The Mentalist Finale Recap: The Plane Truth

The Mentalist Finale RecapThe Mentalist‘s Season 6 finale, star Robin Tunney had told TVLine, “is going to make a lot of people really happy, and I think it’s going to make some people angry…. I don’t think anyone will feel in the middle of the road about it.”

So now that you have laid witness to it, where do you fall?

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The hour opened with Jane very much in denial about Lisbon having filed her transfer papers to move to D.C., as reported by Cho. Still, Jane lost some spring in his step upon hearing that news — but not so much that he couldn’t quickly solve a case involving some kids and an ill-fated card sharp.

The episode then headed in a new direction when a random cold case churned up a fresh clue — a letter seemingly written by the killer, taunting the Feds. That sends Jane and Lisbon to Miami, where the latter eventually cracks a code at the bottom of the missive, pointing them to a cozy island lodge. Upon checking in, Lisbon finds waiting in her room dresses to wear, for which she promptly thanks Jane, who shrugs, “It’s our last case,” so it should be extra “nice.”

But then, en route to dinner (while looking quite dynamite), Lisbon discovers that Jane booked their rooms before the mysterious letter ever surfaced — meaning (as probably 85 percent of us had already decided/assumed), Jane wrote it, not the killer.

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After dousing Jane with a glass of water and a bit Blue Birdlater reading him the riot act, Lisbon makes tracks for the airport. Jane — after smoking out the cold case’s killer, and getting a nudge from a lovelorn “acted too late on his feelings” lawyer who had shown up to exact revenge on same — Jane gives chase, even clambering over a security fence to access the airport tarmac and board Lisbon’s jet. There, at Teresa’s side, he states his case:

“I trick people to avoid the truth…. Letting people get close to me is terrifying, for obvious reasons…. I can’t imagine waking up knowing that I won’t see you,” he begins. “The truth is that I love you. It scares me, but it is the truth.”

Lisbon, though affected by the declaration, claims his words have come “too late,” and Jane is hauled off the plane to be detained by the TSA.

But when morning comes, Jane gets a visit in the detention room — from Lisbon, who jokes about the latest “fine pickle” he has gotten himself into (complete with a sprained ankle). Getting down to business, she asks: “Did you mean what you said?”The Mentalist Jane Lisbon I Love You

“Yes, I did.”

“Good…. Because I feel the same way.”

“Well,” he smiles, “that’s lucky.”

Still, Teresa needs to hear those three words again, fresh, and not with TSA agents closing in. And Patrick responds by leaning across the table and delivering a kiss.

What will Kimball “I just don’t see it, they’re like brother and sister” Cho think about this twist?!

Again I ask: Which Mentalist reaction camp do you fall into?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. enri says:

    Thanks Matt! Loved it! Jane finally manned up. Thanks Bruno for this episode. :)

    • Stacie says:

      I don’t really understand what Robin Tunney(Lisbon) meant by pretty much saying some people would hate it or love it. If they are a fan of this show and those characters why would they NOT want those two together? It’s about time. 6 Seasons and over a 100-something episodes is plenty of not being together. If people are angry about this pairing then they shouldn’t be watching this show.

      • Peggy says:

        That is your opinion. I beg to differ. Been watching since the beginning. Not every girl and boy cop show requires they belong together. Things changed and evolved slowly over 6 seasons. I understand what Robin Tunney said, I was a “damn, no” to the ooh, get them together crowd. But things changed, your lack of understanding is irrelevant.

        • Tara Freeman says:

          I feel the same. I’m a big fan of the show, been watching since day one. They do not have any chemistry. I don’t like it. why do they always feel the need to pair up the two leads? Why can’t they just be good friends that love each other in that way and can rely on each other. Very disappointed.

          • Judy says:

            You could cut the sexual tension with a knife – that’s why it’s called tension – it is not always blatantly expressed. Thank heaven some action

          • CBWBDK1 says:

            I don’t know which show you’ve been watching for the last six years, but to say jane and lisbon have no Chemistry is ridiculous!!!

          • Samantha says:

            I feel exactly the same! I’ve never seen them as romantic and I’m disappointed they “went there.”

          • Christina says:

            That’s interesting you dont feel the chemistry between them. I’ve been picking up on it gradually- I think the creator/writers of the show have done a great job of developing Lisbon & Jane’s connection; real subtle. But I ALWAYS knew they liked each other! So last night’s finale was really special I thought :-) Especially when Jane finally let down his guard to admit his feelings, I was like wow! This season was kind of boring for awhile, and I also miss the humor from Rigsby and Cho. But it’s gotten better now. Glad it will be on for another season cause there’s nothing good on T.V. Anymore.

          • Jennie says:

            Thank youuuu !!!! There was never any chemistry it is just a way to make the show last longer

          • Alice says:

            BECAUSE SHE WOULD HAVE LEFT!!! OBVIOUSLY, of course he loves her, shes the only person who actually KNOWS him anymore… no one could ever know him and love him and understand him like she can!

            They’ve been together for 8 years, and they’ve been through a lot
            Obviously they’d end up together. Its not like they’re being pushed or forced together
            They don’t have to be, as shown for the past 6 years:P

            (I don’t know what you’re talking about chemistry either they have immaculate chemistry,)
            I for one am on a high about last episode … it was freaking magical
            and JANE is such a STUD!!!

          • RockGolf says:

            So five years chasing Red John, during which Jane had a fling with one of Red John’s accomplices, and no hint of romance.
            Two years where Jane was “in exile” after killing Red John where Lisbon & Jane where virtually incommunicado and not a hint of anything romantic when they got back together.
            This just seemed so unnecessarily stapled on at the last moment.

          • tackandcover says:


            Want to see sexual tension, go and watch early episodes of Castle. The chemistry between Castle and Becket just drips off of the screen

          • And yours is totally off point. Its simple, if you don’t like the way its going, then quit watching it. And lastly because we all do want an happy ending. Except you don’t want an ounce of happiness in your life.

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          Take it easy! No need to take the claws out! It has nothing to do with her lack of understanding. Every true mentalist fan knew it was inevitable. If you didn’t then you’re not a true fan. I’m excited to see jane and lisbon become a real couple in the next season. If you’re not then stop watching!

          • nula07 says:

            Take it easy! No need to take the claws out! It has nothing to do with her lack of understanding. Every true mentalist fan knew it was inevitable. If you didn’t then you’re not a true fan. I’m excited to see jane and lisbon become a real couple in the next season. If you’re not then stop watching!

            I am all about taking it easy. No claws, just a discussion. A response to a strident fan who thinks that everyone who doesn’t feel like them is….I don’t know. Like your “Every true mentalist fan knew…” True fan, did not know. Doesn’t make me less than you, or deserve less respect, just maybe paid attention to the progression of their relationship, in a mature way, like a grown-up. So, at the finale, it was expected. Memorable.

          • anne.chiu says:

            I agree with what you said. I respect the opinion of other fans on what the last episode was but in my case i am happy that they finally are a couple. When Jane said those words in the plane it was really heart wrenching that i even cried, lolz. Maybe I’m such a cry-baby but watching Jane from season 1 to 6, the struggles he had because of Red John, it made me understood why he have always been on guard with his emotions. Lisbon is the only one who knew him inside-out and accepted him. He was at some point got attracted to at least 2 women from past episodes but the idea of love is not there. I am looking forward to the next season. However i’m just not sure what was noted on wikipedia for season 7 :
            On May 10, 2014, CBS renewed The Mentalist for a seventh season.[153] Bruno Heller declared that it would be an “encore”

        • Ange says:

          I share your opinion. It’s like Castle when he and Beckett started dating and are now moving towards marriage – the witty banter stopped which changed the dynamic of the show.

          • CBWBDK1 says:

            Bite your tongue! Castle has improved so much! Castle and beckett were Always going to end up together. It was inevitable! Same with lisbon and jane.

          • ME says:

            Castle RULES. I feel the witty banter is even better now that they are ready to get married. I love when they go back and forth, laddering off of each other, while solving the murders. There are plenty of cop shows where partners don’t date or end up together. CSI, Criminal Minds, Law & Order… I actually like the fact that Castle and The Mentalist deviate from that platform. It’s nice to see that, sometimes, there are people who can come together professionally and romantically and work that united front. But, to each his/ her own!

          • Alice says:

            I don’t think the banter will stop though :D as you could tell by how they were when she walked ..talking about “pickles” and such. Plus I love that we’ll get one season of them in love, its the perfect amount of time.. so they wont have to turn it into this huge drama fest where they break up … it’ll just be a great closing season. But it will be a little bit of a change, and a nice one im sure…. and who else loved Cho this episode XD he was killing me!

          • @ME says:

            I feel the same. CASTLE was great this season. Last season was meh. But I thought this was a very good season. And they still have the banter. It’s like, after they got them together, they had to find their footing again last season. But this season, they found it again, and it was good. :)

            I also agree there are more shows than not where the partners don’t get together. Far more.

        • flutiefan says:

          Ditto. Ditto ditto ditto!
          I did not want them together and it didn’t feel right. I don’t use that “jump the shark” phrase but it was the first thing I thought of once the episode ended.

        • Experience says:

          Are you seriously idiot or you just lack experience? The tension between jane and lisbon past 6 frigging years been gradually climbing up until the final episode of season 6. You propably have no experience of “long” love or gradually climbing up love. You are such simpleton really they do not deserve each other after everything they have experienced together? YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE the writers implying by jane teasing lisbon in so many different ways that it might even ignite an forest fire in lisbons chest. People have fell in love less reasons and less time. Do your research first before open your mind in the web. Nobody cant be this stupid nor blind same time plus deaf. WHEN they both speak to each other you can hear their acting that they are trying TO get that EMOTION out to the screen you do not need eyes for that only sharp listening sense and experience about life.

          • Mary Ann says:

            Was it really necessary for you to be so nasty to flutiefan, experience? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion without all the name calling. Wow, are you that rude to people all the time, or only when you can be anonymous?

          • elle says:

            They hinted at it every now and then but unlike Castle they screwed it up somehow. I didn’t like the episode to be honest. And I had fancied the idea of them together every now and then only to get a disappointing diversion! I really loved the season leading up to Red John’s death but the episode itself was a bit disappointing. I guess I expected a better ending to rj than that especially after drawing it out for sooo long. The same with Jane and Lisbon… They tried to ease us back into the idea of them as a couple but it didn’t work. Well, at least not for me because I started to see Jane as too damaged to ever love again and their relationship as merely platonic. The season finale felt forced and uncomfortable unlike Castle and Beckett and Booth and Bones.

          • Experience says:

            Mary ann, two things you propably know about the internet already. First your always anynomous second thing is don’t write w/e you want without actual reason and truth about it. You can even ask from the writers of the show and they would say basicly the same thing what I did but maybe less “nasty” way. I do admit I might have been bit too harsh to him but if I wasn’t this wouldn’t be the internet. I’m not rude or try to be rude person at all. But sometimes I might sound like one when I’m talking to less “intellectual” person. If someone can’t basicly realise so simple thing in six frigging seasons of an show what type relationship the writers trying to write maybe just maybe he shouldn’t have opened his mind in this post. Seriously… I find no place for him in this post with his comment about this show with no facts about the show.

          • stanislas says:

            You’re right, of course. People have “fell” in love; some people have even fallen in love with grammar and spelling. You’re just not one of them.
            Oh, and by the way, you’re writing about a TV show. RELAX!

          • Mary Ann says:

            I’m sorry, Experience. I can’t reply to your reply to me, because the way it was written it did not make sense. I’m not sure what you were trying to say, except possibly that you are smarter than everyone else. Because of the lack of grammar and spelling in your remark, I’m not sure that is true.

          • alice says:

            Hahaha … though im careful to not call people are stupid and lacking in experience just because they don’t agree with my views … i do agree with you, to me Jisbon was the most obvious natural thing in the world.. and is kind of mind boggling that some people missed it.

        • Brooke says:

          I agree at this point it was more of a sibling or close friendship between them. The kiss could have won me over, but there was no romantic chemistry. The kiss was a bit off putting

        • joy says:

          I agree, the pairing of Jane and Lisbon is creepy and a big mistake! everybody that work together do not fall in love!

          • stanislas says:

            I agree. It’s been a terrific series, but they’ve made two big errors in plotting – the identity of Red John and now the coupling of Jane and Lisbon. But it’s still a hell of a show!

          • alice says:

            Hahaha I seriously dont understand it… how do people miss the chemistry or the hints that have been dropped sense season one? What brother and sister relationship is like that .. please tell me.. because thats gross.

            I know im sorta biased because im a natural born shipper/romantic ive been wanting it from the start. But if I hadnt id still guess at it.

            2nd FOR THE LOVE people need to stop saying “everybody that works together do not fall in love.” For every example you could give me of co-workers falling in love on Television, I could give you 3 showing that they dont.

            It was the natural thing for these 2 characters, no-one in the entire series cares for each other like they do, they deserve love, they deserve to love each other

        • I would say that it’s you, Peggy, who lacks the understanding, NOT Stacey! What’s the point of having a Boy-Girl team at all, if they are not going to eventually hook up! If I want to watch Brother-Sister relationships, then I’ll watch re-runs of ‘The Partridge Family’, or ‘Brady Bunch’! -or even ‘7th Heaven’!
          The world NEEDS more romance, to counter all the real misery & violence that surrounds us in our daily lives!

        • Ayo says:

          And yours is totally off point. Its simple, if you don’t like the way its going, then quit watching it.

      • I agree, great ep, and was what could have been a great series ender, although I’m for one glad it’s not. Great to see Jane finally drop his cloak and try and move on with someone he obviously has cared deeply about for some time now. Bravo Bruno, and thanks for the great series. Who in their right mind doesn’t like the great smile and great look of Simon Baker’s eyes when he gets going!?

        • Dianne Amero says:

          Yea I agree w u. I am curiuos what becomr of yheir lives after hooking up as a couple it might feel wierd so it might be in differ out put in series. Umm. I like both in work field . Simon Baker wow cutie! I like more of series ! Keep up good work Bruno!

      • Gina says:

        it would be great to see you Jane and Lisbon together for good they make a great team and I think them being together would not in any way affect your ability to solve crimes but it sure would make for a nice program with some good chemistry tween people have been together for a very long time and know each other so well

      • alana says:

        Robin tunney didn’t wanna romance or kissing simon she said that on an interview she said kissing strangers is something wired. .we forced them to kiss each other ..They are good friend and I can imagine how embarrassing was that

      • dissapointed says:

        SERIOUSLY? I’m watching this show because I like it (ok I liked it) – if I wanted a romance I would watch… romance story? They have no chemistry. It was cheap immature thing to make them a pair. Like ‘we have two characters of different sex they are great as a friends but we have to make them a pair lol because when you have two important characters they have to end up together’

    • paul says:

      I absolutely agree…this has been building up for a very long time and Jane’s tender regard for Lisbon has been pretty clear in his attitude and conduct towards her, with the special deferance he has paid to her all along. Their mutual love, from two emotionally delayed persons, finally conquors all.

    • Penelope says:

      I don’t like the pairing, never felt they were a good romantic match at all, and won’t be watching the show next season. I’ve never cared for the Lisbon character and only watched because of Baker. Now if they’re going to be a couple, ugh, I can easily forgo the show as I was barely watching season 6 anyway. imho it just wasn’t as interesting as the first 5.

    • Fredfrombelgium says:

      Oh my god! Just seeing the episode. I was crying when Jane was running for the plane. It’s so GOOD to see them together. I’m so happy. I’m always crying lol. I know it’s only false caracters but when you see 2 persons who are so close for many years…finally!!! It’s so touching!! Thank you Bruno Heller! You made my day for a long long long time!!!!

      • anne.chiu says:

        Aww same here i cried when Jane confessed his love for Lisbon.Regardless of the opinions i read here a lot of fans are still happy they are now a couple. The number of votes says it all. :)

    • says:

      and how many seasons did it take for castle to finally hook up w/ becket??,,, remind me…. 4? and I thought that was insane to wait that long,,,same M.O. here,,, just one season late…………..

    • curious 1 says:

      It was plausible. at this point in the story they can do whatever they like with those 2 characters but, for me it’s still a lot of cheese to swallow. a hexa cheese burger. murky, sloppy, kissy kissy happy ending. they are trying to give the broken arrow puzzle some weight so they can write another season, it works but it’s disappointing because the red red john thing was disturbing, creepy and interesting.

  2. Erin says:

    Absolutely loved the finale and so glad this won’t be the last of the show we will see [: Robin Tunney and Simon Baker’s performance(s) were magnificent. Truly!

    • Kim R says:

      Agreed! And Cho’s totally not getting what Abbott was saying was cracking me up. Really enjoyed the episode. I love when we get to see Simon Baker vulnerable. Looking forward to next season. :)

    • Ragtop says:

      It wouldn’t hurt to bring that Caddy back either.

  3. Loooooooved it! I’m on the happy side, no doubts.

  4. John NYC says:


    Certain alleged comedies could take note, on the off chance anything they pitch in the future might get picked up?

    And Lisbon did look marvelous.

  5. Meg says:


  6. Lauren says:

    I’ve never wanted Jane and Lisbon together … Until tonight. I thought it was very well done. Simon Baker made my heart hurt a little with his desperate speech.

    • Merissa says:

      Yes! When he was trying to apologize through the door and he had trouble talking through his tears, my goodness, I could barely handle it!

      • yurie says:

        What a sissy. Okay sorry, but I know what you mean. Shocking to hear something heartfelt from Jane for the first time in 6 years.

      • bobbi says:

        I was so impressed with Simon’s acting (at the door, and then on the plane). Cried at the end. I was out of town for the final episode, and had to beg my dinner friend to let me watch it on her TV. Embarrassing for me, but I got to watch the final episode. Replayed the show at home. Wonderful.

        • Dianne Amero says:

          Yes. It was wonderful show. I wished to keep it permant dvr of that emotio emotional show of true love poured from Jane n then lastly from Lisbon! I cried too.

    • Jane says:

      Agree. I’ve always been ambivalent to them getting together but Simon Baker made me really feel his emotions. By the end I was really happy about it. When he kissed her I actually teared up. Who knows how I’ll feel about when they come back next year but he really sold it.

      • zaza says:

        I have always been impressed with the way Simon Baker can tell a story without ever saying a word. He has especially been killing these last few episodes!

    • Jacqui says:

      omg, exactly.

      Ya know, didn’t care either way, but after that speech on the plane, I actually wanted them to become boyfriend/girlfriend.

      I just hope the show carries on as it has for this last season. I don’t want it to be all about Jane and Lisbon. I’d like to see them interact much the same as they have been…but with the occasional nod to the fact that they are more than just coworkers…

    • I didn’t want them together either, but I love watching Simon Baker kiss.

      • Carolee says:

        My husband and I wanted a good ending this time because we did not like the way The Guardian ended.The last series Simon Baker was in.We were very happy the writers made Patrick admit his love.

  7. Seuss says:

    Amazing writing and acting – beautiful! Could have been the series finale but I’m glad it wasn’t.

    • Stacie says:

      Felt and actually said those exact words when the episode ended. “That could’ve been a great series finale but I’m happy it wasn’t”. I am so excited to see where they go. I know they won’t be back until mid-season or as a replacement when a new drama series fails, but to know that it is going to return at one point and in the direction that it’s going is exciting. It’s been a long time coming.

  8. Lysh says:

    It was a great finale and I think would have made a great series finale. I have no idea what they’re planning on doing next season now. I’m normally quite the shipper of ships but never really saw it with Jisbon, but I’m not upset about it. It could be interesting.

    • Lauren says:

      I agree! I think it actually would’ve made a really great series finale and if it hadn’t been renewed, I would’ve felt resolved (minus the fact that there was no real resolution with Pike – I know he’s basically minor in the grand scheme of things, but still). I’m very interested to see how their relationship plays out next season, though!

      • J. Norman says:

        I don’t think that there should be much doubt that last nights episode was written with the knowledge that it could have been the series finale.
        It was now or never to get Lisbon and Jane together.

        That is something that couldn’t have been done if they had her go off to D.C. as a cliffhanger and then have the show cancelled.

        • Jim B says:

          Oh yes, the episode was clearly set for the swan song. for the series…. But what a ride of emotions!!! Who could really blame the writers, in the face of declining ratings(placed in the 10PM Sunday death slot) that coupled with the knowledge that CBS had already renewed what appeared to be a full contingent for the fall season… It appeared this was going to be it… Fortunately that which seemed inevitable,was adjudicated by the better wisdom of CBS hierarchy in time with the decision to renew for at least 13 episodes next year… Jane And Lisbon… YABBA DABBA DOO!!!

    • Kathy A says:

      Lysh, are you in my head? I echo your post completely. I’m hardwired to be a shipper, but I always saw these two as brother and sister. I watched last night’s ep this morning, though, and I was happy the writers went where they did. It just makes me angrier that we have to wait until midseason for the show’s return.

  9. J says:

    Truly a brilliantly acted, written and directed episode. It really gave the viewers the journey of these two characters and did it in such a loving way. Bravo to all involved! I can’t wait for season 7.

  10. bri says:

    I LOVE IT! It was even better than I expected!

  11. Scott Johnston says:

    I loved this. I couldn’t stop laughing at the obvious set up. Classic (stupid) stereo type soap-opera ‘crime’. It was, IMHO, obviously more about Lisbon/Jane. But it was still fun to watch.

  12. Beautiful, perfect, emmy worthy.. bows down to Bruno, Simon, Chris and Robin

  13. Tahonia says:

    I didn’t think I’d like this– I’m kind of with Cho on Lisbon & jane’s relationship, but I did like the end. Yes I did.

    • GhostWolf says:

      Same here. I’ve never seen them as a romantic pairing (more friends, brother / sister relationship) but the ending was nice.

  14. Hellenna says:

    Loved it so much .. Thank you Matt and thank you God/CBS for the upcoming S7 Cheers to that :)))

  15. Neil says:

    Was totally with Cho. They’re like brother and sister. Not impressed

    • prish says:

      Tunney said at the beginning of the series they were like high school friends, indicating it would be towards the end of the series, if they did get together.

      • zaza says:

        Yes, that’s a good way of describing it…friends who cared deeply about each other and then those feelings turned to love.

  16. Vanessa says:

    This was the best season finale I’ve ever watched! A great payoff to fans that have been shipping since the beginning. I CANT WAIT TO SEE THEM AS A COUPLE!!!! Bring on January!

  17. MP says:

    Lovely and sweet. I’m looking forward to next season and hope the writers will really delve into Jane’s new journey with a new relationship after experiencing such heartache. It’s a whole new ball game.

  18. @MusicSweetly says:

    Is there a grade for absolute perfection? Because that seems to be the only grade fitting for this ep! Thanks for posting!


    • yurie says:

      You must lead a very sad life then. :-(

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Leaving a comment like that suggest it’s you that leads a very sad life.

        • yurie says:

          Replying to my comment implies that you lead the saddest life of all. :->

          • Linda Painter says:

            What are you talking about.? I had no intention of replying to anything you said. I don’t even know what you said. I was making a comment about the show. I assure you I don’t lead a sad life. Screw this.

      • Kathy A says:

        Wow. This really added a lot to discussion — NOT. But I guess there’s one in every crowd.

        • yurie says:

          Oh gee, let’s look at comments of people talking not about the mystery resolution of a crime procedural but the kiss at the end. Oh my, a useless comment in a sea of useless comments!

      • Alice says:

        I dont know what you’re talking about.. but those are the exact words that left my mouth after their kiss… and after i started breathing again <3

    • bobbi says:

      the episode completes me.

  20. Tran says:

    Fingers crossed for a seventh and “final season” of The Mentalist come mid-season. Make it happen CBS.

  21. Kay says:

    I loved it! Perfection I was cheering the whole time go jane! Go jane!

  22. sandy says:

    Loved it cho was so funny jane and lisbon was awesome

  23. Michael says:

    It was a smart thing to finally hook them up seeing as the show needs something fresh to hook the views now that Red John is gone.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Ya thats kinda the sad thing to me…when the ratings are high, they (other shows too, NCIS etc) change nothing even after 10 years…but once the ratings start dropping, oh all of a sudden everything the fans have begged for starts becoming reality…i would prefer artistic integrity and going into a show with a thought out plan for each season in terms of the big stuff (like Arrow has) and sticking to it….say what you will about the “How i Met Your Mother” finale but since the pilot they knew thats what it was gonna be…and they stuck to it. I respect that.

      • mable says:

        I so totally agree with you! They were ramming Jisbon down our throats near the end of the season and this felt so much like Heller was pleasing that set of fans, it came out of nowhere. I don’t think this was planned from the beginning. Heller def wrote to please fans instead of giving us his vision for the characters. We ended up with a sappy “Hollywood” ending. God knows what will happen in S7.

  24. Matt, this is the BEST finale of my life (yes, among all shows). It was a true masterpiece of acting, writing and directing – so in character. Still feel extremely grateful that we have another season. Mean time I’m gonna continue clenching my heart by rewatching this piece everyday the next 8 months .

    • bobbi says:

      I have watched the series finale a couple of times already. I still react with tears at the finale. Cannot wait for season 7.

  25. GildedRose says:

    I loved it! Jane coughed up his feelings, Lisbon made the right choice, the finale had a very romantic ending that would have satisfied for sure if this had been the last season. So, so good. I can’t wait to see what they do for the next year. I saw mention on twitter of Jane & Lisbon going Nick & Nora Charles ala the Thin Man series and think that’s kind of brilliant. They have that kind of comedic banter that would work well while investigating cases. I’m curious if they’ll come back to the new season already married or if we’re going to watch them try to navigate dating. Either would be fun.

    Kimball Cho’s “I just don’t see it, they’re like brother and sister” line had me dying! It was a nice wink, I think, at the eternal online debate.

    This is the kind of thing shows do, I think, when they do it right. Of all the season finales for all the shipdoms and all the potential finales for shows (and I’m totally looking at Arrow after their finale “stunt” with Oliver/Felicity this year) this is how you make it right in the end and pay it off. I think all fans are willing to wait and go through years of drama and angst and back and forth if it ends nice. And fluffy. And sweet. Mentalist totally did that tonight. Kudos to them and bring on the new season!

  26. Tav says:

    What a great finale and way more emotional/intense than I ever anticipated. Robin was on fire during that fight through the hotel door, and Simon really laid it all out on the table with his speech/confession on the plane. They both truly outdid themselves for an amazing season-ender/new beginning.
    Can’t wait for next season–and more kisses (hopefully with no tables between them) :D

  27. Atiporn Vinaikosol says:

    I love this finale. I have wanted this OTP to be together for a long time . Best finale ever. Absolutely love it and can’t wait for the next season.

  28. You know what Andrew Marlowe would have done with this? He would have had Jane’s SUV crash on its way to the airport………… Yes, I’m still pissed about that one ( ಠ_ಠ )

    Even when I realized that that finale was clearly made at a time when the show was in the limbo (not knowing if it would come back for another season); even when it was corny as f***, dangerously stepping into chick-flick territory; even when the crimes portrayed in the episode were complete fodder, EVEN THEN, I freakin’ loved it!!, to the point of throwing both fists in the air when the L word was uttered! (no, not “lesbian”… T__T).

    Let’s face it: even with another serial killer arch that extended over an entire season, or a bunch of new characters, none of those would have suffice to please a fandom that has been shipping those 2 pretty much since season 1.

    What they do with that new development could very well end up being complete crap, but at least IT happened, and that is enough for me, even if the next one ends up being the last season of the show.

    • Val says:

      Oh my god so true about that Andrew Marlowe part still mad about it to. And I completely agree about everything! I love them! Now we have 2 season 7 2 look 4…

    • ACP says:

      Uh no. Andrew Marlowe would have hooked them up years ago instead of waiting until the last episode. (This was clearly written as a series finale)

      • Kathy A says:

        JAG’s series finale, anyone? But Donald Bellisario deliberately kept Harm and Mac apart because he held a grudge against the shippers who were after him from Season 2 to get them together.

  29. Silveraynea says:

    This finale made me happy to watch. I’m looking forward to Season 7!

  30. DarkDefender says:

    I thought this was very well done. The set up by Jane seemed obvious once Lisbon figured out the clue on the beach. Simon Baker put everything he had into that speech. Honesty, nervousness, resolve and heartache. The very end was sweet and I loved the freeze frame (would have been a nice touch if they weren’t renewed). I’d love to see a time jump when they return. I think 6 seasons of really getting to know each other, it would be more enjoyable to have the “Jane vulnerability reveal” to occur mostly off screen so it doesn’t drag down the new light hearted direction of the re-boot. A full couple super comfortable with each other would distinguish this series from Bones and Castle. If this season 6 finale is any indication, they are well on the way to breaking the “moonlighting” mold.
    I do have a TV question (for the week): How is it that Lisbon changed to flip flops for that walk on the beach when she seemed to have under packed, which required Jane to buy those dresses and shoes for his dinner date?

  31. Merissa says:

    So…very…happy! I was bawling my way through the last 10 mins and a sobbing mess when they kissed!! So glad they FINALLY decided to go there!

  32. Kim says:

    It’ll feel like a tired formula if they spend all next season navigating a new relationship and ending in a “will they or won’t they?” wedding finale. I’d love to see episode one start off with the wedding so we don’t have to watch them struggle to get to that point, it just feels like we’ve seen that played out so often on other shows.

  33. Phyllis Luque says:

    I ached for Patrick….it was beautiful. I only hope we’re not going to see episodes playing with this. You know, are they going to break up or not, etc.

  34. M3rc Nate says:

    My only issue is that to get to this point…you had to kinda dumb down the character of Lisbon by making her one of those people that jumps into a relationship, spirals doing things she would never normally do (go so fast, move to be with him knowing him so short, say yes to being engaged etc) just to build the tension and to force Jane to make a decision and reveal his feelings…..something i am used to when watching One Tree Hill or Beauty and the Beast but from Lisbon on The Mentalist? Ehh…not really. But ill forgive and forget and move on happy they are together (except technically i liked Jane more with the new FBI agent woman) and the next season should either be fun, or go through the typical “network TV tropes” that we have seen a many many times in many different TV shows.

  35. 4theloveoffilm says:

    So. Very. Happy. And satisfied. And joyous! *sigh of contentment* Have been wanting this for a while. Jane’s speech was so emotional and beautiful. I’m really exicited to see them as a couple, and how the FBI deals with that. And really, I am excited to see Patrick Jane freely in love, how that changes him. We’ve seen such a tormented soul, and while he has changed a bit this season, this romance with Lisbon will affect even more change. YAY!

    Loved that Abbot figured it all out. Cho is still my man. Love that character. Rigsby was the romantic. He and Grace saw it. Cho wouldn’t. As for the finale case… I’m going to have to watch it again, because I don’t get why the women killed the victim.

    • 4theloveoffilm says:


      I meant, “effect change.”

    • Kalina says:

      Me neither (re: women killing Greta)…that’s why I came here for the recap, thinking I missed something while surfing between three TV shows. I’ll have to go watch the show again because none of the recaps I read gave the motive. I think Monica said she and Greta were very CLOSE–as in lovers? Maybe she got jealous when Greta had the affair with the lawyer?

      • Hannah says:

        They were business partners and she was embezzling money. I thought they might be lovers too because of the way she said they were “close”.

    • Vicki says:

      Hi — the killer was the business partner of the woman who got killed. Jane thought the motive was probably that the killer was embezzling the business, and got caught out by her friend — so had to kill her to keep out of jail, etc.

      I loved the combination of Simon Baker’s very believable terror at expressing his love — all while there seemed to me to be a great comedy about the murder case — with all those people breaking in on Simon/Patrick at the hotel. Found this one of the best procedural episodes of any cop-type show I’ve seen in a long time.

  36. skrable2 says:

    This depressed me. Not because I didn’t enjoy the episode (I did, a great deal). But because it just reinforced for me how shockingly bad the Castle season finale was in comparison.

    • @skrable2 says:

      Really? I actually liked the ‘Castle’ finale. But, I will say I knew what happened ahead of time and I hadn’t had my heart set on a wedding. So I wasn’t disappointed when it didn’t happen. I know they’ll have one next season probably and it’ll be a small, private affair…maybe just with them. And I’m interested to see what happened to Castle, like who’s behind it all. That being said, I also got how people could be frustrated and upset and feel blindsided by it as well.

      • Kathy A says:

        I knew what was coming with the Castle finale (my husband and I didn’t watch it until Tuesday evening), so I wasn’t furious. My husband, however — he feels like he’s been jerked around (I swear, sometimes I think that man is a bigger shipper than I am).

        • @Kathy A says:

          Your husband sounds like a cool guy. I like it when a guy can root for a couple to get together. It’s nice. :)

          • Kathy says:

            I think it’s due to his age — he’s 62, and he doesn’t have any impatience with character development and the occasional romance (he even thinks Al and Carrie should be together on Unforgettable). Good thing — I’m the hard-wired shipper in our family.

        • Carolee says:

          My husband thought the same thing. He was mad as hell and disappointed of Castle’s ending.He said he is not going watch next season with me..He felt they played with he emotions and he hated that

  37. L.B. says:

    .Thanks for the great recap, Matt. Definitely in the happy they got together camp. I’m glad they sealed the deal with a kiss. But the part in the room before the kiss was so good and the scene on the plane definitely got to me. Those were the best scenes of the night. Simon and Robin did standout acting jobs in those two scenes. Speaking of Robin, she looked even better in the episode than in the stills in that dress. Smokin’!
    .I’m glad too this isn’t the series finale. Interested to see what’s next for Jane and Lisbon and where they’ll pick up from. Maybe we’ll get a another (better) kiss next season? I really think this will bring a nice, freshness to the show to see them together. Kudos to Bruno for the great job on the fun episode and finally getting the two together.

  38. prish says:

    On another site, a fan said it all, “They could have read a dictionary…the kiss…We have waited sooo long!”

  39. Sarah says:

    Simon frickin Baker. Killed it. Beautiful.Ahhhhhh.

    • Trish says:

      I kept this episode and keep replaying the “I love you scene” and the “kiss”. OMG I can’t stop
      watching it … he is so fabulous!

  40. Stacy says:

    I thought Simon Baker and Robin Tunney did a great job acting — especially Simon. But honestly? I thought the set up was stupid. Yes, I get that it was obvious on purpose, but I still didn’t like it. I think most of the fans are just thrilled that they finally got together, regardless of the route the episode took.

  41. CBWBDK1 says:

    Finally!!!!! Perfect ending for this season!! I’m so happy!!!

  42. Kimbo says:

    Is it just me or was it really weird to watch!!!!! I mean, im all for it, but still!!! TOO WERID

  43. Cynthia says:

    This was so great! Really happy they got together :)

  44. vincent sparry says:

    they are not a romantic seeming couple, and tunney has lost much of her charm with age.

  45. Andrew Hass says:

    I happy that Lisbon and Jane got together finally and sets things up nicely for next season.Plus next season might be them trying to figure out how to be together while still working together.

  46. Kris says:

    Loved it! Jane made me tear up a bit during his speech. All throughout the episode, I kept on thinking if they’re gonna get together or not and I’m so glad they did! Looking forward to next season.

  47. redjane12 says:

    I realise I am in a minority but I thought it was beyond corny which didn’t go very well with the usual tone of the show which is way cooler than that. I do not mind Jane and Lisbon together per se but I did hate the public declaration in a plane… too cliche and from going to not avowing any feelings to such a dramatic declaration was just jarring. The final scene was fine, more intimate and subdued just like the show and the characters are normally.

    Hey, but happy for all the shippers who’ve been waiting for 6 seasons!

    • Alice says:

      Umm hone, not to be rude but do you know Jane at all?! He is super corny, super dramatic, he likes making a scene… better yet he doesnt care that hes making a scene.. he never has

      for him they very well were in a private room:P and after that they had their private moment which was just as freaken adorkable!

      Point is nothing about that was out of place.. he does stuff in front of people all the time and doesnt care.. and lisbon was a little uncomfortable like she would have been.. but she was a little more focused on the fat that he shouted the L word at her!!!XD

      and the end scene made it perfect, completely calm a lot serious a little playful completely lisbon and jane being lisbon and jane

      I agree it was SUPER cheese, but some how it worked and it didnt feel fake or cliche.. that way because simon and robin did an amazing job

      It was perfection!

  48. Fox says:

    Well, the polls say it all. It was great. Mentalist has never been a big show like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, and has never been as clever, but as fans we truly care about these characters and it’s so nice to see them together and happy. The ending was of course cliche but was executed flawlessly.

    • Sarah T. says:

      Actually, the Mentalist has been a big show. It’s only been the last couple of years when CBS moved it to Sunday nights and it got bumped around by sports that it hasn’t been as popular as what it once was.

      • Kathy A says:

        It’s hard to watch when you’re not sure when it will be on. Not everyone has a DVR (hard to believe, but true), and some people have to be in work early on Monday, so they can’t stay up until 11pm or so to see it live. I set my DVR so both The Good Wife and The Mentalist start on time and end 90 minutes after the normal ending time.

        • Sarah T. says:

          I agree Kathy, that’s why I wish CBS would move it back to it’s old time slot or at least back to Tuesday’s with Person of Interest.

          • Kathy says:

            It wouldn’t be so bad if football and golf didn’t run over so much of the year. If it started on time, viewership wouldn’t have dropped off. It’s not lack of interest, but the inability to watch that lowered the ratings. But the networks don’t understand simple logic. They hear horses, and they think a herd of zebras is galloping past.

      • Diane Lee says:

        Absolutely. I really was expecting them to cancel the show and it would have been their own fault. I can’t tell you how many episodes I missed because the sports show ran over and my VCR was set to tape from 9 to 10. I’d get somewhere in the middle of watching and then my VCR would turn off. You can’t imagine the screaming at the TV that went on. And the network seemed to get that people were upset.

        One other comment — I was so proud of myself, at how smart I was that I figured out so early that it was Jane who had written the letter. Hmmmm. Not so smart.

        • GBF says:

          I HATED the time slot they put the show in!! I resorted to programming my recorder for 3 HOURS just to catch the show!!! I hope for a change of time slot but if not, I’ll keep my programming for 3 hours. I hope for a 7th season!!

      • Dianne Amero says:

        Yea I wondered what happenend to Sunday nights series it moved around too much it is hard to recoded on dvr!!! I notice the rates on newer shows are bit less. Umm I still love Jane n Lisbon n the crew like Cho Rigsby van Pelt. Higher bosses!! I look forward season 7 !!!

  49. Fantalist says:

    What about Lisbon’s boyfriend/fiancé? He’s a nice guy and very understanding. I feel sorry for him.

    When Lisbon said it’s too late, they should have left it like that. Then next season, come up with a better story line to get Jane and Lisbon together.

    Having said that, I have to admit that it’s still not as bad as How I Met Your Mother series finale. How I Met Your Mother was so disappointing and insulted its viewers becausethe ending was not consistent with the previous years’ story lines.

  50. Sarah T. says:

    I thought this was a great episode. Definitely a good slow build over the years that was worth the pay off. Simon Baker really deserves an Emmy because his acting his superb. His discussion with Robin outside the hotel door was perfectly done by both of them. Lisbon telling Jane that he just used her and he didn’t care hit hard but showed what she believed, that she cared much more about him than he did about her. His final declaration of love on the plane though a touch cliche, was still phenomenal. He vocalised what many had speculated, that he had gotten so hell bent on finding Red John and avenging his love for his wife and daughter that he had bought into his own con and was scared to love again. The kiss at the end was great too. Absolutely loved it! I’ll definitely watch this again. So glad for Season 7 too!