Parenthood Renewed for Season 6

ParenthoodThe Bravermans have cheated death yet again.

NBC has renewed odds-defying drama Parenthood for a 13-episode sixth (and, yes, final) season.

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The 11th-hour pickup comes after the network — looking to trim costs on the very expensive series — closed new deals with the principal cast that will have them appearing in 11 of the 13 episodes.

Per NBC’s just-released fall schedule, Parenthood is staying put on Thursday at 10/9c. (Click here for NBC’s complete fall sked).

VIDEO | Watch Trailers for NBC’s New Fall Series, Including Katherine Heigl’s CIA Drama State of Affairs

TVLine’s handy (and now complete) Renewal Scorecard has been updated.

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  1. CBWBDK1 says:

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!! Fantastic news!!

  2. webly3 says:

    I’m SO EXCITED. Best news of the year.

  3. CBWBDK1 says:

    The “click here” link doesn’t work.

  4. c-mo says:

    Best present ever for Mother’s Day!!!

  5. jimbo says:

    Boy, what a horrific weekend of waiting and hoping that was. Huge sigh of relief! THE BRAVERMANS WILL BE BACK!!!!!

  6. Aaron Smith says:

    Finally; yet they decide to finish it off on Thursday against Scandal? Who is their programmer?

    • David4 says:

      It’s a smart move. No new fans will join and the loyal fan base will watch anyways. Be happy you are getting an ending.

    • christina says:

      Yeah, I never understood that move. You finish its best critically acclaimed season yet (season 4) with ratings that were steady and then decide to move it opposite Scandal and Elementary. I do really miss it on Tuesday nights, but I suppose the small, loyal fan base will stick with it throughout.

    • E.F. Coleman says:

      DVR one, watch the other. Much better acting, storyline, everything better.

  7. cristy says:

    Oh yes! I’m so happy! Sad it will be the final season but I hope the writers gives us a good way to say good bye to the Bravermans!

  8. Ally Oop says:

    YABBA DABBA DOO!!! So happy. I guess I’ll stay watching NBC after all. They cancelled the other two shows on there I liked (Revolution:( and Believe) but since they kept Parenthood I’ll give them another chance.

    • Ben says:

      For all the complaints about NBC, they do one thing right – once shows get past season 3 or 4, they very frequently give those shows an opportunity to end on their own terms. This is not something that happens on all networks.

    • Ed Badger says:

      After Parenthood is done I am going on a strike against NBC. I will miss Jimmy and Seth but I hate that they are canceling Parenthood. So many people, male and female love the Bravermans it just does not make sence.

  9. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m happy that Parenthood will be back for at least one more season.I’m also fine that the main cast won’t be in every episode but in most of them.Plus only having 13 episodes means the show will really have to concentrate on wrapping things up.

  10. christina says:

    Awww. I can’t even process that it’s going to be the final season but I’m SO SO SO happy we’re getting more of the Bravermans!

  11. Brandy says:

    YESSS. This will always be the most underappreciated show, in my opinion. Such a fantastic cast across the board. Not ready to say bye to them yet, but at least we get 13 episodes.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    So happy show will be coming back for another season and reach 100 episodes! This made my day!

  13. Anon says:

    Lame. Should’ve been cancelled a long time ago & would’ve already been cancelled if it was on any other network. Never watched it & never will watch it.

  14. heyitsmejosh says:

    i wouldve rather had community get a 6th and final season

  15. C says:

    Here’s hoping the final season includes Julia&Joel reuniting, Amber NOT having a baby, Sarah picking and sticking with a career (and a man, though I prefer she be alone), another (or a few more) Seth appearances, growth for Sydney (LESS Victor focus!), and learning more about Haddies girlfriend&their relationship, to prove it wasn’t just a stunt. Still bummed they didn’t make Max the gay/bi one, though.

    • webly3 says:

      I really didn’t want Max to be gay/bi because I really loved his awkward personality and his fail relationship with that one girl. Haddie being bi was a little shocking, but I think it was a good move as long as they don’t say she is just lesbian because she obviously has had feelings for guys.

      • C says:

        Agreed about the lesbian thing- I’m afraid they will say that because it’s just so ~easy. Kind of like Willow on Buffy, who clearly loved a boy, but apparently bisexuals don’t exist so she was just known as a lesbian afterwards. I’ve wanted Max to be gay since before his thing with Ruby, because I felt they hinted at it a few times (I can’t remember the episode, but there was one Max/Adam conversation that made me convinced it was headed that way), but whatever. They probably wanna make him ‘normal’ as possible, due to him already having problems, a big target on his back at school, and in the world. His speech in the car about people hating him this seasons KILLED me.

        • nate says:

          I’ve always wanted Drew to be gay

          • C says:

            I did at first, in the early seasons.. but then it became pretty clear they wanted to go with the skinny, straight, flippy-haired, sensitive boy thing, and that wasn’t going to happen; which I was then okay with, because I started hating him = P, and I would have rather a coming out plot used on someone I like. I REALLY thought they were gonna go that way with Max; quite disappointed they do it with a character we haven’t seen (or heard of!) in so long. It felt like it happened just so they could say they had a queer character, without really having one (since it was just for one episode). Bummer. I also agree with Mae Whitman, that (especially in the beginning) Amber would have been the best choice. So many options and (I feel) they went with the worst one = / . Waaah. [sorry this was so much longer than I intended]

      • Jamie says:

        Personally, I would have loved if Max were gay/bi. That is something we haven’t seen on TV yet – intersection between homosexuality and neurodevelopmental/intellectual disabilities. I think that would have made for a great story.

    • leslie says:

      @C — Mostly agree w/your comment except: I so want Julia to leave Joel. Was thrilled she slept w/that cute Max-Teacher. He’s perfect for her. Never thought he was the right person for her (his character is a snooze), and can’t get past his cruel behavior during the season. I do agree w/you about Amber’s pregnancy. That’s a storyline I could do w/out. Also agree would like to see more of Sydney and more about Haddie’s new love. I think Christina would have a problem w/it even if she was trying to be open-minded..

      • C says:

        “I think Christina would have a problem w/it even if she was trying to be open-minded..” kind of like with Alex. I think she might too, I just hope she doesn’t. Hopefully she’s grown… but she is pretty neurotic, sooo who knows = P. &I love Mr. Knight! I thought him&Julia seemed great together, and I too hated Joel throughout this past season. I guess it’s just the feelings I had towards him through the first three seasons (I didn’t really like him in season 4 either, how he was with all the Victor stuff) that make me want them to end happy. He definitely needs to apologize, and redeem himself though. He is/has been boring, but I kind of like that. Everyone on the show is always so dramatic, and he was just a nice, normal, stay-at-home dad, that grounded the workaholic Julia was. I hope they can write their reconciliation in such a way that it doesn’t feel like everything’s instantly fixed, and he’s instantly forgiven for his behaviour- because I do want them to work it out, but I know he’s been a jerk.

    • Ray says:

      Max is asexual. If any of those family members is gay, it would be Drew. Miles Heizer doesn’t do a convincing job of playing straight. That being said, I don’t really care who’s with whom as long as Hank disappears into oblivion forever!

      • C says:

        It’s never been said that Max is asexual, and it has been hinted that he has had romantic and/or sexual feelings a bit before. People with Aspergers can still have relationships.

  16. Tammy says:

    YESSSSS!!!!!!! :)

  17. jasie says:

    I think it’s the type of show that should be on earlier. I’d think it would have been smart to move it to the Wednesday at 8/7 pm time slot.

    • TV Gord says:

      You are absolutely correct! I’ve said from the start that this show would have done better in an earlier time slot. I don’t know one mom who can stay up until 11pm, no matter how good the show is, and there’s too much to record these days. Parenthood will see a second life once it’s done, when a lot of parents discover it on some other platform.

  18. Joey Padron says:

    Great news! Glad show will get to reach 100 episodes. My day is made.

  19. Britt says:

    Congratulations Parenthood viewers!!!! I’m glad they kept your show ;)

  20. TV Gord says:

    I was fairly confident the show would be back, but it was still an excruciating wait for this news. Great news, though! It’s a bit of a salve to sooth my aching heart muscles over losing Community. NBC rocks for giving us five seasons of Community and six seasons of Parenthood. My faith is renewed, since I was one of the ones who struggled through six renewals of my all-time favorite series, St. Elsewhere, too. I like to think Grant Tinker is smiling somewhere (and Brandon, of course). :-) I’m very, very happy right now!

  21. Abby says:

    Amazing news, not ready to say goodbye to the Bravermans at all yet!

  22. Aisha says:

    I’m sad that they couldn’t get a full season, but hopefully this means that there’ll be no filler episodes and all episodes will move the plot along effectively.
    I would love to see more Jasmine though, I feel like she’s severely underused, but we’ll see.
    Also, just to check, all of the actors will only be in 11 episodes (as a maximum)?

    • Carla Krae says:

      It means each main actor has to be in at least 11 of the 13. So nobody disappears for 3 or 4 eps like can happen in a 22-ep season.

    • Ben says:

      I think it means all actors will be PAID for 11 of 13. I don’t think it guarantees they will actually appear – that will be left for the writers to determine (eg, in the unlikely event that they want someone to die in episode 6, they are not forced to have them appear in episodes after that, despite the fact they are paid for them).

      I also don’t think it means there is no chance that anyone will be in more than 11. There is likely to be a little spare budget the writers can use if, in terms of the story they want to write, they feel there are a couple of key players that they want to see in 12 or all 13. Just not many of them.

  23. Elyse says:

    Glad parenthood will get to wrap everything up all nice and tidy! <3

  24. Ron says:

    Look, I’m happy about this news. But if NBC can give a final sixth season to Parenthood and a final seventh season to Parks and Rec, then there’s no reason they couldn’t have given a final sixth season to Community. I will NOT get over not having a final sixth season of Community…EVER!

  25. David says:

    This is great news. Although it does deserve full season pickups and I always felt like it got shafted each year. But I’m glad we’ll get some closure. It’s disappointing though because they just don’t make family dramas like this anymore. I sincerely hope that someone develops something that focuses on real life problems.

  26. nancy dowd says:

    Parenthood is by far one of the best shows on TV. I consider it one of my favorite shows, its down to earth and more believeable then most of the shows on TV. I only wish NBC would realize what a good show they have and keep it going.. I’m happy I will be enjoying 13 more episodes but wish there were more…I’m very sad that they are saying this will be the last season..hope they reconsider!!!

  27. Pat says:

    Yes, Yes and more Yes! NBC, held us hostage on letting us know if there would be a renewal. I am so glad that at least we will have another season of Parenthood and if by chance this could be their last, I hope that all the storylines will be wrapped up in a neat little bow.

  28. Didi Toussaint says:

    I’m so glad Parenthood is coming back I pray for this moment. I hope NBC change their mind and give them a season 7 when they see how good they doing.

  29. P3TE says:


  30. Coal says:

    I have a question for you guys and I’m asking out of the utmost sincerity so please don’t attack me. Most of you were complaining about the possibility of Parenthood ending in season 5 which was a full season, but seem happy with a final half season. Surely spending a final full season of 22 episodes with your favorite characters would have been better than just 13 episodes ? So my question is wouldn’t it have been better if it ended in season 5 with a full season than half a season 6 ?

    • david says:

      Couple of things here. First of all why wouldn’t we be happy with additional episodes – regardless of the episode count? Of course a full 22 episode pickup is ideal but Parenthood hasn’t really had that for the majority of it’s run. While certainly we would have preferred a full season pickup if there was a choice between 0 episodes and 13 episodes why wouldn’t we pick the 13? Also in many cases shows with a smaller episode count (the cable model) often creatively can be more rewarding. With many shows (and I’m not saying that Parenthood is one of them) when you have to fill 22 episodes there is filler. Hannibal is a perfect example of why the cable model works in many cases. The short answer is that it’s better to have a rewarding conclusion instead of something thrown together at the last minute because the show was on the bubble.

      • Coal says:

        Your concluding remark about “something thrown together at the last moment because the show is on the bubble” is exactly why I’m asking. It seems to me its no longer about telling a story as oppose to reaching a set target of episodes. The 13 to 16 episode works well I agree for certain types of shows, but serialized family dramas like Parenthood, Switched at birth and The Fosters are not handicapped in anyway by full season order, but I digress. These 13 episode final season series (e.g. Fringe) end up being a half baked affair with zero gratification for the viewing audience, you end up being satisfied out sentiment than enjoyable viewing.

        • david says:

          Parenthood has only had two out of their five seasons with a full order (seasons two and five). I don’t think that creatively shorter season orders have hurt it. With shows like this that are often on the bubble by the end of the year it makes it more difficult creatively. When they have a definitive answer about a final date they can work to make the best possible conclusion. The current season’s final episode of Parenthood could have worked as a series finale if necessary but wasn’t as rewarding as having actual closure. Also with Parenthood I think one of the challenges financially was the large ensemble of top tier actors making it more expensive to produce. If they would have put it on at 8PM somewhere I think it is very likely it would have seen a larger audience.

          A good comparison to this is One Tree Hill when they decided to have a final shortened season. I felt like it was rewarding creatively and they were finally given an opportunity to be guaranteed that they had a certain date to wrap it up. When a show is on for longer than a couple of seasons the networks really should feel obligated to wrap it up in a rewarding manner and often that doesn’t happen (Las Vegas, Judging Amy, Law and Order to name a few). It has to be difficult to decide how to end a season on some of these bubble shows because they obviously want to set up another season but if there is any question they don’t want to leave it open ended.

          Of course with any show that we watch we want a full season pickup. But why would it be better to end it earlier than to say you have to wrap it up by this date with this number of episodes? Creatively they can craft the final season to move the characters forward and give us closure. This is the type of show that could have gone on for years even if they would lose some of the cast (they could come and go without a significant loss creatively). But unfortunately there isn’t as much of a place for shows like this as there used to be (at least in network executive’s minds because I think that there is).

          Also I think that what may start happening is that we are going to see more and more of these newer network shows getting more limited orders to prevent some of the filler episodes and giving the network more flexibility if something really takes off to add an order in later. Creatively the cable model can really help to up the life of some shows. So I think we are going to see only the most popular shows get full orders.

          • Coal says:

            Personally I think any good show should not last longer than 5 seasons (110 episodes on network tv) you get a chance to tell you story, you get to see characters develop and get a conclusion. The reason I say 5 seasons is that the actors are still motivated to do it and the writers still have fresh ideas. The thing is, a lot of actors don’t want stick to the same thing for a long time, because they end up struggling finding work afterwards because they are over identified with the characters they played. I don’t have the same view with Procedurals, they do have the formula to go on forever.

  31. nate says:

    wait. what the hell does that mean the principal cast will be in 11 of 13 episodes? what are they getting a new family??

    • No they’ll spread each of them out over the 11 episodes. For example an, episode Sarah isn’t in, Julia might be in.

      • nate says:

        ah ok thanks..i just hope the last 2 or 3 has ALL the cast

        • david says:

          They chose to go this route to save money but creatively it gives them an opportunity to give a little more focus each episode on some of the individual characters, which I think since it is a definitive final season isn’t a bad route to go. I’m really going to miss this show! I hope that the networks don’t completely give up on family related dramas now. Not everyone has to be a vampire or whatever!

        • Ben says:

          @nate – often when shows take this route (West Wing in season 7, for example) they have significant numbers of the cast missing for some episodes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see around 5-7 episodes with the full cast. For instance, you could do a 4 episode stretch where some of them go off to see Haddie and 2 episodes are set in each place, and you are already there (not that I think they will do it THAT easily). In reality, shows do this quite frequently with varying levels of subtlety.

          • Ben says:

            Oh, what I meant to say though was, but they ALWAYS have the whole cast for the last episode. So you don’t need to worry about that. It will probably end with them all together.

  32. Tran says:

    Thanks NBC for renewing Parenthood. The Bravermans are saving the best for last. :-)

  33. MandaJ says:

    Finally! Some freakin’ good news. :)

  34. Krista says:

    This is the best possible outcome for Parenthood. How wonderful that the writers can give the characters and the audience closure and that they no longer have to deal with The Bubble! I will stock up on tissues for these episodes and will cherish every moment with the Bravermans that I can get. NBC just gained some respect for me for this move. When you think of the alternative, it is all good news!

  35. Bradster says:

    I’m so excited for parenthood and sad too.

  36. Didi Toussaint says:

    I’m so glad Parenthood is coming back I pray for this moment. I hope NBC change their mind and give them a season 7 when they see how good they’re doing. Please spread the word how great of a show Parenthood is. I don’t usually watch NBC so I didn’t start watching until last month. I watched season 1 to 5 in 10 days for the first time all 5 seasons were on demand. #ADDICTATED.

    • Ben says:

      When networks give someone a ‘final season’ they don’t go back on it, no matter what the ratings. It gives the actors all an opportunity to book more work for next season without the renewal cloud over their heads. It gives the writers a chance to end the story with a sense of completion. It is a great show, and I’m glad it gets to end on its own terms.

  37. Blinged Up says:

    Whew! That’s great news. It’s the only drama I watch, and I love it! I don’t want it to end after this season, but I’ll worry about that later…

  38. Amy says:

    I love love this show, and while I am sad it will be ending, I am kinda glad they are going back to the shorter season. It felt almost like they didn’t know what to do with 22 episodes and had a lot of filler episodes.

    People love to chirp on NBC, and lord knows they have made a lot of dumb moves, but when you remember that the entire point of television is to make money (it’s cute to believe it’s to be entertaining or informative, but it’s not). Other networks would not have given Community 5 seasons. They would not have given Parks and 30 Rock 7 seasons. Parenthood 6.

    I think 20 years from now Community will still be on “Best of” lists but the truth is the show had horrible ratings. You can’t keep a show on the air because small group of people are obsessed with it.

    In hindsight more promotion would have helped. And not just for one week. And better scheduling. 2 of the most popular dramas are on Thursday at 10, why air Parenthood then? Use your hits to your advantage one week when the Blacklist is off, rerun a super moving episode of Parenthood. You’ll have the Voice lead in and the people coming for the Blacklist. Or better yet, don’t even put Parenthood on at 10 when the primary audience is DVRing it to go to bed.

  39. KV says:

    Whew! I feel confident that this series will never have a “jump the shark” moment. Seriously THE best show on television.

  40. Forwardad says:

    Yeah ❤️

  41. schu says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  42. Kavita says:

    why last season? Its a great show! Definitely on my must-see-tv list!

  43. Ronnie Cragin says:

    It is amazing how much buzz such a low rated show generates. My favorite since first episode. Love the cast and the writing team. Can’t believe they were not nominated for more awards

  44. Kim R says:

    YES!!!!! :D

  45. Randi says:

    THANK GOODNESS!!! But I’m so sad that it won’t continue in full season format.

  46. I love parenthood. I just wish nbc had not said definitely final season for #7. I agree with some of the comments. IBELIEVE if nbc had just advertised this show more, I think it would have stayed on longer. I have talked to several people that never heard of this show. I also believe that 8pm or 9pm would have more people watching. . Please nbc reconsider and start advertising. because once anybody watches this show, they love it. parenthood is one of the very few shows that depict real people in believeable situations.

  47. carol clark says:

    Best show out there!!! Keep going!! Thank you.

  48. Brig says:

    I am sad and glad all at the same time. I love Parenthood and on one hand am glad that there will be one more season. I just hope they tie up loose ends and give the show proper closure. On the other hand, I am so sad that it is ending. With very few exceptions, it is such a talented cast. I especially love Monica Potter. She is an amazing actress and I will miss her as well as Craig T. Nelson and several of the other main characters. It is very disheartening to see a show such as this one leave the air when there is SO much garbage on TV these days. They need to save money by taking the crap off and putting money into shows like Parenthood to keep it on the air! I will truly miss the Bravermans!

  49. Laura says:

    I live in a country that stopped airing this show several seasons ago. To be able to watch it, I have to go into some probably-not-so-legal website, and struggle for a while until I get a good viewing.
    That´s how good it is.

  50. debbie says:

    I love this show and how they can even think of ending it I don’t know. They have so many ridiculous shows in the summer lineup (Brooklyn Taxi…………seriously a cop takes a taxi to crime scenes……….give me a break.) Why don’t they just concentrate on GOOD family dramas such as Parenthood instead of wasting money on this other junk