'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Big Bang, Mindy, Once, Arrow and Other Shows Are Faring

A romantic reunion at the top of the Empire State Building, a perfectly simple engagement, a beautiful wedding and a heart-wrenching death — needless to say, TV couples were busy this past week.

To see which couples are basking in love and which ones are wallowing in sadness, check out this installment of ‘Ship Shape, a recurring feature in which TVLine provides you with the latest developments for TV’s hottest duos — and then offers our forecast for each pairing.

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Don’t see your favorite love match represented here? Give ‘em a shout out below and maybe they’ll merit a mention the next go-around.

And with that said, this ‘ship is about to set sail, so click through the gallery below and hop aboard!

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  1. Mary says:

    They forever ruined Emma Swan and Once Upon a Time for me last night. They’ve made a huge mistake in forcing this fan service ship. I don’t care what Eddy and Adam say about it being planned from the second season. They are paid to lie with their storytelling.

    • Danyelle says:

      LMAO! What’s the name of that river in Egypt?

    • Veronica says:

      Because of course you know what story was planned better than the actual writers. How laughable.

    • WTactualF says:

      Neal is DEAD, get over it.

      • rawley says:

        Well, while I don’t agree with everything Mary said, I do agree that this ‘ship was completely forced. And that a huge part of the decision to kill off Neal was to get Emma and Hook together which is just really bad storytelling. It was far more compelling as a love triangle. Now it’s boring. I like Hook, and I like the tension between him and Emma, but I’m not getting the obsession with them.

        • WTActualF says:

          Yeah. yeah, so says every Swanfire fanatic. Like I said, get over it. It’s not forced and if you think so, then I suggest you go back and re-watch the finale.

          • K says:

            The finale that was TWO HOURS of CS and about four minutes of everyone else? Yeah, that’s not your best argument that CS isn’t forced.

    • Lily says:

      @Mary: CaptainSwan was planned, since the beginning. It was, probably, the creators’ way of marrying their two favorite fairytales…. Adam’s is “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, while Eddy’s is “Peter Pan”. Not to mention, Hook’s name is a reference to Emma. The name “Killian”, means “church”. Emma is the Savior…. so, do the math.

    • Len84 says:

      Get over it! Emma and Hook were always meant to happen, even they had the Snowing parallels from on go. You dont give a couple that much moments and not to be anything, EMma and Hook happened instantly = BEANSTALK EPISODE, go on a adventure on their own, thats how this show works!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joey says:

      I find it absolutely hilarious (and I’ve seen this on several sites), that CS shippers in particular will shout that the showrunners are lying and have no idea what they’re talking about when A&E say something that disagrees with their worldview, however, if they say something like “CS was planned from the beginning” then what they said should be taken as gospel.

      And yes, no matter what they say at this point, the ship is fanservice. The network promoted Hook so heavily as a love interest to Emma since Colin is “pretty” that the writers had no choice but to make it happen. There wasn’t a single hint of any attraction between them in season two, and yet, right at the start of season three, Hook is immediately head over heels in love with Emma, and that’s why he went back to Storybrooke to save them, supposedly not because of his lingering feelings of guilt over handing Baelfire over to the Lost Boys (as it actually happened in the show, of course). It’s just disgusting, really.

    • Linda says:

      How was once and Emma ruined for you?

  2. What_EVAA says:

    Oh f**kin KILL Emma Swan and her stupidity… She ruined Regina’s happiness, the effin moron!!! Bring back Outlaw Queen!!!

    • Veronica says:

      You’re kidding, right? Regina’s “happiness” would’ve been based on her murdering the wife of the man she supposedly loves. Real love would have Regina NOT wanting to be the cause of all those years of suffering for Robin, and of wanting to see him happy even if it’s not with her. THAT’S true love.

    • WTactualF says:

      One could also argue that Regina ruined her own happiness by killing everyone and everything. Pretty sure that if Robin knew Regina killed Marion, he would’ve crushed her heart.

    • Bruce_F says:

      Oh yes, of course. God forbid that Emma save an innocent from being senselessly murdered at the expense of a new boyfriend. How awful.

  3. A says:

    Hook is so beautiful. Love him and Emma together. Maybe they can watch Back to the Future together, in bed. That’s how season 4 should start

  4. Katherine215 says:

    Am I the only one not liking this Joan/Mycroft relationship at all? I don’t like that Joan is now in the middle of things with the brothers, and it’s seriously going to screw up Sherlock and Joan’s relationship. There was enough drama and animosity between Sherlock and Mycroft before Joan got involved that I wanted them to explore, why did they have to go there with Joan and Mycroft? Plus, I personally don’t think those two have any sort of chemistry whatsoever.
    Really happy Miles and Rachel are in a good place, even though I’m still crushed the show is ending. I wish networks gave shows some notice and/or a 2 hour “extra” episode to wrap things up. :(

    • A says:

      No, you are not the only one. I don’t like Joan and Mycroft together either.

    • JC1 says:

      You are not the only one. I really wish they’d drop the Joan/Mycroft relationship. I like them both separately, but I just can’t get on board that ship.

    • tp says:

      I don’t really care for them together either. I agree, no chemistry.

    • Sasha says:

      Yes! There is no chemistry, I can’t see it. I I actually love the BBC Mycroft a lot and was willing to give this one a fair shake. I still like him but him and Joan don’t work well for me.

      As Sherlock said Joan and a symmetrical face, I’m sure she’ll attract a suitable mate when the time comes.

    • Tina says:

      Happy for Rachel and Miles but thought his break up with monroe was a bit much. Why can’t they all be happy!
      Check out the #relocaterevolution on twitter!!

    • Bruce_F says:

      I don’t care for Mycroft in general. I like Rhys Ifans and I didn’t mind his first appearance as Mycroft but his character became horrid after that. Mycroft can’t leave soon enough for me.

    • Daisy says:

      I’m SO happy that I’m not the only one who feels this way. The relationship hasn’t really developed on screen AT ALL so there’s nothing to hold on to or root for anyway. I don’t like them together and feel like they have no chemistry at all either. I was so happy in this past episode where she told him that she could never trust anything that came out of his mouth and that it was over, but then in the next scene all is forgiven and they are in bed together? WTH? That felt like it came out of nowhere. So disappointing.

    • Cheeky says:

      Definitely not the only one *hits head on desk repeatedly*
      It’s so forced and just terrible to watch. Can’t Joan be single, or at least date people outside in the real world for now, this is really killing me.

    • suzi says:

      I’m another person not liking Joan and Mycroft. No chemistry, and absolutely no reason to put them together. Her concern for Sherlock’s sobriety is totally compromised by this seemingly casual hook-up. I too like Rhys Ifans but there is nothing appealing, or trustworthy, about Mycroft.

    • Lysh says:

      Thank goodness, I’m glad to learn other people don’t like Joan and Mycroft either. I think the actor is great, I loved him in Harry Potter, but he’s not working for me on Elementary or with Joan.

  5. A says:

    Mindy Project is perfection

  6. sophia7470 says:

    ‘Things are looking sunny as these two have each other to lean on’ is the best news I’ve heard all day. Could.Not.Love.Olicity.More :)

    Hope the finale this Wednesday gives them an amazing send off for the Summer…

  7. A says:

    Felicity is my favorite character on TV right now

  8. Meg says:

    Without August, Graham, and Neal there really isn’t a love interest for Emma without adding a new character. I personally like Hook & Swan. I think they complement each other well.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Me, too. I will always prefer her with Graham, but that’s not happening, so, much like Emma, I decided to open myself up to a potential Hook/Emma pairing and I’m liking him, sometimes more than her. Plus, he’s really hot so it’s not *too* hard to watch him on my tv. :)

      • Tenney says:

        I really liked Emma with Graham as well . They had tons of chemisty when he kissed her and all his memories came back. That was great! Darn Regina for crushing his heart!!! However, since Emma can’t be with Graham, I’m starting to like her with Hook. He’s obviously quite smitten with her and I think he really understands her. Emma just needs to dial back the attitude sometimes.

    • K says:

      Interesting how that works…What a weird coincidence that all those other characters were killed.

  9. Dan says:

    OUAT left me conflicted, On one hand I’m happy because Captain Swan klfdfk <3
    But poor Regina

  10. Ana says:

    I am so happy about Emma and Killian. I’m actually at a loss for words.
    Their coming together was so much more than I ever dared to hope or expect.
    It was wonderful…perfect. So perfect it scares me a bit :)
    I’ve believed they were destined for love since “Tallahassee” and Adam and Eddy outdid themselves delivering their story. I hope they’ll keep delivering in that very same vein because never has a love story touched me more…
    All the love in the world was in that kiss at the end of the finale…
    Emma is finally home…the lost girl has finally found home thanks to her hero/pirate who loves her more than anything in the whole wide world.
    I’m never getting over those two…

    • Eska says:

      The finale was the best finale I’ve ever watched. It really felt like a movie and Emma and Hook were endeared to me more than I thought possible.

  11. A says:

    I hate Emma and Hook together. But the least interesting part of the show is the romantic relationships.

  12. Irene says:

    So nice to see Oliver and Felicity relationship strengthen episode after episode. I though their scenes together last episode were fantastic. I think both Emily and Stephen have really grown as actors this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a great season finale to get me through the summer.

  13. JC1 says:

    I’ve never been fully on board the Captain Swan ship up until now, but that finale was really good, and I think I can get behind it now. (Just, please, some modern clothes for Hook next season? The black leather is getting a little old.)
    Regina needs to take a deep breath, and realize that Robin finding out she murdered his wife would not actually be better than the current situation. Which is not to say that she should be happy about losing another man she loved, but Emma letting her kill Marion would not have actually helped anything.
    As for Olicity….*sigh*. That scene was great. However, it is always going to be very difficult for me to buy into that ship as long as the writers and cast keep bringing up Lauriver. Don’t get me wrong – I’d prefer Lauriver stay dead and buried – but I don’t like being teased, and as long as Andrew Kriesberg is comparing Oliver and Laurel to Lois and Clark, and Katie Cassidy is tossing around words like “soulmates”, it’s going to be very hard for me to believe that anything with Oliver and Felicity is ever going to amount to anything more than stringing the fans of that ship along. Call me a cynic. :( And if they’re not going to get serious about it, I’d prefer they leave them as friends.

    • Sasha says:

      Agreed about Olicity.

      If they’re not end game I dont want Felicity to be Oliver’s second choice then break her heart if in the end he chooses Laurel

    • anna says:

      I completely agree. I wasn’t one of those who shipped Oliver and Felicity from the moment they met, but out of all the Arrow ships, this is the one I WOULD get behind IF I had ANY trust in the writers. Which I don’t. I noticed the EPs tweeted about KC’s interviews last week, but nothing about EBR’s notable performance mentions in the last episode. If they get Oliver and Felicity together in the near future, it will probably be to let that run its course so they can revisit Lauriver as endgame, which unfortunately is my least favorite pairing on the show (Sara-Oliver is my second choice, and Felicity with anyone who makes her happy). Actually, sometimes I wish Arrow just stayed away from romance altogether. I can watch a show without any romance, but it really sucks to watch a good show with (what I consider) a bad romance (which is what Arrow would be to me if I had to sit through Lauriver).

      • JC1 says:

        My Arrow OTP is Oliver/not Laurel. Seriously. I don’t care who they put Oliver with, as long as it’s not Laurel. I can’t stand that ship. But for the love of everything, if they are bound and determined to do it, stop teasing us with better options. It only makes the bitterness stronger when they come back to Lauriver. “Oh you like this chocolate bar? Doesn’t it look good? Well too bad, you can’t have it. Here, eat this cabbage, and stop complaining. You’ll eat it and like it.” ;) LOL.

        • anna says:

          JC1, this is hilarious. Comparing Oliver-anyone to chocolate and Oliver-Laurel to cabbage is the perfect…and this is coming from a vegetarian! I do wish Arrow would just choose a ship and go with it.

    • A2 says:

      I feel like the writers have been teasing Felicity/Oliver, Laurel/Oliver, and Sara/Oliver in these last few episodes. I think they should pick one or none and be done with it, but stop trying to please everybody.

      • Madman says:

        Yeah , i agree with you ! They declare that is, basically, an action show but all this drama and the going back and forth between Laurel/Oliver/Sara/Tommy was and is really tiring and annoying ! So just please pick the one pairing you want to stick with and if it works for the fans they will stay tuned if they care about it. If it doesn’t works for them and the action only doesn’t work for them then they won’t ! It’s simple ! Personally i’m an Olicity shipper , i didn’t start watching Arrow because of romance and utill , i think , the 17 episode of season 1 i wasn’t shipping anyone with anyone , but i really couldn’t buy the epic love of Laurel/ Oliver just because they told me that i was supposed to like them together ! I liked Tommy/ Laurel better . Olicity for me is a BIG plus , so if they are not endgame and the show stll manage to keep me tuned then i’ll stay tuned but i’ll probably ,in time, just get bored or irritated . And i don’t think Olicity should happen now , i like the slow burn. I just need a reassurance that they are canon !

        • A2 says:

          If I had it my way I’d drop Laurel and Sara as romantic interests for Oliver entirely. I want to feel like Oliver is growing as a person/hero and this sister swapping makes it feel to me like he’s regressing.

  14. Jen says:

    I think Oliver and Felicity are the most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen in my life.

  15. Bender says:

    What about the bro love between Enzo and Damon

  16. Claire says:

    Felicity and Oliver were fantastic in that scene, and as noted in an earlier TVLine article, Emily really hit a home run with that material — she is quite the actress, and Arrow is lucky to have found her.
    It’s wonderful to see these two in action, their scenes are very organic and everything about them radiates off the screen. They are building some pretty solid foundations for these two.

  17. tp says:

    Idk why people are upset over Marian ruining Regina’s chance with Hood. We all know she isn’t long for the town of Storybrook. Regina and Hood will find their way back to each other. Probably being one of the reasons she doesnt’ fully cross back over to the side of evil.

    • Veronica says:

      I’m curious if they will find their way back to each other. The show doesn’t have a track record of splitting up canon couples. Emma’s HEA could’ve been anyone, really, because Emma Swan doesn’t exist in the canon fairy tales. But Robin Hood and Maid Marion is canon, so would the TPTB really break them up? I’m not so sure. I’m kind of a Robin Hood/Marian fangirl so, even though THIS particular Marian didn’t wow me, I’d hate to think of Robin Hood without his canon love.

      • tp says:

        I totally agree with them not breaking them up, as you said canon, however having her die some kinda way is more what I was thinking. I foresee Emma telling Regina that Marian was about about to executed at Regina’s word causing Regina to feel guilty and give Hood her blessing for going back. Something tragic happens to Marian and boom a clear path to reconnection. Marian will no doubt tell Hood that it was Regina that was about to kill her but he won’t hold it against Regina because she’s a different person now. You know, second chances and blah blah blah. To be frank POC don’t do well on this show. They either die or are one and done. Add to that that Marian is in the way of Regina and Hood being “meant to be”…. her time in Storybrooke will be short. Poor Hood…he will lose her twice. Heartbreaking.

      • Lily says:

        The thing is, on OUaT, Robin Hood and Maid Marian are not “canon”. Besides, there are several versions of the Robin Hood legend, where Marian dies in childbirth. On OUaT, you can have several true loves…. but only one soulmate. Regina and Robin are soulmates. OUaT’s Marian has cheated death, more than once. She cannot keep doing it forever. When the actor who plays Robin Hood, is rooting for OutlawQueen, you know how this new love triangle will end. Robin is going to have to choose, between Regina and Marian. Since he is a different man, than he was before Marian died, he will choose Regina.

        • JC1 says:

          On OUaT, you can have several true loves…. but only one soulmate.
          Anyway – yes, Robin Hood and Maid Marion are canon here – they were married and had a child and Robin seems to have been deeply in love with her. Not sure how much more “canon” you can get than that. And I HIGHLY doubt they’re going to show Robin choosing Regina over Marion, his wife. It’s far more likely that something will end up happening to Marion eventually, thus clearing the way for Robin and Regina to get back together. And yes, I do think they will eventually get back together (the writers have gone to too much trouble to set up the ship for it to be otherwise) but it’s not going to happen while Marion lives. I would put money on that.

  18. Allie says:

    Very conflicted about Once. Clearly there is trouble ahead for Rumbelle. I loved their wedding and the flashes to each couple on the show for each of the reasons why Rumple loves Belle. That montage was brilliant. I cried. But why he is being not forthcoming with her is depressing. Also Regina. Seriously? Do you really think that is the way to make things better? What would Henry think? Over a guy? I’m pretty sure we just spent much of this season exploring your love for your son. Come on now. Plus I’m sure something will end up happening with Maid Marion. Regardless, show that you have changed, don’t be like your sister the WW and do something you will regret. Snowing was priceless. Loved every second of that. Except for the Neal part. I really thought they would have named him Graham. Bc Graham did save Snow’s life and helped them to start this whole thing with the curse and the town. But I digress. Neal did get better in the end. and the Captain Swan? What can I say about that. Too much really. They are so perfect for one another. So perfect. They were written that way from the start. The thing is when Adam and Eddy said “always” they were talking about since the creation of the show. They said in the past that they wanted Hook back in season 1 but could not get the rights. Then season two got thrown off bc of Colin’s broken leg. I loved their journey. I can not wait until we get more banter and “fun” with these two. It is always an adventure. True love.

    Revenge. I am so upset. I loved Aiden. I cried my eyes out. Amanda should have killed Vicky. To be honest, I can not stand her. I know we aren’t supposed to but I would have rather had a million Conrads over Victoria. She is so hard to watch. I want her gone hopefully next season. Plus all of the other craziness that is happening? IDK.

  19. Jenni says:

    I really love Oliver and Felicity. And sometimes I think the writers really want to take them somewhere when they give the audience such beautiful scenes. But then they start bring up Laurel again and her epic connection to Oliver (and I don’t even mind Laurel, I just don’t see the romantic connection) and I feel as though they just want to tease O/F and never ever go there. At some point something’s got to give and they should decide on whether or not they want them to be friends/partners or something else.

  20. Mary says:

    All the Emma and Hook scenes leave me speechless!! I mean: “Love had always brought me pain, my walls were up but you brought them down. You brought me home” while they were kissing. It brought me to tears!!. Captain Swan is perfect and I’m just so happy for everyone who’s been rooting for them, for Emma’s happiness, since the beginning.

  21. Anne says:

    I swear if Olicity kiss by the end of the season I’m gonna cry and die.

  22. Eska says:

    “I’d go through the ends of the world for her” – that line killed me because Hook’s already done all that for Emma. I love them so much! I know this is OUAT and they will cook up trouble for everyone someday but I hope they let Captain Swan be problem – free for a while. They deserve some time to be happy. I need to see them do couple things now. I’m so excited for season 4 and Elsa!

  23. Shira says:

    Rayna and Deacon….awwwwwww FINALLY! Loved how Deacon thought that Luke’s performance on stage was the perfect time for this talk. It’s either he’s done talking or he must talk RIGHT NOW :)
    And the fact we get another full season of the Rayna and Deacon magic makes my heart do a little dance

    • MA says:

      I have no confidence that Rayna and Deacon are going to mend fences by the end of the season, but it would be great!

  24. Kat says:

    Oh God, I might be the only one but I really, really want Adam and Kim (Chicago PD) to have a future. But not like this. I really don’t want him to just go back to her because Wendy left him. I want him to really want her. Rooting for them :)

    • Bwhit says:

      You aren’t the only one believe me! I care about this pairing more than Jay and Erin, but I loved that Kim’s partner had her back when Adam tried to find her.

  25. SharonK says:

    Still swooning over Danny + Mindy (the fact that I have watched, re-watched and re-re-watched the episode aren’t helping me to move on)! The Penny + Leonard bit was also very cute – done in the perfect way for them. It’s not a show you cover, but Melissa + Joey (ABCF) also had an exciting engagement this week. The episode ended in a perfectly sweet scene with a (kind of) surprise engagement. Love is in the air for sure!!

    I also love the sweet relationship that Sarah and her baby daddy have on Orphan Black. Would love to see her open up to him a bit more!

    I’m so sad that Aiden has met his maker on Revenge. I really loved him, and he & Emily have been pretty adorbs together lately. I’m sure this interesting twist will fuel Emily’s fire, and perhaps even bring her and Jack closer together (fingers crossed).

  26. Len84 says:

    Hook and Emma <3

  27. Pat says:

    Arrow and Felicity, they care and love each other in a very professional way. That could change, but I predict it doesn’t. Penny and Leonard, one of the sweetest engagements that I have seen on TV in a long time. Regina and Robin, oh boy, a definitely rocky road ahead and I am not sure if this is going to end well for Regina. I just hope her evil self doesn’t return but if I had to place a bet, I am afraid that it will. Hook and Emma, just absolutely sweet, especially outside the cafe. I am not sure if they will get a Fairytale Happy Ending?

  28. GildedRose says:

    Oliver and Felicity are amazing on Arrow. This last week’s scene was so surprising and intense and just really speaks to why I can’t help but root for them to get together. I love watching their relationship strengthen and sooner or later… you know it’ll turn into something more. I’m very excited about that.

    I have to totally give the Arrow writers credit. I don’t know what changed in the last few episodes but Felicity seems to have this awesome new vibe to her. I mean, she was always awesome — funny, sassy, strong, etc — but in the last few eps they’ve had her getting back out into the field, coming up with a plan to blow up a building (then actually taking part in blowing it up), hitting Isabel with a van, saving Diggle, saving Oliver, being a fighter, interrogating that one guy… just being smarter, cleverer, a wee bit more “badass”… just really mature/adult heroine. I really like it. I think it’s added more layers to her and made her more interesting and complex. She feels like she’s coming into her own “thing.” I’m also really curious about the rest of her backstory and who the heck her parents are! I need to see that on the screen.

    Sadly I’m not as excited about Joan Watson on Elementary though. After that awesome “Just no.” speech she gaves, she not only believes the guy’s story but falls into bed with him? I still expect to find out he’s lying. He’s a spy. They lie. Plus I’m not really digging the whole brothers thing. Ah well. I’m sure it’ll be short lived. But the Watson/Holmes relationship, and yes, I meant friends, not lovers, is absolutely one of my favorites on tv right now. I love how they unexpectedly relate to each other, understand each other, and really seem to love each other. It’s such a great dynamic.

    So between Oliver & Felicity’s relationship (definitely romantic potential there) and Sherlock/Watson’s awesomeness… TV’s really doing great things with mixed pairs. It’s wonderful.

  29. Rita Castro says:

    the chemistry between these two actors, Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, is really impressive! is the magic of his characters, leaving us always waiting for something more! I love them :D Olicity fan

  30. All the love for Oliver and Felicity! I can’t wait to see their relationship grow and I never get tired of watching Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards act out their scenes together.

  31. hello says:

    Olicity-supporters deserve castration

    • wonderwall says:

      What?? First of all, not everyone who supports Oliver/Felicity are male. What do you think we should do with the women? Force them to do a hysterectomy? You, good sir, need to sort out your priorities.

  32. Sasha says:

    The Oliver and Felicity scene in last week’s episode was beautifully brilliant. “You are not alone” and “I believe in you” are my new favorite Felicity to Oliver lines. Can’t wait to see what the finale has in store for them. I love these two together!!!

  33. Cassandra says:

    I just adore watching the relationship between Oliver and Felicity grow. From what was obviously a schoolgirl crush on Felicity’s side to start with, to what is now the most stable, mature relationship and partnership that Oliver Queen has ever had with a woman, it has been a joy to watch Stephen and Emily. They play off each other like they’ve been together for years, and everything they do is so exciting to watch. I really hope that relationship continues to blossom into something more, because they need each other.

  34. cjeffery7 says:

    let’s go ahead and call it “The Day After Tomorrow” because every natural disaster known to human-kind is about to rain down on Tyrion Lannister (and by extension, everyone, because this IS Game of Thrones) one way or another. =(

    • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

      Having a general idea of what was coming because of the books, GoT succeeded in making me hate Shae MORE than before. I didn’t care for her in the books, and eventually hated her. In the show they made her much more likable, and then really twisted her even worse so I now hate her in the show even more than I did in the book! Nice work, show! Passionate hatred is a strong feeling, and strong feeling means you’re doing good work. :)

      I wish she had seen that he was protecting her!

  35. Atiporn Vinaikosol says:

    Oliver and Felicity are my OTP. Gosh, they have the chemistry other pairs don’t. And Emily is such an extraordinary actress. She can portray Felicity so we’ll that I do think Felicity and the Arriw exist. And I also love the relationship between these three characters, Oliver, Diggle and Felicity.

    If there is an award for OTP, it definitely goes to Olicity.

  36. suzi says:

    I loved the off-beat Penny/Leonard proposal. It was always obvious to me that they’d be together, and I’m pleased that the silly On Again/Off Again Dance has (hopefully) ended. To me, their meeting was the Big Bang, the event that changed all their lives.

  37. MmeSerious says:

    OH JESUS. Captain Swan is canon, get over it ffs! It was planned from the beginning! “Captain Swan is forced” MY ASS. EVERY SHIPS ARE FORCED FFS STOP

  38. Diana says:

    We think that the real Snow Queen on Once Upon A Time should be Regina. We feel that her heart being broken will make her turn evil! What is the most disgusting couple on this list is Watson and Mycroft. Accroding to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Watson married Mary Morstan and Mycroft was overweight. That is really taking license away from the original stories. We think that Elementary should be cancelled.

  39. Linda says:

    How about jack and Emily! We all know they are endgame!

  40. Sina says:

    I love Emma and Hook so much! Bets told love story on TV I’ve ever seen. More, more, more please!!

  41. Erica says:

    Oh, my poor OutlawQueen heart!