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Supernatural: Misha Collins to Return as Series Regular for Season 10

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersSupernatural isn’t losing its angel anytime soon.

Misha Collins will be back as a series regular for Season 10 of the CW series.

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The actor made his debut as Castiel in the Season 4 premiere and was promoted to regular cast member the following year. He was then taken off contract at the end of Season 6, but still continued to recur. Collins once again became a series regular during the current ninth season and even directed an episode.

The CW gave an early renewal order to the long-running series, but passed on spin-off Supernatural: Bloodlines.

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  1. Elyse says:

    I was just wondering today if he would become a regular! YAY! <3 Cas!!!

    • Elyse says:

      He was a regular this season?? Huh. I had no idea!

      • Jerry says:

        Apparently (I learned this from Amy Acker’s POI role) you can hire someone as a regular but not have them in a lot of episodes. Basically it ensure they are “on call” when they need them.

        • Elyse says:

          Dang :( well that’s a bummer!

          • alistaircrane says:

            It usually means you’re in a minimum of 13 episodes of a 22 episode season. There is no need for Castiel to appear in any more than 13 maximum ever.

          • ChicagoDan says:

            I’m sure MC would disagree.

          • wow201102 says:

            @alistaircrane I wish that it meant that, but it really is just a guarantee that the network gets first priority if they need Misha for the year. There are no episode guarantees or minimums (though additional contracts and clauses can be drawn up for specific episode orders, these are generally separate from the actor’s status). It also means that Misha gets his name in the credits behind Jared and Jensen and better pay than he would as a recurring guest star, but those are the only real benefits.

            Case in point, Misha was in 12 episodes of season 4, as a recurring guest star. He was in 11 this year, as a series regular (and the same for season 6, as well). So, yeah, I’m personally hoping he’ll be around more than that next year, but the regular status really is just a title.

          • Daisy says:

            Cass is the best character in SPN. He is the only reason I watch this show. This show was boring in season 1,2, and 3. When Cass showed up the show was awesome!!! I stopped watching SPN in season 2. The only reason I watch season 4 was because my cousin told me that there was a mew character in the show, that was cool so I watched season 4 just to check and now I am watching the show again, but I on watch season 4,5,6,7,8, and 9 not season 1,2, or 3.
            Cass is the BEST character in the show !!!! :) :) <3

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          “Series regular” isn’t a promise of screen time/episode counts, it just guarantees that the actor is yours (and not off doing something else) whenever you need him/her.

          • Elyse says:

            Well that sucks!

          • ? says:

            It seems to me his “series regular” status (or not) is more a function of the producers wanting to keep the audience guessing about the upcoming storylines. Like they took him off contract when they wanted us to believe they would actually kill Castiel at the start of season 7, or that he wouldn’t make it out of purgatory at the start of season 8. As far as I can tell, he appeared in about as many episodes of those seasons as he always does, anyway. So I wouldn’t read too much into whether he’s officially a “regular” or not.

        • Erica says:

          Man, that’s some BS. This season was such a let down, I hope they feature him more in season 10.

          • Charlie from Revolution STINKS! says:

            I’m going to have to agree. Looking back, I’m not sure what this season was about. It started with Sam being possessed, the angels falling from heaven, and Crowley almost becoming human and loosing control of hell to Abadon. WIth one episode left before the end of the season, Sam and Dean are still on fighting terms, Abadon gets what’s coming to her, and Castiel is the leader for a group of angels. And all I know that happened in between was Kevin died, Dean got some superpower and Metatron tried starting an internal war amongst angels. And don’t get me started on what the Men of Letters is, which I hardly know anything.

      • Gail says:

        It means you are paid for a set number of episodes whether they use you or not. You also get billed in the credits whether you are actually seen in the episode or not. See Glee NY stories. Jane Lynch and all are still in the credits even though she and many others are only rarely on the show since it moved full time to NY.

    • Carm says:

      He was a regular this year but not in every episode. So might be the same next season.

      • Elyse says:

        I went back and reread the article after I posted… never woulda guessed he was a regular this season!

    • Daisy says:

      OH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Cass is the best character in the show!!! <3 Cass is the only reason I watch this show he makes this show awesome!!!! BEST CHARACTER EVER!!!:):) <3 CASS IS AWSOME!!!!! I am so excited to see season 10. I only hope that the EP's put Cass in more episodes in season 10, AND they better NOT kill him of (I don't know how to make an angry face) I would be very angry. But I know that the EP's wouldn't do that they would lose a lot of ratings if they did that.
      !!!!! CASS<3 IS COOL AND AWSOME :) :) !!!!!!

  2. Katie says:


  3. Nate says:

    About damn time

  4. alistaircrane says:

    Disappointing. I can’t stand Castiel. Hopefully he will be the ONLY angel appearing in Season 10!

    • Lisa London says:

      You know, I really don’t care for him much either. If he’s on screen, it’s fine; it he’s not, I don’t miss him at all. I just don’t get the hype. I much prefer other characters like Bobby or Crowley.

    • Arthur says:

      Disagree, I love Castiel. He adds some much needed balance to the show and I love his interactions with the brothers!

  5. Jerry says:

    Well, I guess that ruins any suspense from the finale with him. Unless it’s a huge fake-out!

  6. Sophie says:

    The best SPN news since a long time! I’m so happy, I can’t imagine SPN without him, he’s my fave ♥

  7. Maddie says:

    While I am glad that Misha still has a job, I can’t be excited that Supernatural is going to seemingly continue with an angel-heavy storyline.

    SPN has struggled with writing likable, interesting angels. Most seem to get introduced & killed off in the same episode so fans have no time to form a connection to them.

    Not that I really want one, but Cas’ involvement in the angel war only goes so far in keeping me interested. I find myself zoning out or checking Twitter during most angel-heavy sequences.

    I just feel like the angels heavy presence is pulling SPN away from where it excels best, and that is in the human connections.

    When SPN is angel-heavy, I feel like SPN kinda loses itself.

    • C says:

      Just ’cause he’s back doesn’t mean it’ll be angel heavy. His borrowed grace could get used up and he’s back to being human or he’s allowed to stay on earth but not use his powers.

      And can I say Misha’s Back! Misha’s Back! Misha’s Back!!! I love his character.

    • wow201102 says:

      ” Most seem to get introduced & killed off in the same episode so fans have no time to form a connection to them.” <——-i think you just described the majority of SPN's side characters with that one, angelic or otherwise. They've all got pretty short shelf lives.

    • Arthur says:

      Doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be angel-heavy – they’ve been hinting for a LONG time that Cas will choose humanity in the end.

      Also, if they hadn’t expanded the show beyond a monster-of-the-week format, there’s no way we would be reaching s10 now.

  8. pasunepomme says:

    I couldn’t really imagine they’d let him go, but it’s nice to have confirmation he’ll be back next year. I do hope they use him better/more consistently than they did this season however. I did not enjoy that he spent so much time apart from the boys; hoping we get more development of his relationship with Sam next season and more of all three of the boys on the same side & working together towards mutual goals.

  9. Lysh says:

    Is this the final season? I enjoy this show, but it’s running it’s course. They need to bring Meg back. IDC if she died; she’s a demon. Or like, any female.

  10. Andrew Hass says:

    Since Misha Collins was a regular this season and show is announcing he’ll be one next season too might mean they have big plans to use his character.

  11. GhostWolf says:

    Good news but maybe he’ll be more of a regular next season since his appearances this season were not consistent.

  12. Hey...That killer is Misha! says:

    I was watching a rerun of the first season of “24” on the Audience network and suddenly realized I recognized one of the assassins out to kill the president. It was Misha Collins. It was great seeing him as another character. I’m sure he’s done other TV work but it never registered with me when I saw him on Supernatural that I had already also seen him on “24”. I wonder how many other shows he’s been on that I’ve watched.

    • C says:

      He’s been on Charmed, Nip Tuck [his role on that is legendary-youtube it], 24, Ringer and NCIS. Most were just single ep appearances and no you probably wouldn’t notice him then but when he pops up on reruns it’s obviously him now that we know Misha.

      • Hey...That killer is Misha! says:

        Thanks for that bit of info … I’m going to YouTube it right now.

        • Leanna says:

          I did the same thing. My other favorite show is NCIS, so when I saw he was in an episode, I had to go back and watch it.

  13. John says:

    Supernatural used to be my favorite show, but it has completely collapsed under the weight of it’s own mythology. Even the “Previously on” section this week was impossible to follow. At least they passed on that awful backdoor pilot…

    • C says:

      I actually followed the “previously on” section but if you hadn’t seen all the eps it referenced, you’re right it wouldn’t have been a lot of help ’cause it covered a ton of eps.

  14. jr. says:

    Now bring back Kevin, Garth, Bobbie., and John. And have the Winchester’s father’s father, reoccur in time traveling twists.

  15. Auntie Em says:

    Whatever the hell happened to Adam? (pun intended) O.o

    Bring him and Lucifer back, and I’m a happy camper.

  16. Drew says:

    I’m torn. Love Misha and Castiel but I think they should move on from angels and demons. We’ve kinda been there and done that.

    • Arthur says:

      I think it would be interesting if they had Cas choose a mortal life – they’ve been hinting that for years, after all.

  17. MLO says:

    What happened with Bobby? Thought we’d be seeing him again this year.

  18. Pia says:

    Meh. Less arc, more monsters.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Totally agreed. I hate the angel mythology and it’s dominated this season, unfortunately.

    • Meg says:

      This so much.

    • Drew says:

      I wish someone would put a comment like that in an interview with the writers, but they never want to sound negative so they probably don’t hear that a lot of fans are over the angels and demons and want to move on… But not to leviathans. Because they sucked.

      • wow201102 says:

        Oh, trust me, the writers hear *plenty* of complaints of all kinds from all corners. Some people go so far as to give them unsolicited reminders of their opinion multiple times a day via twitter. They are more than aware of what the fans think.

    • Lou says:

      Nope. The monster eps were awful this season. They need to get tighter on the broad story arc and stop with the useless filler.

    • Arthur says:

      If they hadn’t moved away from a redundant monster-of-the-week format, there’s no way we’d be nearing season 10. Shows have to evolve and grow to continue, and I’ve loved all incarnations of the show.

    • Rick says:

      Disagree.. MotW just feel like filler episodes. Give me long-running myth arcs any day. The angel and demon stuff is fascinating to me.

  19. Hot Dumb Italian Mike! says:

    I went to the Las Vegas convention back in March of this year and it mentioned that theres most likely will be more action in season 10. Hopefully the will branch out more with the writing, now that they’ve hit the 10 season mark….a major accomplishment in this day and age! Everyone I know has to watch the episodes more than once because there’s so much going on. Hell, I watched a rerun from season 5 the other day on TNT and noticed a couple of things I didn’t notice back in 2010. Love the show!!!

  20. ninamags says:

    Oh, god, really? More angel storylines??

    Can’t they please just go away already??

    Kripke needs to come back and whip his show back into shape.

    I, too, have been watching the morning eps on TNT. What a great show!

    Where did THAT show go?

    • Arthur says:

      If they hadn’t moved away from a redundant monster-of-the-week format, there’s no way we’d be nearing season 10. Shows have to evolve and grow to continue, and I’ve loved all incarnations of the show.

  21. Caro says:

    So glad we get more Cas! I love Cas! Now if we can only get Bobby and Jo back Supernatural will be perfect!

  22. Lisa says:

    This is amazing news! I was so concerned about Misha’s status for Season 10 and to have it confirmed that he’ll be a regular again is just wonderful.

    I do really hope that he’ll be in more episodes in Season 10. Ideally, I personally would love to have Cas in every single episode of a season, but I doubt that’ll happen so I’ll just keep wishing that he’ll be in at least a majority of the episodes and that he’ll be with Dean and Sam more often too!

    Misha is my favorite actor. Cas is my favorite character, and the scenes with Dean and Cas, as well as the scenes with Cas, Dean, and Sam, are my favorite parts of Supernatural!

  23. Joannbenefield says:

    Love the show! Miss the music!

  24. Arthur says:

    Glad to see this finally confirmed, though there was no doubt in my mind about Cas’s return. Misha brings such a dynamic balance to the show and I’ve loved watching him over the years – such a nice guy, genuinely kind, and he’s done a fantastic job with the role. Dean, Sam, and Cas’s interactions are the highlight of the show for me.

  25. I would love the show to go back to basics….hunting things…the family business.

  26. missy says:

    Going back to the universe with no magic, wouldn’t that make Dean human again, just a thought

  27. AAA says:


  28. Gina says:

    Dean and Sam have been through enough its something good finally come out of this whole thing as well as Castiel and they need to put Mark Sheppard back where he belongs. What is the meaning of the fact that Dean had no appetite for the cheeseburger and the revelation of the sack about pain it doesn’t make any sense it needs to at least start making some sense something good needs to come of this you guys need a break even if its for a while or give him the upper hand

  29. CAROL says:

    Give Cass back all his powers and abilities. Let all the angels back into heaven with God. We need some more Bobby and more special weapons for Sam and Dean that can “stop” evil things. YES!

  30. diana says:

    i only watch misha scene on supernatural…so please make him regular.

  31. shawn says:

    someone please bring back meg i mean come on so much could happen between her and cas

  32. Rick says:

    “Supernatural isn’t losing its angel anytime soon.” Good, because I can’t imagine the show without him!

  33. adam says:

    Castiel is the best actor In supernatural he should be in more than 13 episodes because he’s a big part to the show and he should be in at least 18 episodes. Or if not he shouldn’t be a regular character and plus it got better when he first arrived on the show

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