NBC Cancels Revolution and 4 Others

Revolution Cancelled NBCNBC says they don’t want a Revolution, and as such has cancelled the post-apocalyptic drama after two seasons, TVLine has confirmed.

Additionally, the plug has been pulled on rookie sitcom Growing Up Fisher and freshman dramas Believe, Crisis and Dracula.

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Revolution opened Season 2, in a new Wednesday lead-off spot, with 6.8 million total viewers and a 1.8 demo rating. As of this week, the show had fallen to 4.4 mil and a 1.3.

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  1. Katherine215 says:

    I’m SO SAD. :( :(

    • Big Mike says:

      Has any show ever strayed so far from its premise as Revolution did? In 2 seasons no less!

      • I so agree Mike. The series jumped the nano shark and was filled with a bunch of people who were totally unlikeable. They should have learned from Lost.

        • ronny says:

          Yeah, I agree. The series seemed alot different in Season 2. And they really played up the U.S. as the villain. Most of season 1 was way better.

          • John says:

            It was not the idea of the USA as a villain that was “played up” but the idea of tyranny based on lack of information.

          • Harriet says:

            It wasn’t the US that was the villain, it was the group called the “Patriots” that claimed they were the real US Government but were really evil. You just did not understand the plot.

          • Tony no nose says:

            As of now,, this administration,, the “US” is the villain…..hitting a little too close to home…

          • James says:

            So what are you saying? That the US. could never be a villain

          • John Lee says:

            i agree, but in the real world, we are the terrorists unfortunately. Boston, sandy hook ,all these shootings are frauds to the highest degree & they have been proven to be hoaxes. even OKC 1995 BOMBINGS were the fed’s killing its own people..We need to take back this country for so many reasons, a few families run the world, goto wellaware1.com. u may be in for a ride

          • vee says:

            BeeS! What about the movie White House Down etc. etc. Just plain stupid about the portrayal crap. There just lookinf for a way out of their incompetence.

        • Chris says:

          Should of learnt from Lost? You mean one of the best tv shows to be on tv as rated in many poles.

          • John says:

            Should ‘have’ not ‘of’.

          • John says:

            ‘polls’ not ‘poles’.

          • John says:

            A tv show on tv? Did you really mean that?!

          • John says:

            Are you stating that ‘Lost’ was one of the best shows or ‘Revolution’? Your post is ambiguous.

          • Connie says:

            AGREE.. Neilson Ratings wanted me to do a survey and I told them .. WHY?? your going to cancel everything I like regardless of what I think.. case in point Revolution.. Intelligence.. Almost Human.. I could go on.

          • Alexis says:

            I was always lost watching lost.

          • This may come as a shock John but you missed one of his grammar-errors; “learnt”.
            Ok your point is noted, the guy’s an idiot. But I happen to agree with him on the actual point he was making, Lost was truly one of the greatest shows ever.

        • Alexis says:

          This is true!

          • Alexis says:

            Yes why do they cancel the good shows and then bring stupid shows to cover the time slots!

        • Rita says:

          I liked lost and Revolution. I wish they wouldn’t have canceled Revolution. At least lost pretty much go a chance to run its course. I think if they had better writers the could have been even bigger!

      • Ari says:

        I actually thought season 2 was far far superior to season 1. I’m kind of disappointed about this one.

        • Nenita says:

          I’m with this comment. Why cancel a good show and stick to stupid shows that talk about drugs and sex? That is STUPID! Ratings? Please people are so affixed on low-grade morality, it’s so unbelievable! I LOVE REVOLUTION, I have watched this series since day-one, why people do not like it is beyond me?!

          • shirley bates says:

            I watch this every week enjoy it better than some of the shows their keeping

          • Joan says:

            Please do not cancel Revolution!! If I miss it I always watch on Hulu Plus. My cousin and I always have a talk about each show! Great show please do not CANCEL!!

          • david says:

            Come on Nenita – A bunch of nanos are holding a person hostage –
            They raised Monroe from the dead – Who then goes looking for his son –
            How many times will Captain Neville get his butt kicked –
            You have to agree the characters are getting a little tired –

          • Sandi says:

            Couldn’t agree more! It’s a great show and when you compare it to some of the CRAP they have on, it’s an awesome show. I’m sick to death of the stupid ‘reality’ shows out there. Wish they’d actually let us, the viewers, decide what stays and what goes!!!!
            I’m really hoping they won’t mess with THE DOME when it comes back on.

          • Heather says:

            Love this show. So much better then a lot of the reality or sexapated junk! I was looking forward to another season. Go figure!!

          • SB says:


          • Stephanie says:

            I agree and I hope tnt or some other network picks up this show cause this show rocks!!!! I love the Miles story line and I love to hate Monroe! Please some other network pick it up!!

          • Gwen McGraw says:

            Today is TracyTuesday – #RenewRevolution #RelocateRevolution #SaveRevolution – Join us on Twitter, Facebook…email NBC – nbc.com scroll down to contact us link. Sign our petition – you will find the link everywhere on FB and Twitter. WE ARE RISING UP TO SAVE REVOLUTION…Join Us.

          • Terry says:

            I can’t agree more with you, watched each show never missed it. Yet we walking dead??????Which of the two is the most unbelievable. Ratings are bull in my community we all talk Revolution

          • Gwen McGraw says:

            Revolution Fans have a massive campaign going to #SaveRevolution. NBC hears us – let’s raise our voices and blow off the roof with emails and letters, go on Twitter, Facebook. We want Season 3 of Revolution!

          • Please Do not cancel this show, without finishing the ending you can not leave us hanging. I have watched this show since day 1 and i love this show it is way better than the shows you have on the air now so please DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW.

          • kate says:

            I too luv Revolution and wish they would reconsider taking it off the air…give them a chance to get back to the original story line…they have some very good characters and it is far better than the rape and violence that they will put in its place…looked forward to Wednesdays as I am a shut in and all I have is my TV and books…going to have to find something else to watch that is half as good as Revolution I guess…sad, just cause some people don’t tune in they take it off the air…

          • Frank says:

            Love this show? Better than the junk they want you to watch.

          • Gwen McGraw says:

            So true – I will probably just watch nothing – theres nothing interesting on TV except Revolution!

          • Stella says:

            I am disappointed about Revolution.

          • Amy says:

            I love it too. Never missed it. Yes it wandered a little. The nano thing was strange and useless. But I was looking forward to a good republic being rebuilt. Besides which Miles and Bass are almost as hot at Dean and Sam on Supernatural.

          • Candy says:

            I agree!! I loved Revolution and we have far too much reality tv, which continues to get renewed!! I don’t understand it!!

          • Brian says:

            “Why cancel a good show and stick to stupid shows that talk about drugs and sex?… Please people are so affixed on low-grade morality, it’s so unbelievable!”

            Uh huh, and the graphic violence, murder, language, sex and people burning in flames in Revolution is high-grade morality? Great for the 8 o’clock slot. That’s why it failed. This should have stayed in the 10 o’clock slot, after the kiddies go to bed.

          • roni says:

            i agree why put stupid show’s on enough of the reality show’s what joke on reality. leave are good show’s alone .if they have strayed then put them back on track

          • Don says:

            I agree 100% REvolution is a great show a far lot better than some of that crap they keep bringing back.

          • Rose says:

            I agree Love Revolution

          • Hedda says:

            We agree – we watched it from day one and really got into the characters and the story line. Season 2 was much better than season 1! What can we do to keep it going – let’s get a campaign to keep it going. There is so much garbage on TV and this was actually worth our time.

          • Alexis says:

            I have now heard they are going to put Miley Cyrus Banger tour on Tv! Whose is running Television anymore? 15 year olds with hormones gone wild! It should not be on TV at all!
            She’s awful needs to clean up her act.Angelina Jolie came back with a Vengeance so can Miley! But you got to keep your clothes on! Legs closed tongue in your Mouth ! That ought to do it!

          • sandra says:

            i agree; evertime we get a good one on they take it off just as it gets good we have to many comics and quize shows/.????????????

          • Patrick Thibodeau says:

            No doubt it’s sad and seems to always happen to shows I like!!!!!

          • John Lee says:

            i thought it was great !!! too bad they are cancelling it, i thought it would make 4 seasons at least or more. shame!!

          • hector says:

            At the very least they could give the show an ending instead of just cutting it off.

          • robin says:

            Yeah I thought it was a great show.but no they have to put on stupid garbage to replace it.thats bullcrap

          • peggy says:

            I too looked forward each week to Revolution and was disappointed when Lost was not renewed. I agree we need less sex and drugs and more escape from everyday drama.

          • F U NBC says:

            People love it. Our power structure in D.C. didn’t love it. Too close to the truth.

          • Alex says:

            Hi. The best way to rule a country is to keep people stupid with silly TV shows that doesn’t “show” anything. It seems they learned that from Hitler and Goebels

        • Peggy says:

          I agree–I’m pretty fed up with NBC programming changes and cancellations–specifically Revolution. Revolution was one of my favorites with creative writing & a phenomenal cast. It appears that NBC is only looking at the 18-49 year old age demographics. What about the 50+ age group–do we no longer count?!? I also can’t help but think that the change from the original time slot of Revolution from Mondays to Wednesdays hurt the show’s ratings tremendously. Another problem with all the prime time networks seem to be they don’t give some of the new shows enough time to gain traction such as Growing Up Fisher (NBC), Hostages & Suviving Jack (CBS), Rake (FOX)…all of these shows also had great writing that “us” 50+ folks can appreciate with once again phenomenal, week known, talented actors!! Give programs a chance with more than 8 shows before deciding the 18-49’ers don’t like them so they aren’t worth keeping!!! Another thing NBC changed because they only care what the 17-49 year olds want was to force 60+ year old Jay Leno off the Tonight Show & replaced him AGAIN with someone they thought the younger folks would relate to better!! So now my husband & I as well as many of our friends have stopped watching all late night shows and now only watch reruns on cable channels such as TNT, USA, CW, Hallmark Channel, etc! Think I’m done with NBC…only show I will watch because I love it, however, is Blacklist which they haven’t cancelled–YET. In keeping with the reasons I’m totally disgusted with NBC is what’s happened to the Today Show. I use to watch every single morning but stopped when Meredith Viera left & they unfairly fired Anne Curry. I couldn’t take listening to the arrogance of Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales, or the new anchor Savannah Guthrie, who by the way as a “team” just don’t have the chemistry even with nice guy Al Roker. I now watch Fox for my morning news and/or ABC’s Good Morning America. Come on NBC…start caring about 50+ viewers and what matters to them! If anything we are loyal viewers who stick with a network if you don’t keep screwing us over!!

          • archaeopteryx1 says:

            We should never forget that it was the NBC braintrust that canceled Star Trek, now in it’s 50+ year, and still going strong! Somewhere, in the USA, there is an NBC executive who goes to bed every night, thinking to himself, “I canceled Star Trek.”

          • Stella says:

            I agree Peggy; except for your morning news show comments. It is not about the news any more. I wonder if any of the actors/reporters even know what they are saying. All the “news shows” are about entertainment and sensationalism. I rarely watch any news show.

          • Joan Mccrary says:

            Bring them back!! Just like Longmire that is a good show but did finally bring back don’t know which Tv.  Want REVOLUTION BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING BACK REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Roe says:

            Well said..Yes all these shows are geared to the younger crowd..All the stupid cartoon shows THE SIMPSONS..BOBS BURGER..really? The Bacherlorette and Bachelor give me a break they are SO PHONEY….Crisis is great and just getting into it…NOW WE DO NOT SEE IT ANYMORE cause NBC decided to cut it….So many shows I get interested in that are ADULT and just pulled off with no sign or notice.. Loved Betrayal…Jay Leno I agree with you 100% I hate that we have to wait with bated breath to find out what NBC has decided is NO GOOD. I too cannot wait to Under the Dome comes back on..Dallas also…Jimmy Fallon just brought his exact show over to the Jay Leno show…After awhile his show is chidish for sure and again geared to young people..that is all you have in his audience.

          • Herb Reed says:

            I agree, seems when they do have a good show on that people like, they, the powers that be always pull the plug with out taking a poll the democratic way, but I guess if you owe the network you do as you please.

          • diana says:

            I Agree It Suckes that cancellation of Revolution!!!!!! NBC Has Really Lost Its PreSpectives. 4.4 mil people dropped because Nbc didnt agree with Dish TV So they Dropped it . If They hadnt youd have your 6.5 million Assholes

          • George says:

            I enjoyed Revolution and Falling Skies. Stopped watching Today show too. Loved Leno
            In 50 plus demo

          • Linda says:

            Right on sister!!! Don’t tell the network about Blacklist…shhhh…the will cncel it in a heartbeat!!

          • vee says:

            Very well said, Totally agree.

          • peggy says:

            Peggy, I totally agree with you regarding leaving us 50 + viewers out when making decisions. We are the loyal viewers.

          • vee says:

            Amen to you could never have said it better!

        • John says:

          Disappointed about ‘this one’? Do you mean the decision to end the show, or that even though Season 2 was better than Season 1, that Season 2 was still disappointing? How disappointed are you? How would you quantify ‘kind of’?

        • Suzie says:

          loved this show and so disappointed. Also loved Believe. Great shows so quickly gone

          • Alexis says:

            I. Now but then shows like Fallen skies lives on? How I can’t get into scary aliens I guess because it’s to close to what could happen and is very freighting !

          • cheryl howard says:

            They killed Believe & Revolution & im in the 60 plus range & they were well casted
            great story & suspense. I’m

        • Ari, I with you on this , it actually was just getting rolling and I was looking forward to future shows and how they were going to deal with evil patriots combined with out of control nanos;

      • theblatche says:

        I hear what you guys are saying, the show had its flaws but cancelled? Over ratings? Come on, NBC is the greediest network by far, they’re the same way with their NBC sports channel. All they care about is ratings! Many good shows have had it’s down years as far as ratings go.
        I liked Revolution, it wasnt perfect, at times too emotional to a point that i felt bad for the actors to have to play in so much stupid heart-tugging scenes & I couldnt stand the aaron because he was fat & cowardice but the show was all in all pretty good. I give up on NBC this time boys, im done with it

        • tiredofthisshow says:

          The show is so stale and it actually irritates me that I still watch it. With very little exception the acting is terrible. The story is stale. Every week I have to hear Rachel talk about taking down the patriots, but then every week she thinks of a reason why it’s unethical to do so (all while herself being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people due to the blackout). The show is going nowhere. Nothing significant has really changed from the beginning of season 2 till now. And don’t get me started on Aaron and the Nano, good god

          • di says:

            I still like Revolution but I totally agree with your Rachel comment–she is soooo annoying and her storyline is so repetitive. Also, totally tired of the Neville character.

          • theblatche says:

            Lol it is, i know. But it’s not like other corny bad-acting shows. Something about it keeps me following also. I like the characters and plot i guess but the writers are HORRIBLE and they’re the ones who make it so awkward & corny at times. There’s many awkward scenes, it’s not really the actors fault, though they’re usually the ones who get blamed lol. Like Rachell was amazing in the show lost but she played a tough chick in Lost, unlike Revolution where shes this annoying whiny mom who constantly complains and gets on your nerves, because Elizabeth Mitchell doesnt fit this character well.
            For me it’s Charlie who i cant help but hate at times, she’s not a very good actress at all and she stands around like a mannequin making that stupid face expression. i think they just kept her around just to be eye candy for the viewers because they by the time they realized how bad she is, it was too late to get rid of her without sabotaging the shows story uplift

          • theblatche says:

            LOl that was funny what you said about Aaron & the Nano. So true. We heard about the Nano here & there in season 1 so we knew it was coming but when it did, we wished it didnt. Totally changed my perspective on the show. It became very stupid very fast,. So this up-coming episode on Wed is the last one, i hope you enjoy it mate

          • Alexis says:

            Yes I agree Rachel was stale! I hated seeing Eric die! Bad move nanosecond needed bring him back! For Charlie love triangle with Conner! I wanted to learn more about when Rachel was held captive by Monroe? Did they have a thing? Or what? They just dropped that whole time. Needed to het Shondra Rhymes(spelled right.) in on it! Now she got some ideas! It was a good show I watched every week now just crap on! I wanted them to fix it all so how remarkable the Human race can be! When it’s not acting like animals!

        • Alexis says:

          Please another network pick up please well watch we promise.and change to make the Nano’s a good thing a way to Make the world return to normal. A lot of good stuff there going through the process. And those little tear drop power things what ever happened to them? They were cool! And bring back Eric with the Nano’s too ( just Kidding ) he was a good Character. What happened to Neville wife? What happened to Rachael when she was a prisoner with Monroe always wonder about that too so much stuff to find out? Please some one help us!

      • Denny says:

        I Agree. Watched season 1 but got bored quickly with season 2

        • Gwen McGraw says:

          Season 2 delved deeply into the characters. I enjoyed Season 2 because it helped to explain why the revolutionaries did what they did in Season 1. Charlie kicked ass, Miles found his heart, Rachel – well she’s Rachel, Monroe found his conscience and lost it again, Connor is Monroe’s child & has a hidden agenda, Tom sides with the revolutionaries to get what he wants, Gene finally understands…and Miles and Charlie stole a freaking train…the best scene of Season 2. It’s NBC loss and hopefully another Networks gain.

      • Bite me says:

        Like all the new shows viewers get lost by mini seasons, airing changes, etc, I can’t keep track of when the shows I like are on,,, or what happened to them….

        • George says:

          I agree. by the time I find the new time slot, I missed 2 or 3 episodes.

        • Alexis says:

          Do it like they use to longer seasons. Shorter summers June to sept was the only reruns. None of this 12 shows as a season? a season of what? People will just stop watching TV all together soon So change now or loose everyone to Netflix or something better than comes up. We won’t have to watch anything like Reality shows! Yes no more Bachelor shows it over! I hope !a lot is going to change.

      • yoki says:

        I just watched the series finale “Declaration of Independence”, did they film an actual ending for the show or was this really the season finale of season 2 thinking there would be a season 3?

        • Alexis says:

          They just didn’t even waste time making an ending ! Wow such a loss just like start trek! Could have gone so far with the show showing how they could have rebuild instead of destroy! Needed to cancel the writers not the show!

      • Harold Taliaferro says:

        This show was great the first year and as soon as I saw the first episode of the second season, I knew that was the end of its run as a series. To bad… it had such a good start the second year was just tedious..

      • al says:

        Revoloution was a great show.
        Sad to see it terminated.
        Maybe it was cancelled due to Obama’s plans for extending the increasing Presidential terms for life!

        • Al. You better hope no one EVER find out where you live. You white supremacist prick!

        • Terri says:


      • Donna says:

        I agree. The writers were the ones who screwed this show. They brought in things that had nothing to do with the beginning premise of this show…NANO’S?????? Really?

      • I agree, some episodes were just gun battles, and every person had automatics HA!

      • Jay says:

        Yes. Try taking a look at the Obama Administration. That’s a Circus Side Show.

      • Sara Baldwin says:

        Well if you ever watched Supernatural (ex Kripke show btw), yes so far away from the original premise it became unwatchable in my opinion, it just happens to be on a network that seems to reward low ratings.

      • Rob Miller says:

        “Has any show ever strayed so far from its premise as Revolution did? In 2 seasons no less!”

        And TV shows should _constrain_ their creativity according to your requirements and not stray from themes established in the initial season?

        Are you so certain that the themes in S2 were not the original intent and that S1 merely set the stage for that? And really, I would not be surprised if that were to be the case as there is much homage paid to Stephen King (countless eastereggs pertaining to Stephen King), and this is exactly the kind of story telling he creates. Actually, that being said, it does blatantly borrow thematically from The Stand and The Dark Tower.

        I mean in a more meta sense – that’s really the point to science fiction (or at least one of the major purposes) is to create scenarios to study the human condition. What better way to explore the human condition that to create entire societies to highlight those conditions you wish to explore?

        The stage they have set opens up the study of thing such a social structures, political power, Game Theory, bonds and trust, artificial intelligence and it’s implications, “superior entities” and attendant superpowers omniscience religion, morality and ethics, and so on. So many valid aspects to the human condition to explore that the stage has been set for with S1.

      • Scott says:

        I agree season 1 of revolution was good. I was hooked but then season 2 came along and it lost its feeling . I mean i never felt so bored while watching season 2. I think tv exes need to listen to people and not just throw so etching together. Dracula i mean come on how many Dracula movies and tv shows will there be. Hollywood i think needs to come up with brand new better ideas then just remake old tv shows ( new 90210 for example).

      • F U NBC says:

        When a show gets too close to the truth it is canceled. False flag attacks, spreading viruses on purpose, rogue American tyrannical government on the loose….all too close to the truth for the corporate masters to handle. They’d rather you watch mindless, teeny bopper garbage and police militarization propaganda shows. Ever notice how many stupid Police/Investigation shows are on? The cops on these shows are violent, break their own rules, violate rights and otherwise push all war time propaganda …and they are all the same. Revolution bothered the higher powers in charge of “Programming”. They don’t call it that for nothing. Programming the masses to be stupid, and subservient, daily.

    • Mary says:


      • Carp says:

        Tired of the haters too. Revolution was epic. Great cast very intriguing story w lots of twists. Its canceling is very disappointing. What happened to making a series and sticking w it for 5 or ten years. Really liked the post apocalyptic show and how it happens was completely fresh. This blows.

        • LittleMikeBrown says:

          I would have staked Revolution about three eps into the season. It gotten beyond lame. The story lines were pathetic and the script writers were just bad. The characters were good at the beginning, but really how often can you handle watching Rachel whine about things?

        • Bonnie says:

          Revolution is the best show on tv. Why would they cancel something as good as it is. There is alot more dumb shows on that go renewed. Very disappointing. They should rethink this move.\

          • JoeSunCity says:

            NBC does this every time they put a Science Fiction show on tv. They will cancel it after 1 or 2 seasons and replace with the only thing they know how to do, cop & lawyer shows. Revolution and Believe should be on the SyFy channel where they would be given a real chance.

          • Julie c Campbell says:

            NBC is famous for canceling the good shows and keeping the one that no one I know watch I hope SCIFI does pick up these two shows… Someone at NBC said they took revolution off because they didn’t want a revolution. Well I like to ask “Do you want another cannibalistic series killer? Because you kept Hannibal! I don’t think I’ll be investing anymore time in NBC.

          • theblatche says:

            Dont watch NBC anymore Julie, I know i’m not. I am seriously done with them because at this point, i have them made for a very greedy network. They’ve proved time & time again that ratings are ALL they care about. Not just with that regular NBC channel either, they’re the same way with NBC sports.

          • Lea says:

            I agree—Revolution is one of the best shows. Also going is Believe and Crisis—two more good shows. What’s wrong with NBC? Letting the good shows go and keeping the garbage…..get real.

          • Prisoner Zero says:

            Science fiction never does well on nbc. If it is made by nbc or imported, nbc imported the show Merlin from the bbc for the first season then shipped it to air on SyFy. Made me so mad when wrestling would take the first five minutes.

          • Gwen McGraw says:

            Revolution was well ahead of it’s time. NBC didn’t know what to do with it because they copy other networks programming, trying to steal their ratings. A show like Revolution deserves a more innovative and open-minded network, not NBC. AMC would be a good network…

      • Kendall says:

        I am not happy with the cancellation of Revolution. I enjoyed this show alot. One of my favorite shows not on a cable network.

        • Bob says:

          I love Revolution. I have to DVR it since Survivor is on. BUT, what does NBC expect when they put a show like this up against Survivor or any other CBS show that has been on a while. OF COURSE, it is going to lose viewers…..what do they expect? Move it to a time when there is no strong contender against it. Might do better.

      • Lori says:

        I agree – I truly enjoy Revolution, but that’s the jinx. Any show I really like gets cancelled. I don’t watch most of what’s on or what’s left! Jerks…

        • Di says:

          I feel the same way you do Lori. Most of my favorite shows get cancelled, like the Nine, Flashforward and others. You hate to even start watching these new shows. Some are only given 1 season or not even a full season.

        • Ralph Spooner says:

          Lori, don’t feel too bad. The wife and I have a standing family joke at our house. Every time she finds a product or tv show she likes, it disappears from the shelf or gets cancelled. That has held true for over 35 years we have been married.

        • kris says:

          I also watch it and it is interesting what the earth would look like.

      • debby paige says:

        I agree 100 percent. NBC has lost a viewer as all but one of the shows i watched are gone!

      • Alli says:

        I say the writers should put this script to book. It would give people an opportunity to see just where this would end. And how the twists and turns molded the people involved, from those who started the blackout to those who returned civilization to the world.

      • Robert says:

        I’m with you , it is my favorite. Hopefully someone will pick it up.

      • Gregg says:

        Revolution fans should start writing letters…if NBC doesn’t want it maybe sci fi or another net work does.

      • Yvonne says:

        I agree, m;y husband and I also watch every show. Beats the really mindless shows that are pushed on the public.

      • dave says:

        another good show is taken off so that realty trash shows can be kept.

        • Richard Judd says:

          Ya, Im in agreeance with alot of you I am beyond Tired of what I think to be good shows like Parenthood,Believe,Crisis,Hero’s,Providence I think when providence was pulled that was where I stopped being a faithful viewer of NBC -as I was once a die hard viewer. Its odd how Chicago fire and Chicago PD have managed to escape the chopping block those are good but survived,! hope someone picks up the some of these cancelled shows

    • KansasGuest says:

      I enjoyed REVOLUTION a lot more this season than the first. But, its cancellation isn’t surprising. The show did introduce us to a lot of talented people that I hope to see on tv in the future, hopefully on shows like THE BLACKLIST & GRIMM. Billy Burke (Miles), Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel), David Lyons (Monroe), JD Pardo (Jason), & Mat Vairo (Connor) are all mesmerizing & should be snapped up very quickly. And, it goes without saying that Giancarlo Esposito will have many series beating down his door.

      • Becky says:

        You are right. I HATE that they are canceling one of my favorite shows. I do hope that the talented actors will have other shows to be a part of. I love all the actors, such talent! I am also disappointed in canceling Growing Up Fisher. I enjoyed laughing, crying and sighing over the storylines. They always cancel the good shows and put on drivel to satisfy the morons.

        • Jan says:

          I agree. I like Growing Up Fisher. For once, we had a show without sex and violence, and reality shows are not real. It’s sad the crap that’s on TV. Once again, the morons win!

    • Carol says:

      That’s it. I’m breaking up with NBC. No Revolution. No NBC.

      • Martina says:

        I’ve already boycotted all the news programs from NBC (except our local) and daytime showings and now I’m boycotting Sunday and Wednesday nights due to the cancellations. I’m glad to see you are doing some yourself! Pass the word and be heard!!!

        • Lisa Pool says:

          Not only am I pissed off about these 4 cancellations, I would put money on them being replaced by some really lame comedy or, worse yet, another reality show. Both of which are very insulting to most folk’s intelligence. Makes me wonder about the intelligence level of those making these decisions!!!

        • Chris says:

          I too will now have no reason to watch NBC and they wonder why CBS always has better shows. This show was great and now I hope its pick up somewhere else.

      • Alli says:

        NBC is becoming Fox…. killing edgy shows to save the bottom line. And leaving no closure to the storylines for the whole audience. And please…don’t get me started on the Olympics!

      • Cookiekirk says:

        I’m with you Carol, No Revolution,no NBC!!! I’m am tired for the networks not giving these shows a chance to get there footing. Have the executives’ learned nothing from Moonlighting or Seinfeld!! These shows were almost cancelled and went on to become hits. I love Revolution,have been there since day one. So upset,NBC has given me the reason to bail. Once the network started moving it from 10pm to 8pm,I was like OMG here we go. They need to stop. The only 2 shows I’ll watch is Blacklist and Chicago Fire. That’s it.

        • Genzo says:

          First you say “no Revolution, no NBC” and then you say you’ll watch Chicago Fire and Blacklist? That’s weak. Even if you represented a million viewers, why should NBC take someone like you seriously? You’re not boycotting them with any conviction, all you’re really saying is that you don’t like any of their shows but two.

        • sharon beaghan says:

          Revolution had excellent actors, writers; intricate story lines. It had two major flaws; it was an inappropriate show for its time segment (8-9) it needed to be on later as it was written for mature viewers and it dealt with mature, adult story lines. Let’s get real folks–grow up! Everything does not have to be written for 12 year olds.

    • Patty says:

      Me too! I love this show! :'(

    • kate says:

      I am very sad that Revolution has been cancelled…I looked forward to it every week as a shut in and all I have is my TV and books…I liked all the characters and did wonder off the story line but still was good..they better have something as good or better to replace it…going to miss Billy Burke the most…

      • yoki says:

        I hope they don’t leave Revolution hanging, I hope they give it a good send off and closer

      • Bev Coulter says:

        revolution was (is) a good concept, and I was so glad to see Billy Burke after his stint on the closer!! Now, nothing left but Grimm!! reality, stupid comedy, singing, dancing, I didn’t mind the 10 pm time, I can watch it on demand on Fios, great!! For heavens sake, kill Neville, he’s like a bad vampire movie!!!

        • diana says:

          I agree with you, I am so sick of Neville character. He has come close to being killed off so many times, only to find a way to keep going. He also spits his lines out in the same hateful/vengeful manner constantly.

    • dave says:

      they will trash the good ones and replace with some reality crap

    • Joe says:

      This really blows. They get you hooked into a show and then poof its gone. Thinking of not watching any network shows until they get 5 years under their build and watch the beginning on netflex.

      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        Agree, Joe – I loved Fox’s “Touched,” with Keiffer Sutherland, and couldn’t believe it was canceled – for that reason, I decided not to even begin watching “Believe,” and sure enough, it was axed. Does the public really not want shows that touch the heart or make you think? One can only assume that’s true – they seem to value short, violent story lines, with pat endings.

        I think part of the ratings problem deals with the new trend (new, since the writer’s strike several years ago) of presenting a dozen or so episodes of a show, then letting months go by before new episodes appear. “Gunsmoke” was on at 9 PM, Saturday night, every week – as a child, my family used to plan their Saturday evening around it – it ran for 20 years, the longest-running show in TV history, until “The Simpsons” broke that record a few years ago. Consistency strengthens a fan base.

    • Mary says:

      At least if you are going to cancel a show, finish it first. Don’t just leave it up in the air. I hate it when they do this. And I love the show myself. Hate it is going off the air.

    • Peter Dunn says:

      That is to bad cause Revolution is a great show and so is Dracula both are very different … They should have kept them both but then again they never should have stopped with Heros hope it comes back at least ……

      • Michael says:

        NBC is becoming boring. Cancel Revolution but keep that tired, dead, Law & Order SVU, with all of its characters in rocking chairs with dentures falling out! Hail the Revolution and also hope Dracula will attack New York and kill all SVU characters off!

    • Judy says:

      NBC is pathetic. Can NBC be canceled? NBC shoots themselves in their own foot, consistently. I am not sure why advertisers still do business with NBC. NBC will just put some cheap reality crap. Blacklist will be next.

    • cathy says:

      I will never watch NBC again….

    • cathy says:

      I will never watch nbc again

      • Martina says:

        I’ve been thinking about this cancellation a lot. Think about it for a minute. What is happening in the world today? In the US? In politics? The same thing that started Revolution!!! Our rights being taken away along with our freedom of speech, Bible, and our right to bear arms!!! Among our other constitutions….and you will have the answer of WHY the show was cancelled.

        • Tanya says:

          Exactly. I have claimed this about the show from the get go. It’s almost to a T as to what is happening in America right now….and That is the reasoning for It’s being canceled….NBC is government controlled…period.

          • John says:

            It must be a sign! Ha! I am sure the ratings were irrelevant when the decision was made to cancel.

    • captain midnight says:

      “Revolution” started out in season 1 as a neat new TV series with all kinds of twists and turns. But something went terribly wrong in season 2 when the series got bogged down with bad scripts, unbelievable plots, and amateurish acting. I got fed up with “Revolution” in season 2 and quit watching. I am not surprised the go nowhere “Revolution” will not return for season 3.

      • cheryw says:

        I got fed up when suddenly they were like, oh we can have power. We just don’t want to. Why didn’t they leave the area the bad guy was; why hold out and hide the fact they can have electricity..that was only one of so many stupid decisions…i rolled my eyes, said for pete’s sake…and stopped watching it….a whole season on how they were in such sad shape and then suddenly at the end saying things they did…and it just kept going downhill from there.

    • israel says:

      Revolution was a great show, I have watched it since day one, hate to see it go

    • nicholas Marcelletti says:

      What will take to save this show, have another network pick it up, reduce costs, tell NBC no more business or etc.

    • Barry says:

      Seriously ? You are going to cancel 3 of your best shows. Revolution, Crisis and Believe. Some exec’s got hit on the head by a crazy pill.

      • Pepper no Salt says:

        I agree 100% youare canceling THREE of the best shows in years. Are your writers to lame to at least write an ending. Retards.

    • sybil tucker says:

      Revolution is a great show do not understand why you are canceling it. Lori an Di I agree with both of you any show that is worth watching they cancel. What will replace it another stupid reality show.

    • john says:

      maybe it’s time to pul the plug on NBC

    • Susan says:

      Why is it that EVERY show I love on NBC gets cancelled???? I love Revolution, Believe and Crisis. No wonder they are getting crushed in the ratings by CBS! Bring back REVOLUTION!

      • Believe was so fun to watch- loved Beau- that child’s face has so much emotion, hope she continues to act- and the rest of the cast played well together. I hope they at least finish it. NBC needs to get their stuff together- and stop picking dumb shows to renew. I rarely watch NBC other than Revolution, Believe, and chicago fire and a few other NBC shows- they dont have that many shows which grab my attention- I am of senior age status by number. CBS has some good writers that make me want to watch: Person of Interest is probably one of the most interesting, Elementary is superb, Blue Bloods is very credible.Still watch NCIS and NCIS LA after all these years as well as Criminal Minds. NBC needs to stop killing shows off before they even get started!!

    • Guy Spayth says:

      Revolution is one of the best shos on TV. I hope they find another station to go to it is an excellent show that deserves to be on TV, maybe HBO or Showtime or one of the other many stations.

    • I LOVE REVOLUTION!!! PLEASE DON’T CANCEL!!! Look at how many fans Revolution has! Who cares about the ratings, care about the fans! Don’t cancel :(

    • michelle says:

      Very aggravated over the cancelling of Revolution. They better leave Parenthood alone!!!

      • hallie says:

        I think Parenthood already got axed. They have 1 more season left. Don’t remember where I read that. I just googled Parenthood season 6. Hope it was a joke.

    • Nora Koonce says:

      This is the only TV show my husband looks forward to watching. Please reconsider this decision. The actors are great in it.

    • geh says:

      I’m so disappointed. I didn’t expect it to end. And what a terrible
      series ending – left you in mid-air, thinking it would return!

      • Gwen McGraw says:

        And there it all transpired – Season 3 – the nanos take over a town and start a coup on every town in America. Our heroes continue the Revolution to bring back law and order to the world. One word, NBC, for the person who okayed the cancellation of Revolution – BONEHEAD! May whoever it is be sent to Greenland for auditions for one of your reality shows

    • Prisoner Zero says:

      Why is always the science fiction shows?

      • Gwen McGraw says:

        The production costs for Sci-fi shows exceed the monies that big Networks want to spend. So they farm these shows off to their other smaller networks and tell them to work with the budget. The networks hide behind viewer numbers when in reality, MONEY determines the success or failure of a show. The finale was phenomenal!

      • Harriet says:

        Because no one has imagination anymore. With what the world has become it is so nice to have science fiction to fall back on. My favorite even above Revolution was “Fringe” and that was cancelled also. I was miserable when that happened as it was a GREAT series. Once in a while the Science channel shows a few replays.

    • sharon says:

      I love the show Believe why are they canceling it.Its a great and clean show bring it back

    • Randy says:

      NBC sucks man. Both seasons of Revolution were awesome. Not watching NBC again. Trust me. The don’t really have anything I watch, but Grimm. And right now. I could take or leave that show as well.

    • cheryl says:

      Love this show cancel something else……….

    • Wayne says:

      Its not nbc has a lot of great shows then they cut one of the best shows no wonder they are always last of the big 3.

    • Jody says:

      I hate it, they put it on the same time Arrow was on, I chose Revolution and watched Arrow on Hulu, I am ready to just cancel TV, U like something and bang they get rid of it.

    • Jerry Burroughs, Sr. says:

      What a bummer. Why did NBC drop all my favorite shows. I guess they will drop The Voice next. Which might happen with the new replacements coming next season. The new changes will, in my opinion, put more pressure on Adam and Blake to carry the show. I loved the present four and looked forward to each week. Hope I am wrong about next season as I love the show. Its the best one on TV.


    • stan says:

      This is pretty much par for NBC never have had to many good shows on cancelling revolution is just another screw up

    • Todd says:

      This started as such a great show and lost their way. I hate is is gone, but the direction it was going was just dumb. They went from not electric to technology that doesn’t exist. They should stayed with the original theme. I will miss the characters and the humorous interactions.

    • cjackson says:

      I will miss revolution, but I’m glad that they did not axe Hannibal to.

    • /Tom says:

      NBC blew it big time by letting this show die! They could’ve and should’ve saved it but did nothing to try and save it. They deserve last in the ratings and I hope they never get out of the basement ever again.

    • Whatever happened to this network?? Their logo name should be “N”–NOTHING–“B”–BUT—“C”–CRAP” NOW!!!!

    • Trent says:

      I agree! I am sad that the show was canceled. Much better show than the stuff that stays on the air!

  2. It sucks when a show ends without a resolution.

    • I hadn’t even started watching Believe and Crisis. I was very intrigued about the former. i guess I won’t even bother now.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I’ve been told several times that Crisis has an ending, assuming they show the remaining eps.

      • cherylw says:

        we watched two or three of believe and crisis…knew immediately that belive would be canceled since it was a carbon copy of another show just canceled last season so stopped watching it..with crisis, i heard rumblings so didn’t watch it knowing it was probably headed that way..watched about four intellegince and said….nope, not until we know for sure…..they solved his main motivation so early–his wife, that i had a good guess it would go downhill after that….so waited to see….so very said you can just sit down and enjoy a show anymore …knowing after half a dozen shows it’ll be cancelled

      • Cookiekirk says:

        I was so on board with believe,but not Crisis. I can only commit to so many shows,even with a DVR,the 10pm slot is full. Castle,ABC,Blacklist,NBC,and Hotel Impossible on Travel Tv. Also bumping Love it,List it to 11pm. Just to much. Also Bravo,just overload. So,so wrong NBC to cancel Revolution and Believe. The acting on Revolution was great!!!

    • lechatnoir says:

      It sucks even more that there were about 15 filler episodes. I was tired of Revolution and the long hiatuses didn’t help. NBC should learn how to have effective , compact mini serious . All those 44 episodes were essentially 2 ml of coca cola and about 50L of water.

      • They do need to compress more. 13 episodes a season, or at least 13 per story arc. Like Once Upon A Time did with Peter Pan and the Wicked Witch.

        • Brenda says:

          Yes, and as someone said, stop the breaks, you lose people.

          • cherylw says:

            i so agree…and the short season….then a year before you see the season again…i’ve given up on few beause of that…and there are a couple coming back that i went..eh…been too long, don’t want to invest.

    • Tim says:

      I agree if you are going to have a series you should try to have a ending to it. With revolution you could have made and ending

      • You’d think they would do that just so there would be a set to sell to fans, even if “video manufactured on demand” or digital downloads/streams. Weird that companies that are increasingly aggressive in squeezing the maximum dollar out of minimum investment would leave that money on the table.

        After being left dangling on several ABC series, I pretty much avoided getting interested in any of their new shows. Last few times I’ve watched them were sporting events. The only CBS show I watch regularly is Craig Ferguson, and he’s gone in December. I was only watching SNL on NBC, but the ads for “About a Boy” and “Growing Up Fisher” persuaded me to give them a shot and I really clicked with the latter. I hope the producers have the rights and interest to shop it to the cable channels.

  3. Taelor Rye says:

    tbh, surprised it even got a second season

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Totally agree….i was excited for the show, watched most of the first season if not almost all, wow it sucked…had issues that a LOT of people had with the show…the characters being so annoying and wishy-washy in their decision making and it feeling super NBC (bad writing, bad characters, weird plots, totally unrealistic, no real FEEL of being in a post-apocalyptic world at all and more)…

      So i stopped watching, which is rare for me to bail on a show even when ive turned into not being much of a fan…i didnt think it would get cancelled persay because i thought it still got really good ratings, but seeing it got cancelled, i am not shocked. I hope the lead actress gets another show, but it be a show she is WAY less poutey and annoying in.

      Whats the most sad as per-usual…if this show had been on Cable (TNT, SyFy, AMC, etc) it would have felt more real, would have been written more consistently (plots and characters) and much more…or hell even if they took it seriously like POI takes its world seriously..it would have been better.

      • Jack says:

        As many Cable networks that Comcast/NBC/Universal own, This show might have really flourished on USA …

        • Kim says:

          I believe it absolutely would have flourished on USA. They get the quality TV that NBC can’t seem to carry. USA would have rocked it.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            I agree…but USA to me has a similar feel to what the show was already doing…which i dont like. Dont get me wrong USA is my fav network and they just make hit after hit (White Collar, Suits, Psych, Graceland, Burn Notice etc)….but all of those show are based in reality and at their core they have this heart of humor/sexiness/coolness/badassness etc…where as Revolution is a “dark” Post-Apocalyptic show that i think would benefit from a TWD feel, a Falling Skies feel, a “The Last of Us” PS3 game feel. It needed realism and to be shot gritty, and a little more bleek but with hope….the show was just so colorful to me (visually) and had a very “TV” post-apocalyptic feel to it, not a “wow this feels like it could be real life” like again, TWD, Falling Skies, etc. If anything they should have been able to make it feel even more possible, because it is infinitely more likely we could experience a power-blackout nationally or globally than experience a Zombie outbreak or Alien invasion.

          • Kim says:

            You have a good point. Revolution would be good on a channel like you’re suggesting. I’m just devastated. I love the characters and actors/actresses (Tracy anyway).

  4. nate says:

    last season was great this season was all over the place to me it seems

    • Patrick says:

      Actually, the first half of last season was great. Maybe the first 2/3 or 3/4, but the wheels had come off by the end. It was obvious they had no long term plan, and that doomed it.

  5. Tran says:

    I was hooked on Revolution from the very beginning but this news makes me very sad. Guess I’ll be watching a real NBC series The Blacklist when it returns for Season Two in the Fall.

  6. Sara says:

    This is a bummer, but not a complete shock. I love this show, but I know it can be difficult to follow sometimes. The randomly long breaks between new episodes and the time slot this season sure did not help.

  7. alex says:

    Revolution was the only show I watched on NBC. I won’t be watching anymore.

    • Sorry to tell you but Chicago Fire is better than revolution could ever be.

      • Chicago Fire & Chicago PD have been great this year. So I’ll still be watching those & SVU… But I’m going to be really frustrated if they cancel Parenthood!

        • Lisa London says:

          I have been extremely surprised at how solidly Chicago PD has been developing in just a few episodes. The acting is top notch and the stories compelling. I almost prefer it to CFire now!
          That said, sad about Revolution but not surprised. While Charlie vastly improved this season, I found myself forwarding through the nanites storyline – what a bore… Seems like a few of the ‘sci-fi’ shows I like have been cancelled (RIP, Almost Human) but I guess we still have Orphan Black, SPN, and Arrow (and The 100 which shows a little promise).

          • gymluv says:

            Does this mean the nanites will have Priscilla forever now? I liked the show even though I get why the ratings dropped. When a show is cancelled I feel ripped off. It is like reading a long novel and someone rips the last 2 chapters out of it. I want to know where the story lines were going.

      • Kim says:

        Not to people like me.

    • marco says:

      This is my last time watching NBC and just like ABC, is off my cable list. FOX is next ! Revolution and Fisher were great shows as well as Almost Human. I’m 2 shows away from Netflix/Hulu. Only Big Bang Theory and Hawaii 5-0 remain on my list. It’s the Networks most often that are responsible for a good shows demise by shuffling it’s time slots or their viewing order, i.e. Fringe and Almost Human.

      • william says:

        Totally agree with your post..and sci fi favorites Fringe and Almost Human
        going off, hurt!
        Revolution is an exciting show, their mistake was to turn on the
        lights again, which seemed to turn the lights off for the audience!
        Perhaps Sci fi channel will pick it up, glad 24 was renewed after
        it was cancelled, someone listened! William

    • Tahonia says:

      Oh, you need to watch Blacklist!

      • Sandy Kelley says:

        Blacklist is top notch. If you haven’t viewed this drama give it a whirl. After 2 shows (if you read background) I think you will agree and if not there are 2,000 other channels. But go ahead view dangerously.

  8. Dominique says:

    this really sucks. i think this show had potential and deserved another season. i guess we’ll be left with a cliffhanger…

  9. LK says:

    The show had potential but this season was a mess… they didnt seem to have any plan they were following. I hope they have some resolution in the season finale.

  10. c.stulz says:

    BOO! This season has gotten much better then the shaky back half of season 1. It would be nice if they gave it final season to wrap it up.

  11. Boone says:

    sad day. The second season was amazing :(

  12. Ryan says:

    This was set in motion when NBC had that 3 or 4 month break in the first season.

  13. n8ball78 says:

    I guess I should have come to terms with this eventually happening. NBC sucks at anything thats heavily serialized. Maybe Netflix will pick it up to wrap the overall story up.

  14. mjhui says:


  15. Buddy Glenn says:

    I was hoping for a season 3. It must have been a toss up at the last second. The network should have kept it on at the 10PM hour.

  16. Elyse says:

    :( i’m torn. loved the show in season 1. it was absolutely ruined in season 2.

  17. MeJ says:

    Agh, it got so fun this season though! I’ll miss you most, New Vegas and last remaining FRIEND David Schwimmer. Oh well. Glad I got to see it improve a bit before it got canned.

  18. Ally Oop says:

    My favourite show is now down the drain. I’m really sad and angry now. If Parenthood and Nashville get cancelled too I will not watch any of the new network tv series. I will watch The 100, Reign, Sleepy Hollow, Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy, The Originals and The Goldbergs for the remainder of their runs and then it’s only cable or streaming tv series for me. Farewell Charlie, Monroe and Miles. You will all be missed on my tv screen.

  19. wyliesue62 says:

    NBC sucks! No more NBC shows for me now.

  20. Grad says:

    First Almost Human and now Revolution, two of my favourite new shows…

    God damnit! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  21. jr. says:

    This should have been a mini series. Power goes out. See how people struggle to live without power. Power is restored.

    • EJ386 says:

      Nah it could be a normal series, but I hate the nano storyline

    • David4 says:

      A miniseries that could have continued if it did well, self contained stories.

      Season 1 is about 15 years without any power and why the power went out. They restore the power in the end.

      Season 2 deals with the power coming on after all those years. Maybe i nthe end they realize the word was better off and they shut the power off again.

    • Bob says:

      Actually, Nat Geo did a movie called “American Blackout” where everything is resolved in 90-120 minutes. Much better. No fireflies, etc.

  22. A lot of Supernatural fans says:

    Come back to us Kripke!

  23. Lauren says:

    I guess I’m the only one who liked Growing Up Fisher. It was funny and I enjoyed it. But if it means About a Boy is renewed, I’m ok with that.

    • marycat says:

      I also loved Growing up Fisher. With Surviving Jack and this show gone, what a bad year for Oz grads.

    • TaMara says:

      I really liked it. It was on the wrong network, that’s for sure.

    • You’re not the only one. I’m gutted.

    • Kayla says:

      I think Fisher was better than Boy, although I enjoy both.

    • Lizabeth says:

      I love Growing Up Fisher, too. I’m so disappointed that NBC cancelled it.

      • Julia says:

        Growing Up Fisher was one of the few shows I really liked! Amazing cast, terrific plots! Teenage family friendly, with stories that we could talk about with the teens and have them open up about themselves. Sorry to see it go!

    • Nicole says:

      I loved growing up fisher too. It was hilarious and probably might have gotten some awards. I would watch it on demand because I had heard it was doing so well and I was hoping to help trophy Wife on ABC. Plus, they constantly said it had great ratings, so I don’t know what happened. It certainly wasn’t doing as bad as some of their other shows that got renewed. I’m going to write them and see if it changes their mind. Maybe if enough people do, they’ll consider bringing it back. Like About A Boy too, but I liked Growing Ip Fiher more and it was based on a true story.

  24. Daniel says:

    NOOOO! My shows are dropping like flies this Season! haha it’s chaos. I already lost Community, Tomorrow People, Growing Up Fisher, Almost Human. At least HANNIBAL was RENEWED for S3.


  26. Alan says:

    FX, Showtime or AMC should pick this show up. It would fit with those networks far more than NBC.

  27. Tina says:


  28. dman6015 says:

    You B*****ds!

    “Scripted shows still riding the “bubble” for NBC: Parenthood, Believe, Crisis and Dracula.” Three out of four of those are essentially canceled. The only slim hope would be Parenthood.

  29. Beth says:

    Booo, why couldn’t they have done a mid season order of like 13 episodes to tie up loose ends, but maybe production costs too much. I still think miles is Charlie’s dad so I hope they tell us in the remaining episodes.

    • Yes this!!! I need some resolution to Revolution!

      • Tony Smith says:

        Revolution was a goodf show until…the hinky spiritism of powers to think something into existence, paranormal activity, and mind-reading bs that has nothing to do with a nation lost over not having energy to make lights. It really strayed from the formula fast. I see America in just such anarchy as a result of our current monetary, morality, and self-centeredness policies. It was almost like a tutorial on a total collapse of society, but when it went to the paranormal, it totally lost its credibility and relevance. Glad to see it go.

    • Tahonia says:

      Yes, Miles Is Charlie’s dad. But I agree. We few viewers need a small wrap up season. Is anyone on Netflix reading this?

    • gymluv says:

      Well I assumed Miles was Charlie’s dad too but last week we found out her mom had a one-nighter with Bass…so…now I guess we will never know.

    • Ginger says:

      Oh I never thought of that! Miles being Charlies dad! Good one!!!!!!!!!! Revolution could literally go on for yrs! My 2 #1 favorites were of course Revolution and The Blacklist! My #2 was Almost Human but that got cut too and #3 Shark Tank….Nothing else on primetime television matters any more! But what can you say about Corporate Greed? They’re all for themselves!

  30. Meredith says:

    I’m surprised they cancelled Revolution before Dracula, that show seemed to suck (no pun intended) in its time slot.

  31. Nina says:

    I too liked Growing up Fisher. 😟

  32. Mari says:

    Never watched revolution, but I’m sorry for the fans.
    I liked Growing up Fisher, but they give too little time to the show.

    And I’m in love with Believe, but I know NBC is gonna break my heart.

  33. Please can they just tell us about Parenthood? Good or bad…I just need to know.

  34. Amber says:

    I’m so upset they canceled Revolution and Believe :(

  35. Averi says:

    That sucks! This is my favorite show besides the Walking Dead. AMC should definitely pick it up. It would be better on that network anyway. You guys suck! Charlie, Miles, Monroe and all of you will be missed!

  36. nate says:

    if it says its cancelled then its canceled otherwise its not offiical

    • captain midnight says:

      For anyone refusing to believe a series has been cancelled, I have this advice. Keep watching the channel that ran the first run episodes of the TV series in question. When the series is no longer seen on the channel, you can rest assured the series has indeed been cancelled. But re-runs take forever to die. A cancelled show will suddenly appear on a number of channels running your favorite and not so favorite episodes over and over again.

      • Gwen McGraw says:

        Revolution Fans believe that we can make a difference – sitting around crying about it and not doing anything constructive is not who we are. We want our voices to be heard. And we love the cast, crew, writers, and production teams…We want more of Revolution – there is so much more to the story that needs to be told. We RISE UP, Revolution Fans ROCK!

      • Gwen McGraw says:

        That gives us Revolution Fans a bit of hope. RISE UP Revolutionaries!!!

    • Gwen McGraw says:

      We are Revolutionaries – and #RenewRevolution #SaveRevolution #RelocateRevolution – this is why we fight – for the best show on TV.

  37. Zorkel says:

    Though yes, they were cancelled, Beauty and the Beast says hi.

  38. Tran says:

    J.J. Abrams’ production company Bad Robot now has three failed series: Almost Human, Revolution & Believe. Person of Interest (CBS) is still sticking around.

    • Don’t forget Alcatraz. I got sucked into that one, only to have the rug pulled out from under me.

    • JAO says:

      I am so upset. Revolurion. Almost Human. Believe. Tomorrow People. Stupid cancellations.

    • captain midnight says:

      JJ Abrams had a really fabulous series that ran for 5 seasons starring Jennifer Garner. It was called “Alias” with a fantastic supporting cast. It is available on DVD. Everyone needs to watch the entire series that had a really cool series finale and a great ending. Don’t miss it!

  39. nate says:


  40. Daniel says:

    So is NBC pulling the remaining Episodes of ‘Believe’ or will we at least get to finish S1??

  41. DeDe says:

    The two shows I watch they cancel. Revolution & Believe… Frakkin NBC

  42. Sam says:

    I am DYING for news on Parenthood. I remain hopeful.

  43. And if they are looking at numbers… Dracula had nothing cloer to what Parenthood has. So what the hold out?

  44. Netty says:

    Growing up Fisher was a lovely program.

    • herman1959 says:

      I agree that Fisher was a lovely program, but evidently that was the problem at NBC. Too Bad.

  45. nate says:

    wasnt crisis a mini series anyway??

  46. GuessWhat says:

    So REVOLUTION is added to the long list of shows that don’t have a proper ending — leaving the dwindled fan base with no clue what was planned in the storyline. And then the networks wonder why people don’t want to watch these type of shows.

    Over the past few years, I’ve watched THE EVENT, FAST FORWARD, JERICHO, ALCATRAZ, V, etc etc etc

    Well, guess what — I am done with this genre now.

    I refuse to watch RESURRECTION even though that’s been renewed for a 2nd season. Cause you just now the same thing will happen to that next year.

    I’ve learned to change my viewing habits. Took me a while, but I that’s that.

    • GuessWhat says:

      just know*

    • A.B. says:

      Add The Glades and Southland for my list.

    • di says:

      I also watched the Event, Fast Forward and also the Nine. All canceled, all good shows. I mostly DVR shows now and wait to see how their ratings are, because I am tired of being disappointed when a good show is canceled. I recorded Believe, Dracula, Crisis and Hostages this season and have now deleted them before ever watching any of them because they have been canceled.

    • So just give up! Someone has to speak up and let these idiots know they don’t have a clue! Their bank account is more important than giving a show half a chance. Some shows they don’t try different times or nights. Maybe that would change things but they just ax a show millions of people love. I will not change my viewing because idiots in the T.V. Industry suck!!!!

  47. Engbunny says:

    I loved Growing up Fisher. Booo!

  48. Angie_Overrated says:

    Jenna Elfman seems to be the kiss of death for any freshman comedy series. Not that the cancellation was her fault. The show stunk.

  49. Mark says:

    As this last two days has been a massacre of most of my favourite shows from Crisis – Surviving Jack now Revolution does anybody know when CBS is going to finalise there line up so I can be put out of my misery with regards to Intelligence…… But the one good thing is next fall my dvr will be a hell of a lot lighter because I will not be bothering on new shows until they have at least a full season pick up or an early renewal. Just tired of investing time on shows for no ending or conclusion.

  50. webly3 says:

    I am literally having a panic attack. If Parenthood is cancelled, I am going to be more upset than I ever have been about a television show.