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Post Mortem: Castle Boss Talks Controversial Wedding Day Twist ('We're Going to Take Our Lumps'), Teases New Mythology Ahead

Castle Finale Wedding Car CrashWarning: The following contains major spoilers from the Season 6 finale of ABC’s Castle.

ABC’s Castle on Monday night invited viewers to RSVP for the long-awaited wedding between bestselling author Richard Castle and NYPD Detective Kate Beckett. But did the duo’s Big Day go off without a hitch?

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With just days to go until their exchange of vows, Rick and Kate run into an unexpected obstacle when it is discovered that Ms. Beckett is actually a Mrs., having 15 years ago visited a drive-thru chapel with then-beau Rogan O’Leary (Warehouse 13‘s Eddie McClintock), while sloshed in Sin City. Finding Rogan and then getting him to sign off on a dissolution is easier said than done.

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Meanwhile back in New York City, the wedding itself was imploding. The venue? Shut down. The couture dress? Ruined. (Stop cheering, y’all.)

And yet… as the finale drew to a close, thanks to quick thinking by Martha and a gift from Jim, the wedding is happening, people!

Until it wasn’t.

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All dressed up and ready to wed — yet oddly unable to locate Rick — Kate gets a phone call. Next we see her, she is running down a Hamptons street, on her way to lay witness to a shocking, heartbreaking sight: Rick’s car, having seemingly been forced off the road by an ominous SUV, engulfed in flames.

TVLine invited series creator Andrew W. Marlowe to discuss the twists that transpired and what could possibly happen next, when Season 7 arrives in the fall.

TVLINE | I must say, this was, by and large, an entertaining hour. It was like a “four-quadrant” finale, delivering humor, tragedy, romance, mystery…. All of Castle‘s calling cards.
Thank you for saying that. We appreciate it. One of the things we were trying to accomplish was honoring where the show came from, with the romantic comedy, but also being able to deal with the deep, romantic elements. But we have been known to throw a sucker punch from time to time.

TVLINE | Talk about coming up with the overall idea for this finale.
Well, we knew we wanted to finish off Beckett’s trajectory of getting justice for her mother, in [the May 5 episode] “Veritas,” and we didn’t want that necessarily to be the last episode of the season. But we knew we wanted to deal with that before we got into the wedding stuff, because we wanted to have the sense that if Beckett was moving forward in life that she had that behind her. So, knowing that our second-to-last episode would be relatively weighty, coming into the last episode we were sitting around talking and thought, “Would there be a way to do a Preston Sturges/Coen Brothers-type screwball comedy?” To have some fun, get to see one of our characters in a bit of a new way. We had toyed with this notion of how to complicate the wedding without the conventional, “The old lover comes back into town” thing, and this was a new version of it, courtesy of Jeaneane Garofalo. I think she was the one who discovered, like 20 years later, that she had accidentally gotten married in Vegas not knowing that it was for real. So to be able to do that was exciting, because Beckett has always had the moral high ground in the relationship, because of Castle’s divorces.

TVLINE | Yeah, he even brings up her “one and done” line.
Exactly. And this makes her more human and much more endearing to him. In our minds it’s not a blow to her character, because she was 19 and thought she was being funny at the time, but it’s a huge complication when you have 300 people coming into town and the [wedding] venue is set…. “What are we going to do?” She didn’t want to be embarrassed, and it set us off on a really fun journey. Eddie McClintock playing Rogan gave us the sense that Beckett is drawn to those forces of nature that she can’t quite control.

TVLINE | OK, but talk about Castle Finale Car Crashyour peaks and valleys! You have the screwball comedy for three-quarters of the hour, and then you launch into a romantic swell — with Beckett’s mom’s dress, the scene with Martha, which was just wonderful – and then you yank the rug out from under us. Who was it in the writers room that dared to utter the words, “He drives off a cliff”?
[Laughs] I won’t ascribe blame, in case the fans take out their pitchforks. We’re actually very excited about where we’re going next season, and this helps set up some of the elements that we’re going to be dealing with coming back. We felt like it was an interesting way to end it, in a way that people will want to know what happened, what’s going on. We know that it’s a bit of an emotional blow to the audience but oftentimes good storytelling is. With the mythology that we’re introducing, we want to start it off with a bang. We’re just sorry that the audience has to wait until September to see how we’re going to resolve it.

TVLINE | Because make no mistake, the pitchforks will be out.
No doubt. No doubt. But to us, it’s an indication that they care. Hopefully, in the long term, their trust in us will be well-deserved. But in the short term we’re going to take our lumps.

TVLINE | Are you willing to say that whomever forced Castle’s car off the road is an existing adversary — be it 3XK, Annie Wersching’s plastic surgeon character, a Bracken thug, something pegged to Jackson Hunt, or even this Mickey-the-fugitive mobster guy?
I’ll say that we have a lot of interesting folks out there, and those are the questions we hope people are asking. We have some interesting answers when they come back. Or, at least, more interesting questions.

TVLINE | Nathan Fillion is signed for Season 7, right? This isn’t some loophole to put Castle through reconstructive surgery and have him come out looking like Travis Schuldt?
[Laughs] No, I don’t think we can quite “Doctor Who” Castle. Yeah, Nathan is signed on for Season 7.

TVLINE | What you did to the couture wedding dress…. Was that your way of acknowledging that some viewers weren’t fans of it? Even when I asked Stana for her thoughts on it, she gave a highly diplomatic answer.
It was acknowledging that, having some fun with it…. And also, as lovely as moment as that was in that particular episode [“More Than Skin Deep”], we wanted to make sure that Beckett’s wedding dress had a deeper sense of meaning to her. This was a way to honor that and allow her mother, who has been such a driving force in defining who she is, to “participate” in the wedding. But yeah, we heard the fans and knew that they were deeply divided on that dress, and for good reason.

TVLINE | You of course realize that, now more than ever, you owe the fans a proper wedding — at some point.
We know that we owe them a wedding that accurately reflects who Castle and Beckett are, yes.

TVLINE | I mean, we were so close. You even relocated the wedding ceremony to the Hamptons, which was on the wish list of many fans.
I know, I know….

What did you think of “For Better or For Worse”? Also, email with any questions about Season 7.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Well, that was awful. Thanks for nothing Marlowe. I’ll be watching the Blacklist next year instead.

    • Cynthia V. says:

      The show has definitely lost what it once was. I don’t watch consistently anymore but had to view the finale since it was highlighted as the wedding episode between what once was two magical characters. The cliché crash ending speaks volumes of what has become of this show.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Say what you will, but that ending was hot.

        • S. says:

          I see what you did there. :p

        • Pinky says:

          LOL…very good, Cynthia V.

        • Tori says:

          I wrote the final moments of the finale months ago in my mind… my guess was 3XK would be involved, either showing up at the wedding, or 3XK’s doctor girlfriend being involved. Writer Mr. Marlow and his spouse Terri Miller are brilliant writers, and had to end Season 6 with a cliffhanger. Castle is not dead… but, abducted. My guess is the doctor girlfriend of 3XK gets involved at the end of season 7 when Beckett is about to deliver their first child. Happy endings are always wished, but cliffhangers keep shows going. Luv.

          • Dj says:

            Anyone who isn’t a shipper saw this coming.

          • missteff says:

            me too, I knew that we weren’t getting a wedding-well not yet any way. I thought 3xk might show up. and you’re right cliffhangers, is what kept me coming back. this twist is one that I didn’t see coming but i’m glade……I mean I would have been real disappointed waiting this long for a wedding and then have a two minute rushed wedding…..that would to me have been crushing.
            I think this esp built Beckett’s character out more. love it. this was just like last years cliffhanger, all these people upset and see how it turned out… have a little faith-

          • Richard Mattingly says:

            Cliffhangers are becoming so easy to see, that there almost a cliche in Primetime TV like the idiot husband in a sitcom. Had this been the final unplanned episode, your reaction would be one of horror and disgust with you pledging never to watch a rerun again. After all Gilligans Island and Star Trek never ended in a way in the publics imagination, their still gathering coconuts and setting phasers to kill fifty years later.

          • Tori says:

            I’m replying to my own post…with another thought…
            What if the person driving the suburban with the tinted windows was Castle’s dad? He had to know when the wedding was going to take place, with his stealth abilities and resources. Did he fake Castle’s demise to protect him from 3XK? Perhaps, even replaced Castle’s supposedly burning body with 3XK’s body, or some other dead bad guy, only to be revealed later? “Hunt” did say he would never let anything happen to his son, Beckett, or the rest of the family. Oooh, that’s good!

          • Mark says:

            Tori…I guess your suggested “what if’s” are up to you. Just please make sure that season seven is NOT the last season. With a wedding there are a lot more story possibilities to be explored!

          • Tori says:

            Hi Mark.
            I was only referring in a hypothetical or conceptual direction how next season might start. I think “Castle” could easily and hopefully lead into a 10th season, if not more. Apologies if you misunderstood my previous input. Kindest regards…

          • Pearl McKinley says:

            I do so hope he IS just abducted… and yes, that WAS a superbe cliffhanger, alright!

        • missteff says:

          you know it was…..loved it-even though cliché I will be back…..the best love stories always have up and downs-makes the stories more real and grew stronger. I think they did a great job! all of them!

        • R L Reagle says:

          Yeah the car was burning hot.

        • Cindy says:

          well lets just say i am Canadian and Both Kate and Castle are Canadian so hell yeh they rock and the show is good, it has humor, romance thriller parts. a story and i love it.. well done..

        • Panduka Weerasinghe says:

          Rick has a W221 S Class a (S400 Hybrid if I’m not mistaken) but the car in flames is a previous generation S Class ( W220 ) The Color is the same but the car is different, dunno if the producers used it to keep the costs down or if it will be part of the story…. what do you guys think ?

          • Karen says:

            It’s possible you are right and very observant! I don’t think I’ll guess what’s going to happen anymore and just watch Castle reruns until September! :0)

          • Leslie says:

            I think if they had been that clever the final episode wouldn’t have sucked so bad.

      • Ron says:

        We have to take Marlowe at his word when he says he has some tricks up his sleeve. After all, that’s what a con is about. All of season 6 was a set up with the wedding teasers. If you accepted the teasers, you were ready to be conned. The problem with Marlowe’s explanation that all will be explained is that viewers have been deliberately lead down a path, asked to invest in the characters and story, and then are betrayed for following that path. The “one and done girl” actually speaks volumes to the crux of the situation. You loose the trust of the viewer and there is probably no better way to see your ratings drop.

        • Graham Forbes says:

          I so agree, this is so true “Marlow” could loose it all for not understanding the fans, you can be “Too Smart” for your own good, then we are the one’s that loose? Marlow broke his word and fans do not forget.

        • Storyfan says:

          That may be what a con is about – but writing is not about conning your readers. Especially where a romance is involved you are asking people to invest hours (seasons) of their time in a relationship. When you promise a payout in a season you need to honor it. The Kate being married storyline was implausible given her work as well as having been done before (Bones) and happened in real life as mentioned. Worst of all as a cliffhanger it doesn’t work because the show is called “Castle” and we know Fillion is coming back next year so the only question isn’t “is he or isn’t he?” its “how is he coming back” which is a very weak hook. From a writing/plotting perspective this was amateur hour.

        • Hilty, Kirk says:

          Totally agree with you on this point. Also having Beckett commit B&E just to get to the fairy tale doesn’t sit well with me. Isn’t that how Senator Bracken got started just a small crime to graduate to murder and conspiracy. Or how do you watch Her interrogate a suspect with any moral ground to stand on. Make me wonder why do all characters need to be reduced to the lowest common denominator?

        • kathy k says:

          Absolutely agree with this post – a good con is when the audience enjoys, shares and is surprised by the storyline and NOT the target of the con. This show has always been a Bones wanna-be, that never followed Bones’ producers’ respect for their audience. They stepped WAY over the disrespect line with the hype and the ending.

      • angel says:

        Anyone else wondering why Kate was the only one to show up at the scene of the accident? She was in the room with Alexis and Martha and she didn’t tell them? Didn’t try to find Lanie, Ryan or Esposito?

        • Tony says:

          Shes only one we SAW no one knows who else was in that Rolls

        • Cindy Dorsey says:

          I wondered the same thing, but if the others were in the car they would all have been rushing to the cliff, especially Alexis and Martha.

          • Maybe she didn’t want them to see perhaps a burning body. I’m sure when they start the new season they will behind in another car.

          • missteff says:

            I know you think they would have been there with her. I too-when seeing her reaction that we would see either a laying-possibly body of someone. (burned or thrown from car) I was about to cry at that moment. I did when they showed her face…..the whole esp got to me. (that’s what I like about this show! I get to feel what they go through)

        • missteff says:

          I thought that was the weirdest part of the show, why was she the only one that was shown, I know the show is around her and Castle but where are the rest of them?

        • laurie says:

          I did notice that and wonder why, also the only part of the car burning is the inside lo,e it was she. I trust Marlowe to keep us entertained and eventually give us a wedding. Hopefully one that is at least half the hour

      • Ambrosia says:

        This ending made me feel the same way I felt when we were to believe Bobby Ewing on Dallas was dead for a whole season, only to find him returning the following season, while he is taking a shower. I was insulted then; I am insulted now.

        • missteff says:

          I wouldn’t mind seeing them (castle and beckett) together in a shower, no really I was kinda sad….for all the fans, who really wanted to see a wedding but i’m glade we didn’t get a two minute rushed to the alter wedding. we as fans deserved better.

      • Sue says:

        We just have to be patient even though the season finale was a WTF moment. We just have to trust Marlowe that it will work out in the end.

        • Of course it will work on in the end! Rick is not dead. That’s not why we are pissed, we all wanted the happy ending. What was really sad was right after the end the news showed a burning building where people actually died.

        • missteff says:

          I will. it will be hard to wait but I think I can do it!

        • Sylvia Tomarchio says:

          We have no choice but trust him,under protest obviously, I’d like to say Marlowe you double dealing double crossing fan teaser ,but what’s the use They have their plans first and we come second,. I suppose it was too easy just to have them married and enter season two as a happily solving crime couple ;they seduced us with the promise of a happy ending ,but went instead for thus lame and contrived crash tragic finale I’ll be back obviously, am a fan,but a very disgruntled dissatisfied fan

      • R L Reagle says:

        Yeah and now it has lost a lot of viewers who really dislike being thought of as complete idiots who wouldn’t know the real world if they saw it. No it is the Hollywoodites who are living in a fantasy world all the time. They no longer know or recognize that the viewing audience can see and know when garbage is thrown at them.

      • babs says:

        Very sad love my castle and Beckett. .bring them back together.

    • RBA says:

      RIP Castle the show… Marlowe today destroyed the show by filling it with endless cliches and by destroying Beckett’s backstory. I’m done with it….

      • Just one thing says:

        It would really be interesting to know how they justified that creative decision. They either think Beckett is so beloved by the audience that viewers won’t care, or that viewers are so dim they won’t question the logic of the story.

        • RBA says:

          Excuse me Mr. Marlowe.. wasn’t she vetted by the FBI before her big job, and wouldn’t that vetting shown that she had been previously married which wold have raised a red flag on her application since she probably indicated “single” in marital status…..

          There is no excuse anymore… For all those Marlowe defenders I submit tonight’s episode to show the emperor has not clothes

          • M3rc Nate says:

            But but but…..that would require using logic, and continuity when writing scripts….we cant do that!

          • Very good point, but do not expect TV shows to be logically consistent. They might have simply missed that complexity. Eddie McClintock was amusing as the soon-to-be-ex and at the same time airing in the next-to-last (sigh) episode of Warehouse 13.

          • Mark says:

            Basically that finale null and voided the first four episodes as she would never have been accepted into the FBI with a husbands record like that and she would have been informed why at the time — epic fail. And to say he hopes the fans trust us — that trust went along time ago… This isn’t the biggest gaff this season there has been to many to go through hopefully season 7 episode one is under the reigns of a new show runner that takes the show back to what made it great not this soap opera crap of this season……

          • Cameron says:

            I had the same thought during the episode. Presumably being married to someone who impersonated an FBI agent at one point would be a big red flag for that FBI background check.

          • rosie outlook says:

            Yeah, definitely a soap opera – from the 80s. I could swear the ending was in Dynasty or some other glitter soap from back then. I thought the Castle’s Dad story arc was a shark but this episode was like going to the Sea of Cortez or swimming Lake Ponchartrain. And everybody’s acting was so…tired. If the idea was to be silly and have fun with an over-the-top, why did so few of the actors seem to enjoy it? If you want to go all Marx brothers via the Coens, you have to throw the punches fast and furious with lots of sight gags. A guy in a kid’s tux or a pole dancer in school girl attire ain’t it. Sorry but I voted ‘sub par’.

          • Graham Forbes says:

            Loosing it!

          • Graham Forbes says:

            This is so true, not the first time this has happened, but certainly the worst? Continuity is important because you either [a] have 23 individual unconnected episodes (apart from a few stars) or [b] you have a storyline with a strong relationship which you ask your viewers to be part off!

          • DarkDefender says:

            WELL.. If you look at the screen grab of that “impersonating an FBI agent” the details said he called himself an FBI agent but FBI stood for “Female Boob Inspector” and that he was drunk. Pretty sure that would not be a red flag to the REAL FBI.. But that’s just me and I really don’t care if they never told Beckett they found out she was married or if they never fully vetted her. Plot holes happen, it’s TV forcrissakes.

          • R L Reagle says:

            Agreed! The FBI is not as stupid as TV writers who have lost touch with the real world that the rest of us live in. A 15 year unknown marriage of a former Govt. agent and NYPD detective, makes ‘Watershed, Valkyrie, Dream World, and Need to know a total fantasy that could not happen. I thought they were better writers or at least they used to be. If you don’t throw out the above mentioned episodes then you have to dismiss “Better or Worse” is a dream or a nightmare for Beckett.
            Never the less, half of season 6 makes no sense. Worst season ever. It appears they were just trying to fill out the season because they had absolutely no idea what they were doing or what to do. Big let down and bigger disappointment in all associated with what used to be one of the best if not the best Monday night TV series.

          • MarloweWTF? says:

            OMG so true! :-O sigh
            we all know a show is supposed to have ups and downs but i’m starting to lose faith coz we get to see major downs in the show and there have been no major ups to justify that! that last episode killed me!

        • Stan says:

          Marlowe thinks all viewers are pretty dim and will watch anything he throws at them.

          • RBA says:

            The real problem in all of this is that Beckett was destroyed because Marlowe did not have the creativity to address Kate’s fears about Castle’s previous relationship through character development and actual communication.
            It was lasy writing that sought a simple solution instead of tackling the issue in an adult fashion.
            The joke of last season’s finale of her willing to trash the relationship because of her fears over his level of commitment were loss over in the premiere this season and were never address as they should have been by having the two of them talk like adults.
            He glossed over it and never bother to address it all this season, so this season finale Marlowe decides that the solution is to have Beckett be a liar and a hypocrite. She can fault him because she is done worse. Who does this? Who keeps score in a loving relationship? In loving relationships people talk and come to an understanding where both sides come to a mutual acceptance of each other’s faults.

            And this is the problem of Caskett’s relationship throughout the years. They don’t talk anything of substance. Alll their conversations are superficial nonsense that amounts to nothing. An entire year of needless wedding drama should have been devoted to addressing the outstanding issues of Caskett such as fear of commitment, trust, and the like.

          • Dale Craddock says:

            Marlowe thinks all viewers are pretty dim and will watch anything he throws at them.

            I wouldn’t bank on that.
            Worst Castle episode ever.

      • S. says:

        I knew I could count on the haterz. You guys are such trolls and you’re not watching the same show most of the fans are. Hate that you’re making yourselves miserable but you’re not gonna force the rest of us into your gloom. You weren’t real fans anyway, deal with it.

        • Danielle says:

          Are you twelve? Some people don’t agree with you, so you give a ridiculous, misspelled response back? Grow up, they don’t have to like it. No one is dragging you down with them, don’t be so dramatic. This episode ended horribly. It was cited as ‘The Wedding’ episode and it should have ended with them married. End of story.

          • #1 Fan says:

            I think this was a great episode. The only problem I have is trying to be patient until September to find out what happened to Castle. He obviously didn’t die, because there wouldn’t be a season 7.
            S. has a point anyway. I’ve seen more haters here than fans. It’s just the same comment being worded differently by many different people: “Marlowe ruined the show.”
            I don’t even think so. If you think he ruined it so much, then why even continue to watch it? Why watch it if all you’re going to do is post hate comments about it?

          • #1 Fan says:

            Actually, there was one big mistake in the episode. Since that “marriage” between Beckett and that guy was actually real, then WHY didn’t the background checks for her job as an FBI find that out?

        • Babar says:

          Go screw yourself.

          • Jennifer says:

            (Babar, seriously? Are you 10 years old?) As to the show, I still love the humor, Nathan, Stana and the rest of the cast. I have to admit though, it’s not “must see TV” for me as it was in earlier seasons. I still watch it, but I it’s usually one of the last shows on the PVR that I watch except for a few special episodes (loved that time traveler one). I can’t put my finger on what’s caused me to feel this way, but I’m not giving up oh my show. Fingers crossed that it picks up next season.

          • Tori says:

            Don’t watch the show if you dislike it so much. But, that is not my issue with you.
            I am quoting someone,,, a quote I cannot take credit for: “It costs nothing to say something kind. Even less to say nothing altogether.”
            Your writing someone to go “screw yourself” is not polite. Actually, somewhat hostile.

      • Cynthia Whitaker says:

        Exactly. Even the early seasons have been ruined for me. Why did Beckett even have “walls”? She could have kept Castle at arms length with HER HUSBAND!!!!!!! Goodbye Castle and goodbye ABC.

        • #1 Fan says:

          She didn’t even know she HAD a husband. Did you even pay any attention to the episode?

          • Cindy Dorsey says:

            And why can’t people ‘have walls’? To protect themselves from hurt, pain,lies. Cynthia, you must not be a real Castle fan to say goodbye to Castle after this last episode. it wasn’t my favorite one but I’m in it for as long as this show is on the air!!!

          • shirley says:

            I’m with you cindy.


          • R L Reagle says:

            That is the issue, a brilliant detective who would have been vetted by the NYPD and then by the FBI would have been told she was married and asked repeatedly about her marriage. In the real world she would have known when she joined the force as a patrol cop. Dumb, dumb mistake by Marlowe. But he thinks we the audience are too dumb to recognize that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. As far as being a ‘hater’, not by a long shot, the acting has always been A+ they are extremely talented for TV, the best on TV as far as I am concerned. The writers, I do hate what they have done to the show and the characters. Season 6 has made the whole thing and everybody in it a farce. Will I watch next season, I don’t think so. They cannot salvage the amount of inconsistencies they left hanging with no explanation or support of the concepts.

        • missteff says:

          sorry to hear that…..I know what it’s like to have these “walls” when you are so traumatized by what happens in life you build walls. you want to forget it all.

      • Gail says:

        I honestly could not believe they were doing the already-married schtick. It worked a few years ago with Angela on “Bones” but it simply insulted us.

        • Pastrami says:

          I totally agree. The crossover audience for both shows must be significant, and there’s no excuse for Marlowe & Co. not knowing that plotline from Bones. To haul it out here and now, babble something about Jeaneane Garofalo, and wait for the kudos is arrogant delusion. It might have been amusing before the Bones writers used it, but here it’s just damning evidence of laziness. Nothing could have said louder that the showrunners are tired of what they’re doing and completely out of ideas. It doesn’t bode well for all those twists, turns and reinventions they’re promising for Season 7.

          • christine says:

            ok heres what I think what if it wasn’t castle and its a trap for beckett to not tell anyone it has to be a trap or someone wanting her to not say anything and they have castle and want beckett what does anyone else think sounds fishy

        • Thank you for mentioning that! If you hadn’t, I would have! I didn’t like that plot line when it happened in “Bones,” and I don’t like that it happened in “Castle.” A few other comments here were also right on the money regarding this episode. Epic fail. But, it’s just one episode; it doesn’t define the show (at least, I hope it doesn’t), and I look forward to next season. An aside to the writers: play it straight. Let ’em marry and then get on with what makes the show so appealing! And don’t pull old rabbits out of older hats. Castle has succeeded because of its originality. Return to that, please!

          • Cindy Dorsey says:

            I agree, it was only 1 episode, which I still liked. I was totally shocked by the ending as I was also, expecting a wedding. I still have total faith in Marlowe and his team of writers. It will be a long summer till September. Maybe they will have a 2hr. season 7 premier. They should have had a 2hr finale.

        • Danny G says:

          The reason it worked on “Bones” was because it was consistent – it was mentioned in Season 1 that Angela was married when the squints were going through security/background checks during “The Woman in the Car.” Angela did not believe the marriage was legal in that episode and it became real to her in “Stargazer in a Puddle” when she could not marry Hodgins. In “Castle,” it just seemed so out of character for Beckett considering we have spent 6 seasons with the characters and there was never an inkling until the preview for this finale.

          • missteff says:

            as for bones…..I didn’t like how they did it….none of that show was real for me at all
            as for Castle it felt real…..disappointed at times sure, but I feel like I grew with the characters!
            i’m still a fan and that’s that. one simi-bad esp will not change that.

      • They are together. We love them together. They are the new Hart to Hart. First the push/pull, will they or won’t they. Finally we have some satisfaction. Now this ending. Yes, yes I will continue to watch but I’m telling you if Rick has amnesia I’m swearing off the show FOREVER. . You were on the bubble of being fired and we were the reason why you weren’t. We expected more from you. Like a wonderfully romantic payoff. We know he is not dead, so why???

        • a person says:

          I got 2 reasons why he cant be dead: 1. PLOT HOLE: they arrived at the crashed car at least 40 minutes after castle crashed. but it still burned like it was just one minute ago. OBVIOUSLY FAKED

          2. The time traveler
          in season 3 episode 4 there was a time traveler who remembered that castle and beckett will have kids. and that both of them will be alive.

      • shirley says:

        Marlowe did not distroy the show.
        We may not like how it ended.
        We were expecting a wedding-( my mistake) but we will live to see another- at least most of us will.
        Those who feel done with it- then be done.

        • Patty says:

          Yup, it’s as simple as that. I bet that some viewers, who now say that they’d never watch the show again, will be tuning in for Season 7 in mid/late September. Perhaps not all, and that’s their choice, but some will be tuning in.

        • missteff says:

          i’ll be there with open arms to help my characters out!

      • Graham Forbes says:

        Loosing it!

      • missteff says:

        well, sorry to see you go……I know that a lot of people want to (and have the right) to kill the writers ect…but this is like the same thing last year…..I stuck with it and I came to enjoy all of it. as for season 7 you’re right it might not be what we as fans want to see but i’m not the kind of person just to give up cause I disagree with how it was written -if that was the case I would have left after season 2…..
        I will probably-depends on how I feel in sep. watch the first esp then see how it goes from there.

    • Deanna Severance says:

      Loved it! Reminds me of spending the summer wondering who shot JR. That’ entertainment.

      • Aleatory says:

        Who shot JR? Hilarious man!

        Sorry Marlowe but that was the worst episode I’ve seen. Should have finished it with Veritas.

        I won’t be wondering all winter in Australia about who pushed Castle over the cliff. So disappointed you just didn’t let them marry and let the Caskett fans enjoy an event that happens to many people every day. Episode sucked in so many ways. It made KB look like an idiot when she is nothing like that.

        • Cindy Dorsey says:

          KB could NEVER look like an idiot! Don’t think it was the worst episode. If your an addict of Castle as I am, no episode was the worst. I have all 5 seasons, preordered season6. A long summer ahead. Hopefully, cast, crew and especially Marlowe & Co. will be refreshed with great ideas when they return.

          • missteff says:

            your are dead on……KB could never ever look like an idiot. a lot of fans said that last year about the ending-(season 5). it is going to be a long time to wait…..I think that I can make it. to me this might become my fav esp-have to see what happens. I have seen only seen maybe two esp that I wouldn’t watch again-both in season 4.

          • Huskygrl says:

            Have to throw in my total agreement here. People think Kate looked bad because she did something silly in her youth? Or the writers are bad because there are continuity errors? Is everyone so used to watching those gawd-forsaken “reality” shows that they’ve forgotten this is theatre? I liked the episode, thought it was fun, showed what Kate was like before losing her mom, and we saw how happy and anxious she was to marry Castle. And finally – how could anyone NOT have seen something like this coming?? How many times did one of the characters say “if the wedding happens” for viewers not to know that Caskett wasn’t going to just slide into marital bliss without complications? I mean they even dug up 3XK out of the ether suddenly and no one knew there’d be problems? Come on people this is ENTERTAINMENT, relax, let yourself be entertained! And thank the heavens that there are still writers out there trying to thrill us, frustrate us and make us laugh and that they haven’t all thrown up their hands because the networks would rather force “reality” programming on everyone! Thank you Mr Marlowe, et. all!

          • Patty says:

            HUSKYGIRL – Yes, it’s entertainment. ‘Castle’ is Mr. Marlowe’s gem.

          • busman66 says:

            Kate Beckett is not an idiot. Just re-watched “Kill Shot”.episode and what an emotional performance by Kate! She truly is the glue who holds the show together with her beauty and brains!

    • me says:

      What no “fairy tale” ending so you walk away… Have you not been watching the show?? That is not what the show is about. Did you not see the tag line for tonight’s episo see ‘Castle Always’…

      • missteff says:

        my point exactly, castle even says we can’t give up (talking about each other)! so why should we as fans give up on them now?

        • Because, Marlowe screwed up the ending for better or for worse, and story from here on in should have been castle and beckett’s family life together after their wedding and solving crimes together, with new murder cases to resolve. Trust me I will watch up to episode 4 or 5 of season 7 then I will decide weather to continue with the show or not. If it bores me I will move on, I like shows with good endings and next chapter following the previously ended chapter of TV shows. I particularly hate crappy story lines which end in disasters when trying to go back and fixing up something which should have been dealt with in the past couple of episodes before the wedding.

    • CKG says:

      The Blacklist is terrible, too.

    • D. says:

      Yes it was beyond awful. Marlowe has truly destroyed his character of Beckett. She has now been shown to be a drunk, a liar, a cheater and incompetent. Now in addition to ruining his own show he had destroyed and ruined forever the one thing that the fans have been looking forward to and waiting for since the very first episode, the Wedding of Castle and Beckett. He not only turned it into the worst of Soap Opera Jokes and clichéd but he also when that route with the cliffhanger as well and still they are NOT married.

      The best thing about this season is that it is finally over and we will not have to be subjected to anymore crap from Marlowe like we have been given this season. He promised romance and we couldn’t even get a bare glimpse of intimacy. Clearly he doesn’t know how or refuses to write romance. He is a proven liar and egomaniac as proven by his lack of respect for the fans.

      The only good thing about season 7 , hopefully Marlowe will be fired and someone with a better understanding of running a show and in particular keeping the respect and faith of the fans will be put in charge. If not the show will be cancelled before Xmas break.

      This show is going to set history by having the worst premiere ratings of a returning 7th season show in TV history and it is all because of Marlowe.

      • RBA says:

        I remember three years ago when Hart was having his own difficulties with Bones Marlowe would give his interviews where he found fault with the way Hart was handling B&B. He criticized Hart and even joke that he was not Hart. Sir your exactly right. Hart gave the Bones fans a beautiful wedding. The show has recoup from its season 6 disaster, and B&B are stronger than ever.

        Whatever Hart’s failures were he at least was able to developed his secondary characters to a point that even when B&B failed you could still care about Hodgings, Angela, Cam, Sweets, and the interns. Those characters are 3 dimensional whereas other than Caskett you have never developed your secondary cast.

        Each year is the same BS from you… “Complications’, “Challenges’, “we still have more storytelling”. That is all bull. ALl this season was full of gimmicks and endless wedding talk that in the end had no payoff. This was a season of contrived storytelling, cliche storylines, rewriting of canon, and only to conclude with the biggest cliche of cliche finales. General Hospital and YR could have done better, In fact YR did it this January when the Chadam triangle came to an end in a fiery crash “killed” adam leaving his pregnant wife to grieve. The kicker Chadam displayed more intimacy than Caskett has ever done….

        You sir are just a hack… You lost me as a viewer. I’m done with your show.

        • RBA says:

          Sorry… New wife with their newly born baby

        • Jeff says:

          Agree 100% – Hanson at least learned his lesson. Marlowe may find out the hard way with low rating next season.

        • Kimmie says:

          Yeah,but on Bones we got a beautiful wedding – but we never got the first real ILY kiss, never got details about the night Christine was conceived, never got to see them develop their romantic relationship. One minute they were still friends, then she spends the night, gets scared, he comforts her – aaaaaand then she’s pregnant and then they are living together and sharing ILY and comfy cozy together. Never felt so cheated while watching a show.

          • Come On says:

            Bones has messed up, i’ll give you that. They should’ve shown the ILY kiss, they had Bones go on the run and they had Booth call off the wedding BUT they made up for it with the wedding and the romantic scenes they have together. I get that Castle needs a twist but i would have rather they have Caskett get married and then run off the road. Give the fans a bit of closure while leaving the new season up to a great villain. I just don’t want to bother with another Caskett wedding, especially one that’s most likely at the precinct or the park because unlike Bones there’s no other place that ‘reflects’ them.

          • missteff says:

            hated the way bones did that…..I stop watching the show after that……as for castle, it’s not the same and I wouldn’t even comparing them to each other not by a long shot.

        • Ann Wells says:

          Marlowe is a pompous ass. “Mythology” Ha!

      • lkh says:

        sooooo, you’re saying you didn’t like it?

      • RUCookie says:

        I am sorry D. but I ail to see how one night of partying in up in Vegas (albeit with some consequences) turns her into a liar, drunk and cheat. That is insane logic. She is who she always has been. She made a mistake, and it was fixed. It does not take away from her stabilizing force on Castle or with the group.

        • John NYC says:

          Now cruising Russian clubs playing a fake persona……

          Though, true, she definitely showed she had the legs for it.

        • Jo March says:

          Actually, it does make her a liar and a cheat. She lied about being single, and since she’s married, she’s a cheat. If she didn’t remember being married, she blacked out and that’s the sign of a drunk. or sloppy writing…

          • John NYC says:

            She could not lie about a marriage she was unaware of.

          • madaboutu says:

            Jo March……..remember, this was when they were in college. We all know she has matured, and…even cops are human and have flaws.

          • missteff says:

            you can’t lie about something that you don’t know about

      • busman66 says:

        Yes fire Marlowe just like Mike Kelly got canned in his own show Revenge. Let Terrence Paul Winter run the show!

    • Mike says:

      Marlowe does suck, he sucks at writing! Transitions make the writer, this show merged to pieces together that caused a train wreck!! If you want a serious dramatic twist then write a serious episode, if you want a light hearted episode write a light hearted episode. When light and darkness mix with no transitions our thought it makes both useless. By the way I was waiting for the “Lives of Others” twist because the events of the story seemed like bad acting all the way around. they take down the mob with a biker gang, all they needed was a group of ninja’s, and some terrorists to join in as well. That was horrible writing!!! Marlowe made the Red John episode seem good!

    • Considering how THAT finale went, you might want to just dump that time slot altogether, or get into WWE.

    • sam says:

      Just a casual viewer, but I gotta say I just knew they wouldn’t get married. I’m surprised people are surprised. Have they never watched a season finale before? There are always twists and turns. It’s a basic rule on tv.

      • jax says:

        Exactly. It’s TV – weddings very rarely happen as “planned” especially in a finally. i’m a longtime viewer and I was only tonight really thinking they might actually get married and wondering what that would do to the dynamic of the show. New fun mysteries ahead.

        • wesleydv09 says:

          I think most people are not even mad about the wedding not going trough. I mean Marlowe has been dragging things out for years, so no suprise there.

          I actually quite liked the ending. I also hope we will get more Castle focused storyline next season. I got a little sick of all the important storyline going to Marlowe’s favourite character Beckett.

          However the ending was not the problem for me. The overall finale was. My god the whole Beckett being married before thing. Just forget for a minute how it destroys her character and makes her look like a bimbo for thinking it is fake.

          It is just so unoriginal. It felt like I was watching that episode of the Big Bang Theory this season where Penny was got married in Vegas. Marlowe doesn’t care about details because apparently in 15 years no one finds out she is married.

          • Sara says:

            Particularly true because being vetted for the job in Washington would have turned that up, since he was a criminal. And why would that show up in a search by a county clerk but not on a federal data base?

          • disappointed says:

            That’s how I saw it, I was almost expecting the ending, it was the previous 40 mins that really disappointed me. I wonder what long standing myth will be sacrificed next for the sake of Marlowe’s “fun”

          • The Dude says:

            I agree with everything you said here except now they’re most likely going to show “Kick-ass Beckett” coming to save Castle. Either Marlowe has a thing for Stana off screen or he just has completely lost interest or doesn’t know how to write the Castle character anymore. I guess that goes pretty much for all of the writers. The Castle character pretty much just throws a few jokes in once awhile. It’s really no wonder why Nathan doesn’t always seem thrilled to talk about the show. It’s a pretty boring gig for a pretty damned good actor. By the way; what ever happened to the reason that Castle became obsessed w/death in the 1st place? Since they ignore him most of the season they could at least answer that 1 question.

          • Krithika says:

            Atleast someone noticed the Big Bang Theory similarity. Thank goodness I thought I was the only one.

          • missteff says:

            I would like to know that answer to that question too…..

      • John NYC says:

        Yes and this show does farce more than most so throwing in all those cliche wedding blocks was hilarious!

        • Diane says:

          II wish I see more of Castle and less of Beckett. He is funny, handsome and adds a lot to the show. It seems the show is all about Beckett, and the rest follow
          I and many others, are not as fond of the show since Castles character is so dimished. I too was wondering if the writers have a thing for Becketts character. I like Becketts character as well, but it is so obviously one sided. I would also like the other characters in the show to have more of a story line. Many friends are disappointed in the direction. Maybe will not watch anymore.

          • Cindy Dorsey says:

            We must not be watching the same Castle. Every episode is mainly about both of them, not one more than the other. They are so adorable together. Yes, I want more of bromance between Espo and Ryan. They are so funny. Bring jenny and baby in once in a while. And please find Espo a woman!!. Love this shows!!!

          • missteff says:

            it’s not one sided-never saw it to be, yes there are esp that show more of one character then another but that’s how the story is told. I like beckett’s character and yes some of castle went away, but you have to look at it as a whole not just one season or esp.

        • missteff says:

          it was a twist and funny at that. love it.

      • missteff says:

        I knew they wouldn’t either come on people that’s why the story goes on. have some fun will ya.

        • Huskygrl says:

          Yes! Please!! Good grief, how do people survive who get so uptight over little things in a tv show? It was a fun episode that at the end brought the drama of their connection. It will be a long wait until Sept.!

    • Tsale says:

      Blacklist is moving to Thursdays

    • Tsale says:

      Blacklist is moving to Thursday

    • RBA says:

      You should read Shana Liebemans review on Showratings tv… The review is an indictment of the episode, show, and Marlowe….

      As she says: This finale brought to you by the letter “C” for “character assassination….. Where is that Kate Beckett today? Where is the Kate Beckett whose “one and done type” characterization was constantly reinforced over the past six seasons, in multiple interviews and in all of the little ways that she just lit up when dreaming about her perfect wedding? I’ll tell you where: She has been assassinated by her own creator.

      • Jade says:

        I agree – they took a turn in this episode that was totally bogus and unbelievable. I’ve always liked Kate because she was strong and smart. So now she’s such a dummy that she didn’t know Vegas weddings were real? And all the comments about the FBI episodes are true. Most of all, to not go through with the wedding was like a punch in the gut. Having Beckett and Castle get married would not have diminished the story line in any way at all, as long as the writers kept them working as a team, feeding off each other’s strengths to solve crimes. But it appears that the writers and producers of this show don’t have any respect for the audience and fans. After all theses seasons, having the wedding actually take place is a reasonable reward for staying with the show and would only encourage me to keep watching to see what that change brings. Now I think next season will just be the same old stuff. I haven’t been this disappointed in a season finale in a long long time.

    • Bundy says:

      I agree with you, Marlowe destroy the show. For me it is done, never again!

    • Horomnizon says:

      NBC is moving The Blacklist to Thursdays, so no conflict unless ABC moves Castle as well, which would be moronic on their part.

      • Patty says:

        Blacklist returns in the fall in its Monday slot and moves to Thursday in February 2015.

        • Molly says:

          I record Castle and Blacklist; I like both for entirely different reasons. On Castle, I would like some episode to have Castle and Beckett marry, but not have it consume the entire episode. Elopement is certainly an idea; then you could get back to returning to solving cases with the entire cast. I’ve loved watching Castle’s daughter grow in every possible and positive manner and the development of the other characters as well. Castle is a writer and he’s funny without even trying, so I love his humor being inserted from time to time, and I like Ryan, Esposito and Lacey. I’ll leave the development of storylines to the writers, because I would hate to have to give up the show. I didn’t like Beckett at the FBI and I’m glad that didn’t work out, but I begin to tire of villains never getting caught or getting too much press. Bottom line, I try to keep in perspective that this is not a documentary, but like real people, they all have the ability to do things we don’t expect.

    • gri says:

      je n’ai pas encore vu l’épisode mais il y a déjà tant de vidéo là dessus que je comprends grosso-modo ce qui s’y passe. Je ne suis pas d’accord avec beaucoup de choses qui sont dites suite à cet épisode, mais c’est vrai qu’on ne connait pas la Kate âgée de 19 ans, complètement dévastée non seulement pas la mort de sa mère mais aussi par l’alcoolisme de son père. El l’on doit comprendre que’était une gamine joyeuse, entourée, vivant dans un milieu socialement élevée (parents avocats) donc sans soucis. Du jour au lendemain elle est lâchée, seule dans la nature, et doit tout assumer sans parler de se reconstruire et personne pour lui tendre la main. D’où ses sorties, ses beuveries et son mariage à Las Vegas dont elle ne se souvient pas. Cela peut se comprendre : il parait que quand on a trop bu on peut avoir des pertes de mémoire. Donc , on sait qu’elle s’est ressaisie, par l’amour qu’elle portait à Royce et qu’il l’a fait tenir. Ensuite, on la connaît dure, coincée, ayant mis tous ses sentiments derrière un mur. Alors non je ne vais pas dire, comme certains, qu’elle était menteuse, hypocrite etc. Elle a simplement dérapé à un moment de sa vie, finalement comme quand Castle dérape avec toutes ses bimbos.
      Le seul truc que je reproche, oui c’est que la police où le FBI n’aient pas su qu’elle ait été mariée.Mais si vous regardez bien toute la série, vous comprenez ce que Marlowe pense du FBI.On le voit trop bien dans le 3 de la saison 6 quand les bro lui disent qu’ils ont suivi le type à la trace grâce aux crottes de poule..tout simple, .alors que le FBI a du utiliser sa super batterie de moyens techniques pour arriver au même résultat.Donc cette histoire de mariage il y a 20 ans n’est pas trop crédible. Mais il y au eu d’autres choses comme cela depuis le début et ce n’est pas si grave et ce n’est qu’une série TV.
      Quant à Marlowe, le type de scénario qu’il a construit pour empêcher le mariage, ça ne m’étonne pas car chaque fin de saison nous avons été dans l’ignorance pendant 4 mois : souvenez vous, saison 1 elle le renvoie, saison 2 Castle part dans les Hamptons, saison 3 le sniper,et hôpital, saison 4 1ère nuit mais sait on si c’est un “one shot” de Kate sous le coup des émotions ? saison 5 la demande en mariage non finalisée…donc normal que la saison 6 se finisse ainsi.
      Et tous les fans, même s’ils “souffrent” avec Kate aujourd’hui ne sont pas déçus. Et attendent avec impatience le mois de septembre, tout simplement parce qu’ils aiment toute l’équipe, toute l’histoire, toutes les relations entre les personnages (les bro) , Martha/Alexis, Martha/Castle, Kate et Martha, Castle/Alexis etc etc. Et surtout j’ajoute que le voir à a TV n’est pas si bien que devant son ordi. A la TV on regarde pour connaître l’histoire, l’enquête, mais ça va trop vite. Moi j’ai tout tout regardé depuis le début, et plus je regarde plus j’aime, car j’y trouve plein de petits détails, de petites phrases qu’on a à peine le temps de voir à la TV et d’apprécier. Et il y a aussi de très très belles fictions, qui développent en fait ce que l’on ressent, mais que la TV ne montre pas :3/4 d’heure c’est trop court. Alors, moi qui vit à Castleland, même si j’ai des critiques (rien n’est parfait en ce bas monde) j’aime toujours autant.

      • Indigo says:

        Je suis heureuse de constater que je n’ai pas été la seule à avoir aimé le final (je suis d’ailleurs surprise de trouver autant de détracteurs). Je regarde Castle chaque semaine comme un divertissement qui ne me déçoit jamais. Comme ma petite habitude du mardi, et je *sais* globalement à quoi m’en tenir. Cela sent parfois la guimauve, et depuis le début nous savons que l’histoire est et restera celle du couple Castle/Beckett. La série “joue” sur les thématiques et les clichés qu’elle détourne. Et c’en est tout le charme.

        En constatant les cris d’agonie poussés par les fans, j’ai parfois l’impression que vous (fans) collez une étiquette erronée sur ce qu’est vraiment la série.
        A chaque saison, augmente le niveau d’exigence, et je le conçois.
        A chaque saison, de nouveaux risques concernant la cohérence des histoires apparaissent, je le conçois.
        Mais en quoi le fait que Kate Beckett ait fait une connerie dans sa jeunesse est il en soi un tel outrage que vous vous croyiez obligés de crucifier Marlowe ?
        Je ne vois pas l’incohérence. Il y a déjà eu des références par Beckett elle même à son passé légèrement sulfureux.
        De même, je sais (pour l’avoir été personellement) que les gens qui ont fait ce genre de conneries peuvent soit être d’un grand laxisme par la suite, soit s’imposer une rigueur et une exigence vis à vis d’eux mêmes extrêment forte qu’ils répercuteront sur leur entourage.
        On a tous déjà eu du mal à supporter des défauts que l’on percevait chez une tierce personne pour la simple raison qu’elle nous avait renvoyé un reflet (pas si) déformé de ce que nous ne pouvons nous pardonner, de ce que nous n’osons affronter, ou ne parvenons pas à accepter.

        Je perçois K.B comme ayant été une ado paumée en deuil qui a tout envoyé balader, a voulu tester ses limites, les dépasser, et a voulu s’oublier.
        Rares sont les changements qui n’ont pas un fond de radicalité.
        Et les certaines personnes ont besoin de rupture nettes pour avancer.

        K. B. s’est marié ? Chiche. Elle a fait l’imbécile ? Certes.
        Mais cela fait aussi du bien de constater que la muse de Castle possède aussi sa part de “ratés”. Je ne l’en aime que plus.

        Et pour cela, je remercie Marlowe.
        K. Becks n’a pas été défigurée, elle n’en est ressortie que plus humanisée.
        Et, thank god, je ne sais pas vous, mais moi cela me va foutrement bien.

    • Annie says:

      What the hell did I just watch?! That made my “they’re bringing Johanna Beckett back from the dead” theory – which I LOATHED and would have been awful – look reasonable by comparison.

    • Gail says:

      I agree. One stolen plot line after another culminating in a cheap cliff-hanger.

    • Aeol says:

      I thought it was great!! Enjoy your new show.

    • Joda Solomon says:

      I’m really happy that Beckett didn’t get married in that hip holster dress!! but unhappy about the ending, just like 6:1 ending; we all know Castle is not going to die (otherwise no series), and I think there would have been numerous challenges even with a wedding, so what is the reason to yank out hearts out of our chests? clearly a man’s point of view.

    • shirley says:

      I was disappointed in the direction the writers took. I will be watching in the fall. I have been a Castle Fan since the beginning and that won’t changing to another program as some have said they would.
      I was truly prepare for somewhat of a wedding, at least one to get started.
      I will get over it though, as long as we get one in the fall-early fall, like the first episode.


      • Patty says:

        Shirley – In several of the interview that Mr. Marlowe gave, about Monday night’s episode, he stated that they will have a wedding, but that there are a few obstacles and storytelling, before Castle & Beckett get there.

    • Lester says:

      We know the character is not going to die, so this ending is more than just dumb.

    • Robert says:

      I agree. This was an example of cheapness, not writing. With the competition in the time slot you would think Marlow would be smart enough to see that rather than go for the idiot gimmick. Obviously not.

    • Leslie says:

      I have never commented on a TV show finale or a TV show at all for that matter.
      But I have never been so dissapointed by an episode as the Castle finale. It made me question why I watched the show at all.
      Was there a contest and some lucky viewer got to write the last 10 minutes of the show? Did the writers get dysentery en mass and a discarded idea was removed from the trash?
      The first 10 minutes of Castle next season will determine if I bother ever watching again.

    • shirley says:

      I won’t be watching Blacklis. I am a Castle Fan.I do feel however that along with the promo’s by ABC we were led to believe a wedding was going to be shown.
      I sat on the edge of my seat whileevery thing that could be shown was seen.

      I did love the replacement wedding dress for Beckett.
      I just feel as fans we were decieved. And Marlowe knew the direction he was going in.
      Yes we fan are passionate about the show.
      He know’s that.
      As the group once stated at Paley Fest , we are thge ones who stayed true to the show in the early days and our passion has brought us to this.
      I was disappointed.
      I will be watching in September because I do expect the producers to give us a wedding as we are supposed to get and not jerk is round.

      I am Castle Fan and I expect to be rewarded with a season 7 of a married couple, solving crime, and much later, maybe even starting a family.

      I know I have been rambling on but this is my say.


    • Jessica West says:

      I love castle so much but this was horrible but at least he isn’t dead I feel like they are playing the same game like when Kate was shot also if you love castle you will enjoy The Blacklist very very much. One of my favorite shows

      • Joseph Macro says:

        He has put them through so many obstacles, that finale was unfair to fans.My guess is there will be a wedding, but he will drag it out to the end. Make a good
        series finale.

    • Thoroughly disgusted says:

      I beg you!!! If you are a Nielsen family, please do not watch the September season 7 opener !!! Send a message to the ABC Execs and the MilMar crowd that pulling this kind of s–t has consequences. Maybe then these show runners will learn.

    • Maurais says:

      I`m sure you will be back in september.

    • shirley says:

      And we hope you do watch Blacklist next sason.

  2. leigh says:

    What the hell just happened?

    • Davej13 says:

      Wtf? What is the point of this ending? I’ll tell you – there isn’t one! We know Castle is not going to die, so what is the point? I truly feel screwed over. I will not say that I will stop watching the show or anything, but if the ratings go down Marlowe, know that this was the beginning of the end and it was all your fault because you just had to give us a BIG SURPRISE! The only thing you did today is kick the fans of this show in their teeth and told them you care more about your ego and your “creativity” than you do about them.

      • Rick Katze says:

        While I thought the show was awesome, I feel the same way. The only positive thing was that they did not show the actual crash (we’ve already had a quota for the Alias ending) but to drag the wedding out for the entire season and then play games S?C?X. Does he just want another year to go before the wedding actually occurs?

        I also expect that that may be the start of the conclusion involving Triple X. While it would make sense, it would have been far more acceptable for the wedding to happen and then this situation.

        And having watched The Blacklist, I wasn’t impressed with their ending either.

      • Laura Pickering-Polstra says:


      • Jan says:

        Completely agree. Even after the end of the show, ABC ran a promo for next season which mentioned Castle doing (whatever) … obviously, the guy’s not dead. I was mostly disappointed by not seeing Alexsis acting as Best Man (the only part of the wedding I cared about).

    • Phoebe says:

      They ruined Castle and Beckett’s wedding, such a special moment the fans have been waiting years for. Sigh.

      • Chloe says:


      • M3rc Nate says:

        Id somewhat agree…i mean they had it going perfectly, we were all emotional ready for it…the ear-rings, the dress, the battling through so much to get there…it had all the right stuff to be the right wedding. Personally i saw it coming (wedding not gonna happen) when you notice the run time of the episode…when theres 2-3 minutes left and they are just showing the hamptons house…ya theres not gonna be a wedding in this episode. Hell you could tell from further out…when ever the wedding does happen, it will get its own big chunk of time to be shown, like 10-20 minutes of pre-wedding stuff, wedding, vows/etc, reception, leaving for honeymoon etc. Heck it might be an entire episode.

        • wesleydv09 says:

          That’s what they should have done.

          Forget the whole crap storyline of Beckett already being married.

          Show us the preparation of the wedding, the wedding and the party. And after the wedding let Tyson drive them of the road and kidnapp Castle.

    • Annie says:

      Marlowe’s lost his damn mind. That’s what happened.

  3. c-mo says:

    You have got to be freaking kidding me!!!!!!!

  4. thatdude says:

    Damn, was not expecting that…cliffhanger all the way…how long til September?

    • alexandrrina says:

      Really? I have to assume you’re being sarcastic.

    • missteff says:

      I agree I didn’t see that coming, he was so happy and I cried at the end……even though he will be back. (“still” was the same way with me). it’s longer then you think till sep. my suggestion is relax and read some.

  5. Analog says:

    Oh man I hated that last scene. Couldn’t we have had a happy season finale?

    • S. says:

      Calm down, they’ll get married, it’s just gonna postpone it til the fall when we thought the original date was gonna be anyway. Now let the speculation of who was in that van begin. Some interesting theories going on already.

    • Laura Pickering-Polstra says:


  6. See, now you’re entering soap opera land. Unrealistic crap.

    • May says:

      I feel bad for Nathan and Stana. It can’t be fun having to wade through that mess of a script and Nathan’s stuck on there for another year before he can leave. This finale was one big fail.

      • Maria says:

        Stana and Nathan usually get me invested in their characters, because they are very talented actors. But with this episode, it didn’t seem like I was watching Castle and Beckett. It seemed like I was watching Nathan and Stana run lines in rehearsal while a cameraman just happened to record it all and show it to us. And I don’t fault the actors for that. I fault the script. The whole thing…not just the ending. The writing was very clichéd. When everyone’s contracts are up at the end of next season, I bet they run screaming in the other direction.

      • busman66 says:

        Let Nathan leave and rename the show Beckett and Co.. She’s the beauty and brains of the series anyway- just take another look at past episode “Kill Shot” to see what I mean . Make Lanie, Ryan and Espo the co-stars instead!

    • Erin says:

      So disappointed with this episode. It threw out all the cliches of “before the wedding problems”. The venue canceling, the suit that doesn’t fit, the dress getting ruined and of course the kicker “Kate you’re already married, gosh how did you not know”. I’m so disappointed. As soon as Castle was in the car in the last scene you knew what was coming. It was all very basic storytelling in this episode. Not Castle standards at all. Boo I say. Boo indeed!

  7. Adam Benson says:

    What a stupid ending, for he simple fact that the show is called Castle, the main character is Castle, hate when shows leave characters in situations that you already know he outcome, Castle isnt dead, there is no suspense or anything. Would have been better if it ended with the wedding.

    • taran63 says:

      Exactly. If you wanted there to be any drama, you should of had them get married first. Then Beckett would be Mrs. Castle, then MAYBE you can get kill off Rick and the show can still be called Castle. I wouldn’t watch it, but at least you could trick the audiences into thinking Rick died if you did it that way.
      And by the way, the idea that Kate was really married this whole time? The dumbest idea ever.

    • i stopped watching after they two got together now nxt season sure i will watch.thkx to the cliffhanger

    • Kendall says:

      The suspense isn’t in whether or not Castle will be okay, but rather in what happened.

      I immediately had three different thoughts about what it could be and that’s the whole point of ending the season in this way.

      • John NYC says:

        Pretty much this. He was kidnapped so how long until that is discovered and by whom and why?

        A safe setup since it WAS Castle and he isn’t expendable, so it’s right to the conspiracy theories without stopping to mourn like we would have had it been one of the boys, or Alexis or Martha in the car wsiting to he revealed as simply kidnapped next Fall after being presumed dead all summer. This was its just an intriguing mystery and not a misdirected tragedy.

      • chris says:

        But there is also the issue of, whatever happened, will it have some impact on the relationship? People are comparing it to Beckett being shot at the end of season 3, but remember altho she didn’t die, it did set back the development of the relationship. Having taken the step of backing out of the wedding they had been so ponderously moving towards this season, makes you wonder what won;t they do to “add drama” coming out of this – maybe Castle having amnesia and doesn’t remember Beckett? Right now I’m not inclined to reward their choices here by adding to the buzz by engaging on any speculation over the summer hiatus.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          its possible but i mean i HAVE to imagine they arent THAT stupid (writers/showrunner). It already took too long to get them together, then they have been together almost too long (and not married), and now the wedding is pushed back, and if they add to that Castle having issues and their relationship taking a step back…i mean look at all the people on here who scream “FAIL” and grade it a F now…imagine their response if that happens and the wedding is pushed for the midseason finale or something.

          I will say this….they needed a way to introduce the next big story arc…because they wrapped up the big one since the pilot….Kate’s mothers killer. So like the showrunner says, this is the beginning of the new story arc…so if they had a happy wedding and ended the finale happy…they would have to wait till the premier to introduce in some way, the new story arc…the best organic emotional way to introduce it is introducing it in a way that impacts your characters, so the viewers care…well what could be more impact-full than Castle appearing to be murdered on his wedding day by them (actually kidnapped). Now i agree it was very typical, and annoying and all that…but i also understand how it was a prime opportunity for the writers.

  8. pepper says:


  9. Kourt says:

    Worst finale I have ever seen. What the hell did I just watch?

  10. Morgan says:

    Okay, what the hell?! We just spent an entire season leading up to them not getting married? Let me guess. The series finale will have them getting married. This episode sucked.

  11. Ginger says:

    *yawn* I wonder if the title character will make it into next season? Oh dear. Gasp. Gulp. *faint*

  12. Bacon-eater says:

    I liked the ending. :) As for the rest… #1: you cannot get married by “accident” in Las Vegas. Before you go to the Speedy Chapel of whatever you have to go to City Hall and pay for a marriage license. So there is no way to be fooled into thinking it is a joke wedding. #2: you cannot get divorced or even annulled in a day. A divorce takes a minimum of 6 months and an annulment takes 30 days. It doesn’t matter how rich you are. The law is the law.

    • Just one thing says:

      The millions of viewers who like this show are not supposed to think about those facts.

      • Bacon-eater says:

        Are you suggesting Castle fans are dumber then other show’s fans? :)

        • Just one thing says:

          I certainly don’t think so. Though there’s always a row of dim bulbs in the bunch. Goes for all shows.

        • prish says:

          Sigh…we just tolerate the inane plot holes, since the actors do such a good job with their characters. Wince and blank out the silly stuff is our motto, I guess.

        • lkh says:

          no, they just know it’s a tv show! It’s made up!!

        • Sophie says:

          Castle fans aren’t dumber than other show’s fans, but I do believe the writing staff likes to think so.

      • Disappointed says:

        So what does that say about those who create the show. Do they really consider the audience is that dumb that they will accept anything that is served up to them and anyone who dares to question it is told to respect the process. That smacks of arrogance of the worst kind to me.

        • prish says:

          The fans know those in charge get carried away with their own self-importance. It happens to the best (in every field), and we just try not to notice. The creative process does not happen without assertive ego. Sometimes, there are missteps. At least, the show wasn’t cancelled, like with Glades.

      • Cindy Dorsey says:

        It’s TV people! and no I ain’t dumb! Love my Castle, no matter the story line!

        • Patty says:

          Cindy – I’m with you.

        • missteff says:

          i’m with you, yes I love the characters/actors of the show……as long as they do what they do best then it should be just fine. as fans go I know that you-well some of you are disappointed but i’m glad they didn’t do a 2 minute wedding…..I loved the plot lines-I thought it was funny.

    • RUCookie says:

      Just a point of clarification – divorces are controled by state law. You can get divorced quickly in some states, others you have to wait a year. So it depends!

  13. Jessica says:

    I didn’t think it was much of a cliffhanger, the ABC announcer said immediately after the show ended that Beckett and Catle would return to solving mysteries in the fall. Guessing he’s not dead lol. And while I enjoyed the show anyway, how cliche was it that they couldn’t get married cause one of them was accidentally married already, I feel like that’s been done many many times before.

    • DarkDefender says:

      It would have been way cooler if Castle set the whole thing up (like Beckett did with the fake murder in the 100th).. To “pay her back” and get her to a surprise venue.. They get married and THEN crash, with Beckett waking at the accident (or in the hospital) and Castle just vanished.
      Although I like the 3XK theories above.. He would have taken Beckett (not Castle), since it was Castle he liked to torture.. And he set him up for murder once already, trying to kill him.. I would think he’d be more creative than just taking Castle to kill him… In a way that would only leave her “thinking” he’s dead. 3XK would not want her to speculate, he’d want her to know for sure he’s dead.
      Overall, the story of Mrs. O’Leary seemed contrived.. But I laughed so much throughout the episode.. I’m okay with the cliffhanger until the fall.

      Lastly, good thing this isn’t a Shondaland show, or Rick would be a goner.

  14. Kristine S. says:

    That was terrible. Awful. I was laughing. This show used to be so good. The best part of tonight was the use of “man parts”.

    • missteff says:

      that was funny wasn’t it. I laughed, I thought the esp had it all… all we need is a wedding to come.

  15. The second year in a row that the writers have created a cliff hanger that is meaningless and doesn’t bite because it’s predictable.

    • missteff says:

      yep, this is the two cliffhangers that I have seen live, I started in on season 5 and then had to catch up.

  16. Analog says:

    Must have been 3XK? Of course Castle isn’t dead.

  17. receptionitis66 says:

    I feel cheated by that ending. It’s like they needed a cliffhanger because it was the season finale, so we were left with that. But hey, at least the dress was destroyed!!

    • Laura Pickering-Polstra says:

      Why does everyone hate that dress? I liked it.

      • DarkDefender says:

        You were the only one. Well, you and the guy who designed it.

      • Cindy Dorsey says:

        I would much rather her mom’s dress than the first one. Didn’t like it! She could have on a potatoe sack and make it gorgeous!

      • missteff says:

        it wasn’t that bad…..I didn’t really think that it fit Beckett’s character and loved the way they brought in her mother’s wedding dress towards the end.

  18. Laura says:

    I’m done with Castle . Marlowe is trying really hard to destroy his own show and I won´t waste my time next season . I´ll watch the blacklist .

  19. Betsy says:

    WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!? This isn’t Alias! It’s CASTLE.

  20. Tina says:

    Pretty good, right up til that ending…
    Then ABC says in a promo, that Castle and Beckett will be back in the fall with all new episodes. Way to end on a cliffhanger, smh!
    Should have had the wreck on the way to their honeymoon or something.

  21. Bacon-eater says:

    Let’s hope season 7 has some new writers with some original ideas.

    • Disappointed says:

      Maybe a new showrunner to breathe new life into the show. The finale just showed that the current one is fresh out of any originality.

      • Sunny says:

        I agree, it is time for ABC to send Andrew Marlowe packing. The man has no respect for the show’s fans, the characters he created and no original ideas. Already married and car crashes are incredibly predictable because they have been done to death. Castle needs a new showrunner with fresh ideas.

  22. Lacey says:

    Fail. We know he’s not dead, so it’s just stupid.

  23. Nicole says:

    I liked it! Obviously this is the 3XK killer (I think that is his name). And they wanted to make it seem like he was dead to Beckett.

    I loved the whole episode. Lots of couple moments and real chemistry between the two! And we can’t forget the dress was destroyed! This is a drama and they set up an interesting twist for next year!!!

    • Just one thing says:

      3XK is the most logical option. But why conclude the Beckett/Bracken storyline only to dive right into 3XK shenanigans?

    • Jeff says:

      But the real 3XK wouldn’t have used an SUV. He would have attended the wedding and left a gift to let them know he was there. That’s how he would have operated. He is in it for the thrill.

  24. John says:

    There was a comment posted in the “Revenge” recap last night that can also summarizes Castle’s season finale:
    “This is what TV is all about. A show with nothing to lose basically said “F**k it,” snorted a pound of PCP, and went completely off the rails at 1,000 mph in the interest of pure entertainment…”
    The difference? Revenge’s finale was actually good. This was…the opposite of good.

    • Laura Pickering-Polstra says:

      Well, considering pretty much the entire season of Scandal blew, they needed a great finale. Castle has been fabulous all year, as usual, so I will cut them some slack for their finale, even though I think it would have been better for them just to get married and move on with the show.

  25. I honestly think we have just witnessed the jumping of a shark.

  26. Heidi says:

    I’m done

  27. Liz says:


  28. Carmela says:

    Oh. My. God. I’m still deciding whether I should belatedly throw things at my tv, or be happy that there was major drama on the big day. I’d like to throw things because the character of Rogan O’Leary was so irritating, and he unfortunately had played a big part in the plot (I actually really like Eddie McClintock as an actor). But while I’m sad for Castle and Beckett that they didn’t get their wedding, I am intrigued by who was following Castle and caused the car crash, and why…..maybe in the morning i’ll have decided how I feel about the finale.

    • Who cares? You know he’s going to live. So at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. That’s why it’s a bad cliffhanger.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Because the cliffhanger mystery isn’t “is Castle dead”.. It’s “who took him”… This is definitely someone who wants to wreck Beckett’s life.
        , not necessarily Rick’s.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Thank you. 500 TVLine Power User Points for Dark Defender. (Also, people forget that as Kate Beckett looks at that car wreck, she doesn’t know she’s a fictional character on a TV show titled “Castle.”)

          • cycworker says:

            FWIW, I got the point, too. But what do I know… I’m one of the few who likes the Marian twist on OUAT & sees value in not fully redeeming Regina until the last season. (She’s not the Big Bad anymore, but she’s got to be an anti-heroine/tragic heroine for a while longer, or the show loses steam).

          • DarkDefender says:

            Sweet. I love fictional power user points almost as much as my fictional characters. :)

          • lkh says:

            Do you mean that Beckett didn’t hear the announcer say they would be back in the Fall? :)

          • Lisa says:

            Well said Matt. It just seems as though the ones that are now saying “they didn’t get their wedding…the show has changed from what it used to be” are the ones that do NOT see, this show is not just about a love story. Castle has always stayed true to it’s original intent, even through the relationship of Beckett and Castle.

            The show has always been about them solving mysteries together (with a little help from their friends). In previous seasons, they’ve dealt with supposed time travel, aliens, etc. Some of the cases they’ve dealt with have been rather humorous and seemed kinda far fetched (at least the way Castle sees them), then they find the real solution. That is the way the stories have always been. They have even ended their season similarly…Castle saying I love you when Beckett was shot and he didn’t know if she would live.

            I understand that it was hoped that they would finally get married, but that is NOT the only thing that has kept this show popular for so long. Did you even think it’s possible that they might like to OPEN the season with them getting married instead of ending it that way? We weren’t robbed of the wedding, it’s merely delayed.

            By the way, cycworker, I also like the Marion twist and the Elsa reveal on OUAT. I agree with your reasoning on Regina. If she has just gone “good”, she will get boring. As for Elsa, she’s a complex character that SHOULD be explored.

            Enough said!

          • Cindy Dorsey says:

            Which goes to prove what an awesome actress Stana is!

          • missteff says:

            that’s a good point……

          • missteff says:

            I would love to see a full wedding then a two minute one. as for starting off with one, that would be great but I wouldn’t count on that either-great idea though. the show is more then the love story between the two and that’s why I like it.

        • Michelle says:

          Ah yes, let’s make this about Beckett AGAIN.

          • DarkDefender says:

            If they keep making it about Beckett, with Castle helping her.. He’ll have a little less to do and Nathan can get his time off. And if that keeps the show around, it’s good enough for me.

        • Diane says:

          Of course they want to cause more trouble for Beckett, as the show now should be called Beckett instead of Castle as this season has featured soooo much of her character. If the show continues this way, I will not watch next season

    • Ally says:

      i threw my hair scrunchie at the tv in sheer frustration.

  29. James D says:

    Loved it. Nobody does it like Marlowe. I had a feeling something was going to happen and it most certainly did. very well played by making most of it feel like a classic goofy Castle episode and then Bam!. great cliffhanger and another enjoyable season of Castle. with that said things I would like to see next season: Continue development of Castle which doesn’t seem to be an issue seeing how this season ended. more Caskett moments I don’t need anything extreme but some intimacy would be nice. find something to do with Alexis she’s living in no mans land right now she needs something to do maybe she can work with Laine again. and of course i would like them to get married for real. other than that I’m game. the question is who was in the SUV. 3XK, Enemies of Castle’s Dad, Bracken’s lackeys? Can’t wait to find out in September. Another long Summer awaits which always sucks.

    • I liked it too. But I guess we’re in the minority.

      • paula says:

        I enjoyed it as well. Wow, there’s a lot of negativity in these comments! I love the show in general, and I thought this was a good ep. I reacted exactly the way the writers wanted me to, I guess, I thought it was funny, and sweet, suspenseful (with both the wedding shenanigans and the O’Leary shenanigans), I got all teary when Martha gave Beckett the earrings, and I was shocked by the ending and I wonder how next season is going to resolve this.

        • Exactly. It was sweet, kinda campy (which Castle is, don’t try to deny it), and felt like a fun scavenger type hunt. While I wanted to see them get married I kinda like the twist! Was the crash staged? (I think yes) Who was behind it? Was it 3XK, the mob thing, something with Castle’s dad, Brakken? I like both knowing. We’ve got another season so we know the writers have time to finish the story.

          And let’s face it… it can’t be all roses. It wouldn’t be Castle then. Let’s see what happens.

          • Flick says:

            I’m also joining this camp! I thought the crash was staged too, but I think if it isn’t the 3XK, this serves as a way to introduce a new mythology, after closing Beckett’s mother’s case. I think fans got face-slapped and, hey, I don’t blame them, but I can see where this is going, and I’m gonna see what happens. All I can say is I hope Andrew and the team redeem themselves in all the other fans’ books!

        • wesleydv09 says:

          Good ending. Absolutely crap stupid episode. The reason Castle will never measure op to some top TV shows are details. Sure I know it is TV. But Marlowe practically tells me with this storyline that I am to stupid to figure out that the FBI would have found out she is married to a criminal when they hired her.

          • Cindy Dorsey says:

            Who cares about the FBI? She ain’t working there anymore!!! And add me to the camp!

        • Angie says:

          I also enjoyed it, but I gotta say, I have a feeling that when they do “find” Castle he will have amnesia & will not remember Kate at all, let alone Espo. Ryan or the 12th.–Hope I’m wrong, but we will see……

      • Lupe says:

        I’m with you guys. I liked this episode and the ending. This way I think we will have a very nice wedding maybe in the first or second episode of S7. I’m here to stay all the way :)

    • Carla Krae says:

      Also liked it.

    • missteff says:

      me too I loved it, expect the unexpected. can’t wait either. that’s what made this show fun for me, I never could tell you what was going to happen. thanks for the great show.

  30. Pat says:

    Highlight of the episode the first wedding dress was BURNED.
    And also Martha giving Kate the earrings lovely indeed.
    Other than that I’m sorry I would rather see Veritas as the season finale and by the way I will NOT #respecttheprocess

    • Just one thing says:

      That lovely Kate and Martha scene was completely overshadowed and undermined by the cliffhanger.
      We all know that if the authorities and everyone who knows Castle thinks he’s dead for even HALF the season premiere, they’re not going to get married the same way as was planned. So the meager crowd of guests meant to represent 300, her mother’s dress, the earrings, the Hamptons wedding set-up etc. was, as Kate said, all for nothing. In more ways than one.
      Which makes the FIRST red herring set up through the season – the couture dress, the first dance, etc. – all the more unnecessary, too. They’re creating double work for themselves in the storytelling department, and for what?

  31. Luli says:

    As soon as I saw Castle talking over the phone in his car, on his way to the wedding I knew something bad was going to happen. Did not expect a car to crash Castle’s car, and then seeing it burn… Great job from Stana on that scene. I can’t wait for September.

    I thought the finale was great, light, funny, and with beautiful Caskett moments. Obviously Castle is alive, but will the repercussions of the accident be? Amnesia? Blindness? First degree burns? Maybe he got out of the car, or they got him out of the car before it caught on fire?? I can’t believe we have to wait four months to find out! :(

    And can we just have a moment to celebrate that Kate’s wedding dress got ruined? Yes we can!

    • Laura Pickering-Polstra says:

      Why does everyone hate that dress?

    • missteff says:

      I knew that too, something was going to happen…..and yes that scene was great (sorry for those fans who hated it). can’t wait all summer…..that’s the hardest part for me. to me the whole thing might be staged. by someone…….castle wouldn’t be that mean to her for it to be him, but you never know. the 1st thing I got was J hunt. then there was the mob thing, and then 3xk so, I’m excited to find out.

  32. m. says:

    This episode was an epic fail & “Worse” would have been a more appropriate title.

    41 minutes of utterly boredom & ridiculous “case”-stuff, just to cram everything wedding-related (and thereby everything the fans really wanted to see) in the last 2 minutes, which additionally where filled with every wedding-cliché known to mankind, don’t make a good season finale.

    No, this assassination of characters I used to love was a travesty of the show it once was and I really wonder if MilMar are bored with their own show and characters or just out of good ideas.

    For me this episode is something that I wish never happened and I don’t know how the show will redeem itself come September.

    Even though I bet they are making it out to be a dream, as a cop-out, when they see the reactions to this “thing”, that they tried to sell as an episode.

    • DarkDefender says:

      The fact that the wedding hadn’t happened before the last commercial break was the dead giveaway (pun intended). Button up Kitten.. It’s gonna be a long summer.

      • m. says:

        After AWMs interviews it’s clear that it wasn’t a dream & he assassinated my favorite character just for the sake of leveling the fields between KB & Castle. What an utterly crappy excuse.

        I get that he needed the cliffhanger & I’m totally OK with that, but I will never get over this BS-storyline of KB already being married. If you want to flaw a character (that was already almost everywhere described as such) than don’t try to kill it by doing so.

        Oh MilMar what have you done?

        I’m actually glad that there is a long summer ahead of us, so I might have a chance to cool off until september.

  33. Joanna Simmons says:

    Writers of Castle u just made me very sad. I know he is not dead just probably kidnapped again. But damn couldn’t they get married first. They better get married first ep next season. No amnesia bs either. They live each other if they broke up the show should just end!

  34. Dj says:

    No surprise here at all. I think 99% of the viewers assumed that the wedding wouldn’t happen, because of Jerry Tyson/3xk taking Castle out.

    • I thought the finale would be they get married and then cut to a scene of Tyson watching them from a hill. Stylistically and as a cliffhanger, that would have been better.

    • Just one thing says:

      Before Veritas, I thought their wedding might go smoothly, but then Bracken would pounce on their honeymoon. After Vertias, I figured their wedding would go smoothly and some OTHER soap opera-like calamity would befall them.
      I don’t think anyone outside of that writers’ room and set could’ve guessed that this would transpire. LOL

  35. Thoroughly disgusted says:

    When will these show runners ever learn? They just alienated their 9 million viewers per week. I for one am done. Just so tired of this crap from the network and the exec producers. Did they learn nothing from the absolute backlash for HIMYM finale? No wonder Stana Katic hasn’t tweeted in a month. She’s hAd to know how the fans would react. And couldn’t excuse away this horrendous season ender. The whole cast and crew should be embarrassed. What an utter failure.

    • Just one thing says:

      If there’s anyone on that show who consistently “gets it” as far as the viewers are concerned, she’d be the one.

      • Disappointed says:

        Gotta feel sorry for Stana, she was awesome ITBOTB and Veritas and then she gets this storyline that makes a mockery of Beckett’s well established backstory for the sake of what?

        • Just one thing says:

          I don’t know. Being part of the sausage-making from the beginning, I’d imagine she’s able to process things a bit differently than viewers are.

      • Thoroughly disgusted says:

        So true! I cannot wait to hear Satan’s take on this mess, the social media fan backlash (she’s pretty savvy in that regard) and watch just how hard it will be for her to “toe the company line” around. Seriously, if I were her, I too would have gone “dark” on Twitter until next season, and try to wait this thing out. Unlike Nathan Fillion and his feeble attempts at humor to calm the masses this evening, I truly think she anticipated this mess. Heck, even Nathan’s been less of a smart-aleck this evening during his Live Tweeting. Along with the MilMar crowd, he completely underestimated the fan reaction. Would have been better if the whole lot of them just laid low for the entire summer. This thing is NOT going away…..easily or quietly. The fans feel betrayed…because we were.

  36. Linda says:

    I get the idea of a cliffhanger, but Marlow and Miller have pushed fans to the edge with this one. Of course, the promo that immediately followed, saying “Castle and Beckett” will be back with new cases in the Fall, somehow negates the suspense. However, they succeeded in a surprise ending no one was expecting. I figured the ceremony would happen and then the cliffhanger would probably come on their honeymoon flight. But just as they dragged the proposal over the summer, we will now have to wait once again.

    But unless they plan on renaming the show, we know Richard Castle will emerge from the fiery crash more or less intact. The episode was way too playful to have expected the cliffhanger we just saw. It was a true gut-wrencher,

    • Bacon-eater says:

      There really is no suspense to negate; just like Beckett getting shot gave no suspense. We know the 2 characters are going to survive to go into season 7 no matter what. This isn’t Grey’s where they have a dozen primary characters. The entire show is Castle and Beckett.

      • Just one thing says:

        Back in Season Three, I think Beckett being killed off of a show called “Castle” wasn’t too farfetched. Last year, once Beckett started factoring into 80-85% of the episode’s 42 minutes, it was abundantly clear she wouldn’t be offed by a bomb.
        Any time they put Castle in danger though, the only thing viewers should care about is HOW he survives, not IF he survives.

        • Bacon-eater says:

          I disagree. The fans were shipping Castle and Beckett from season 1. The season 2 ending was a heart-breaker when Castle left with his ex, but from that point onward it was clear Beckett was just as important to the fans as Castle. No one expected her to die on season 3.

          • Just one thing says:

            Reaction on social media and sites like this suggested otherwise.

          • Just one thing says:

            And I agree that Beckett was just as important to fans as Castle. But the way Beckett was utilized back then and even in Season Four is far different (read: less) than the way Beckett has been utilized over the last two seasons. IMO.

    • lauri5567 says:

      Unless Alexis CASTLE becomes Kate’s partner looking for her father’s killer. Yeah, probably not,

  37. N tTVf says:

    Well, look at it this way – just in case Nathan Fillion’s agent considers a new contract negotiation this coming season (or a bad back again?), noo-ooow ABC and ABC Television Prod Studio have some leverage against poor Rick.

    That’s show biz. It’s better that they push the wedding out as far as possible -keeps things fresh and on edge. “The Moonlighting” factor is far more dangerous to this show than Rick being thrown from a burning car (remember kids, always buckle up.)

    I’m just a casual fan of the show, but got a kick out of this season’s ending – I just knew they had to do something for a cliff-hanger effect. Burning automobile? Perfect. See you in September Castle fans – all will work out well. Rick didn’t like that car anyway.

    • Bacon-eater says:

      Nathan signed a 7 year contract just like Stana and everyone else. He is contracted to come back unless the show gets cancelled; and we know it’s not cancelled.

      • rflairfan1 says:

        For what it’s worth that does not matter. All leads have to sign on for 7 years. They do that so they can’t go on and be a lead somewhere else. The can kill them off whenever they want. It is no different than any other show.

        • Bacon-eater says:

          I was replying to the notion that this was done due to season 7 contract negotiations going bad. It wasn’t. Nathan’s contract already stipulates what he is going to be paid for season 7.

          • NF says:

            Yes, you are correct, but I have to tell you, “my back is starting to hu-uuurt.” ;)

  38. blush says:

    Did anyone else feel that, even drunk & young, there’s no way Beckett was attracted to that jerk-husband??? That was so ridiculous to begin with. The entire episode was full of extremes – – from the jerk, to the roomful of bad guys, to the FBI’s wanted guy, and on and on. So the ending wasn’t really a surprise, just another extreme.

    • Bacon-eater says:

      She often talked about her bad-boy phase early in her life so I’m not surprise she dated someone like that. But like I posted above, it’s impossible to get married by accident in Vegas, so that part of the plot was stupid.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think it’s totally in character for rebel Becks. I think not until her mother’s death did she turn into our Beckett. Slowly over 6 seasons the girly, rebel, kinky Beckett’s has been creeping out. The real mistake is thinking a drive though wedding (drunk) would get you married without the licensee from city hall.

  39. Alex says:

    This episode of Castle was absolutely horrible. Cliche, unoriginal, predicable, and boring. I want the old Castle show back – the good show from 2/3 years ago!

    • S. says:

      If it’s too unpredictable, people rant. If it’s too predictable, people rant. How you might’ve predicted the end scene I don’t know. Perhaps you’re psychic. The mobster storyline didn’t surprise you did it? Much more on top of things than most people. You do realize the show from 2-3 years ago had a bunch of murders of the week with crazy theories and Beckett’s mom’s murder stuff…pretty much the same show it’s been in the last year too with the biggest downside basically being Pi but even then many college girls have done what Alexis did and then totally regretted it.

  40. Rhoda says:

    I loved it and can’t wait until the fall.

  41. Maybe the Moonlighting theory struck again. After they got together, the writers couldn’t do anything else

    • taran63 says:

      I am so sick of hearing Moonlighting thrown around as a reason/excuse for nearly every TV show out there. I bet at least 2/3 of the people who mention it have never seen a single episode of Moonlighting. It was one show that aired about 25 years ago. It’s time to move on!

      • Danny G says:

        Additionally, it is ridiculous to blame the “Moonlighting” curse considering the main reason the show failed after the leads got together had very little to do with the writing initially, but it was the circumstances. Cybill Shepherd was ill when she became pregnant so the writers covered her absence by writing that her character ran away to Chicago and Bruce Willis had to carry the show, alone, for 7 episodes out of the 14 episode fourth season. For a show based on the relationship of two characters, especially in a romantic dramedy, and for one of the characters to be practically out of commission for half of the season, the show will fail. The last season premiered in December instead of September and the viewers did not come back. That season’s writing did go crazy/out of character and that was the final nail in the show’s coffin, but the curse cannot be blamed on the writing alone in the case of “Moonlighting.” For this finale, it was definitely the writers just wanting to throw every obstacle in the way of Castle and Beckett.

    • Phyllis Nethken says:

      People seem to forget that Moonlighting did a self destruct due to the fact that after a while no one got along on the show and the writing went into the sewer–my opinion and just sayin’.

  42. skrable2 says:

    Matt, Please tell us you asked Marlowe why he would do this to the fanbase?

  43. Linda Hauschild says:

    What’s wrong with a happy ending? I hated the car crash, cliff hanger, what’s going to happen next, sorry soap opera like ending. Really?? What a disappointment !

  44. lauri5567 says:

    Well, the dress died, so that was awesome. Also, enjoyed Lanie and Esposito holding hands before the ceremony. Why did no one in upstate NY recognize Richard Castle and his detective girlfriend? The part with Rogan I thought was filler and not fun filler like the sci-fi or 70s episodes. Let’s see – Will, Demming, Josh, Colin, the billionaire from last season, Castle, and Rogan – pick the one not like the others. Yeah, I don’t believe a young drunk Kate even would go for him. I will give props that because there was an upstate NY minister the wedding was moved to the Hamptons as it should have been. I liked the part in the precinct at the beginning. As for the cliffhanger, did I really believe Beckett was going to die at the end of season 3? So is this Bracken’s revenge, 3XK’s, something to do with Hunt, or I guess the recently taken down mob boss could have done it….

  45. Rhoda says:

    I loved it. I think Marlowe knows his audience.

    • Bacon-eater says:

      The Castle audience isn’t the Grey’s audience. We don’t need all these angsty cliffhangers. Castle’s audience is shippers who enjoy the romance and comedy of the series.

    • Maria says:

      He does not. He thinks this fake marriage doesn’t ruin Beckett’s character? For many of us, it does. Castle is supposed to be her “one and done” and now he never will be. Marlowe doesn’t know his audience at all.

      • John NYC says:

        Wow. Precious virgin or ruined?

        Extreme much?

        She was a kid and made a silly mistake. It happens. Even in Las Vegas.

    • Diane says:

      I am so sorry but I totally disagree

  46. T says:

    Awful. I used to enjoy Castle because the characters were complex, smart and flawed. Now they are just stupid. If Beckett was married when she was 18 or 19 then why didn’t the NYPD or the FBI ask her about it when she had a background check to get her job? Oh, maybe Marlowe forgot she worked for the FBI just like he forgot she was a detective. This was written by the show’s creators? Too bad Castle the series didn’t end with last year’s Still. It would have avoided this embarrassment.

    • S. says:

      Huh? That made no sense. Forget she’s in the FBI? What are you talking about? Why would they bring up her marriage anyway? That not a legal job question. You can’t ask people about things like that on interviews (along with do you have/want kids, etc). I’m sure they knew all about it. There was nothing eventful to bring up, they knew Rogan was a scumbag and probably knew they’d not been in contact for 15 years. Kate was the only one in the dark. The only thing that might be weird is if she checked single on a bunch of things, but again, they’ve done an in depth check and know already if there’s anything they need to care about which apparently there wasn’t.

      • kay says:

        ah, they would have done a thorough background check, and working for the FBI they definitely would have had questions about a marriage nobody has mentioned for security reasons. In fact if you apply for something like the FBI they often want to interview people about you. There’s no way the marriage would not have come up. This is not a normal interview- they would most certainly have gone digging, and would have had questions about her past.

      • Disappointed says:

        But she should have needed to be security vetted for at least the DC job, remember she had to deny Castle access to classified material in Valkyrie, and trust me, your relationship status IS checked before you are granted clearance, and a dim view is usually taken when it is discovered you have provided incorrect information.

        • That’s key — Beckett lied on whatever paperwork she filled out to become FBI.
          That’s … really not good. :P

          • madaboutu says:

            No, no and no! You can’t lie about something you don’t remember to begin with. However, one tiny thing. Not sure how marriages go in Vegas, but the state usually sends you a copy of your wedding certificate afterwards. Not going to question every little thing. If I could watch Lost , I can put up with anything I watch Castle for the characters anyway. Wonder how it would go if Nathan took his “rug” off?

      • wesleydv09 says:

        Sorry but you are completely wrong. The guy was a criminal. I believe in the episode it was even said he once impersonated an FBI agent.

        So you think if the FBI hires you, they do not check your private life? And if they find out you are married to a criminal who wants impersonated an FBI agent, I don’t think they would have hired her.

    • Rick says:

      I agree. They check everything when you get a clearance. If she checked single they would have questioned her on the marriage. It dumb plot idea with a worst ending to the show. After 6 seasons, please ABC cancel the show. They made Kate into super bitch at the end of season 5 and into super bimbo at the end of season 6.

  47. jim s says:

    Terrible. Why not have leave the season on an up note. It is the event some fans have been waiting for 6 years. And we all know he survives, so what’s the point.
    As to the divorce, I am personally aware of a divorce being completed in one day. I am not aware of the restrictions in New York as to waiting times but it is possible in some states that have no waiting period.

  48. N says:

    I liked 4 mins. of the show. I then thought Castle was meeting his Dad……..NOOO!!! ;-P

  49. Nurk says:

    Horrendous. What a marvelous way to lose viewers.

  50. leigh says:

    I’m so lost right now… I don’t know what to think… What the hell just happened?

    • Alex says:

      A formerly great show jumped the shark tonight, that’s what.

      • Bacon-eater says:

        So? Next fall they will do a 1-2 parter to find Castle, then get married, and get back to the normal routine.

      • S. says:

        Fun fact, Happy Days ran on for quite some time post-shark jump. People who threaten a show with the shark jumping claim are the ones jumping the shark.

        • Other fun facts: Phantom Menace had two movies follow it that all made absurd amounts of money. Michael Bay’s Transformers films made billions of dollars. Adam Sandler is literally farting out scripts and beating the closest thing Hollywood has to original ideas at the box office. Charmed lasted eight seasons. CSI is still going and apparently thinks Elisabeth Shue’s character is still entertaining.

          Jumping the Shark isn’t a requiem, its just a signal that writing quality apparently no longer has a place here. Someone clearly stopped caring and the audiences that stick around probably don’t either.

          • S. says:

            Read Marlowe’s interview and prepare to be schooled on what constitutes good writing. They’re ten steps ahead of you. Just because you don’t know it yet doesn’t mean it’s bad writing. Sounds to me like it means you’re the one who’s stopped caring about appreciating good writing. They haven’t stopped giving it to us.