Fall TV Preview

Fox Boss Confirms Once-a-Week American Idol Next Season, Hints at Reduced Glee Order

American Idol 2015American Idol will eat up less of Fox’s schedule next season, Fox Chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed Monday during a conference call with reporters.

Touting a more new “more streamlined” format, Reilly said the once-mighty singing competition will likely launch with its traditional twice-weekly structure during the audition rounds before transitioning to a “two-hour show on one night” for the remainder of the season.

“We believe [Idol] will be on the air for many years to come,” Reilly continued, adding that there are good indications that all three judges will be back.

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Other key takeaways from Fox’s 2014-15 exec conference call:

* Reilly confirmed that Sleepy Hollow’s second season would consist of 18, mostly uninterrupted episodes.

* Glee’s sixth and final season order, originally slated to be 22 episodes, may be trimmed. “We’re going to sit down and talk [to exec producer Ryan Murphy] about how to end the show and how many that is,” he said.

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* The ending of limited series Gracepoint will differ from Broadchurch‘s climax (translation: different killer!).

* Reilly said upending Fox’s Animation Domination lineup with live action sitcoms Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Mulaney was about the network “going back to our [Sunday] roots,” a la Married with Children, Malcolm in the Middle and That ‘70s Show.

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  1. DJ Doena says:

    I really, really liked Glee in the beginning. But I gave up on it during season 4…

  2. Guess they’ll have less of that annoying lingering reveal/commercial break fakeout and more pure content. Would rather it would just go away, though.

  3. Scared Gleek! says:

    How about just canceling Glee out right. I’m afraid of what RIB might do to Rachel after they destroyed Finn and Finchel in S4 and now making Rachel quit her life long dream of being on Broadway after a month to go do a TV show in La about a Glee Club with Dumb & Dumber aka Blam.

    • Pretty sure Corey Monteith dying destroyed Finchel more than the writers ever could. But come on, what were you expecting? The show is worse every year.

      • may says:

        Sorry, I have to disagree. RIB destroyed Finn and Finchel AND RACHEL (storylilnes) in season 4 and tried to repair it in season 5, somehow..to little to late I might add

        • cc says:

          agree with you. Season 4 was when they destroyed Finn, Finchel and Rachel. They had Finn babysit the newbies, they had Rachel paired with a hooker(Dean could not act his way out of a paper bag), they had so little Finchel interaction. They were hoping that Jarley would replace them, laughable when you think about it. Personally, certain fandoms complained about too much Finchel and Glee pandered to them. See what happens when you let loud fanbases dictate your storylines the quieter ones in the general audience stop watching. And no matter that certain fanbases think they are the largest, obviously they are not based on ratings.

        • Mena says:

          Wow, so agree with cc and may. Season 4 Finn took backseat to the newbies. A so called Finn’s big storyline? What a stinker. I couldn’t stand Lima when Glee did that. And, Rachel’s story was a joke. Season 4 was a total mess. Now, Glee has no idea how to fix it. They’re trying, but, IMO, failing miserably. The loyal fans have abandoned Glee in mass. There is good reason.

        • Can someone tell me what RIB is? Is it some derogatory term for Ryan Murphy that I should learn?

  4. Blinged Up says:

    But….but….but….but…I don’t know if I can get my Idol fix satisfied with only one night a week. I don’t like it. Not at all.

    • Em says:

      One night is still one night too many!

    • DJ Alectra says:

      I totally agree, also how on earth will they be able to get the performances in, the votes in and tabulated in one night. Gonna be crazy!!

      • I don’t think that the voting results will be aired on the same night. I think that each show will start with an elimination from the voting during the prior week….all of the contestants will have to prepare a song for the night but one will be eliminated before they sing.

  5. K says:

    Yes, put Glee out of its misery please. The show has drastically gone down in quality and even judging by comments made my Chris Colfer, the BTS feud rumours and all of the other stuff that’s been coming out, the cast are sick of it too. I want a great resolution for the show that can hopefully salvage whatever’s left.

  6. qwert says:

    Why is people so concerned about Glee’s final season and American Idol do’s and dont’s. Both long forgotten shows which nobody cares about anymore. Fox should just move on. When they let some cast member write a lackluster episode and actually shoot thay fiasco, you know you’re done.

  7. Olivia says:

    “Oh, wow, I am so surprised about Glee being possibly reduced”… said no one ever. It’s already beyond belief that they gave it a S6.
    I just want this cast to be free to pursue interesting projects (hopefully not related to Murphy in any way, shape or form).

    • dcl33 says:

      You’d be surprised how many people are shocked about this ( I dunno why thou)… And lol I hope none of them ever cross paths with him again

      • nate says:

        yes because you really dont want to work with the person who created AHS & Nip-Tuck and various other projects *rolls eyes*

        • Nip Tuck started really good, but it just degenerated into an unwatchable mess, which includes Paula Marshall having diarrhea in a hot tub. I forced myself to watch all of the first season of American Horror Story, but it was just such a boring, hollow attempt at shock value that does not satisfy on any level (except maybe Jessica Lange’s acting, if you like seeing her shriek with rage and contempt for 13 hours). I did like The New Normal, but I’m kinda done with the guy. I’ll always have him to thank for exposing me to The Submarines, but I don’t owe him anything based on most of his recent work.

  8. Tony says:

    I’m glad Gracepoint will have a different killer and even more happy that Idol is changing to once a week!! Bring on more scripted television!! Also – the less Glee the better.

  9. alistaircrane says:

    I love The Simpsons and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so I am glad they are paired together. Disappointed that Sleepy Hollow is getting 18 episodes. They need to stick to their guns about doing 13-episode seasons. The quality of the first season won’t be there in Season 2 because now there will be more filler episodes.

    • Brian says:

      I agree… They should have stuck with the 13 episode count. As much as I love it, even “The Walking Dead” seems to struggle to avoid filler with 16 episodes…

  10. Tran says:

    Is IDOL now taking a page out of DWTS playbook as once-a-week episodes?

  11. Michaela says:

    I really hope they don’t ‘trim’ Glee. The show is still a great show, the storylines may not have been as fantastic as the early seasons, but the show had to grow. The focus on Rachel lately is exactly what the show should have done. It’s always been the Rachel show, and how she has wanted to get to Broadway. What was she supposed to do? Stay there forever? No. Not realistic of someone who is ambitious as Rachel Berry.

    Some people have given up on Glee, others will continue to harp on about the negatives, but I’ll stick with Glee, and proudly, until the end and long after. :)

    • LuLu says:

      I also watch Glee, its not the same and I do agree it has gone better the last few eps now that it focusing back on its main characters. I hope Fox give them full run since this is the only type of show on any Network that is a Musical and Comedy-Drama targeted for teens and it might be the last of its kind in a very long time. The way Fox is cancels tv shows, this might be the only one of its type that has been already syndicated and series only having 13 eps are becoming the norm I don’t see a lot a shows surviving for 100 eps. When Glee is over, I will follow the actors to other shows and go check them out in their Broadway performances like Lea in Funny Girl which they are in talks to bring it soon.

    • Lucy Quinn says:

      Not realistic is when the writers decided to put Rachel in LA after ONE broadway appearance. I mean if you’ve watched the show since the beginning you’d see that BROADWAY has always been Rachel’s dream and to give that up after being featured in one show is laughable not to mention lazy writing. First they dropped NYADA for Broadway and now they’re dropping Broadway for a “TV show” in LA. The writers of this show have clearly ran out of ideas and they’re just throwing anything they can think of in one second w/out thinking much about how it will mess up their original plot. I guess since the ratings are worst(for any current tv show) and they’re not bringing in money it’s their attempt to at least save on the cost of production by bringing it to LA instead.

  12. Matt C. says:

    I honestly wish networks would start doing more 13 episode seasons. There are so many benefits to doing this…1) uninterrupted runs through either September-December or February-May, 2) can allow for more shows to air (1 show in a timeslot in the fall, another show in that timeslot for the spring), 3) makes for tighter storylines with less filler episodes. That’s how the cable shows do it, and look at how the ratings have soared for cable shows compared to network shows (The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, etc).

    • AprilD says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with this post. Air one season of a show in Spring OR Fall (not both), shorter seasons = tighter story arcs and less filler. Keep the attention of your shows audience with MUCH less breaks. Can’t tell you how many times I gave up on a show during break and decided to just catch up when the season was over.

    • Ben says:

      The downside for a network is that costs of producing the show are amortised over fewer episodes, meaning the cost per episode is higher. If they could fill 26 weeks with 13 episodes of two shows, or 22 episodes of one show (plus a few repeats here and there) the latter is way way cheaper for them. Even though it would in many cases improve the shows.

    • Bong says:

      13 episodes reek! Not enough time to sink your teeth into a season. Those shows are usually boring crap.

  13. Name This Tune says:

    This only confirms what many of us already knew – that Idol would be scaled back and that rumors that the 3 current judges would return.

    Since Fox has been married to The Simpsons for 25 years, there’s no reason to believe that they won’t continue their relationship with for at least this long.

  14. Jerri says:

    Gotham looks promising. On the other hand, it’s on Fox…. They don’t have much if a track record with shows of that genre.

  15. K says:

    Time to say goodbye to Blee (the show formerly known as Glee).

    • nate says:

      i wish SOMEONE would just show me where the producers or creators clearly stated Glee became the Blaine show. Oh, wait that right you cant

      • cc says:

        It is called Season 4.

      • K says:

        When Kurt literally became second string to Blaine and his future, which Chris Colfer has even suggested. When Blaine gets more solos each season than most of his co-stars who have been there longer. When Blaine has so many Blaine-centric episodes and especially when Blaine was voted “the new Rachel”.

      • may says:

        You could find some erious online people who bother to get the statistics about season 4 (and season 5 already). Screen time and songs in season 4 showed Blaine/Darren had the majority of them. Hence fans called Glee as the name Blee. It´s out there. It´s not rocket science

      • Sil says:

        I agree with you Nate. I can’t tolerate Blaine. Season 4 just ruined Glee for me.

  16. Karen says:

    I agree with Michaela, I enjoy “Glee” and had hoped they would feature New York and friends from Lima. Maybe have one or two get married. I just can’t see American Idol working as a once a week show. I still believe there should be a 30 minute Results Show. Less focus on certain judge(s) would help. We want to get to know the contestants better, not the judges.

    • Dana says:

      I 100% agree with your comment about getting to know the contestants better and not the judges. Last years fake banter drove me crazy on AI. In my opinion, they were trying to grow a bromance hoping to copy what has been successful on The Voice……didn’t work for me. To much horse play time for the judges and Ryan Seacrest. This show is to help America pick the next American Idol which is not at the panel table!!!

  17. nate says:

    i really wish people would shut the hell up complaining about Glee all the damn time it’s already been renewed for a final season and isn’t going anywhere till then so either just the hell up and watch it or don’t. Your lame ass comments getting old & repetitive

  18. jr. says:

    I hope they give GLEE its full 6th season and renew it now for a season 7!

  19. Et al. says:

    Glee can’t end early! There’s so much left to do! They still haven’t explored every possible romantic pairing. Where is Sam-ecky, Sant-vester, Rach-ubbington? There are still like 7 Madonna songs they haven’t performed. There are still literally dozens of beloved broadway classics Colfer hasn’t wailed yet. They never even got around to touching on several important social issues such as blind transgendered Latina gymnasts. It just can’t end so soon!

  20. Babybop says:

    I can get on board with extending the Sleepy Hollow season.

    • nate says:

      yea me too. just dont go past 20 and we’ll be fine

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, 18 episodes? I can work with that. Sounds good :).
      I’m surprised at the idea of pulling “Idol” back to one night, but at the same time, I kinda like that idea. And as for “Glee”, not too bugged about that episode order one way or another. So long as they can wrap up the big storylines somehow with that, I’ll be fine with whatever they decide.

  21. Em says:

    Yes, by all means keep funnelling all of the money into J-Ho’s bank account instead of trying to improve the show and the contestants. Idiots!

  22. Sean T says:

    Is there ANY chance we will get to see any episodes of Us & Them? I know it will never be renewed, but can’t we at least see the six or so episodes of cancelled Alexis Bledel?

  23. Caro says:

    Don’t talk to Ryan Murphy about Glee – Ryan Murphy is the problem with Glee! RM is all about Blaine and gay rights rather than entertainment! Plus, he is all over the place – the show has no continuity!

  24. Idolhead Ed says:

    I wish they would keep Surviving Jack and lose Glee. Surviving Jack is the funniest show on TV.

  25. GuitarBlue says:

    Idol must be just trying to hold-on to it’s long time core watchers as this panel of Judges have already proven that their celebrity status and judgement in selecting talent to present to America – does not add-to or build the ratings.

    The producers and production staff have added a few new things this year in the logistics, but the old methods, old show format are still predominant. This is good for the tried and true Idol audience, but building a new wing on the audience with young fans, is not working.

    This is probably the way the show will go, with few significant changes, unless the ratings drop below all the other major networks for the time frame.

  26. Joe Dog says:

    Dropping Judge’s Idol to one night a week isn’t fixing the problems obvious to everyone except, apparently, the producers. The screaming tweens in the mosh pit, the preening judges…didn’t this used to be a show about “finding the next superstar?” Seems like the past couple of years it’s been little more than “finding the next judge who acts like an idiot.”

  27. Trouty Mouth says:

    Why can’t they just make the results show half an hour long instead of reducing our Idol? Glee has been stinking up the joint for seasons…the only good part of it is Naya Rivera and since her role has basically been reduced, it’s not worth watching.

  28. Neil Armstrong says:

    America is waiting to see one thing that I hope Ryan Murphy will do the right thing to see Blaine and Kurt to be wed on the show. and it got off track in season 4

  29. Neil Armstrong says:

    Ryan Murphy is the best thing that ever To create a show with diversity America needs to wake up people need to get beyond prejudiced

  30. Luke Irwin Styles says:

    i love the charactors of Glee but they shouldve brought EVERYONE together to say goodbye to Finn and left. It doesnt work with out Quin and Puck and the others were holding on to something we shouldve let go of after Cory.

  31. Ashley Weaver says:

    I am grateful a season 6 is going to happen, however there are a few fans that don’t want glee to end after season 6. There are fans that could watch those characters no matter what they do on the show. It is not the same without finn (love you finn miss you finn wish you were not taken from us so early in life) however getting to see kurt and blaine get married would be worth all the drama and crap the show has put those two through. Rachel does not need to be in another relationship she is just fine on her own, does she deserve to be happy if someone else should come along of course but if she feels like she does not want to be involved with someone on the show I respect her decision 100%. So please ryan consider continuing glee on further for the fans that would watch even if not enough can afford the budget to keep it running.

  32. voodooghostrider says:

    Why would they choose to put Idol on for 2-hrs one night a week? Are fans supposed to tune in the following week for results? That is the stupidest idea ever! I understand the need to scale back the show, they should stick with the 2-hr shows on Wednesdays and the 30-min results show on Thursdays. They only moved to a 30-min results show because Surviving Jack was on at 9:30pm and it turned to be a good thing because there is no reason to have a 1-hr results show. I hope they can come up with a better idea than a 2-hr one show a week format because fans aren’t going to want to wait a whole week for the results mixed in with performances too. Bad idea!

  33. Gada says:

    I hope Victor Garber returns in season 6 and will sing there! For he was great Will Schuester´s dad in Season 1… But I am afraid my wish will stay a wish, for Victor is too busy these days I spose with shooting films…..

  34. Mel says:

    Glee is a really great show i love it you should end it with will and emma having there first baby