Idol's Jessica Meuse: How She Stayed Positive Despite Tough Critiques, Which Mentors She Loved and Why She 'Lost Respect' for J.Lo

Jessica Meuse really, really wanted to win Season 13 of American Idol — but she says she’s happy with her fourth-place finish because she never had to compromise her artistic identity to achieve it.

VIDEOReality Check: Who Falls Short of Our Dream Final 2 on American Idol?

Meuse stopped by TVLine HQ for an in-depth discussion of her Idol journey, including the judges’ tough critiques of her arrangements and the way she moved on stage; the band snafu that almost derailed her “Sound of Silence” cover; the great “Pumped Up Kicks” debate; and the increasingly short list of cleared songs from which she had to choose.

Plus, we learn a little more — albeit inadvertently — about Randy Jackson’s mentoring.

Press PLAY below for the full Q&A, then hit the comments and share your thoughts on Meuse’s unfiltered Idol talk!

American Idol: 30 Best Performances of All Time

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  1. girl_3 says:

    Hi Michael…Reality Check is posted but not Jessica’s interview.

      • girl_3 says:

        Thanks, Kimberly! Michael, great interview as always! You ask the questions no one else will ask. Very interesting to hear Jess’ version of the J Lo hug snub. You better make good on the flowers!

      • Roy Adkins says:

        Jess was right, J LO did not want her to win, J LO used the four letter word and ran on stage and gave Jena a big hug that was not right, I Iost “ALL RESPECT FOR J LO THEN”.

      • J-lo didn’t want Jessica to win, she wanted Jena, and it was so obvious it made me not like her(J-lo) so un professional,running on stage like she just saw Elvis drop from Heaven ( I didn’t even like the way Jena sung it) then kissing and hugging her.right then I lost all respect. Then when Caleb won you could see J-lo wasn’t happy. Another thing that irritated me was J-lo last performances, she looked like a want to be 16 yr old stripper) yes she is pretty and has a nice figure but my god she is 44 and up there humping the floor in hardly any clothes.Then she does a cyndi lauper song in a little ballerina dress. pleaseeee your not 16 J-lo, your a has been your time is up, now let the new girls party.

        • ces says:

          You are so right Jessica.. We saw this at home unfolding also.. JLo was all for which I think Jessica had a better voice…Its very obvious she had her favorites.. Which is unfair… and yes hse needs to act her age and quit humping the floor… Disgusting

        • wayne says:

          I just don’t get the attraction of the whole j lo thingy and I am a heterosexual man. whats the big deal a reasonably attractive 45 year old woman, sooo

    • Olivia1444 says:

      Jessica has an outstanding voice . Howeve , she failed to understand that the people who votes for you ,has to to like you both talent wise and visually!! I said early on that she had to play down the red multi colored hair and the nose ring! Jess would have only came in 3rd.She was not going to beat out Jena & Caleb!

      • Idol Fan says:

        Jessica sinags good but not like Jena or Caleb. That why she made in 3rd place. Be happy Jessica, you may be booted out at the begginning of the show. As for JLo, stop acting like a teenager. You are almost a 45 year woman with child responsibilties.

  2. brandon says:

    Am I on drugs or is the wrong video embedded?

  3. MAB says:

    Duh, I thought I was losing it too. Where is Jessica?

    • BrazenSongBird says:

      If you don’t want to wait for them to fix it, you can go to the end of Reality Check and let the thumbnails of the other videos come up. Jessica’s interview is Square #1.

  4. Rita says:

    I am with you as well, where was the interview??

  5. Lily says:

    This is Reality Recap not Jessica’s interview.

  6. Lily says:

    Nevermind…it’s fixed.

  7. NatasyaF says:

    Discovering Reality Check is a nice surprise–but also wondering about the Jessica interview

  8. Kaba says:

    Okay, her personality legitimately might make her my all time favorite contestant to ever be on the show.
    I love her drive. She has soooooo much drive.
    Can’t hate on that.

  9. RD says:

    That was a very good,honest interview. I feel I understand and respect her a lot more now.

  10. Tahoe Mike says:

    And I thought I loved her already! What a cool chick.

  11. bern says:

    That she shows no awareness that she needs improvement – at all – is the reason I didn’t like her as a person. And no matter how I’d like her voice – if I perceive her to be arrogant – I won’t be voting for her. This is exactly what I expected from her exit interview.

    • Kelly says:

      If that made you feel like she was arrogant, who in the world of the remaining have you been voting for?!

    • JoMarch says:

      Arrogant? What about Caleb calling his fans “retards”; saying before singing one of his songs “this will make old ladies cry” or something along those lines. What an arrogant jerk, and Jena thinks she’s God’s gift. Who did you vote for?

      • Josh says:

        This is not the most likable cast haha

      • Luke says:

        And I don’t see any evidence of “god’s gift” in Jena. This is what people used to say about Haley. To your question abt Caleb – I agree that he is completely deluded into thinking he is a RockStar. That he thinks he is funny is so annoying too. I only vote for Jena.

      • Tamara says:

        I’m in the minority that doesn’t think Caleb is all that arrogant. Yes he’s said that one stupid thing but i saw that more as a young, silly mouth and frustration at having to sing Dream On (which we all know is a death sentence). When he actually gets his critiques he’s very neutral no matter what the judges say and is open to critique, he only whoops because the judges kinda look at him like ‘hello we just praised you to the nines, react!’. He’s also the first one on his feet to support another contestants performance and I actually like his attitude a lot.

        Jena on the other hand I think is overrated (but that’s only my opinion) and sometimes I can’t believe how grown up and entitled she acts when she’s only 17! It’s not specific things, it’s more the way she talks and acts. Like when she was being mentored by Jason Mraz, my entire family was like wow that girl acts a little too big for her boots doesn’t she? I know I’m in the minority on TVLine at least and that she’s the Chosen One this season lol (if reader comments and Michaels inflated grades for her performances are anything to go by!) but I really can’t get on the Jena train, and I have tried, because I want to try and be happy when she inevitably wins!

        • Shazza says:


        • justme says:

          Agreed, as well! I haven’t watched the last two weeks because I knew how it was going to play out – mostly dull performances, way too many close-ups on JLo, judges (especially JLo) fawning over Jena.
          Sorry, Jena fans, no disrespect to you, but I fail to see this girl’s talent. The voice is grating, her personality is contrived and she does have an “entitled” air about her.
          I’ll be watching the finale but I have a feeling it’s against my better judgment.
          What an underwhelming, dull, disappointing season.

          • I totally agree about the outcome. I figure it was all settled before the first tryouts were aired. The judges shouldn’t be seen at all. The only reason they brought JLo back was so they could let her parade around half naked and up the the ratings. At least Caleb can sing his songs and doesn’t have to lip sync like jlo. The final 3 should have been Caleb, Jessica and Sam. All Jena does is scream and most times you have no idea what she is supposedly singing. I think my votes are all for nothing.

          • Briita Steed says:

            I think they new judges and get rid of randy

      • Gaby says:

        I’ve spent the entire season voting for Alex, who seems to be the most modest of the contestants.

        • kathie says:

          Me too. I think Alex was the most talented of all! I look forward to seeing what becomes of his career, hopefully much success.

      • dan says:

        Don’t understand how you could perceive Jena as arrogant unless you already have a distaste for her and are looking for reasons to dislike her. She’s just confident.

    • antz says:

      I don’t perceive that as arrogant. I think she was just trying hard to be as honest as possible about what she thinks. That’s what makes a great artist…like Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse etc

    • kaikenna says:

      Yes, just goes to show why she wasn’t growing as much as we had all hoped. Because she wasn’t listening!! I mean for god sakes, she thought So What was one of her best performances! It was painful to watch!!! Now that was an indication of her lack of self awareness!

      • Matrix says:

        I don’t think she said it was one of her best performances – I think she said she had fun doing it. Whether or not she really has a lack of self-awareness, she got 4th place – can’t be that bad!

    • dbaier says:

      have to agree — just watching her in the early auditions i saw someone who thought she was entitled

    • cod says:

      agreed..she’s arrogant..and she’s not that great..a Mediocre!!

  12. MA says:

    Pretty badass. Rock it, Jessica!

  13. MAB says:

    That was a really good interview and I think Jessica is going to be okay. She has such grit and determination. She will not give up and she shouldn’t.

  14. GuitarBlue says:

    Jess skipped an opportunity to be more in the Country side on her last round of song choices…………………………………………………….

    With Dexter and CJ gone the lane was wide-open to do Country and gain more support in that area —— and we know that Country once got the top two slots with Scotty & Lauren, both in the same year. Maybe she didn’t want that,and wanted to push her Rocker Chik side. But that’s exactly what got her eliminated, …………………………………

    she could have made the top 3 if she went 1 Southern Country Rock song and 1 slow popular Country Ballad along with her Ga Ga “You & I” on the last show. Her interview showed she is not much into strategy. Kris Allen was very good at song strategy and won the show with it.

    • Crownfire says:

      Assuming, of course, that she was given the opportunity to sing Country tunes. Jess made it clear, in this and other interviews, that the song choices were very limited and tightly controlled. Since conspiracy theory seems to be a big part of the Idol experience, let me offer mine: TPTB did not want Jess to win, or even make the top 3, for whatever reason. They beat her up with all their usual devices, and when she refused to break, they submarined her by forcing her to sing three pop songs (not at all her genre) in the crucial top 4 show. I’ll even offer that the reason for the abrupt shift away from original songs was because the favored contestants had songs that couldn’t stand up against the song(s) of “the this and the that” contestant(s).

      • Lynn says:

        I think Alex and Jena have originals that can stand up to Jessica’s, not disparaging her talent at all. I think Caleb was the worry. I don’t think he writes his own stuff. They want him in the finale, clearly.

      • Jill Moya says:

        Conspiracies…..come on now! She had the same chance as the others. She was horrible on group week and any other year she was GONE! Nobody will acknowledge that fact. There are a million singers like her around, believe me. Am I the only one that doesn’t think she’s wonderful???? She made top 4 which is great. OBVIOUSLY THE JUDGES IMAGINARY BAD TREATMENT OF JESS DIDN’T HURT HER! Can she be a big star? Time will tell! I wouldn’t count on it. I still don’t like her personality and this interview doesn’t boost my opinion of her!

        • Nedsdag says:

          Said the Jena fan.

        • sheba says:

          It’s a contest, so of course you’re free to like or dislike any contestant you want for whatever reason you choose. But you have to concede that to make it in an incredibly tough business like music, a person needs to be able to clearly articulate who they are, what they want, and be able stand up for themselves, especially if they are a woman. The sweet, bubbly personality that a show like Idol favours in its winners makes someone likeable and relatable to voters, but it’s an image and not at all an accurate reflection of the drive and attention to one’s craft that is necessary to be a lasting success in the industry. That’s the persona Jess has chosen to present to the world and help her bond with an audience who likes her music. If she tried to be any other way, I’m sure it would seem inauthentic.

        • kaikenna says:

          This interview only reconfirms my opinion of her. Totally disingenuous on the show — blank smile on her face and she could careless what everyone was saying to her. I think it’s great that she is strong and can brush off criticism, she’ll need it, but this interview shows that she is really closed off and doesn’t want to accept constructive criticism. Perhaps this is why she hasn’t gone anywhere in the past. I think this is part of her problem. She has a lot of walls and is cut off. She needs to let that go a little so she can show her emotions in her performance. Her last performance only proves that Keith and Jennifer were right. It only highlighted what was missing in her previous performances. She went home when she was supposed to.

          • Michelle says:

            Said the person who doesn’t know her on a personal level.

          • Matrix says:

            Wow – deep psychoanalysis based on so little information….sounds like someone may have an agenda :)

          • Jill Moya says:


            God forbid someone tells the truth about Jessica! She seems to be the darling of tvline, both reviewers and commentars. You put it nicely, actually. I knew she was like this all along! It’s the biggest joke in AI history, Jess making top 4 on the show! She is ordinary and being a rebel, sure didn’t hurt her as I feel she wasn’t top 200 material….many better singers left very early on!

          • Jill Moya says:


            Jessica is about as refreshing as a hot glass of salt water given to a person dying from the heat in the hot desert!

          • Kaikenna says:

            It’s not an agenda, just an opinion. And if you read anything outside of what Slezak is writing, there are many others with the same opinion of Jessica in the media or on social media. She didn’t connect, she didn’t emote very well, she couldn’t move to the music, etc. so I’m not the only one with this opinion of her. She said herself, “I had no idea so much went into a performance!”. Well it showed. I think she has a great voice, and a great look. She just needs to work on her stage presence. And if she thinks she is fine and doesn’t need to work on it, then that’s her loss.

          • Matrix says:

            It’s so funny when people say “she didn’t connect” and “isn’t going anywhere” when millions of people voted for her and she got #4 on AI.

          • SS says:

            Well said Kaikenna, I agree with every word. These conspiracy theories of Slezak and his followers are all just unsubstantiated garbage. She made it to 4th place, much further than she should have, she should be very grateful for that.

          • Barb says:

            I agree completely. Every time she performed, she looked beautiful and sang well, but you wanted her to move away from the mike and sing! You don’t go to a concert to see someone stand there. I felt the same about Alex. They can write music and sing, but they are definitely NOT performers!

          • retrosteve says:

            The phrase is “couldn’t care less” It means you are at the bottom, lowest possible level of caring. The other way just makes no sense.

  15. karenb says:

    Oh Sleazak you’re adorbs! Totally enamoured!

  16. Gina says:

    GREAT interview. Loved it. She’s a very interesting, honest person and I can’t wait to hear more of her music.

  17. Michael Johns says:

    She’s overall an amazingly good person, and J-lo is a skank who should know better ‘coz she’s ancient. How immature. Most contestants that I liked on the show I just don’t care enough to buy their stuff, but I will financially support Jessica buy buying her music. Seriously. One of a kind artist the show has ever had. She now joins Haley and Michael Johns as my all-time fave AI contestants. The future is bright for people who are well-meaning and hardworking!

    • Jill Moya says:

      MJ, Of course you like Michael Johns……HE’S YOU…LOL!

    • I thought your all time favorite contestants were Sanjaya and Charlie Askew? You know what I kinda liked these contestants LOL

      • Michael Johns says:

        LOL! My original faves were Miles Paige and Chikize! But I just learned that “sucky” doesn’t mean “great” in real life!

          • Michael Johns says:

            Season 7! Thw one who looks like a munchkin. 11th placer

          • ok I just went and googled him I do remember him. Where the heck is jill hiding? lol

          • Oh crap, Im actually scared to watch tonight. Randys song choices have yet to be revealed. Very afraid of what Randy chose. Maybe he will surprise us and pick better ones than the judges did. I will be watching spoiler alerts a little later to see if I can spot Randy’s song choices

          • By the way! dont you ever use that word Munchkin Or Dwarf OMG HOW COULD yOU ? Its so horrible, like calebs “R*** word. I am alerting all broadcasts and tv media. and 50,000 comment sites and have a hate fest because you said munchkin. The munchkin society will be breathing down your back soon. OH wait, they arent tall enough to reach your back. ok Breathing down your ankles. HOW DARE YOU! LOL LOL LOL It just makes you so arrogant and “retar****

          • I vote to throw the judges in a “bouncy house” or “bouncy tent” whatever and send them off in the nearest whirlwind.

          • LOL!! Do alert them! SO next time I step on the stage I’ll sing a bad cover of a Bon Jovi song! OOOPS!

  18. Becky says:

    I loved her interview. She is so determined and even inspirational. Super honest.
    And whoever made the comment about them not wanting her to win. It is true. Omg. Week 7. Caleb agreed to take Jena to the ball…they just want to play on that. But I am hoping alex is in the finals.

  19. Trouty Mouth says:

    Loved that Jess is the recipient of the famous flowers this year (even if they didn’t appear on camera).

    • Kevin says:

      She did? I’m pretty sure that Michael likes Jena more.

    • Kaba says:

      Part of me felt it was a cover up.
      We all know Slezak wants to hand those flowers over the Jena.
      He’ll have a flower confetti shower set up for her when she wins.

  20. Jill Moya says:

    JLO was behind Jessica. She was still hugging Randy so she walked away….BIG DEAL! I still say the judges said what they felt and did not dislike her! JLO defended her singing when she felt it was good! I’m no JLO fan but the JLO-Jessica situation is being blown out of proportion. She’s gone, we can all stop talking about POOR JESS who to me was tremendously overrated and my production is……She isn’t going anywhere soon.

  21. Jill Moya says:

    Meant my PREDICTION!

    • And now mumbles is the prediction for the win! That is bad. She has gotten conceited and since that whole “copy” of Ingrids song, cant stand her. Lying to all of america that she arranged that song herself. What a little witch! They say hers was “the song of the season”. You mean “ingrids song that was carbon-copied by Jena mumbles. Our choices are being very narrowed down for a winner! Alex may look like he has to pee, but I like honesty in a person. Caleb, Alex finale! Do we have to watch mumbles sing tonight? Oh and advertisements think Jess’s vote will go to Jena. I dont. Jess and Caleb are darker and more rockerish, they are both from the south. The southern vote is huge. I think Jess’s votes will go to caleb. Jena is just bee-bop wanna be rocker. Lets see where the southern vote goes. The songs they do tonight will be very important too.

      • Jill Moya says:

        Good name..MUMBLES, huh??????? Maybe Caleb will pull it out

      • Bella says:

        I don’t think any of the songs either of them do will ever be very important, period. I do not understand why the judges love Caleb or Jena for that matter, but especially Caleb…Why are AI judges so hell bent on picking the winner themselves and trying to influence voters. Why do they care who wins? I could understand if they pushed for someone who seemed likely to represent them well for the sake of the show, but their choices don’t make sense. I don’t see either of these two going anywhere. As for Jessica, I can respect her position, but she could do with a little humility. Me thinks anyone who comes off as that unfazed by anything doth protest too much…But cool that she is blowing whistle on AI….however, she may pay for it on tour. Might end up with very limited stage time.

    • Jill , Michael Johns asked where you were last night and I told him you were standing outside his door! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. My Alter Ego says:

    I’ll be honest — from a musical standpoint I wasn’t, from the outset (and still am not), a Jessica fan. I don’t like the style of “music” that she gravitates towards, nor do I care for her pinched nasal tone nor her vibrato.
    It’s hard enough to make a living as a musician; combine that with limited exposure (of Slapout), then the difficulty has been doubled — perhaps tripled. Which is why, from the beginning, I also wanted her to stay on the show long enough that she could develop a following that would continue to support her long after the show.
    I think — I hope — that she has accomplished that. She certainly deserves it! As Becky said above, Jessica is “determined and inspirational.” Again, musically, she’s not my cup of tea, but I have tremendous respect for her and I truly wish her the best!

    • Jill Moya says:

      M A E,
      You make good points! I think your description of her voice is accurate….maybe too kind! I don’t root against anyone being a success. However, I have always thought she’s not one who’s gonna make it big in the biz. I still think she’s stuck up and arrogant! Don’t expect THE GRAND OLE OPRY or gold record sales in her future!

      • Michael Johns says:

        Well, that’s possible, but IMO you’re worse than her, lovely Jill!

        • Jill Moya says:

          You are too cruel! Keep it up and you’ll have to be lashed by several wet noodles!

          • LOL HAHAHAHAH You two are funny. Michael Johns and Jill. Hey Jill Ive got something better to lash him with! LOL

          • Michael Johns says:

            LOL! I have to give it to you, Jill! Though I’ve never been lashed out by wet noodles. I’d like to know that feels!

          • GEEZ You are as sick and twisted as I am. I imagine being hit with wet noodles would feel kind of pasty and slimy and because they are wet noodles it would sting a little. Just HOLD STILL MICHAEL. IT WILL ONLY HURT FOR A MINUTE!

        • (its becca) what about me? I want to be told off once in a while. LOL

          • Jill Moya says:

            OK Becca I’ll have to be the one to tell you off: Now you listen to me… You place so many comments in a row that you need to be picked up by men in white coats and be transported to Belview Mental facility! I am tired of your expert comments that are spot on! Knock it off! Be negative once in a while! You wanted it, you got it……. LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL!

          • Im going to throw this computer.Word press sucks! anyway. The men in white coats are coming for me. They better be hot! I try to be as negative as I can LOL dammit! My new comments about jena are. What a twirp. Taking credit for the arrangement of that song. It was Ingrid Michaelsons arrangement. WHERE IS MY WIRE HANGER.

          • Michael Johns says:

            Hey, becca! You wanna get nasty? Let’s buy buckets of duck crap and we’ll pour it all over Jill’s hairy body! After that, we’ll dance like crazy in the tune of miss lopez’s I luh yuh poopie.

          • LOL I luh yah poopie and the Watuzi two step Yahoo! J-lo deserves the HO-DOWN DANCE. Duck crap? I wouldnt do that.Jill says she has been carrying a wire hanger for protection. We could only guess how brutal that might get. I dont like that “I Luh Ya Poopie dance. I dont like slapping myself in the head. I tried it and got a headache.

          • Michael Johns says:

            LOL. Ms. Lopez doesn’t seem to mind slapping her head. Oh, wait. She’s dumber than ever. Yep, it’s the “I Luh Yuh Papi” dance that’s doing that. We could beat Jill even with a wire hanger at her disposal. We could use duck crap, or rodents’ ears or the Pawnee mayor’s chipped toe nails to scare Jill!

          • GROSS LOL toenails, ick, I Luh Ya Papi is about the worst thing I have ever heard. Can we not get a judge that we can respect as a musician please? That red dress she wore the other night. In the front? OMG It went all the way up to her…… you know what. very short. She doesnt even sing well.

  23. ck says:

    Love the interview with Jessica. Have to comment on the poor quality of the audio and video though – like many other items I’ve seen here. Come on TV Line. You can do better than this!

  24. Huba Buba says:

    Love the interview, HATE the new format of the video.

  25. Carol says:

    Jessica is the best. I knew her interview would be honest and inspiring. Love her positive attitude. Love how she she nailed the haters with that wry humor too.

  26. Diane says:

    She is so honest. I really admire that. Is there any doubt TPTB didn’t want her to do well considering they’d put “Walking on Sunshine” on a list of songs for her to do? Could you imagine a WORSE choice for someone like her? I have no doubt the Pink song was probably the lesser of all the evils and her getting stuck with that reminds me of when Haley was forced to do “You Outta Know.”

    • Matrix says:

      The last-minute canning of the originals is really suspicious. Why would they do this, especially given the positive feedback Jess, Alex and Jena seemed to have gotten for their originals? It’s hard not to think that TPTB are not manipulating the process when they do things like this.

      • Amanda says:

        I agree! I am beginning to believe that the show is kind of a set up to clone past famous artists since after all they aren’t getting any younger! Jena didnt sound ANYTHING like what she sounds like now when she first started the show, she was “influenced” to sing a certain way. and Jess stayed true the whole way through even when forced to do kaka songs. I hope that they realize what they are doing before they lose their fan base and flop the whole show. what ever happened to people winning because they are good? lol I agree with so many of the comments on here and I believe that if they had allowed Jess to do her original songs she would have been atleast the top 2. if not won. it takes actual skill and talent to be a singer song writer! :)

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah I agree, I think it was pretty clearly meant to sink her off the show (or, at worst, Alex, if she survived somehow anyway).
        What rot. Plus it robbed the audience too. Who in the audience didn’t want to hear their originals songs there??? And then they wonder why ratings are tanking. It’s all these over the top games S10 and on (they had them earlier on too of course, but kept it at least a bit hidden and less damaging).

    • Walking on sunshine is the worst choice for anyone.

      • HTGR says:

        I actually like the song hah, but yeah it’s a rough choice for a competition like this and man I don’t see how it would’ve fit her at all or even most singers. Going from a strong own song to that choice, yeah they had the greyhound fleet warmed up and then stepped on the gas alright.

  27. Danny says:

    I had thought the snub was Jessica snubbing Lopez. Apparently it was about Lopez snubbing Jess.
    I like her drive. That in itself is appealing. She comes off as a No BS type girl.

  28. Timmah says:

    Too bad Jessica missed out on those final bits of wisdom from J-Lo… “Notice how I put the extra ‘luh ya’ in there so it goes ‘I luh ya luh ya *luh ya* papi’?”

    • Matrix says:

      “And notice that when I talk about embodying the music, it includes banging the side of your head with your hand continuously, looking like an idiot”?

  29. AlyB says:

    I just love this girl. I hope all her dreams come true. I’ll certainly be looking for whatever she puts out in the future. Great interview Michael. Yes, she is the perfect recipient for this season’s bouquet.

  30. ara says:

    Yey, sound is finally better (tho still not great). I was going to complain that her Spreecast sounded better if Hangout sound was going to suck as badly as in Malaya’s interview.

    I hope Jess learns how to emote more with her facial expressions so she can convey the emotions she has inside. And I hope she finds her success.

  31. GuitarBlue says:

    Just a side note. None of the top 4 Idols remain in the itunes top 400 tonight. … 2 of “The Voice” top 5 are still in the top 100 from last weeks songs………, Christina and Josh.

  32. kate'shomesick says:

    Here’s the thing. I completely respect her…she seems like a nice person with a good head on her shoulders…and it’s not as if she isn’t a decent musician but honestly to me, she’s just that (also a -probably- cool human being) . Technically speaking her singing is pretty questionable…the throaty glottal onsets, the warbling vibrato, the nasal, pushed tone…so I have to say it doesn’t really shock me that she thinks warming up her voice isn’t necessary…this is going to sound harsh but: that is plain stupid. I expected more vocal knowledge. She should get her technique in check or her voice will be gonzo soon. Also, while I aprecciate that she’s confident in her ideas and I’m glad she didn’t focus on the whole production shenanigans and all the crazy stuff going on- she does come across as entitled in moments like these. I don’t think she is at all though. So that can be fixed. Hope she’ll continue to work hard and take advice to try and better herself…Good luck Jess.

    • Michael Johns says:

      Lots of us here love the “throaty glottal onsets, the warbling vibrato, the nasal, pushed tone”

      • Jena? I agree. She ripped off someone elses version of a song and let the judges think it was her version. Oh I just looked at the post above. Thay were talking about jess? woops I thought they were talking about Jena!

  33. Cherries' Jubilee says:

    I thought Jessica was extremely immature and not very talented, along with having very little class. Seems like Idol contestants used to have a lot more class. The judges seem truly interested in helping and I think are the best judges that idol has ever had. cjub

    • Michael Johns says:

      Hey, that’s your opinion, I respect that, but the fact that you came up with that analysis is pretty immature IMO

    • Jill Moya says:

      C J,
      Great accurate comments! Had I made those same remarks I would have a lynch mob after me wanting to see a hanging!

      • And Michael Johns would be leading the lynch mob and carrying the rope! Just kiddin Michael! or would you?

      • Michael Johns says:

        I’ll strangle you with my grass-made gloves, Jill!

        • I LUH YA PUPPA I LUH YA LUH YA LUH YA POOPY I LUH YA LUH YA PAPPO I LUH YA LUH YA I LUH YA LUH YA PAPAYA I LUH YA LUH YA OH EXCUSE I WAS DOING THE LATEST DANCE CRAZE. I cant seem to get my ass out there enough!!! Ok I will just stick to “The River Dance”

        • Jill Moya says:

          There’s only one problem strangling me! I need you to sing I LUH YA POPPY! The problem is, you need 2 hands to strangle and I wanted you to sing that classic while banging your head as you strangle! Darn it, I wanted to die with a smile on my face!

    • Some chick says:

      They were banned from social media and groomed by PR staff. There was a year three of the boys started posting videos and got in trouble. I think it was Season 6 with Blake Louis. To be honest, I think social media in General has killed the air of mystery surrounding celebrities.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Really. Not to mention the fact we can turn on the TV and see them beating on each other in elevators.

  34. Renee says:

    Michael, great interview. I look forward to these so much every year. I liked Jess a lot but in previous yrs your talks have shown me a new side of some contestants that I hadn’t really cared for during competition – or sometimes confirmed my views lol. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Jess finds success as a songwriter – it’s pretty tough to make it as a singer these days but she’s an amazingly strong writer for someone her age.

  35. CTZ says:

    Great interview, Jessica was always my favorite contestant this year and I’m sad to see her not in the finals. I believe she can make a career from singing and wish her the best of luck.

  36. Pk says:

    She’s just as down to earth as I thought she would be. And Lopez is a bigger $itch than I thought. Who knew? Regardless, Jessica will be charting for years to come while others attempt to stay relevant (yes, I am referring to she who doesn’t deserve to share a stage with talented musicians).

    Can’t wait to here Michael’s thoughts on Jessica after meeting her in person. I like her even more and hope she’s wildly successfully. I know who will want to be her bestie then. #nohugforyou

    For those who think it’s Jessica and not the female judge who has a problem, I watched an interview with Rosie Perez years ago and she was asked about the rumors that Jennie wasn’t really still from the block. She basically replied that she never hears from Jennifer and hadn’t since she stopped being a “fly girl”. I took away from that interview that if you can’t do anything for Jennifer, she doesn’t have time for you. Just thought I’d throw that into the conversation since several commenters want to make Jessica out to be some kind of person she’s not. Hard to believe the nastiness some people put out. Karma is about all I need to say about that. Wait for it………..

    Anyway, Jess deserves flowers and is the kinda person I’d want for a friend. I much prefer her honesty over the facades some others put on. Stay true and stay you! Luh ya. Ha!

  37. If you don’t want to wait for them to fix it, you can go to the end of Reality Check and let the thumbnails of the other videos come up…..

  38. Emma says:

    She seems very guarded to me, lots of one word answers, it’s no wonder she wasn’t able to make a connection with the viewers. And the fact that she uttered the dreaded phrase “I had fun” so many times is evidence she was doomed from the start.

    • Wen says:

      Totally agree Emma – that “I had fun” is very telling about a person. And that she said “I just smiled” when the judges were critiquing – I always read that smile as phony on the show. It’s weird how different people can be perceived. ‘Guarded’ is the right word for her…

      • Jessica says:

        I really liked Jessica in the beginning but that smile of hers got on my nerves about a month ago. She even did it when singing so I thought it was all not real.

      • MamaLis says:

        For her sake, I hope the “I just smiled,” thing meant, “I just smiled as I listened to what they said. I used what I could to improve myself. What I couldn’t I let go and moved on.” I hope it did NOT mean, “I just smiled. Then I turned the other cheek and walked away.”
        The girl needed the constructive feedback and smug “whatevers” will do nothing to help her career.
        Also: Dear Millennials, PLEASE do not talk OVER other people! It’s really bad manners and NOT cool. Kindly wait until someone is done expressing themselves or posing their question. THEN you may answer. Thank you. ML

    • Yo says:

      Still waters run deep. Not everyone wants or needs to bare his or her soul to millions. I have a lot of respect for that.

  39. Dang girl, homie is dropping some truth bombs :) I loved her explanation of Pumped Up Kicks. All the respect I already had for her just went way up. Definitely my favorite contestant this year. [br/]

    I’d love to hear a longer version of Rhiannon on her set list. I believe she’s capable of developing the arc for the song I didn’t hear during the live version. [br/]

    Glad she did Call Me instead of Walking on Sunshine. Really liked that performance.

  40. Leticia Prado says:

    Oh, I really wanted to hear her talking about the sing-off during the Green Mile and how those news were delivered to them. Plus, Haley, Elise and Jessica faced muted praise, Stevie Nicks comparisons (and songs) AND sang You and I. I thought that might be mentioned.

    Good interview as always. She seems a little more stubborn than determined, but most likely it is the punches of standing out in a small town. Too bad, I was interested in getting to know Slapout (and seeing these people welcoming her back).

    Regarding the format of the interview, I love the lenght (even though I felt this interview particularly was a bit rushed), but you guys could use some mics, the sound is usually bad, and some of the contestand were barelly audible. Not Jess, thou.

    I was curious about the flowers. I was pretty sure she was going to be the recipient of them, and I wantef to see which ones Michael would give her. I know, I am shallow.

    • Daltons Mom says:

      I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Haley, Elise and Jessica are my 3 favorite female Idol contestants from any season?! Haha I like all of their voices a lot and the fact that they all got beat up by the judges all season made me like them more!

  41. Leticia Prado says:

    Oh, and Michael, did you ask Uncle PB how to say his name in the interview? You said in this interview with a lot of confidance.

  42. Yo says:

    This girl is going to be fine. She is solid and approached Idol in the best way to survive and grow from it. She won’t be sitting still and I will be watching for her. She is a gooood musician.

  43. syb says:

    I have to admit that I’m struggiling with the concept that JLo was the one who was the hardest on Jessica. I’ve rewatched the shows a few times, and JLo is most often the most positive of the judges when Jessica was critiqued. She was the only one who gave her a couple of unqualified kudos for performances. She’s the one who stuck up for Pumped up Kicks. If you want to read her body language and come up with sinister motives, have at it. Or you could just listen to what all three judges actually said, and maybe draw a more straightforward conclusion.
    Was she too much of a diva to hang around and trade hugs at the conclusion of Jessica’s run? OK, maybe that’ was crappy. But Jessica’s not the first one to say that JLO didn’t hang around to chat, and she’s not the first judge of whom that’s been said by eliminated contestants. So I don’t assume it personal to Jessica. Indeed, maybe she had some place to be, or she wanted to go home to her kids, or maybe what little she was wearing was starting to crawl up… Who knows? But this whole implication that JLO hated Jessica and singlehandedly did her in is just bull. Very few people give Jennifer the time of day anyway, so now she’s using her witchy powers to cast a spell on viewers? Keith and Harry ought to have been much more influential based on the fact that viewers like them better. And they were as tough, or really tougher than JLO on Jessica. That’s just not disputable if you go back and listen to the commentary over the course of the season.
    Otherwise, Jessica is a pretty straight shooter. I can see why the producers/directors did choose to give her the bitch edit, because she plays the part pretty well, but I personally admire people who are direct and who don’t feign humility. There is a huge difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence means she believes in herself and listens to her own voice. Arrogance means she doesn’t hear or care what anyone else says. I think the former is true of her, but not the latter. Good luck to her. Not my favorite voice this season, but she was certainly interesting and compelling.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I found it interesting she was so complimentary of Harry’s musical knowledge and said he was quite technical and hard on her because he thought she could do more, or was trying to get more out of her, or something like that.

  44. darcy's evil twin says:

    Wow, that was a great, honest interview. I knew I liked her! There is certainly nothing pretentious about Jessica.
    I find it interesting they were going to allow the contestants to sing original songs, switched the theme the Sunday prior to the performances, and then Jessica was stuck with two less than ideal songs, although I didn’t think “So What” was all that bad. I’m sure someone has mentioned this already but the Conspiracy Theorist in me is busy…. :-)
    “They say a man that’s worth your tears will never make you cry” – great lyrics. I wish her all the luck in the world. I love her voice and would buy her CD.


  45. GuitarBlue says:

    Maybe most have seen or heard this before, from””TIP”” supposedly all of the former contestants from this years top 30, top 20, wild card contenders and non-touring finalists ——– will be allowed to audition again in Season 14 if they choose to ——————–

    I don’t know if this is accurate, but perhaps only the touring top 10 are ineligible for next year now??>>…………………Meaning even Kristen, Emily and Ben could re-try next year if they want to, and fit in the age limit. ?

  46. Michael Johns says:

    The views for this video is skyrocketing. Already 70000+. Huh. Others’ barely crack 10000.

  47. d. haze says:

    I enjoyed Jessica’s voice the most. Disappointed she is gone. I like the majority of this interview which focused on Jessica’s musical ideas.

    But no matter what might have truly happened, I think it is best for contestants not to talk too much what happened behind the scenes issues, or the judges. It’s okay for us to speculate and discuss our perceptions and annoyances, but I think the contestants should just respect the fact that they have been given an opportunity of a lifetime in terms of exposure. I don’t think the interviewer should direct questions that encourage the contestant to air grievances as it just makes her look classless. To her credit, Jessica has just always stated her gratitude for the opportunity she had, but as she was just voted out it’s tempting, when asked, to get defensive about some of her difficulties or critiques against her.

  48. GuitarBlue says:

    At top 4, each one to that point has had 11 weeks of a 7 to 9 million audience, plus the youtube videos of performances on the net, the itunes songs that were produced in-studio at Idol, their pictures in the entertainment sections of thousands of newspapers and publications around the country.——————————————————————————————————————-
    so it is a monster platform to help launch a career in music or an area of the entertainment industry.

  49. danin says:

    You’re headline about JLo is misleading..for one thing Jesse says she lost a” little” bit of respect for JLo because JLo didn’t talk to her, and it was took all of 20-30 seconds at the end of the interview.

  50. Amanda says:

    I just love Jessica! My favorite idol ever, the only other American idol that I was devastated to see eliminated from American idol was Sarah Simmons a season or two ago. Its funny how American Idol seems to always get someone to win their show that is a “sweet heart”? I don’t know if that is the right word…. but I havnt seen anyone with true conviction and real raw talent win American Idol. If it isn’t someone who can molded into what the social media wants then they usually do not win. But I hope that there are other producers out there that will invest in the eliminated amazing artists that left American idol like daughtry had happen to him.

    I love love love you Jess! im not some crazed fan just in a way vicariously lived through you on american idol since I don’t have the pair it takes to go on a show like that. I think your a tough cookie and I am proud of you! I want you to know I sat on the phone every voting night for an hour calling and texting your “number 10” hoping I made a difference to push you closer to the winning! but even though you didn’t win please keep on keeping on because you have a lot of fans now that want to hear more of your awesome talent! from a 27 year old mom who has stage fright thank you for your awesome courage and giving me something good to listen to thats more my style for a change on Idol! lol

    you should have been in the top 3, I don’t understand how people think that Alex is even that good. he may be a great person but we already have like 5 thousand artists that sound identical to him and they are not millionaire status artists…..they aren’t even considered famous!! what happened to wanting a new sound for the new future of music? I think it should have been you who actually won. I love Jena too but she sounds much like other famous artists as well. you were the only one in the top with a truly beautiful unique sound. Good thing you stay true to that! :)