DANCED all season, used the entire floor, and took crap for foot work whereas Amy has permanently pointed toes, danced in a box (with the exception of the quickstep), and was NOT judged the same as everyone else. Maks has done his best choreography ever this season and Meryl has pushed the boundaries and the two of them together have EARNED that mirrorball. Of course the Derekbots are going to make sure he gets another one and then I’m done. People are such idiots!

    • Sewbie says:

      Kelly also used to be a cheerleader.

    • Rodeoblu says:

      You are a fool…more importantly you are missing the opportunity to truly enjoy the level of artistry present in both amazing competitors…either would be deserving. Grow up.

  41. maureen says:

    I don’t think the fans should be allowed to control 50% of the vote for these contestants. The judges know who has the talent a lot more tan the fans, who vote for someone because they look good with their shirt off, or because they like their bands, or their sob stories. Give the majority of vote control to the judges, so the winner will clearly be the most talented dancer.
    Go Meryl & Max!!!

  42. George R. Jacob says:

    It just proves that this is a popularity contest. Candice should have already been eliminated. After the dance that James did last evening there is no doubt as far as ability that he should be in tonight’s competition .Derrick is a master and his partnership with Amy shows that fact. They should be there. I thought that this was a dance competition and not a fan base popularity contest. I will not watch this show because in fact the judging is superfluous & the winners are based on who calls in, and not ability.


    I think James and Amy are by far the best. I thought the contestants were not supposed to be professionals. Meryl is a professional skater and Candance a professional actress. I thought the original idea for the show was to take inexperienced people and watch them evolve during the 10 weeks. I think it is a shame that people who have had training just about all their life are allowed to compete. Just my opinion. I hope I am wrong but I would not be surprised if Meryl wins since she has many years of training to dance on ice.

    • Melodie says:

      Are you serious? Both James and Amy are professionals as well. Everyone on this show is a professional in something… It’s called Dancing with the STARS! I appreciate and am inspired by Amy’s obstacles in life however she is NOT the best dancer. Amy is an athlete as well in case you have forgotten… And has won Olympic medals as well, she has been training for years to overcome her challenges and God bless her she is amazing for that. BUT… she has been over scored all season because of her circumstance, not because she is out dancing everyone. And I for one am rather sick of the pity party. There are constantly injuries on this show, and I still find it amazing how everyone harps on Amy like she is a Godsend. Does anyone even remember that Danica was dancing with a broken rib the night she was eliminated? All anyone talked about over and over and over again was Amy’s back spasm in that same show, boo hoo hoo! CarrieAnn even deducted points from Danica for not stretching enough on the side where her rib was broken, but let Amy miss a step, go out of tune, or get carried around for the majority of her dance and she gets all 10’s! Lifts, Lifts, and more Lifts…. I’m sorry I actually like Derek and I like Amy’s achievements in her life but Meryl and Max have had to fight to get their scores. They are not being handed this MBT. It is offensive to me that they over score and actually cheat the other dancers (stars and professionals) out of the competition because the like one contestants story. The judging has not been fair all season. They score down who they want to go home and score high who they want to win. Meryl & Max deserve to win for dancing the best.

  44. Gerald says:

    I’m no expert, but James should have won the night. His freestyle was the best. I really appreciate Amy and Meryl. Their freestyle dances were beautiful, but they really were mostly thrown around by their partners. Their feet barely touched the floor. Whereas James was in sync with Peta the whole way with fast footwork and great moves. James was by far the best male celebrity dancer in ages.

    • maureen says:

      I agree with that! As much as I like M&M; last nights’ dances were clearly won by James and Peta in my mind. You’re correct; Derek and Max did a lot of “throwing their partners around”.
      Candace should have gone home weeks ago though to read her Bible, instead of taking up room on the dance floor that definitely belonged to better dancers.

    • Elle says:

      Well, I guess we disagree. My reaction to James’ freestyle was “what the heck was that?” And not in a good way.

  45. DiAnne says:

    I hope M & M win tonight. I thought Amy was great but the last 3 weeks the choreography she has been given sucks. She sits or gets lifted, the rope trick was nice but this is “Dancing” with the Stars not “Circus” with the Stars. Derek screwed up by not letting her dance the last 3 weeks instead he chose to show his talent and carry her through their numbers. And yes Candice may not be the greatest BUT she started with no experience and has earned her place. Hopefully tonight I will not be yelling at the judges and M & M will win as they are the best.

  46. Rachel says:

    I have had to watch too many episodes of BTR with my daughter, so I wanted James to go home week #1. He seemed a little full of himself without the sense of humor that makes the shirtlessness palatable over the years. If YOU think you are hot, you’ve lost my attention.

    • misterygirl says:

      Excuse me, but are you talking about James Maslow or James Diamond? Because DIAMOND is the full-on-himself one, not Maslow… same names, COMPLETELY different personalities (If you ever thought of that). It’s not his fault that puberty had gone very well on him over the years and he can take his shirt off whenever he wants or if the dance was required to. Yeah, he works out a lot but because he wants to stay healthy, not for comparing himself to other actors and/or to be someone he’s not. He doesn’t think he’s hot, if someone tells him that he accepts that compliment and even more since he once thought he was “not special” to someone at all (see Week 3 package before dancing his Jive).
      Your daughter decided to see the show and decided for her idol, but you decide if you are going to see it with her or not… and if you didn’t like him when you first saw him, then why see him on DWTS or talk about him when you knew NOTHING about his life?

  47. Sue says:

    James should not have been eliminated last night. He deserved to be in the top 3 along with Merle, and Charlie should have been there also. To the person saying James should go back to waiting tables-he will definitely not be doing that. James has made millions of dollars the last five years and he’s only 23 years old. He’s talented, disciplined, hard working, and driven. He’s a rising star and to quote a Big Time Rush song he’s “Just Getting Started”.

  48. Jennifer says:

    Personally I feel that Candace should have gone home. But Candace or James was ok.

  49. claudia says:

    Candace should have gone home before Danica, James next. Danica should be in the finale. But last night I didn’t really care who went home. Both Candace & James are pretty ho-hum – neither deserves the finale & it would be a travesty if Candace won because of all her Full House fans. Or if Amy won on sympathy votes. Amy is so good that on many seasons she would be the clear winner but Meryl is so much better that if results are fair she will win.

  50. Scott Hansen says:

    Clearly, Candace is getting a lot of the Christian vote. It’s not her fault, but playing the God card gives her an unfair advantage because there are a ton of Christians who will vote for her because of her faith even though she is not a great dancer and is taking the spot of a very good dancer who actually deserves to be in the final. Shame on them. That’s how Adam Lambert lost American Idol and I never watched that show again. If Meryl and Maks don’t win, I’m done with this show too.