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Vampire Diaries: [Spoiler] to Return as Series Regular for Season 6

Vampire Diaries Matt Davis ReturnsThe following contains a spoiler from the Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale.

Thursday night’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries took some beloved characters away, but it also gave viewers one back — permanently.

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Matt Davis will return to the CW drama as a series regular for Season 6, TVLine has confirmed.

In the season ender, Davis’ Alaric — who died at the end of Season 3, but has made ghostly appearances since then — crossed over from the Other Side and was reunited with Elena.

The news was first reported by TVGuide.com.


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  1. A. D. says:


    • annieveb says:

      i wish kol came back to go over to originals

      • Lorna says:

        He is the worst character, excluding April. I don’t want his whiny a$$ back.

      • Gulamani says:

        wasn´t he suck in the bigg off?? i wonder how the guys (esther and whats his name, oldest originals brother) in “the originals” made it through? I´m sure there is a way back for damon, also you can´t hear anything about somerhalder leaving the show

        • Shelton says:

          I agree. I don’t think Damon and Bonnie are dead. Bonnie’s grams said she had plans for her. Also, Davina brought back michael on the originals and she didn’t do any of the sacrafice the travelers thing. All she did was cast a really powerful spell and michael was brought back to life. So I think Damon isn’t really dead. The only way Damon is really dead is if ian Somerhalder actually wanted to leave the show.

          • Alysha Newman says:

            The only way he isn’t comming back is if the writers don’t want him Ian has a contract thru season 6. Meaning he can’t quit or ask for more money till after season 6.

          • Christine says:

            Damon will be back!

          • kay says:

            damon has to come back. hes one of the main people in the show. i for one cried when damon was killed off. if hes not back in season 6 i will not be watching it no more..

    • Bella says:

      It sure is, really missed him :)

  2. Josh says:

    If this doesn’t show that no one stays dead on this show(save for Jenna but she’s a woman and can’t do man pain). Why do people keep watching this giant turd?

    • alistaircrane says:

      Because it’s a good show. Good characters should never stay dead.

      • Diva says:

        Wrong, this show was good (S1 & S2) and it can never return to greatness that it once was.

      • sarah says:

        correction! WAS a good show up until season 2. it started to drag from 3 onwards, had to skip season 4 entirely and only saw 5ths 1st, 18th and 22nd.. it didn’t happen with buffy. BTVS still rocks!

        • The Original Original says:

          Matter of opinion. Seasons six and seven of Buffy were mediocre at best, as far as I’m concerned. There were some excellent episodes but overall the magic (pardon the pun) of the previous seasons had gone. Season five was a hard act to follow though.

          And as I remember the Buffy fandom at the time, the opinion was just as divided as the TVD fandom is now. I remember a lot of upset and disappointment from a lot of fans, claiming the show was not as good as it had been in the earlier seasons, just like people are saying about TVD now.

          The truth is that it all comes down to your perspective. Years from now, after the show is finished and you watch your complete TVD boxsets, you’ll be claiming that it was one of the best shows ever whilst you have a go at whatever new show you’re watching at the time. Part of what being a fan is all about.

      • 80s says:

        I agree on the first part, disagree on the later. Good characters should stay day sometimes. It gives the show gravity.

        • 80s says:

          *stay dead

        • trinity says:

          i agree but seriously… i dont know how the show could even go on without damon. in my opinion he was the best character on the show. he had so much personality and i dont know how the show could go on if it got rid of him for good… he was amazing and i really want him back. and i think he is coming back because i read an entry where it said he just had to leave for a little while to do some other filming. and does anyone know what grams did? she said she did something for bonnie but what was it? thanks!

          • Phyllis says:

            Without DAMON, no more me! For once let Damon and Elena stay together and rescue some of the the others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • marilyn says:

            Once damon dies noone is ever going to watch this show again I lovee him soo much he truly has a great personality twitter:@marilyn_nwokolo

    • Susu says:

      Jenna found peace thats why she didnt come back

    • Jaz Schoone says:

      Stockholm Syndrome… I feel I’m only watching it now because I’m in this far, might as well see it to the end.

    • Dave P says:

      Jenna wasn’t a supernatural or protected by anything supernatural, so of course she’s dead. If the supernatural just died with no chance of returning from the dead, vampires already being dead, you could hardly classify them as being supernatural then could you.
      I think anybody having a problem with the show simply can’t grasp the true meaning of what a supernatural existence would entail.
      Anything is possible with the supernatural because at the same time it’s real, It’s not. It’s like time and space where none of us mere mortals can comprehend how it has no beginning and no end. It’s just there as we are here. It just is.

      • Sarah says:

        Wasn’t Jenna a vampire at the time of her death? Therefore, a supernatural being?

      • Alexa says:

        Jenna WAS a vampire when she died, therefore being a supernatural. The reason she wasn’t on the other side because she found peace. She was barely a vampire for 2 minutes before she died, and had never done anything bad. That’s why she wasn’t able to return.

      • madison says:

        jenna was a vamp I think Klaus killed her to be come a hybrid

  3. brycealexander says:

    I guess the grass wasn’t greener for him after all.

    • Elyse says:

      I kept wondering if he would come back… not surprised at all!

      • Nessa says:



        • Ruby says:

          Well how nice of you to not let them find out on their own.

        • Liar..in your shipper dreams perhaps.

        • Lily says:

          I knoowwww ccrrrieeedd soo much. he cant die,,, nooo,,,, i dont want him to diee,,, out of everyone they decide to let damon go !!!! why why why

        • Dana says:

          Omg me too i just watched it and im still crying. Damon has to come back.

        • christine says:

          DAMON BETTER COME BACK.. the show is not the same.. HE IS THE SHOW.. I tell you if he dies off, I wont watch anymore…

          • Christine says:

            Damon will come back people! His character is essential to the show. I for one can hardly wait for Season 6

          • Swagg money says:

            He isn’t coming back he literally left. he did not the producers , him and Nina broke up so created awkward working situations, therefor decided to leave. personally I didn’t like his character but would quite enjoy if he returned but there is no possible way. He might guest star as a ghost but he is done and I think the show is on the verge of biting the dust also.

        • Suzanne says:

          I was crying too. So sad…

    • Amy Douthit says:

      He originally left for his own CW show, can’t really blame him for that, but then it got cancelled. Not necessarily his fault. Happy to have him back.

  4. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    I’m glad..now, bring Damon back so Alaric has his drinking buddy!

  5. Guy says:

    LOL this show is a joke

  6. yameca says:

    Please don’t kill off bonnie and damon I beg u please I was crying like a baby

    • Keriane says:

      I don’t think they are going to kill off Damon and here is why. He is Elena’s soul mate. Even though they keep breaking up, there is something between them that keeps drawing them back together again. Damon is the heart of this show and if they lose him there is no story (at least not one that would hold water). I haven’t seen the finale yet, but I know from what he has done in the past that what he does he does for the people he loves (especially Elena and Stefan). So yes…I think we will be seeing Damon again.

      • Ruth says:

        Wrong, Stefan is Elena’s soulmate and the heart of the show. It’s his story with Elena, it’s been like this since the first episode and ot still is. Stefan and Caroline will be the catalyst to bring Stefan and Elena together again

        • kayla says:

          So wrong. So wrong I can’t even tell you. Stefan is THE most boring character. I’d rather him die than Damon. Damon is the heart of the show and Elena and him are better than Elena and Stefan.

          • cnguyen1031 says:

            Hear hear. I definitely agree. While I love Ian and his work, I do think that the three of the main stars together are the real heart. The show wouldn’t survive without all three of them. I am a delena fan though, so there’s that. And let’s also agree with the fact that the show has been showing elena’s progression in life and that it could very well be that Stefan was her love as a human, but now that she’s a vampire, it’s Damon who is her other half. Not saying that Stefan wasn’t a true love, but Damon very well could be now – and definitely who I’m rooting for in the end.

          • Francine says:

            They’re not wrong and neither are you…. It’s all subjective. Some like Damon more, some like Stefan more. There’s no right or wrong answer.

          • diana says:

            I agree…

          • lizzybee says:

            You are right…stephen is boring and thats why he was a good match for human elena cuz he wants a normal life…not to spoil anything but my guess is elena will come back human and stephen…the show messed it up when tyler came back human again and they showed us.

          • abigail says:


        • Lorna says:

          I hope so. Not looking forward to stereoline, I haven’t cared for her since s4, and she used to be my fave female. Stele a all the way!

        • Liza says:

          I’m so bummed! I only watch the show so I can see Ian Somerhalder! If he goes, I go! Not worth watching!

          • lizzybee says:

            Me too….im in love with that man and his funny sense of humor..the show is nothing without him…he is the show…you cant go from fixing every problem and constantly saving elena to dead..


      • AudreyCatburn says:

        here is why: its still part of his contract. Unless he has made the powers in charge angry… he’ll be back.

  7. ames says:

    Best thing about this entire generally sucky season is that we have Alaric back! I’m very happy about this news.

    • alistaircrane says:

      The first two thirds of this season was excellent. It went to sh!t starting with the episode after Katherine was dragged off to hell.

  8. CatePat07 says:

    Reblogged this on catepat07 and commented:
    ritorna Rick

  9. Zak says:

    After they killed off Alaric the show seemed like it was missing something. I ended up dropping it a few episodes into this season because it just felt like a different show that was just spinning it’s wheels. With him coming back hopefully the appeal I found in the show for its first few seasons will return as well. Looking forward to catching up with this season and seeing it next year.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, the show definitely lost something when Alaric was killed off. THRILLED that Matt Davis will be back, he’s been highly missed by this viewer.

    • Pretty much the same here. I hated that they killed him off, and I really didn’t enjoy the first bit of this season. I stopped watching maybe 5 episodes in? I’ll catch up over the summer and hopefully things will be better in the fall. Excited to have Alaric back.

  10. Jacqi says:

    Best news ever!!!!!!!!!! I just squealed with excitement!!!! I love Alaric and Matthew Davis!!

  11. Talia says:

    Don’t really care for Alaric. Give us more Enzo.

  12. Nessa says:



  13. Nessa says:

    I just have a question-
    is Ian somerhalder and Katerina Graham (Damon and Bonnie) leaving VD forever?!
    Please reply!

    • Well I will say this much, Ian is under contract for two more years, meaning he will be in season 6 (this is confirmed). Now if he actually comes back to life is not clear, but as I see it the set up is that (and this is what I thought the unique white screen ending meant) we will be seeing the actual other side in the next season. I’m just left wondering if they’re trying to pull a supernatural and start bringing religious theology into it or not, which I’m hoping they don’t. It works in Supernatural, but it wouldn’t do so well in TVD.

      • angel says:

        If u go back to the part where bonnie and her gram meet and bonnie asks her to come back thru her and her grams tells her no that she found peace and that she looked out for bonnie. So I think her grams somehow gave herself up for bonnie. Can’t wait til season 6 to see if I’m right. I think bonnie and Damon are coming back.

    • angel says:

      I don’t think so bonnie’s gram said she looked out for bonnie remember. Bonnie was holding Damon’s hand I think bonnie’s gram gave herself up somehow for bonnie. That’s what I’m hoping for. Elena can’t lose Damon that would suck.

  14. Ch says:

    ^ wtf is going on with that Nessa person? Are they being serious right now?

  15. Ray says:

    Don’t care. Death means nothing on this show. Deleted from season pass. Peace out.

  16. anita says:


  17. Liza says:

    BEST. NEWS. EVER!!!! Love Alaric! Beyond happy that he will be back!!!

  18. Diane says:

    If Ian Somerhalder is off the show, I don’t think I’ll bother watching it anymore. His character was the only interesting one – all of the other characters are one dimensional; his was the only one with a little depth.

  19. speedy says:

    If Alaric is back, so am I. I lost interest shortly after he left. I’m more interested in his bromance with Damon than the love triangle.

  20. Ms Thing says:

    I love Alaric!

  21. tina says:

    besides D he is pretty much the only character I love on this show (since the originals moved to n.o. that is)

  22. Brittany S16 says:

    Some of you are crazy!?! Stephan is Elainas soulmate without a doubt (they were born to be soulmates, remember?). But Damon doesn’t make the show, or Stephan or Elaina but all of them together! I hated Damon, but he has started to grow on me, but not enough to be Elainas soulmate. They do need to spice Stephan up a little…somehow? But is Damon really gone- for good? Maybe they will bring him back after Elaina and Stephan fall back in love?

    • Maria Ortiz says:

      Wake up!!!Stephan is going to be with Caroline!!!!And Damon is Elenas soulmate!!!!

      • Chelsie says:

        Damon and Elena are made for Eachother The Vampire Diaries will be nothing without Damon. Of Course the one character I didn’t want to die does :,(

    • Mary J says:

      Markos was the only reason the dopplegangers were being drawn together as soulmates.he was casting a spell remember he explained it all to Damon when they first met. He was only bringing them together for the use of their blood. Stefan and Elena were great when she was human, but I think they are better as friends than a couple

      • Kay says:

        Ok, everyone has a different preference for who they think Elena belongs with BUT – did everyone (DE’rs mostly) miss the part where Markos told Damon that he didn’t cause the doppelgängers to fall in love *that was all down to them* he only ‘draw’ them together and that is was basically all myth? No one catch that? Some people need to rewatch it. This then leads to Stefan and Elena’s conversation by the fire – where they both discuss how their love was 100% ‘real’ and that they were in control – no prophecy involved.

        And also, if you remember Elena did love Stefan as a vampire at the beginning of season 4. Nothing had changed, to begin with. It was only when the sire-bond kicked in, that her love for Damon became prominent due to it erasing her love for Stefan. But the sire bond arc is so taboo now cos of how much of a cock up it was, that the writers prefer to leave it remaining brushed under the carpet and therefore simply generalise Elena’s change being down to vampirism. Hence when the sb took effect. Just to be clear.

        From Zap2it – Plec says that despite the dissent in the fandom, the sire bond “absolutely” accomplished what the writers intended for it to accomplish. “The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.”

        Therefore it still is possible that she could love either brother as vampire. I wouldn’t take comfort in it being as black and white, because it’s simply not the case.

        • fred says:

          wow, gives me hope for stefan and elena getting back together!

        • Ronnie says:

          Elena does love Stefan but if you go back to the sire bond episodes you will remember that the only way a vampire can be sired is if she was truly in love with him as a human. Elena has a love that is eternal with Stefan but That’s a now innocent love. Her love for Damon is the intimacy relationship romance he as of now is her true love. They actually have episodes that pretty much break the connection of Elena and Stefan for example Stefan didn’t see her first Damon did. I can care less who ends up with who but so far the facts lead to Elena and Damon. Plus, from this season it is looking like Caroline and Stefan will get closer Why would it be hinted on the season finale if it was being thought about.

  23. To make things a bit clearer for Damon fans, Ian is under contract for two more years, meaning he will be in season 6 (this is confirmed). Now if he actually comes back to life is not clear, but as I see it the set up is that (and this is what I thought the unique white screen ending meant) we will be seeing the actual other side in the next season. I’m just left wondering if they’re trying to pull a supernatural and start bringing religious theology into it or not, which I’m hoping they don’t. It works in Supernatural, but it wouldn’t do so well in TVD.

    • LuvDeanandDamon says:

      Bryan, you say that Ian is confirmed for S6. Where did you find that info, please? I’m too old to be this upset about a TV show but I would love to see it actually confirmed somewhere in print. Thank you!

    • Luli says:

      One thing is being under contract, and the other is that he is confirmed to come back. A contract doesn’t mean anything, they can still kill a character even if the actor is under contract.

      • Jeddie says:

        Actually that isn’t true when an actor is under a contract it means that the writers can’t kill him off without his consent so the only way that Damon would die for real is if Ian wanted to leave the show, which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t because he tweeted saying how the show has been picked up for its sixth season and how excited he is. So whether he comes back to life or if he is just on the other side in this next season we won’t know until the next season.

  24. darlin Morales says:

    If damon doesn’t come back in season 6 im not even watching tvd. He is the best character in tvd..

    • Michelle says:

      Yes I just tweeted that. You can’t have a Vampire Diaries without him and I really hope Him & Elena stay together

  25. Babybop says:

    Yes!! I’m so happy to have him back!!!

    • gwen says:

      yea so great… but um no point … no bromance and thats the reason we all fell in love with alaric. we loved his relationship with damon and no damon will make alaric less interesting idk its not going to be the same.. nothing interesting

  26. gwen says:

    i can not believe damon is dead !!! wtf ! if they keep him dead i am over this show!! i cant believe it, yes we love alarm and i think kinda like enzo and tyler who has been nonstop trouble and its great we get alark back along with everyone else buttttt take damon and bonnie???!!! i can’t no damon and I’m over it, he gave the show edge and was interesting… I’m not accepting this ! i can’t soooo sad !

  27. Angela C says:

    Did anyone else notice the flash to white after Damon says “I promise” to Elena? Eerily similar to white light that ended show. Hint Damon will keep promise to return to Elena.

    • ashlearose says:

      Heres what is going to happen:

      Bonnie’s Grams told Bonnie that she had something in place for her – most probably her resurrection. Bonnie was holding Damon’s hand, which they intentionally made a big deal about, as such he will transcend from the other side with her and then they are both back.


  28. Angelica says:

    I am pissed off between this and the end of the originals I have been through ha freaking emotional roller coaster. They better give me something to look forward to in the next season. This is crazy! !!!!!

  29. jade says:

    I was crying for ever!!! I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing!! My love for Damon was huge. I hope and pray that he comes back!! T.T

  30. gwen says:

    seriously done with this show if damon is really dead ! no point to it
    caroline is a goody goody was only interesting with klause
    tyler is honestly annoying
    elena is always the damsel in distress but got better with damon
    stephan is the good guy, the sweet heart
    alark only interesting with damon cuz he pushes his buttons they are funny
    jeremy and matt are just there= drama free

    …. hence no damon no drama and its boring, he was funny, sarcastic, and at times headless but deep down sensitive.. he gave the show personality

  31. gwen says:

    omg just thought of something crazy and beyond messed up…
    elena human loved stefan and when she turned she changed and her personality became more compatible with damon..
    now tyler came back human, does that mean so did everyone else??
    enzo, alark, elena, stephan?

    • Ruby says:

      I think that would be really interesting if all of the supernaturals were stripped of their, er..supernaturalness, and other supernaturals came and attacked them and they had to learn how to beat them.

    • Agnieszka says:

      It would make sense that everyone who came back through bonnie were human again but tyler was the only one that was pushed in through the border of mystics falls and turns back into his human form &elena was the only other one that came back after being in mystic falls but i dont think she managed to die and turn human before they crashed so i think shes still a vampire to be honest

  32. Michelle says:

    For all those people who think Vampire Diaries was only good Season 1 & 2 thats fine but it couldn’t have been that bad if you’ll watched all the rest of the seasons. Me personally TVD is my #2 show and that will never change. I can’t wait for the season 6 premiere I wish it was coming now. I cried like a baby my favorite male character Damon didn’t make it back. I know he will tho Bonnie grams has a plan too save them. I would kind of like too see Lexie more she had 1 episode alive all the rest either flashbacks or from the other side. I love u Julie Plec and thank you keeping this amazingly gr8 show alive

  33. Well this ended my reign for watching ‪#‎VampireDiaries‬. Bonnie, Damon and Elena were the main reasons I watched the show. It sucked when they took away Bonnie’s powers, then on top of that they killed Elena, I stopped watching then until Elena returned, but this time was strike 3. Damon is my favorite character on the show. It was fun while it lasted.

  34. Ruby says:

    Yay! The show was much better with him on it, despite his real life douchebaggery.

    • Lorna says:

      Real life douchebaggery? Have you ever met MD, Ruby? Pretty rude. Heard he is a nice guy. Alaric has always been my favorite, so tonight made me very happy. Damon will be back, the show would never get rid of either of the brothers unless maybe for the series finale. I think the show greatly declined without Ric, and not BBC he is sexy as f$&@. Looking forward to s6, hoping they kill off the twins.

      Ps:yes I watched cult

  35. S says:

    YAY!! I love Alaric. Damon needs to return from the dead so we can have a reunion with Dalaric! I loved their bromance!

  36. Marisa says:

    If Damon’s done, I’m done. I’m a 32 year old woman and this is my guilty pleasure show, and what’s the point of watching if my eye candy is deceased?!? There’s just NO way! I mean, what am I left with? Teen wolf?! You’ve got to be kidding me! Ridiculous! I guess I’ll go back to Cyberstalking The cast of the Walking Dead. Lol

  37. AnnieM says:

    Alaric!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Judy says:

    I know for a fact that Bonnie and Damon are coming back in season 6. I been watching The Vampires Diaries since season 1 aired. And all you need to do is put attention to details and the answers are between the lines. Thank you for giving us great shows!!! Love The Vampires Diaries,, The Originals,, Reign,,, The 100,,, Star-Crossed,,, The Tomorrow People,,, :)

  39. Luli says:

    They had the opportunity to bring Lexie back, and they bring Alaric… So disappointing.

  40. Laura says:

    #bringbackdamon should be trending on twitter

  41. Lily says:

    Does anyone know if season 6 is actually coming out?

    • pllstar says:

      yeah it is. TVD renewed for the sixth season :).. It has sucked immensely after season 3 yet i’m still watching it in hope that some day it will retain its glory *_* .

    • Nidhi says:

      Ya!! It’s coming in February………

  42. pllstar says:

    Okay so.. firstly i’d like to say great idea to let alaric back in, secondly what the hell? I am not a damon fan but I do agree that Damon is the “soul” of the show.. Vampire diaries has increased in means of boredom yet damons dirty/nasty jokes maintained its liveliness. Thirdly, they could have shown some caro/stef scenes. I totally don’t believe that this so called finale was actually the final of TVD season 5? Seriously guys!!!! Couldn’t you think of something better -__-

  43. Technically all the supernaturals coming through should have come back as humans.
    Logically there are two places the writers can take it for the love triangle: Elena falls back in love with Stefan, since she’s now a human (if we go with the assumption that Human Elena loves Stefan and Vampire Elena loves Damon). If the writers go in that direction, I’ll be disappointed because it would be very deterministic, as if there was no journey of growth or power of choice for Elena, she just reacts to her physical condition. So I don’t expect this because the writing is smarter. The other option, which I’d like to see, is Elena staying in love with Damon despite being human. And despite him being dead. And not bouncing back to the other brother, that’s so cheap and tacky imo. I think the idea of Stefan and Caroline is bloody strange, ngl, but if they want to take it there, I’m open minded. It would be interesting to see Stefan evolve himself into caring for someone else, he’s become a little one-dimensional in the way that only Elena defines him.

    As for people who say Stefan and Elena were “born” to be together – erm, no, they weren’t. I mean, it was all just a spell from some stupid love triangle gone wrong back in ancient times. It has really nothing to do with them. If they’d met without the spell, they may not have even liked each other. And I never forget that Damon met Elena first.

    Anyway I don’t really know what will happen, but I know that I’ll only respect Elena if she stays true to Damon’s memory, not matter whether he comes back or not… And if she does ever move on – it should be with Matty!!! :)

    • Francine says:

      Why do you think they should all come back through as humans? They weren’t affected by the traveler spell so they all died as vampires. Tyler lost his hybrid abilities bcause he did get affected by the spell, which is why he comes back as a plain old werewolf (or with the werewolf gene). The spell takes away the magic and reverts you back to your original death which is when Tyler’s neck was snapped to become a hybrid. At least that’s what I got. I don’t understand how they could all be human again.

  44. Actually, I’ve changed my mind. The writers have set it up so that, after an appropriate grieving period, now-human Elena and Stefan have the life they always wanted, white picket fence and kids, just like in their visions, and they’ll both sit there and fondly reminisce about Damon. Ugh. Perfect ending for the series, but I won’t be watching it.

  45. Charly says:

    Firstly: Ive been crying for hours now. Secondly: i love alaric but he is not my problem. Thirdly: im gonna have to stop watching the vampire diaries if the love of my life(damon) is dead and lastly: i just wanna cry.

  46. Ash says:

    Here is what is going to happen:

    Bonnie’s Grams told Bonnie that she had something in place for her – most probably her resurrection. Bonnie was holding Damon’s hand, which they intentionally made a big deal about, as such he will transcend from the other side with her and then they are both back.


  47. lizz says:

    to all the damon fans: damon isn’t dead, he has a contract for 6 seasons, he is part of the triangle and he has a huge fan base. They need him for the show + i don’t think that ian would leave damon behind before tvd ends for good. Also ian said in an interview that he is very excited to finally have a storyline with bonnie so this is not the end for them. Also grams couldn’t find peace if she knew that this was the end for bonnie. And for julie plec damon and stefans relationship is the most important thing of the show. So just hold on and wait till season 6.

    • awwww and here i thought i could stop watching lol oh well

    • marie says:

      ok better be true , r we r going to be very upset w u lizz!!!! ian[damon] is my fav. bad boy lastnight made me cry!!! watching him and bonnie[kat] leave!!! and his goodbye with elena was the saddest!! and he didn’t even get one w his little bro. want kinda of rip off is that!! huh!!! and finally gets his real best friend back!!! and his happy ending gets ripped away that’s bs!!! so u better bring him back r I agree w christi // I’m not watching VD anymore!!!! I QUIT!!! And If u can [kat] / Bonnie too! BUt most def. Ian-Damon!!! The trio must carry on!!! Thanks….

      • marilyn says:

        Mr bed was soaked with tears when damon and bonnie left and seeing elena cry made things even worse we r going too riot WTF!!! WE NEED IAN SOMERHALDER (DAMON ) BACK!!! pleasee😭😭😢😢without him there won’t be a show trust me IAN am your number 1 fan I love ya follow me pls on twitter:@marilyn_nwokolo

  48. Essie says:

    I love that Alaric is back, now just hope that Damon comes back alive quickly cause I love their friendship!

  49. christi says:

    I’m not watching next season if Damon isn’t back

  50. Rosespower says:

    don’t know if I am watching next season 50/50 right now but one think I am sure is that people liked Alaric mostly because of his bromance with Damon so trading one for the other is useless.