CBS Cancels The Crazy Ones, Intelligence, Friends With Better Lives and Two Other Series

The Crazy Ones CancelledCBS on Saturday cancelled five of its freshman series, including advertising satire The Crazy Ones and newbie sitcom Friends With Better Lives.

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Also not returning to the network is Ari Graynor’s Bad Teacher, Josh Holloway’s Intelligence — which premiered to 20.8 million viewers in January — and Dylan McDermott’s Hostages.

In slightly more uplifting news, CBS did renew The Mentalist for a seventh season.

Bummed about any of CBS’ cuts? Drop your lamentations in the comments section below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. K says:

    Wow the networks have really cleaned house haven’t they? I thought maybe Crazy Ones would be picked up. I feel sorry for SMG, I really liked Ringer and this show was decent. Aww I liked Bad Teacher :(

    • CAR says:


      • Ron says:

        Bring it back!! Bring It Back

      • Braddock says:

        It was a DOA show to begin with. Both in the timeslot and during airing, seriously most of the eps aired during Sochi.

      • james says:

        I agree with you about Intelligence, and I also like the Black List it is also good. Some of the comedies aren’t that good but it is a shame that Robin Williams needs a better show. He is always a funny guy he just had a bad group of writers and plot.

        • lechatnoir says:

          The blacklist is definitely much better and I’m glad it is still around. I got bored with intelligence and it is one of those nobody will remember in a year from now.
          As for hostages it was never supposed to go beyond season one . It has not been cancelled it just ended.

          • jenna says:

            although I really like the blacklist I still can’t stand the lead actress. Probably the only show where I actively hope the character gets into a disfiguring accident and is recast

        • Babygate says:

          Oddly enough, Robin Williams is the one thing that I didn’t like about this show. He’s perpetually doing a stand up routine in front of the camera and after about 5 minutes that gets old real quick.

          • Lummie says:

            I agree about Robin Williams. He is so silly and over the top with gags and he never knows when to stop. He is the reason why I didn’t watch one episode.

          • Linda says:

            Same here…..I found him to be too over the top! He should stick with stand-up and forget doing TV.

          • bj says:

            I think that Robin Williams is a great actor and I feel that the show was not really given a chance. It was good show. He can do standup and television very well, and that the show should be brought back.

          • Larry LaBarbera says:

            As of today, I have to wonder if this had something to do with his deatha

          • DanT2590 says:

            I’ve wondered the same thing today. Here he had a very successful new TV show in Crazy Ones. I wonder if this being cancelled pushed him over the edge. It was a hilarious show, probably one of the best on TV, and for him to come out of retirement, do a great show, and then have it cancelled??? Could have led to the depression that led to his death!

        • CGale says:

          We enjoyed The Crazy Ones…it wasn’t all about having sex and they didn’t have to say vagina or penis in every other line.

          • S. says:

            I know this may come as a shock, but I go extended periods of time watching network and cable channels without hearing “penis” or “vagina.” I’m guessing you don’t actually watch that much tv without pre-judging it.

          • RobD381 says:

            I agree completely, and I DO watch a lot of TV — other than so called “crime dramas” that are filled with violence and gore and language. I am also amazed at one reaction to Robin Williams in “Crazy Ones” – at least they admitted they hadn’t seen ONE episode. That was a great show, had a great ensemble cast (no, Robin didn’t hog the screen) and some very funny episodes. The same goes for “The Neighbors.” Those two and “Suburgatory” were the best three smart comedies on television.

          • DanT2590 says:

            I also really liked THE NEIGHBORS. It was a refreshing show. They made fun of the fact that their ratings weren’t high. I followed it to Friday night….well, the DVR did! I like Robin Williams and I thought it was a great cast in THE CRAZY ONES. They seemed to have a really good time together! But yet, THE MILLERS are still on? I watched 2 episodes and didn’t even waste the hard drive time on DVR. I guess since it looks like MOM will last, I will try to find the first season online and watch it. I figured it wasn’t going to last, thought I like the cast of that one too…I didn’t want to get invested in it and have it cancelled after the first year.

          • RobD381 says:

            S. it may come as a shock to you that belittling someone else’s opinion is not ethical, moral or acceptable.

          • Colleen says:

            I LOVED The Crazy Ones! It had a great cast and was very funny! Robin was excellent and was NOT over the Top at all! I mean he has done some great movies and is an excellent actor and knows what he is doing! I will miss this show a lot! Please Bring it Back!!

          • helen says:

            disappointed in CBS choice of decision ! very unjustified

          • Teresa says:

            so agree…it was so nice to be able to watch!

        • nick says:

          Did you ever watch the show! The Crazy Ones was hilarious and had fantastic writing. The characters were extremely memorable and bottom line is you never watched it.

      • laura carr says:

        I totally agree with you car.

      • Why is it, a good show comes along and it gets cancelled shortly after it hardly starts..can’t stand sit cons and reality shows! Several shows that need to die are extended for several seasons because it’s somebodies pet project show..get real!!

      • Intelligence was fantastic.

        • Dean says:

          And yet it got canned.

          • I doubt it was due to the quality or the content. It was most likely the timeslot. It was a great, old-school “Six Million Dollar Man”-style hero show.

        • Tim says:

          yeh I agree, Intelligence was fantastic.

        • Jake Ennis says:

          I HOPE the producers of Intelligence take it to another cable network. To have 20.2 million viewers in that time slot and not give it a chance is pathetic by CBS.

          • Wow. That’s a lot of viewers. Other networks would kill for that. Now CBS is just flaunting, lol. “Yes, we can kill a show with 20 million viewers. What of it?!?” lol.

          • Paula says:

            I agree with you hopefully the producer take the show to other networks like abc and they set that intelligence is fantastic and the pick it up.

          • Michael Westen says:

            @Michael Sacal That has the same idea as being able to say “I turned down Harvard.” I totally hate this, though. Intelligence was a great show and they really should have given it the chance to shine in a different timeslot. CBS should have known that Mondays at 10 is like the timeslot of death for a crime show.

          • Modou says:

            I clearly agree with you it was a wrong decision for CBS.intelligence is really fantastic.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        I agree. I thought it was great!

      • commanch says:

        this network is allergic to anything that ain’t dumbed down to dribble on ya nappie, got to be the most boring, dead network around

      • Pat says:

        I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kathie says:

        Intelligence was the only one of these 5 that I watched, mostly On Demand since it was on opposite Castle. I liked it and am sad that it got bounced. I don’t watch comedies these days, except an occasional BBT re-run. Today’s comedies are really dumb and most of them are offensive in too many ways to mention.

        • Lorrie Freeman says:

          Loved watching FWBL. Hope it gets picked up by someone.

          • Tracy Stoddard says:

            I agree. That show is awesome. Love it. BRING IT BACK!!!!!

          • Lisa Bowling says:

            I agree it was good I hope it gets picked back up!

          • I agree, I loved it! Didn’t think I would, I was and am a die hard friends the original show, so I wasn’t so sure about it. It was so funny I couldn’t help myself! If CBS is smart they’ll bring it back!

        • A. Gallagher says:

          If you think today’s comedies are dumb and offensive, maybe you should watch reruns of 1950 and 60’s shows. That the trouble, people don’t have a sense of humor today. In my opinion, it because of all this politically correct crap. Oh my gosh, you don’t want to say anything that will offend someone. This is why shows on tv suck because everybody gets offended at the dumbest things. Spare me please!

      • ellajasper says:

        I can’t believe they cancelled Intelligence! They never gave it a chance, a new show on against the Olympics, then Blacklist and Castle! Why not try it in a different time slot? And they picked up the new NCIS-New Orleans? I didn’t care for it at all, they may need to do some recasts for that show. They may like to stay with what they know, NCIS, CSI, but the audience may like a change!

        • mary says:

          It’s part of business. Something works, you stick with it. You look to expand, you use that part that is working. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. But it’s basic business strategy.

        • Glenn says:

          I agree Intelligence had extremely tough competition in that time slot. Remember “Chuck” the spy/sales clerk? It did really well when you consider that the same show was a big flop only 2 years earlier….same problem.

      • i am totally disgusted with the network for cancelling ‘Intelligence.” Exciting storyline, great actors whose ability to get you to emphasize with their character role should be recognized as an asset, and still it is cancelled? Certainly not an intelligent move.

      • Rick Katze says:

        As many have said, the show had NO chance once the Blacklist (which I like) took off, considering that Castle was a lock from the beginning. The “suits” should consider giving it another shot, possibly as a summer slot or in a slot where, at least, it would have a chance. But they won’t.

      • The Bluelady says:

        I agree , Intelligence was such a good program. CBS never gave it a chance! What’s happening at these networks?

        • laura carr says:

          CBS is notorious for doing what they did. Intelligence is the fifth show they cancelled that way. the others were Nash Bridges,Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman,CSI Miami and CSI- NY. i guess the Crazy Ones and Friends With Better Lives make it seven.

          • dimitri says:

            Ah, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman brings back a lot of memories.. I enjoyed that show. I also think that they do these cancellations based on viewer ratings within the first 10 eps in order to see the drop or not. Haven’t seen “Intelligence” yet and I’m sure I would have enjoyed it as most of you mentioned…

          • Keith says:

            But Nash Bridges,Dr,Quinn and the CSI shows had good runs and weren’t cut after one season

      • Angelo says:

        Intelligence is a show that I set my DVR to watch later if I was not able to catch when it came on. A cutting edge show of the times we live in and CBS didn’t give it a chance that is sad. Please give it a chance at lest one more season.

        • Jake E. says:

          I have never met any (nor would I want to) network executives but I’m assuming the CBS ones are 75 years old, technologically ignorant and do not know how to operate a DVR. They have one with 12:00 flashing 24/7 or have an overpaid aide OR an intern NOT getting paid to assist them in these situations. If people enjoyed The Blacklist, more than likely they had Intelligence being recorded for viewing later. This reasoning for cancelling shows because it’s in the same time slot is old news. Most cable providers have the capabilities for you to record 4 shows at once. Besides most of my friends record the top shows because they do not want to sit and watch 4 or 5 minutes of commercials every 13 minutes. Wake up CBS and get some new. “INTELLIGENT” programmers and board executives before your sugar daddy,Big Bang Theory, runs it coarse in 3 years

      • Kathy says:

        I agree. Intelligence is a great show and needs to be given more time. Didn’t care for Crazy Ones.

      • Bonnie says:

        agree completely. Intelligence did not get a proper chance

      • Nicki Tabachnick says:

        We agree. Intelligence was truly a winner and we hope it will return somewhere!!!!

      • Gail says:

        Can’t believe you’re cancelling Intelligence. Every week when you thought they’d out down themselves it got better and better. Big mistake!!!!!!!

      • Eveline Grimes says:

        cbs why don’t y’all cancel all the great shows – comedies usu. are stupid anyway.

      • Leanne Peters says:

        I Agree. I liked intelligence.. Give it a chance and bring it bad. Josh Holloway was great.

      • Jim Towle says:

        Intelligence was one really good show that has not been given a chance. In actuality this may definitely been the future. Great show that should be re-visited by the CBS, or some other network. Was in a bad slot and as someone else, had to go against the Olympics – which may have killed it.

      • Matt Krimmer says:

        I agree with CAR. Intelligence was not even given a chance and it was up against Castle and The Blacklist on the other networks. At least move it to a better date and time slot. There is a lot more reality to this sci fi thriller than most could imagine. BRING IT BACK!!!

      • seeing they canceled intelligence maybe marg helgenberger will go back to csi.

      • GARY says:

        bring it back please.

      • bj says:

        I agree that Intelligence wasn’t given a chance it was a great show, and should be brought back……….just saying!!!!!!!!!

      • Don says:

        INTELLIGENCE was the only decent program on Monday nights. I thought it was well done and deserved a better time slot than 10 pm on Mondays. Please bring it back. Listen to your viewers for a change.

      • Holly says:

        I agree! Intelligence is great! I saw the pilot episode in Vegas last summer and couldn’t wait for it to come on TV…’s deserves to have a few more seasons!

      • Debbie Fourney says:

        Why did they drop Intelligence, I really liked that show. Damn

      • Heather says:

        I loved Intellignce!! ITs the best new show the have had in a while! Definitley better then Person of Interest, Blue Bloods, and Hawaii 5o. Those 3 shows have sucked for a while!! Intelligence shold have taken one of their spots!!

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree I liked The Crazy Ones and it got really good. Love SMG and would love for her to get a hit! And Ringer got really good… if people stuck with it.

      I don’t get why networks don’t stick with shows. What is the point of watching something new when the networks aren’t going make an effort.

      • Flicker says:

        if there was a like in this comment section, i’d totally like your post

      • DanT2590 says:

        I should have known. With CBS, I’ve learned to not watch shows the first year since they seem to cancel. That way I don’t get invested. But I liked Crazy Ones….and I’ve watched Friends with better lives, even though it’s not fantastic, it has had some funny moments. I’ve actually watched it within a couple days of it airing. It’s not something that I couldn’t wait to watch, but I did watch it!

        • Lora says:

          I really liked Friends with better lives. I think given the chance it would’ve been a close second to Friends. I personally hope they rethink their decisions for the chopping block. I am a mom of 4 and am not able to stay up late enough to watch any night time t.v. so I like the on demand option. Do they keep track of those ratings?

          • c krieger says:

            I totally agree! Friends with Better Lives is the best comedy i have seen in Long time

          • Paul Fritz-Nemeth Sr. says:

            Actually, Lora, Friends with better lives was the adult version of Friends. It seems like CBS does not know a good comedy when it sees one. May be some of those execs should be cancelled. I hope the producers of FWBL will move to another channel or at least moves to cable.

          • MeldeK says:

            Thank you!! I love Friends with Better Lives as well! And was hoping it would be around as long as Friends and How I Met Your Mother. I put FWBL right up there with those two and am sad to see it go.

      • dimitri says:

        Totally agree with you as well.

        What I know about TV Cable Networks is that if a show has a good lead of actors, then it should be a good one.. Also they base them on their story lines and if they think the audience would love it or hate it… Then they do the time slots, very important, older famous shows get moved to a later hour to promote the new shows… all depends on the viewers and how they see it after 13 eps… usually the first 10 tell how people react to it. I was upset when How I Met Your Mother ended as I was really enjoying it.. Even Terranova was an interesting one and cancelled after 1 or 2 seasons I think..

        I don’t know why they stick with Once Upon A Time cause that show has gotten boring, I was glued to it at first as it was something different, but now, its really boring..

        Guess that’s how it works.

    • Ray says:

      CBS is acting like a white trash lottery winner, never should of give them money. 15 years ago they were the low rated “senior citizen” network known for Murder She Wrote and Walker Texas Ranger. Thanks to CSI and NCIS they were able to flip that. Last year they cancelled Unforgettable and when they found out other channels wanted it they brought it back after a long delay only to push it to a summer and air the second half of the season 9 months later on Friday night’s. Imagine if NCIS had debuted this year, it did not become top rated until 4 or 5 years. Don’t be like the previous champ now cellar dweller NBC.

    • Flicker says:

      this is stupid. they cancel shows and then start new boring ones that will be cancelled too. crazy ones was not a world changing show, but it was fun and well acted, i really enjoyed it. i feel sorry for smg, she just can’t seem to be able to get a break.

    • Blank Slate says:

      I would never have watched that ridiculous looking show BAD TEACHER. Sexist ads? Is it 1950s mentality all over again? Who gave that crass crap the green light?

      • Lummie says:

        I saw the promos for Bad Teacher and said no no no no. Not going to waste my time on that. I couldn’t get through the movie with Cameron Diaz it was so crass and crude and I figured the show would be more of the same.

        • DanT2590 says:

          I’ve watched 2 of Bad Teacher. You haven’t really missed anything. The idea is pretty funny…they need to make it more like the movie. I’d DVR-ed it so that when I had time and had absolutely nothing better to do, I’d watch it. So I did this morning when I was eating breakfast. I don’t pause it to go to the kitchen, just let it keep playing. I don’t feel like I miss much….she’s just someone who’s looking to marry someone rich so she doesn’t have to work….wow, what a totally NEW CONCEPT for a tv show! RIGHT!???????

    • you should bring them back you all should be fired not the actors and workers on these shows

    • jericho says:

      I really liked Crazy Ones… It got better as it went on and was definitely better than say… The Millers. Its too bad. I was hoping…

      The rest of the cancellations all make perfect sense and were expected. Maybe we can get Ruby back on Once again, her absence was definitely felt this season. I was hoping that we could finally see a The Mentalist cancellation/series end. It has been a good show, but its been time to cut the cord for at least half a season.

    • Marlene P Klese says:

      I see Intelligence has been cut, and I understand “Believe” ihas, too. Very disappointing news…I enjoyed both of those shows.

    • Lucy Estes, YES! Estes Byers says:

      Intelligence was an excellent series. I don’t feel as if CBS gave the show a real chance. CBS kept changing the time schedule. My husband and I loved the series Lost, we were so happy to see Josh Holloway in another series. CBS GIVE YOUR NEW SERIES A CHANCE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kevin O'Connor says:

      I don’t know how many empty suits make the decisions at CBS. You cancel Crazy Ones and keep the Millers? You cancel Friends with Better Lives and keep the vial, perverted and raunchy Two and a Half Men? You renew lame Two Broke Girls? What’s next cancel MOM and Mike and Molly?. Whoever is responsible for these comedy decisions should be fired. The dramas on CBS are the best (NCISs, Hawaii Five O, Unforgetable, Blue Bloods and Mentalist) but when it comes to comedy it must be raunchy, vial, perverted and sexual deviate to be produced/aired by CBS. Try sitting down with your family and watch Two Broke Girls or Two and a Half Men, I don’t think so. The wonderful people at CBS would probably have canceled MASH if it was introduced today. Brilliant!?

      • Colleen says:

        My sentiments exactly! The Crazy Ones for sure should be renewed and yes get rid of Two Broke Girls, Two and a half Men, Millers etc.

      • Sandy says:

        You are so right! They canceled Crazy Ones, but kept Two and A Half Men for another season?
        I turned the channel when they put it beore the Crazy Ones. Too many masturbation jokes. I turned it back to Crazy Ones when it came on. It was smart, fast paced, and funny. Of course I watched Mork and Mindy, so I love Robin Williams. It was a wonderful cast. Guess I’ll just change to another channel after The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights.

    • Julie says:

      I did not care for any of those. Not surprised they were cancelled. I did like Hostages. We watch CBS every night.

      • E.F. Coleman says:

        Hostages did not ever make sense, hostages can go to school and to work, and some almost killed but medically saved as the doctor works on her husband, and hostage and captor fall love in???? Incredibly bad.

    • John says:

      Give back “Intelligence”

    • PatK says:

      I agree. Give Intelligence a chance. Also, Friends With Better Lives is hilarious. Shouldn’t have
      been cancelled.

  2. Nicotine says:

    I was just starting to really get into Friends With Better Lives. It was a good ensemble cast with some legitimate laughs. Too bad.

    And even though I saw the axe coming for Intelligence, I’m really going to miss it.

    • Tammy says:

      That last episode was hilarious! I can’t believe they are canceling FWBL.

      • Jersey Jeff says:

        Not surprised or saddened at all by the cancellation of FWBL. I’m no prude in any sense of the word (I enjoy 2.5 Men, HIMYM, etc.) but I found FWBL unbelievably crude and vulgar.

        • Stormy says:

          I absolutely agree with you. Sophomoric, coarse and not funny. I watched 10 minutes of it and changed channels.

          • Lummie says:

            I did the same. Didn’t even get through the entire episode and I never went back again.

          • Roy says:

            Back to that lame Tim Allen show that should have been axed instead? There are tonnes of worse shows that FWBL. Mindy Project and or Neighbors anyone??
            Hopefully enough people with taste will rally around the show’s hilarious sexual innuendo jokes and realize they’re not perverse or vulgar and appreciate a great ensemble cast that is FWBL. If enough fans can get Firefly back on the air i guess anything can happen

    • telgal90458 says:

      We loved FWBL. It was smart and funny

    • karen says:

      I agree! Loved fwbl so mad they didn’t give it a chance or have another network pick it up

  3. shay says:

    Hostages is not really canceled since it was a one season show. They just wanted a season 2 with another cast/story about hostages

    too bad for SMG :/

  4. Bee says:

    Does that mean Ruby/Red is back on OUAT??

    • Lysh says:

      I’m somehow doubting it – they have trouble with some of their supporting cast – but hopefully more guest spots!

    • Britt says:

      I know right. They can also get the girl who played Mulan (don’t know her real name) since Believe was cancelled!

    • Jerry says:

      She was back on OUAT for about 15 seconds the first episode back from winter break. At least I’m 99% sure she was. She had one or two lines when all of them first got back to the Enchanted Forest

  5. i says:

    Too bad for FWBL. It had great potential. I loved that show but I guess it was already ill-fated. I also enjoyed Bad Teacher although I might be alone on this one. Lol @ the SMG fiasco :P.

    • Jenna587 says:

      I totally loved Bad Teacher too. Wow, it’s only had what, three episodes? I feel like the networks gave no chances to any new shows really. Most every new show I liked this season has been cancelled, and very few of them had more than 6 episodes air, some even less.

  6. Dave says:

    Boo! I love The Crazy Ones!

    • dax says:

      I am so angry at CBS.. The Crazy Ones was THE only show i watched on CBS since HIMYM finished! CBS has officially become a channel for people who like cheap senseless humor ( yes, 2.5 Man is senseless!) and old people shows! Booo!

      • Brenda says:

        CBS IS CRAZY!! The Crazy one was only one of a few show’s that I really enjoy. It was a great clean, funny show that now only made me crack up..but also showed the close relationship between father and daughter. Guess I’ll fine something on CABLE to replace this time-slot.
        Boo to CBS. So Sad

        • Colleen says:

          I agree completely!! Boooo!!! Loved it, Loved it, Loved it!! Great Cast and very funny and sweet!! Should have just tried another time slot and give it another season!! CBS sucks!! Would be nice if another network picked it up!! Gonna miss it terribly!!

    • Danish says:

      A smarter, better-written comedy like The Crazy Ones gets cancelled, but somehow we still have to put up with Two and A Half Men? That show is just dick jokes at this point! I feel bad for Bill D’Elia too, absolutely love everything he’s done but his shows or at least the ones he’s involved with just don’t seem to last… *sigh* if CBS had followed this axing plan, NCIS wouldn’t have made it past the first season and that is their number one show now.
      Bad Teacher was alright, they did as best as they could translating the premise of the movie to a weekly series… Intelligence got me bored after about 5 episodes and Hostages is the only series I can think of after Harper’s Island that should’ve been a single season deal and it was so at the very least, props for that.

      • SHeimanson says:

        Agree with the first sentence completely! Enough already with Two and 1/2 Men. Should have been canceled years ago. Only reason I have it on is because it’s between two show I do want to watch.

    • tara17 says:

      CBS is indeed crazy for canceling The Crazy Ones. Stellar cast with a great premise; it was really hitting its stride.

  7. nas says:

    I am so sad about The Crazy Ones. I loved the show, and it got funnier and funnier. Far better quality than the crap of The Millers and Two and a Half Men. I wish the show could find another home. How was it supposed to succeed when it followed such stupid shows?

    • Sara says:

      THIS! The Crazy Ones got a lot better starting with like the 4th episode. I can’t even stomach watching Two & A Half Men, or The Millers. Such a bummer!

    • james says:

      I thought we were all tired of Two and Half Men. That show is so bad it should have been dropped years ago. The stuff that comes out on that show should only be seen after midnight. They are really scrapping the barrel for something to keep the show on the air.

    • scooter says:

      All of you are spot on! (nas, Sara and james) Totally agree. Don’t know what CBS is thinking…

      • dan says:

        Crazy Ones was probably an expensive show to produce w/a high paid cast and the ratings just weren’t string enough to support another season. Robin Williams and SMG probably got top dollar, and the supporting cast (including Brad Garrett) were probably paid better than the typical supporting cast of a sitcom b/c they all came with good resumes. Too bad, the show was clever and well written.

        • Tansy says:

          Casting was the problem for me. I can take about two minutes of Robin Williams and can’t take Brad Garrett at all. The best writers in the world can’t compensate for having to watch those two. I may be in the minority, but that’s why I skipped it.

    • tara17 says:

      What? Millers is renewed? It’s awful, who watches that?

  8. Amy says:

    I am really bummed about Friend With Better Lives. It started slow, but has really grown on me the last few weeks. I think that it deserved more time.

    • Dandrea Dean says:

      Me too. I was just starting to get into Friends with Better Lives, the show didn’t start out as an instant success or anything but I think it should have been given more of a chance before they cancelled it. it’s too soon they don’t know which the direction the show really going in, I hate when networks cancel shows in the first season like that and leave viewers hanging. I think too many shows get cancelled too soon. It sucks when they bring on a show on, let viewers get into the show and just cancel it, It’s irritating.

  9. Missy Kelly says:

    Think the Crazy Ones are CBS Programming Execs. That is a great comedy

    • CJ says:

      I agree. It had such a lovable ensemble and got better and better as the season went along. I’m sad to see it go.

  10. DL says:

    Crazy Ones, nooooo!

  11. Nate says:

    Well damn they went on a cleansing. I’m still waiting on parenthood! !!!!!

  12. W says:

    Dang I really loved FWBL, honestly I thought it was better than the last season of HIMYM.

  13. Mari says:

    I don’t understand.
    CBS renewed Mom, that let’s be real it’s only about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll and they cancelled The crazy ones?

  14. Babybop says:

    Too bad about The Crazy Ones – my dad was just telling me how much he loved it and how sad he was that the ratings weren’t so good.

  15. roki says:

    first trophy wife, now the crazy ones. why the some of best freshman comedies are getting axe by networks??

  16. Carm says:

    I really did love the crazy ones but figured it wouldn’t get picked up unless they did better after the early renewals of the other comedies. The ratings just weren’t there and that is too bad because it was a really good show

  17. Kate says:

    Why oh why did the cancel ‘The Crazy Ones’, it was by far the best series that premiered this season on CBS! Maybe another network can be so kind and pick it up! Pleaseeeeeeee networks!

  18. John says:

    NOOOOO Why did they cancel The Crazy Ones :(( the show was so much better than all the other comedies. This sucks :(

  19. ABG says:

    Yeah, no shockers here. All these were either bad (FWBL) or very niche (TCO).

  20. BAM says:

    So very disappointed that CBS decided to cancel Intelligence. I really enjoyed the story concept, the writing, and actors. I guess it wasn’t dumbed down enough for their average viewer. :o(

    • Amy says:

      Same here. This has been a rough couple of days for me with losing Intelligence, Believe, and Revolution.

    • Huskygrl says:

      I so agree with you. And really, can’t the network dare to vary their programs just a LITTLE? I am a NCIS fan and now like NCIS:LA even more, AND I love Scott Bacula and look forward to his new show, but does every single program on CBS have to follow the same mold?? Intelligence was a lot of fun and had a cast where you cared about everyone in it. They also had interesting stories that weren’t just the murder mysteries of all the other dramas on the network. To say I’m disappointed in their lack of vision is beyond understatement!

  21. Kate says:

    Very disappointed to hear about FWBL. As a once engaged, married, then divorced and now super single woman, it had everything!

    • JBN says:

      FWBL was engaging, with likable characters who grew on you. Hope they shop it elsewhere, maybe FX or TBS.

  22. Eric says:

    The only one here that I’ll really miss is The Crazy Ones, but I expected it to be cancelled. Oh well, these things happen.

  23. 4theloveoffilm says:

    Why must the networks take away the laughter? So many comedies getting axed. I loved THE CRAZY ONES. It was fabulous and had such great characters. I’m super bummed. This really sucks.

  24. Ded says:

    I’m going to miss Josh “Sawyer” Holloway and Intelligence. Too bad we can’t get the cop-buddy series with Holloway and Ken “Miles Straume” Leung.

  25. Sara says:

    Really crushed about The Crazy Ones. Can we start a petition to get SMG, James Wolk, Hamish Linklater and Amanda Setton cast on the same show ASAP? Please? Saw the cancellation coming but….it still hurts.

  26. Linda Blackman says:

    Cancelling FWBL is a huge mistake! It may not have come out of the gate with a shot, but it certainly improved with each episode. This last one with the “pretty gets better treatment at checkout lines” and the centerfold model/home body wax incident had me rolling on the floor. CBS execs should get friends with better judgment.

  27. Deena says:

    Loved the crazy ones. In fact, the whole family enjoyed it and couldn’t stop laughing. Why be so stupid?!?

  28. Chuck says:

    I think CBS is afraid to cancel a Chuck Lorre show. I can’t hate because I love Two and a half men and Big Bang. Mike and Molly is pretty funny too but Mom was horrible. I know this is about CBS but can someone at TV Line please tell me what’s going on with Last MaStanding? ?

  29. Amy says:

    Oh no! The crazy ones shouldn’t have been canceled! Oh man, so bummed right now. The cast was great and had great chemistry as a whole. No more Zach and Andrew, such a great bromance, no more Funny Lauren, no more clumsy Sydney and no more Simon and Gordon fights. And OMG what about that ending? How will we found out how Andrew and Sydney end up? Boo, really sad :(

  30. Stacy says:

    Very sad about The Crazy Ones!!!!!!!! The bedt comedy series on TV!!!! Seriously you have Robin Williams and SMG and you let them go???? Boo for you!!!!!

  31. ChrisGa says:

    Too bad about FWBL. I’ll admit, it’s a bit crass–and I’m no prude–but it’s pretty funny. And Zoe Lister-Jones as Kate is one of the comedic finds of this season IMO.

  32. Not surprised about The Crazy Ones…it was too intelligent for the execs! I really liked Intelligence, but there’s that “intelligent” thing again. I guess TV really is the BOOB-TUBE. BETTER CHECK OUT MY SUPPLY OF BOOKS for NCIS & Big Bang is about the only thing to watch.

  33. NickiN says:

    Wan. Really loved The Crazy Ones. Great cast!

  34. james says:

    I liked intelligence. It was a great show. But as far as some of the other shows the stories that they get in to with the gay boss in The Crazy Ones was something they could have left out. Nobody cares what their sex life is, just make him a regular guy and make him funny. Now a days they are putting so much racial marriages, and gay people on the t.v. shows it just needs a better story without all those problems. Maybe some of these parents don’t want their kids to see all of this that is going on around them and just go back to regular funny families.

    • Sara says:

      1) The boss wasn’t gay. He was eccentric. He was not gay. 2) Why is being eccentric or gay not ‘regular’? Because he’s a man, he has to be the alpha male? Macho and pigheaded? Ugh.

  35. Braddock says:

    Bummer about the crazy ones hope SMG can find a show that lasts more than a year someday. As for intelligence that was a dead show walking and the pickup of ‘CSI: Cyber’ officially burries it, can’t have two cyber crime series.

    • laura carr says:

      why not there was another SCI fi series on the air when quantum leap was on the TV line up.

      • Braddock says:

        Well CBS already has person of interest and CSI Cyber is an extention of the CSI franchise. For them its shows that get instant soild ratings or are profitable that earn renewals. Honestly I really liked Intelligence but its time slot did it no favours and like I mentioned earlier most episodes aired during the olympics.

  36. wanie says:

    I liked friends with bettet lives it was funny & bad teacher

  37. Matthew says:

    Sad to lose friends with better lives. In the last month no show has made me laugh more. Zoe lister jones kills me.

  38. Sara says:

    Quite clear that networks are petrified of cancelling a Chuck Lorre show. 3/4 of them are crap – they make their money on sexist and racist jokes. It takes a lot for me to get offended but some of the lines he’s able to pull off on Mike & Molly astound me. Keep Big Bang, get rid of Mom, and then bam, CBS! You can keep The Crazy Ones! VOILA!

  39. D says:

    INTELLIGENCE & ALMOST HUMAN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Damn you, CBS & Fox. Why would you cancel two excellent, well-written television shows?

    • rosie519 says:

      I agree. I really liked both of those shows. Networks are dumb. And don’t give the shows a chance to build an audience. Lots if past shows would never make it today bc they took awhile to build an audience.

    • Braddock says:

      almost human was on FOX. They seldom renew sci fi shows and those that do only last a few years Dark Angel and the terminator show are prime examples. As for Intelligence it was a deadshow walking it was the bottom of Mondays at 10pm with Castle and Blacklist and most of the episodes were aired during Sochi.

    • Huskygrl says:

      I’m with you- sucky week wasn’t it?

  40. Jane Sullivan says:

    Loved The Crazy Ones. Great writing and cast. Too smart for CBS. The Millers is dreck. Mike and Molly not much better.

  41. Isabel Rodrigues. says:

    Intelligence really ? Officially canceled all CBS shows in my life.

    • Paula says:

      I agree Intelligence is a great show and should be renewed not canceled. I too have deleted all cbs shows on my DVR and refuse to watch cbs ever again. Hopefully another network will pick intelligence up. Like maybe abc. It’s us very sad that cbs keeps show that are stupid and get rid if the smart shows.

  42. Terry says:

    Sorry to hear that “Hostages” won’t be back. I really enjoyed the story line and the cast ensemble was great!

  43. ninergrl6 says:

    This is why I’m hesitant to watch any new shows. TONS of programs are getting axed after 1 season (or less). There are lots of shows that I won’t even give a chance now because I don’t want to get attached only to have them yanked away from me. Thanks a lot, networks.

  44. Mick says:

    Darn it CBS. Now I lose Intelligence. Whats the point of starting to watch new series if your just going to cancel them. I also just lost Revolution on NBC. Makes me so mad.

  45. Beckstle says:

    Too bad about The Crazy One, great show. I was hoping all the extra product-placement possibilities built-in to the show might save it. …They were using that fact, right? They used so many real products I just assumed CBS was getting advertising money for it…. Sigh. It and ABC’s Trophy Wife were the only freshman comedies I really enjoyed.

  46. laura carr says:

    I am bummed that CBS cancelled intelligence I really loved the show and I love it’s lead stars Josh Holloway and Marg Helgenberger

  47. Paul Fritz-Nemeth Sr. says:

    I never doubted for a minute that all the networks are staffed by out and out idiots. Every time a comedy appears that actually is geared to the adults in the US and Canada you chop it faster than a speeding bullet. The latest one is Friends With Better Lives. You must be the same guys who cancelled Whitney, another adult comedy. You actually had to have some brains to appreciate them. You keep crap like Two and a half Men and Big Bang both programs over stayed their welcome. What is really annoying is that you start cutting even before the shows had a chance. MASH would have never made it if the same attitude had been prevailing at that time. Here’s an idea, may be the suits in the organization should be cut!!!

  48. rosie519 says:

    I’m so disgusted. Although I watch The Mentalist, I would have preferred that Intelligence be saved. It was a great show that wasn’t given a chance. I HATE what networks do and it makes me not want to watch any first year shows.

  49. cathy says:

    I don’t understand renewing The Millers, 2 Broke Girls and Two and a half men, and canceling the crazy ones. I really loved that show. Also Growing Up Fisher and
    Surviving Jack. :(

  50. Linda says:

    I tried watching The Crazy Ones but could just watch the first few and that was it. I just started watching Friends with Better Lives and I actually started to enjoy that one.