Bones Finale Recap: The G-Man in the Crosshairs

Bones Finale Booth Arrested MurderFox’s Bones on Monday night demonstrated how even nine seasons in, a TV procedural can still drum up high, palpable stakes as it serves up the semi-obligatory annual cliffhanger finale.

In fact, the choice to open the episode in media res, thus telegraphing that Booth will come out of the coming hour much worse for the wear, drove home that point early on, leaving us to wonder just how horrifically things would spiral out of control.

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Then flashing back to “two days earlier,” Booth’s bloodied, ER-room fate was contrasted with much lighter fare, as Brennan labors to school him in some German, in preparation for his new assignment in Berlin — if he passes muster with the review committee. But that “interview” is just a formality, right?

Maybe not. Maybe, it later is revealed, the Berlin position is but a means to an end.

The first step on the curious journey comes in the form of a cold call, on Booth’s secure line no less, from a disgraced journalist who these days runs a conspiracy blog. But before Booth can meet up with this Foster guy — to discuss “[Trent] McNamara and the FBI” — the writer is killed, having been force-fed enough alcohol to make him explode during an Airstream inferno. All the evidence suggests murder, that Foster was held down by two Delta Forces operatives as he was tortured for information they didn’t get — because, the Jeffersonian team discovers, his damning intel was stored on a memory chip inside a nipple ring.

Accessing what they can of the damaged data, Booth, Bones et al learn that during a janitorial stint at one of McNamara’s companies, he had accessed a mother lode of blackmail photos and documents, used by someone at the FBI to compel people to do very bad things.

Before Booth can delve much further into the root of this mystery, he goes before the senate review committee and is promptly blindsided by a “friendly,” Congressman Hadley, who reveals during the session that Booth killed an American citizen while serving in Pakistan. Booth is unable to confirm or deny the obviously classified report, and thus is labeled an “assassin” before and then by the press. Booth manages to confront Hadley in private and warn that he’s got all of Foster’s files, effectively putting a target on his back. Booth then fortifies himself up the wazoo back at the house and sends Brennan and Christine off to Max’s, knowing that some highly trained killers surely are en route.

Meanwhile at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins manages to salvage the rest of the memory chip’s contents — just before “someone” on the outside starts to hack their computers. Luckily, Angela had an “alert” installed, affording them time to safeguard their files while leading the hacker to believe their file dump was successful.

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All of which brings us to the shoot-out at the house, which was wonderfully directed by David Boreanaz, using shafts of light, shadows and the close quarters to amp up the intensity. Booth was able to fell several of his attackers, thanks to firepower and a couple of booby traps, though he takes at least one bullet in the early exchanges. One surviving attacker lands another bullet in Booth just before Brennan shows up guns a-blazing. Down but not out, Booth saves Brennan from a knifing, by sweeping an attacker’s leg, but in the scuffle that ensues his injuries get the best of him, and next we see Booth is being wheeled into the ER, in critical condition.

Later, Brennan, the Jeffersonian team and Caroline gets the good news — Booth survived surgery — and then a hint of bad. Brennan rushes to see post-op Booth, only to find him handcuffed to the hospital bed, surrounded by G-men. Deputy Director Stark explains that Booth has been arrested for killing three FBI agents who merely showed up to “serve a warrant” (uh-huhhhhh) — and when Temp protests this bald-faced lie/cover-up, she too is taken into custody.

As Emily Deschanel had warned, this finale “changes everything — not only between Booth and Brennan, but also with Booth’s job, possibly Brennan’s job – I mean, everything.” So when Season 10 arrives (Thursdays at 8, remember!), with Booth in the brig and Brennan also in federal custody, will it be up to the Jeffersonian team to save the day, using the salvaged files?

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  1. Lex says:

    This episode proved Bones has still got it! Haven’t watched regularly in a while, but this episode showed they’ve still got it! Way to go David for directing the episode!

    • Jess says:

      Best ep of Bones in a long time. May be even ever. It was amazing David was fantastic both in acting and directing. My performer oe the week!

    • Anon says:

      O. M. G. I need many drinks after this ep to calm my nerves. MANY. It was AMAZING. Free B&B!

    • RBA says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I left the show after season 6, but I came back this season and I am happy I did.

      Hart made many mistakes in the past, but he has learned from those mistakes. Tonight he delivered with one of the Best finales in the show’s history….

    • Daisy says:

      WOW!!!!!!!!!! HUGE cliffhanger. I would have never guessed. I thought maybe Booth and Brennan wouldn’t be partners or something. I really didn’t know!! That stinks that I have to wait til what September or something. OMG I still In shock!!! Just OMG OMG!!!! I cant believe it.
      Just WOW!!!! I ‘m MAD that I ave to wait so long.
      But the episode was awesome, and I am still completely socked.
      WOW Booth getting arrested for killing 3 FBI agents just for self defense. That is completely mest up and poor Bones.
      I don’t want to wait its just so longcome on DPs I want to know what happens.

    • Kathy H. says:

      OMG!!! Bones is one of my favorite shows; however, the whole Pelant thing made me lose interest. I’m so glad that I continued to watch the show. This finale had to be the best ever!!! I can’t wait until the new season starts in September!!!

    • Jackie says:

      You said it! This show is still the BEST out there!!! It has it all, drama, passion, comedy, and chemsitry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE BONES!

    • I’ expecting that they put this episode up for Best Direction, cause it was perfection!!!!!

    • kelly says:

      Ummm…. what exactly was Booth trying to accomplish by baiting the bad guy into getting 3 delta force solders to try to kill him in his home? I couldn’t see any possible good outcome to that plan!

  2. LK says:

    Stupidest, most implausible episode ever.

    • skrable2 says:

      This isn’t the Castle thread

      • taran63 says:

        It’s not the 24 thread either. There are other TV shows out there. Try not to be so obsessed with Castle, skrable.

      • RBA says:

        LK has to be a Castle fan… That finale was the dumbest piece of sh__ I ever seen… It is not worthy to be compare to this finale…. Hart just showed AM that when it comes to season long arcs, character development, and a big payoff he is light years ahead of AM..

          • LK says:

            Let me clarify my, “Huh?” I didn’t watch the Castle finale, so I’m not sure how I could be making comparisons. I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention Castle. The whole delta force stuff was ridiculous.

          • gaby6034 says:

            RBA is a Castle hater, don’t worry. :)

          • RBA says:

            If you only knew the truth… Up until a year ago I was one of Castle’s biggest supporters at the ABC forum and on the12th precinct…. The crappy season 5 finale and much of season 6 open my eyers to the failing of Marlowe as a writer who can’t write season long arcs, do character development, and tell non cliche COTW. It says much about the writing when the Bones Squints have more depth than Ryan or Espo. Heck Wendell this year was given a better story than Espo, Lanie, or Ryan have been given in the whole history of the show.

            As to Bones I left the show after its own disastrous season 6, but last summer I caught up with Season 8 after hearing many positive comments i the Bones forums. Since then I been very happy with this season of Bones because Hart finally embraced having a show with B&B as a loving couple fighting crime and kicking a$$. Hart finally got over his fear of Will They Wont they and decided to threat it as a non factor in the show. B&B just are a couple living their lives while solving the most difficult cases.

            The show continues to evolve and each of the secondary characters as could be seen in tonight’s finale has a vital role in the team. Hodgins is still the conspiracy nut. Angela is great with computers (miss the Angelatron), Cam is still a great at her job and can say more than lividity, and Caroline is her charming self…

          • Yawn says:

            RBA, you just keep on saying the same thing over and over and over again. Don’t you get tired of listening to yourself?

      • DarkDefender says:

        Besides, we all saw the Castle cliffhanger coming.. We just wanted them married before it happened.

      • Moriarty's pocket protector says:


    • gaby6034 says:

      agree! this finale was worse than Castle season finale! enough said. lol.

    • dman6015 says:

      Most dramas have implausible episodes. That’s why it’s called FICTION.

      fic·tion ˈfikSHən/ noun

      Literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people. Invention or fabrication as opposed to fact. Synonyms: novels, stories, (creative) writing, (prose) literature.

      • LK says:

        My mistake was thinking Bones was a drama. It’s apparently fantasy!

        • John NYC says:

          Where was the fantasy? Hoover ran secret files on the powerful for decades as a routine way of controlling his agency and anything that could impact it: that was even alluded to by Booth. Plain old blackmail and influence peddling through secret files is way more mainstream than that super-villain Pelant business as I see it.

          • Aeol says:

            Black ops don’t shoot up people’s houses in residential neighborhoods. They shoot you from a mile away or cut your break lines or push you in front of a subway car. I actually enjoyed this episode, but let’s not pretend that “3 Delta Force agents vs an FBI agent essentially destroy a house on a regular street and then pretend that those three dudes were just serving a warrant” is a plausible story line.

          • John NYC says:

            Gee the deputy director of the FBI lied.

            How hard is that to allow for. There was no warrant, they went after Booth like they’d hone after the guy in the trailer. Who they also didn’t pop from a mile out..,.

          • Aeol says:

            They at least attempted to fake an exploding trailer. If your next-door neighbor’s house got kablooeyed during 10+ minutes of heavy gunfire, you would accept “warrant delivery gone wrong” as an explanation?

          • John NYC says:

            So the deputy director is a bad liar. It got Booth handcuffed to the bed so somebody bought it, or is in on the corruption and winked at it. Somebody who no doubt has no idea of the condition of the house.

    • Aries says:


    • me says:

      thank you.

  3. Kevin says:

    Still trying to catch my breath . The last 10 minutes were harrowing and so rewarding. Bravo to Boreanaz and the whole cast and crew. Counting days till September.

  4. ian says:

    Deputy Director Stark is the leak. Has to be it just makes perfect sense. I hope he goes down in the premiere. And that Booth gets out of the situation. When Stark said that the guys Booth killed were Serving search warrant I knew it was him.

    • Lisa-Anne says:

      I dont think it will be that easy when Stephan Nathan was asked if we have seen them on screen or not he said he couldnt comment but he did say ” I think everyone should be cautious. Everyone should be worthy of suspicion.”

    • RBA says:

      Poor Stark… Once Max Keenan finds out he might suffer the same fate as the last FBI person that dare threaten his family (see Judah on Pole)

  5. Jon says:

    I HATE when episodes show something and then “flash back” to a couple of days before or whatever. It’s so cheap and stupid. Unless the whole show is structured around a format like that (“Damages”), introducing that plot device f

    • Jon says:

      For an odd episode to drum up some sense of excitement is a totally ridiculous and far-to-used contrivance

  6. momsasaynt says:

    Best episode since Pelant capture those of you that thought it contrived it’s a 10 yr old show that kicked butt tonight.

  7. Badpenny says:

    The Bones season finale was much better then the Castle season finale. Well done to everyone in the episode.

    • Jeff says:

      That’s not saying much.

    • Cookiekirk says:

      Badpenny, I totally agree with you, Bones was great!!! Castle really let their fans down and insulted us to boot. No one has that many obstacles preventing the big day. I was like many let empty and angry. Bones was great,but CBS’S Mentalist was the best by far!! The finale between Patrick and Robin Tuney was fantastic. The other networks need to take notice that this how u have an finale. Many fans laughed,cried,jumped for joy and raised their glasses to them.i was one of them. I must have clapped for 10 minutes, it was such a uplifting ending. That’s how u make fans happy after watching for 10 seasons!!. Enough said.

      • Mary says:

        Ah, no, not “all” Castle fans were left down…I´m a big Castle fan and I don´t feel left down, the only thing I didn´t like was the fact that I don´t buy that Beckett´s background had not been checked by, at least, the A.G. office…apart from that I really liked the finale and loved the cliffhanger for all the possibilities it can offer! Bones finale was good, but The Mentalist? Sorry, not for me…it all looked like a series finale and imo too rushed! So, Lisbon had just accepted a marriage proposal and decided the guy would understand? Doesn´t say much about her caracter! And for me she and Jane were above all brother/sister, never felt any chemistry there!

  8. skrable2 says:

    He should have used some of Pellant’s closed-circuit cameras to record the “warrant-serving”

    • Badpenny says:

      I assume the arrest is really just protective custody that the Deputy Director is using to protect Booth from the assassins. Making him look like a criminal buys them time.

      • skrable2 says:

        That’s an excellent thought

      • RBA says:

        I could see that… It is definitely going to be interesting how Hart kicks off next season

        • Badpenny says:

          Hart is sidelining himself to do Backstrom next year. Stephen Nathan will primarily be handling season 10 of Bones.

          • RBA says:

            Ugh.. Just when Hart mellows out you are telling me Stephen will be taking over. Noooo

      • David4 says:

        I thought they were going to say he’s dead, just to get the crazy people off of his back.

      • John NYC says:

        I see the deputy director as dirty and Booth in serious trouble.

      • betty says:

        I was left with the impression and have been for several episodes that it is the Deputy Director who is the villain. Never thought thought of protective custody, I’m not convinced of this !!!! but it is another angle. Thanks!

  9. Linda says:

    Spectacular cliffhanger. Now we are left to ponder over the summer who is the nefarious mastermind behind this diabolical circumstance. And I’d swear there were more than 3 assailants in that house. Very dramatic camera work during the shootout. At least Hart Hanson and crew did not make us wait the summer to know that Booth survives his wounds. “Where there’s life, there’s hope”.

    This dramatic twist leaves us to wonder how our dynamic duo will weather this storm that now swirls around them. With both Booth and Brennan in custody, is it time for Max to sweep into action and execute a prison break? I’m sure he’s the perfect man for the job!

    I give this episode a 5 star rating for excitement, drama, and sheer destruction. And the acting was great. David and Emily excelled. And David’s direction kept us on the edge of our seats.

    It will be a long summer. But we can look forward to the potential for some great storylines as B&B move forward to navigate the labyrinth they have been thrust into. I can tolerate this kind of cliffhanger because it opens up so much potential for next season.

    • J. Norman says:

      I thought i counted 5 assailants getting killed. 3 by Booth and 2 by Brennon

      • John NYC says:

        They wore body armor: shooting one and their dropping didn’t equal that they’d stay down: Booth was shot and HE didn’t stay down….

  10. madbengalsfan85 says:

    THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how to do a season finale!

  11. Tran says:

    Don’t know if the upcoming tenth season of Bones is going to be its last. Make it happen Fox.

    • Lisa-Anne says:

      In a small way if it was the end we would get to find out a lot of information like the significance of 447 and Angelia’s real name but I don’t want it to end and definitely not after this season finale cos if they can do that for season 9 they have a lot more story telling in them and I cant wait!

    • Aries says:

      Let’s hope it is. This show has jumped the shark!

  12. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    Wow. A Bones recap. Didn’t expect that.

  13. Liz says:

    Come on producers, writers etc. Like we really think that Booth and Bones will actually lose their jobs for more than one episode next season! Might drag out to the second episode tops but that is it.

    • skrable2 says:

      At least it’s not a car that magically burns for over an hour, but doesn’t set any adjourning greenery ablaze

      • c-mo says:

        skrable2, seriously get some help, Castle is a tv show not real life!!! Besides this recap is about Bones, not Castle.

    • RBA says:

      The way Hart, Nathan, DB, and ED have talked about the upcoming season things will not be okay when they come back. This finale will last longer than the premiere.

  14. Marci says:

    This hasn’t been broadcast on the West Coast yet, and I don’t normally read recaps until I’ve watched the episode; but I’m so burned out by these harrowing cliffhangers, I decided to read this to see if I wanted to watch it. I’m going to let it record, and then leave it on my DVR until the first episode of next season. I just don’t want to deal with this right now.

    • c-mo says:

      It was really good…go ahead and watch it…

    • Lisa-Anne says:

      You should watch it then read the interview that Stephen Nathan gave that explains how season 10 will open and where everyone will be at that point and it makes it a lot easier to wait when u have an idea of how the story will continue!

  15. Wendy says:

    I thought DB/ED brought their A game tonight. But why, oh why, must the TIRED Bones versus Castle war have to be started here again? Castle is slagged on here, Bones gets slagged on in Castle posts. Is it REALLY that hard to stick with talking about the show that the topic relates to?

    • Gina Finamore says:

      agreed… get on Castle’s thread and stop comparing them– next season is gonna be outstanding :) DB you are freaking amazing

    • LK says:

      Ah! This ‘splains why I was I was accused of being a Castle fan because I thought this finale was ridiculous. I was scratchin’ my head.

    • c-mo says:

      Thank you Wendy for being the voice of reason!

    • EB says:

      Agreed. I love both shows – for different reasons. I get the comparisons, but to me they’re shallow and irrelevant. Each show should be looked at in their own right, not as pseudo siblings in weirdo competition. Great ep tonight, Bones. A Game all round. Loved it!

      • Huskygrl says:

        I watch both shows, have watched them both since the beginning, and loved BOTH finales. Some fans are just that – FANS! And not, oh shall we say self important pseudocritics! So how about we talk Bones on this thread and go to the Castle recap to talk Castle?

  16. Alichat says:

    Where were the cops? All that gunfire and explosions at Booth’s house and none of the neighbors called the cops? None of the neighbors looked out of their windows…..came over when the shooting stopped to see what was going on? Booth and Brennan don’t have a video security system? The neighbors don’t have one?? And why would a committee hearing to vet an FBI agent to lead an international office be public? Booth couldn’t go to the CIA….or a friend in the CIA to help find the mole in the FBI? They decide to not use phones because they are being monitored, but still load all the data onto a server that could be hacked by some Pelant-like mole? How do they know this expert hacker hadn’t accessed the security cameras and been watching them the whole time? I just…..ugh this episode was so bad.

    • mspenn1013 says:

      I tweeted the same thing. No neighbors called 9-1-1?

      • Evan says:

        You have got to think since DELTA FORCE soldiers were the ones who came for Booth that they can intercept 911 calls or shut down power and cell towers in the area! David Boreanaz directed what will probably go down as the best sequence of this entire series!!!

    • Pam says:

      They don’t show every single thing who says neighbors weren’t outside watching and being held back. Who says cops weren’t called in and streets weren’t blocked. We don’t get to see everything in 44 minutes.

      • Stormy says:

        For one thing, if the cops were outside they wouldn’t have let Brennan through. And even if there were just neighbors out there, since her purpose was to warn him, it was already going down so there would be no need. Made no sense.

    • John NYC says:

      Oh I expect the neighbors called the cops, response times vary and that entire episode took only a few minutes (and perhaps that’s how he got transported to the hospital…).

    • Mark says:

      Well said. It was a terrible episode.

  17. Bender says:

    The difference between bones and castle, is that bones takes itself seriously and castle doesn’t.

  18. David4 says:

    Almost as silly as the Castle episode.

  19. Matthew b Lawler says:

    I happen to be a fan of both bones and castle and I say I prefer the bones finale I thought tonight’s episode truly lived up to the game changer promise

    • Gwen says:

      I agree, Matthew. I’ve been fans of both series since the beginning, and I thought the Bones finale was much better than the Castle finale. I am so impressed with David Boreanaz and the way he directed this episode, especially that thrilling action sequence!

  20. lex says:

    i get why people are saying that it might be an implausible episode, but i think as a whole it kind of worked…idk if it’s just because after several episodes that haven’t delivered, i think Bones is finding their ground again. As someone said up further in the post, Bones has been a shown that (for the most part) has shown development. The show has taken long story arches and kept them moving. A lot of show can’t do that. When Bones first came out i watched it religiously. The show had a slow start, many of my friends had never even heard of the show back then. However, in its 9th season, the show is still progressing and for that they deserve an applause. I mean who would have ever thought Bones would last for 9 seasons?!

    • RBA says:

      Great post. I agree and I think this is why I like this finale because it tied to Ghost Killer arc and then added to it by linking it to corruption at the FBI something that has been hinted all along.
      What sets this episode apart from other Bones finales is how in tune B&B. It also showed the great development of Brennan…

  21. Lisa-Anne says:

    I have read an interview with Stephan Nathan and he has said in it how season 10 will open and where everyone is at that time it is very interesting and makes the wait even harder now! Season 10 is going to be epic!

  22. catherine says:

    A more than excellent ep, twist was expected but for killing FBI agent who come to arrest someone (for what) in full flak gear, oh please. Overall I truly loved it, just the right amount of tension, but am confused, are we going to have murder of the week along with trying to clear Booth? A good twist would be for Booth to be cleared fairly early on and refuse, along with Brennan, to go back to the FBI.

    • John NYC says:

      FBI would have been emblazoned all over that gear were those intruders actual FBI: they were the same three Delta’s that killed the conspiracy theorist and torched his trailer.

      That “FBI arrest warrant serving” was simply a frame job the dirty deputy director was dropping on Booth to isolate him, they’re not knowing Angela had saved the data they thought they’d wiped from the Jeffersonian’s system.

  23. CinBen says:

    I’ve watched every episode at least 3 or 4 times, my favorite show ever… Love all the cast, hope they never end!

  24. John says:

    Nope. Done with the show. No Bones about it.

  25. enough already says:

    1) Why do people feel the need to compare ‘Bones’ with ‘Castle’ (that goes for both fan bases)? It is stupid, pointless and a waste of time.

    2) Why do people always complain when TV shows and movies are not realistic? If you think a TV show or movie is going to be perfect replica of reality then you are an idiot. TV shows and movies are for entertainment not reality.
    2a) I would be that 99% of the people who bitch about shows/ movies not be realistic don’t have a clue as to what reality would actually look like. In today’s world we have a lot of morons filling the internet up with hot air because they think they know more than they actually do and they think that they are a lot smarter then they actually are.

    • Maria says:

      They get compared a lot because they have a lot of mutual fans, and because of the similarities in plot such as a non-cop (Brennan/Castle) following around a cop or fed (Booth/Beckett) solving cases. The non-cop lends expertise that the cop doesn’t have (with Brennan that’s anthropology and with Castle it’s storytelling). They fall in love over several seasons of will-they-won’t-they. Thus…the inevitable comparisons.

  26. Lisa-Anne says:

    I was just noticed there now while watching a second time that the little girl who plays Christine, her real name in Sunnie Pelant! Thats so cool!!

  27. Sarah says:

    I think it was the best finale they’ve had in a while. That’s JMO, though.

  28. skrable2 says:

    I must say that, overall, I’m tired of explosive, shocking, conspiracy-filled cliffhangers … regardless of what show they’re on. Give me something along the lines of The Mentalist’s romantic finale, or the emotional sendoff on NCIS.

    How many times can Booth and Brennan be set up for crimes they didn’t commit? How many conspiracies can fall into their laps? I know after 10 seasons, everything is repetitive, but this type of episode — while well-produced — isn’t what drew me to the show, or has kept me a fan.

    Go back to their oddball COTWs, spend time with the ensemble as characters, and move onto the next week. Was this an exciting TV episode? Sure. But it’s far, far away from why I like to watch Bones in the first place.

  29. julianne says:

    Fantastic episode. Great direction by David boreanaz.

  30. John NYC says:

    Great episode, already I can see changes that I expect will carry into the new season.

  31. GeorgeR says:

    I still miss Zack any chance he will return?

  32. Jo says:

    I love Bones and this is one of the best finale episode ever. Emily & David have such great chemistry between them they make their charactors so believable. David’s direction was superp it made the episode so special and exciting. I’m looking forward to season 10, It’s going to be a long summer.

  33. Kiki says:

    I liked the chemistry between Bones and Booth in this episode. You could feel how much they love each other and respect each other’s professional expertise. The episode was very well directed and it really had a good flow. I thought the whole cast did such a good job too of keeping the story going. When three judges turned down the warrant that was a big clue something was off, but it was kind of passed over. I too was wondering if a house was being destroyed with gunshots why wouldn’t the neighbors call the police? People in my neighborhood would be at the house! I didn’t like that Booth got shot so many times, that was hard to watch-I know it’s to set up the story line that this is obviously a conspiracy against Booth. And Booth showed strength and vulnerability too.I was surprised Sweets didn’t have much in this episode too. Maybe they are saving him for the next episode.The show moved along and had a good movie feel I thought. Am glad Booth is alive and he saw the handcuffs and Bones and looked puzzled-will be waiting to see what happens next.

  34. Mike S. says:

    This should have been a 2-hour finale. Not because I’m such a die-hard that i’m over here going “I never want it to end!!!”, but there were a lot of scenes that were REALLY rushed and very jarring, sharp scene-cuts. If it were a movie, I’d pin it on the director, but as this is television, that falls more to the producers and writers.

    I loved the fight at the end, even though it was very Hollywood. Delta operators wouldn’t have been that sloppy, and they SURE as hell wouldn’t have come at him one at a time. But for a Hollywood scene, it worked very nicely.

    The problem with the episode was that everything UP TO the fight scene seemed to serve no real purpose other than to give an excuse to get to the fight.

    I’d give it a high C or a low B grade, personally.

  35. Dani says:

    Although I liked how Booth handle his home invasion Skyfall style, I don’t like this new conspiracy story line, but I guess it is better than the Pelant arc.

  36. Pam says:

    After watching the Bones Season 9 “The Recluse in the Recliner” finale tonight I made sure my heart was still beating- check, mind blown – check, headache – check. Registered at looney bin – check! This was a rocking finale Bones hit it out of the ball park. Everyone cast and crew bravo and kudos. Besides the Wedding episode”The Woman in White” this was the best of the season those two go hand in hand sums up the couple, the team, the friendship and the love.

    • betty says:

      I totally agree!!!! One of the best episodes of the season and a fantastic finale. Last 10 mins absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for great entertainment David, Emily and Cast.

  37. 206episodesofBones says:

    That was a fabulous finale! Full of intrigue, action and heart! It’s wonderful to watch a TV show that can do all the drama with their two leads being together and in love throughout. Well done David, Emily and the rest of the cast and crew!

  38. Kristy says:

    WHAT AN AMAZING EPISODE. WOW. I can’t wait for season 10!!!

  39. Maria says:

    Hey Andrew Marlowe…THIS is how you write a season finale!!! Wow. I hadn’t watched Bones in over a year, but I decided to check out the finale because the commercials looked intriguing. It was so good, I may start watching again. Excellent job by the actors too.

  40. acurat says:

    Very nice twist for an aging show. No one saw this coming, and it breathes life into a “mystery of the week” storyline. This show may be running out of time (the actors are signed through the end of the 2015 season), but it will go out with a bang. I like Castle as well, but the cliffhanger it had this year does not compare to what Bones pulled off.

  41. Stormy says:

    Lots of pros and cons in this ep for me.
    The scene where B&B are arguing about Brennan taking Christine and going to Max was really badly acted. High school play bad.
    The fire fight in the house was a bit too Tom Cruise for me. And Brennan taking down the last guy in full body armor with one clean shot was ridic.
    If they think putting ED in those pinched waist, too tight jackets makes her look less pear shaped, they’re wrong.
    On the plus side: I’m always up for believing in deep cover ups within the government and that anyone who rises to national level in politics, the military or CIA/FBI has been compromised and has plenty to hide.
    Love the forensics and the IT stuff and absolutely love the rest of the cast.
    But that’s just me.

    • Jeff says:

      To your point, if Brennan came to the gunfight a minute earlier, she and maybe Booth would have ended up dead, so her returning was really just lucky not to be a tragedy. A dumb action on her part, not smart, as portrayed on the show.
      An Brennan’s clothes just looked terrible the entire episode.

      • betty says:

        Could we just get the Brennan character out of those black knee high boots she wears in every episode regardless of the season or where ever she appears even at home????

  42. hello says:

    How can they arrest Booth for killing agents that attacked him at his own house?

  43. Jeff says:

    An OK finale, the gun battle was exciting, but they need to do more realistic badguys. After Pelant, they should have stayed away from another “all powerful” villain and done something a little more realistic. Also, can someone tell Angela to just pull the plug on her computer next time someone tries to hack it, or better yet, don’t hook it to the internet??!

  44. Donna says:

    The episode was okay but I won’t be watching anymore new episodes. I fell in love with a show where Booth was an FBI agent and he and Brennan solved crimes together. I already watch a show about corruption in the FBI, it’s called “The Following.”

    From now on, I’ll stick to past seasons and the show I love.

    • Aries says:

      Great comment….I agree completely

    • M says:

      You do realize they’re not re-working the entire premise of the show, right? It’s not like they’ve never had a season end with one or more of the protagonists’ being out of their jobs before (see seasons 5 and 7) and everything was right back to normal by the end of the season premieres that followed. This will be no different.

  45. EB says:

    The fact they can still produce an awesome cliff-hanging finale in their 9th season of Bones is impressive! Great episode!!!! I knew Booth couldn’t die and yet, I was sincerely worried and stressed out for him. They raised the bar with this finale. DB did a great job of directing. This sets up Season 10 nicely – as their home is destroyed, their livelihoods and lives hang in the balance and it will all come down to Angela’s 90 second save! She kept all that precious proof, while the bad guys think they’ve destroyed it. So next season will kick off with a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel. Loved how the writers ripped apart their beautiful house – tearing down what was precious to reintroduce high stakes into a long running series whose stakes had waned in recent years. Nice job all round!! I still love this show. Keep it going!!!

    • EB says:

      PS – I love how Brennan comes back and kicks butt for Booth!

      • Jeff says:

        Not really – if she came a minute earlier when more of the gunman were alive, any one of them would have killed her before she got off a shot, or if she managed to get in alive, Booth might have been thrown off balance trying to protect her and both would have ended up dead. It was just dumb luck it wasn’t a tragedy, and a dumb move on her part, even though the show tried to make it out as her being the savior of Booth.

        • John NYC says:

          Had she not come back at all? Booth is dead.

          A less than satisfactory season or show finale. IMHO.

    • Jeff says:

      The house wasn’t that badly damaged, for all the gunplay and explosions going on. Any contractor could patch the walls, replace the windows and cabinets in less than a week, maybe two days. If there was a fire, that would be a story.

  46. Castle people take note: THIS is how you do a season finale. Best finale yet. Followed by Arrow, then Blacklist.

  47. Dsampson says:

    So delta force agents from the government were sent to kill a FBI agent at his home … Shake my head and give me a break.

    • John NYC says:

      Just following orders: much like Booth in Pakistan with the American citizen he targeted…. and given the forensic evidence the Jeffersonian team developed it wasn’t going to be their first American elimination.

      OR they had a side business….

  48. Autumn says:

    I’ve watched Bones since the very beginning, and to be honest I usually let episodes save up on my DVR now for rainy days. Omg, I’m so glad I decided to get caught up yesterday after hearing the finale was good. I was seriously not expecting that ending! When those agents were dragging Brennan out of Booth’s hospital room my heart broke, I can’t wait for next season.

  49. frustratedwithbadtvshows says:

    Season finale of Bones was “different” to say the least. I found some of the story telling a bit far fetched. Kudos to D. B., the special effects crew, the stunt coordinator and his team for putting together the fight sequence, cause that was edge of the seat television watching!

    • Stormy says:

      It was very well presented, but completely illogical. The Delta guys would have lobbed in concussion grenades first and possibly tear gas. Booth should have expected that and worn a gas mask. Anyone familiar with special ops would have laughed at all of the incongruity.

  50. C says:

    Bones and Castle just enforced my don’t watch TV in May rule which I made the mistake of breaking this year. I hate cliff hangers, I’m not too fond of season long arcs either nor having a super villain as the big bad. I loved Bones from day one and put up with the Gormagon arc and then the Grave Digger and Booth’s sniper trainer but I got fed up when Pellant came along I was done, done and done. I watched only a few eps of those seasons and refused to watch again until he was dead and buried. When I read about the ghost killer I avoided most of those as well. I don’t know why these mystery shows feel that they have to do a crappy cliff hanger and big bad super villain. It’s not original — practically every show does it and I know I’m not alone from comments I see and hear that fans are bored with it and sick of it. IT HAS BEEN DONE for heaven’s sake be creative and give us well written shows that develops the character with maybe some personal arcs as the season long stuff. The Angela and Hodgins stuff was fun and well done but supervillians with season long arcs and cliff hangers…. Not only is it not new it’s been done to death. It was brilliant years ago when Dallas did it with Who Shot J.R. but now I’m so sick of it it’s turned me off to a ton of shows and I have a feeling Bones and Castle will now move to the only watch when TNT runs them a year or so later file in my TV viewing. Maybe if viewers boycotted these cliff hangers and the resolution ep in the fall the networks would stop doing them. I for one won’t be watching when Castle or Bones return.