Arrow Star Weighs In on That Finale Scene: I Was Like, 'Oh No, The Fans Are Going to Cry'

Arrow Oliver Felicity I Love YouAs The CW’s Arrow barreled towards the conclusion of its action-packed Season 2 finale on Wednesday, a small and quiet yet significant moment of time was carved out for Oliver to take Felicity to the Queen mansion for safekeeping.

Felicity of course balked at the idea, preferring instead to stay in the fight — prompting Oliver to state that when Slade grabbed Laurel, “the woman I love,” he in fact took the wrong gal.

“I love you,” he then told Ms. Smoak.

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The moment, misleading as it turned out to be, caught many viewers off guard, but Emily Bett Rickards had an idea the ruse was coming.

“I had sort of heard things,” she told TVLine on the red carpet at The CW’s annual Upfront even on Thursday morning.

That said, as the actress saw the actual moment play out once the actual script was in front of her, she couldn’t help but proactively feel for the fans.

“It was like your heart is sinking, because we knew it was all a set-up, but it was sort of like, ‘Oh my God, oh no…. Ohhh, the fans… Everyone’s going to cry.'”

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Was Rickards surprised — or maybe glad? — to see that even in the fleeting moment where Felicity thought Oliver was actually making an admission, her alter ego didn’t come right back with an ILY of her own?

“I was glad, actually, because for one, it’s truthful, because it’s so shocking” to hear Oliver go “there” in the heat of a crisis. “After all this time — 46 episodes, two years — she’s not expecting it,” the actress explains. “I don’t think anyone was. Like, ‘Why are we in the middle of this house when the apocalypse is happening outside? We should be getting machetes! Where’s my ninja sword?’ I think [Felicity’s reaction] was a very honest [unspoken] response like, ‘Oh, no, wait… I love you too, but….”

Later, as the finale came to a quiet close on the island of Lian Yu, Felicity and Oliver were afforded “a second” to revisit their provocative exchange, where they acknowledged how one another really sold it, with Slade listening in as hoped. But what went unsaid — and the look in Felicity’s eyes, for certain — suggested that it wasn’t 100-percent theater. Says Rickards with an eye on Season 3, “I think that there’ll be something explored there.”

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  1. Ginger says:

    If Felicity can take it, (and she did, like a champ!) then so can I. I have faith in her, outside of Olicity. And I have faith that at his core, Oliver knows where and with whom he belongs and the slow burn will pay off!

    • Apollo says:

      I agree I love Crisis. It is a great show. Full of suspense and drama. I just didn’t like watching the Chinese kid get shot. It could have been a better way to handle that situation

  2. E says:

    I freaking love felicity. I knew immediatly that it was a trick, but it doesn’t matter because:
    1. They clearly do have feeling for eachother
    2. You don’t get a series OTP togheter this early, that would be dumb. They have to grow and learn first.

    • I think they both know Felicity isn’t really geared for the kind of relationship Oliver is capable of having. Also, Oliver is a guy that can get many gorgeous women and as much action as he wants with the level of “strings” he is able to deal with.

      Having her as an anchor and an important part of Team Arrow is more important to him than a fleeting romantic entanglement, and she knows that (the writers would kill her or have her leave the team in no time).

    • magickster says:

      The Felicity character needs to grow a lot more, from girl to woman, if she has any chance of being thought of as a match for Oliver. By him or the writers.

  3. JJM says:

    My jaw dropped for a full minute and then I thought that it was too good to be true and that Slade would kill Felicity and that would mean no happy ending, but instead, I got this… Oh well, the acknowledge of knowing there are feelings there is good enough. Whether it happens or it doesn’t, I am not phased as my main concern isn’t about a OTP, but rather a character’s happiness.

    • Delirious says:

      Same here, and I’m not even a ‘shipper (for this show, or any other). I was checking something on my phone during that scene, and the moment Ollie started saying Slade wanted to take the girl he loved, but he made a mistake… Eyes wide open, jaw drop, freeze for a sec there. Total “OMG :O …” moment

      • Ruby says:

        I literally screamed out loud and started clapping my hands and kicking my feet. I NEVER do crap like that. Glad I was alone! lol

  4. Ashley says:

    I feel like this is a throwback to the Russia episode where at the end he said he can’t afford to be with someone he could genuinely care for. Maybe Oliver saw this as an opportunity to finally be able to say it. I don’t know, but I have faith in the writers and what they’re doing. I’m just glad they didn’t do it and then erase it by killing her. Or kill her period.

    • kath says:

      Stephen Amell has said in interviews that what he said in the Russian episode still applies to Oliver’s feelings about Felicity so good call.

      The Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity was a real find for the show. It would be incredibly stupid to kill Felicity now.

  5. Irene says:

    I’m so happy to see both Stephen and Emily acknowledging how important that moment was to the Oliver and Felicity fans. It shows how much they care about the emotional welfare and development of their characters, but also that they care about and honour the way fans have embraced “Olicity”. It was so nice to see the trust and emotional support Oliver and Felicity had for each other in the last few episodes. Felicity was instrumental in helping to defeat Slade. What a powerful partnership they have created. Those last few moments the connection was palpable. There was so much more said between them that was never spoken aloud. I can’t wait to see where things go in season 3.

  6. Marissa says:

    I am totally hoping that next season Felicity gets a real love interest, at least for a little while. Oliver and Felicity aren’t ready for a relationship together but that doesn’t mean she should have to watch him sleep with another girl every few weeks without getting any action of her own. Plus it might be good for Oliver to see that he could lose Felicity to something other than the dangers of his life.

    • jami1331 says:

      This! Yes. Agree!

    • Yep i agree 100%! I want to see Oliver having to swallow the jealousy like Felicity has had to! When Olicity finally happens it so very much needs to be him going to her, like in one of her angry babbling moments when she just won’t shut up he should just kiss her! That would be awesome!

    • Sara K says:

      GOD remember how much he blamed her when she was wallowing over Barry in the Coma…he blamed her for the issues that were going on. If she attempts to date outside the group he might give her problems for having relationship issues and not making enough time for the team..Ooooh can’t wait.

    • Patrick says:

      Conversely, it might be good for some laughs if Felicity does date someone, and Oliver is completely unaffected. It would be fun if he gets jealous, and fun if he Doesn’t get jealous. Her reaction to his non-reaction would be priceless.

    • Sarah T. says:

      I agree, I think Ms. Smoak needs a love interest of her own (and not just to make Oliver jealous). Both Diggle and Roy have had their outside storylines/love interests delved into more and I think it’s time to do that with Felicity too just so we can explore her character more.

      • Naazneen says:

        I agree. I actually dont want her to have a love interest to service Oliver. I wasnt her to have a love interest that will move and push and develop her character. Oliver is not my favourite person right now. But Olicity isnt ready yet either. Give Felicity a good SL, a real love interest and lets see where that goes.

    • Mehvash says:


    • kath says:

      If the EPs are going to be true to this episode, Oliver can’t start sleeping around again. Felicity might give it a try because she thinks that Oliver was just playing Slade, and that he doesn’t actually love her but Oliver can’t.

    • Bill says:

      No way, she shouldn’t be with anyone else, not even as a “sidebar.” They gotta keep her set apart. Even when they flirted with her having a relationship, it felt cheap. Laurel is no match for Felicity. Felicity flat our rocks.

  7. Sparky says:

    Call it denial but I still think that he meant it but, oh we all know the buts and what nots. A slow burn is a perfect way to move this along. I would be devastated if they never revisited this again. I have faith in the writers that they are not going to let one huge core group of the audience down. I still love those 2 scenes from last night and their chemistry is phenomenal. Can’t wait for S3

  8. Ali says:

    This scene slayed!! It was PERFECTION. Look at Oliver’s face during that scene he wasn’t lying at all. He told Felicity the truth as best as he could under the circumstances. Personally speaking, I think a slow burn is best for these two they need to be developed more before they get together. We still don’t really know much about Felicity’s back story . Oliver is not in a place to receive Felicity’s love at the moment, Moira’s death is still fresh, he has to fight for Queen Consolidated, and relocate the lair, and more. A relationship wouldn’t be the best thing right now. When and if Felicity and Oliver happen I want it to be for good, I would want to see them last. But for now it isn’t a good time. I think it’s best to just appreciate the scene for what it was, a possible promise for later instead of feeling victimized by the writers.

    • Dee says:

      I totally agree with you. Maybe I am in denial also but I think he meant it. He was staring at her and then his eyes softened when the said “I love you.” They are not ready right now to be a couple but I was dying as it was happening. I only hope if Felicity does get a love interest in S3 the writers will still continue the flirtation and connection that is so good between Oliver and Felicity. Love this show…October is so far away.

  9. Mer says:

    I am totally hoping Felicity gets a real love interest next season. Oliver and Felicity aren’t ready for a relationship together but that doesn’t mean that she should have to watch Oliver sleep with another girl every few weeks without getting any action of her own. Plus it might be good for Oliver to see he could lose her to something other than the dangers of his life.

  10. Michelle says:

    Can I just say how much I love Emily?! She really and truly connects not only with Felicity, but with her fans too, and understands WHY they love her character so much and can realise what would upset them. EBR was truly phenomenal these past few episodes.

  11. GildedRose says:

    Darn tootin there’s something to explore there! Oliver totally has feelings for her. I don’t think it was a lie at all. Felicity has feelings for him too, but it’s clear the two of them are just afraid to admit it. Such a good, good episode. And LOL at Emily Bett Rickards. She’s totally right. Oh no! the fans! but I loved it. I can’t wait to see what happens between Oliver and Felicity in Season 3 now.

  12. A says:

    I would have loved that scene if I trusted the writers to explore it at all. It’s just too easy for them to handwave and retcon it away when Oliver inevitably resumes his sister swapping next season.

  13. Linda P says:

    These scenes between Oliver and Felicity were so well acted. To have such subtle expressions as to it first being a fake, but yet an underlying subtle hint that it’s true, very hard to portray on screen, so yes, they both sold it on both fronts, as characters on the show and as superb actors.

  14. brandon says:

    i’m pretty much over the pandering to “olicty”..would really like to see other things explored on this show. Other female characters

    • Trish says:

      LOL, “pandering”. OK. As far as I can see the show has been detailing a path of two characters to love, while might I add, still allowing Oliver the freedom to ‘explore” other females on the show. So…don’t blame the fans for holding this one female (Felicity Smoak) in a high regard for being a spectacular character. She’s a force to be reckoned with, as are her legion of followers. Maybe other characters need to step up their game. She’s a tough act follow. Add that to the fact that EBR is an adorable person that cherishes her fans, well…good luck with that!

      • speedy says:

        To me, the fan pandering is actually to the comic canon couple. I mean, there is a whole episode of showing how the one person Oliver needs is Felicity, but then they insert Sara telling Laurel “Oliver needs you” at the end. Um. What? There is nothing on screen to support that in this present-day narrative. Maybe over time, that statement would have rung true, but what we have seen in the last few episodes is that it is Felicity who Oliver needs. In fact, we’ve seen that the story moves pretty fluidly without any scenes between Laurel and Oliver, while the scenes between Oliver and Felicity actually moves the plot. In this one, specifically, the ILY fake-out was nothing compared to how they showed that at the end of the day, Oliver will listen to Felicity. And as a comic fan, THIS is much closer to the canon relationship of Dinah Lance and Oliver, because it’s really become a partnership despite the lack of physical skills on her part. Oliver doesn’t coddle Felicity. He treats her as an equal and knows she can handle herself. I know some people considered it cruel, but THIS episode was what turned me into an Olicity shipper. I couldn’t ship Olicity before because I didn’t feel that Oliver really regarded Felicity as an equal, but in this episode, it’s clear that he does. The only person he has gotten into a committed relationship with in S2 is the person he felt was an equal to him–the person he took into battle with him–and that was Sara, so the fact that he did with Felicity is actually a very positive evolution in their relationship. Also, he totally meant it. Even my husband stopped what he was doing to comment on how genuine that scene was.

        • Trish says:

          Wow, what a wonderful post. It’s very validating, because like you, I viewed their scenes in the episode the same way. This was a far cry from the Oliver that always felt she needed ‘protecting’ instead of being like Digg and trying to empower her early on. Thank you for your post.

        • Amy says:

          Yes, I really like your comment too! I keep wondering if the writers regret a little how well liked Felicity is and the chemistry she has with Oliver. I feel at the beginning of the series clearly of course Laurel was Oliver’s end game even though their chemistry never rang true. From Felicity’s first episode there was a clear chemistry between her and Oliver. I feel like to be true to the characters and how they have evolved Felicity and Oliver should end up together. She more than anyone else makes him a better person. He will have to work at deserving her but he will get there. I just worry that the writers are committed to following canon but hope they will do instead what is most true for their version of the characters.

        • Kimmy says:

          Totally agree 100%. Felicity has been a delight because her scenes/chemistry/relationship with Oliver has evolved and progressed very naturally whereas Laurel’s relationship and supposed chemistry with Oliver has been forced since the beginning because it was supposed to already exist. That doesn’t always work. I’m all for staying close to comic canon but I think they should be open to adapting for TV. What works in comic books doesn’t always work on screen and this proves that.

        • Ginger says:

          THIS. Thank you for stating the reality in such a perfect and eloquent way, speedy!

        • Claire says:

          “Also, he totally meant it. Even my husband stopped what he was doing to comment on how genuine that scene was.” My husband was also convinced. AND he has returned to watching it with me!
          He quit DURING the The Clock King — He hated what they did to Felicity and the story was everywhere. He was so pleased with the finale that he even went back and watched the two previous episodes — had to FF through unappealing places, because he makes no bones about his thoughts LOL The only things that appeal to him are the trinity that is Team Arrow and Felicity. He feels Emily Bett is the glue that holds it all together and I am with him on that. With the exception of Quentin, he feels everything else is a waste of money and budget. At least Roy and Thea are growing on him. LOL

      • brandon says:

        You sound like someone that has forgotten this is a fictional TV show, “characters can’t step their game up” as they are not real. Writers can do their job and make every female on this show interesting. something they haven’t been doing well

    • Ginger says:

      So sorry, brandon, that: death, action, [well done] fight scenes, sex, justice, ETC. are too boring to contend with Felicity (Olicity)…she’s just THAT cool.

    • Kaiemiley3 says:

      Don’t get me wrong i am totally for a slow burn Olicity, but lets face it he does not deserve her right now, cause the way i saw the final it seemed to me Oliver used her to fool Slade, then stick him with the cure and what for but to save Laurel, who i have to say gets on my nerves. Yep i’m for moving on a little now, lets fine Felicity a hunk to pass the time, Ooo maybe Daniel Rand, or any rich hunk. Then maybe in season 4 or 5 good old Ollie will realise you should just leave the past in the pass and the sister thing is sooooo old school.

    • kath says:

      This season I saw Sara come back from the dead, deal with her demons, re-connect with her family, and start on her own hero’s journey.

      Thea solidified her relationship with Roy, made friends with her mother, found out that everyone had been lying to her all her life, and left with her biological father to learn to be stronger.

      Laurel had guilt, went after the Arrow because she blamed him for Tommy’s dead, went on an addiction spiral, got out of it , reunited with her mother and sister, got her job in the DA’s office back, and learned Oliver’s secret.

      Lyla became a recurring character and is having a baby with Diggle.

      There has been lots done on the other female characters this season. Olicity may have got a lot of buzz but it’s been pretty much on the back burner till the last 2 episodes.

      • Kay says:

        Don’t you mean, L BLACKMAILED her job back, TWICE! WHAT A “hero”…

        • kath says:

          I’m expecting the writers to tease Oliver/Laurel next season but at this point, it’s ‘no contest’ to me. Felicity makes sense as a true partner to Oliver, Laurel doesn’t.

          • Sheriff says:

            No please, not Laurel. She is so yesterday’s news and boring. She and Oliver have no chemistry at all. The producers should just put an end to any thoughts of Oliver and Laurel. That pairing will be such a disappointment. For season 3, Felicity should be given someone that adores her and not afraid to show it as it is too soon for Olicity

      • A. Thena Agron says:

        I agree Olicity was put on the back burner for about 4-5 episodes. But it was really strong for the major part of the season: from City of Heroes (when Felicity — and Diggle — came to get Oliver from the island and made him face his responsibilities to his family and QC) up to “Heir to the Demon” when Felicity risked her relationship with Oliver to tell him the truth about his mother. There were small moments in the other eps but it got a boost again in Deathstroke when she told him to stop dithering and go get Thea. It didn’t ever go away.

        As for character development, Felicity’s grew by leaps and bounds. This is the season Felicity learned she didn’t need to kick literal ass to be a bad ass. That she’s not the sidekick but a hero(ine) in her own right, doing her part — a part only she could have done — to take down the Big Bad. That she was a full and equal partner.

        She went from Team Arrow newbie to being its heart and soul, it’s inspiration. She calls the shots (telling Barry to shoot Oliver with rat poison in order to save him), comes up with proactive plans (blowing up the Applied Sciences division of QC) and saves their lives (Oliver’s repeatedly).

        One of the things I can take away from this season about Olicity (and there are many — thank you, writers)? Felicity solidified her place beside Oliver as his crime-fighting partner and damn if it doesn’t look right, natural, unforced and awesome.

        • Megan says:

          Could not agree more! I just hope the Olicity relationship keeps evolving to remain intriguing. But I am going to trust that the writers know they have struck gold with these two to keep things up-rolling organically. Felicity reminds me of Pepper Potts, who never seems to fail at bringing some levity to an otherwise dower situation. I have to point out as well, that Laurel gives off that Lana Lang vibe and I just could not get on board with an Oliver and Laurel pairing. I really want to like Laurels character, but so far I can barely tolerate her and I am not entirely sure why.

  15. brenna says:

    I’m just crazy about EBR. She gives great interviews and just makes you smile, something she has in common with her Arrow character. I loved every scene with Oliver and Felicity last night. The last scene on the beach was so them — Felicity speaking with her mouth and Oliver speaking with his eyes. When he told her that she sold it too, his eyes said a lot. They looked a little watery. I definitely don’t want them to have a quick affair. Slow development is great with me as long as they keep having their great moments.

    • just saying says:

      “Felicity speaking with her mouth and Oliver speaking with his eyes.”

      — haha. Totally agreed!

  16. Kimmy says:

    I was shocked into silence for five minutes after what he said even though it was a ruse. I think there was truth there but it’s not ready to be acknowledged fully yet.

  17. Drew says:

    Olicity will be the downfall of this series. They are a great team. They have good chemistry. But that doesn’t mean that they should ever go in a romantic direction. It would ruin the dynamic of the team completely and throw the whole series off. Mulder and Scully fans wanted them together too. When it happened it was just awkward and a little gross.
    Sometimes producers should ignore the screaming fans and do what is best for the series. In this case that means pissing off the Olicity people and never going there. It is one thing to have some spark and subtext. It is something else entirely to actually have them involved. At that point, Felicity would probably have to be killed off. I don’t want that.

    • IMO it’s fine as long as it’s a slow burn to end game. The chemistry between these two actors is too electric to be ignored. You can’t plan for it, and I’m sure the writers/producers weren’t expecting it.

      • Drew says:

        It’s great when you stumble upon chemistry like that, but it’s also easy to confuse great chemistry and characters who love each other with characters who are *in love* with each other. It happens a lot on TV. Characters are like family, they’re so close. They depend on each other and need each other, and it’s driven by actors who have amazing chemistry together. But throwing them in bed is a mistake 99% of the time, because you soon learn that you don’t want to see these characters having sex and starting a family. They’re partners, but it’s not a romantic chemistry. No amount of slow burning made it less creepy when Mulder and Scully got together. And if/when this lesson is learned on Arrow, it won’t be Oliver that they get rid of in order to restore balance and get rid of the awkward vibes. The show is named after him. So it will be Felicity.
        The team is Oliver, Felicity and Diggle. That is the chemistry that makes the show. Putting Oliver with Felicity also threatens Diggle’s place on the team. The entire dynamic of the series would be changed, and that is the very dynamic that people are responding to with this whole Olicity thing in the first place.

        • lily says:

          Your right in some asspects. Their not “in love” but their getting their. Their chemistry goes past just physical. I never used to ship them beacuse in the first season it wasn’t right and it still isn’t because they need to establish felicity more as her own character for it work between both oliver and felicity and the writes understand that. That’s why its such a great slow burn. If you look at felicity, we know barley anything about her background to be forcing her into something like a serious relationship with someone as important as the main character (oliver). But unlike Mulder and Scully, we don’t know whats going to happen when/if we put Olicity together. wether its weird or perfect. You have to wait and see in season 3.

        • Eileen says:

          I don’t think that the dynamics of the team would be too different, and Diggle clearly doesn’t mind them together–he steeped aside to “give them a moment” at the beach.

    • Matt says:

      You don’t know that.

    • hello says:

      This is a sane person in a sea of insane people.

    • Trish says:

      Did it ruin the dynamic of the team to have him with Sara? Well, yes it did, but….

      • Drew says:

        But Sara was never a central player on the team either. We don’t want felicity boarding a boat at the end of next season, do we?

        • wonderwall says:

          Please indulge me. I’ve seen you say this a lot… How would it ruin the dynamic?

          • Drew says:

            Oliver and Felicity holding hands and snuggling and reading the Sunday paper together? Taking time out of the show to make it even worthwhile to put them into a romantic relationship. it changes the formula. She isn’t a recurring character. If they put them in a relationship, it can’t be a quick scene here and there. It would have to be a major character development for both of them, which means that there is a whole story going on between two thirds of the core team, leaving Diggle to twiddle his thumbs and stand awkwardly in the corner when Felicity is kissing Oliver goodbye and telling him to be safe out there. Putting them in a relationship changes their relationship. It changes how they interact with each other in every single scene they’re in.
            That scene where Diggle is watching Felicity’s house so that Slade won’t kill her, and she brings him a cup of coffee or cocoa or whatever it was. It was a sweet little moment, wasn’t it? Well, say goodbye to those, because if she and Oliver are together, having Diggle sit outside of her house all night implies a triangle forming. That sweet moment between them is now flirting.
            The show needs Oliver, Felicity and Diggle as a team. It does not need Oliver and Felicity hooking up in between fighting criminals. There could be a million other love interests for each of them and it wouldn’t threaten the entire foundation of the series. Why risk the core group just to please Olicity fans? It’s not worth it.

          • wonderwall says:

            You’re treating as though if Oliver and Felicity do get together, that all of this WILL happen. I don’t think the things you said will happen if they do get together. Will there be extra moments between Oliver/Felicity? Sure, just like there would be extra moments between Oliver and any other girl he hooks up with. But that doesn’t mean it would undercut the other characters (Digg) and their screentime? No. Look at Oliver and Sara. So much time was dedicated to them this season but we still got to see the core team interact with one another. I also think that there would be MORE time to see Digg/Felicity, Digg/Oliver,interactions if Felicity/Oliver became a thing. Why? There are fewer players involved. If Oliver had a new love interest then that would severely cut a lot of interaction time.
            The writers understand the importance of the core group. They won’t do anything to jeopardize that regardless of whether Oliver/Felicity get together. Plus, Diggle has his own life to worry about. He has a kid on the way, and I doubt he would very much care if Oliver/Felicity would get together.
            I actually think it would actually be an interesting change in dynamics. Digg is clearly Felicity’s honorary older brother, so if Oliver screws up, Digg could kick Oliver’s butt and then some.

          • Drew says:

            The writers never intend to ruin the dynamic of a series. They intend to give the fans what they want, thinking that it is the best move for the show. Until the fans get what they want and there is no place left to go but down.

            Oliver, Felicity and Diggle are a good family unit. Brothers and sister in crime fighting. It should stay that way.

          • wonderwall says:

            I think the writers and the EPs have shown themselves to be competent the way they realized that people don’t like Laurel. This realization made them change the way they wrote her. And it’s for this reason why I think that the writers wouldn’t ruin the dynamics. They know what the fans want and will strive to deliver.
            I’ve never really been able to see the Brother/Sister relationship between Oliver/Felicity. Sorry, but my brother and I don’t interact with each other the way they do. If we did, it would be borderline incestuous.
            I for one think that it would be nice to see a change in dynamics. I for one don’t want to see the same thing over and over again. I mean look at Chuck. When Chuck/Sara got together, did it change the dynamics of the show? Yes. But I for one thought it changed for the better. And even then, Casey was still an integral part of the team who had just as much screentime.
            I’m not worried about the shift in dynamics if it were to happen.
            What I am worried for is that the writers/EPs may push Laurel and Oliver together (like they did with the “Ollie needs you” quip). Sorry, but they’re not a believable couple in my eyes. I just want the sister swapping to end tbqh.
            But I guess we’ll see :)

          • lily says:

            wow you two are getting way to serious about this. just let it be and roll with the show. you can’t do anything to change what the writers are going to do so just let it go.

        • kath says:

          Did it ruin Castle when Castle and Beckett got together? Or Bones?
          I thought getting the couples together made both shows better because they could concentrate on the mysteries rather than the drama of the relationships.

          Arrow is a superhero show. I don’t want it to go all triangle-y and angsty like other CW shows.

    • SZ says:

      Actually I think Lauriver is much more likely to be the downfall of this series, seeing as how most people don’t like her and can’t see any chemistry between her and Oliver. If the writers continue to force their relationship because of comic canon, THAT will be the downfall, not Olicity, which is much more natural and believable.

  18. Venkman007 says:

    Anyone from here on in that uses the term, “Olicity” needs to stink their head in an oven. Seriously? What’re you, in Grade 5?

    • What’s the point of being grown up if you can’t be childish now and then? “A little bit of nonsense now and then…”

    • Kate says:

      Considering Amell uses it, and may have even been the one who started it, it’s interesting that you think the lead on the show should “stick his head in an oven”. Maybe just let people be who they are and enjoy what they do without being so judgmental?

    • Bill says:

      Especially when “Fever” is a much better nickname for them. ;-)

  19. Trish says:

    MATT!!!! You kept your word, I adore you! The Twitter-verse sends their regard.

  20. Pat says:

    Emily Bett Rickards was so right. This fan did shed some tears at that scene. I really thought that Oliver was truly professing his love for her and because of that scene that this might be the kiss of death for Felicity. Thank God, it wasn’t. They really had me, for a moment,

  21. B says:

    I don’t wanna be safe I wanna be with you Chuck and Blair <3

  22. Rick Katze says:

    The twist actually made a lot of sense. I didn’t see any publicity in advance suggesting the comment only which would have been nasty. Thus I accept it. And, in all honesty, it did have the ring of truth to it. Oliver is growing up since that initial boat ride but he still has a way to go. There were times this year that Sarah, Laurel, and Felicity, not to mention (name is a blank) the demented daughter of the crime boss, all seemed to catch Oliver’s fancy.

    I suspect that Felicity will win but don’t expect a clear indication before season 4.

    And, wonderful news that John Barrowman will be a regular. Sounds like the Thea, Roy, Oliver triangle will be heating up.

  23. Sarah T. says:

    I always look forward to scenes with Stephen and Emily because they have great chemistry and work so well together. Though my heart did sink after it was revealed the ILY was a ruse, I think it was still well done and there was definitely some meaning behind it for Oliver. Also, I’m glad Felicity didn’t say ILY back because I think that would’ve taken away from the impact (given that it was in fact part of a plot). I much prefer the slow burn to those two and developing the characters more. Especially since Oliver has had no shortage of ladies this season. ;)

  24. Claire says:

    THIS is why Emily works so well. She is about the STRENGTH of Felicity, and how that affects the overall show — a team player through and through. She cares about portraying a character true to herself and knows the importance of keeping her strong. She IS NOT and WILL NOT be defined by Olicity or Oliver. Her end all be all is not to be a love interest of Oliver’s, it is to be an equal partner on Team Arrow.
    Last night not only proved that she is a fully fledged equal, but that even when depicted as strong individuals in their own right, the two are that much stronger together — this is why Felicity/Oliver can work. Because EBR’s portrayal of independent strength of character is equal to that of SA’s physical strength — they are each others yin and yang — strong individuals in their own right, and yet connected. They don’t take away from each other, or prop each other up, they compliment. This is why Oliver and Felicity WILL and DO work.
    But returning to Emily’s comments — she is all class and I hope the EPs realize this. Her first thought was for us, the fans and our reactions. This is just another piece to the puzzle of what makes SA and EBR work so well together as leads. Yes they have a natural chemistry, but they also genuinely care and you see that in the respect they show their fans.

    • Cassandra says:

      ^ THIS.

      EBR is a gem in real life and onscreen, and if these EPs don’t realize that and utilize her to the fullest inside and outside of Felicity’s life with Oliver, then they are as stupid as I feared. She deserves her own background and side stories because she is the heart of the show, Oliver’s strength, partner, and moral compass. She deserves development as the best actress and female character on this show, and I really hope they wake up and appreciate her and do her justice. Because after that nasty trick last night (they knew what they were doing to us), I’m sorely tempted to not come back. If I do, it will only be because I adore EBR and Felicity so much, but they better not abuse her or us. It was their decision to keep her around, so don’t manipulate me with your choices.

      If anything has made me feel better about this at all, it’s that she cared enough to think about us.

  25. jbj says:

    Felicity is my favorite of Ollie’s girls, after the late Shado, and yet I still felt that scene was so awkward and untimely that I was truely relieved when it turned out to be a bait and switch. Oliver might LOVE a few women, but he’ll never be IN LOVE until he can trust himself and his choices implicitly. When he gave her that speech in Russia, he was both telling the truth and lying through his teeth. I think she is too important to him to subject her to his indecisiveness. And she is too naive to really get it.

  26. Hodan says:

    That moment between Olicity made my inner fangirl come out like crazy. I didn’t even think I could scream that loud. LOL.

    Really, EBR and SA did such a wonderful job in that scene.

  27. anne says:

    Slow burn and endgame, that is what i need from Olicity. Nothing more. They don’t need to happen before season 4 if you ask me.

  28. Nate says:

    People are really “threatening” to not come back cause of that whole “i love you” situation was a lie? That’s just really lame & dumb.

  29. EP says:

    Dear Lord these two KILL ME!!!! My whole family was screaming during the Ily scene (yep, even my sons) and the girls weeping (you got that right Marc). It was beautiful!! These two just are MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. Yes, each has to grow in some areas, but Arrow writers don’t you dare drag this out too long please.

    Really enjoyed the final, even though it was a roller coaster ride.

    Would rather see Sarah as BC, cannot see Laurel playing her at all, sorry.

    Lance has to be okay.

    And very excited to see the continuation of Oliver and Felicity’s relationship deepen.

    Thanks Arrow for a great show!!!

  30. Ero says:

    I thought it was a cheap shot on the part of the show’s creators (’cause I don’t think you can blame the writers for it). It was just plain mean. What makes it worse was that unless I am very much mistaken, Felicity wasn’t in on the plan. Would it have killed Oliver to fill her in on the way to the mansion, or even before? He had plenty of time. The whole thing just seems unnecessarily cruel, and it really left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I am amazed at how people, mostly women in this case (I am one, by the way) can dissect every look, word, and gesture a man makes and still see only what they want to see, to the exclusion of all else. I have seen the last Olicity scene on the island dissected 15 different ways, all with the conclusion that the look on Oliver’s face meant he loved her. Maybe it is my cynical heart, but all I see when I watch that scene is this:

    Felicity: (Fishing for information)
    Oliver: Uh…Shiiiit! What do I say to her? I don’t now what to say!

    I ship Olicity as much as the next person, but I am by no means certain that they will end up together. Yes, Oliver loves Felicity. But nothing I have ever seen on screen tells me he is IN LOVE with her.

    • Sarah T. says:

      @Ero, give it another shot. I agree, I don’t think Felicity was completely in on the plan because then it wouldn’t have been as convincing. However, he clearly knows how much she cares for him AND I think he cares a lot about her too, he’s just not there as far as character development goes to actually do something about it. He’s definitely not decisive right now when it comes to his love life and I don’t think he wants to subject her to that. However, the fact that he trusted her enough to actually carry out the plan shows a lot of growth between them and as individuals. He knew she would follow through because she was the catalyst that made him come up with that plan in the first place. Plus, her speech to him about wanting to “be with you, fighting” showed just how much she truly did want to do whatever she could to save the city. Was it a bait and switch? Yes. Did it work? Yes! Will they actually become a couple down the road? I think so but if it would’ve happened right now, it would have been too rushed. Plus, did you notice any Laurel/Oliver moments in last nights episode? Nada! If she was really the one he loved the most, there would’ve been more concern and there would’ve been a moment between the two of them when they got to reaffirm there love for one another.

      • Ero says:

        I agree with most of what you say, and I hope you are right about them becoming a couple down the road, but I still don’t see why he kept her in the dark. If he’s going to put her life at risk using her as bait, she should not only be made aware of it, but she should give her consent to being used as bait. It’s not the first time Felicity went undercover, I think she could have been convincing enough. In fact, I can easily imagine her giving the game away by saying something like “are you kidding? Where are the hidden cameras?” which is a phrase I might have used (have used, in fact) in her shoes. Oliver risked a lot by not letting her in on the plan, including her life. All without her knowledge and consent (at least until he pressed the syringe into her hand).

        My beef is not that it didn’t happen. I agree with you that would have been rushed. It is way too soon for that. I’m not even mad that I was fooled for about fifteen seconds. I’m just uncomfortable with the mean-spirited way it was done, and also, it makes no sense not to have told her at some point on the way to the mansion. I can understand tricking the audience, but tricking Felicity was completely unnecessary for the plot.

        • Claire says:

          I was in the same place last night Ero. But then it dawned on me that Felicity and Oliver BOTH are horrible liars. It’s been noted on several occasions. He gave her the option out with “do you understand?” and pressing the syringe in her hand. But he had to make the whole thing believable, he had to get that reaction from Felicity — the anger at wanting to stay in the fight with her team and then the shock. He needed Slade to believe it.
          She’s made it abundantly clear time and again that she believes in him and that he trusts her. They played that off in spades. But when he said ILY, he whispered it and he was believable. Since when has Oliver EVER been a convincing liar, especially when it comes to Felicity. That was very real, he was sending her into the lions den. And then on the beach he could have cleared the air, but there was silence instead. The silence spoke volumes.

        • Edith says:

          If he told Felicity the plan Slade would have known it was a plan and that something was up and it wouldn’t have worked. The only way to outsmart Slade was to keep quiet and play off of natural reaction! He wasn’t being mean by not filling her in. Felicity seems to understand and agree that the shock and awe factor was necessary.

    • kath says:

      For someone like Oliver, who falls into bed with women all too easily, loving Felicity is the first step to being in love with her. (Well, second step actually, the first is respecting and admiring her.)

    • speedy says:

      I don’t think she was in on the plan, but I also don’t think it’s cruel. I think, when he asked, “Do you understand?” he was giving her an out, and she didn’t take it. She agreed to the plan. Felicity is as terrible a liar as Oliver; to sell it, he had to surprise her with it, but there is something else there: that he knew she’d understand, without prior information, based on all the conversations they have had. And that speaks volumes about their bond. There is no one else in his life he could have sold this conversation with. I would agree–I don’t think he is in love with her (or that he knows how he feels), but I also didn’t see the scene as Felicity fishing because she wanted it to be real. I saw it as her fishing because they needed to talk about it, and it was awkward, and she was looking to make sure he didn’t mean it. And the reason I read it THAT way is because when he said “I love you,” she didn’t say it back. That scene in the island, she said she believed him for a second–so, if she felt the same way and she believed it was real, she should have said it back. She didn’t. So, basically, she told Oliver for a minute she believed him, and yet she didn’t reply with an “I love you, too.” Oliver can’t admit that it was real–partly because he probably doesn’t know how he feels, and partly because she gave him nothing in that scene in the manor beyond agreeing to the plan.

      • Ero says:

        Felicity might be a terrible liar, but she’s been undercover before. I think she could have handled that much. Also, as I mentioned to someone else, he used her as bait without even asking her if she was OK with it (until he asked her if she understood). That seems very out of character. It’s one thing doing the unthinkable by using someone you care about as bait, it’s quite a different matter doing it without warning them or asking for their permission. This is the same Oliver who didn’t want her to go undercover in the casion, and told her again that she didn’t have to do it. I realize the stakes are way higher here, but to use her that way with practially zero warning? I really can’t see anyway that that was OK, or even necessary.

        • anna says:

          I’m one of the few who thinks she was in on it. To me, the island scene at the end was them talking about the plan…and the part of the plan where Oliver went off script was when he said he loved her. Re-watch the scene. She says “You really sold it.” His response was, “we both did.” Why would he say that unless she was in on it? “We sold it” means they were both acting. They couldn’t show us that she was in on it beforehand because it would have ruined the surprise, but that line at the end tells us that she knew. She knew the house was bugged, and she knew they were laying a trap, and when he says “I love you,” she’s caught off guard because he went off script. That’s the only part she wasn’t expecting, but the rest of it? She had to have known.

          • Ero says:

            Hey, that’s right! That actually makes a hell of a lot more sense than Oliver keeping her in the dark (which made none whatsoever). I’m going to have to watch that bit again.

          • speedy says:

            Actually, scratch my comment. Anna’s right. Felicity must have known. I completely missed the “We both did” part on the island, but that does absolutely prove that they were both acting. There’s no other reason for him to say that.

          • LeeC86 says:

            Yes! I agree with you. I don’t think everything was fake…it had real meaning to it.

            The writers just need to come out and tell us what their reason for this madness is!! hahaha

          • Bookworm51485 says:

            I think she was in it on it too, I personally don’t get why people think she wasn’t. Though, I also think she was in on the ‘I love you’. He took the wrong woman isn’t necessary as clear to some as others. They needed to make sure that Slade knew he was talking about her. I just think the look on her face was because she didn’t necessarily expect for it to feel real,

          • ash says:

            I don’t think she knew until he handed her the vile. That’s why he said “do u understand?” Up until then she thought it was real IMO

        • anna says:

          I just watched it again. She says, “You did it.” He says, “I had some help.” The only thing she points out that she believed, for a second, was when he said he loved her. Then, she says “You really sold it,” and he replies, “We both did.” The whole conversation is meant to show us that they came up with the plan together. I also re-watched the mansion scene. Watch how Felicity says “oh” after Oliver says Slade took the wrong woman. She’s calm. But when he says “I love you. Do you understand?” she is visibly shocked, and when he leaves, she swallows. EBR delivered it perfectly–the “I love you” was the surprise–she showed us a physical reaction, whereas the response to him telling her Slade took the wrong woman was verbal (“oh”). I think the ILY was real, and when he asked “do you understand?” he was telling her FOR REAL that he loved her. To me, the “do you understand?” held a lot of emotion for Oliver–the way it was delivered told me that he needed her to understand he does care about her, and he was putting her in danger and it was unthinkable…and he couldn’t say all those things. And to those who say he should have given her the cure beforehand–I think giving her the cure right at that moment was the most effective set-up when you backtrack at the end of the episode to the gotcha! It doesn’t quite have the same effect if they showed two scenes–one outside of him giving her the cure, and the one inside of “do you understand?”

          • Claire says:

            Whoa! That befuddled my mind when she said that, but hello crystal clear! Thank you!

      • Ymur says:

        I have been waiting for this comment! This is the point – she did not say ILY back to him! Even with the surprise, she did not. So, what was Oliver to say to her on the island?! Maybe it will sound strange, but I saw Oliver fishing for response and he only got “Let’s go home”. Call me imaginative, but I think (even with her feelings for him) Felicity knows at this point he is not ready to have a relationship with her, neither is she.

    • Kay says:

      I knew O was going to USE F the moment he said to Sara about not being able to GET near Slade to inject him with the cure..As the Ep played along, the only thought that came to my mind was, “it’s all a TRICK,” and I was right..RIGHT after the FINALE ended; I posted everywhere or most, that it was a CRUEL EP..CRUEL and MEAN..THESE two words described what happened between O and F..CRUELNESS!! He used her and I’m A MAJOR FAN; like most here..

      What I want to know is, WAS F in ON THE PLAN..I first thought that, no, she wasn’t..NOT UNTIL he “SAID” what needed to be heard and GAVE her the cure, then SHE knew it was ALL FAKE but then I remember Felicity SAYING to Oliver: “LET SLADE” out think them!! SO, was she in on the plan?? I’m said NOT TOO SURE!! ANYONE know the answer to this ?… Would be appreciated to HEAR the answer to it..WAS F in the know?

      • anna says:

        Read my posts above. She was in on the plan. The conversation in the island proves this. The “We both did” statement means they were both acting. Plus, she says “you did it,” and he says, “I had some help.”

  31. kath says:

    My compliments to the producers because this makes perfect sense in terms of positioning the two characters.

    It’s far too early to get them together, Oliver is still too messed up and the show has three seasons to go hopefully,but they showed that Oliver and Felicity have total trust and faith in each other, which is the sexiest thing to me.

    I believed Oliver when he said that she was the woman he loved, as much as he could love any woman right now. Just because it was a show for Slade doesn’t mean it can’t be true.

  32. Fanboy says:

    So, um, despite the fact that Ollie and family have moved out of the house, and you would assume movers have also come and gone, no one discovered the cameras Slade left behind? Oliver must be the smartest man alive to leave all the cameras where they were cause he already cooked up this scheme WEEKS ago, or Slade is the dumbest man alive to think no one discovered his cameras in the meantime. Then again, this show is full of whopper plotholes, but never you mind, kids, look, fancy arrows! Olicity! LMAO. CW fans are such suckers. They wouldn’t know good (heck, LOGICAL) writing if it bit them on their Gossip Girl lovin’ butts.

    • A says:

      The writers tried to do way too much this year and they couldn’t handle it. This season did end up with a lot of plot holes/contrivances because they wrote for the plot and not for the characters.

    • Wow, you must be such fun at parties.

    • treble says:

      You realize that Thea packing up to leave, and that scene with Oliver and Felicity happened on the same day right? the last 3 episode encompass 1 day in starling city. So yes it stands to reason that even though Thea had the house packed up, that the furniture and large items hadn’t been moved yet.

    • kath says:

      Oliver found the cameras after Moira’s funeral, which would be 2 days ago in show time.

      The cameras had been in the house for weeks and no one noticed them.. Moira should have had a better cleaning staff.

  33. hello says:

    Have to wonder what the Olicity-morons would do if they revealed that Robert Queen was Felicity’s father

  34. Nancy says:

    If oliver and laurel are endgame why didnt they meet up at the end of the episode? The writters should decide if its lauriver (ughh), olicity or sariver.

  35. patience says:

    I agree,the writters should make up their minds,felt bad for olicity though,guess we would have to wait and see if the writters explore them further in season 3.

  36. Kay says:

    LIKE I said..ONE WORD describe yesterday’s ep..CRUEL!! GOOD but CRUEL and MEAN!

    Shame on them! TEASING and baiting for the majority of the FANS of this show..


  37. grys03 says:

    Felicity driving the van into Isabel! GOLD!!!

  38. Linda P says:

    Felicity was the hero of last night’s episode.

  39. Joy1755 says:

    That ‘I love you’ scene had the feel of that smallvile episode where lois and clark were kidnapped just before Cloe and Jimmy’s wedding.

    The only difference is that in smallvile we know that lois and Clark are endgame.

    • speedy says:

      The “I love you” fake out is an old TV trope with slow-burn romances (I’m now convinced the first kiss will be undercover–another trope). The fact that Arrow used it tells me that they recognize they are a TV show, and that they are treating Olicity as a real romantic relationship. Laurel’s journey into BC has very little to do with Oliver–it has much more to do with her family and Sara. But Oliver’s journey into the Arrow hinges heavily on the bond he shares with Felicity. The show has done too much work setting this up to not follow up on it. Personally, if they had made that scene real, I wouldn’t bother shipping Olicity–I’d write it off because that means the writers aren’t taking it seriously (it’s the end of the second season). But because it turned out to be a fake out, I’m intrigued–if this was a show about any other characters, that scene would automatically clue me in on who THE couple of the show is. The reason people are outraged is because the comic canon couple is Laurel-Oliver, so this is being written off as fan pandering, despite the fact that there has been no slow-burn development with Laurel and Oliver. Maybe they will explore that in the future, but I think that while they are committed to turning Laurel into the BC (and following comic canon), they will not necessarily go that way with the romance because even in the comics, GA/BC divorce. When it comes to the show, the endgame romance is still up in the air.

      • TootyFrooty says:

        “But Oliver’s journey into the Arrow hinges heavily on the bond he shares with Felicity.”

        In what way?

      • AnnB says:

        Well said! The only time I enjoy Laurel is during scenes with her dad and sister. Those scenes have a sense of realness to them where her scenes with Oliver feel forced and lacking of real emotional depth. Oliver’s journey to the Arrow/hero this season clearly was guided and supported by Felicity. Oliver knew he wanted to honor Tommy’s memory; however, it was Felicity, with her unwavering belief and trust in him, that showed him the way and kept him there. That speaks to a real connection, a true love. They may not be “in love” with each other yet, but they have clearly moved into a relationship based on honesty, trust, and love. I can hardly wait to see how their relationship continues to deepen in season 3.

  40. Anthea says:

    EBR is a darling! I’ve read a few of her interview, she has a very good insight on her character.

    I thought the ILY move was tricky and very “olicity”. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for them. The EP struck gold with them, I hope they don’t mess it, because one HIMYM finale is enough

  41. Sheldon Wiebe says:

    I had completely forgotten about the bug in the room – but when we saw the cut to it, I realized I’d forgotten it and thought, ‘Well, of course!’ Too bad though. I remember when Ollie and Laurel got together in the comics but, even though GA and the Black Canary is canon, I want the show to go Olicity. She’s my girl! (In a mooning from afar and ne’er the twain shall meet kinda way – not a creepy, stalkery kinda way…)

  42. just saying says:

    Oliver had no problem leaving Laurel in the hands of Slade, after Quentin told him “Slade took her for a reason”, to which Oliver replied, “I know what it is, but the city comes first.” But had no problems killing the Count for Felicity. That already speaks a lot who Oliver loves the most. From the writers to the fans.

  43. Michele says:

    I might be the only one saying this, but I don’t like the idea of Oliver and felicity together. I’m a die hard oliver / laurel fan! After everything they have over come they deserve to be together!
    Felicity needs someone just for her, Barry maybe?

    • ty says:

      Agree wholeheartedly. Would be best if she ended up with someone else. Lest we forget , we’ve seen Oliver “in love” with Laurel, Sara, and the huntress in less than 2 years. We don’t always need some damsel in distress for this show to be good. And that includes the mostly annoying Thea. Prefer Felicity to be a side character, not a love interest. If they want to give her more story, put her on Arrow. I dont want this show entering Smallville territory.

    • anna says:

      Why would any woman want to share her boyfriend with her sister? Twice! Would you?

    • Anna says:

      I would argue that Laurel has been through a lot…mostly because of Oliver. He cheated on her repeatedly before the island, and got into a relationship with her sister afterwards. I will ship Laurel with anyone who isn’t Oliver, and Oliver with anyone who isn’t Laurel. (Different Anna here)

    • Ymur says:

      Noo, not Barry! He has Iris! I am a BC fan, but for The love of God, not Laurel -Oliver romance in the show! I am sick of that sister-Oliver-sister and Oliver-best friend Tommy-Laurel things!!! Really, can it be more messy than that!?

      • Moyo says:

        Ymur I could not agree with you more. The whole sisters-sharing-guy is disgusting, I don’t know why they (writers & CW) are actively encouriging it, (not to mention the unforgivable Oliver betraying Tommy – I still can’t forgive that). As a female I want a positive female hero figure I can look up to, now Laurel has been lied to, cheated on time & time again with other women & unforgivabley with her own sister – more than once & She’s thinking (probably will) of taking him back from her sister again? Has she no self respect? She’s been made to look like a doormat! Sorry, there’s nothing to admire or look up to there, I’d admire her more IF she called him out on all his cheating, etc. & didn’t take him back BUT assisted him & the team (though not as a member of the team.)

  44. DiverKlein says:

    I knew it wasn’t real. First..Ollie had laurel..he currently has Sara (sort of), and just felt..wrong. I forgot about the cameras, but it was the perfect setup. Really liked seeing Roy as Speedy, although he could have made the jump to Arsenel with the drug in him.

  45. Mia says:

    I know I’m probably in the minority, but I do not want Oliver/Felicity to happen. Even if the ILY thing wasn’t a ruse, I wouldn’t buy it. The way I see it, the romantic feelings may be there from her side, but I don’t think Ollie sees her in that way.

  46. prisca says:

    I think the endgame is lauriver. The writters are just teasing us with olicity and trying to make laurel a likeable character.I dont see any chemistry between oliver and laurel.There is more chemistry between felicity and oliver,even the producers confirmed it.

    • Ruby says:

      I think it was in the beginning, but things can change, and Steven and Emily have insane chemistry and I don’t think they were expecting that.

    • A. Thena Agron says:

      Maybe the writers will stick to Laurel and Oliver, maybe not. Who knows? All I know is that at this point, the real development in relationships is happening between Oliver and Felicity. Every season, every episode, their relationship just gets stronger and stronger — I’m almost excited to see them hit a rocky patch because them fighting like in “Three Ghosts” after Felicity told Barry Oliver’s secret is so hot, LOL! Sometimes I scratch my head over some of the stuff the writers come up with for other characters and storylines, but when it comes to handling Oliver and Felicity, they do so with care. That makes me think they are as invested in this relationship as fans are.

    • Edith says:

      If they are trying to make laurel more likeable they are doing a bad job. I just get more and pre sick of her and her drama. She is way more of a damsel in distress than Felicity. Felicity at least does what she can and isn’t such a chicken all the time. Laurel is super annoying. Oliver deserves better.

  47. Amy says:

    I agree, I have never shipped anyone on this show but after the finale episode on arrow, oliver and felicity are not bad afterall.

  48. Ruby says:

    The scenes between them regarding this development were utter writing utopia GENIUS and literally took my breath away, twice! At first I was upset that it was a ruse, but then when he told her she sold it too, like he cared so much for her pride and her feelings that he wouldn’t leave her out in the wind with them, was just the sweetest thing and spoke volumes about the way he feels about her. I think when he told her he loved her he was not lying, and maybe he didn’t even know it until the words came out of his mouth. Phenomenal performances from both actors as well. You can tell they took a lot of time and care to make sure those scenes were just right and it really, really paid off. This is just such a great cast and they’ve really made this show into something I never expected it could be. I will definitely be on board with The Flash as well after this. I hope their writers are anywhere near as talented.

  49. just saying says:

    I don’t see the point of forcing a laurel-oliver endgame. do they really need it to be canon??? the hell with canon. they drifted from it from the beginning anyway so why force it in the end? oliver-felicity makes much more sense as endgame, CHEMISTRY if off the charts. oliver going back to laurel would be so TOXIC even after let’s say another 2 seasons. it’s gonna be difficult to forget the sister swapping thing to push the laurel-oliver endgame, it’s just so…toxic and beyond values. might as well change the title to Melrose Place or Sex in the City if that happens.

    • kath says:

      At this point, forcing an Oliver/Laurel endgame would be just that — forced.

      The Oliver/Felicity scenes are a joy to watch, I hope the producers know what they’ve got in Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards and keep O/F as the main relationship. This is a comic book show and the emphasis should be on fighting villains, not angsty romantic relationships.

      I’d hate to lose my pleasure in the show because they keep pushing Oliver/Laurel at me.

  50. just saying says:

    But Olicity don’t need to happen yet. A Barry Allen in the middle would be a good side story. It would be entertaining to see Oliver the one this time pining for Felicity.