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Scoop: Two Actors Exit CBS' The Odd Couple, Both Roles Will Be Recast

The Odd Couple Recasts Georgia King Sarah BakerCBS’ Odd Couple reboot is breaking up with two series regulars.

Georgia King (The New Normal) and Sarah Baker (Go On) have exited the Matthew Perry comedy for creative reasons, TVLine has learned.

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King was set to play Katie, a model who lives in Oscar and Felix’s building, while Baker was cast as Oscar’s assistant Sam — a part written specifically for the actress by her ex-Go On co-star Perry.

Both roles will be recast.

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The multi-cam remake, which last week was ordered to series, follows two mismatched roommates: the messy Oscar Madison (Perry) and neat freak Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon). The cast also includes Wendell Pierce (The Michael J. Fox Show, Treme) and Lindsay Sloane (Weeds).

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  1. shuayb says:

    Georgia King is funny, she should have stayed. Oh well. Lennon was the only good thing about Sean so hopefully this is good. Ny trailers yet?

    • Patrick says:

      I think she would have been the nominal “love interest” for Perry’s character. They need to pick a more age appropriate potential love interest for him.

  2. Frank says:

    bad sign for a bad idea of a show

  3. Babar says:

    So they are going to cast someone else a role that was written specifically for her. Does that make any sense?

    • jj says:

      it happens all the time.

    • Patrick says:

      Plus, I never liked her on Go On. It was one of those things that was funny in concept, but didn’t really evoke any actual laughs.

    • Dan says:

      It’s odd that they wrote the role for her. Wasn’t Penny Marshall Oscar’s assistant on the original? so why would you need to create a new role just call her Myrna and you’re done

  4. yankeesrj12 says:

    I heard there were a few problems, so I hope this helps. I’m really excited for The Odd Couple!

  5. Evan says:

    Sarah Baker was one of my favorite things about Go On and Georgia King was pretty funny on The New Normal, but it sounds like both actresses are jumping a sinking ship if they’re leaving over creative reasons with only one episode shot. Hoping the best for both of them in the future.

    • S. says:

      They’re not the ones deciding to leave really. They got canned. This is just a gentle way of putting it. It’s probably being spun this way because they like them, just not for these parts so it’s nothing personal. Something about the vibe of the show wasn’t working. It’s multi-cam so maybe these are people that played well in a single cam situation and just weren’t clicking with an audience. Matthew’s an expert about that style of comedy. I know he wrote that for Sarah, but Tina Fey meant to have Rachel Dratch play Jenna on 30 Rock and they had to let her go (they also got a new Cerie). Looking back, it was for the best, but it was rough for Rachel.

  6. ME says:

    I’m sad to hear Sarah Baker will not be on the show. I really liked her on Go On. I am also getting a little nervous about this show. I’ve been on board with every M Perry since Studio 60 and every single one has been canceled! I want Perry back on TV, I hope this one sticks!

    • wow. says:

      So you weren’t on board for ‘Friends’? Just found him on Studio 60 and are hoping something good happens for him?

      • ME says:

        As far as being a fan of MP, it began for me when he starred as the jerky boyfriend in “She’s Out of Control”. (A Tony Danza movie from back in the day, way before Friends happened) My comment is referring to the success of (or lack thereof) Perry’s post “Friends” television series: Studio 60, Mr Sunshine, Go On, etc…I watched them all and saw them all get canceled much to my dismay.

  7. Paul says:

    Bad Omen. Should have stuck with The Crazy Ones.

  8. Steven says:

    This happens all the time. Look at Big Bang Theory it had numerous cast changes before the show aired. Perry / Lennon could be the hit of the new season

    • wow. says:

      Close. Big Bang had a complete rewrite (only kept Leonard and Sheldon) and then they shot a second pilot…

  9. Ray says:

    Multicam? CBS? I’m out.

  10. Jay says:

    Ouch…first they both appear on canceled Tuesday night NBC comedies and now they’re both let go at the same time.

    Georgia can play a quirky new friend for Jess on New Girl.

    Sarah would play well off of Casey Wilson on Marry Me.

    Sign them up now producers!

  11. Diz says:

    Smart move for them to get out before it’s cancelled.

  12. Fred says:

    Put it in the “a long-shot” column

  13. K says:

    Disappointing, King is a really talented actress. Honestly was going to watch this just for her but now I guess there’s nothing left for me.

  14. GuessWhat says:

    just cancel this before it even comes on
    when will Hollywood think of anything NEW?!
    tired of all the recrap and rehash and recycling
    look at Rosemary’s Baby’s dismal ratings as the latest example of the viewing public’s non-interest for unoriginality

  15. Lyss says:

    Idk why CBS even picked this up anyway? Why not so being original like Good Session or Save The Date?

    • H says:

      I wanted Save the date to happen cause the concept was so awful it would have been a beautiful 4 episode trainwreck.

  16. keith says:

    I hope the theme song doesn’t exit.

    • AnnieM says:

      They should go all out and bring back the voiceover, too. BTW – am I the only one who thinks MP would be better cast as Felix? I’m unfamiliar with Thomas Lennon.

      • soundscene says:

        Thomas Lennon is the perfect Felix. He has that “stick up his butt” act down pat. And MP is very good at looking shlumpy, so he’ll do well as Oscar.

  17. david maples says:

    the series I’m particularly excited about at this point are odd couple, gotham, backstrom