Big Bang Finale Recap: See You, [Spoiler]?

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 FinaleSheldon Cooper is leaving on a midnight train to… well, we’re not exactly sure.

The Big Bang Theory‘s Season 7 finale finds Jim Parsons’ character mulling a huge move after some big upsets in his carefully ordered world.

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But not everyone on the CBS comedy had bad luck this week — even if it may have seemed that way at first. Before we get your thoughts on the episode, a brief recap:

KISS & TELL | In case you forgot that Raj and Emily had sex for the first time at the end of last week’s episode, fear not. Mr. Koothrappali won’t let you forget it anytime soon. In fact, even when Leonard and Penny finally announce their engagement to the group, Raj doesn’t hesitate to steal his friends’ thunder. But can you blame him for celebrating? As Bernadette not-so-delicately puts it to Leonard and Penny, “You guys propose all the time. This never happens!” Cue the much-deserved group hug for Raj and his lady friend. Remember when the dude couldn’t talk to girls without the aid of alcohol? How far we’ve come!

NO EASY TASK | Howard and Bernadette are having serious trouble getting a caretaker for Howard’s mother that can last more than a day on the job. Even Penny, who takes the job when she realizes it pays well, can’t hack it. (Did it disturb anyone else that Penny needed to wear rubber gloves to take care of Mrs. Wolowitz? Yikes.) Fortunately for the couple, they find the perfect man for the job before the half-hour is up: comic book store owner Stuart, who is forced to look for new work after his store catches on fire. And as it turns out, Stuart not only loves the new gig, but he looks surprisingly well-suited to a pair of scrubs. Put this in the win column for Stuart! And Howard and Bernie, who finally get to spend their free time elsewhere.

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A CHANGE IS GONNA COME | Of course, the episode really belongs to Sheldon, who is having trouble coping with a number of new changes. First, the university forces him to stick with string theory, even though he now wants to pursue inflationary cosmology. Next, Leonard suggests that he and Penny might want to, y’know, live together now that they’re engaged, and Sheldon is having none of it. (Moving in with Amy is out of the question, too.) Sheldon’s only solution? Leaving town to clear his head for a while. Leonard and Penny track him down at the train station, where he’s all packed and not at all ready to budge on his decision to leave. “Leonard, I am overwhelmed,” he tells his roommate. “Everything is changing and it’s simply too much.” After briefly trying to convince Sheldon to stay, Leonard and Penny agree that letting him go might be the best thing for him. They say their goodbyes — and Sheldon doesn’t squirm when Penny kisses him on the cheek, which I consider a major milestone for the guy — and leave their friend at the train station. Later, a phone call from Sheldon indicates that he’s doing well… even though Amy is totally not on board with her boyfriend’s sudden departure.

What did you think of the Big Bang Theory finale? And where in the world do you think Sheldon’s gone? Grade the season ender via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. webly3 says:

    I think the producers made a very bold move! Leonard will obviously be back though.

      • Pan says:

        Why the big concern about Sheldon going alone? He ran home to Texas alone after the guys tampered with his North Pole experiments. He left and came back when a guy stole his luggage in Montana or wherever. Pretty contrived script IMO.

        • CountryQueen says:

          Answered your own question. He went HOME. He is not going home, he is traveling around. That’s a big deal for someone who doesn’t really have social graces. This shows how much Sheldon has grown over the years. Their little boy was ready to leave the nest.

          • Stormy says:

            Who’s to say he doesn’t head home now? Or go to Leonard’s mother whom he feels understands him better than anyone else. Much ado about nothing.

    • dee says:

      I thought the final episode was tonight? you mean last week was IT?

      • Chris says:

        Dee, I’m not sure where you’re watching it from, but new episodes of BBT air on Thursday evening in the U.S. If yours air on Mondays, then you’ll probably see tonight the episode that first aired last Thursday (May 15), which is in fact the final episode of the season.

    • Charlie says:

      Love the Stuart piece

      • Samuel Croft says:

        Leonard is not going anywhere. It will work out and the gang will still be together. Sheldon will learn from his little journey and be back also. It’s all good. They have a great cast and it would be stupid to break them up. I’m glad that Stuart found something to give him life! Sheldon and Amy just may become a bit closer due to his absence and what he learns in the cold cruel world.

    • I really hope when Sheldon comes back, the reason is cause he realizes the changes is he is really falling for Amy. I want them to live together, I mean not every couple who lives together has sex… he needs to come back to Amy !!! <3 <3

    • Laura says:

      I thought Raj & Stuart might end up being a couple!!

  2. Elena says:

    Kudos to Jim Parsons for some excellent work this episode. I actually got a little misty eyed seeing him looking so forlorn and lost at the train station.

    • Samuel Croft says:

      Didn’t get misty but, I felt his pain.

    • Larry says:

      Thats why I think the show is on its last thows. Its a comedy and built around Sheldons character. It looks to me the show is listing toward another one of these silly disfunctional family shows. And thats when it will take a nose dive, but, thats just my opinion. And I hope I’m wrong.

    • kissfan says:

      I got sad 2 when Sheldon left I wonder what’s going to happen to him next season

      • My heart went out to him also. He was a little boy in a grown man’s body feeling very disappointed, alone and scared. His world just done a big turn on him and he was very confused and feeling a little rejected. It’s that moment when you realize that nothing is what it seemed after all this time. I know all of those feelings about feeling lost and alone. I felt that it was a very poignant moment for the show and his character. He has not had very many poignant moments in his life and he just got lost in what is in his head and is now looking a some real reality which he hides from. I thought it was a good show all around for the characters and especially Penny and Leonard a bit like sending you 1st child off for his first day of school all by it’s lonesome. I think he’ll be back with a new lease on life and maybe even with some understanding and compassion which he has none. I’m pretty sure that we will see him experiencing things a new while by himself and come back with a bit of a different outlook on everything.

  3. Renz says:

    Was this the first time where we actually heard Mrs. Wolowitz’s first name? I don’t recall having ever heard it prior to this episode. And I absolutely loved Jim Parsons in this episode.

    • steven says:

      Yep, Ms. Wolowitz’s first name is Debbie. Now we need to know Penny’s last name.

      • Lasso says:

        They will save this for the wedding, I think. Maybe during the exchange of vows (assuming they do walk the aisle and push through with the whole shebang). Was her last name ever mentioned in Season 1?

      • Linda says:

        I noticed that Penny finally spoke to her Mom on the phone. We’ve never seen or heard that before either! I think it would be amazing if, through ‘Debbie’ Wolowitz’s recovery, she loses some weight and then Carol Ann Suzi could actually portray the character instead of voicing it!!

      • Vinny says:

        Lane, arcade, zonthedollar,are my favorites for Penny’s last name.

  4. “his store catches on fire” o.O nooo!

  5. Dan says:

    Sheldon’s reaction to Stuart’s loss made me hate him even more than usual. No easy task.

    • Summer says:

      Yes, but his understanding of the sarcasm was actually a very deep moment made all the more powerful by Parsons’ performance.

    • Samuel Croft says:

      But, Sheldon’s character has no feelings other than his own so, it wasn’t a big deal to me. He’s a bit like Donald Sterling in that he is just not connected to the rest of the world. No fault of Sheldon’s as he is not a mean person. He just doesn’t get it so, it’s not Sheldon’s fault. However, that being said sometimes he does make me want to slap him! lol Also, Sheldon is my middle name so I guess I give hem a little leeway.

  6. jenferner8 says:

    Episodes like this are why Parsons deserves an Emmy. He’s only one on show who can crack me up and make me cry at same time. Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed by all that! Change sucks! Creepy Amy needs to go away, now! Yes, I noticed the gloves, ewwww, don’t want to think about that one. I’m glad Raj doesn’t seem to be the butt of so many jokes, that’s one reason Howard gets on my nerves. I always hate that Howard treats Raj like a verbal punching bag. I’ve never been crazy about Stuart but the scrubs are a good look on him. He looks more comfortable and confident, less like a wimp, reminds me of his Ugly Betty days which is good. I’m guessing he’ll be series regular soon if he’s not already. Safe travels, Sheldon!

    • Androme says:

      I think Stuart’s actor was a series regular last season, but producers cut him after that because they didn’t have much to do with Stuart.

      • chloe says:

        they don’t have much to do with stuart because there’s already seven main actors on the show and it’s hard to fit another one in, in every episode.

      • nichoilasvh says:

        yeah but its there own fault, they make stuart’s life so miserable and depressing i always get a headache when i see the way he lives

    • Brother Jacob says:

      so who eventually gets the professorship at the University. I may have missed it living in Australia, but do not think so. It seems to have just fizzed out.

  7. James D says:

    great stuff. it was a little sad yet hopeful at the same time. I think this is going to breath new life into this show, add some much needed character development. I commend the producers and the writers. looking forward to next season.

  8. Kaybee says:

    That’s DR. Koothrapalli. Howard and Penny are the only non-doctors in the group. Something good finally happened for Raj so don’t take anything away from him as that’s more of a Stuart thing…😊

  9. Kurtis Styker says:

    I thought the last few episodes including the finale were sub-par to an otherwise very good season. The cheap laughs that break heavier moments seemed trite and Amy seemed to have got the shaft. Leonard and Penny go running for Sheldon, but don’t call his girlfriend, and then have the audacity to push Sheldon along on his trip?

    I think Leonard and Penny really came across as selfish and narcissistic. I would have written the last scene with Amy calling Leonard and Penny out onto the carpet about their self-centeredness and not even considering her to come along to the station. Amy storms out, leaving the once cohesive group a little more fractured.

    Even how Kaley came across at the station (look at her body language, it’s like she did not want to be there) in that scene made Penny look like a witch.

    I hope the show stops after season 9 at the latest. It’s getting old and recycled in a lot of ways.

    • Matthew Weber says:

      I think you’re one of few people who think that way. Everyone I know who likes the show has loved these last few episodes.

      • Mandy says:

        Couldn’t agree more, Matthew–the show was great tonight, as it has been for the last season. Some people just can’t be pleased…..

    • Laurel says:

      I agree. This season finale was bogus. At the end, I literally said, ‘is that it?’ Very disappointed. After all the hype I figured it would have been alot better. I hope we get a break from Sheldon for a bit, he is starting to get on my nerves.

      • Pan says:

        I can put up with more Sheldon [Brennan on Bones is much worse], but I can’t stand Amy. There is NOTHING about her that’s appealing in any way. She’s ugly, dumpy, needy, looks like her clothes smell like mothballs or musty, makes inappropriate advances toward Penny, tries to make herself the star of every occasion and is smart but stupid in that she doesn’t grasp that she’s only tolerated for Sheldon’s sake.

        • Linda says:

          Each one of the characters has their own flaws and Amy’s is a little more pronounced as is Sheldon’s. This is why they are a good fit for each other. Each one supports and compliments the other.

          • Stormy says:

            I disagree. Sheldon and Amy have very different agendas for the relationship and that does not make for a happy couple. Sheldon is aloof and Amy is super needy, that has doom written all over it. Sheldon only worries about Amy when someone or something captures her attention. Then he reacts like a child who has lost interest in a toy, but doesn’t want anyone else to play with it.

          • Lexi says:

            I disagree. I think the appeal of Amy is that she isn’t movie star hot- but she knows, like the boys, what it is like to be an outsider. Something cute Bern, and Penny don’t understand. And I’ve loved her interactions with the boys besides Sheldon. When she was being hit on and didn’t know how to reject a person, when she was helping Raj get the girl, ect. I think they made her a character that the group uses as a way to better understand Sheldon because she is the one who takes the time to fight for him. Because she IS able to reach him more sometimes. Like when she told him that she didn’t think his fumble discovery was a real discovery. I think they have said in the show she really has made him branch out more. But I understand why she feels clingy- she does intrinsically want a relationship like she sees the others having, but she loves someone who will never be that way with her. So she is always settling- and being treated poorly by the one she loves. And it makes me sad. She has never had any friends, and her friendships are all based around a guy that is flighty about his emotions with her. I think it’s cool to see a well rounded honest person. She isn’t super confident, or a bomb shell- she’s like a lot of normal nerdy girls out there. And it sounds to me like the main reason you don’t like her is because of her appearance- but Sheldon wouldn’t care about beauty. He also shouldn’t end up with a supermodel like all the other boys. I think that’s an unfair comment that these dorky guys somehow end up with beautiful women. If they got rid of Amy I would be devastated. I think she is a good bridge between the women and the dorky, the scientist and the little girl who wants to be a princess, the virgin and the sexual longing, and a perfect outsider with the ability to remind the group how special they are to have one another.

        • Brother Jacob says:

          Actually you are so wrong. Amy is a lonely female seeking love and Sheldon is so cruel and self centered and in my opinion a narcissistic socially lacking self centered male. He uses Amy for his own gratification and when she attempys to help him, he is so ungrateful and hurtful for his own entertainment

          • Samuel Croft says:

            About Pan’s comment. You must understand that highly intelligent people tend to miss the social niceties that most of us take as natural. These folks are so much into their own heads and thinking that they just don’t get these social niceties. Not that they mean to be rude or mean but, it is just not in their learning or even in their needs. Everything is abstract and they approach things without feelings in order not to taint there “research” etc. They just don’t get why it is important and it’s not their fault. Just as in their way of dressing. They have clothes covering the body and that is all that is important “fashion” is just not important to them in the grand scheme of things They are preoccupied by “what they consider” as more important things.

        • meshmartins says:

          Thts a bit too harsh…..thts the character she is supposed to potray which i think she does wonderfully….n fyi shez not ugly….look at her pics offset

      • Patrick says:

        I hope Shel starts to exhibit more empathy. I get that he has some developmental disability that prevents him from empathizing with other people, but he is, theoretically, very smart. Smart enough, at this point, to recognize situations where he should think about the feelings of other people, even if he doesn’t understand why. Shel has become very unlikeable to me. I hope he gets better, or that he gets serious comeuppance for his poor behavior.

        • Stormy says:

          I bet he just continues to roll along with his insufferable behavior just like Brennan on Bones.

        • John NYC says:

          That may be what this journey is going to be about, rethink and reset. After all this time watching Jim Parsons I have every confidence he’s the actor to pull that off however they craft it.

          • Stormy says:

            ITA about JP. He is one of the best comedic actors working today, and like Jack Lemmon has the range for pathos and drama as well. In fact TBBT is probably the best ensemble casts ever assembled.

      • nan says:

        I agree about Sheldon… for someone who is supposed to be so smart he never seems to learn from his mistakes. and amy is so needy that she too never seems to learn…

        • Brother Jacob says:

          Sheldon will never learn by his mistakes because according to Sheldon, he never makes any. Can you imagine living with a person like Sheldon?

    • Emgee says:

      Give Kurtis credit where credit is due. Even if you disagree with him, he didn’t just come on here and say “it sucked,” like so many due in their comments. He discussed WHAT it was he didn’t like and actually described what he would have liked to have seen.

    • dman6015 says:

      Didn’t you get the memo? The show has been renewed through Season 10.

    • izzybella says:

      How were Leonard and Penny selfish and narcissistic? I do not see it that way at all. They went to the train station after him and then they respected Sheldon’s wishes. I felt like Penny’s and Leonard’s goodbye was very sincere, as was Sheldon’s response-very true to character. I absolutely disagree that they were being selfish. If we’re going to apply that label to someone, I’d be much more likely to apply it to Sheldon, despite my enjoyment of the character and of Jim Parsons in that role. Sheldon is a very selfish person who has grown by leaps and bounds (as witnessed by his acceptance of Penny kissing him goodbye). I also don’t think it was their responsibility to call Amy. It was Sheldon’s responsibility, and frankly that’s part of what he needs to figure out. He has some growing up to do and I saw this as him taking the initiative to decide what he wants to do. I am really looking forward to his character’s journey next season!

    • Samuel Croft says:

      No Penny and Leonard are just at their wits end and it will be good for Sheldon to experience life outside of the bubble he lives in. He will learn, as we all do, that we can have all things our way. I agree with what they did. Mother birds push their children from the nest if they don’t fly and so be it with Sheldon.

  10. TaMara says:

    Excellent episode. And Jim Parsons was amazing. The whole cast was tight.

  11. jlannis says:

    I totally think Stuart and Wolowitz’s mom are gonna get hitched next season. Wolowitz needs a step-dad!

    • steven says:

      That would be creepy, but it would be a good opportunity for her to actually be shown in person.

      • dman6015 says:

        She will never be shown, just like Penny’s last name will never be revealed, even at her, supposed, marriage.

  12. d.v. says:

    I really liked the Stuart Storyline (he’s now the only nerd left not having a girlfriend, though Debbie might be interested ^^) and also Sheldon’s development through the last few episodes.
    But the display of the friendships is getting on my nerves. Raj stealing Leonards and Pennys thunder was not cool. Penny not asking Amy politley to leave wasn’t that friendly either. And Sheldon being not a little bit sympathic to Stuart in the burnt down comic book store was another example. It’s like every episode (this last season) there is at least one scene, where I ask myself why those guys are even friends.
    And Amy should finally understand, that Sheldon is a long way away from being an ideal boyfriend and shouldn’t take her frustrations out on Leonard. It wasn’t his fault Sheldon decided to leave, and if Sheldon would have felt the need to speak with his girlfriend before leaving, he would have done so. But he’s not considering them as a THEM, so maybe Amy should start realizing and accepting that. And not seem so needy from time to time (not that I’m not understanding where she’s coming from, but it’s enerving)

    • CountryQueen says:

      I thought Penny telling Amy to leave was great – it showed that they are true friends. They tried to be polite, but when that didn’t work, she was blunt. If you can’t be blunt with your friends, they aren’t real friends. And you could tell that Amy wasn’t that flustered. She knew she was pushing it.

      • izzybella says:

        Agreed, CountryQueen! I always like Penny’s bluntness and given how very blunt Amy herself can be, I’d bet she appreciates it as well.

        • d.v. says:

          I get what you mean. To be honest, I’m maybe just used to more sincerity in a close friendship, like they are supposed to have.
          But never the less I became tired this season of the representation of their friendships from time to time, especially in the ep. when Penny and Leonard bought the table. I don’t mean Penny and Amy in that case.

        • Samuel Croft says:


  13. I realize I may be a very small minority of one, and I’m sure the writers aren’t even thinking along these lines, but I can’t help wonder if some of Sheldon’s problem is that Penny is engaged to Leonard. No, not that way…I mean….Sheldon has gotten very close to Penny in the last year. He approved of her to Leonard’s mother. He allowed her to hug him and kiss his cheek. Maybe part of the reason for Sheldon’s reluctance to take things higher with Amy is because unconsciously he’s got feelings for Penny himself.

    • suzi says:

      I disagree. Sheldon is reluctant to take things higher with Amy because he doesn’t know where those things go (even after the book they got him). I believe he still is evolving regarding his interaction with others, but he still has no desire for a physical relationship. He still believes everyone is supposed to do what he wants and when things don’t go his way, he runs away from home. His flight has been sanctioned by the adults in his life, a sort of Tough Love Push into the Pool Now Swim thing, but like his move to Bozeman, Montana I doubt he’ll be gone long. Just my opinion, of course.

      • Pan says:

        Thank you. Sheldon has traveled before, Europe at age 15 as a visiting Prof., home to Texas after the North Pole, as you say Montana etc. Why the big deal? His transition to adult on an emotional level isn’t complete and possibly never will be. We all know big babies, don’t we? If there’s a way he could meet some lady on his travels that would replace Amy, I’d be overjoyed.

        • Eurydice says:

          It’s not that he’s travelling, it’s that he’s travelling without a plan. It’s like his wish to change the focus of his studies, from the infinitesimal small to the unimaginably large. Subconsciously, I think he’s ready for it.

    • Nichole says:

      I’ve felt over the last few seasons that his feelings towards Penny have evolved to be more like those a son has for his mother. Penny is a mothering figure to Sheldon, even singing the kitty song when he’s sick just like his own mother does, and calling him on his BS when it’s needed, just like his own mother does. She even took him back to the bedding store to return the creepy Star Wars sheets he bought and then couldn’t sleep with lol!!

      One of the best parts of the show over all the seasons has been watching the evolution of Penny and Sheldon’s relationship, with him allowing her a small hug and kiss on the cheek being a fitting symbolism of not just how much Sheldon has grown as a person, but of how much he has come to care about Penny, and vice versa.

      • izzybella says:

        Definitely, Nichole! It also made me smile that Sheldon praised Penny to Leonard’s mother. I just thought it was really sweet.

  14. TL says:

    It’s a tv show, people! The writers have a job to do and that job is to mix drama and comedy, stir it up and make sure that we all continue to drink the Kool-aid. Enjoy the moment!

  15. John NYC says:

    Nice ending, good send off for my summer.

    This is the one show I let my dvr randomly record repeat episodes which I’ll briwse when it suits me. Often good for a smile.

  16. James D says:

    So who are they going to cast as Penny’s Mom? Thoughts? I hope to see the character next season along with Keith Carradine if they can pry him away from being president on Madame Secretary?

  17. JacobB says:

    Why does Sheldon have to move out? Didn’t Leonard move in with Sheldon. Sheldon would have the right to stay at the apartment.

    • Tenney says:

      Thank you, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Sheldon had the apartment first and Leonard moved in with him. The apartment belongs to Sheldon and Leonard needs to move out.

      • BPF says:

        They’re renting. Sheldon doesn’t own the apartment. Unless they signed an agreement with the landlord that Leonard is Sheldon’s subletter, as far as the landlord is concerned the two are equal renters and neither one has the “right” to the apartment above the other.

    • SK says:

      I was thinking the same thing. If anything, Leonard should move in with Penny. It is Sheldon’s apartment.

    • Robert says:

      I am so glad I was not the only one who thought Leonard had some big balls to suggest Sheldon move out of the apartment that Sheldon lived in long before Leonard and no one on the show called Leonard on it. Everyone say Sheldon is the selfish one on the show but all the characters have their day in the selfish spotlight. I honestly will say Leonard and Penny are getting on my nerves more then the rest of the characters.

      • hayat says:

        leonard also said that sheldon remains in the apartment and he himself can move out to penny’s apartment. the point is the couple living separately from sheldon

    • dan says:

      Wasn’t that one of Leonard’s suggestions? I thought he said that he could move in with Penny, or Penny could guys’ apartment and Sheldon could move into Penny’s. I thought Leonard was suggesting options and not kicking Sheldon out.

  18. I hate to be the bearer of bad news then, but the show has been renewed through Season 10!!

  19. Magreeda says:

    Uh, I’m a little confused why everyone is grossed out that Howard’s mom’s caretaker would need to wear gloves. Protective hand gear is pretty par for the course in the medical field, even for home health workers. It was played for laughs but it’s not especially unique to the situation.

    • John NYC says:

      Indeed the only thing unusual was they looked like more robust “dishwashing” gloves rather than the standard disposable latex or nitrile ones usually employed for biological protection.

    • nan says:

      he didn’t wear medical gloves but kitchen rubber gloves…

    • Samuel Croft says:

      Because the yellow gloves are more industrial and made for heavy duty use and with Howard’s mother being as big as she is it conjures up very unfavorable ideas. YUCK! as in NASTY!

  20. Bark Star says:

    A bold move, mirroring real life events in the show. Many people left because of the changes when the show was dumbed down to appeal to a general audience. Now Sheldon is leaving because of changes. Does that mean next season they will add a lot of dumb characters to the show ?

    • dan says:

      Many people left the show when it was dumbed down? When was that? The ratings over the past few years (since they added Amy and Bernadette) have been stellar. Have you missed all the CBS ads touting it as the #1 comedy on tv? Maybe people who watched the show early on have left, but they’ve been replaced by millions more.

  21. Terry Lynn says:

    I wash shocked that Amy didn’t seem to notice that Sheldon has no future with her planned – after she ran through the list in her head it was clear he did not have a list at all. What is the matter with her? He does need to go off and she needs to get a grip on who Sheldon is and not who she wants him to be

  22. dman6015 says:

    Hey, everybody, stop trying to rewrite the episode. If you want to do that, go apply for a job on the show, otherwise, leave it up to the showrunner, writers and producers. If you don’t like the show now, don’t watch it.

  23. AprilD says:

    I thought it was a great episode, not so much finale-ish, but a great episode. Many of them have experienced growth this season and it’s all pushing to where everything should change. Even Sheldon has changed a bit and I think he’s now realizing that. He needs the trip not just to cope with the change around him, but in himself too. It makes sense that Penny & Leonard would go find him at that station & have this talk with him. Sure, Amy is his girlfriend but she isn’t really his caretaker like Penny & Leonard are. The juxtaposition of the situation at the comic book store was a great scene. Sheldon is on the brink of cracking and can’t really gauge the situation for Stewart (not that he really would if he WASN’T about to crack). We are just able to really see Sheldon’s social limitations. On Stuart, I had a feeling they would steer him to be Debbie’s new caretaker. I hate that people are trying to make this creepy. It’s not. It’s a good fit. Stuart has had to run a business all the while worrying endlessly about his financial situation which really took a toll on him emotionally. Now, he can put all that aside to take care of her, while having a constant companion, somewhere to live and earning a wage. Everything’s coming up Stuart now that his comic book store is ruined. I would love to see Sheldon come back and try his hand at resurrecting the comic book store.

  24. Cas says:

    I think what most people fail to see is that while Sheldon is a genius he failed to mature as an adult. He is now doing all the things children would do as they grow up, have your first kiss, travel by yourself, etc. all because when he was a child he was a genius and he was busy doing that instead of evolving normally like say we all did. Penny is the mom figure in the relationship and I believe last nights episode made that very clear. Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is like that of an elementary relationship anyone has with their first boyfriend or girlfriend except since they are both smarter and older it’s a little more complex. Sheldon is now starting to evolve and do all the things he missed out on growing up (first kiss, traveling, etc). Basically, he is growing up. I believe this is all because of Penny and Leonard. They played pseudo mom and dad long enough that it allowed Sheldon to mature and grow at his own rate. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes. I firmly believe Sheldon is not interested in Penny though and think that people who think he is maybe need to pay attention a little more.

    • Msjackiefan says:

      I think this post really nails whats going on Sheldons parents divorced and his father passed away. Penny and Leonard are his substitute parents who have been working to raise him properly ie expose him to social situations as an adult. So he is experiencing the normal rebellion now that he missed due to his specialized genius status when he was younger.
      I go back and forth on Amy but in truth she is a perfect female mirror for him…She allows him to safely draw on his maleness without fear of noogies or wedgies. They are both traumatized nerds with different areas of genius and they seem to navigate the relationship seas very well by chucking out normal expectations. She also teaches him he can tolerate human vulnerability without complete contempt and that its worth compromising for love. Very important lessons. Theres a reason shes lasted so long for him. He knows somewhere that she helps him be a better man.

  25. Anna says:

    Am I the only one who thought that this didn’t FEEL like a season finale? I mean, it was not a bad episode or anything, it just didn’t feel like a final one… Huh.

  26. majamababe says:

    Sheldon has grown a lot over the years. To allow Penny to hug and kiss him is a big deal. Also, when he was talking to Stuart, he mentioned that he had a girlfriend who loved him and wanted them to move in together. His acknowledgement of that is hugh. It will be interesting to see how this plays out next season.

    • Krithika says:

      Damn are we the only people on this entire thread that noticed the ”my girlfriend loves me” line?? Pity.

  27. David says:

    I thought it was a great episode and I want to see what happens next season. I’m sure I’m in the minority and nobody agrees with me but I can’t help but think there is something more to Penny and Sheldon. Not enough to get them together for a long term relationship on screen now but maybe when the series is close to finished that could be the end game. Penny and Leonard just don’t seem right together anymore and didnt really seem to get engaged for the right reasons. I don’t see then getting married. Maybe her relationship with Leonard was meant to open her world to a new of guy and Sheldon evolving into someone she could be with over the next several years slowly isn’t all that outlandish.

    • I agree with you. I think there’s a real subtext with Sheldon’s feelings for Penny. I think he’s upset without knowing why about the engagement. But since I don’t write for the show, probably nothing will come of it.

  28. L R says:

    I always forget that actor’s contracts have a way of influencing the plot of a season finale. I think Sheldon will still be sitting on the bench in the train station at the start of next season. I think Amy will go get him and bring him home – to her place, his place, or their place??
    If they write Howard’s mother out of the storyline, I predict a baby on the way for Howard and Bernie – maybe next seasons finale – is she or is she not pregnant?
    I see Penny and Leonard getting married and I think Penny will continue to grow into herself – maybe more school or a prestigious part in a regular TV series (yeah, I wrote it) which I think will be contrary to Sheldon’s desire to start a family – especially if Howie and Bernie are leaning toward that.
    Not sure what will happen to Raj – I just hope his new lover helps him pick new clothes! LOL.
    Love the show – will always be a loyal fan!

  29. Alice says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like penny and Leonard together. I just don’t see any chemistry between them. I liked it better when they went out with other people

    • Stormy says:

      Yes, you’re the only one.

    • elenagreece says:

      No Alice, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I also think they have zero chemistry, and they are, in my opinion, a boring couple..

    • nan says:

      I agree… they act like they’re together because there’s no one else available.

    • Brother Jacob says:

      I too think that Penny and Leonard are not made for each other. She appears too dominating and an alcoholic whilst Leonard is a walk over, but think things will change.

  30. Robin says:

    I love Amy … she is hilarious and perfect for Sheldon. Hope they get even closer next season. Honestly both Amy and Bernadette brought so much to the show! The guys without them were getting stale.

  31. Rob says:

    I think the entire concept of the show has gone way off tracks… I enjoyed it more when the nerdy guys had trouble getting women.. Penny and Leonard now engaged, Howard is married and even Raj has a gal.. It’s gone from an unique sitcom to just a silly soap opera.. boo hiss. I’ll only watch reruns of the early seasons now, I’m done with current show.

    • Greg says:

      Just like Sheldon you don’t like change, interesting huh?

      • elenagreece says:

        I agree with Rob 100%. All these changes made the show less funny. When I watch a sitcom I want to laugh, I don’t care if the characters are evolving as they do in real life. TBBT has turned into a soap opera, and the season finale was too sad and melodramatic, in my opinion. It used to be the funniest show on TV, and now it’s all about these couples. No offense, but some of us find them really boring….

    • Samuel Croft says:

      Everything in life changes and to keep the characters stuck in one space would be boring. All people move forward whether they want to or not and so must the characters in The Big Bang Theory!

  32. ed says:

    As a parent of a 30-year old autistic man it seems obvious that Sheldon’s character is high-functioning autistic. He exhibits every characteristic of the condition: Lack of empathy, devotion to his own needs, difficulty dealing with romantic relationships, savant skills, and of course, absolutely hating change. Sheldon is not selfish, he’s not mean and certainly not creepy. He has a disability. For somebody with a disability, he’s doing remarkably well.

  33. Krithika says:

    OMFG! Sheldon actually used ”my girlfriend” and ”loves me” in the same sentence!! Next to each other!!
    It’s a May Sweeps Miracle!

  34. nichoilasvh says:

    Awesome finale, i love it when sheldon’s character develops , maybe some good things for season 8 are:

    1) the lottery let stuart win the lottery after all the bad luck he had it would be a great way to put an end to stuart’s misery.

    2) keep emily for raj she can make help raj develop , lucy is a step backwards because she needs more development than raj ever needed

    and 3) sheldon should come back a new man, he should stand up to the university principal , he should care about he’s friends hapiness more than over his. i love to see him develop but i also like to see him develop in a way he will keep being the sheldon he is haha

  35. Samuel Croft says:

    No matter what you think of the episode I think that we will all agree that it is probably the best show on TV. Well, written and the humor is out of sight but, we can’t live on humor alone. We have to have trying times to bind us to the characters even more. I love The Big Bang Theory and will be sad when the show comes to an end hopefully in like 2027!

  36. bg mason says:

    its a tv show, can’t stand the sheldon character but love the rest of them…why do so many of you act like these are real people and you are all “up in their business”?

  37. Wanda says:

    LOVE the show!!Love all the characters best show in tv.

    • Samuel Croft says:

      Love it too. Sheldon is going a little learning trip and he’ll be back and probably a bit wiser in the interaction with others area.

  38. The funniest part was Amy’s response to Sheldon leaving (hitting Leonard and screaming at him). That was laugh out loud funny. I re-played the scene at least 10 times (God bless the DVR)

  39. Mike says:

    Sheldon should go on the train and have adventures across the USA he should be diagnosed with Aspergers and find a new life. The other idiots could stay friends and go out with a bang in season 8.

  40. Roxanne Muchko says:

    If Sheldon don’t come back the show is OVER. It wouldn’t be the Big Bang Theory without him. He makes the show as good as it is. Granted the others are good but Sheldon’s character is superb and can’t be cut from the show. He has to come back.

  41. Bill says:

    Sheldon leaving the show would be devastating. The cast as a whole is phenomenal, but the Man can not be replaced. He is the cyanoacrylate that binds the show as a whole from the Qurks and the Gluons on down to the Higgs-Boson that give the show substance ,”He is “Fun-De-Mental” to the show!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. ClarkKent_DC says:

    I’m still waiting for the moment where Amy gets her self-respect and dumps Sheldon for being a bad boyfriend. Because he is a bad boyfriend. He is snide, condescending, disdainful about her specialty, dismissive of her work, consistently rude and rarely considerate of her feelings. All of these traits are excused by the notion that his ability to empathize with people is undeveloped, but that doesn’t excuse it at all. And the progress of their relationship is always measured by how little Sheldon changes, and it is quite little indeed.

    Amy can and should do better, even if doing better means being alone.

  43. Linda says:

    I would love to see Amy bombast Penny and Leonard for not including her in tracking down Sheldon THEN while he is gone, she needs to lose the glasses, fix her hair, use a little make up and spruce up the wardrobe so when he comes back, lonely for her, she knocks his socks off and he realizes he has to step up to the plate or lose her since other guys have suddenly discovered she’s a knock-out! I would also like to see Debbie finally. Pad her up then over the season let it drop off. Maybe she could shock Howard and underwrite a new larger comic book store…..

  44. Breandy says:

    without Sheldon there is no Big Bang Theory, the cast compliment each other, if they break them up it will not survive. Bring Shelly back

  45. Dianne says:

    It’s about time some changes happen. Life is constantly evolving. I’m glad the best TV show is also. Can’t wait for next season.

  46. Eric says:

    It would be really funny if Sheldon got some counseling from Leonard’s mom.

  47. Tok@y22 says:

    sheldon has gone to either his mothe or leonerds mother. eventually either one of the mothers will suggest to him about moving back. but as another possibility leonerd and penny could call off the wedding to make sheldon happy. although bot a possible to the typical big bang theory script sheldon is guarentees to return as not even Jim Parsons knows whats happening to sheldon

  48. Sinead says:

    Penny’s mother has to be played
    by someone overweight. In a previous
    episode, penny eats the last dumplin
    of the meal; Sheldon then says
    “I’ve seen photos of your mother,
    keep eating!”

  49. Sheldon will come back and announce that he is in fact gay. The guys will be cool with it but this will crush Amy and the series arc will involve her finding comfort with Stuart.

  50. Felicity says:

    I think he went back to his home on Texas to see his mee-maw