Arrow Finale Pics: Slade Grabs [Spoiler], Canary and Nyssa Vs. Ravager, A.R.G.U.S. Tension, More

If you were wondering what The CW’s Arrow does for a season-ending encore, after this week’s thrilling penultimate hour, these 20 photos from the May 14 finale should give you a taste.

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Amidst the images, you’ll see several returning faces, some provocative face-offs and a “hostage” situation that is at least one fan base’s worst nightmare.

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In previewing the episode, titled “Unthinkable,” EP Andrew Kreisberg told TVLine, “There may have been a lot of what seemed like detours this season, but it all plays out in the last few episodes. Hopefully, everyone will see the method to our madness and find the finale to be an exciting culmination of the season, as opposed to just a great episode.”

Series costar Katie Cassidy meanwhile teased the final hour as being “action-packed,” “jaw-dropping” and “beyond entertaining,” “a whirlwind of events that are huge plot points, and pivotal twists in our story. It’s really good.”

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  1. Matthew Weber says:

    I haven’t caught up on Arrow this season yet, but I have to say, it is disappointing how they never seem to get rid of a villain. Up to the point where I am, the only person who has actually died is Tommy Merlin (and I’ve read that Moira Queen dies later on). Don’t villains die in this show, geez.

    • webly3 says:

      Obviously, you didn’t watch last episode. Plus, Malcolm Merlyn had more story to tell.

      • Matthew Weber says:

        The first words out of my mouth were “I haven’t caught up with Arrow this season yet.” I’m in like episode 6 of season two.

        • Hayley says:

          Then why the hell are you commenting on how disappointing something is?? Finish this season and then get back to us.

      • Mark says:

        If he is dead why is he in the promo on the left handside of Oliver at around the 26 sec mark for the next episode……

        • david says:

          Hes probably not dead but in the promo thats not Merlyn if you pause you can see that league of assassins dresses this way as evident by the guy walking behind him :)

        • John NYC says:

          The villain referred to who died in “the last episode” wasn’t Merlyn, it was the guy that got two swords run through his chest. Well and truly dead.

          [written elliptically for the spoiler sensitive]

    • Jess says:

      Why do villains have to die? Killing villains is so cheap. And Moira Queen could be considered villainous. She was a very manipulative woman.

    • Yep, cause in the comics people die and never come back right?

      • Matthew Weber says:

        No the comics do it too, though Batman is the worst. I think it’s cheating a little. They’re recycling instead of writing in someone new.

    • Bill says:

      3 die (all characters from the comics) one of wich was in season 1

    • Dwayne Wayne says:

      You sir are exactly right. Oliver had an easy chance to kill Slade and everyone else when he rescued Roy from “the machine”. Slade was down unconscious for about 30 seconds with a sword he dropped nearby. Ollie could have chopped his head off, put an arrow through Isabel, then rescue Roy while leaving an explosive to destroy the machine and the men lying on the tables. Then burn the building to the ground. At least, that’s what a real hero would have done.

  2. webly3 says:

    Mark my words – Sara is going to die.

    • Batgirl says:

      I think she will definitely die in the island flashbacks but in the present it is up in the air although i think its a good 70% she will die.

      • Alan says:

        i hope she sticks around on the show and gets her own separate flashbacks of her training with the league of assassins next season.

        • John NYC says:

          Yes it recently occurred to me that neither Oliver nor Sara are shown in flashbacks at nearly the level of lethality they arrived in Starling City at. That entire honing process has yet to be revealed.

        • Hmm says:

          Hope she doesn’t. Think her part in this saga will be done after Slade and co. have been defeated. Although I am intrigued by the League of Assassins, I really have no interest in seeing more of Sara.

        • JC says:

          That’s what I’ve been hoping for too.

      • number42is1 says:

        how does she die in the flashbacks if she is currently alive?

        • Alan says:

          lazarus pits. ra’s al ghul uses them all the time in the comics.

          • Jon says:

            Lazarus pits are a little too fantastical/magical for Arrow who’s still trying to keep a semi-realistic approach.

          • Alan says:

            there is a guy who runs at the speed of sound coming up soon, and an army of guys with super strength and invulnerability already running around, weve left realism in the dust a long time ago.

          • Jon says:

            Flash was always meant to be in a different tone than Arrow, even if they’ll be related. And while the Mirakuru is stretching it, a super soldier serum is still in the realms of fringe science rather than something as obviously magical as the Lazarus Pits.

          • number42is1 says:

            SPeed of light.. not sound

            i forgot about Lazarus pit but i highly doubt it.

          • Alan says:

            im thinking they will limit it a bit so they can still make decent stories. also thats wallys speed, barry never got that fast until the moment he died.

          • Tristan says:

            She doesn’t die in the flashbacks. She simply disappears. In the beginning of the season, during the flashbacks, Sara told Ollie to tell her folks that she died if he ends up leaving the island without her. Regardless of what happens to her. Perhaps Ollie believed she actually did die but she definitely didn’t die. Also, Ra’s wouldn’t just put some random girl in his Lazarus pit. What would be the purpose of that?

        • JC says:

          She doesn’t die in the flashbacks – Oliver just thinks she does. Nyssa finds her later and rescues her – we know that from Heir to the Demon.

    • Mike R. says:

      I believe so too, as much as I have enjoyed Loitz and her portrayal of Sara and the Canary, I expect her to die, and as result bring the League to be the main villain of season 3. Hopefully Nyssa becomes recurring next season.

      • John NYC says:

        Slade killing Sara would seem to bring the League down on him and not against Oliver….

        • Mike R. says:

          Perhaps, but I’m sure if she does die, Nyssa will want revenge on someone. I am still set on believing the League will be the focus next year. I may be wrong. We’ll know soon enough.

          • John NYC says:

            I’d like to see the League shown as they train Sara into The Canary. Which will be less weird if they don’t kill her off in present-day.

  3. Nate says:

    My heart raced on that felicity pic. Damn it

    • wonderwall says:

      Felicity just looks like she’s accepted her fate in that close up… It reminds me of when Felicity told Digg “If Slade wants to kill me, he’ll kill me” so nonchalantly that it was surprising to see. I really don’t think Felicity knows how much she means to the Digg and Oliver and how badly her death would affect them emotionally :/

  4. Batgirl says:

    As much as I want Laurel to be the Black Canary, I hope Sara doesnt die. And for all you guys who want Laurel to die, that isnt going to happen. Laurel is the Lois Lane to Oliver’s Clark Kent.

    • No, she is the Lana of Smallvile’s Clark, at least on the series encarnation. xD~

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Yes, yes we know but a girl can dream :-) As pitiful as she is she’s a looonnnggggg way from being Black Canary unless they fast forward several months. That will be very difficult to swallow so I hope they don’t go that way.

    • Jon says:

      I agree, I want Dinah Laurel Lance to eventually become the Black Canary (notice how Sara is just “The Canary”), but Laurel on the show is nowhere near ready yet. If Sara makes it to next season I really want to see lots of scenes with Sara and Laurel together as sisters without the elephant in the room of one of them sharing Oliver’s bed at the moment. Then Sara can begin to train Laurel. If they want to turn up the angst they could draw inspiration from the fate of the first Canary in the comics.

      • Batgirl says:

        an important aspect from the comics is that Laurel is actually the second Black Canary not the first so if Sara does live that she will train Laurel and pass on the torch to her similar to the comics. (in the comics the first Black Canary is Laurel’s mom and Sara doesnt even exist.)

        • Jon says:

          Exactly, which is why I said they could easily draw a page from Dinah Drake-Lance’s fate in the comics and apply it to Sara. Sara discovering she has terminal cancer would be a pretty strong reason to train a replacement no? Plus the angst would be through the roof.

        • Alan says:

          yeah but in the comics she was the daughter of the first black canary so clearly its already different. and that was retconned in to explain away why she still looked young, it really wasnt all that important.

          • Jon says:

            Daughter or sister, minor change since the family connection is intact, I’m okay with minor dramatic license.

      • Alan says:

        oliver is just “the arrow” so i dont see how your point about “the canary” means anything.

        • Jon says:

          Exactly these are origin stories. Just as Oliver isn’t Green Arrow yet,(a character roughly 15-20 years older than the current Oliver) neither is Black Canary in her final form.

    • Fearless One says:

      I don’t want any of the four main women in Ollie’s life to die because I’m like in love with all of them. But you can’t rule out that maybe Laurel will die. Comparing her to Lois pretty much means nothing because they’ve deviated so much from Oliver’s usual story line already that you can’t predict what the heck could happen. I think Sara will die eventually or somehow becomes unable to continue being Canary so Laurel picks up the Black Canary persona. But its totally possible that Felicity ends up with Oliver. You just can’t predict anything with this show.

    • Kevin says:

      I’m sure that’s where the writers are going, but seriously, very few people like the laurel lance character at all. I wouldn’t be adverse to the writers sitting down and saying, “you know what? we really botched the laurel character while the sara character is actually working. let’s forget the comics canon and just stay with sara as the canary. we can make laurel the district attorney, or better yet, write her off the show.”

  5. Alan says:

    wow, it really feels like they called in every favour they had for this one, this makes it feel so epic.

  6. Trenton says:

    Knowing about Dinah as Canary makes Sara’s fate seem cinched…but I hope they go another way. Mostly b/c there is still good drama there, her life beyond the island would make flashbacks interesting as we could see Arrow’s take on Ra’s al’s world. If they killed Felicity it would be massive epic fan crushing…Digg’s would be somewhat similar. Killing Sara would be the easy way out.

  7. CBWBDK1 says:

    I hope laurel dies!!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      From your mouth to god’s ears but alas, it won’t happen :-( Bummer.

    • Jess says:

      why does everyone hate laurel???

      • 303303303 says:

        Because she is the worst written character, she is always forced in the story-lines, and the acting doesn’t help

      • G. says:

        What he said.
        Notice acting is on the list, but not #1 on the list. That’s important.

      • Amanda says:

        Because…ever since I saw Taken and she was the friend that got killed and caused all the problems, I have hated her. Guess I can hold a grudge. Her acting isn’t that bad. She is just easy to hate.

      • lily says:

        The actor that plays lural would be a great actress but when she’s playing lural it doesn’t work. The character Lural shows none of the quilities that someone that ever one says should be with Oliver. with Sara,she was the person who went through alot of tramatic things with oliver, and Felicity is the goodness that Oliver needs to fight the darkness he has inside. Besides In the first season oliver and lural would have been good together because they knew everything about one another but now they have grown so much apart that if the were to get together then it wouldn’t feel right infact it would be realing strange to watch. And she seems to always be crying. so teem olicity for me.

        • Jenna says:

          this, there is so much distance now that I can’t see how Laurel is the one for Oliver. Considering in the comics Laurel is the second Canary, its possible Sara might leave or die and hence pass the torch to her and I’d like to see how that particular story unfolds but I don’t want Oliver will Laurel. Core romance is important but Arrow up to the point has done pretty well without wasting too much time on that and I’m fine with it.

      • Tink Smith says:

        Because she constantly whines!

  8. Luis says:

    Well did you honestly think the season was going to end before Slade had a knife to Felicity’s throat?

  9. Trenton says:

    Also I don’t believe they killed Sebastian Blood off at all. He isn’t an idiot could have easily taken the Mirakuru and survived getting Summer Glaued. He has Oliver in check as knowing his identity so that would create tension going forward.

  10. Tina says:

    Slade has directly interacted with everyone close to Oliver with the exception of Felicity. I’m excited to see how their scene plays out.

  11. anna says:

    Deadshot! Please bring him back in S3. He can be Arrow’s redemption story…like Spike in Buffy!

    • Jess says:

      I’d say he’s already redeemed. Diggle doesn’t want to kill him anymore. But I would LOVE to see more Suicide Squad. I’m just hoping Shrapnel didn’t actually die. I’d love to see a mini Firefly reunion and get Summer Glau and Sean Maher in a scene together.

    • meow says:

      yes exactly that, couldn’t have said it better myself. This is a juicy redemption story with a lot more to tell. I really hope they don’t kill him off so they can continue this storyline Diggle and HIVE and more Deadshot/Diggle and Team Arrow/Suicide Squad teaming up. Love a good redemption story!

      • anna says:

        I felt the same about Blood before he was skewered. He was finally interesting to me. It could have been really interesting to see that character develop, but I think the actor was cast on another show.

  12. I wish the series was as well lit as these pictures. They are doing great work on this show, but it deserves better presentation than what gets broadcast.

  13. wrstlgirl says:

    Summer Glau’s mask is hilarious. I literally laugh out loud every time I see it, lol.

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    Kill Laurel!!!!! I’ll pay you :-)

  15. Sarah J says:

    Whoa! Does one of the pictures show Oliver/Arrow and Malcom Merlyn working together??

  16. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Quick Question: Who’s is the lady being held hostage by a Mirakuru powered soldier in the 10th pic? Is it Laurel?

    • Kat says:

      Of COURSE it’s Laurel ;-) And she’s again the damsel in distress =)

      • Spoiler Junkie says:

        But isn’t Felicity also being held hostage at some point? So, Laurel has company. ;) :)

      • Alan says:

        when itsnt she being a dead weight? at this rate oliver should just let her die so every villain cant distract him by going after her.

      • Mike R. says:

        And so is Felicity…

        • Spoiler Junkie says:

          Shhh Mike. She is not a damsel in distress. She’s the true love, so it’s different.

          :P ;) :)

        • 303303303 says:

          Felicity is core member of team arrow, Laurel gets in trouble either when she is stupid or when the writers have to integrate her in the story somehow so they make her hostage etc…

        • TM says:

          Felicity is like the person who does extreme sports and gets into the occasional accident. Laurel is the person who goes dog-walking and still somehow ends up in the hospital. That’s the difference. In this one case, you’re right, they both got involved and they’re both in trouble. But the rest of the time, Felicity is in trouble because she is taking a risk for the team, knowingly putting herself in danger. Laurel just gets in trouble because a villain is trying to get to some other character (the doll maker) or simply because the writers don’t have anything else for her to do…

      • karl says:

        Not unlike Lois Lane is always in trouble herself!

        • wonderwall says:

          Lois never bothered me as much because Clark is almost indestructible whereas Oliver can be killed much more easily. So when Laurel gets in trouble (or anyone else for that matter), not only does Oliver put his entire life on the line, he also puts Digg’s life on the line as well because they’re partners and don’t go out on missions without each other. That’s why it bothers me when the normal non-team-arrow people on the show, such as Laurel, act stupid.

        • Alan says:

          you should read a comic, lois lane is far more likely to get herself out of any bad situations than to wait around for superman to do it.

      • RM says:

        I’m sooo tired of that woman(Laurel) when she talks to Oliver she does this heavy breathing and always plays the injured party, I don’t understand why the writers won’t let Oliver see that Felicity is the one that makes him smile, and finds life worth living and fighting for and she’s way too smart for any of the other characters, yes we need strong women but we need to show that women are smart and it’s ok to be brainy…and that makes them sexy too.

  17. Liz says:

    I feel like Laurel isn’t physically ready to be Black Canary. I’m hoping Sara makes it through the finale and next season we have some good flashbacks of her and the league and she trains Laurel now that she knows in present day. Sara will obviously eventually no longer be with us. Just not sure it should be so soon. Laurel needs to learn from her first.

    • lily says:

      I don’t think that lural would be a good Black Canary because,unlike the actor that plays sara, the actor that plays lural looks like someone who sit on the side lines or is the damsel in distress not someone who could shoot someone else with an arrow and no matter how long sara or anyone trains her it still won’t work. besides If you guys that want Lural to be Black Canary just so her and Oliver can be together havn’t been watching this show. If you haven’t noticed but the writers don’t seem to go completly with the comic books so they might not even make oliver end up with the BC, and Sara and Olivers brief realationship could be all their doing for the Arrow/Canary pair. Trying to make lural something like the BC would be like making Felicity a cold hard killer: it just doesn’t work

  18. Joey Padron says:

    Photos for season finale looks good. Excited to see it next week!

  19. sarah says:

    Can not wait for the finale!
    I personally do not think any of the 3 woman will die. However it has to be one it will be Sara.

  20. Lawrence says:

    Who’s the girl being held by one of Slade’s soldiers? In the red? Laurel?
    Felicity HAS to be chosen over her, surely? Will absolutely destroy fan’s love for the show (including my own)

  21. Yes! Slade/Felicity, Nyssa with Isabel, ARGUS – I can’t even fathom what’s going to happen! Is it next Wednesday yet?

  22. Claire says:

    So is it safe to assume that THIS is what a 0.7 rating gets you? Since, I guess the press blitz yesterday was not-to-successful?
    Looking forward to the Finale though! Go Felicity! She is definitely “The ROCK”

  23. anna says:

    It’s Felicity! Please let it be Felicity for real! (This could be a fake out–a red herring). And then Sara and Nyssa can kick the Ravager’s ass and everyone can survive…am I the only non-Olicity shipper who wants it to be Felicity because it’s (hopefully) a step closer to Sara surviving this season?

    • Yes.

      I don’t see even remotely how killing Felicity would impact whether Sara stays on the show or not. Since the producers have a hard-on for Laurel, and have already stated countless times that she will become Black Canary, the only character — if ANY — Sara’s fate hinges on is Laurel.

      • JC says:

        Yeah, sometimes i wonder if people are actually watching or even paying attention to the same show. Seriously What Arrow have they been watching.

      • lily says:

        What I don’t understand is why everyone is comparing Arrow to superman so much. Why does Oliver have to be end game with laurel, why can’t he be with felicity. In Smallville, the Oliver Queen didn’t end up with Who everyone expected him to: the BC. He ended up with Clarks best friend, and the smallville’s version of Felicity, Chloe. If the writers are smart they will ignore what a lot of people are saying and see for them selves who oliver has the best chemistry with. With Laurel their is nothing and the character is so far off from Oliver it wouldn’t make sense, but felicity has been with oliver through everything just like sara. Laurel is the most unneeded character in this show because half the time she’s not even on the screen and the other half she’s getting herself in trouble for no reason

  24. Emma says:

    Slade said he was going to kill the person Oliver loves the most…and he has a blade to Felicity’s neck…..she won’t die but obviously that is who Slade thinks he loves the most, which I like :) Pretty sure Sarah will die…whatever happen though I think it will be good

    • karl says:

      I don’t think Oliver loves anyone else but he is very concerned for the city and the people who live in it!

    • Tink says:

      Doesn’t Slade believe Ollie loves Laurel most? Remember when they were on the island, before Ollie “chose” Sara, and Ollie was constantly looking at Laurel’s picture? He looked at Laurel’s pic so much it was nearly worn out from handling it……..At that time Slade was very aware of how much Laurel meant to Ollie………

      • RM says:

        Yes..Oliver was wearing out the photo and Slade does know this but..he’s also done his homework, and knows that things have changed and I just can’t see the Laurel/Oliver thing, if it should happen all she’s gonna do is whine, and become a distraction and then have Oliver wishing he had chosen our brainy girl, he needs someone to figure out things for him and tell him he’s doing it right. But maybe that would be a good thing for the show. NOT!!!!

  25. Hodan says:

    Looks like it Felicity Slade goes after personally! Can’t wait to watch to of my favs interact.

  26. JC says:

    The only one I’m worried about here is Sara. Felicity isn’t going to die, and Laurel isn’t going anywhere judging from KC’s interviews. Sara’s the only one whose fate is still up in the air. They better not kill off Sara. :(

    • why do u think felicity wont die?

      • JC says:

        Kreisberg has said in interviews that they will be exploring Felicity’s backstory in season three. It’d be odd to do that if she’s dead.

      • Jon says:

        Indeed, Felicity won’t die. But there’s no reason they can’t explore her backstory if she’s gravely injured, maybe even in a wheelchair since she’s so obviously the Oracle of this show (and Barbara Gordon won’t show up while Gotham is on the air)

    • TJM says:

      Sara is going to die and Laurel will be trained to become Canary. Not necessarily in that order but it will happen. While this show takes some liberties it always comes back around to the main truth, Lauren was the second canary. She will become the second canary

      • JC says:

        And when and if that happens, I’m out. Laurel is only bearable around Sara – her scenes with Sara this week were far far better IMO than the cringeworthy scenes with Oliver last week. It seems to me like Sara and Quentin are the only two characters she really works with (and even then not always). I can’t imagine Laurel as Canary. They may be working toward that – hopefully further down the road rather than imminently – but when and if it ever happens, I won’t be around to see it.

        • carrie says:

          Yes, you are dead on it would be a terrible thing to happen to this show and i’m not watching it

          • TJM says:

            I didn’t think Laurel was bad in the first season but this season i really haven’t liked her and i think that is kinda the writers point. They wanted you to like Sara better so when she dies it will be more emotional. I think if the point is for Oliver to end up back with her in the future after Sara dies she will be more like she was in the first season.

  27. I am slightly suspicious about the Felicity/Laurel pics. Slade obviously grabs both of them, but he already did the “you choose who lives” bit with Moira and Thea, so I’m expecting some kind of twist. He may take both of them because he’s also trying to punish Sara, by taking Laurel. Aaah, it’s gonna be intense. I am so glad to see Nyssa back! I hope she and Sara have some great moments together. I also love seeing John, Lyla, and the Suicide Squad going up against Amanda. I don’t know how they’re gonna fit everything into one episode, but it should be pretty great.

  28. Tracy says:

    Oh this looks so good! I’m excited to see the result of the Slade and Felicity interaction. She’s hands down my favorite female on the show.

    • John NYC says:

      Hah. You just know she’s going to pull out more of that “Bitch with WiFi!” attitude, even with a blade to her neck.

    • RM says:

      Hot Damm…so glad you said that, she’s my favorite to and so better suited for Oliver, Diggle, Slade, cuz she’s brainy I refuse to believe that men would be so dumb as to chose a whinny woman or a disloyal sister even if she can fight!!!!

  29. thi86 says:

    This finale is going to be insane and epic!!! Just please keep Sara alive!

  30. kath says:

    Isabel should have gone to a better costumer. Not only does that head gear make her look like a watermelon with a pony tail, the tail gets her in trouble.

    Other than that.. wow. Just wow. It’s nice of CW to confirm who gets kidnapped because the fandom was going nuts.

    I hope Felicity brought along a vial of those mirakuru cures.

    After Streets of Fire, for the first time in a long time, I can’t wait for the next episode.

  31. Sparky says:

    That picture with Slades holding the blade to Felicitys throat made me so happy. Not that I want her to die but it forces Ollie to confront his feelings towards her. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

  32. Niti says:

    Don’t know about ‘who he loves most’ but it would make sense for Slade to want to kill (say;) Ivo’s daughter…

  33. Samantha says:

    Slade has Felicity… my goodness, I need to watch this show again,

  34. Pat says:

    I looked through the photos and I kept myself calm. WHEW! I do not think Felicity will be killed, a very big gut feeling and same with Laurel. I am not sure about Sara, but I hope she will be around for the near future. Next weeks finale will be crazy and intense. I will have to learn some breathing exercises so I do not hyper-ventilate. My husband suggests a nice glass of Merlot, so maybe I will have to take him up on it.

  35. Maria says:

    This is how you do Stills from an episode. Not that crap where they only ever show Laurel. I’d pay them to kill her off to. rofl

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the interaction between Slade and Felicity. They know to leave the best for last. Who has Felicity? That’s right, Slade does. He doesn’t have Laurel.

  36. jc says:

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Felicity. Nooooo. Oliver rescue her.

  37. melinae says:

    Are you sure the man that is trying to kill Laurel is really Slade? Compare his outfit with the one Slade has in the picture where is holding Felicity as a hostage.

    • TJM says:

      No its just one of the goons holding Laurel

      • wonderwall says:

        I really don’t think it’s going to be a pick either Laurel or Felicity sort of deal. The synopsis says that Slade will kidnap someONE close to Oliver’s heart. Not plural. I think he just wants to kill Felicity.

  38. anna says:

    The Suicide Squad AND the League of Assassins…Felicity or Laurel getting kidnapped is the least exciting part of this episode right now, for me.

  39. Nina says:

    I really don’t think anyone dies in the finale. Sara is supposed to be in the next season maybe she will die midway in the 3rd. They can’t kill Laurel because she is part of the show and I hardly think they will kill Felicity. I’m an Olicity fan but I kind of like everyone at this point. Laurel redeemed herself and I kind of like her being more of a older sister to Sara again. and what can I say about Felicity, I just love her personalty. She’s funny and loyal and good part of the Team Arrow.

  40. alexjones says:

    why is everyone so harsh on laurel, true she had some problems earlier this season but I really think she’s getting better now.

  41. abz says:

    I’m so over Slade Wilson and his delusional power trip. Dude barely talked to Shado, And what’s also annoying is that half the time I have trouble understand what he says because he’s always whispering and talking in that rough voice. Oliver needs to kill him and they need to bring a new Big Bad next season.

  42. Gerri says:

    Don’t worry about Felicity. Tptb know how vital she is to the sucess and continuance of the Arrow. Stephen A said in an interview that Emily is 99% the reason Olicity is so popular and that they have such a very powerful fanbase, he gave himself only 1% of the credit, he said she brings out the best in so many of the characters in so many ways, notice how all her scenes are amazing, Arrow would be cancelled without her (or at least it wouldn’t make it to season 4) A lot of people say she is one of the biggest reason there is a season 2, I think even the writers are starting to realize that the fans are sick of the twisted two sisters both sharing Ollie’s bed scenario and want him with someone else, Felicity is his light, his hope, and I think Slade knows she is the woman he loves, remember when he attacked the lair Oliver didn’t have a thought for Sara (who he was sleeping with at the time and supposedly in a relationship with) He immediately protected Felicity and didn’t leave her side until both Sara and Digg were down. I think Oliver may not be able to admit it yet, But even Digg is aware that Felicity is his everything.

  43. Ella says:

    I’m very excited to see Laurel become BC but I agree that she’s not ready yet. I don’t want Sara killed off just yet, by the same token. I like Felicity but her being taken hostage time and time again is getting old, frankly. I hope this time isn’t because she went off to prove herself and got herself kidnapped AGAIN. That Felicity is Oliver’s “everything” is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard – Olicity have not been organically built up and if they were to happen as a result of this, it would be even more nonsensical.

    • wonderwall says:

      I may be wrong… but hasn’t Felicity only been taken hostage once? And that was by the Count? So I don’t see how you can get tired of it when it’s only ever happened once before… I don’t understand why people have a problem with this. Felicity puts herself in danger everyday to help the people of Starling. She’s physically weak. But she makes it up with her brains. Felicity Smoak is no ordinary damsel in distress. She’s a remarkable one.

    • patsey says:

      sorry but felicity has been captured only once..if we are going to talk about who is being captured all the time that would be laurel…She is definitely not a damsel in distress..Agree with the comment above.

    • wonderwall says:

      Also, I don’t really get where you’re getting the idea that the Arrow writers are insinuating that Felicity is Oliver’s “everything”… I did not get that sense at all. I have to disagree on the growth of their relationship. I feel like they’ve grown extremely organically. In the first season they started of as employer/employee which slowly built to a friendship by the end of season 1. Then in season 2 they grew from being friends to being partners. Being people who trusted each other no matter what. It’s only natural that grows into something stronger than being partners… While I wouldn’t like for them to get together by the end of this season, I do hope their relationship keeps flourishing as it has in the past 2 seasons.
      Also, we don’t know why Slade thinks Oliver loves her the most. That doesn’t mean he’s in love with her. Maybe he loves her purity, her kindness, everything that she embodies, maybe he loves her because she makes him a better person, maybe Slade thinks Felicity is to Oliver what Shado was to Slade. We simply don’t know so it’s kind of unfair to insinuate such things before watching the episode.

      • JDC says:

        @wonderwall – I couldn’t agree more. After watching this past episode, I’m still scratching my head as to what others saw in that speech that Felicity give to Ollie that would indicate it was anything more than what it was a “pep-talk”. To me Oliver looks and treats Felicity the same way he treats Thea, like a sister.

      • Sarah T. says:

        Thta’s an excellent point. I do think that perhaps Felicity is to Oliver what Shado was to Slade, everything that was good and brought out the best in him. And it would make sense because Slade never got to tell Shado how he felt. If he kills Felicity, Oliver wouldn’t get to tell her how he feels either (though I don’t think he’s fully realized it yet).

      • bbussey says:

        Your last paragraph it exactly the point I’ve been making. It’s whom Slade perceives Oliver loves the most, and it’s not necessarily in a romantic way. Moira’s fate proves that romantic love isn’t a stipulation. I’ve always felt Felicity would be the target over Sara and Laurel (in that order). Back when he was still sane in Season 1 (in “The Odyssey” I think), Slade correctly predicted that Oliver would not rekindle a romantic relationship with Laurel because he had slept with Sara.

    • Ana says:

      Hmmm…I agree with the others in that I don’t remember the last time Felicity was kidnapped beyond the Count episode, and she only went because Diggle was sick. She was being stupid in Time of Death, but she never actually got kidnapped. And didn’t the ep description say “close to Oliver’s heart.” Yes, Blood said “The one you love the most,” but we don’t know if the person being targeted is the same as the one kidnapped yet (I’m not convinced it is…because I do think pictures are strategically leaked to throw people off track), we only know that the one taken is close to Oliver, and the show HAS established that these two are close.
      I think the writing actually has subtly built up Olicity–and I say this as a very reluctant “fan” of that relationship (I see the progression, but I think Felicity deserves way better than sister-swapping Oliver). If you look at Oliver’s actions, they do speak loudly for how he feels about Felicity–he didn’t kill the hoods when they took Thea; he didn’t kill the Dollmaker who took Laurel and Quentin, but he did kill the Count who took Felicity. He did that with three arrows, when in every other kill, he’s used only one because the guy has wicked aim–the 3 is significant. He protected her first in the Foundry attack, and in the last episode, we see that Slade bugged her phone–who knows when that happened, but he would have known that the first person Oliver called in The Promise, when he found out Slade was alive, was Felicity. Plus, there’s Isabel telling him everything she sees in QC. The hints are there…plus there’s the after Russia talk where Oliver says he can’t get involved with anyone he could really care about.

      • RM says:

        ANA…. your so right on what is happening, I know people don’t want to see the Felicity/Oliver thing but even if it doesn’t happen now, for what ever reason the LOVE AND TRUST, AND NEED IS THERE for him, because the sleeping around has to get old. And he’s such a man-whore!!!

    • carrie says:

      I completely agree with Gerri, everything he says is true but they need to build Felicity’s backstory a little more which is what there doing in season 3 so i’m good. and Ella you havn’t been paying attention to the show, Felicity is barley ever kidnapped and when she is it’s only because she was taking one for the team. Laurel is always getting kidnapped and i’m sick of it.

  44. Naazneen says:

    Its like an episode of Spartacus within Arrow. Crixus, Naevia and Mira.

  45. wonderwall says:

    I’m hoping that because of Felicity’s proximity to Slade, that she’ll inject him with the cure. and then leave Oliver to fight him in the end. Felicity has been so amazing these past few episodes, this would just be icing on the cake.

    • LeeC86 says:

      I totally agree! I think that will happen too. And for some odd reason if the cure works or does not work, they end up taking Slade back to the island! Ha ha ha!

  46. Kay says:

    Just DIE already “urghbarflaurel”…Just die and going away..WE have a BC and it’s SARA!

    Felicity was only captured ONCE! Not like that useless, pathetic character that is laurel!!

  47. terry d says:

    I believe he will paralise felicity which oliver will blame himself for she will become oracle. The producers said that 3 birds of prey were in the eppisode birds of prey one just didn’t no it ie felicity

  48. terry d says:

    Love the show

  49. Doktor says:

    Personally, I’m not sure what to expect from this episode. I know Felicity and Laurel will both survive. They are both huge parts of the show. I am also not exactly seeing what people want out of Felicity. She has a crush on Oliver, but I can’t see them together. The way their relationship works I feel like this would flush it all away. They are partners in crime. She’s the womanly flare of the team, that doesn’t mean her and Oliver NEED to be together. Laurel is the one he is after, and despite what everyone may say about it, this is how it will stay. She started to become a somewhat weak character, but shes pulled out of it. She is ready to start to undergo her transformation into the Black Canary. This next episode I think will set the stage for the next season, but not change the series in any drastic way like that last finale did. I’m also believing that Slade will live through this. Deathstroke is a big DC character. He has to hunt down various superheroes before he dies for this to stay even relatively true.

    • Fearless One says:

      I think you’re basing too much on the comic book Green Arrow. So many things in Arrow are different than Comic-Ollie that you can’t really predict anything. Just because historically he goes for Dinah, doesn’t mean that he’ll go for Laurel. They’ve already deviated so much from the comics. Starting with his mother still being a live and Dinah going by Laurel and even having a sister. Plus Oliver having Thea as a sister and Tommy’s existence. And the fact that Moira’s maiden name is Dearden. So its totally possible that Oliver and Laurel just don’t end up together. And Deathstroke being a big DC character doesn’t mean that they won’t kill him. There are dozens of big bads that they can introduce instead of keeping Slade around.