The Blacklist's Megan Boone: 'We've Created a Very Epic Finale, One That Is Well Deserved'

The Blacklist Finale PreviewAs the 2013-14 TV season winds down to a close, all eyes are on the No. 1 new drama, NBC’s The Blacklist, as it prepares to deliver its first finale (Monday at 10/9c). Will fans of the thriller be dealt some long-awaited answers? Megan Boone, who plays Liz Keen to James Spader’s crafty “Red” Reddington, reflects on the show’s success, surveys the “odd couple” at the center of the excitement and offers a hint at a season ender that is “well deserved.”

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TVLINE | I imagine that a little over a year ago you probably read your share of pilot scripts. What popped for you about The Blacklist and the role of Liz Keen?
I did read a lot of pilots, and The Blacklist was just hands down the best script going last year. It was so good that I decided to go in on it even though I kind of made up my mind not to do network TV, because I didn’t know this was possible on network TV. But I think the show is setting sort of a new template for the 22-episode season, and I’m excited to be a part of that.

TVLINE | And at that point, Spader wasn’t even a glimmer in anybody’s eye. So it’s not like you were thinking, “Oh, I’m going to do that James Spader show.”
Oh, no. I mean, I’m so glad that I’m doing a James Spader show, but at the time I just found the character of Elizabeth Keen to be really interesting.

TVLINE | What do you love most about her?
I love that she has a lion’s heart, and feet made of clay, I kind of find it endearing that she is sometimes unable to assert the challenges, and sometimes unprepared for what’s coming — and yet she tries to find answers and she tries to surmount the challenges. I think it’s through her eyes that we see the series, and then Reddington is the colorful character that is very entertaining and keeps everyone on their toes.

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TVLINE | As we all know, even the best shows can have trouble drawing an audience. Were you prepared for The Blacklist to be the success that it was, the No. 1 new drama of the season?
I don’t think that it really required a lot of preparation, because this whole experience has been very much about trusting my instincts and going with them. Anybody who goes into this business does it prepared to encounter a lot of different circumstances, and ideally this is one of them. I’m just glad that this is my circumstance right now, where The Blacklist has a lot of longevity.

TVLINE | Why do you think it has flourished in the Mondays-at-10 spot — Even when The Voice is not on or in repeats — whereas other NBC shows had trouble?
It’s a great show, so I think people are coming to NBC to watch The Blacklist. I think some are also there to watch The Voice, but I think that they actively want to see the Blacklist episode. Also, I think that our show started off really good and then progressively got better and better throughout the season. That’s the sign a show with longevity, that they find their footing in Season 1. We have our feet planted on the ground.

TVLINE | So here we are some 20 episodes later…. Do you think Liz is better for having met Red?
I do. I have my own set of ideas about life, and those ideas have to do with the fact that challenges are a good thing, and that truth is a very good thing, and had she not met Red, she would have lived her life in sort of state of denial, and misinformation. Ultimately, you can’t really pick your circumstances in life. You just have to do with them the best you can, and that’s what makes her a good protagonist. She takes all the cards she’s dealt and plays the best hand she can.
The Blacklist - Season 1TVLINE | Obviously your theater training served you well, but here you have as a scene partner James Spader – who, you know, has “won a few awards.” What have you picked up from him?
This has been, like every experience hopefully is, a new level of education for my life. Everything that I’ve ever done to commit myself to this career has gotten me to this point, and this is taking me to a new level of understanding of what I do. When you get two actors in a room, no matter how similar you think they might be, they have completely different brains, different fingerprints, different movements, different places that they hold tension, all these things that affect a performance. James and I are two very different individuals, so it’s interesting for me to watch him work. My approach is very different from his, and what’s been wonderful about working with him is that he has been so accommodating and appreciative of how I do things, because when you see someone doing something that’s very different from what you do, if you are a curious person it can illuminate another part of your work for you. That’s why we have chemistry on the show — we are an odd couple.

TVLINE | Do you have a favorite scene or moment from the season so far?
When Red built the music box for me and played the song [in Episode 17, “Ivan”], after which she found out that Tom was a bad guy. That was a moment for the series that was really lovely, but it was a moment for me on set when I discovered that I was really efficient at doing this job of television, which can be just a machine, making 22 episodes a year. I went in there, I did that scene in two takes and felt really good about the work that I put out there, and it made me realize that I’d really found my footing in this new realm of my career.The Blacklist - Season 1

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TVLINE | Let’s talk a bit about the finale. There are so many burning questions, old and new, up in the air — Liz’s connection to Red, the fire, her scar, who Tom works for…. Out of those things that I just mentioned, are we going to get any interesting answers in the finale?
Yes. You will get a lot of answers. It’s a very, very involved episode. We reach a lot of conclusions, and just as we’ve been doing throughout the series, we open new questions. We’ve created a very epic finale for the show, and it’s well deserved, I mean, throughout the season the challenge was to deliver a movie to you guys every week, and I feel like we really met that challenge. It was a very ambitious production, so we wanted to end it with the finale that it deserved. I think we did.

TVLINE | Will “Berlin” be given a face before the season is over?
Berlin has a face, you just haven’t seen it yet. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Does the finale point us in a certain direction for Season 2?
You’re definitely going to get a sense of what Season 2, Episode 1 is going to be about, yeah.

TVLINE | Do you have any hopes for Season 2? Anything you’d like to explore with Liz?
I’m excited to see her go a little darker. In one sense, this could be a story of redemption — me bringing Red into the light for all his crimes throughout his life. And on the other hand, it could be about bringing Liz a little bit into the darkness. The audience has enjoyed watching Liz be very tough, they’ve enjoyed watching her outsmart people, and I hope that there is more of that in the coming episodes.

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  1. rflairfan1 says:

    I enjoy James Spader quite a bit, however if this finale isn’t amazing I don’t know that I will be back next year. I don’t really care for Lizzy at all and the whole Tom thing has been very unsatisfying. The season was just all over the place.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I love the “Tom thing”. For me the whole mystery surrounding him, Liz and Red has been the best part of the show. I’m very intrigued with who Berlin is but I have a feeling we may see him in the finale but still not know much about him.

      • sarah says:

        The Tom storyline has been the best part of the season for me. I love then Bourne feel to him. Eggold’s been great

        • helen says:

          Spader’s monotone voice is tiresome. I tune in to oggle Eggold. Boone’s aweful. Tom Keen rocks as a character

      • rflairfan1 says:

        For me the biggest issue with Tom was they dragged it out to long. Now that something has happened with him, I really just don’t care if he lives or dies at this point. At least Eggold can act, the same can not be said for Megan. If they were smart we would see Berlin right away and maybe flashback to his issues with Red. But knowing a drama he will be seen at the last second of the finale. LOL.

        • helen says:

          Eggold’s character is at least one they can can turn totally baddass and Bourne like in season 2. He’s a good actor and very believable which isn’t something I can say about 90% of the cast. When he’s being bad I believe it but most of the baddie’s in season 1 were pathetic. He adds that element of danger that’s otherwise missing from the show.
          Boone is just awful. She gives a flat one note performance.

          • rflairfan1 says:

            I will admit that they made his character stronger in the last couple episodes. I would take him living and Lizzy dying in the finale.

    • Phil says:

      have been tuning into this show only for James Spader’s mesmerizing performance. Megan Boone is completely lackluster as Liz and carries a single expression thru out. She just cannot emote. She is the show’s biggest liability

      • rflairfan1 says:

        I agree at some point they are going to have to make her a badass that actually stands up to people or kill her off. Since it was clear in the last episode that Liz and Red need each other, her dying is not likely. I think she is a bad actress to begin with, but it REALLY shows when she is in a scene with Spader. I hope the finale is good, otherwise I may not continue to watch next year.

      • jenna says:

        100% agree. All her scenes are flat and almost monotone with no less than 3 soap opera like stares into the distance per episode. I really like this show but can’t stand boone, not sure if i’ll be back next year

      • DSDreamer says:

        I could not agree more. If Tom could somehow turn into a double agent, Lizzy could be killed off and the show would be more interesting for it. Her expressions are flat; her acting is a reflection of that; and her arrogance that seems to have her deluded into believing she is an equal to Spader is just (yawn) as boring. Red is the story and Tom is the swing role. If Lizzy was killed and Tom was revealed as a double agent (to keep the FBI involvement), the show would be even better.

        • 4reelz says:

          I have it in good authority that a director asked her to take acting notes from her stand in. That’s how much she sucks. And she’s a jerk to crew and background on set when she doesn’t remember her lines. ( personal experience here). Idk what she did to get the job, but when people say there are no good American actors, it’s not true. We’re just standing in fie the jerks who knew somebody to get their parts. Hollywood doesn’t reward talent, but nepotism and perhaps who gives a good blow job…?

    • suzyku says:

      I love James Spader as well! Everything he is in is well worth watching. I also do not like Lizzy, she is often just plain stupid and irritating. We’ll definitely be back next season and looking forward to more of the wonderful James Spader! If he wasn’t in this show I doubt that I would continue to watch because every week, every episode the Lizzy character just annoys.

      • rflairfan1 says:

        Given the fact that Lizzy is clearly an important part to the show, you would think they would have cast someone who could act. I wonder if they did any test screening with Megan and James. Because that is when her vulnerabilities as an actress really start to show.

  2. Mary says:

    Um…not to be a hater or anything since I LOVE the show but when has Liz “outsmarted” people? Still, I give Boone credit for improving throughout the season but the writers really really need to smarten her up a bit if they want her to be liked.

  3. Mel says:

    Glad I stuck with The Blacklist. I gave up on Hannibal, Hostages and Intelligence (now all cancelled). Love love love to watch James Spader chew the scenery every week; and am so glad Megan Boone was able to ditch that horrible wig, seriously, it was the most distracting thing.

  4. rflairfan1 says:

    I don’t watch it but Hannibal was not cancelled.

  5. greysfan says:

    The Blacklist alongside Scandal are the best dramas on the box right now and i can’t wait to see the finale. Going to be interesting to see where it takes us especially with that cliffhanger from last week. I can’t wait. I must say though i am a bit worried about NBC moving it to Thursdays. That timeslot is not easy and I just hope this show can buck the trend of dramas moving from The Voice to stand on its own.

  6. meah says:

    The only reason I watch this show is james spader,that man Embodies Raymond Reddington so well even to the smile,smirks,laugh.watching him is so enjoyable
    Pretty much everyone in the cast is subpar.the other characters are not interesting at all,I hope they make them enjoyable by season 2.
    I hope blacklist won’t be opposite scandal next year,if not bye bye blacklist

  7. TV Gord says:

    I don’t know why some people think–aside from Spader–that the show is subpar. I think some of you are going out of your way to find things to criticize…or there’s some kind of snobbery at work. I think the whole show has been outstanding!

    • rflairfan1 says:

      Um. No it is subpar. I was beyond excited for the show the first episode was very strong, then it became a very uneven show. Every time I thought about walking away, it would have a very good episode (usually Lizzy was hardly in it) I have already put in 21 episodes so I am going to see how it ends. But I will decide if I come back for season 2 after the finale. I don’t care what day it airs, I only watch 6 shows on the big four anyway.

  8. tv2day says:

    NBC needs more shows like this. NBC’s USA network has always outdone them. Their summer shows r great while they put dribble like Dracula on NBC. Vamp shows got popular when they went modern (blade underworld etc). Old world Dracula has always been boring. No more ironsides either lol!

  9. DJ Doena says:

    Actors always find their own shows exciting and special. Just look at the praise of the HIMYM finale.

    Only my watching will tell me if it’s good or not.

  10. Sean says:

    Love this show. Hoping for a great finale.

  11. bishop1234 says:

    Is it just me, or does Megan Boone come off as being a little full of herself in this interview? I am by no means a hater, I just found some of her answers self aggrandizing.
    Just for an example is her answer about working with James Spader; if you pay attention to her answer, she does not compliment his performance or how it has helped hers, she is complimenting her own performance and saying it helps illuminate his. (Read from “James and I are two different individuals” to “…another part of your work for you.” and notice the way she is phrasing things)
    And when answering the question about her favorite scene, part of her answer included the statement, “I discovered that I was really efficient at doing this job of television.” That is an arrogant thing to say out loud! It’s others who are supposed to say you have become efficient at something, you don’t give the title to yourself. (It’s like saying, “I am so talented.” Sure, it’s great to say it internally to stay positive and productive, but to say it out loud is…well, it’s what Sheldon Cooper does. ~smirk)

    • Thanh says:

      I thought I was the only one who felt some of her answers come off as odd.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I felt it too.

    • Ella says:

      I felt the same way. James Spader is one of the greatest actors and she could learn quite a bit from him.

    • helen says:

      I agree she’s full of herself. I think she thinks she’s safe as a character.Also that the success is down to her. silly girl.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Not at all!

    • Mary says:

      Yeah I have to agree with you there. It’s like, let’s be real girl, this show is a hit because of James Spader. With the whole #wiggate and her character’s ability to literally not figure a single thing out, it certainly wasn’t her efforts alone which has made the show compelling.

    • rflairfan1 says:

      I agree as well. The show is a hit because of Spader. Her character is the weakest link of the entire show. Whether anybody at NBC or elsewhere want to admit, she is the joke of this show. As Phil said in a another comment “She is the show’s biggest liability” and I couldn’t agree more. They could recast her tomorrow and I couldn’t care less.

      • jenna says:

        if her character was recast I would rejoice!

        • rflairfan1 says:

          Me too. I think she would be surprised to learn how many people would be over the moon with her recasting.

          • Clairel says:

            I totally agree. We get so caught up in the story; then Lizzie appears, and you’re quickly reminded this is ONLY fiction. It’s an odd effect, I’ve never experienced it before. Even their commercials…Tom is totally cool, perfect seque to and from the show. When Megan does hers, she’s emotionless and flat, obviously reading a promoter. Boringggg!

    • sandy says:

      I think she means their performance affect to each illumiate him,he illuminates you.she never said she learn nothing from JS.

      • Olivia says:

        I agree, quite the opposite actually. She expresses her feeling of being proud to do a good job but she also says that she never stops to learn and grow as an actor, and that Spader’s way of acting makes her rethink the ways to express whatever emotion. I find it pretty humble and realistic honestly. You always learn from people, especially more experimented ones, but it doesn’t mean that you’re useless and untalented yourself.
        The way she says it might be clumsy be the content of her comment is basically “I learn how to do better with every actor I meet and yeah, I’m proud of myself when I can use that experience because it makes me develop my range and in return it ends up helping the interactions”. Well at least that’s how I’ve personally read it. I mean, I don’t see how I could read “if you are a curious person it can illuminate another part of your work for you” other than that.
        Contrary to the popular opinion, I happen to appreciate Liz (whom I think is SUPPOSED to look like a naive, deer in the headlights, type of woman in the freshman year… the growth will be obvious later. I’m thinking “Willow Rosenberg” right now as an exemple, so maybe I’m biased towards this type of characters who are not badasses right off the bat and pretty naive). Spader is GREAT, and if everyone can take advantage of what they learn with one another then it makes for an even better show.
        That being said: maybe she’s indeed full of herself, I have no clue, I don’t know her beyond Liz Keen lol.

    • AnnieM says:

      When I saw her on Craig Ferguson’s show last week, she seemed kind of nervous. Maybe all this attention is so new to her she’s not sure what to say. ::shrug::

    • KC says:

      I found her answers to be refreshingly honest. If she just said James Spader is fantastic to work with and I owe all my sucess to him would just be Hollywood BS and not really answer the question. She instead told us her process and how she tries to learn from her co-stars. I wouldn’t say calling yourself efficient is being arrogant. Efficiency is great for gas milage but not so much for acting, at least from a viewer’s point of view. In the theater you get to hone your performance over the course of weeks, months and even years. Movies also have the luxury of doing several versions of a scene. In TV the actors have to do the scene then on to the next scene. I think she was saying she learned to give a performance she was happy with, without having to redo it over and over again. Something that’s new to her and she’s proud of.
      All actors are, to a certain extent, reliant on what the writers give them to work with. Have you seen Spader in “Mannequin?” Based on that performance he’s one of the worst actors ever. I think all the negative comments about Megan Boone’s acting has more to do with them not liking the character she plays. I personally like that the character is a bit naive to play off of the character of Reddington who seems to know everything (except who Berlin is.)

  12. Pat says:

    Hostages was only suppose to air as a limited series event

  13. Pat says:

    Blacklist is a good series James Spader is awesome they character Liz they need to make her character stronger and as for Tom I would love them to kill him off

  14. Nick says:

    James Spader is the unique reason that made me stick with the Blacklist. The plot is ok and each episode by itself is decent but it’d be just another crime drama if it weren’t for Spader. His portrait of Reddington is amazing. His monologues are shivering.
    Megan Boone instead is just meh. Liz is not badass, she’s not smart, she’s not funny… she’s just a mess.

    • Sam says:

      I totally agree with you, Nick! Spader is amazing as Reddington. If Lizzie were to die in the finale I would just say, “I didn’t see that coming. Red is going to be really pissed!” Then I’d anxiously wait to see what Red does next. I just wouldn’t miss the character or her plot lines.

      Yeah, I noticed that it’s her approach that is helping Spader…that’s a laugh. No wonder she isn’t improving as an actress even though she is working with one of the best. Evidently she doesn’t think she has anything to learn…sheesh!

    • Sparky says:

      The episodes up until Christmas were really good….like can’t wait until the next episode really good. After that Red was hardly in the episodes and the focus was on the task force and it showed. James Spader is the heart of the show and I wish Megan Boone has some acting range to carry the show when he is not around. But I have to agree with an earlier post – how arrogant does she sound in this interview?!!! Liz is not the badass that she thinks she is and when Megan does have to act with some sort of vulnerability that should make us sympathize with her she doesn’t know how to. James Spader is the show – if it weren’t for him I don’t think the ratings would be anything like they currently are. For Spaders sake I hope the shows move to Thursday night in the fall doesn’t affect the shows success too much.

  15. mary says:

    I really don’t understand how did she end up on this show? Her acting is awful, like when her father died instead of focusing on her face they had to zoom out because she had the same deadpan expression.

  16. nate says:

    i wonder if everyone else is gonna find out who the mole was

    • jm says:

      I Think it was Jane Alexander´s character and the guy who was killed by Red

      • rflairfan1 says:

        Correct. But I think he was asking will anybody else on the Task Force be aware that she was the mole. Harlod thinks Red killed her, but he doesn’t know why. The only other person to find out was Parminder’s character.

  17. jo says:

    This actress has a big ego. People arent watching for her. The later part of the series has been fascinating because of Tom’s storyline. I love how he’s developed. I want more of him in season 2. I love his Bond vibe.

  18. Ally Oop says:

    I hope there’s reruns of this in the summer. I dropped it after 8 episodes because it had gotten to be too much of a procedural but I heard things picked up after that. It’s worth a second look.

  19. enri says:

    Thanks for the interview. Not sure of the reason for all the Megan Boone hate. I’ve enjoyed everyone’s character on this show. Glad it’s coming back for season 2

  20. Kevin says:

    She is coming across as blowing her own trumpet undeservedly. Does she even know what people really think of her work! Most tune in for Spader. I mean the way she says she illuminates his perf is ridiculous and laughable!

  21. Phil says:

    Frankly watch the show ONLY for the brilliant James Spader. Megan Boone is a poor actor who doesn’t do justice to Liz Keen’s character at all. Due to her lackluster performance have no emotional investment in Liz’s character. really don’t care what happens to her. If she were to be bumped off in the finale it wld be great. Or wish the actress cld be changed. On top of that, seeing her having such a bloated view of herself where she says her work ‘illuminates’ James’s work is nauseating! And her calling Red’s charterer as just a ‘colorful’ charcter shows her poor intellect and also her lack of understanding of the key character of her own show. Red is a complex, multi-layered, intriguing enigma. Spader brings in such a range and depth to him. Guess, she is incapable of getting that and ridiculously pigen holes him as a ‘colorful’ guy! I mean how juvenile is that! The whole interview makes her come across as totally silly.

  22. Nell P says:

    Gheez! People can be pretty harsh.. >.< Thank for the interview

  23. sandy says:

    I think some of the posts are pretty harsh. “James and I are two different individuals” to “…another part of your work for you.” I think she means their performance affect to each illumiate him,he illuminates you.she never said she learn nothing from JS.Take it easy people.

  24. Laura says:

    OMG I THINK MEGAN IS GREAT ! If you watched it from the beginning you could see how she changed. I think she does a good job portraying the part. I have seen her on interviews and I think she is a bright and beautiful young woman. I guess we all see things differently.She is playing Lizzy but that is not her as a person.

  25. Ali says:

    I like her in the Lizzie part. What I am finally getting tired of though, is Spaders delivery in every episode. It’s the same old same old. He does it well but it’s so predictable:

    -Walk into some foreign country, restaurant, warehouse etc.
    -Take off hat and/or coat.
    -Tilt head a bit.
    -Give a cheesy smile.
    -Establish that you know this person from some past experience.
    -Give a warm yet phony greeting.
    -Say something: funny/witty/sarcastic.
    -Make a reference to that persons significant other/family.
    -Have some small talk.
    -Then deliver the whammy.

    It’s SO predictable it’s like a drinking game.

    Lizzie’s character really has come a long way since episode one where she was this young, excited person, who was late to work and picked up by a helicopter. Now she is jaded, hurt, distrustful and has done some compromising things. Life isn’t so sunny and fun. She’s not sure who to trust and she’s not sure exactly what is going on.

    I also am enjoying the Ressler character. We’ve seen him almost go in the opposite direction as Lizzie. He was tough, hardened, didn’t trust many people, did for a brief bit then lost Audrey and is now back to square one. He’s jaded, hurt, distrustful and has also done compromising things.

    I hope we get to find out if Red is Lizzie’s father and, I hope Liz and Ressler will get together.

    I am not that interested in the Tom character and all of his drama. I have nothing against the actor, I just really don’t care about what his whole deal is.

    Last, WHERE THE HELL IS THE DOG? Does Dembe have him, is he in a kennel, did she find a new home for him, did she bring him with her when she went to Ressler? Where is the DOG????

    • Sam says:

      Spader’s character is older, established, and set in his ways. Red knows what works for him, it is what the people dealing with him expect. Once you’ve risen to the top of your field, no matter what the field is, the people tend to act and do things in a certain manner. If he was changing all the time it would not seem like the same character. Plus in times of crises or sorrow I can feel every ounce of it in Spader’s performance.

      Unfortunately, in the case of Megan Boone the one thing that varies very very little is her facial expressions: it is as though her face is immobile. I just get no emotional connection with her performance.

    • Colleen says:

      I would love to see the dog again.

  26. Joey Padron says:

    Great interview. Megan is great as Liz where her character was from pilot to now. James is great as Red. Their scenes together are always great. Can’t wait to watch season finale. Hope show gets nominated for a couple of Emmys this year.

  27. allie says:

    She’s OK, her character is just poorly written. Keen’s asked to work with a guy who killed her only family ! Since the pilot she never gets to ask Red what’s his obsession with her, she could have blackmailed him a million time to get the info and just didn’t. Poor scriptwriting.

  28. Jean Alica says:

    I like Liz and the whole Liz/Red thing and I think Tom should be killed off. The character Liz has had a terrible year and most of us would would be all over the place and in hell to never mind dealing with this brilliant criminal man who under all those horrors seems to love her in some way. Would he take a bullet for her? That remains to be seen.

  29. b says:

    Hands down the best series of the year, the only competition it has/had is Sleepy Hollow! Can’t wait to find out Red’s connection to Liz part of me thinks he’s her father but that is a little too obvious so I’m going with uncle!

  30. DSDreamer says:

    This is one of my 2 favorite shows. The writing is excellent and the stellar performances by James Spader is the draw. It would be nice if the actress who plays Liz could muster some emotion; some kind of facial expression. Her character is the tie to the FBI and so it is necessary. I wonder if she were in a terrible accident that required reconstructive surgery, perhaps the writers could insert a better, more believable actress. I like the other actors for the most part. LIzzys boss in the FBI comes across as less informed and less commanding than any of his subordinates. So, perhaps two substitutions to an otherwise superb cast and show.

  31. jenferner8 says:

    I’m loving Spader and Ryan on this show. I can tolerate Megan because of them, I know she’s trying but, seriously, she’s only interesting when she’s around these guys. I absolutely HATE that Liz has without question eaten every single word (truths and mostly lies) Red has spoon fed her since the beginning. She barely knows the guy AND he’s a criminal. Then she has the nerve to act offended when he doesn’t answer her more personal questions, bitch, grow the hell up! She’s HORRIBLE profiler. I do wonder what Spader is chewing on when he speaks, it always looks like he’s got something in his cheek that he’s absently knawing on.

  32. Jessica says:

    Anyone know the name of the song/Artist at the end of the finale?

  33. TrN says:

    Megan Boone is a very weak actress.. Her performance is so bad that I feel nothing but annoyance for the Liz character.. She has 2 expressions and neither one of them ever fits the scene she’s doing .. I’d be so happy if they recast the part.. I have no attachment to Liz because of Megan Boone’s lackluster underwhelming performance.. I love James Spader and Diego Klattenhoff but to be honest I probably won’t tune in next season because of my intense dislike for Liz.. I can’t get invested in the character because of the bad writing and the terrible acting and the show focuses on the Liz character too much for that not to be an issue.. I thought she come off sounding arrogant in the interview.. I’m not a fan..

  34. Jean Alica says:

    What on earth makes people make the kind of comments they do about Megan Boone as an actress or that she is full of herself. This girl is a very able actress and she was given a fair estimate of a show she has done twenty two episodes in. When she mentioned the odd couple relating to Lizzy and Red she could not be more right and it is because of them that I watch it. I understand and I am clear about my own job and would not like it if someone told me I did not know what I was doing after x number of years But there are young people coming up everyday starting out in my original career. Judy Dench and Helen Mirren had to start somewhere and Megan Boone may surprise you more that you think one day!

    • jtaleah says:

      You are related to her or a close friend aren’t you? That’s the only reason why you could be so forgiving of how truly awful she is.

      The thing about professions is that there are many other people who are fully capable of doing the same job as you, thus this coveted jobs should go to those with the greatest talent and skill. Particularly with acting, where there are a million other women actors who are amazingly talented and who don’t need to have excuses made for them, like “she’s just getting started, cut her some slack.” Why should we?

      She obviously doesn’t possess the talent required to be a star of a show – evidenced by the bulk of the fans desiring her to be replaced, killed off, or phased out. She isn’t doing her job well, thus should get fired. She needs to either practice out of the spotlight until she gets better, or go find a profession where she has some talent in. Acting doesn’t seem to be it.

  35. Jean Alica says:

    No I am not related to her but because of nature of my job when I get home I watch TV shows (like a lot of people) and have done for many years but I am selective in what I watch. We also visit the theater a lot and when we travel abroad we tend to visit theaters there and that is where I am coming from. I am sure you know that when actors promote popular TV shows that is not really them. A number of actors are quite shy but they have a certain something like a sense of humour that makes them pick at themselves but they have to promote the show. They do not need anyone else to pick at them when they do it already .

    • Kassie says:

      Are you serious right now?? First of all you are hardly making any sense, what does “Traveling abroad and going to the theatre” have anything to do with us not feeling Megan Boone is an adequate actress? As for Megan Boone, we have every right to judge her performance. This is what she does for a living..her sole purpose as a career is to entertain us. So she should at least be held up to a certain standard especially since she is getting paid well to do it. I also firmly believe that when you step into the limelight of your own free will whether it is singing, acting, reality TV even, you have to expect people are going to comment on your skill set and if someone who becomes famous doesn’t think they will they are delusional.

  36. Thomas Evans says:

    one of the best shows I have ever watched on tv I can’t wait from one week to the next. I go back to on demand and watch reruns. GREAT SHOW

  37. Callie says:

    James Spader can take “meh” writing and make it sound like “Hamlet.” I actually pity Megan Boone, whose acting is so flat and bland; she’s diminished by Spader’s presence. Liz’s relationship with Tom actually elevated her role; Ryan Eggold’s a good actor who can command the screen, and the Liz-Tom dynamic held my interest. During this Season 2, however, I’m rapidly tiring of those close-up shots of Liz’s puffy face, doe-eyes, and blank expressions.