Arrow Season 2 Finale Recap: Fight Night

Arrow Finale Recap Slade CapturedThe CW’s Arrow wrapped its sophomore run on Wednesday with the action-packed episode “Unthinkable,” in which Team Arrow got an assist from Nyssa and the League of Assassins in their bid to stop the Mirakuru Minions storming Starling City and, ideally, take down Slade Wilson as well.

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Oliver of course bristles some at Nyssa’s offering of one “army” to defeat another — being a fighter, not a killer, and all. And Nyssa in part agrees, though Oliver is reminded, “To fight the unthinkable, you have to be willing to do the unthinkable.” Oliver’s ranks are upped by one more when he gifts the awakened and cured Roy with his own mask. And away they all go, armed with cure-laced arrows….

Almost from the get-go, when attacking Slade at the Queen Consolidated offices, Arrow and Nyssa butt heads, as they get the drop on Isabel. “The League does not take prisoners,” Nyssa declares; “It does tonight,” Ollie counters. But Izzy’s sassy mouth gets the best of her, prompting Nyssa to do her in. “Your reticence to do what’s necessary is why your city burns,” Nyssa warns Oliver.

Even Quentin joins in on that chorus, when after Laurel is abducted by Slade’s men he tells the Arrow, “You’ve killed before. Tonight I suggest you get back in the habit.”

When Felicity suggests that Oliver’s best option is to make Slade “outthink” him, it sets up what turns out to be a misdirect that some will label as cruel, but let’s accept it for what it was: savvy. Oliver takes Felicity to the Queen mansion and tell her to stay there, to keep safe. When she insists in staying in the fight, he explains that Slade vowed to kill the woman he loves, and hat’s why he grabbed Laurel. “He took the wrong woman,” Oliver tells his No. 1 gal. “I love you.”

More on that in a bit.

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While Diggle and (pregnant!) Lyla spring Deadshot to help force trigger-happy Waller to hold off her drone attack, Oliver, Sara, Roy, Nyssa, the League and Quentin take on Slade’s army in a tunnel, thwipping ’em en masse with the cure. Oliver then gets the call he’s been waiting for, from a smug Slade. “I have the one you love,” the Aussie growls. “I thought you had a thing for stronger women, but I see the appeal” — of the lovely Felicity, whom he has abducted.

Meeting up with Slade, Oliver at first employs some psychological warfare, attesting that Shado would be downright “horrified” by his actions. Oliver then scoffs at his adversary’s inability to see the danger right in front of him — meaning, Felicity with a syringe full of the cure, which she jabs into her captor. (In flashback, we see that Oliver’s ILY was a bit of theater for an eavesdropping Slade, as he slipped the syringe to [poor, flustered] Felicity. Twitter Follower Mike called it!)

We then get a gorgeous piece of cinematography, as the show juxtaposed today’s epic, rooftop clash between the Arrow and “cured” Slade with their years-ago fight aboard the flooded Amazo. In flashback, the boat had begun to sink after being torpedoed by Anatoli as directed; this is where we see Sara get pulled into the drink, to “die” again. A piece of heavy debris falls on and pins down Slade, and rather than inject his “brother” with the cure, Oliver drives an arrow through his right eye, leaving him to die.

Meanwhile in the current fight, Oliver eventually gets the upper hand, and lassos Slade to a beam. But rather than go for the kill (“I have the strength to let you live,” Oliver later explains to his captive), Oliver has Slade imprisoned in “purgatory” aka A.R.G.U.S.’ new “super max” facility — a subterranean chamber on Lian Yu, where he plans to collect future Big Bads, which, he tells Diggle and Felicity, there surely will be.

Before the trio leave the island, Dig gives Oliver and Felicity “a second,” during which Felicity commends Oliver on his “I love you” performance: “You really sold it.” “We both did,” he warmly responds. Felicity then asks how Oliver learned to fly a plane, anyway, while trapped on the island… and that tees up the final scene. In flashback, we see Oliver awaken after his throwdown with Slade — in Hong Kong. Disoriented, he is led outside by two armed men, where he is introduced to… Amanda Waller.

Elsewhere in the finale:

* Roy reunited with Thea and they plotted to leave town after the crisis. But as she packed up their things, Thea found Roy’s arrows and such. Roy returns to find a note from Thea, explaining how she is done with people she cannot trust. “Don’t try to find me,” she writes. “I am never coming back.” And we see her leave town with her dad Malcolm.

* After the dust settled, Sara bid adieu to her father and sister, to return to the League with Nyssa. The sisters share a sweet goodbye (some of Katie Cassidy’s best work), and then Sara gives Laurel her leather jacket, observing: “It fits.” Quentin though is quick to warn Laurel, “Don’t get any ideas…” Moments later, Dad doubles over, blood spurting from his mouth, as his earlier beatdowns apparently catch up to him.

What dd you think of the showdown-filled Season 2 finale, Slade’s fate, Sara’s send-off, Thea’s decision, Laurel’s new threads and the hint at a new chapter in Oliver’s past?

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  1. brandon says:

    After an entire season of bad writing for Laurels character i’m hoping her becoming Black Canary will lead to something interesting for her seeing as she is oliver’s “light” as Sara called it.

    • gmail says:

      I think Sara said that Oliver needed someone to bring out the light in him, I don’t know that she was talking about Laurel specifically (yes I ship Olicity)

      • Nicole says:

        I think Sarah was talking about Felicity in regards to being Oliver’s “light.” Oliver turns to Felicity for guidance and she believes in him and makes him a better man. Laurel only brings Oliver down and causes him drama and pain.

        • Nicole says:

          What I mean is, when Sarah dumped Oliver and said he needed someone who could harness the light and the good in him. Felicity is the one who does that. I’m not sure if Sarah knew who that person was when she said it.

          • Bob says:

            Yeah no… She was clearly referring to Laurel. Olicity will never happen. You can hope, but I the writers will never go that direction. They just give moments like this to please the Olicity fans. Their chemistry is perfect as FRIENDS, and making them more will ruin the chemistry you Olicity fans love.

          • wonderwall says:

            …”and is that in your opinion?” – Judge Lessner from The Good Wife.

          • wonderwall says:

            Oh that comment was to Bob! :) I for one think that it would be a cool dynamic to see play out. Digg obviously doesn’t seem to mind.

      • GreenArrow12 says:

        I think it was referred to Laurel couse in season finale Sarah tells Laurel “Ollie needs you”

        • JC says:

          Yeah, they just need to light up the chemistry between Oliver and Laurel. I love Katie but the chemistry is lacking between her and Stephen, I hope it develops :)

    • Lily says:

      You guys do realize than in the comic books Oliver and Laurel are divorced right. So the light thing doesn’t really apply to them. I am really happy that Laurel is finally going to get a not so annoying story line. I’d like her to just embrace being Black Canary and not just for Oliver, for herself. And at this point as much as I love Olicity, I don’t think Felicity will believe Oliver in the near future if he ever does grow real feelings for her and decides to confess. I know I am also going to get a lot of flak for this but I think its time that Edward Raymond shows up and with a strong back story.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Dinah Laurel is actually dead in the comics

        • No, Dinah Drake Lance (her mother) is dead in the comics. Dinah Laurel Lance is currently alive and leading the Birds of Prey in the New 52.

          • JC1 says:

            According to the DC Wikia, it’s Dinah Drake Lance leading the Birds of Prey in the new 52. I don’t think Dinah Laurel Lance exists in the new 52.

          • Boston2AZ says:

            And these types of comments are what drives some fans like me crazy. There are a great many of us out here who just enjoy the show without having to look up things in a Wiki or go back and read 20 years worth of comics. And if there wasn’t, Arrow would probably not even still be on the air because I doubt that there would be enough diehards to generate sufficient ratings. You know, Elementary is a pretty good show where Sherlock lives in NYC and Watson is a woman and no one goes nuts over the fact that it’s not what Doyle wrote. I think it’s great that they drop in those little “nods and winks” to the comic book fans, but the fanatical need of some folks on here to adhere to the “history” gets old. Can’t the show just be an interesting show with characters based on a really popular comic?? And let the flaming begin…………..

      • john beach says:

        please get inform black canary and arrow was married in the comic books.

        • wonderwall says:

          “were” being the operative word. Past tense. BC and GA are now divorced. Which doesn’t bode well for Oliver and whoever is to become BC. I don’t say Laurel because her as BC is hardly believable to me. I guess I’ll have to see it to believe it… Even then I still probably won’t believe it.

    • Amanda Brown says:

      Amazing episode. My heart broke at the OLICITY fake I LOVE YOU. Who does that to a person. Like’oh hey I know we have this amazing chemistry and you like me and I like you too no just won’t admit it to myself but hey I’m going to tell you I love you anyways so that way you can get kidnapped by a supersoldier and have a sword held to your neck’ what were the writers THINKING!?!?!?!?!?!?!

      • maybe the fact that Oliver gave to Felicity the most important task of the action mean he sees that she’s not that week to be with him. I mean, she could have done with Sarah, it would work, Slade would love that.

          • Kager says:

            I just finished the season 2 finale last night – I know…a little late. But thanks to Netflix I have finally had the pleasure of watching this wonderful show. In regards to your theory, Pérola Cardozo Alves, (no I have not begun season 3 yet) I am very pleased to hear, and agree, that Oliver may have given the chance to Felicity as the most important task of the action. That theory is what is keeping me sane at this point as I am an Olicity fan. Part of me does think that it’s just a “friend” thing,as previously stated by Bob, but I’d like to hope it’s more because I believe Felicity to be one of the most liked characters of the show. I think everyone on the show, including Oliver, has said some weak sauce things, but Felicity brings that back to balance. We saw when Slade fractured Oliver’s right knee, the damage that he is doing to his body; as the doctor put it as the result of jumping off roof tops it is becoming permanent and one day The GA will need to rest indefinitely. I’d like to think that Felicity is going to be the one who will be there till the end and grow old with him, as long as she is okay with Oliver’s unnamed child that I am sure will come up eventually.

        • Alichat says:

          Yeah…..I think Oliver doing that said alot. It was Felicity’s idea for Oliver to get Slade to “outthink” him, so it was fitting that she was key in the takedown. Plus, if they ever went that route with Oliver and Felicity, I don’t think they’d do it this early. It was a bit of a giveaway that his profession of love was for show. If it was real, I don’t think Oliver would have left her alone, and he’d definitely have kissed her. Overall, I loved this episode…..except for two things. The interaction between Sara and Laurel at the end…..just felt forced……and Thea. Just….everything about Thea. I’m a little tired of the spoiled, little rich girl who’s life goal used to be getting access to the best party or best high, suddenly judging everyone because she’s held a job for about 8 months and found out that her family kept secrets from her to protect her. Should she be hurt….yes. Angry….sure. But to judge everyone, decide no one is trustworthy, and the solution is to run off with her murdering, psychopathic biological father……..right…..a Mensa member she’s not.

          • clearhaven says:

            Exactly!!! Thea is just so wayy over the top. I understand her anger, but hating on everybody and then turning to her father who tried to destroy a city and kill thousands of innocents makes no sense.

          • Cheri says:

            I love this show. My thoughts exactly. I’m not buying into this Poor Thea thing. To have so much woe is me and hate on Oliver and everyone else, now including her boyfriend. This part is lame. A spoiled little rich/poor girl following her murdering daddy now?

      • blakely says:

        EPIC episode!!! Sad to see sarah go. Not crazy about a leather jacket clad Laurel. Hope Det. Lance is okay. Thea is just now getting interesting, I think I will enjoy loving to hate her next season. YAY baby Diggle!!!!! Felicity is, as always, the best. Oliver doesn’t deserve her so I’m not too heartbroken about the fake out, but they really had me for a minute. I wonder who the big bad will be next season? I can’t wait!!!

      • natasha_0726 says:

        lol! your comment is perfect but I agree with the comment below also he gave her an important task because if they didnt stop slade everyone would have died. I still believe he meant every word and that is why they had that awkward scene on the beach with her trying to get him to admit the truth of it. I think that “I love you” was a just in case I fail and die I want you to know. He will not act on his feeling because he needs the purity of their friendship and he has a horrible relationship track record i.e. Isabel, Laurel, Sara, Helena, Shado.

    • anne says:

      I don’t think Laurel is Oliver’s light. He cheated on her over and over again. And with her sister and they don’t know each other at all. The writers keep pushing them down our throats.

      • Hmm says:

        Settle down. I think these past few seasons have proven they do know each other. Just because she didn’t know he cheated doesn’t mean she doesn’t know who he is at his core. She’s known since season one Oliver is a good guy, regardless of his past spoiled, rich kid attitude. She has always known that. But forget how you feel about ships for a minute and look at what we have seen. Oliver’s light is not a single individual, it is all the people who keep him grounded. That includes, but is not limited to: Laurel, Diggle, Felicity, Thea, Det. Lance. The people in his life that he cares about and that care about him.

      • GreenArrow12 says:

        Maybe you don’t think that but Sarah definetely does. She said “Ollie needs you”

    • Mikael says:

      I’m hoping this gives Laurel something better to do. Ward on Agents of SHIELD was awful for the first half of the season, but got so much better after his character twist. I’m willing to give Katie the benefit of the doubt and blame most of it on the writing. I’m so glad Sara left rather than died. I love her as BC. Now I won’t be as upset at Laurel becoming BC.

    • lulu Lily says:

      People keep on saying that sara lance have 5 years of training with the league of assassin’s but sara didn’t because sara was with ivo for a year without any training and then she was stuck on the island with Oliver for maybe a year without training and we don’t know how long the league of assassin’s waited before allowing sara to live and be apart of their group before training her to learn how to fight and it could have been another year goes by before sara learning how to fight so sara may have 3 ½ years of training or 2 ½ years of training with the league of assassin’s because we all know that sara was never with the league of assassin’s for 5 years as people claim because she was with ivo for a year and maybe with Oliver on the island for a year or two which if sara was stuck on the island for a year that means sara went 2 years without training and if was on the island for 2 years then sara went without training for 3 years because in the island flashbacks of arrow show they showed us that sara doesn’t know how to fight even when Sara was thrown across the room of the ship by slade Wilson which is how Oliver thought that sara died again for the second time which is how sara end up with the league of assassin’s while fighting for her life which means if sara was that badly injured then sara would need time to pull through the deadly injuries she suffered and sara would need time to get better also and we also knows that someone like the the league of assassin’s won’t let sara into their group like that which they didn’t because they want to kill sara but it was nysaa who prevented her father from killing sara and also know sara would have to prove her loyalty to only them and then pledge an oath to the league of assassin’s and by then they have start training sara how to fight and which by then a year already past which means Sara might have only 2 ½ or 3 years of training with the league of assassin’s before escaping them while hiding from them for a year. Sara lance have been supposedly dead for 6 years and was with ivo for a year which sara didn’t know how to fight at that time with ivo which left 5 years left and sara might spent a year with Oliver on the island again without any training so sara went without any training for maybe 2 or 3 years because we don’t know how long sara was stuck on the island with Oliver and we all know sara still didn’t have any training at the time so sara could have gone 3 or 2 years without training and then by the time 2 or 3 years pass by sara then sara end with the league of assassin’s we all know that league of assassin’s didn’t all sara to be apart of their group that easily which means it took about a year before the league of assassin’s can able to some what trust sara while putting sara through the ringer while doing back round check on sara before allowing sara apart of the team and teaching sara how to fight. So while it took sara that long for someone to teach sara how to fight , it might not be the same for laurel because it said on the show that laurel father made her took self defense class to learn how to defend herself growing up so we don’t know how long laurel have been taken self defense class and we also know that laurel is a fast learner and with laurel already knowing how to fight it won’t be hard for laurel to as good as fighter as Oliver or sara or even better fight than them. The reason why I said that laurel could be a better fighter than Oliver or sara because when laurel set her mind to better herself at something she work and fight hard in life for it to happen and things will be easier for laurel then sara or Oliver because Oliver and sara didn’t work hard for anything in life other than fighting to survive from being killed by assassin’s and that’s about it and that’s the first time they have to fight for something which is their life’s.

      • Amy says:

        I beyond disgusted that Laurel Lance is going to be shoved down our throats and mystified that ANYONE is interested in the incestuous love triangle with Oliver and the Lance sisters. For you comic lovers, news flash, they veered from the comics when they made Sara Laurel’s sister and not mother as first Canary. No NORMAL woman is okay with this disgusting storyline. The thought of Oliver EVER being with Laurel is why most of us will always hate her character. I will NOT be watching next season because I’m so disgusted. I loved this show and they are ruining it with making Oliver so stupid and keeping Laurel front and center. Laurel’s arrogance is off putting but I could get past it if Oliver hadn’t went back with Sara as soon as she arrived. The entire thing is a one huge soap opera mess and is destroying a great show. The fact that you are advocating Laurel makes me thing you’re a man. The show is written by men and for men even though the most passionate about it are the women! LOL!

        • problematic says:

          Agreed!!! How can women support them getting back together? I’m concerned that they have written the story line this way. It is Unacceptable for them (Laurel/Oliver) to get back together!!!! I’m all for exploring whomever black canary is but NO More Lance sister bedding! DISTASTEFUL AND DISGUSTING! Sleeping back and forth between sisters is not just complicated. It’s WRONG! Imagine what I must think of the Lance family values if this is considered acceptable. I know it’s a comic, but even if a sister dies I think women should be depicted as having some CORE values. I guess that is why they set Diggle up to be with his brother’s widow. At least he didn’t disrespect his brother in his face!

  2. Diana says:

    I’m really excited to see what is in store for Felicity and Oliver in season 3.

    • Sg. Grant says:

      I’m expecting the show to return in the fall with a significant time jump, one where Oliver, Diggle, and a very pregnant Lyla have been working to train Felicity and Laurel to fight, as well as honing Roy’s skills. Felicity will likely also have been teaching one of the others, probably Lyla, about computers.

      Next years flashbacks will show Oliver working for Waller because of some sort of agreement to allow him to return home after he goes undercover with the Bratsva, which can easily happen because of his friendship with Anatoli Knyazev, who is somehow now in Hong Kong. We will have to see Oliver in the Bratsva at some point in the series, which is great, because I could already write an entire season of this show just based on the last few minutes of last nights episode. As the season progresses, we will learn what Waller wants Oliver to do, but in the end, Oliver will be unable to betray Anatoli, thus cementing his friendship and status with the Bratsva.

      At the end of the season, in the flashback storyline, Waller will get pissed at Oliver for not living up to his end of the agreement to bring down the Russian mafia, and either send Oliver back to the island to die, or manipilate him into deciding to return to the island to live out his days/die, simple because he doesn’t want to put his family through his survival, and especially because he doesn’t want to tell them what he has been up to, since they would wonder why he never called.

  3. Sara K says:

    IT WAS EPIC!!! and they gave Olicity fans just something to look forward to next season.

    • kath says:

      It was cruel. Especially to Felicity who believed it until Oliver put the syringe in her hand.
      He should have warned her on the way over what he was planning.

      Kind of cruel to fans too since Kreisburg said there would be the Olicitiest of Olicity scene, and it ended up just being a trick

      • Nicole says:

        It was so cruel. I am really hurt right now.

        • You and me both. You should of hear me raving when he first said it, then when I found out it was all a trick I was so pissed off and now we have to wait 5 moths till it comes back. They better remedy it in season 3.

          • Nicole says:

            I was so upset I couldn’t even scream or cry; I just went completely numb. I think the last time I felt this way was when my cat died. Pathetic right? Damn you Arrow for making me feel this way!

          • Bella says:

            I am disappointed more than anything. Was it really necessary to pretend !!

        • reeya says:

          Dude i was so pissed, well i still am, I’ve been complaining ever since i watched that

      • Sara K says:

        No I think she was in on it…they planned it together. I might have to rewatch it but I think they both knew what had to be done.

        • Erin says:

          I thought she said later on the island that even she believed him for a minute. As a fan I definitely felt toyed with, but in the best way possible. Oliver’s slight smile during their conversation at the end made me think there might be more truth to it than he let on.

          • Britt says:

            This made me sad! I was like Yes! he loves her, then Oh Crap! this was a trick, and at the end maybe it was really true and nope nothing. Sigh :( It was a great finale though. I loved every minute of it, except for my emotions being played with, my Diggle impregnating that woman, and Quentin possibly dying. I really like Quentin. Please don’t kill him!!!!!

          • EJ386 says:

            This I think he lets her and himself believe its a trick, but it isn’t…. he just needs to find that out first.

        • Sarah T. says:

          I don’t think she was totally in on it until he handed her the syringe and said, “I love you, do you understand?” Up until then, I don’t think he told her what he was doing because he knew her reaction needed to be real in order to sell it. That’s why she told him later on the island, “I almost believed you, you really sold it.”.

      • speedy says:

        The thing is, he said “Do you understand?” That was her out. The more Oliver treats Felicity as an equal, the clearer it is to me that the show is moving them in the direction of a relationship. Look at the events: he says he can’t be with someone he could really care about, and then he gets together with Sara, who he considers his equal. Now, he just gave Felicity the biggest job he’s ever given anyone–the only other person he would have let get in harm’s way was the person he was already in a relationship with (Sara). Look at the episode description: Oliver has to do the unthinkable to stop the monster: he offered Felicity up as bait. She could have said no. But she’s Felicity–she is his partner and she will do what it takes for the mission.
        I say all this as someone who has never actively shipped Olicity. To be honest, I never saw the chemistry until the last few episodes when they wrote Felicity as stronger and more of an equal. NOW I can ship them, because now I think it could be a real partnership, and not Oliver coddling her. I can’t stand relationships where the guy is always trying to protect the girl. I want to see a relationship where the guy gives the girl credit for her awesomeness, and tonight, Oliver did that when he trusted Felicity with this part of his plan.

        • G. says:

          Speedy has a VERY good take on this. There’s a lot of credit given to Felicity, by Ollie, to do one of the “unthinkable” things in this episode: take down Slade. She told him to let Slade outthink himself. Oliver did.

          He had to offer up a key ally as sacrifice, but who else could have gotten in that same position?

          Felicity kept a level head, even as she was moments from having no head anymore: as much as I have grown to like Thea, she wouldn’t have been able to do the same, and I really have no idea if anyone else could have pulled off the ‘fake out’.

          It really was a pretty nice trick. Felicity’s heart is not crushed, Team Arrow is still good, and I am looking forward to the furthering of their friendship in Season 3.

        • blakely says:

          I hope you’re right but the more they toy like this the less likely it seems!

          • speedy says:

            I didn’t actively ship Olicity until after this episode. The ENTIRE episode hinged on Oliver and Felicity’s bond. Lance tells him to kill; Felicity says no. She is the voice of reason; she is the brains (“make him outthink you,”); she is his inspiration to keep going, to think outside the box, to be a hero. And the clincher is: take away comic canon. Look at the show as a television show, and the fake-out “I love you” is a standard TV trope for slow-burn romances. That’s not to say they won’t still go with comic canon, but as a show, to me, it’s clear Oliver-Felicity is being developed as a very strong relationship. If the “I love you” was real, I probably wouldn’t ship them now; I’d just assume they were getting the hook up out of the way to please fans and then move on. I also don’t see Felicity as heartbroken. Remember, she said at the end, she believed him for two seconds, BUT SHE NEVER SAID IT BACK. So the one who’s showed his hand here is Oliver, not Felicity. And the island scene at the end–the way he looks at her–it’s clear there was truth to it.

        • Lena says:

          Well, someone tweeted the producers. Oliver DOES love Felicity, because the “unthinkable” was using the woman he loves as bait. I’m satisfied after that response. Felicity haters can argue with it, but it came straight from the source.

          • brenna says:

            And I think it shows how far they have come as partners and in trusting each other to work together even in situations that seem unthinkable.

        • problematic says:

          I absolutely needed this perspective! As I’ve explained in earlier comments, the back and forth between sisters leaves a horrible example of strong women. I would like to see him move on from bedding family members.

      • natasha_0726 says:

        I thought the same thing becaise it was obvious she was clueless until he slipped her the syringe but that is why they had the awkward beach scene at the end to have the fans see her bait him to admit it was true n him smile because he knows she is fishing but say nothing. I think next season he will end up admitting it was not a ruse. I am hoping they give her a real love interest next season, I;m sure Barry Allen will be back but she also needs someone else so Oliver is backed into a corner, gets jealous (again) and has to admit the truth.

      • John NYC says:

        “just being a trick”

        Are you sure? I’m not. (and I like Laurel and present day Oliver [past Oliver was slime and he didn’t deserve her, or anyone])

        The core of the very best lies often holds the truth.

      • clearhaven says:

        I thought it was odd that Felicity did not say ‘I love you too’ or jump at him to give him a kiss. Although my head was reeling over the proclamation, I felt something was off at that moment. I think she was in on it, but they just did not show us when it was being planned.
        I also believe, that if Olly really loves Felicity he wouldn’t let her know because i) he KNOWS she is too good for him and deserves someone better ii) In their kind of ‘job’ dating each other would be a huge risk, as anything that affects the relationship would affect the group as a whole.
        Besides if they’re going to go down the Olicity route it would probably be next season or S4. TBH, I think Felicity deserves someone better. I just want her safe.
        Lovely episode :)

  4. enri says:

    Felicity gave Oliver an out on the island and he didn’t take it. I refuse to believe there wasn’t at least some truth behind his words and actions.

    • Sara K says:

      There is definitely a lot of truth to it…He said early on in the season, he didn’t want to hurt her by getting with her. So it is definitely eating him alive to know that he can’t truly be with her for safety purposes I imagine. Plus he is a womanizer so he knows he’ll hurt by getting with a different chic soon time.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      It was painful for him to turn her away at the end, you could see it in his face. There’s definitely some big feelings there, for both of them.

    • B says:

      I agree. There was some heart behind that, whether either of them fully realize that yet or not.

    • i agree, they both lingered and gave each other a longing glance, I refuse to believe there wasn’t some truth to their words to each other. Season 3 here we come!!!

    • Tess says:

      I like to think that the moment gave Oliver the chance to say to Felicity what he wants to really say to her but fears expressing because he does fear what might happen to her – I don’t think for a second he would’ve ever said those words that way to Laurel (or trusted her to come through like Felicity did with jabbing Slade with the syringe) or Sara for that matter. His feelings for Felicity are probably deeper than what he’s had for any other girl he’s actually been involved with which is why it’s harder for him to express that to her. No way could he “sell it” to Slade that he loved Felicity if there wasn’t some truth to it on his end (we all know Felicity has a thing for him so it wasn’t about her making it believable).
      I imagine from the producers point of view, it is far better to make this a slow burn sort of relationship for the sake of the show’s longevity and also to not upset the comics purists that think Laurel must be the end game. But with teases like tonight’s show gave, it just feels like the show would ultimately do a major injustice to the majority of fans who want to see Oliver and Felicity together by the time the show ends for good if they don’t ever put them together.

      • natasha_0726 says:

        More importantly Oliver did not have to say “I love you”. He said ” he took the wrong woman” then she said “Oh” and then he could have just handed her the syringe and left it at that. That would have been enough with their looks of longing to sell slade which I why I actually believe the “I love you”. Also that he didnt say it was a lie when they were on the beach and she did give him an out.

  5. Alison says:

    SUCH a good episode. I was on the edge of my seat 20 minutes in and was wondering how’d they’d keep it up for the whole episode. LITERALLY screamed, MULTIPLE TIMES when Oliver said “I love you” – so super smart, but one of the CRUELEST things they could have done on the show. Felicity’s face, she just looked so crushed…

    They definitely set up Season 3 for Arrow to truly become a hero instead of a vigilante. It would be interesting to see a time jump, but that would mess with the continuity of the Island. I have no idea how I’m going to survive the summer with no new Arrow…

  6. wonderwall says:

    I wrote such a long comment and it didn’t show :/

    • Nicole says:

      That really is the worst isn’t it?

      • wonderwall says:

        I tried like 5 times to post it! Hopefully they don’t post mine 5 times in the future. But alas I don’t think that’ll happen.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Ive experienced that before, usually i have to double check and make sure i didnt curse, and even self-censored curses can sometimes be blocked so your post never shows up, but if you go through and PG your language and hit post it shows up.

        • aunni says:

          felicity n oliver fooled slade this time bt slade is still alive, will he target felicity in future for her lil stunt??

  7. Kathleen says:

    Actually, Felicity stabbed him in the neck.

  8. anice says:

    Was an epic final but I felt as if the ILY was a prompt and shaft at the same time, hopefully they’ll do something about it next season

  9. Cameron says:

    Was a great episode, set up a bunch of great new plot lines, except for one thing. Thea’s storyline going with Malcolm and inevitably setting brother vs sister is one I’m already dreading (and not in a good way). Hopefully she isn’t the next season’s big bad or major storyline and is just a subplot.

    • I think it would be AWESOME if she is not THE next big bad … but a big bad that keeps being a problem over and over and over again because Oliver can’t bring himself to “handle” Thea the way he would anyone else … and hopefully because she’s doing nuanced evil things, not outright murder and slaughter.

      I am so so so sooooo looking forward to Thea declaring a little misguided civil war on Roy and Oliver, with Laurel and Felicity as collateral damage … that could be some really juicy stuff. Her outfit, and expression as she sat in Daddy’s limo, those long legs in very dark leather pants, one of the more malevolent looks I’ve seen on the actress’ face … that totally told me what I need to know for Season 3.

      And I am in.

    • wonderwall says:

      You know what would be awesome? If Thea uses, abuses, then loses Malcolm. She doesn’t care for him now, why should she after she’s been trained by him? Then thea can go back to Starling and discover Oliver is the Arrow after a short spar when he takes off his mask and goes “THEA STOP. I AM YOUR BROTHER”. Cheesy. I know :p

      • AdamJ says:

        What if Thea turns out to be the Black Canary not Laurel. Malcolm is right their to harness her pain and anger and provide training….??????

  10. Lysh says:

    I loved it. I don’t think I breathed for the entire hour. So that was fun.

  11. Mike says:

    My only complaint is that the writers promised a big death. To me, Detective Lance is a mid level death.

  12. Sparky says:

    First off I thought it was a brilliant finale….loved every second of it. Now to the important part I refuse to believe that there wasn’t a hint of honesty in Oliver telling Felicity that he loves her. He knows how she feels about him and to say something as big as that to her would be just heart breakingly cruel. Like he said in a previous episode ‘because of the life he leads he doesn’t think it would be a good idea to get involved with someone he could really care about”. He wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t mean it!!! Slow and steady is a great way to take this…to have gone from 0-60 with them in one episode would not have been true to Oliver’s character and would have just ruined their relationship as part of Team Arrow!!! On a side note I really hope that they don’t mess with the core imho of the show Oliver, Diggle and Felicity!!! Can’t wait until September…now where’s the rewind button on my remote!!!

  13. M says:

    I’ll admit, the ILY scene was so good that I just had to rewind it, which was when I figured out that they were playing Slade. I didn’t figure out that Felicity would inject the cure until a bit before it happened.

    What a fantastic episode. These Arrow writers/cast are just non-stop with fantastic work. Starting from the pilot episode, each episode has been like a mini movie. This was a perfect finale throughout, and I was intrigued about season 3 before the whole Hong Kong flashback with Amanda Waller.

    One question that needs to be answered in season 3: Does Oliver finally get a haircut while in Hong Kong?

  14. A says:

    The I Love You was very manipulative, the writers want us to think “did he mean it?” for five months, but I’m not playing that game, I’m out. I wish they hadn’t done anything…

    • defne says:

      Thank you!! am i the only one who is terribly angry and not because oliver crushing felicity’s heart but the writers who are just trying to keep us linger to keep their audience and just toying with us. they dont have the intention to make the storyline better. they just dont wanna lose the olicity fanbase and i feel like ive been played. sure they dont have to make them a couple just because we want them to be but they are willingly making interviews that will give us hope but dont deliver. im so dissapointed. im out too…they are just gonna stuck laurel down our throats and keep giving us little scenes in the name of “slow burn” please, its not slow burn if its going nowhere, they bearly talked for episodes…its like giving the vital dose for the fanservice…

    • Sarah T. says:

      I think it was slightly manipulative and a way to throw the Olicity fans a bone (so to speak). That being said, it was brilliant. Oliver couldn’t have taken Slade down without Felicity’s help and though it was a bit of a ruse, I think there was some feeling to it. Both he and the show, just aren’t ready to go there yet. It’s a slow burn and i think it will pay off though I do think that Felicity should get a love interest (or at least more of a life outside of the Arrow cave) for Season 3. Also, notice how there were no Oliver/Laurel scenes this episode. If she was truly the one he loved the most, you would think there would’ve been a “I’m so glad you’re okay, I couldn’t live without you.” type of moment but nada. Just another Olicity moment. Don’t give up. I think there were be more development next year. They’ve already said they’re going to explore Felicity’s backstory more so I think that will give some growth too. It’s always better when they take the time to build on these relationships rather than rush into and then it’s over.

    • Andie says:

      I think it was perfectly done. I am an Olicity fan, but if the “I love you” had been real, I would not have been pleased. Their relationship has not developed to that point yet, and more specifically, Oliver isn’t at that point yet. It was a sweet moment, but it was out of character for him at this point in his development, and I would have felt cheated by the writers’ desire to provide a cheap, temporary fling with Felicity to keep the shippers at bay. That combined with Felicity’s advice to outthink Slade led me to guess that it was a ploy…so granted, I didn’t feel the let down later when it was confirmed. Whew.

      For me, the moment that sold the Felicity/Oliver dynamic and made me squeal at the television screen was the end scene on the island. THAT was more in line with what I would expect their reactions to each other to be at this point, and I loved the smile on Oliver’s face that told me he may just have deeper feelings for her than he is willing to let on.

      Mainly what I loved about the episode is that we get to see how fully Oliver trusts Felicity and how they are not just vigilante and computer-nerd-assistant. They are partners.

  15. aunni says:

    MG was not kidding when in an interview he said olicity will confound, satisfied and infurate others…. im satidsfied. its only season 2. when GG put chair together after s2 for me it was way early..

    • Andie says:

      Ditto. I am one of the completely satisfied. :) I thought what they did with Oliver and Felicity in this episode was perfect. Not too much, not too little. I hope they continue to develop their relationship, but I hope they go slowly.

  16. James D says:

    I’m a little disappointed to be honest, after such an intense season the finale felt a little flat and too neat for me. it wasn’t bad by any means i enjoyed it just not what i expected. still phenomenal season and i’m dreading summer hiatus already. I wonder what they will do with Thea will she become the Dark Archerette :). Cupid makes more sense with the whole obsession thing should be interesting to see what they come up with. and is Roy now Arsenal? Will Laurel become BC next season? can’t wait to see how they top this season.

    • Mike R says:

      Hopefully, she becomes Artemis for a little while, though I do bet her current path will lead her to become Speedy to Ollie’s Arrow.

      • Danish says:

        THIS. I could go for that. Thea probably won’t show up at the start of season 3, and I hope for the most part of season 3 except for a couple bits here and there about her training with Merlyn. My guess is Roy is Red Arrow at the moment, and probably becomes Arsenal during the course of season 3, maybe an Artemis/Arsenal showdown at the end of it. That would be awesome IMO

        • I’m really looking forward to finding out how Thea decides to make Oliver and Roy suffer. Clearly she wants to … somehow. All that rage is going to find a way — and Daddy is going to massage it and nurture that into something useful and “sick”, as she called him.

          Probably one of the Season 3 things I am most looking forward to: who Thea Queen becomes.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree I am disappointed too. There was just so much build up and everything seemed to just fall flat.

  17. Anghjulina says:

    Really great finale.
    I loved the past/present fight. Awesome
    And for the olicity plan, I really went oh no that’s cruel for their fan shippers. And then yeah really smart. And no hope endgame.

    I really love the couple but I think that the writers won’t go that way and stick to the canon with their terrible caracter and actress Laurel/Katie Cassidy.

    For me the writers lied about the olicity moment.

  18. Linda says:

    “‘I love you’ – the Oliver and Felicity moment”…it was cruel. I understand why he did it but it still hurt all the same when it was revealed for the real reason it was said. It had to have broken Felicity’s heart.

  19. RickC says:

    Man, that scene with Felicity at the mansion had me at hello. And I’m a dude, hetero.
    I really hope he wasn’t playing with Felicity’s emotions there. There has to be a better pay-off. I mean, I know they’ve shown her having a thing for The Flash and he has his Sarah/Laurel nonsense but damn.

    Her acting in that scene was spot on and I felt every bit of her emotions. And then at the island in the end, she’s a realist (apologist?) and she didn’t want Oliver to make up something so she did all the talking and explained the situation for him. But it had to hurt. Damn, it had to hurt.

    • Anna says:

      Wow, you seem to be one heterosexual dude who understands female psyche pretty well:-)

    • speedy says:

      I tried really hard not to ship Olicity or Sariver (I couldn’t ship Lauriver if I tried…and I did try in the first season before they just made things so much worse in S2), but this episode turned me into an Olicity shipper because, first of all, that “I love you” scene oozed chemistry and was so believable. My jaw dropped. My husband (who, until this episode, was resigned to the canon couple) jumped up from the sofa and said “WHAT?!”. And then, two seconds later, we figured it out (when he said “do you understand?”). But…here’s the thing, the title is Unthinkable…and what is unthinkable to Oliver is putting Felicity in danger. And then there’s the whole fake-out “I love you” trope which is exactly the kind of stuff television shows do with slow-burn relationships…and the island scene at the end where she rambles, and he smiles at her all amused but doesn’t deny it. Any other show, with another set of characters, there would be no doubt that he meant it, and that there will be pay off in the future. This is how the show convinced me that they understand they are also a television show (a different medium) and not just a comic book adaptation.

      I want Sara back. I miss her already.

      Also, I am SO freaking glad we are done with the island flashbacks!

  20. Irene says:

    A fast paced thrill ride. I hope we get to see more of Diggle’s back story with Deadshot and Andy next season. Yeah, Daddy Diggle! I think yet again Stephen and Emily just owned it. The relationship between Oliver and Felicity and how they have impacted each other has been a joy to watch. The writer were not kidding when they said Felicity would be the “ace in the hole” in defeating Slade. I am looking forward to seeing their relationship continue to grow next season. Team Arrow!!!!!!

  21. chrissy says:

    If that Oliver/Felicity ILY scene was real that it would have been so forced and rushed.

    But YES to Laurel and the jacket. BC here we come! Love how far she’s come.

  22. Mike R says:

    I thought it was a great finale, it wasn’t necessarily as exciting as a few of the previous episode, but I don’t think that is necessarily indicative of its quality. The editing in the final fight was marvelous, and proved once again that Arrow has some of the best fight scenes on TV. I’m happy they didn’t kill Sara, but coming from someone who loves the real Black Canary in all other GA media, I am really looking forward to see what they do with Laurel in the Fall, and if Det. Lance really is gone, I hope this springs Laurel into becoming the Black Canary. Laurel was, all things considered, pretty good this final leg of the season, and hope she becomes the great character she could be next season. I have no idea what’s going on with Ollie in the flashbacks next season, but I’m excited to see it play out, as well as Thea and Merlyn. Overall I am very pleased with the finale, and can hardly wait until season 3

  23. Hodan says:

    I am not going to lie, for a minute I thought that whole “I love you” between Oliver and Felicity was real. Five minutes after the shock wore off, I knew it was a set-up. I was soo happy Felicity would cure Slade but I kept thinking “they got me” for a while. LOL

    I am glad Sara didn’t die. I am also happy Slade is not dead. However, Slade with ARGUS is going to bite Oliver in the ass one day.

    Looks like next season will the season of Team Daddies. Oliver and his secret son. Diggle and his child. Team Arrow is expanding alright. :D

    • Mélanie says:

      Same! I thought that was awesome of Oliver, then remembered the promo where you could quickly see Felicity and Slade, so I figured out it was played. Still awesome, and sure will end up on something more.
      SOOOOO glad Sara is not dead so there’s always that possibility of her guess staring again, and who knows, maybe a LEAGUE OF ASSASSIN SPIN-OFF WITH THE CANARY!

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        I wish this ep was the writers middle finger to Sara fans so her dad and sis are happy she is joining the assassins wtf?And as if Sara’s jacket would fit Laurel

  24. B says:

    I was relieved when I realized they were playing Slade, but only because I felt like the confession meant Felicity would die. I’m just happy she’s alive so our little ‘ship can live on to fight another day.

  25. Briggs says:

    Thea’s departure was unexpected, but understandable. Since I heard that she’ll only be missing for the first part of the season, I look forward to what brings her back. And she *still* doesn’t know Oliver’s secret. I wonder why Malcolm isn’t telling her…?

    *sigh* Just like Oliver to do a fake-out like that. It could go down quite badly should Felicity found out he said what he felt without actually admitting anything. Just letting her believe it was show. Though, admittedly, he did have that look that said it wasn’t any fun for him, either. Arrow writers, setting new standards for the slow burn.

    Lyla is pregnant? And Diggle doesn’t say anything? What happened after the drone was called off!?!

    Lian Yu. For when San Quentin won’t cut it…

    Would there be any point in asking how Amanda Waller found Oliver in a wrecked ship off of Lian Yu when most of the world thought him dead?

    And finally, the sharing of clothes between sisters. This is actually fairly normal. Or would be were it a different jacket. LOL “Don’t get any ideas.” And Quentin. NO! Don’t die!

    *sniff* Great ep. But… the *feels*.

    • Briggs says:

      Forgot about isabel. Though I’m going to ask in all seriousness: Did anyone catch what Isabel said? Because I missed it. :( I might be better able to say how I felt about it if I know what she actually said.

      • To me it sounded like she was essentially saying the same thing Slade said later: Kill me or not, I’ve already won. Bla bla and THANK YOU NYSSA for that.

        Summer Glau, I like you fine … but I was so ready for Rochev to GO!

      • Mark says:

        She stated – she had won because she had taken the company or something to that fact

        • Briggs says:

          So… we’re never going to get an official, on-screen answer to why she hated Felicity so much? I mean, my personal theory is that Felicity got what she never had (the undivided attention of a man in a romantic fashion, since she probably came in second to Robert’s family every time), but it would have been nice to get something out of that comment.Unless by having Felicity hit her mid-sentence and Nyssa kill her with the same timing, we were meant to conclude it wasn’t that important?

    • Marek says:

      “Would there be any point in asking how Amanda Waller found Oliver in a wrecked ship off of Lian Yu when most of the world thought him dead?”

      “She’s Amanda Waller” is one way to answer that.

      Another is that the way she was revealed, it would indicate she’s the woman who hired Eddie Fyers in first season and who was briefly shown in S01E22. When she realized her plans fell through, she investigated.

      • Briggs says:

        That could be. Though they only showed her legs in a pair of red heels. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s her, too, but Arrow is known for doing the unexpected (I fully expected that Thea hadn’t shot her father, but…).

        That being said, her using a shipwrecked billionaire playboy for… anything, might have surprised her bosses. And she would have to have gotten some kinda permission from somebody to use resources for that kind of ‘rescue’ mission.

  26. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    My reaction was intense because of the scene where Oliver and the whole gang fighting some bad villains like Slade and stuff like that. I’m surprised that Oliver was saving peoples lives and the whole world. I like that finale that I saw tonight. That was awesome. I wanna know what’s for season three.

  27. Nicole says:

    Ugh I don’t know how I feel to be honest. I am so upset over the Olicity “I love you.” I thought it was real, it felt so real. It was cruel to tease us like that. But what angers me the most, is that Oliver still loves Laurel. I am just so sick and tired of her and their “romance,” if you can even call it that. They just don’t work and they aren’t a good match. Oliver and Felicity belong together, I can only hope that Oliver will wake up and realize that Felicity is the one for him.

    • A says:

      I think the writers sat down and thought “what’s the cruelest thing we can do?” (cue evil laughter), this is much worse than HIMYM. I don’t get why shows feel like they have to drag out the romance with characters. The days of the Moonlighting curse are over, Castle got and mostly kept their two leads together and still had good ratings. Two seasons is enough for a kiss at least.

      • Nicole says:

        I seriously don’t know how much longer I can take this “slow burn.” I think the writers are taking their time with Olicity in hopes that we all wake up someday and fall in love with Laurel. Well that is never gonna happen!!!!! I wish he would at least admit to having some feelings for her. Because honestly, him telling her he loved her felt so real and honest. Oliver never looked at Sarah or Laurel the way he looked at Felicity when he told her that. Those were real feelings, real love.

        • wonderwall says:

          To ease the pain a little. Stephen did an interview with Hollywood Reporter saying that while Oliver will always love Laurel, he doesn’t think of them as soulmates as Katie Cassidy does. He also can’t see their relationship move beyond friendship. At least, that’s what I got from that response :)

        • If I were writing this show, I would actually take it in a different direction: cause Oliver to need to marry Laurel for some reason, ergo filling canon, and also causing Felicity to be so heartbroken that she actually finally moves on and finds a nice, stable guy who cares about her to be with. Later, Laurel and Oliver divorce — also canon — and now Oliver has to woo Felicity if he wants a chance with her. ;)

          It would be FAR more interesting for Felicity to be the apex of the triangle, than Oliver to be. Especially if the “other guy” is completely above the board, good for her, and as much “the right choice” as choosing Starling City’s hero could be. :)

          • Isobel says:

            I like it, Felicity marries Edward Raymond in the comics, so him turning up in the show could be great for Felicity.

          • Phebes says:

            I’ve been kind of thinking the same thing too. Just one of my many crazy ideas as to where the show could go. I am honestly beginning to think the writers want to sink the ship without pissing off the shippers though. So they keep stringing us along. I am very angry by the fake-out though I realize I should have seen it coming. I guess I was just so happy with the ILY moment, I didn’t realize, though I always knew Felicity would inject Slade when they released the photo of him holding her at sword-point. What I hated the most was the awful, awkward scene with them on the beach. I’d have preferred her to not have sounded like a prompting, whiny teenager there. I’ve never really agreed before when people said they were dumbing her character down, but that last scene wreaked of just that to me.

  28. hello says:

    God, we need some kind of twist so we can end the Olicity-crap forever since that is what all you so-called Arrow-fans care about. Why ruin their relationship with a stupid romance that will end in tragedy no matter what? I like the Felicity-character way to much to have her just be one of Oliver’s conquests. can there please be one prominent female character on this show that Oliver don’t plow over?

    • John NYC says:

      Nyssa would snap him like a twig.

    • Riana says:


    • Anna says:

      Preach! Ppl should watch daytime soaps to get their daily dose of escapism and let action shows be action shows.

      • Anna says:

        Romantic escapism I meant, of course.

        • gkenny08 says:

          Exactly! I read lots of comments and I notice that people mostly don’t care of what is going on in their fave shows. They care only to how their fave ship is holding up. The other stuff, the actual storyline is as if non-existent. Just a background for romance. Any side female/male is viewed as a threat and gets boed by fans. I guess it must be psychological thing. Like some sort of a substitution for what they lack IRL.

    • Anghjulina says:

      I would add Waller. But season3 might be different

    • How to avoid Olicity disaster? Turn it on its ear.

      1) Have Felicity say no, because she doesn’t want to ruin Team Arrow. Legit reason.
      2) Have Oliver and Laurel get together, and later divorce, and now when Oliver realizes he truly wants Felicity, she’s got another man … and the love triangle is 2 men after Felicity. :)

    • JDC says:

      @hello and @gkenny08 best posts I’ve read so far. Enjoy the show and stop shipping couples.

      • anne says:

        Don’t tell people what to do. I watch the show only because of Olicity and like many people. You can’t forbid or allow me anything.

        • anna says:

          I DON’T watch the show for Olicity, but I completely agree. People should be allowed to watch a show for whatever reason they want. If it’s because they enjoy a ship, so be it. Who cares why other people watch it? That’s none of my business, and I’m certainly not going to demand they watch it for the same reasons I do. I find it completely ludicrous when people start criticizing others for why they watch a show.

      • Andie says:

        Why? Some people like action shows and some people like romance shows. Shows that have both action and romance have a wider fan base, and not everybody who watches is automatically going to love it for the same reason. I love the story arc of Arrow, but I wouldn’t be as intrigued in the show if there wasn’t a romantic subplot. It’s just how I am. So what, as long as I watch and keep the ratings up?

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      This comment is golden. You took the words right out of my mouth. I detest Olicity as a romantic relationship. Olicity have great chemistry as friends but I can’t see them as lovers at all.

      More importantly, the finale was, I thought, fantastic. Nyssa showed up to talk some sense into Oliver who, let’s be serious, has been d*cking around all season long letting Slade toy with him for so long. I’m happy to see the writers finally setting the foundation for a more interesting story arc for Laurel. Thea is gone. (I’m kind of hoping her brand of annoying, repetitive teenage angst doesn’t return for a long, long while if not at all). Roy’s no longer a rage monster and now can finally contribute something to the team other than being Oliver’s little sister’s bf and a ‘roid head who can’t fire an arrow straight. Dig and Felicity aren’t dead. While I am troubled by Detective Lance’s injuries, I’m happy for Team Arrow.

  29. Alex Wiswell says:

    Absolutely brilliant finale!

  30. Diz says:

    I love this show. The finale was great!

  31. Luli says:

    Is Caity Lotz coming back next season? I need Sara, as much as I know Laurel is the one supposed to become BC I like Sara as BC, and her character has become a favorite of mine.

    Is Thea on her way to becoming a stronger woman as in training perhaps to become Speedy??

    And the I love you scene is probably one of the cruelest things I have seen!!!

    • GreenArrow12 says:

      I think Thea could become Arrowette! Or maybe Speedy as Mia Dearden, but she needs time, and to be trustfull in Oliver and Roy again! And after Malcom’s brain washing it could be difficult!

  32. Brittney says:

    Remember Oliver is a terrible liar. Season 1 shows that.
    There is no way that ILY is completely fake. He meant it. Plus he didn’t take the out she gave him on the island. He does love her. We just have to get the point where he can feel comfortable being open to her about it.
    I’m happy about this progression. I like the slow burn of it.
    Awesome episode all around. I hope Detective Lance is ok.

  33. Luli says:

    Is there going to be a season finale post mortem with Kreisberg or Guggenheim???

    Is Sara gone for good?

  34. bella says:

    al I ever wanted is oliver getting it on wit felicity! but d ‘i love you’ is down right cruel not jus 2 the characters but 2 al the olicity fans out there. hopefully things would turn around in season 3. crossing my fingers!!

  35. Nate says:

    So Oliver wasn’t on the island for 5 years. Lying son of a bitch lol. …

    • Jess says:

      He told Diggle in an earlier episode that he wasn’t on the island for the entirety of those 5 years…And I don’t think he was only talking about the freighter, as we can clearly see now.

    • zacqua10 says:

      It’s been said earlier in the season and even in the first season that he wasn’t on the island the whole time. We know he spent some time in Russia as well.

  36. Nate says:

    Is Thea gone for good? Is Sara?

    • Luli says:

      I hope not! Love both of the characters!! Maybe Thea is coming back as Speedy after being trained by Malcom. And I have no idea what will happen with Sara.

      • nate says:

        i love em both too

      • Doktor says:

        They have mentioned Ra’s Al Ghul way to much for him not to appear, which would bring the league back in, which would bring back Sara. Thea will almost definitely become Speedy, it may not be in the immediate next season, but her story isnt over yet. For sure.

  37. Tim Romines says:

    Look guys, I love Felicity but let’s not forget that Laurel is basically Lois to Ollie’s Clark & that’s where we are headed in the long run. So, sadly, don’t get your hopes too high for lasting romance there.

    That aside, what a great finale! Epic storytelling that expertly balanced explosive action with nice character moments, something that Arrow excels at possibly better than any series on air right now. Season 3 can’t get here quickly enough.

    Also, The Flash Trailer? Holy Crap. Arrow, The Flash, Agents of SHIELD, (which just had is own superb finale last night), the Marvel Netflix series are coming and we get Gotham to boot! If all of that isn’t enough, there are movies galore on tap as well. This is the Golden Age of Entertainment for all Comic Book Nerds.

    • Ronnie says:

      Don’t compare Lois with Laurel…Laurel and Oliver are divorced in the comics so it doesn’t really have to be headed that way. Having said that, I hope they just concentrate on turning Laurel into Canary now. I am far more interested in that. Especially Laurel and Oliver have grown so much apart that unless they can figure out a way to bridge the gap and grow some chemistry between Stephen Amell and Katie Casidy, I really don’t want Laurel and Oliver to happen. As for Feliicty, I am mad at the writers and Oliver so she is better off on her own for the time being. The I love you was just just cruel.

      • Tim Romines says:

        I’m not making a direct comparative on the importance of the two characters, although Laurel/Dinah in the comics is an iconic character in her own right. I’m simply stating that in the comics all of the heroes have their one big love, whether it’s Clark with Lois, Barry with Iris, Hal with Carol, etc… So I would suggest that even if it takes a while to get there, she will be The Black Canary and they’ll be together. Even in a “reimagining”, certain rules typically apply. The problem with Laurel on the show was inconsistent writing but I feel that the writers have made great strides to make her a more assertive, as opposed to passive, presence in Season 2. I can easily see her making the transition to hero in time but it will be a process. As far as what’s currently happening in the comics, that is a mark of the current storytelling but could easily be changed back up

        • Stacy says:

          Reimaginings can easily take on a life of their own, good or bad. People didn’t expect BBC Robin Hood to kill off Maid Marian. And the Superman mythology is the most tightly held to and licensed that way by DC. Its a branding issue. Arrow has much more leeway. And with that leeway, the showrunners will pursue whichever route they feel best tells the story.

        • Ronnie says:

          I agree but Katie Cassidy has truly disappointed me with her acting so far and I just hope her transformation into BC can fix that. I still am willing to give her a chance if she can up her game. Also, at this point if the writers are 100% sure about Laurel and Oliver being the end game, then they should cast Edward Raymond. But the thing is, I feel they are still unsure as to what way to go with this Oliver-Laurel-Felicity thing so they are constantly teasing us. For the time being, I think to let the character grow without getting romance involved might just be the best thing for the show. Also Laurel needs to be trained. Let that be the main focus for the time being.

        • GreenArrow12 says:


      • Tim Romines says:

        when the next big “Crisis” event occurs. We’ll see what happens as the show goes on but I believe Ollie & Laurel is inevitable.

    • Hodan says:

      Please don’t compare Lois and Clark to these toxic couple. Even in the comics Oliver and Laurel are no where near Lois and Clark level.

      • Tim Romines says:

        While Lois & Clark are as iconic as it gets, I’ve found there relationship to often be boring on page & screen (I’m looking at you Superman Returns). Although Laurel’s part has often been written poorly, I feel like she’s back on track to fulfilling her ultimate destiny. As far as she & Ollie being toxic, that has been true but, now that all secrets are out, one can’t help but think that their relationship will improve vastly. It certainly can’t hurt.

    • anne says:

      Oliver and Laurel were never epic love like Clark and Lois. And they are divorced in the end of their story. Plus in the show Tommy was killed in the last year’s finale and was never Black Archer. Not to mention all other things that are different from comics.

  38. Jess says:


    She is a great character and there’s no reason to hate her just because you’d rather Oliver end up with Felicity. Just because in the comics she’s Oliver’s main love interest doesn’t mean that they’re going to end up together. As far as I’m concerned Laurel and Oliver are friends and nothing else.

    I hate when people REFUSE to see the faults in the characters they love and yet ONLY see the faults of the characters they hate. Laurel is NOT a terrible character and Felicity is NOT perfect. And yes, I ship Olicity but I don’t hate Laurel because she’s just as awesome as Felicity. They both have potential to be better people/fighters.

    • wonderwall says:

      I don’t know what article you read. But Matt definitely didn’t hate on Laurel.

    • Sarah says:

      Taking all the “shipping” out of it, my own opinion is that I like Felicity the character more than I like Laurel the character, and I also like Emily Bett Rickards the actress more than I like Katie Cassidy the actress. Would I like to see Oliver and Felicity together? I guess, eventually, but I’m not in any rush. I’m perfectly happy to see them build this slowly over time with a deep friendship coming first. I think both actresses at times have been called on to deliver some weighty dialogue that’s in danger of sounding too scripted (think of each of them delivering versions of the “you’re not done fighting” speech to Oliver). Again, this is my opinion, but when Felicity/Emily delivers I buy what she’s saying and it sounds less like a ‘tv script’ and when Laurel/Katie delivers similar dialogue I cringe and look away because it sounds overblown and a little fake.

      I know not everyone will agree, and maybe I’m seeing what I want and expect to see but that’s my two cents, completely outside of who I want to see Oliver fall in love with.

    • Sarah T. says:

      I don’t think TV Line is hating on Laurel. I really like Katie Cassidy. She was perfectly cast on the new Melrose Place a few years ago and on Gossip Girl. I just think she plays witchy/manipulative women better than she’s playing this one. It’s nothing against her, I just don’t think this part is the best fit for her and that’s okay. I don’t think Emily would be great at playing a witchy character either. Also, you can’t really help chemistry between two people. Emily and Stephen just have better chemistry than Katie and Stephen.

    • GreenArrow12 says:

      Thank you! Lots of people said Laurel was a naive child only who can only scream, when in troubles. This time nobody’s caring about Felicity’s scream! Besides in one interview one PE said that KC did everything they wanted perfectly! So stop blaming her actreess qualities!

  39. joy says:

    So now what? Oliver goes back to laurel in season 3 now that sarah is gone, no wonder the producers in an interview said oliver and laurel are like lois and clark.For me there is no chemistry between them and I might as well stop watching cos I cant stand laurel.

  40. wonderwall says:

    In the other comment sections I saw a lot of Felicity hate, reducing her to only a lovesick puppy. I hope this episode put that to bed.
    This episode highlighted how necessary Felicity is to the team. Does she have feelings for Oliver? Sure. But she’s also an asset to the team. Felicity had faith in Oliver when no one else did. If it wasn’t for Felicity, Oliver probably wouldn’t have found a way to best Slade. If it wasn’t for her, Oliver probably would’ve tried to kill rather than spare lives (which IMO is not what a hero does). She truly helped Oliver become a hero tonight. Also if it wasn’t for Felicity, Slade would’ve still been jacked up with the Mirakuru and Oliver would probably be dead AND Starling would’ve been destroyed. I don’t care what you say, Oliver would be completely lost without our favorite IT Blonde.
    Felicity was the silent hero tonight.
    And she is one of the biggest bad*sses (with wifi) on the show.

    • Nicole says:

      This is perfect!

      • wonderwall says:

        And on that note, I’d like to say this (and I may be reiterating some things but please bare with me). By the end of the episode you could clearly see how much Felicity’s opinion means to Oliver. How much FELICITY herself means to her. Felicity inspires him to be a better person, she inspired Oliver to stop Slade by not killing him (in which in the end he got closure). She made Oliver stick to his beliefs even when everyone else was telling him to chuck his morality out the window. Oliver and Felicity took down Slade as a unit. He definitely couldn’t have done it without her. We saw Felicity tell Lance that Oliver was a hero. This season, not only did Oliver rise to earn that title, Felicity inspired him to actually become that preson. He even acknowledged the fact that he is a hero. I guess this is why out of all the possible relationships Oliver can have, a romance between Oliver/Felicity makes sense to me. They truly bring out the best in each other.

    • Felicity was a cog in Oliver’s plan. It was his choice to put her in that situation, not hers. I get that it was brave and all but Felicity is not the silent hero, she followed the plan she was given. Sara could have easily be substituted. Or Nyssa. It just happened that Felicity was the easiest person to set up for Slade while the others took on the army. She did as she was told, without her, Oliver would have found another way.

      • brenna says:

        She didn’t have to be willing to risk her life, but she was. So yes, she is a hero. This season began as City of Heroes and she is one of them. To describe her as a cog in Oliver’s plan absolutely disregards the past two seasons and their great friendship and reliance on each other.

      • Phebes says:

        I actually believe the plan was hers. The said to him the let Slade out think him. This was after Oliver, with not an idea in his head, said he can’t out think Slade. She had an idea there. I think they formulated it together. I believe when he asked her if she understood, it wasn’t that he was seeing whether or not she understood the plan he was putting into her head at that very moment, but rather just making sure she understood the enormity of what she was planning to do and was OK with it. That was my take. It’s far more palatable if she was a part of the plan, even though I still feel mad for what the fake out did to us fans.

  41. Joey Padron says:

    Great finale. Good to see Roy with his own mask and bow and arrows. Glad Oliver & Felcity’s plan to Slade back to normal worked. Crazy Oliver end up in Hong Kong at end in flashback. Worried Thea is gonna be bad cause of spending time with Malcolm.

    • Worried!? This is the height of potentially delicious drama, Joey! Go with it. :)
      Evil Thea will return with a vengeance … or just screw with Team Arrow from afar. ;)

  42. ? says:

    The good news: Sara’s alive!
    The bad news: Sara left :(

  43. Franc says:

    The show is great except for oliver and his love life. I dont like laurels character and not looking forward to the writters giving her more screen time in season 3.

  44. Drew says:

    Good finale. I really can’t complain about any of it. I’m not an Olicity person, so I don’t care where that goes. I kinda prefer that they don’t make it romantic between them, because that has ruined some great chemistry on shows in the past. Sometimes love isn’t about romance and sex.
    I do have to say that this “no kill” thing is still silly. The idea that a hero doesn’t ever kill is insane, and has led/will lead to more death. Sometimes, being a hero means knowing when you have to kill. It’s a sacrifice that goes against (most) human nature, but it is an unfortunate necessity of war. Oliver is waging a war. Refusing to kill anyone ever is irrational and puts more lives in danger. Knowing when you must kill is as important for a hero as knowing when not to.
    I wasn’t clear on what made Thea decide to run off with her evil villain father, just because she can’t trust her boyfriend. That was a bit of a leap.
    And I’m not sure why Sara’s family was strangely cool with her going back to being an assassin. It’s not like the League was kind to her.
    But for the most part, I enjoyed the episode. These are just nitpicks.

    • Drew, my take on it is the fact that Thea was already leaving Starling City because she has no one left there and trusts no one. She started to believe she might have been wrong about Roy — and then she realized she might always be “second fiddle” to the next summons from The Arrow. Or maybe she just wanted nothing to do with any of that anymore, and clearly he wasn’t AS ready to move on if he still had his secret cache of weaponry.

      Either way, determining that Roy was probably not ready to ‘go anywhere, be anyone [they] want to be’, as she put it, left Thea alone in the world. That’s how she feels — not reality, but out of ALL the characters harboring a grudge on this show, Thea has LITERALLY THE BEST REASON to feel betrayed by quite a few people.

    • Doktor says:

      Oliver still has to learn how to use the no killing rule to his best ability. Part of him growing as a hero is learning when to kill, what to do in dire situations, how to react when bad things happen, etc. He will kill again, it is inevitable. He has to accept that, and he will.

    • Thea doesn’t only find it hard to trust Roy. She can trust no one. She’s full of rage and her final monologue determined she would harness that rage to be stronger. She’ll return at midseason, if not before, as Thea Merlyn with an alias as an antihrro if not a villain. I don’t see Malcolm Merlyn surviving much longer after her training finishes. Just what I took from it though.

      • Drew says:

        Laurel knows how to fight and it would still take years for her to become a Black Canary level hero. I don’t mind seeing Thea transform, but it better take more than half a season. It took Oliver five years.

  45. prisca says:

    I felt bad for felicity. Was disapointed sara left but I was really surprised about thea going off with malcom.

  46. nate says:

    people are soo stupid if they’re gonna quit watching over an “I Love You” moment even tho its a ruse. Like go watch a soap opera or something

  47. GildedRose says:

    Fantastic episode. What a great season finale. It was breathtaking from start to finish with solid action and so many awesome things happening. Quentin better survive! The fake out with Oliver and Felicity was so smart on so many levels. Again, I commend the writers for writing Felicity these last few episodes as strong, amazing, smart, and totally badass. She and Oliver make such a great team. I have to root for them. And while Oliver may have taken Felicity by surprise with that whole I Love You set up? that ending scene between them totally said they’re in love with each other. I think every soap and every tv show on the planet has used that at some point or another. He might has tricked her into the scenario and has a silent understanding about the Slade plot, the feelings are there and real. Now… when they both find the courage to actually admit it out loud to the other person? That’s going to be a whole other story.

  48. joy says:

    Its just a show, Nate or whatever your name is,you dont need to be rude.

  49. M3rc Nate says:

    Well, I called the Kevlar bulletproof protection that Malcolm Merlyn had on so getting shot was a fake-out of sorts. This episode basically went how I expected it to. There was a shocker involving Oliver saying Felicity is the woman he loves, but after a minute or two I remembered the Mansion is bugged and Felicity told him to make Deathstroke believe hes got the upper hand.

    Well even if they are “done” with Caity Lotz….I’m very glad she is still alive. However regarding their dad 1) Why wouldn’t Laurel scream for Sara? 2) Getting through to anyone at 911? 3) Getting through instantly? 4) And a ambulance? Lol after everything that has happened to that city? Lol they are all in use or destroyed or abandoned.

    Thea….I have commented a few times saying I bet she is this shows big baddy, and so far its all going that direction. All of the math added up. Her being a wild child, using drugs, being lied to by everyone, finding out her father is Malcolm Merlyn and that hes a mass murderer and psychopath, her watching her mother get murdered, and now the lies with Roy and going over to “the dark side” with Malcolm.

    The ending was pretty cool. Having the island have the prison in it…pretty cool, except it doesnt really change that much….i mean someone has to feed him and get him water, and that someone has to get support from air drops or something…technically that island sounds escapable…trick the guy, kill him, sat-phone that theres an emergency and backup is needed, backup arrives, Slade gets their transpo and leaves the island.

    Im very excited to see what Oliver does in Hong Kong. Thats something I have no clue or prediction about so its exciting.

    • Amy says:

      I really liked what you said here. I like the way you described and acknowledged Felicity. It really helped with my rage and disappointment. Thanks for the reminder of the reason I love Olicity is only because I love Felicity! LOL!

  50. Carla Krae says:

    Great episode. Loved it. Glad we got a hint at how Oliver and Amanda already know each other. Wooooo, on to season 3!

    • Cas425 says:

      Another fab episode & finale, season 2 has been really good viewing, as for Olicity, I think Oliver truly loves Felicity & not Laurel as he was going to put the city before Laurel until Felicity told him to let Slade outthink him, then he did the unthinkable & put the woman he truly loves in harms way but trusted her to know what to do