Trophy Wife EPs Preview 'Satisfying' Series Finale, Contemplate Kate's 'Next Step' and More

Trophy Wife Series FinaleKate Harrison’s time on Trophy Wife ends with tonight’s series finale (ABC, 9:30/8:30c), but as the show’s EPs tell TVLine, her journey as a wife and stepmother is only just beginning.

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Below, Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern preview the full-circle finale, reflect on their own favorite moments from the season, then tease what the future might hold for the Trophy Wife universe and all who dwell within it.

TVLINE | Can you set the finale up for us? What should we prepare ourselves for?
HASKINS | The episode is really on the nose, thematically. It’s a Mother’s Day-themed episode, and it directly addresses a question that Kate’s been playing with all season: What is her role as a stepmom to these kids, and what does it mean to be a mother? She gets really excited about helping the kids create a special Mother’s Day experience, and then things go awry when Pete has to be gone all weekend because his law firm is in the midst of a huge crisis.

TVLINE | I feel like this show, especially via Warren and Bert, is about embracing what makes you different. Was that intentional on your part?
HASKINS | We wanted the characters to feel unique, but also like real characters. In the case of those two, the actors really informed their own characters. I think Warren became an exaggerated — and perhaps less bright — version of Ryan [Lee], and Bert is actually a lot like the real Albert [Tsai]. He’s very outspoken and intellectually curious.

TVLINE | I’ve seen the Scandal episode more times than I can count; do either of you have a favorite episode, or one you’re most proud of?
HALPERN | We’re proud of all of them — they all feel like your baby — but there was one that recently aired where the central story was about Warren joining the field hockey team, and I think that wound up being a favorite. The ending felt very satisfying. That moment at the end, when Warren comes out with his field hockey stick and the music starts playing, was one of those satisfying montages.
HASKINS | I also think the finale is going to be a favorite for many people. It really pulls all the characters together, especially the adult women, in a really fun way.

Trophy Wife Series FinaleTVLINE | Speaking of those women, you have some incredible actresses on the show. Did you try to get them together every chance you could?
HASKINS | Oh, absolutely. Those three actresses are all so funny and they play such different characters. It’s so great and so much fun.
HALPERN | A lot of their conflicts are based on them having different perspectives and coming at things in a different way. Ultimately they have the same goal, which is to be good parents, but conflict certainly plays better and funnier and more interesting than everyone getting along.
HASKINS | Diane is the “intellectual” of the group, but they’re all intelligent women. It’s fun because when they’re nitpicking at each other, they get to be a little immature and silly, and that’s great comedy — watching grownups acting stupid.

TVLINE | Does the finale offer up a sense of closure for the characters?
HASKINS | Maybe… Maybe not…
HALPERN |There’s a sense of possibility. We wrote it thinking it would be a season finale, not a series finale, so we hope it feels like a satisfying ending. We hope that people who enjoyed the season will appreciate it as an ending, but it certainly doesn’t feel like nothing could happen after that. It doesn’t feel like the series is over.

TVLINE | “A sense of possibility”? Now you have me thinking things…
HALPERN | I swear that wasn’t even a tease or a hint. You won’t finish it thinking, “Oh my God! Who got killed?” I just think we touch on different areas, like going deeper into Pete’s work life and exploring that dynamic — how his work dictates his relationship with Kate. There’s more discussion about them and their future. We were sort of opening the door and expanding in different ways.

Trophy Wife Series FinaleTVLINE | In your minds, what might the future hold for Kate and the others?
HALPERN | In Kate’s case, if Season 1 was watching her assimilation into this family, I think we’ll hopefully find her in a place where she’s more comfortable in her role as a mom. We can look at her and say, “Now what? What’s her next step?” Whether that’s something in her personal life, or something in her professional life, that’s what we were thinking for her.

TVLINE | Any closing thoughts?
HALPERN | Maybe it sounds a little corny, but we’re just so grateful for this. We’ve been so happy with the reception and the response from fans. There are a number of things — including the future of Trophy Wife — that are out of our hands. When you work on a number of different shows, you see the different types of environments, and the fact that we have everyone watching and tweeting about the show, people seem to want to come back to this job.

Thoughts on Trophy Wife‘s impending finale? Drop your hopes for Kate’s future, along with your favorite memories from the season, in the comments section below.

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  1. Liza says:

    So sad this show was cancelled! I absolutely love it! Another big mistake by ABC for not putting it on Wednesdays

  2. Nicole says:

    Yeah every fan and blogger commented on how it would be a good fit after modern family but the network didn’t agree I guess! My favourite episode was the christmas one. Laughed so hard and I won’t erase it from the tv!!!

    • Anne says:

      I agree, the Christmas episode was amazing. So extremely funny. But I liked all the episodes. It truly was a great show, I’m gonna miss it…

  3. I’ll miss this show dearly, but I’m so hapy I got to watch it. Great comedy, great writing, great acting. It’s a real shame that ABC didn’t give it a timeslot after Modern Family, where it most certainly would have been well succeded.

  4. DebLG says:

    I’m so surprised it got cancelled. It was a fun, well written and acted comedy. It had a lot of heart. I’ll miss it.

  5. danny says:

    This is one I am truly going to miss. I actually got a little choked up–over a danged Tv show!–when the official word came, even though we all had to knpw. The Goldbergs get 50 promos a week. THis show got none.

  6. Romi says:

    I love this show. It would be great if another network would pick it up.

  7. Joe says:

    So upset that this show is ending

  8. Brooke says:

    This show will be missed. Thanks to the cast and crew for he great season, TV’s comedy lineup will be sorely lacking next season. It had a heart to it that a lot of comedies are missing.

  9. Quinn Mallory says:

    I have enjoyed this show quite a bit, once you get over how it feels like a modern Big Love situation. Will miss it, especially with there not being enough episodes for syndication.

  10. Jill says:

    This was a fantastic show and will be missed. Can’t wait to watch the crap that ABC tries to put on instead…

  11. k says:

    Loved the show and all the actors. So sad it is ending! I really am starting to think about never watching a new show again! I get invested and then they cancel it!

  12. Reiley says:

    I will really miss Trophy Wife. It got better and better as the season went along. I’ve said this on here before, but I will never understand why ABC didn’t slot this in after Modern Family.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite episode, but I think I’d have to go with the Chrismtas ep.

  13. with all the new garbage that ABC looks to putting on in the fall its a shame this show didn’t make the cut. I find it hard to believe any of their new comedies will be better than Trophy Wife.

  14. Kyle says:

    Please can they send Bert and Jackie to Modern Family?

  15. Molly says:

    So bummed about this show being canceled! Loved every episode but really loved the Christmas one…and the wedding one…

  16. C says:

    I hate ABC sooo much (still not over Happy Endings, Apt 23, or Cougar Town, even though it got to continue on a different channel, it was a dumb decision), hopefully they can atleast give us a DVD? A lot of shows that only last one year don’t get a DVD release, but plenty do, and I NEED this to be one of them. I want to own it forever.

  17. MandaJ says:

    I am so in denial, how can this show end?

  18. drhenning says:

    I’m sure there will be a DVD set of the season and to show support, I’ll buy it… Maybe not though since most of the money will go to ABC that produced it and then cancelled it when they should have let it find an audience instead of being buried.. Tough timeslot being behind Goldbergs.. Too bad it wasn’t on NBC since it would be nice to pair with About a Boy which I also watched and then flipped to TW at 9:30.. I guess the only other thought was the show only had a 2-3 year length because of the kids aging… Bert with pimples would have been tough…

  19. Danielle says:

    Despite the terrible title (which almost kept me from originally watching) this show is great so sad it’s ending. TBS should pick this up like they did Cougar Town!

  20. I can’t believe they canceled it. Come on ABC. Can’t you cancel celebrity wife swap? Goldberg? Or motive??

  21. NP says:

    Another network really needs to pick this show up – one of my favorites and I’m not a big half hour show person

  22. prish says:

    This show was a charming, satisfying and healing fantasy. My father had four marriages, so I know the harsh reality; but the world needs this kind of healing, and positive examples of hope. There is no way the kids of today can break a cycle, unless they see positive alternatives, literally, “played out”. I hope ABC rethinks, regroups, and renews the series.

  23. FtheFreys says:

    Such a great show with a great cast. This sucks. RIP Bert.

  24. matt says:

    ABC is disgusting. Comparable treatment to Better Off Ted (fans will know how horrible this show was treated – for those who don’t it’s worth wiki’ing).
    I really hope this show gets brought back, on another network with an appropriate time slot, show pairing and advertisement. If it does, I’m almost 100% it will be a bigger hit than Modern Family, as the comedy derives from more realistic family situations and deals with them as such too. (I mean, what extended family spends that much damn time together?).
    I’m banking that NBC or WB will be the first to approach. I know I’m going to keep checking daily. Such a low budget show with terrific writing, I don’t see how it can’t be snapped up

  25. matt says:

    Can’t believe Goldbergs got the Wednesday time slot after the Middle.
    It somehow became mildy popular, so they run with that and leave other shows to fail without proper time slots of advertisement? Because that makes so much sense..
    Lets not try and figure out what’s happening with the shows that aren’t drawing in enough viewers, because there’s not enough viewers to be a concern. The logic is strong in these dbags.

  26. Leasa says:

    I really enjoyed this show, that Christmas episode was brilliant, the characters seemed to genuinely care about each other….I can’t believe they are not renewing it

  27. Karla says:

    I really love this show. The cast is hysterical. I was hooked from the moment Kate drank that bottle of Vodka and Bert yelled, “Ouch, my uterus!” I think I cried for 10 minutes laughing so hard at that scene. It had been such a long time since I’d seen a genuinely sweet Cosby-esque sitcom with no cynicism that I had forgotten what it looks like to actively work to keep a family together without belittling or backstabbing. It just baffles me that these networks chose to push vapid “reality” shows at the demise of a genuinely well written, well acted, true ensemble piece of comedic work that allowed you for 30 minutes to disappear into a wonderful world where everything works out in the end. A world that actually celebrates differences without backhanded commentary disguised as a joke. I really like this show and I hope someone does pick it up, it deserves a second season, I think this family has a lot more to share and I know that it has an audience willing to go along for the ride.

  28. Evie says:

    I totally love Trophy Wife – it was so much fun. Please give it a second season!!!!!

  29. Loni says:

    Still bummed this was canceled. Such a clever and fun show! My favorite epsiode was the Halloween one, I think.

  30. debs says:

    trophy wife’s cancellation is just heartbreaking :( what i loved most about the show was that, without much raunchiness (i only noticed one really “adult” joke…the blow-pop one), it was F-U-N-N-Y! …and heartwarming …and it was so nice to see this big, loving family – even including ex wives, without sniping at each other…

    i also loved seeing bradley whitford in a comedy too (and again, not too raunchy), and malin akermann was so sweet, michaela watkins was HYSTERICAL!, marcia gay harden was stellar as ALWAYS, bailee madison and ryan lee were so likeable(!), and little albert tsai cracked me up!

    i’m so in denial about this :( i and all the other people who’ve said abc should’ve tried this show after modern family, feel this show didn’t get a fair chance…

    (i need to have a rant; please bear with me: i don’t think the networks realize, ever since alternate viewing methods became readily available, they saw lack of ratings for a lot of shows that werent really lacking at all, and started cancelling shows that should have survived –
    and now, viewers are actually wary of getting invested in new shows BECAUSE there’s such a high chance the networks are going to cancel them anyway [for example, with a few notable exceptions like the voice and the blacklist, nbc hasn’t been doing that great and so i know a lot of shows there are going to get canceled – and then by not watching, it only perpetuates a show or showS getting canceled

    …but i just dont want to have shows mean a lot to me, and keep getting let down. [this season i did try! i watched – and really liked – 5 new comedies, and EVERY SINGLE ONE, worst of all ‘trophy wife’ has been canceled!] …the networks are causing people to not try out shows)

    …and the blurb for this article made me think that maybe sarah haskins & emily halpern were trying to continue this show in some other form (online, or somehow)

    …i wish that abc reconsiders and revives this show, or that another network (anyone from the powers that be of another network, reading?) picks this stellar show up! …please!

    is there anyone we can write to or petition??

    and if not :( i hope to get to see all these talented actors on other shows!

    best wishes everybody~ debs

  31. Hayden says:

    Anyone know what song played in the final scene? I accidentally deleted the episode from my DVR before looking the song up and I can’t watch it online for a week because DirecTV isn’t an option on ABC’s login to watch the most recent episodes.

  32. adam says:

    anyone know what the final song of the season finale was? Can’t find it anywhere

  33. aleron kong says:

    I loved your show!

    We will miss you!!!!