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Post Mortem: Revenge Boss Defends [Spoiler's] Death, Reveals First Season 4 Shockers and More

Revenge Season 4 SpoilersIf you’ve yet to watch Sunday’s Revenge finale, avert your eyes now. Spoilers ahead!

Now that’s how you do a season finale.

Sunday’s Revenge brought much of the drama from the past three seasons full circle, as Emily finally took down Conrad and cleared her father’s name. Other major events included the murder of Aiden, the apparent death of Conrad, the long-awaited return of David Clarke and the soon-to-be iconic shot of Victoria screaming for her sanity in a mental institution.

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Below, showrunner Sunil Nayar defends the finale’s controversial twists, reveals whether or not Conrad’s death will stick and teases David’s game-changing reintegration into Hamptons society.

TVLINE | I feel like a lot of fans will want to know why you (via Victoria) killed Aiden.
When we started charting out where we thought we were going to go at the end of the season, with the reintroduction of David Clarke and taking Conrad down and clearing David’s name, we thought, “Well, Emily can’t be left without the sense of revenge.” For three seasons, we’d examined what it means for a young girl to have her father taken away and to want vengeance for that, and we couldn’t leave Emily without that sense of it. We, sadly, thought the only way to reinvigorate her sense of revenge in the moment — and to also let the audience understand what that feels like — was to see that happen.

Aiden, being her true love, was the most emotional choice, especially as we spent the second half of the season deepening what Aiden’s story was. We wanted the audience, along with Emily, to understand who she was losing and who took her away. Now, both Emily and Victoria have lost their loved ones, essentially at the hands of the other, so that Revenge will be all new in its conception next season. And it’s a Revenge people will understand, because they were there when these moments happened. That creative necessity is what led us to kill Aiden, which was so heartbreaking. We’re really going to miss him, but it was the right thing to do.

Revenge Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | So why didn’t Emily kill Victoria when she had the chance? What else does Emily have planned?
That’s sort of what Emily’s always been about, the death by 1,000 cuts; human suffering is a much greater revenge than just the emptiness of death. Especially after what Victoria did, Emily wants this woman to live, but live miserably, as opposed to dying. As we go into Season 4, Victoria will not only feel a sense of anger and revenge in regards to what happened to Pascal, but she essentially created this young woman, so there’s also a comeuppance. Everyone has to look at the world around them — Emily, Victoria, Daniel — and they all have to think, “Well, we’re complicit in the things that make us unhappy,” and that’s something we want to look at in Season 4. That also led us to bringing David Clarke back, but in a way that you’d never expect.

TVLINE | I definitely wasn’t expecting him to return that way. Can you confirm that Conrad is dead?
You know what, we’re beginning to talk about next season, and we haven’t seen him actually die. I think there’s that little tug of me thinking, “I don’t want to lose Henry [Czerny], and that character’s so good,” but you never know. I don’t want to say anything definitively because this is Revenge, but he’s not doing super well lying on the road there.

TVLINE | No, no he’s not. Will next season pick up with him lying on the road, or can we expect a time jump?
That’s something we’re starting to discuss, but nothing is set just yet.

TVLINE | Can you say how David’s relationships will be when he returns? I can’t wait to see Victoria’s response.
Those are the great questions we’re looking to answer, and we’re still figuring out things like, “How are we going to bring him back to the Hamptons? Where are people going to be when they find out? Who’s going to see him first?” Victoria and Emily are both going to have to reckon with what they’ve done in his name over the last 20 years, and then they’ll have to reckon with, “Well, who is this man?” It’s fun because, for the first time, the audience knows something that none of the people on the show do. The audience knows what he did to Conrad, they know what a raw act of vengeance it was. So the David that’s eventually going to come back to town isn’t going to be the David that the people in the Hamptons know, but the viewers have seen him and know what he’s capable of. That’s a fun dynamic we’ve never gotten to play with before.

revenge-charlotte-blogTVLINE | Speaking of changing, Charlotte has undergone quite the emotional transformation. What’s next for her?
Every season has been about her growing up in ways that are out of her control, that poor woman. What I loved about the episode where Emily kidnapped her was that it was an endeavor to take Conrad down, but it was also an endeavor to toughen Charlotte up and show her that this is the world she lives in. She’s a knowing person for the first time, except that she still doesn’t know who her sister is, which we think is such a great thing in the offing for Season 4. In some ways, she may see that as the ultimate betrayal.

TVLINE | She also had Jack put behind bars, it seems. How will that turn out?
That’s a great question as to what his stance is going to be and who he chooses to be honest with in the moment. We saw that, even though he was implicit in the takedown of Conrad, Jack is still such a kind soul. He’s had to reconcile with the idea that sometimes to achieve justice, you have to do things that are counter to your nature. But he’s the moral center of the show, so going into Season 4, it’ll be interesting to see what he does. He could give up Emily, Nolan and Aiden — or he could just blame Aiden, now that he’s dead. Or he could keep it all to himself, carry the weight of it and let Charlotte hate him so that he can protect the relationship that maybe she’ll have someday with Emily.

TVLINE | If he does take the fall, he might have a new cellmate soon. Is Gideon going to through with his plans to blackmail Daniel?
We’re looking to deepen the dynamics between Daniel and Gideon; we think that actor’s phenomenal. It’s the good vs. evil, which is Jack and Margaux. These two people are so different in this position, but they also share a history. We have a hint of what Emily and Jack were together, that Jack was the moral center and Emily went off and became this person who could revenge. Margaux is so good, and it’s her nature to be good, while Daniel is the product of Conrad, Victoria, Emily, Nolan, everybody. He’s becoming bad, but not in a way he ever wanted to be, so with the situation in front of him, the question is: What will he do? Will he be the bigger person and own up to it? Will Margaux help him out with it? We like to think, “What will the new Daniel Grayson do, and how will Margaux feel about it?”

TVLINE | You were picked up for a fourth season long after you filmed the finale. Did you plan it, in any way, as a potential series finale?
No way. We built this all because we were confident we’d get a fourth season. And by launching another story, it’s like, we have to have another season. I know the network cares about the fans just as we do, and there’s no way they’d leave them hanging. In whatever season it ends on, hopefully many years from now, it has to finish. It can’t just stop.

Revenge fans, what were your reactions to the Season 3 finale shockers, and what do you hope Season 4 will bring? Browse finale photos, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.


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  1. neha says:

    So…they’re pretty much being honest that they don’t have anything long-term sketched out and are just basically winging it.

    • Emgee says:

      Pretty much, it would seem.

    • nate says: about you read that again. the whole damn thing

      • neha says:

        Here are some nuggets – “You know what, we’re beginning to talk about next season, and we haven’t seen him actually die.”, “That’s something we’re starting to discuss, but nothing is set just yet”, “Those are the great questions we’re looking to answer, and we’re still figuring out things”,

        • Emgee says:

          and also “it’ll be interesting to see what he does. He could give up Emily, Nolan and Aiden — or he could just blame Aiden, now that he’s dead. Or he could keep it all to himself, carry the weight of it and let Charlotte hate him”

        • Joe says:

          If you actually read interviews of any other finale interviews, this is a pretty standard response. Moreover, isn’t it a good thing that they review everything, instead of sticking to a story that may not have been working?

          Either way though, I feel like next season should be last.

          • abz says:

            Yes, but with a lot of other finale interviews you get a sense that they have plans and have thought ahead about things (e.g., OUAT). I mean they made the idiotic decision of making David Clarke alive and they don’t inspire confidence that they know what they’re doing with him.
            I agree next season should be the last,

        • Brian Shields Shields says:

          Leave the coniving bastard dead !dead !dead…the show will be better..

          • Kate says:

            he wasn’t a conniving bastard (except for the affair with Victoria)

          • James says:

            If David Clark is alive Amanda , Killed for no reason she is in big trouble..

          • kira says:

            No it’s good that he’s alive, Because of all the things that Amanda/Emily has done to get revenge it has basically been for nothing, and that opens up a lot of ways that the story could go. For example, she could turn on her father for making her believe all this time that he was dead and making her do the bad things to get the revenge, only to find out it was all part of his plan to get his own revenge so he basically used her, and then didn’t even contact her.

    • Quang says:

      Almost all show-runners work that why, and it is why I role my eyes everything someone uses a show like Lost as an example of writers making things up as they go along. They ALL do that. TV writers usually only plan out one season at a time, plots are always introduced without any idea how they’d end, and endings are often conceived without any idea how to get there. Sunil and Emily Vancamp have stated several times that the writers had no firm idea of the identity of the shooter in writing that flashforward where Emily gets shot on her wedding day. I’m not saying that any of this is a bad thing, it is just the way things work.

    • Jenny says:

      It’s disappointing to read that they have absolutely no clue how they will reintegrate him into the Hamptons. It really does seem like they’re winging it.

    • Quinn Mallory says:

      Yes, but that’s pretty much most TV shows (especially one like Revenge that changed showrunner in its run). Very glad that they wrapped the initial revenge plotline a bit, otherwise it would have drawn out for way too long.

    • Brit says:

      Who ever the ABC network executive was that scheduled Revenge opposite Downton Abbey almost killed Revenge and should be FIRED!

    • I think victoria just had a stupid dream. Conrad walking down the road in the middle of the night with a fadora on his stupid head singing. that was a little much for me, i dont think david clark is alive at all!!!

      • Season 3 should have been the last one. I am beyond disappointed that Aiden died! I think the writers should have ended the season on a good note rather than killing him and the emotional connection I held inside that kept me watching and believing that there would be a happy ending. I am done with this show.

    • Sabrina Elouardi says:

      Well, they just got off Season 3 and they have two months to concoct the arcs and storylines they want to portray in the show. Sunil Nayar is a very intelligent screenwriter and in this interview he already named key points he wants to target. So, I think your comment is unjust in that the fourth season filming and writing hasn’t begun yet.

  2. Gabriel Anthony says:

    They dont even know when it is supposed to be the end of the show. It was a great season, But the fourth nerds to be the final season

    • Emgee says:

      THIS should have been the final season.

      • alistaircrane says:

        I agree—-all the subplots not relating to Emily/Victoria this season were just awful. I don’t care about Margaux and her family or Javier and Myclone or Daniel’s douchery or the business/magazine story.

        • Emgee says:

          Margeaux was just plain awful and bored me to death. There were some interesting subplots here and there, but overall, it’s a show that should basically be ending now…they can’t really go anywhere else, and with David alive, it basically makes everything Emily has done for naught…especially if they make him a bad guy, which it unfortunately seems like they are on the track to do.
          I suppose I will never know, though…as I am no longer going to be counted among the viewership.

          • arttart1983 says:

            I agree, the story line w/Margeaux & her magazine along w/Daniel were boring. I too didn’t care about any of that story line along w/MyClone, Javier, etc., I too thought it was boring.

            The relationship Margeaux & Jack had wasn’t believable, it’s unfortunate that killed off “Amanda/Emily,” she was perfect for Jack, that relationship was believable.

            Time for Daniel to GROW UP & move out of Grayson Manor, how stupid & unbelievable is is that?

            My prediction: David will remain dead, too much negative feed back, Conrad will be alive!

          • Amber says:

            So many of you don’t understand how writing goes when it comes to television. They can’t plan it out long term, and expect that it will just go that way. Like with Aiden, they probably didn’t plan on killing him off, then he got another job, and needed to be written off. If one of the actors were to fall Ill or any other circumstance that could cause them to need to be written off, then the writers would have to go back and completely rewrite everything. And as far as the smaller plotlines, there can’t be a show only four or five characters, THAT would be boring. I am a writer, and this is the greatest show I’ve ever indulged in. Also, David Clark being alive is not stupid, nor does it make everything Emily has done for naught. Keep in mind, SHE doesn’t know that he’s alive, so when she finds out it will be some of the juiciest drama ever penned. Bravo Sunil. Very well done.

          • Leanne says:

            Margeaux does absolutely nothing for the show, not even a good actress. Scale 1-10 she is a minus 5

    • tammy says:

      noway….I love this show…. and so do you or you would not be looking for info on it

    • abz says:

      It was an uneven season for me. Started off really good, had a terrible middle, started getting better toward the end and then ruined with stupid decisions made in the finale.
      I hate when networks do this. They need to tell the showrunners ahead of time that the upcoming season is the final one so that they can come up with a good way to end the show. There’s no way this show is gonna make it to a fifth season so they might as well make it official.

      • marcela says:

        I hope they do not get to the 5 season. They will ruin it more. Do not understand why they kill aiden…now they have to leave her with jack… Or wirhout a partner. This is too much and non sense.

  3. alistaircrane says:

    The finale wasn’t very good up until the last 2 minutes or so. Glad that Aiden is finally gone—couldn’t stand him! Disappointed Conrad wasn’t brought to justice, so I’m only a teensy bit happy that he’s did. Called David being alive a while ago. I love that Victoria is locked up in the psych ward!

  4. Kevin Dillon says:

    Yea when I read that interview I was like, so Sunil and his team literally have no plans mapped out. There is a difference between teasing fans and sounding like you have no clue where your show is going, Nayar sounds like the latter

  5. They better start admitting that it’s going to end with season 4 and plan accordingly.

  6. Alichat says:

    “Now, both Emily and Victoria have lost their loved ones, essentially at the hands of the other,…” Uh….no. Emily did not kill Pascal. Daniel and Conrad did. And I still don’t buy Pascal being this great love of Victoria’s. Ugh.

    • neha says:

      Yeah, he was such a great love, Victoria never mentioned him in the last three years. How many great loves has Victoria had? David Clarke, Pascal, and the artist (Dominik).

    • alistaircrane says:

      I don’t either. The scene with her kissing his coffin? Give me a break!

      • 4017tsmithSC says:

        Victoria kissing Pascal’s coffin wasn’t necessarily her sadness for his departure but to betray Conrad even after he died. Twisted. I know.

    • ChrisGa says:

      The entire Pascal subplot and relationship with Victoria rang totally hollow. They were together for 5 minutes and all of a sudden “everything’s been taken away from Victoria” with his death. I bought Emily being destroyed by Aiden’s death, don’t buy it with Victoria and Pascal.

      • Jenny says:

        Yes so true if it was Victorias true love how come there’s been no mention or flashbacks or something.. Seriously these writers pull things out of their behind. They must think were stupid or something.

    • abz says:

      Exactly! “At the hands of the other” Does he even watch his own show? Emily did not tell or force Conrad to push Pascal into the helicopter.
      And yes this Pascal/Victoria epic love story is barely believable.

      • DL says:

        To be fair, were it not for Emily’s manipulation of Pascal, he never would have been in the situation where he was pushed into the helicopter. She was at least indirectly responsible, for sure.

        • Alichat says:

          I can see that argument, but in the end I believe Pascal is responsible for his death. Yes, Emily manipulated him into wearing a wire, but he put himself in that situation when he chose to help Conrad blow up that plane, cover it up for so many years, murder Aiden’s father, never come clean, lie to Victoria, murder the reporter, lie to Conrad, follow Conrad the murderer to the roof of a building, stand with Conrad the murderer in front of an active helicopter blade.

      • Nosey says:

        She did not, but she was also busted when Victoria called that # which was later disconnected. Plus the the fact she used Daniel. Every person on the show deserves revenge. She actually was indirectly responsible for every death in the show including Aiden. Each death had her name on it.

        • Alichat says:

          Actually, you could make that argument with Victoria as well. Each death has Victoria’s name on it. It wasn’t enough that they framed David. Victoria went the extra step and had Emily committed….had a therapist play mind games on her until she believed he was a murderer. Victoria created Emily.

          • Nosey says:

            Everyone responsible made Fauxmily not just Victoria. Fauxmily’s sloppiness is responsible for all deaths on the show, not the fact that she was committed. I will never be convinced Victoria is responsible for any deaths I can only say she is responsible for the downfall of her family.

    • Joe says:

      Actually Emily did have a lot to do with Pascal’s death. The only reason Conrad killed Pascal was because he found out Pascal was talking to the feds, which was Emily’s doing.

      • r says:

        But Victoria tipped Conrad off she must know it was Daniel who did it. I think Daniel is going to turn out to be the bad guy now he will probably join the initiative set up Jack . Margaux will marry Daniel only to find out she is in love with Jack. Jack will have a brief marriage with Amanda . Amanda/emily will suffer a condition similar to her mother when she sees david . jacks son will lose his new mother Emily and his father jack when jack is set up. Jack will help havier out and the cycle will continue lol

    • karlina says:

      I agree. Pascal was like a sudden true love of Victoria. This true love thing was emerging out of no where.. But if you can correlate the past where Pascal was the lover of Victoria, maybe it made sense. After all, it has been 25 years since Victoria had no love and devotion from Conrad, she was lonely and desperate for love. While Pascal made that statement, I knew that Victoria had given a break from all the madness from Conrad.

  7. ... says:

    That might be the best finale of the season, IMO. I wish more people/media outlets were talking about Revenge – it’s quite improved from season two and I think it’s far and away the best soap on ABC.

  8. j says:

    That was nuts in the best way. The last scene of Victoria screaming and strapped to the gurney was the most satisfyingly campy thing I have EVER seen. I’m not totally happy about David being alive, partly because it was a bit too painfully obvious by this point, but they handled that reveal with a lot more creativity than I expected. Assuming they come with clever approaches to the new story lines, I’m actually looking forward to next season- and I never thought they’d win me back after the train wreck that was season 2.

    • N says:


    • steffers says:

      I agree! Season 2 lost it and then Sunil Nayar replaced Mike Kelley and boom – back to gripping me with this season and dying to see what’s gonna happen next. Season 3 started off rushed. Still not crazy about the ‘magazine’ idea… but the storyline is thickening and bringing forth emotions that I once felt in season 1. This finale definitely caught us all off guard and i LOVED it. Victoria as a crazy lady – epic. I don’t want Conrad out of the picture just yet because i LOVE to hate him! But Emily must prepare herself. I don’t know how I’m going to handle when David finally sees his daughter. She will be angry and all sorts of betrayal feelings will come to play. UGH – I CANT WAIT!!

      • Ray says:

        Don’t get me wrong. Henry Czerny plays a great and entertainment villain, but what more can they do with Conrad. He’s been defeated. He is out of prison, but now he is a fugitive. Conrad has been in every episode for three seasons and we still know next to nothing about his childhood. He feels very underdeveloped and for that reason he is starting to grow stale to me.

    • Brit says:

      Personally I love Revenge. Having David Clarke return was a shocker to me, but I thought, well this guys not the original David Clarke he is a love child from one of Davids lovers. He looks too young to be the original David. I am looking forward to the next season!

      • writermom says:

        Yes, finally somebody agrees with me. I wasn’t sure if that actor was David Clarke or not because the actor looks too young! Tupper is adorable but too young looking as is to be playing that role. Hmm, maybe everybody IS thinking ahead and maybe just maybe he is NOT David Clarke. What a twisted twist that would be!

  9. Eliza says:

    Well, I am going to miss Aiden. I loved the Emily + Nolan + Aiden Team. She could not have accomplished the things she did without them. Aiden was and always will be Emily’s true love (I never felt Jack held that spot). So, I understood the necessity of his death to move Emily’s revenge story along. But, still, *sniff* – poor Ems.

    • Prissi says:

      I also knew Aiden would be gone after tonight, mainly, because of his new show which airs in February. I am still sad. Barry Sloane is a really good actor and I loved the dynamic between his and Emily. I always hoped in the end that Aiden, Emily and Nolan would ride off into the sunset looking for new adventures. So sad………..

    • Nosey says:

      She was doing fine when it was just her and Nolan, never believed Aiden was her true love, he was just the one who accepted her which is a big difference. Did not make sense for Victoria to pull the trigger. But sorry, the way Aiden was written in the storyline did not make any sense, any of it. Aiden character could have been written better, he is a good actor, but her and Aiden’s relationship was just about as real as her and Daniel’s I liked the chemistry between Nolan and her, Aiden was just not needed in the plot.

      • Eliza says:

        She needed both Nolan and Aiden IMHO. They brought different skill sets, clearly, All that Emily and Aiden went through together, I believed their relationship was a deep one and one of real love. The writing wasn’t always the best but, for me, Emily VanCamp and Barry Sloane were great together.

        • ratneck says:

          eliza, agreed.

        • Nosey says:

          If she needs that much help then she does not be revenging. The Grayson’s can revenge individually and not do it undercover. She was undercover and still needed that much help, defeated the purpose of the show. When she was 1st on there she had little help and did better revenging, the more help she had the more problems she had, she has again lost another person (possibly two with Jack in prison) that was on her side. Takeda was more helpful than Aiden. Aiden was just not written well at all, all characters in Season 1 were written excellently, I even prefer Lydia’s return in season 3 over Aiden’s, and Lydia’s return did not make sense, I mean Victoria taking her off that plane w/ her makes it look like she knew the plane will blow up. But Aiden living in the Grayson manner just did not fit the storyline, I mean he was shot by a Grayson, then moves in w/ them, just did not flow. Had Aiden really been plotting against Fauxmily, that would have been better, they could have been at odds then fell for each other, that would have been more believable. But her and Aiden’s relationship was not believable at all, particularly after when she went to him shortly after being rejected by Jack(and I question if Jack even has feelings for her), was just not sold on her and Aiden’s relationship. Aiden even told her our relationship “works”, which is all it was. . .work. . .there was just no passion.

          • Arum says:

            I’m sure it’s a typo, but it’s Grayson manor, not manner :-) Manor (a large country house with lands; a principal house of a landed estate). Manner (a way in which a thing is done or happens) — I look google translate up, English is my third language :-)

            Also, Emily didn’t go to Aiden after she was ‘rejected’ by Jack — when did that happen?

            Here’s what I understand from this Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke-Aiden-Jack triangle ( or rhombus, if you include Daniel).

            Jack and Amanda were childhood friends/sweethearts when she and her father spent the summer of 1992 in the Hamptons (she was 9 years old and he was four or five years older), during which her father was framed and later locked-up for the downing of Flight 197.They did not see each other again until 2011, almost two decades later, when she returned to the Hamptons after swapping her identity with the real Emily Thorne.

            Emily and Aiden met in 2006 when she rescued him from the Russian women-traffickers ring; they went on training together under Takeda and they fell in love. They broke up and Emily was heartbroken when Aiden backtracked on his promise to take her along on his mission to rescue his missing sister.

            So,when Jack and Emily met again as adults, Emily has already fallen in and out of love with Aiden.Indeed, show creator who was also show runner at the time, Mike Kelley, said that Aiden was Emily’s first adult love — while Jack was her first childhood crush.

            And yes, adult Jack did have feelings for adult Emily (without knowing that she was the real Amanda), and the feeling was obviously mutual. Emily was even prepared to give up her revenge for Jack but then pregnant Amanda showed up at the end of S1. No, Jack didn’t ‘reject’ Emily; he had even considered to end things with Amanda because of his feelings for Emily, but DNA test confirmed that he is the father of Amanda’s baby. Meanwhile, Aiden and Emily rekindled their romance, while she was re-dating and getting re-engaged to Daniel– with Aiden’s reluctant support. He even agreed to let Emily marry Daniel, something that I am sure Jack, being the honourable guy that he is, would be horrified by it.

            You could argue that Emily ran into Aiden’s arms because Jack had to stay with his baby mama. But you need to also consider these facts: adult Emily and adult Jack knew nothing about each other after two decades apart, and shared almost nothing, not even romantic moments, except a smooch over the dead dog’s body — because at the time she had to seduce Daniel. Adult Emily and adult Aiden knew every inch of each other’s bodies — they were lovers — and souls too: they shared tragic pasts, ninja skills, and revenge dreams. Who do you think shared deeper bonds? So wouldn’t you consider this probable scenario: that Emily and Jack got together, but discovered that they shared almost nothing in common, then Aiden came back and she left Jack for her partner-in-crime?

            Indeed, it was a huge debate during S2 as to who Emily’s ‘true’ love is. Again, Kelley explained that she loves them both for very different reasons: Aiden for the broken soul she is and Jack for the memory of her happy and innocent past. Jack and Amanda’s beach side wedding episode in S2 deals with this question quite poignantly: Emily was crying throughout the proceedings for what could have been (earlier we had flashback of her and Jack’s childhood mock-wedding), but she smiled when she saw Aiden looking down at her on the cliff (he had walked out on her after blaming her for his sister’s death, but they later reunited). The deleted scene of the episode actually settles the question (you can find it on youtube). After the wedding, Nolan asked Emily, ” Are you OK?” And she said, ” You know what, I’m OK.” She was OK with Jack marrying Amanda, because Aiden was back in her life.

            Now, if you said that ‘Jack rejected Emily then she went to Aiden’ refers to Jack and Emily scene at the beginning of S3 — in which he kissed her and then told her that he had no feelings for her — I am afraid you miss the point. I don’t think Emily came to see Jack for romantic reasons; she came to explain why she had lied to him about who she really was.

            If what you mean ‘Jack rejected Emily’ because he then hooked up with Margaux, we saw no scene to show that Emily objected to it (except that she saw them kissing), or that she ran (back) to Aiden because of it. We learn in S3x03 that Emily had reached out to Aiden before he showed up in Victoria’s balcony to help with her new revenge plan, which suggests that the two have sort of made up even before Jack hooked up with Margaux. You see, Emily broke up with Aiden in S2 finale because he wanted her to drop her revenge agenda and ‘grow old ‘ with him in their villa in Italy, which suggests that their relationship was more than just partners-in-crime with benefits. The fact that he agreed to help her framing Victoria means that they have somehow reconnected.

            Moreover, whilst Emily-Margaux interaction seemed cordial throughout S3 (which was peculiar if Emily was desperately in love with Jack), Emily’s reaction when she found out that Aiden has hooked up with Niko Takeda tells of her deeper feelings for Aiden: she tried to seduce him — during her blackout episodes — and when he rejected her, she planted Takeda’s takana under his bed for Niko to find, thus broke them apart. When she was dying, Emily told Aiden that she wanted to be with him. During her blackouts — when, according to Nolan, she told the truth– Emily told Jack’s mother that she was in love with Aiden. When Aiden left her because he thought that he, like David Clarke before him, has fallen for the wrong woman, she flew all the way to the Bahamas to tell him that she missed him. She stood by Aiden’s side in London and helped him fight his demons even though Victoria was closing in on her – which eventually brought them back together.

            When Jack told her that he and Margaux were over, she didn’t run into his arms and ditch Aiden. Why didn’t she, if she ran to Aiden only because she couldn’t have Jack? Why didn’t she, now that Jack was available and she could have him? Instead, she deadpanned, “Are you OK with that?” And, whilst we finally heard Emily professed her love for Aiden for the first time in S3 finale, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that she has told him that years ago when they first fell in love in Japan.

            And that, from a writer’s point of view, what makes Emily and Aiden’s relationship a compelling story — and offers enough push-pull plot lines with their multiple break-ups and make-ups to fill 22 episodes — compared to Emily-Jack static story line. If you’re a writer, which one would you choose? It’s also one of the reasons why Jack and Margaux’s romance feel ‘flat’, because there simply is little to tell ( not to mention lack of chemistry between the two actors) — or the writers devote less energy to make it interesting as they intend it more as a side story. Had the writers handled it well, I think Jack and Amanda’s romance would have been much more ‘real’ with plenty of enjoyable story lines.

            Again, I’m afraid you miss the point when you said that Emily-Aiden relationship was ‘ all work, no passion’. Kelley, Emily VanCamp and Barry Sloane all said that Emily and Aiden’s romance was modeled after the famous Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Mr and Mrs Smith — a fiery yet passionate assassin romance. In one interview, Sloane said that, “With these two, you never know if they beat each other out, or have sex on the floor”. Kelley also said that he had initially intended Sloane to play Ethan, Conrad’s son from his first marriage and another love-interest for Emily, for six episodes only. But because of Sloane-VanCamp strong chemistry, he went for Emily-Aiden ‘ Mr and Mrs Smith’ story line instead, which, I agree with you, was not developed properly. Aiden-Emily romance was ‘inserted’ after the audience have already been led to believe in S1 that Jack and Emily was the endgame.

            Likewise, Jack’s character could have been developed more interestingly, so as to convince the audience that he is Emily’s soul mate. Jack is the only good guy left in the show, and his being an underdog — a bar owner in the Montauk slum with good looks and golden heart amidst the immoral rich of the Hamptons — would give us the good feeling if this layman hero could end up with the messed-up heroine and recapture her humanity and transform her back into the sweet innocent little girl he used to run around the beach with. Yet, a hell of writing would be needed to get him up to the task and make this fairy-tale ending believable.

            The new show-runner, Sunil Nayar, who was tasked with the unenviable job of salvaging the show, has decided to refocus the story by dropping the convoluted the Initiative story and rearranging the love rhombus. In several interviews to preview S3, he said that Emily’s love life would be ‘streamlined’ (Daniel was out of the equation), and eventually ‘defined’ — Emily would decide on her ‘true’ love. And as the above-mentioned litany of Emily-Aiden love story played out in S3 prove, Jack and Emily may or may not be the endgame, but there’s no question as to who Emily — or rather Sunil Nayar – has chosen as her ‘true’ love. It seems tragic, though, that Jack and Emily may be endgame only because she can’t have Aiden — he is dead and Nayar can’t resurrect him the way he brought David Clarke back because we have seen his dead body.

            Now, if this is the story-line that Nayar has decided at the start of S3, why killed Aiden off? Popular theory here is that Aiden was killed off because Sloane was leaving the show. But I think it was the other way around — Sloane was told that his time was up. Nayar and his writers know that because of Revenge’s sliding ratings despite efforts to reboot the show, they have to do something unexpectedly bold to secure a renewal. Before the mid-season finale, Nayar said that they were working on several game-changing plot lines, which I think included resurrecting David Clarke – a risky yet bold move. In the post-finale interview, Nayar said that while Conrad’s (presumed) death has been decided at the beginning of S3, Aiden’s departure was decided only after the decision to bring David Clarke back was made — sometime late last year or early this year. I think they released Sloane from his contract and words did come out in early February that he was indeed entering pilot season derby.I think they didn’t initially intend to kill him off — it was initially expected that he would exit as series regular. But when he was cast as male lead in the Whispers in late February, which would make him less available for guest star role in Revenge, it seemed more reasonable from production standpoint to simply kill his character off, while giving new impetus for Emily’s revenge. I won’t be surprised, though, if he is invited to return to ‘placate’ Aiden’s fans (Sloane’s parting of ways with the show seems amicable; after all he lands a lead role in the Whispers as opposed to ‘dispensable’ supporting cast in Revenge), perhaps in reversal role with James Tupper’s David Clarke — in flashbacks with Emily.

            My apologies for an extra long piece — this is my first, and hopefully, last comment here:-)

          • Nosey says:

            Manor is correct, that was a typo, this happens when you type really fast and don’t proofread, I do know the definition between the two terms. Hope I do a better job proofreading this post. I believe if Jack did not choose Fauxmanda and Margaux the two would be together. But both times she went to Aiden, Jack had moved on. The writers can say anything, but her eyes do not light up with Aiden like they do w/ Jack. The writers may say she loved Aiden, I am just not convinced. I believe she settled for Aiden, b/c he understands her. I think Aiden could of been written on and off better. He is an outstanding actor. But their relationship was not convincing to me. I just think it is not enough to “say” she loved Aiden, there should have been evidence in her actions. At Jack and Fauxmanda’s wedding, she wished it was her. Aiden might have broke her heart when he left to find his sister, but I just felt like she was alone, not in love. Also, I never believe Jack and Fauxmily were childhood sweathearts, I do believe they fell in love as adults. Aiden was always a shoulder for her to cry on. But even Aiden knew she loved Jack more, hence his idle threats to Jack, if there was any security in their love, he would never have to go that far. Also, I wonder if he framed Jack to make it seem like he did the kidnapping to get rid of him But I wished the writers would have done more than “say” she loved Aiden, and not make it seem like she settles for him, and make him seem not so desperate. Also, the writers forced the storyline to make him somehow connected, which never made sense. I still wished there was a true vendetta w/ her and Aiden, then they actually fell in love, just to give Jack competition, b/c as far as I am concerned, Jack has no competition when it comes to who she “truly” loves!!!!!

      • Cibra Edin says:

        I m done with Revenge. I genuinely like the show but …When Aiden arrived in Season 2, his character breathed new life into the show…He is just as bad-ass as Emily–in fact, he is more bad-ass than her. He shot the white-haired man before he could kill Emily; he choked that creepy Initiative guy out who murdered his sister. He fought Daniel for Emily…He killed Takeda because he wanted to protect Emily. He did everything in his power to protect her, and never left her no matter how many times she hurt him.I am not watching the show next season, they have ruined it for me!! Jack is such a wimp and a crybaby that I will not be able to stomach watching him get together with Amanda next season.

        • Romy says:

          When you say that he killed all those people the word it’s not badass it’s murderer, which she was not. She’s more bad ass than him, she always wins when fighting someone dangerous. He just killed the white haired man from the back, he shot the initiative guy when he was on the floor, he fought Daniel who has no training, He killed Takeda because Takeda wanted to murder him, not because of Emily.

          As to Jack being such a” wimp and crybaby”… wouldn’t you react in the same way that he did if your brother and the mother/father of your child were murdered?? Every normal person would react that way. He’s not a wimp, he has a child who he has to protect, he cannot go revengering around.

          You don’t have a stomach to watch her with Jack and I don’t understand people who want her with a manipulative murdered

          • Romy says:


          • Cibra Edin says:

            My whole family is killed in the war and in the real life,and no i was not wimp and cry baby so please continue to live in the world of princess and fairy tales
            I am from another realistic story and a real not imaginary life where you live

    • Nosey says:

      It does not make an sense to revive David Clark. It did not make sense for Victoria to be the one to kill Aiden (although it was obvious he would be the one to die). It made sense for Jack to be arrested, but I thought it would be b/c he took his mask off when he released Charlotte, not b/c of a photograph, plus I knew he would suffer due to her actions. But I think Aiden will be blamed for the abduction, his mom is a lawyer. The Gideon character appears to be an asset, but then again I thought Javier would be. Was not overall impressed w/ the finale b/c the plots and dialogue did not make sense, but there were actually cliff hangers, I am interesting in seeing be resolve. Don’t understand why letting Victoria rot in jail is any different than putting her in a psych ward, unless she just wants her to suffer the same way she did. I actually am wondering if the psych now knows her true identity, did not make sense for her to work w/ the psych, it made more sense for her to work w/ Lydia.

      • 4017tsmithSC says:

        It doesn’t make sense to audience viewers (including myself) but I think the writer’s want to keep Emily’s focus on revenge and Aiden was a distraction so he was subtracted from the show. From the previews I have read in S4, Emily will need all the focus she can get.

    • Bella says:

      Why couldn’t it have been Daniel that died? I loved Aiden & Emily, Nolan

      • ratneck says:

        Me too !! Daniel needs to go IMO. Love Aiden, Ems, & NOLAN !!

      • Nosey says:

        Wow, I must be the only one who prefer Daniel than Aiden, I actually am more impressed w/ characters who’d challenge Fauxmily, not ones who ask how high when she says jump!!!! Daniel and Fauxmily’s dialogue has been on queue, Aiden and Fauxmily’s dialogue has been a snooze fest. Daniel has always been more interesting than Aiden. The character who plays Aiden is a good actor, but his character on the show could have been written better.

        • Ifigenia says:

          I agree!His character should be better-written,that’s why they should bring him back! :-P I just loved their chemistry,I don’t think that Jack has that kind of connection with Emily,ore understanding of her demons for that matter!

        • Mara Fornoff says:

          I wish that Emily and Daniel get another chance in season 4. I know what happened between them, but I loved them together and I hope there is a way to let them get back together…

    • Edith says:

      Agree – My sentiments too!!

  10. nate says:

    yea just kill Conrad

  11. Ray says:

    Wow he must really take us for fools. First he brings back David, so now he is going to have to explain what happened after Gordon Murphy stabbed him. Next, The only way Conrad is alive is if this was just a bad dream Conrad had; otherwise he is dead.

    • nate says:

      u do know plenty of people get stabbed and survive right??

    • LSMZJ says:

      It WAS a dream. Watch those last two scenes closely and read between the lines of what Sunil is saying. It’s Victoria’s dream of what she’d like to happen (David Clarke getting revenge on Conrad). In another article, Sunil warned to closely watch the last two scenes. Well, we see a hazy, foggy image of Conrad walking down the street before a hooded David Clarke appears and stabs him. As he bleeds out and David’s truck backs away, it fades to white with the next scene being Victoria waking from her shovel induced beating in the psych ward. Conrad isn’t dead, folks, and Sunil’s answers above about that very topic are telling indeed.

      • Jennifer says:

        I fully agree with HSMZJ, very valid point and unique way of looking at it!!

      • Tennisnsun says:

        Conrad will never be dead. He’s too much fun. It is either a dream or Conrad was faking his wide eyed death stare so the stabbing would stop.

      • Kristina says:

        I didn’t catch on to this, but I really hope it’s the case. The idea of bringing back David Clarke from the deal really bothers me. I know it’s a soap but come on.

      • Nosey says:

        I picked up on that too, also will Conrad actually win his case with the “under duress” defense. What if Conrad is exonerated, what will Fauxmily do next and will Victoria reveal her identity to Conrad and family.

      • Ray says:

        The only way that makes sense is if Victoria also dreamed of Conrad escaping from prison because he is wearing the exact same clothes as he was when he was released. If you are going to have a dream sequence or what if scenario it needs to make more sense. I don’t know I’ll watch to see how it ends, but if it gets more ridiculous, Season 3 might be the last season I purchase.

      • soflirty84 says:

        I find this theory interesting, but I don’t put much stock in interviews from this writer at this point. There is an interview on Eonline where they asked the writer about Conrad’s death and he said that Conrad had to die so Emily could take someone down. They had trouble making that choice, but felt it was necessary to the story and he even said the actor was informed a couple months ago that Conrad would be killed in the finale. Now, the next day he is saying he can’t confirm Conrad is dead? That’s too much backtracking and just proves the point many are saying that the writers are just winging it. You can’t confirm and justify the necessity of a characters death and then say well maybe he’s not dead after all. Disappointing

    • r says:

      better he dies ! but how is Daniel going to suffer perhaps margaux is going to have jacks child after she marrys daniel daniel is going to set jack up same way as his dad set up david c only to find much much later he can’t have kids

  12. Ashley says:

    The only thing I want to see Daniel do is die in a horrific manner. He’s as smarmy as Conrad but not nearly as entertaining.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Agreed. And he could’ve taken Charlotte to the grave with him for all I care. Sigh….and we thought Ashley and Declan were pointless….

    • Anna says:

      Yes please. He is just so annoying, trying to be badass and failing horribly..

  13. I’m really glad that Revenge was renewed, because this season finale was purely awesome! So many cliffhangers and twists, everything will be drastic different at the beggining of S4..and omg, can’t wait for this!

    • rita kennedy says:

      cant wait for next season, I would like to see jack and Emily together if it ends. I feel he still loves her and she him! lov it all truly! cant wait for sunday nights!

  14. Morgan says:

    Probably a long shot but i really hope Conrad isn’t dead. If Victoria’s in the mental hospital Conrad’s dead, that means we’re stuck with more Daniel/Charlotte/Margaux/Javier and co.. ugh

  15. spindae2 says:

    I said it earlier, if they bring back Papa Clarke I ‘ m out no more REVENGE for me.

  16. Diandra says:

    I miss you, Ryan Kelly. Not sure why he was ever fired. One thing he was adamant about was not bringing back David Clarke…. show should have ended after 3 seasons.

  17. Niccy says:

    I cannot wait for fourth it has to be thelast or itll drive me insane!! I love this show and hate i dont have TV to be counted as an actual vewier !! ep up the good work !

  18. cssnl says:

    Aiden’s dead and papa Clark’s alive: i won’t watch the next season

  19. kat says:

    Seriously? I call shenanigans. Aiden/Barry had to leave because of his pilot. Easiest choice for a “shocking” kill, especially right after Emily said she loved him. And Emily didn’t kill Victoria because they didn’t want to give up Madeline Stowe when they had James Tupper coming back. No risks taken. I can only hope (sarcastically) that Emily’s revenge is now aimed at her a-hole of a dad who stood by and let her go through all of this for him.

    • Aiden was going to have to die sooner or later anyway, we have known from day one she is going to end up with jack, the only way she can do that is if aiden dies.

      • Nosey says:

        He did not have to die for that to happen, you don’t always have to kill a character to execute a plot. Although did not like her and Aiden together, I still think they could have explored Aiden’s character, but w/ the way the plot currently is, cannot see how they will explore her and Jack’s relationship. They have given Jack another reason to be mad at her. I honestly think Jack remaining in jail while Conrad gets away with his crimes is a Bettelheim plot.

    • Romy says:

      Emily did,t kill Victoria because, unlike Aiden, she’s not a murderer

  20. mpd says:

    “Revenge will be all new in its conception next season.” Say it isn’t so. I will not, cannot tolerate any new additional nonsensical story lines. Please kill off Margaux and Gideon.

    “In whatever season it ends on, hopefully many years from now, it has to finish.” NO! Please writeseason 4 with a clear series finale in mind. End this show with dignity.

  21. Man oh man. This ReVenge finale was everything. I was on the edge of my seat screaming at my flat screen. I’m a little sad that Aden is dead b/c I just started liking him. He really held Em’s down. He was always there when she was in a bind. I was glad to see Emily kick a little azz in this episode. Its been a while since I’ve seen her in a good fight scene. I kind of wish they would have got rid of Jack instead of Decklyn. He just annoys me. Conrad & Victoria are a match made in hell and I love it so I know Conrad will live. I lmao when Em’s hit Victoria with the shovel then had her committed. As much dirt as Victoria does for some reason I still like her. I can’t wait until S4 somehow I feel David Clarke is going to be not as innocent as we thought & he is going to bring Em’s down. All in all this was a good season but the finale set it off. One of my favorite scenes from this season was when my guy Nolan came in with the parachute #priceless

  22. Radha says:

    Huh. I thought it was supposed to be JACK that is Emily’s one true love. Now they’re saying it’s Aiden. Didn’t Emily turn to Aiden more when she was in the Stowaway and saw Jack kissing Margeaux? Wasn’t this after her identity reveal to Jack about who she really was and they kissed and he purposefully hurt her and she ran out of his bar? I always felt that Emily turned to Aiden when she felt she had lost Jack–or that Jack moved on. Now I’m supposed to buy that he was her true love all along. I believe she had real feelings for him but true love? No.

    • Nosey says:

      Well said, In Season 2 she was w/ Aiden after Jack decided to stay w/ his baby mama, and in Season 3, she went to Aiden shortly after Jack kissed Margaux. Not seeing the true love there, just seeing the “Jack doesn’t want me so I guess I will accept Aiden b/c Aiden wants me”. Also, she feared Aiden when she was in the hospital but welcomed Jack, there was a reason for that. She frame Aiden, but always protects Jack. She pretty much used Aiden to complete her plan. The story made no sense to imply Aiden is her true love. Jack was the “good” guy and Aiden was the “bad” guy, so I believe the writers put Aiden and her together b/c she was w/ Daniel, trying to keep Jack as the “good” guy image who will never date another man’s woman.

    • Romy says:

      You’re right! it is like you say. Aiden was her rebound for Jack, but thing is that she believed Jack when he told her he did’t have feelings for her so she had to move on. But if you listen to interviews the actress always says that emily(real amanda) loves jack and that jack and amanda as endgame is something given

  23. Tom says:

    Did anyone else notice that the news anchor from the footage where David was absolved of his crimes was Perd Hapley?

    • Pia says:

      Beat me to it! That was the most surprising appearance IMO.

      • Tom says:

        I like to pretend that it’s always Perd Hapley and not a different character which then would make Parks, Revenge, and Scandal all in the same universe which makes me super happy.

  24. Dean says:

    I should admit that this finale episode was amazing! That whole Victoria in the mental ward was brilliant! With Conrad’s dead, and Daniel’s framed for that girl’s murder, The Graysons have officially crumbled. It would have be exciting to see Charlotte becoming the next Grayson patriarch and trying to find out what the hell happened in the last three years.

    Even with this amazing twists, there are wide gaping plotholes. So Victoria killed Aiden…and dragged his body through Michelle Bank’s office without being seen (assuming no one was in the building), carried him into the car (assuming it was parked in the basement or a back alley, as the street would have been packed), drove to Emily’s beach house, dragged him through the gravel/steps/door by herself, put him in the sofa and calmly walk home? No! Her henchman did it, you say? THAT’S assuming no one is in Emily’s house. And we all know how the buddies Jack/Nolan love hanging out in Em’s house.

    And the whole David Clarke being alive thing ruins the goodness of the show. Why must he be alive? If next season the writers were going to make another conspiracy theory about how David faked his own death and lied to his daughters, so he could be with some true love or whatnot, I am going to be pissed. Really pissed. It’s like watching a whole movie then finding out in the end that it was all a dream. Except for Revenge, it’s three whole seasons long. What’s all Emily’s revenge for?

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the show with all my heart and this finale is the most epic out of all finales, but could the writers be more creative? Like, I don’t know, some twists that Conrad knew all along Emily is Amanda Clarke? Or Takeda had been involved in the flight 197? Or Aiden selling out/betraying Emily after finding out Victoria had his mother? Anything, dammit!

    My guess of how the writers are going to turn the David Clarke story? The Clarke family tree. Amanda’s family were never fully explored, thus it seems the writers turned to that area once they had run out of ideas. Let’s hope David’s father is not a criminal mastermind, or else we have another Initiative storyline.

    • Nosey says:

      Totally agree, the twists you mentioned would have been so much better. Takeda being responsible for the flight going down, Aiden deceiving Fauxmily, or Conrad knowing who she was, would have been better twists. There was no mention on how Fauxmily came to trust Takeda, it could make sense that he was involved.

  25. dee123 says:

    “Long awaited return of David Clark” LOL please TVLine. This interview is a mess. As is the show as of right now.

  26. This was bananas and I loved every second of it! I didn’t know Aiden was getting another show but after I found out there was going to be a death I would have laid a whole lot of money on aiden. We know Emily and Jack are going to end up together and that can’t happen with Aiden is around. I thought it was foreshadowed a little bit with some moments of renewed closeness between Jack and Emily, and it really stuck with me what Aiden said to Jack a couple episodes ago about he and emily trying so hard to make it work and never really being successful – it was almost like he was admitting he knew he had supplanted Jack, the one she would have belonged with otherwise. I liked AIden a lot and I liked him and Emily together, but I felt like his story arc had come to an end. I’m slightly irritated that David is alive but the writers are so good with surprises and twists I’m expecting them to go somewhere good with it. Yay revenge!

  27. Kalee says:

    Very good but show could’ve used an extra 10 minutes or so. Too much going on. And some of the WORST CROSS FADING TRANSITIONS EVER.

    And I can’t buy that Conrad death. Conrad gets finally taken down for 1 and 1/4 of an episode and he gets “killed” by the long-dead David (not a shocker) just like that? Bloop? Conrad’s acts for 3 season swept under a rug just like that? Riiiiiiight.

  28. RobMF says:

    It could not of been move obvious since Season 1 that David Clarke was alive and would show up at some point. It was the least shocking thing I’ve seen on this show.

  29. Jess says:

    I really hope Conrad’s dead. I hate him so much. He’s so evil.

  30. Steven says:

    So extremely disappointed. I have defended this show and was rooting so hard for it. Though I wasn’t satisfied with the finale, I still had faith up until the moment that David Clarke appeared. In that moment I knew Revenge had jumped the shark.

    RIP to the last bit of narrative integrity this show had. Mike Kelley might have gotten a lot wrong, but at least he wasn’t going to bring David back. I never thought I’d say this but maybe it would’ve been better if he’d stayed.

  31. abz says:

    I had to skim this interview because I just kept getting annoyed by pretty much everything he’s saying. They should ask someone else to do the interviews because this interview makes it come across like they clearly have no idea what they’re doing and don’t think about things long-term.

  32. CJ says:

    I can’t wait for Victoria to expose Amanda to the world (Emily). She created Daniel and she is just as bad as Victoria. I believe that Victoria helped David escape and at that time he became the evil man that he is today. I also believe that Amanda undoing his conviction will hurt her as she learns just what kind of man her father really is. When she does I hope Victoria tears her to shreds.

    • Sara Trindade says:

      I believe Emily ceated Daniel… But so did Victoria and Conrad!I do not get this Daniel hatred. He was never the best person in the show or a moral compass. But since the beggining his weakness and sort of cowardness was shown!
      I remmember the times Daniel wanted to leave his family behind, go to Paris, start a new live and become a better person away from his family and emily insisting on how is family was important. Using him and his love (sort of) to her advantage! He was definitely wrong when he shoot and from that moment, he become bad… but so is Emily all the way!
      I dont know if I explain myself but her agenda with Daniel never seemed fair to Daniel!

      • Sara Trindade says:

        *I believe Emily created Daniel

      • The Real Amanda Clarke says:

        They seem to be hinting in this article (and some of the interactions between Daniel and Margaux in the past few episodes) that the next season may include the show trying to turn the tables on Daniel yet again and set up a ‘salvation’ of his character of some sorts. Maybe this latest scandal (along with Conrad’s death and Victoria’s committal) will FINALLY shock him into some self-awareness and make him realize how awful he is and how low he’s become. I can see them also setting up some kind of ‘epic romance’ between Daniel and Margaux (who will be the one to ‘save’ him as hinted by Daniel in the last episode) because above Sunil Nayar seems to be drawing parallels between Daniel/Margaux and Jack/Emily with the childhood connection and one being ‘good’ (Jack & Margaux) and the other being ‘morally questionable’ (Emily & Daniel). I think, if written well, it could be very interesting character development and would make Daniel’s survival worthwhile.

    • chelsea says:

      please don’t tell me you feel sorry for Victoria?? she got everything she deserved. I hope Emily continues her revenge next season because putting her in the mental institution wasn’t even enough.

      • Ray says:

        If The writers make Victoria and Conrad the ultimate winners. Then screw the fourth season. I’ll stick with Season 3 finale as my personal ending to the series. Victoria in a mental institution and Conrad bleeding in the middle of the road sounds like a good ending to me.

  33. david says:

    so obvious lol. next year conrad will return either in end of ep 1 or few down the line having been saved on the road. Cant see next year being good but the goal seemed to always be jack and Emily at the end

  34. ML says:

    I thought this season 3 finale was incredible, cant wait for season 4 I hope Conrad still a life, and that Daivid because of what happened to him be kind of wicked evil or as youd say it revengeful, hes got have gotten alot harsh, sense despit hes been a life all this time he never riched out to sick Emily/Amanda, or Victoria. As for Daniel he has to turn to the evil side too at least for a great part of the series, may be when season 5 lunch out he can finaly start going to the good side, but alwyas leaving a sense that at any breacking point he could go either way, fall in to his old ways or just continuing growing good or better.As for Charlot I think is bouht time she toughen up,so in this coming season I want to see her alot more forth coming of her soroundings, and perhaps be come awear that Emily is actualy her sister Amanda in the season finale of season 4.

  35. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a great finale.I knew David Clarke would turn up alive and that Aiden was most likely the one who was going to die.As for Conrad i think he’ll live but maybe go into hiding for a bit because he’ll know David might try to finish him off.As for Charlotte i can’t wait for her reaction when she finds out Emily is really Amanda and how many people knew.Also i’m wondering which of his daughters David Clarke will reveal himself to first.Plus Emily finding out everything that she did to get justice for her dad was for nothing.Plus with David alive some surprising alliances i could see been formed in order to stop him.

    • Romy says:

      It wasn’t for nothing. When she started her revenge she thought that David had been murdered in a fight, she learnt that Conrad had sent someone to kill him later on the show. So her revenge was for what they did to her and her father

  36. 9abaaa says:

    Reblogged this on The Angel.

  37. Aiden and Emily were pretty much the only reason (well, that and I love to drool over the clothes lol) I’ve stuck with the show to this point with all its ridiculousness. I’m so sad they killed Aiden, but now I have one less show to keep up with.

    • Stacey says:

      I’m so disappointed with Aiden going out in such an undeserving way by Victoria that it’s going to be hard for me to watch. I think Emily had her sacrifices with her father, in juvy, the loss of Amanda and her mother. I think it was unnecessary because they both had been through so much.

  38. The finale was amazing, exactly the right amount of risks taken!!! The show is best when its crazy and this finale was insane.

  39. Debbie says:

    I thought it was a great season final. Put to bed some things and left the door open for some more. I do hope at the end of it all Emily / Amanda ends up happily every after. I hope David doesn’t turn out bad after all she has done for him. All that said I LOVE Revenge and would miss it not being on however I would like to see it all wrapped up at the end of Season 4 and not get to drawn out like Lost and Prison Break.

  40. Liza says:

    That finale was epic! Loved it! THIS IS A SOAP!!!! Of course, long thought dead David was alive! I have been waiting for this for years!!! Soaps are notorious for re-writing history and making up stuff as they go. I am totally okay with this. I was not at all surprised that Aiden died but was surprised that Victoria was the one to do it. I hope Conrad pulls through. He is just too deliciously evil to be off the show! And I hope Stevie comes back to defend Jack in jail.

  41. Rj says:

    I’m done watching Revenge. The whole foundation for this show is Emily taking revenge for david clarke but if he’s been alive all this time and not tried to get in touch with his daughter is just preposterous even by soap opera standards! I know Aiden had another show on ABC but they could have worked out a deal to have on season 4- the way they had him killed off was just ridiculous- I mean he’s been trained by takeda and a cup of tea from victoria can do away with him- please writers should have been a little more creative and he deserved a better goodbye. Was almost hoping it would be charlotte,margo or even jack! This new addition of Gideon would have been more effective had he been french- very unappealing character. All in all very disappointed and doubt I’ll watch season 4.

    • Beth says:

      I can see why all of that is annoying but this is a very soapy prime time drama. I would not be surprised if David was under some kind of mind control and doesn’t even remember Emily/Amanda. On a side note I liked Jack so much more this season, I think he will be the third piece that Aiden was (not as badass though).

      • Ray says:

        Oh no please not this nonsense. Come on people, this is a night time soap they are not the same as Daytime soaps. This show started off being very realistic and now if it goes into this sci-fi super natural bs, then I can’t support them by buying the Seasons. I’ll still watch the stories but just wow.

    • TomTom says:

      David Clarke may have been being held captive by the Graysons this whole time and had now way of contacting his daughter

  42. Lee says:

    There was not reason to kill Aiden!! Lied Aimily together. Bye revenge !!!

  43. Rj says:

    And emily never killed Pascal so why would Victoria killing aiden justify that?? And how many great loves does victoria have- david,the artist,pascal………

  44. Babs says:

    I quit watching several shows ago. As with “Lost”, I felt I had wasted my time. I did watch the finale last evening and felt vindicated for not having wasted my time with the shows I missed.

  45. Lendiwei says:

    I really enjoyed season 3 especially the last five episodes. I love the way Emily finally brought down Conrad. I’m sad Aiden is dead because I always wanted him to marry Emily. The song that played when Conrad was stabbed gave me goose bumps and I am surprise David Clark is back and is capable of killing. I only hope David Clark does not have a twin brother that will emerge in season 4. so far season 3 was awesome and can’t wait for season 4.

  46. Joe says:

    The finale was great , the only thing was the David Clarke alive stabbing Conrad , I will continue to watch, have too much time invested in this to stop

  47. Darla Lunnen says:

    I absolutely love every minute of Revenge every week since Day1. I am not disappointed with any of it. Saddened though by the death of Aiden and possibly Conrad although I don’t know about his death. Aidens death was creepy and heartbreaking for Emily and showed us once again the capabilities of cold hearted Victoria.

    • jinx2014 says:

      I still believe that Victoria doctored the medical report stating that Emily cannot have children, I think Emily’s main objective was to clear her father’s name which is what she did and I think David Clark was released from prison when it showed he was innocent. The show has to have 5 seasons for it to go into syndication and everyone makes more money. That is why David Clarke went after Conrad because he was the one that put him in prison and Victory in a mental hospital? She did it to poor Emily as a child. Payback is a b**ch.

      • Tennisnsun says:

        Thanks for the syndication info that clears it all up. No matter if nothing makes sense any more as long as the show can hang on long enough to go into syndication!

      • Tennisnsun says:

        I too think Victoria faked the Dr report that says Em is now unable to have children. I think it would be fun if Em would discover that she is pregnant now with Aiden’s child!

        • Vera says:

          I really hope that’s true! :) But what getting to me is that a character like Emily’s should have suspected Victoria would do something like that, wouldn’t it make sense if she went the doctor on her own and find out for herself if she was having suspicions? Everything is mind boggling!

  48. KL says:

    They had a different actor to portray Tanaka in season two, why not replaced Barry Sloane?

    As for David Clarke being alive…I am hoping that turn out to be his twin brother or something. He being dead was the entire raison d’etre of the series.

  49. Amber says:

    What about when Emily made sure Daniel found out what Conrad had done (flight 197), and there was a press conference, and she thought Daniel would expose Conrad, but instead he covered for him. Emily didn’t create Daniel, he chose to be a prick.

    • be still my shipper heart says:

      that is exactly what i was thinking

    • ryuu says:

      but how would emily knows that daniel found out the truth.., ohh wait she’s spying on his every move n use him as pawn like chess player.. n she watched him every moment he was in doubt n confused.. juz that she forgot that daniel at some point also loves conrad.. ohh please he is his father it’s not surprising if he chose or tried to protect his family.. emily shud have known better n yeah… in every sense she created daniel

      • ryuu says:

        dun forget d fact that emily also chose to be a prick.. or bitch..after all her father taught her to forgive in order to protect her integrity.. but she also made choice too n ths is d result