The Voice Results Recap: Chainsaw Massacre!

The Voice - Season 6Somebody on The Voice production team has a twisted sense of humor.

Tonight’s Top 8 results telecast kicked off with Kristen Merlin, Audra McLaughlin, Jake Worthington and Kat Perkins teaming up for a cover of The Band Perry’s “Chainsaw” — an apt pick considering that more than a third of the Season 6 field would be marching to the guillotine by the end of the hour.

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And while the question of “WHO?” loomed over a triple-elimination episode, the bigger storm cloud was raising an angry eyebrow and asking “WHY?”

Why are NBC and Mark Burnett in such a freakin’ rush to get to the finale? Why did we have seemingly endless weeks of Battle Rounds, only to abbreviate the Live Voting portion of the season from April 21 through the May 19 performance finale? Why the heck didn’t the weakest overall vocalist find himself at risk?

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I know, I know, there are so many questions that won’t be answered, so let’s cut right to the results:

Saved by America (in chronological order)
Josh Kaufman
Kristen Merlin
Christina Grimmie
Jake Worthington (¿¿¡¡him!!??)

This Week’s Bottom 4
Audra McLaughlin
Sisaundra Lewis (GAH!)
Delvin Choice
Kat Perkins

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Last Chance Performances
Sisaundra Lewis: “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Naural Woman” — Grade: A-
Audra McLaughlin: The Band Perry’s “Done” — Grade: B+
Kat Perkins: Heart’s “Barracuda” — Grade: A-/B+ (depending on how much you like an excellent carbon copy of Ann Wilson)
Delvin Choice: Bruno Mars’ “Young Girls” — Grade: C+

As a confirmed Sisaundraholic, my Tweets were a foregone conclusion:

Saved By America
Kat Perkins

Audra McLaughlin
Sisaundra Lewis
Delvin Choice

[Insert weeping emoticon here.] [I am too much of an Oldie McCreakypants to know how to insert a weeping emoticon.] [Please leave one that I can cut and paste down in the comments.]

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  1. Gaby says:

    IT WAS HORRIBLE Sisaundra :'(

    • ULTIMATUM says:

      I actually am 100% completely satisfied with the Top 5.
      Is Sisaundra a better singer than Jake? Of course.
      But Jake could have a career after the show… country fans love him, and I do too!

      • OhMy says:

        Ok with the final save — not hugely happy, but ok with it.

        • dosqueen says:

          I voted to save Kat but I HATED that I had to doom Sisaundra in order to save Kat (who is my 2nd fave after Josh). I was shocked that both Jake & Kristen were saved by America’s votes.

          • S Cox says:

            I’ve pulled for the talented KAT all thru the show; she’s a true entertainer and can sing anything! I do want to post a comment regarding the backup music (instruments and people) FOR ALL THE CONTESTANTS….too loud and too much overpowering the vocalist singing. I want to hear THE PERSON…not the band!

          • Jay Holland says:

            Sisaundra is a lounge singer that I never liked. The double elimination needs to go. They ended up throwing out better singers than they have left, except for Christina and Kat. Hillbilliy singing is not Country!

          • Tyler says:

            I was surprised Kat was in the bottom too. I thought it was gonna be Kristen. Regarding Slezak’s question about eliminating three contestants in one episode–I think it goes to show how weak this season is that the producers had no qualms about eliminating three. You sure didn’t see something like this happen last season!

      • Mike says:

        I still don’t see what career Jake could have. Likability only gets you so far. You have to have the talent to have a career in music. And the country star with talent went home tonight. One can only hope someone influential heard her….or maybe a push like Blake continues to give Gwen Sebastian.

        • Lauren says:

          Actually, country music is one of the genres where likability can get you pretty far on it’s own.

      • Jaxguy says:

        Jake is average at best. Just what America loves! This will hurt this show. I promise. Great singers never get very far on the Voice. Every year starts out ok then an average singer wins. Too bad.

      • nbm says:

        Very upset with the results tonight! Why is Jake still there, he his the worst singer of the season. I thought this was “the voice” and not a pity contest. Jake sucks!! I guess I have no reason to watch the rest of the voice now because I’m gonna throw someting when I see Jake on my TV.

      • Jut says:

        @ULTIMATUM–Your comment is the kind that I find mystifying. Maybe competition doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone … for me, in a competition, the best talent should win. The career trajectory does not matter. But, honestly, I’m more mystified by the Jake love in the first place. (Nice guy, sure, but that twang–no. Every week. Major snooze.) On the other hand, Sisaundra was doomed by her performance Monday. I love her but she flubbed it. Maybe her mom’s presence made her stiff? The heels were too high. Also dooming her: the visuals. Those backup dancers (doing a faux OLD Tina?) were awful, as was their dated aquamarine short sets.

      • S Cox says:

        Home-boy, good-kid guy next door type you want your daughter to date…Jake…is a good country singer but NOT fantastic. I think he got the popularity vote, not the best singing voice vote.
        I do agree KAT should be in the finals; she know how to entertain!

      • Laurel Hermann says:

        I agree with you. It is about a career after the Voice, yes her voice was beautiful but I would not go to her shows nor buy her album. Simply not my kind of music. I will vote for who I would like to get the contract and hopefully enjoy listening in the future!

    • Lena says:

      Blake has no chance in hell of winning now! Jake will not win with Christina and Josh there. It goes to either Adam or Usher. Honestly I am quite content to see the Team Blake rally go down in flames since they didn’t bother to support Sisaundra AT ALL and they went on and on about Jake’s personality. Let’s see how far his “personality” will take him against someone like Josh. LOL

      • CM says:

        As much as I like Josh and want him to win, he won’t. He’ll make it to the finals but Grimmie had it as soon as she mentioned he bajillions of followers.

        • dosqueen says:

          Which was a big red flag to me from the get-go. She had way too much of a following to begin with which isn’t fair (not a level playing ground).

          • Kelly says:


          • claudia says:

            Wah wah wah, it’s not fair! What are you, 4 yrs old? Maybe she has followers because she’s (gasp) really that good….what a concept!

          • Stephanie says:

            I liked Christina, on YouTube. However I dislike her more and more every week. I don’t like how she sounds on the live shows. I find that more often than not I prefer the runner up on this show. Just my opinion.

      • Kevin says:

        Blake already has no chance of winning from the start. Do you really think Sisaundra can win this show?

      • nbm says:

        Lena I hope you are right about Josh not winning because if he does it would be a travesty!!

    • Joe says:

      I’m done with The Voice this season. It’s not even a petulant “I’m done”. I seriously was only watching for Sisaundra. I was fast forwarding through most of the others except for Josh & Christina. We deleted it off the DVR after watching the results. I’d rather spend Monday with Jack Bauer and Louie.

      And for the record we call Jake “Sh*tkicker McGee” in my house. He reminds me of Chris Penn in Footloose. That is all.

    • Kevin says:

      I don’t know why everyone is so surprised and making a big fuss over Sisaundra being eliminated. Haven’t they watched the previous seasons? Although the name is kinda misleading, this show is not about THE VOICE, and none of any singing competitions on TV are. It’s about who is the most marketable out of them.

      • Greg Fischer says:

        Your right . Then they shouldn’t call it the voice.

      • Chucky says:

        It’s The Voice ONLY during the blind auditions. After that, it’s just like any other singing competition.

        • Just My Opinion says:

          Did ya ever notice that in the blind auditions there are never any REALLY awful looking singers? They are screened out long before going on TV, no matter how well they sing.

          • Really?! says:

            I don’t know about that. Michelle Chamuel won’t be winning any beauty pageants any time soon, and she made it to the finals, IIRC.

      • Shonta says:

        I completely agree. That is why the final results are determined by the votes of the American people instead of record execs. Based on the voting, they assume that these people are the voices the public wants to hear. Unfortunately, they are wrong because the demographic that watches these shows are not usually the people who purchase the majority of “today’s” music. That is why when the winners leave the show, they tend to struggle with success in the music industry. I say let the pros do their jobs so we can keep hearing the great artists we have today ( i.e. Bruno Mars, Pink, John Legend, Luke Bryan, Paramore, and the list goes on ). Besides, if these people were that talented or marketable someone would have signed them by now.

    • Roy Hewitt says:

      I think the people did Sisaundra wrong she better then most of the top 5 I’m mad about it

      • Kelly says:

        agree with you! show is rigged…done watching for good!

        • Jacob says:

          Just because your favorite singer got cut doesn’t mean the show is rigged. But that won’t stop people from crying foul literally every time it happens.

      • Linda says:

        The only reason why I was watching that show was amazing Sissaundra Lewis, the voice have all power (and they often do) to change the “voters decision”, that lil’ girl top 5? Com’on America aren’t you done with Cyrus, Bieber and all of those young singers with attitude of music queens and kings??? BTW NOT WATCHING IT AGAIN!!!

    • Blank Slate says:

      Sisaundra gone? Jake still singing ON the show.
      Guess who just jumped the shark and lost ALL credibility??

      • will0384 says:

        America…… ?

      • Kate says:

        Don’t blame the show, blame the stupid voters. I am a country fan but never thought much of Jake. I was certain he was going last night, esp. since 3 (!) were being eliminated. Sisaundra is not my cup of tea and if was “unfair” that anyone was on there, it was her. She had a10-15 year professional career (music director for Celine Dion!)…give the newbies a chance.

        • S Cox says:

          I kind of got the feeling from the “get-go” by them saying this several times, it gave her an unfair advantage…as it turned out, evidently worked against her… or perhaps her too strong of a voice (sometimes too loud on the nerves IMO) worked against her. She was good, but nothing different or unique.

    • Mary says:

      Of Blake’s three, the one that made it wasn’t the one that should have made it. That said, it’s a pretty good top 5, except for Kat. Those other four, I really love

    • S Cox says:

      I felt that way about DELVIN. He was so fantastic, until his last song. It was not right for him. It’s so important for the singer to select “just the right” piece of music. I still think Delvin’s voice has a nice tone to it and he was so at-ease performing….I hope he pursues singing even if in clubs. What really shocked me is that Delvin had to leave, yet average singer Jake stayed.

    • scox says:

      HAPPY MOM’S DAY! Remember your Mothers, tell them you love and appreciate them! Don’t wait till they pass away to remember what all they have done for you.

      Now on with the show, be prepared for a tearful Jake on Monday….he’s going home. Delvin should have stayed and average country singer should have gone.

    • S Cox says:

      MAY 12TH – Monday’s show proved to me KAT should win. Shes the most versatile singer with a unique voice and so much at easy on the stage. Good luck KAT!!

  2. Jamie says:

    Audra didn’t want to sing Forgive last night. I know that for a fact because my cousin is her Aunt. Done is something she wanted to sing and that she chose which is why she rocked it tonight. She deserved to move on. I’m so depressed.

    • Mike says:

      The fact that America voted Jake through and not her is a joke. He’s not going to win this competition. She at least had the voice to go up against Christina and Josh. Likability only gets you so far. Jake goes home next week.

      • Jamie says:

        That is the biggest shocker I mean, I’m sorry, but JAKE?!?!?! If we had to lose a country singer tonight it should have been him or at least I’d feel better if he went with Audra…

        • Kelly says:

          Audra was my favorite right from the start…you could have one…Voice is rigged…all done with the voice…Sisaundra was my second…her voice is amazing!

        • Tyler says:

          I don’t see what was so great about Audra? Half the time I couldn’t understand a word she sang. I didn’t care for Jake either but neither of them were that great. I think all of the country singers should’ve gotten eliminated last nite.

    • danin says:

      Ok, you gotta let us know WHY she didn’t/couldn’t siing it.

      • Jamie says:

        I don’t think she can actually disclose that, contracts, etc. But all I know is Forgive was not the song she was going to sing originally.

    • Her cover of Done wasn’t that good, though. It was really pitchy. Which is disappointing considering how awesome her cover of Broken Wing was.

    • MC says:

      I really loved Audra’s rendition of “Done.” She deserved a better fate based on her talent, although I wasn’t always satisfied with her previous efforts.

    • monicaplace says:

      Really wanted Sisaundra. If Audrey HAD done Done like she did tonight, only last night, the outcome might have been different. Find your confidence on stage and please come back next season…you have a strong voice.

      • Jacob says:

        She won’t be back next season. She made it to the Top 8. That’s way too far to be able to come back.

    • Kelly says:

      I totally agree with you as far as Audra (my favorite)…I liked everyone on team Blake…Blake is a great coach who doesn’t throw cheep shots at the other Judges…that said I thought Audra was the best by FAR! Look at the night she sang “you lie” Adam even commented “that was as perfect as a vocal performance can be. Usha commented “you are a great artist and has the talent to move a room with out moving! I’ve watched every season but will NOT anymore. Audra’s voice gave me the chills…she’s awesome! I now believe a friend of mine, who has been telling me right along that these shows are rigged and if the producer really wants a certain person to win for what ever reason that the can and will screw with the votes.

    • Too bad she didn’t have the nerve to stand up for herself. That’s part of what the process is all about. So many other contestants sang what they wanted after debating it with their coach. Audra has no one to blame but herself. Perhaps you shouldn’t whine for her, she’s had an amazing opportunity and can use it to forward her career. But don’t blame others for the song choice. She could’ve said no…so it’s still on her no matter what.

  3. Dee says:

    Hell no!! America screwed the pooch on this one. Jake should have been in the bottom 4 and Sisaundra should have been in his spot leaving us to Voice Save Kat and then all would have been right in the world with Blake no longer having any team members!

    • skrable2 says:

      Ummm, Sissaundra was Team Blake

      • Lena says:

        You wouldn’t know Sisaundra was Team Blake, since her coach practically threw her under a bus for Jake. Go back and watch some of the elimination shows. Blake didn’t care one way or another she was there. Now he will lose. I’m glad.

        • Jane says:

          Nailed it! Nothing on the show compares to Sisaundra and Blake is too caught up in His world. Blake you were caught napping big time!

        • giselle says:

          Sisaundra loses more than Blake, who still sits there mooning over Jake, the Pillsbury Doughboy. The way Blake coached Sisaundra is the worst example of coaching ever. Even when he could have been asking viewers to vote for her, all he talked about was how great it was to play a small part in her career. He mismanaged her right out of the show where she should have made the finals. Note to future contestants: Unless you’re country, stay away from Blake as coach. Jake in the top 4? A-a-a-c-k!

          • TakeResponsibility says:

            Hey, sisaundra had a 4-chair turn and yet, out of all the coaches, she picked Blake Shelton to be her coach knowing full well from all previous seasons both his career and his bent was towards country music. The only person to blame here is HER, it was her choice so I don’t feel a bit sorry for her.

          • Angela says:

            Name calling is so not cool….

          • nbm says:

            I couldn’t have said it any better Giselle “stay away from Balke unless you are a country singer. Sisaundra should have NEVER chopsen him.

          • zaza says:

            It’s not just Blake. All the coaches do it. They all have one person on their team that they really like (usually someone who’s just like them) and then they go all out for that person, and the other team members kind of fall by the wayside.

          • Tyler says:

            The problem with Blake is that he doesn’t know anything about R&B music. Did Sisaundra choose Blake or was she stolen? If she chose Blake, I have no idea why she did that. Blake gave her some of the worst songs ever. I mean–Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, River Deep Mountain High. Enough said.

          • Lisa says:

            The contestants chose their own tunes Monday night. Sisaundra picked “River Deep, Mountain High.” Huge fan here, but I thought it came off a little Vegas-y and thought she might be in danger.

      • Greg Fischer says:

        The show is called the voice. Sisandra clearly has the best voice. The fact she got sent home is such a joke. Even all 4 coaches know she is the best. Poor jake such a nice guy and he is getting beat down from everyone. I know they say America votes but I think they just wanted all four coaches to have someone in the finals.

        • Kelly says:

          That’s just what I was thinking…Audra & Sisaundra were my favorites…no more of the voice for me!

        • Jacob says:

          Sisaundra is on Team Blake, so she could have been in Jake’s place and all four coaches would have still had someone. So where is this conspiracy theory coming from?

          The so-called “best singer,” the one who kills every song put in front of them, has lost in every season except season 1 and season 5. Jesse Campbell (2), Trevin Hunte (3), and Judith Hill (4) were all kicked out earlier than expected. Why? Well, I think usually people get bored of them. They want to root for someone more accessible, someone who seems like they’ve come up from nothing to be where they are.

    • HTGR says:

      Kat should not have had to have been saved. Sisaundra (I didn’t care for her performance to much this week, but she has hit so many others out of the park and she has a VOICE!)+Kat should’ve been in top and Jake and Kristen in the bottom and then America saves Kristen (although it really should’ve been Tess there instead of Jake or Audra or even Kristen and then America saves Tess).

  4. skrable2 says:

    Since the end of this season is no longer in doubt (the Grimmie Online Nation will not be defeated; even if she were to drop out due to laryngitis, she would still win), at this point I just want to save performers I want to hear until the eventual capitulation.
    How anyone could pick Kat over any of the other three is beyond my comprehension

    • I think Josh could beat Grimmie.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Totally agree. We’ve yet to see Grimmie place Top 10 on iTunes and Josh has done it twice. In this race, unless something goes terribly wrong or stupid (read: silly/outdated song choices) my money is on that horse. Nothing against Grimmie, she’s quite talented and fun to watch. But in the end, all that matters is numbers.

        • DDB says:

          Christina Grimmie’s “How to Love” is currently No. 5 on the iTunes Singles chart. Also, if I recall correctly, her version of “Hold On, We’re Going Home” hit the Top 10 last week too.

          • Billie says:

            Her Hold On, We’re Going Home made it to number 3 last week, and is currently sitting at number 31 on itunes a week later. (It’s actually ahead of the top 8 performances of everyone except for Josh, Grimmie & Kat).
            Before the live voting rounds began, I thought Josh could have beat Grimmie. But she started cranking out the solid performances once the live voting started.
            Honestly, she has a massive online following because she’s good. She sings/makes music that a very large audience of The Voice enjoys.
            I doubt a massive amount of her online fans started watching The Voice just b/c she was on it. Some, probably, but I would wager that people who like to watch people sing on YouTube are probably already watching The Voice.
            Yes, Grimmie might have had more time to win them over. But there was nothing stopping an artist as talented as Josh from putting videos on a free service like YouTube.
            It might not be the popular opinion on this website. But I think Grimmie deserves to win.

        • Adake says:

          Teeny Bikini, you need to look at iTunes chart more often. Christina got to number three last week and number five this week. In fact her song last week is still at number 31, two higher than Jake’s song this week. Both iTunes and votes do matter.

        • Sara says:

          Grimmie has placed Top 10 overall on Itunes the past 2 weeks.

        • Check Your Facts says:

          That teeny bikini must be cutting off the flow of blood to your brain. Christina Grimmie was #3 on iTunes last week — higher than any other contestant on the show that week. This week she was #4, only 2 spots below Josh. So where you get this erroneous statement about Christina never being in the Top 10, I have no idea.

        • Jan says:

          Her last couple of songs went Top 10 on iTunes.

          However, Josh could beat her. He has had at least 2 songs hit the Top 10 on iTunes as well. If they were to total all the sales, I would bet that he is outselling Christina. So I wouldn’t hand her the title just yet.

          I do think Josh is the only one who has any chance of keeping Christina from winning, however.

      • Idolhead Ed says:

        It will be Josh and Grimmie the last ones standing and Grimmie rolling him in the win. As for Grimmie’s i Tunes both her songs hit top 10 and her last week song is still charting. As far as Susaundra I saw that coming a mile away. I know Michael likes her but she over sang every single time out. In fact I saw all three going home. I was mildly surprised by Jake making it but he is Country.

      • Roy Hewitt says:

        No he can’t beat her with a bat

      • Nedsdag says:

        I think Josh could beat Grimmie as well. His songs have done a bit better on iTunes than hers. Also, you have to love his story: Blue-eyed soul singing geek. It’s as if Sheldon Cooper had soul and rhythm. Plus, I rather watch him sing than Grimmie who lives up to her name when she performs.

    • Adake says:

      Couldn’t disagree more. I would have preferred Audra over Jake but otherwise was happy with tonight’s vote. Thank God Kat was saved. More rock coming in the semi- finals. Yessss!

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      This is exactly how I feel at this point I’ll watch for Josh as he is my #2 Sisaundra will always be #1 to me!

      • Lena says:

        I agree. Sisaundra was my #1 for this competition. Now that she is gone, ALL my votes will go to Josh. I want him to win.

  5. analythinker says:

    Well, if it’s up to me, I’d put Josh, Christina, Kat, & Sisaundra through and pick Kristen to save, but I don’t run the world, (un)fortunately.

  6. NotVirgin Mary says:

    It really is an injustice that Jake was saved and Kat and Sisaundra were in the bottom 4. What we need is the Southern part of the country to have their electricity down while The Voice is on. Yeah… that’s sounds nice.
    I’m glad Kat’s still in. Our only hope.

  7. Max says:

    Good news: The curse is over
    Bad news: Sisaundra is gone, Audra never lived up to her full potential, and Jake Freaking Worthington is still in the competition (the guy seems like a fun, nice guy, but he is simply the weakest singer). He was 8th this week, and 5th this week (WTF, from 8 to 5?!!!) in terms of talent.

    • DarkDefender says:

      The curse is over because Adam begged for it and the viewing public loves to revolt against the producers. Kat will be gone next week and it will be deserved.

  8. pluslebox says:

    Kat P. broke the Twitter curse that started with Kat R., applause for her!

    • Adake says:

      Yep. Was thinking how happy Angie_overated must be that she made it to the top five! More rockin by Kat next week!

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I just woke up on the other side of the pond to this glorious news. i am overjoyed Kat made it (fully knowing she will be gone next week), but I’m sad it was at Sisaundra’s expense. A bittersweet victory of sorts. And a fairly shocking one too! I’m curious to see these performances. Kat must have killed it for Slezak to give her a B+/A-. It must have been the second-coming-of-Christ good.

        • Becky says:

          Sisaundra has a great voice. However she did the same performance nearly every time. The same mannerisms, the songs sounded the same even when they were different genres. We knew she was going to have a glory note or two. She needs her own show in Vegas. That is where I see her. I don’t see radio playing any of her recordings. I did think she would make it one more round but iTunes is a factor and she did not rank highly there.
          As for Jake…how did hey get to the final ten to begin with is questionable. Maybe I just don’t see his magic or marketability but hey I am just one person. Josh for the win

  9. Marcie says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised about Sisaundra. Her ITunes sales were abysmal.

    • The Beach says:

      As immensely talented as Sisaundra is, she was at a disadvantage from the git go. Her age and obvious professionalism worked against her. The gospel/R&B/Diva style of singing is not en vogue right now and therefore sounds dated. Her looks were a bit severe with the bleached afro, overly arched eyebrows and intense facial expressions. And finally, in a Twitter singoff geared primarily to a younger crowd, she chose to sing a 50 year old soul song. As much as I enjoyed her and was blown away by some of her performances, the writing was on the wall all along.

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        I like Sisaundra but as soon as i heard her song choice I thought she was doomed (the previous night, too)…I loved her AIN’T NO WAY audition but NATURAL WOMAN (especially since I couldn’t NOT compare her to Kelly Clarkson’s breakout version) is such a cliche on these shows and she quite frankly mangled the hell out of it – the tempo was too fast, the dynamics too aggressive, her demeanor too disturbing – I can’t believe Slezak rated her an A-. It’s too bad her coach didn’t try to get her to sing some country soul of less-than-diva-standing where she could’ve gotten into the storytelling thing and focused less on the big, flashy vocal techniques. We knew she can sing but she needed something more current and adventurous to draw in the crowds.

        • OhMy says:

          Yes, and that was true from day one even though many people around here couldn’t seem to see it.

          • Jay Holland says:

            Sisaundra is a lounge singer that I never liked. The double elimination needs to go. They ended up throwing out better singers than they have left, except for Christina and Kat. Hillbilliy singing is not Country!

  10. Marilee says:

    Why would they eliminate 3 contestants? Are they so afraid of losing ratings that they have to speed to the finals?

    • ETG says:

      That is a really good question. I’d rather have two MORE weeks of LIVE performances and two LESS weeks of the freakin’ BORING “battle rounds”!!!!

    • HTGR says:

      If they are afraid of losing ratings they should’ve have gone from two to ONE not two to THREE!

  11. mia says:

    As long as Blake is around his all country all the time fan club will continue to destroy this show by keeping mediocre country singers like Jake around. I can’t even watch this show anymore it has become so stupid.

    • ETG says:

      I have found myself wondering if Blake will stay on the show much longer; at times this season, he has seemed awfully bored with it all….

    • Jaxguy says:

      I fear I have to agree with you. But if he were to win, which I doubt, This will be my last season. I have watch great singers go down every year and average ones win. This is going in the usual Voice pattern.

      • Random says:

        Tessane Chin was awesome O.o and deserved that win.

        • Greg Fischer says:

          I disagree Jacque lee should have one easily. Once again proving it’s not the voice it the most popular.

          • Jan says:

            Jacquie Lee still got signed by Atlantic Records and tweeted recently about her single coming out soon. She hasn’t been hurt by not winning the show.

          • Jacob says:

            Oh yeah, because clearly Tessanne couldn’t sing.

          • HTGR says:

            Yeah I was bummed about the Lee thing arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Tessanne did have a good voice though at least so it wasn’t something silly like say S10 Idol and so on and so forth.
            But yeah the Atlantic Record thing sounds promising. I hadn’t been following much, but I took a look at her twitter the other day when something about her commercial appearance on The Voice the other day seemed to be hinting at something big. So yeah wow cool news that arrived today I see now. Anyway that takes away that sting. Good to see.

          • HTGR says:

            (another arrrrr was the Rose Bowl parade announcers for NBC acting like such tools and fangirls that they announced the three on the float as WINNER Tessanne and then when forced to admit two other were on the float they added and WINNER TEssanne my gosh she was soooo amazing gosh she was the best oh and umm I guess there are two others there, umm who are those other two, whatever. I mean come on wow, only the freaking other two finalists! Who are those other, gimme a break seriously. How rude and unprofessional. Finally after they said Tessanne’s name 1000 times and ignored the other two finalists even when they sang their little bits, the producers forced them to very briefly mention the names of the other two. It was ridiculous, the announcers on ABC probably never even watched the show but they were able and willing to name all three at once and celebrated all three.)

        • Barnard says:


    • Kelly says:

      disagree! If you like country (which allot of people do) I think Blake is the best…Also, he has won three times…once with a country singer and the other two were not…I Happen to be a country fan and think Audra has an amazing voice…that said my other favorite was Sisaundra…people should stop blaming Blake…I think allot of it comes with the producers wanting a certain type and look so they screw with the votes…I’m done with voice.

  12. Jobless says:

    I actually had a physical reaction when they announced Jake as being safe over any of the other four far more talented singers. I’m ok with saving Kat but there’s no doubt that Sisaundra should have Jake’s spot and I’m not even a big fan of Sisaundra.

  13. Lyss says:

    Only good thing that came from tonight was the fact that curse is over.

  14. Name This Tune says:

    Well, the country vote wins again. Two mediocre country artists singing mediocre country songs in the top 5.

    They’re pushing me to wish for a Christina – Josh finale.

  15. danin says:

    As much as I give mad props to Sisaundra’s gift tonighy that was a C- performance.And as much as I haven’t been aboard the Audra train that was a total A performance.Oh.AND I voted for Kat.

  16. Poppy says:

    Is it me or does Christina Grimmie have an awful screechy voice?

    • Jeff Marley says:

      Christina was sick that week!!! :) lol

    • Adake says:

      It’s you! Christina is excellent.

    • Greg says:

      I’ve thought that at times when listening to her.

    • M says:

      It’s not just you. Sometimes she sounds ok, but I’ve never seen a performance by her that I wasn’t wincing by the end of it. Her tone does absolutely nothing for me. Some people are born to be cover singers and Christina is their superstar. She’s not terrible, but she’s the weakest vocally for me… And when she hits that one note that everyone keeps BS’ing and saying is amazing she has to crouch almost to the floor and looks like she’s coppin’ a squat. It doesn’t even sound good.. She’s got all these fans, A CCA agent, Selena Gomez’s father as a manager, millions of hits on youtube, but she doesn’t already have a traditional deal? There’s probably a reason for that, and winning this season of The Voice isn’t going to fix it for her. She’s got a bunch of internet fans, but she’s not making a strong case for herself in making new ones.. and the ones she has might pony up the vote and the itunes singles votes, but they’re not purchasing the album she released or the single/music video she released while on the show. (Which is just arrogant if you ask me)

      As for Sisaundra I’m furious at Blake this season for the way he handled her. She’s 44 years old. She’s not 74 years old. Mariah Carey is in her mid 40’s. Jennifer Lopez is in her mid 40’s and Blake has this talented woman singing 40+ year old classics. I can’t..

      • Ana Andrade says:

        I agree with everything you said.

      • ElleKay says:

        Grimmie has a beautiful head voice IMO, but she’s awful when she’s belting the high notes. She’s great at marketing, and may have some chops as a producer but I was wondering why she wasn’t signed already too.

      • waterbug says:

        Totally agree! I was wondering when Blake would let her sing a song from the 21st century!

        • S Cox says:

          Since she stated she started singing in Churches when young, I really wished she would have “let go” with a good heart wrenching religious song. Don’t laugh…some of Elvis’ best selling albumns were religious/gospel.

    • Terry says:

      It’s not you

    • DeeCee says:

      Poppy, I totally agree with you. Of course, we will get savaged here because everyone seems to think she’s a lock to win. But I just don’t see the “special-ness” of her voice or her manner of singing. I loved Sissaundra but I knew she wouldn’t get much further because her style is a throwback to an earlier age. Right now, my votes are all for Josh. But the one I really feel sorry for is poor Kristin! I think she has a lovely voice, but she seems to get lost in the shuffle and hasn’t had a “moment” yet.

  17. Sisaundra has consistently disappointed me by not living up to her full potential. She should be the best one in the competition. Instead, she played second fiddle to Kelly Clarkson and Candice Glover on Natural Woman and didn’t even give us any good glory notes.

    Instant-saving Kat was absolutely the right choice. However, Sisaundra coming behind Audra and Delvin in the number of tweets was wack. And the fact Jake made the top 4 over her is REALLY wickity-wack.

    • Sarah says:

      Jump jump ;-)

    • Lena says:

      Sisaundra was probably upset. Would you honestly want to sing in that situation? I wasn’t that impressed with Kat. She’ll be gone next week. She consistently hugs the elimination round.

      • Idolhead Ed says:

        I went back and listened to Jena’s “Barracuda” after Kat’s and well…. the 17 year old smoked vocal and believably.

        • HTGR says:

          Jena was too one note though. He voice rang out a bit more in some parts, but it was a simpler more one note version. Listen to the original and it’s more like Kat, more to it.

          • Mikey says:

            More proof of tone deaf watchers. Kat was flat for most of barracuda. Audra did better but still sang with marbles in her mouth nearly impossible to ne’er stand. Devlin did the same thing as always. And Sissaundra never lived up to her potential but she is the one who picked Blake. Jake is mediocre but likable – Kirsten is unsettling but unarguably good. Christina is usually good – last weak was not so much, but I hear she was sick. Josh is by far the best singer, but he looks ridiculous, so my money is on Christina.

            Do I think they got the bottom four right? No, but nobody leaving could have won the way they were going anyways. Next three eliminations will be Jake, Kat, and Kristen. Josh will out sing Christina, but she’ll win anyway – she has appeal, and he looks like he came to fix the copier.

            This season has mostly been a disappointment; I am hoping they eliminate the battles next year.

        • ME says:

          I couldn’t agree more. Jena killed Barracuda. Kat’s version seemed lackluster compared to hers mainly because she couldn’t quite hit the one pitch that Jena excels at.

          • MC says:

            I think Jena has a more dynamic voice than Kat (insert objections from Angie and other Kat lovers here). I preferred Jena’s version of Barracuda and a full studio version of it from her would be worth a download. Jena also could use it as an album track. I like Kat to a certain extent, but I tweeted a voicesave for Audra this week because Audra finally came close to achieving her potential imo. I actually did not like most of Audra’s singing this season, but “Done” was a big step in the right direction.

  18. Ana Andrade says:

    I’m upset Sisaundra went home before Jake. The other two I’m ok with. If I had to choose songs for the top 5 they would be:
    Christina: Demons by Imagine Dragons and Party in the USA by MIley Cyrus. If she’s going to do songs she’s covered before they should at least be ones I like.
    Jake: If God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton and My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan. I don’t listen to a lot of country music LOL
    Kristen: If I Die Young by the Band Perry and Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. Copy what I said for Jake
    Kat: You Oughtta Know by Alanis Mosierette (spelling?) and We Belong by Pat Benatar. Anything Kat Robichaud covered last season I would like this Kat cover as well. And yes I like both Kats.
    Josh: the only one I couldn’t think of anything for

  19. Chablis says:

    Not you.

  20. Jeff Marley says:

    I hope Christina Grimmie wins it all!!! Next week I hope she sings either “The voice within” “Beautiful” “Fighter” “Hurt” “Bound to you” By Christina Aguilera or “Hero” “The art of letting go” by Mariah Carey!!! :)

  21. Christine says:

    Totally agree with your comment about them eliminating 3 and rushing it! They wonder why they don’t have successful winners and I think that is the number one reason!! My perfect top three would be Kristen, Josh and Christina but I would be fine with Kat (my save vote went to her) also. I like Jake as a person, he has a sweet personality, but it’s his time to go for sure!

    • Idolhead Ed says:

      Excellent point. We never get to know these guys unless we sit through the boring and unnecessary coaching sessions. In fact in three years I have never watched the coaching sessions. I don’t want to hear them sing a rough draft, I just want to hear them sing it right. As an audience we never really get to know these guys like we do in Idol. But this season the success drought will end with Christina.

  22. Jules says:

    I wonder if they had an extra person go home so it would be more fair as far as the coaches go?? They all have one left except for Adam who has 2 and I’d be shocked if Kat wasn’t the first one gone next week. It would be more interesting if it was anyone’s game at the end. I honestly think it will be between Jake and Josh. Even with all of the Christina Grimmie “buzz”, Josh has charted higher on iTunes even with her “moment” last week. She might have tons of Twitter followers but if they’re not buying her stuff on iTunes, who cares.

    • Adake says:

      You apparently aren’t looking at iTunes. Christina has been doing extremely well on itunes all season because she is talented. Number 5 this week, number 3 last week! Twitter followers has nothing to do with results. Ask Shakira!

  23. Sophia says:

    What a rip! I am actually disgusted with the results! America, are you guys just voting based on popularity vs talent? I think so…. Not watching anymore!

    • ETG says:

      In case you hadn’t noticed….. these shows have ALWAYS been about popularity. The term “talent” is actually very subjective.

      • Greg Fischer says:

        They should call it the most popular. Not the voice!!! Because sisandra clearly has the best voice.

  24. ETG says:

    Overall, I am OK with the top 5; I never liked Delvin or Audra. However, I would rather have seen Sissaundra in the saved group than Kristen. The girl is nice, but only has average vocals and a boring personality…

  25. Francine says:

    My biggest problem is the rushing of this season. It’s completely ridiculous to have so many contestants eliminated so fast. What a mess. Jake and Sissaundra should have been switched but I’m not surprised at all by the results.

  26. Alla says:

    I was decidedly NOT a Kat fan at the beginning of the live rounds, but I’m happy she got the save and finally ended the curse.

    Something weird is happening with her. She sells consistently well on iTunes, better than most of the others, but I wasn’t surprised when she ended up in the bottom again. She’s an excellent performer/vocalist, but I don’t think she’s really connecting with people. People are buying her songs and tweeting to save her, but probably not obsessively calling in and/or online voting like fans of Jake, Christina, and Josh are, and that’s looking like it will be her downfall.

    Kat and Kristen will probably say goodbye next week (I can’t see the power that is Jake Worthington’s dear-lord-I-just-want-to-hug-him personality being defeated even if he goes on stage and forgets every word to whatever generic country song Blake assigns him), but I look forward to seeing her perform again.

    • Davey says:

      I don’t understand what is so hard about voting for your favorite singer 10 times on the phone. And wasn’t Kat the fifth person who was going to be saved anyway? Most likely.

      • Keely says:

        Kat was actually above everyone but Josh and Christina on iTunes. I think she was 3rd or 4th on iTunes last week too, and she still ended up in the bottom. People aren’t calling in for her.

    • analythinker says:

      Like I said before, Kat’s team (of friends+fans) who voted for here are probably mostly musician-friends and busy-with-jobs-musicaholic-adult-fans who didn’t have time to call/do online voting but were able to push the iTunes sales. Just a theory though.

    • Molly says:

      It has been weird how good she does on itunes and ends up at the bottom. I’m thinking it’s some shenanigans by the producers to make you think what is on itunes is not necessarily the outcome. Oh what am I saying the producers spoil every opportunity they can, so that’s not it!

    • marren says:

      There are so many things about this show that make it not totally fair…but there is the ATT text voting. ATT is not geographically even through out the country, particularily the midwest so that hurts those who draw much support from those areas. Potentially that could increase votes in a household by 1/3 to 1/2. I have a feeling if the show were sponsored by Verizon, Kat would win.

      • tough says:

        If ATT sponsored the texting Kat would do better or with Verizon. I’ve lived in Minnesota or North Dakota all my life and I know no one who has sprint.

  27. Gina says:

    I was very happy Kristen and Josh made it. Not happy about Sisaundra. But, what I really dislike is what I am coming to dislike about all competitive reality shows: judges. Four people in the bottom, 1 save. 2 team members from one team, 2 from another. Adam and Blake sounded like horses patoots with their reviews/speeches. You have to save her! No, you have to save her (him, in Adam’s case)! I’ll be really mad and hold my breath or sell my soul or whatever, if you don’t save…uh, 1 of the 2 on my team. All that blathering and the three people thrown out don’t even have a final moment in the sun before the show crash cuts to the next program.
    All to fit in the ridiculous hyperbole from Blake and Peroxide Boy. Can we add two more judges next season to give us a break from Adam and Blake so they can calm the f-down before rejoining the show?

  28. Davey says:

    The worst thing about this season of The Voice and there are several bad things is Jake Worthington in the top 5 over about 10 other better singing contestants. What a joke!

    • Davey, I knew it was going to happen yet screamed NO at my TV. Is this show not called “The voice” He doesn’t have the voice or anything else to offer compared to the any of the bottom 4. Aloha,

  29. ronnie says:

    And one of the best voices EVER on the show has been eliminated and I believe SABATOGED by the producers!! Ageism is prevalent with this. Period. I’m officially done with a show that keeps internet tween pop vocalist and bad country singers on because they are trying to keep a younger audience for ratings. I hope Blake finds a way to get Sisaundra a record deal because she is a true talent!!

    • analythinker says:

      Maybe not the producers, because she got the lowest retweet numbers for the save anyway…

    • rio says:

      This show goes downhill every year. The blind auditions are the best part. By this point in the season we end up with whoever has the widest appeal–and that is not the same thing as the best. Sisaundra’s talent should have taken her to the finale. (Sing “Mountain High, River Deep” and you are going to get into trouble. Listening to that jackhammer of a song is hard work.) But I suspect her elimination– and Devyn’s–is completely a result of demographics. Ageism is part of it, but Jake is even more in line with the taste of those who watch a show like “The Voice.” Discouraging result tonight, but entirely predictable.
      One real talent is left: Josh. He won’t win.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree as far as the producers…I think they can and do screw with the votes…Sisaundra & Audra were my favorites…Seem like allot of people are going on and on about Sisaundra (which I get ) but, I think Audra is incredible…Listen to the night she sang ‘you lie” by Reba. As Usha said, she’s amazing and has the talent to move a room with out MOVING…and Adam, commented “that was as perfect as a vocal could be…As far as Blake, he’s the only judge who actually cares even when the show is over…so, he will help Sisaundra and Audra…Let’s not forget that Blake won with a country singer but also with Jermaine Paul who is not a county singer and then with Cassadee Pope who also is not a county singer…So, Blake is still my favorite.

  30. Carole says:

    I agree with those who think Sisaundra should have stayed over Jake ! Everyone else who stayed is awesome!

  31. HTGR says:

    Once again, a joke. Very glad Kat was saved though. But why was she was even at risk??????????? (And how does she keep getting placed so high on iTunes and apparently so few votes?? I guess people just buy her stuff but don’t call or website vote. I bet Grimme has more media savy, rabid voting fans and might even be challenging Josh for actual votes, every email they have 10x votes and every phone line 10x votes. I guess Kat lovers just buy the iTunes and maybe dial once and done.)
    But come on they are KILLING the damn show with these non-stops elims, we are complaint about how two at a time is destroying things so their response is to now go to three????? People are gone before you know them. Risks are too risky. Underdogs are dead before they even know they are underdogs. In this, for all it’s issues, American Idol, is simply destroying The Voice. I skipped virtually the entire season of A.I. this year and yet by just watching the last top group left on Idol I will see more of them sing live than I will contestants on The Voice having watched the entire season! Maybe this is also why Idol singers do a bit better on charts (although Idol doesn’t make every good singer in the top ten a hit anymore, not even the finalists now).
    How can you have Tess gone after the second week they got to sing solo and live?? How can you have Sisaundra and Delvin gone by the third week? How is Sisaundra not a better voice better than most of the top five? Yeah I wasn’t crazy about her this week (just as well though as she’d never have lasted next week anyway, it’s clear, so at least she got to sing something her mom liked), but fact is she has one the best voices this season. I’m not really feeling Delvin’s style so much, I think you can make a darn good case he has a better voice than a few in the top five.
    For me top five voices: Josh, Kat, Sisaundra, Tess, Delvin. (although that said I wasn’t necessarily crazy about Delvin in terms of what I’d buy. And a couple times Sisaundra, such as last night, didn’t really do it for me, but she’s blown me away in ways I loved other times and she has a voice regardless.) But by whatever method you rate or like and maybe it’s very different, you gotta admit that to have lost Sisaundra and Tess and Delvin before the lives have barely gotten going and for the semi-final to be here like a day after the lives started, something is messed beyond messed. And a whole lotta fault is with the dual and now triple elim nonsense.
    And last night Kat brought us something! and yet risk of elim! wth
    OK well I’ve said too much for not saying anything anymore.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah ignore my post. I had it right last week.
      Just take it for what it is, people vote how they vote. Contestants, viewers can’t take it too seriously. Congrats and best to all wherever you finish. Making it onto the show means you have it and congrats for that. Enjoy the ride. The rest is just a very limited little mini-popularity contest, to some extent. Where you place doesn’t necessarily mean anything ideal world or even in the greater real world (which tends to be rather different from reality tv world, plus it’s so much larger that you can niche yourself in better than in a smaller world like a show like this and better find your audience).
      It’s futile trying to see it as anything more and go on about it.

  32. danin says:

    Adam looks like a nazi w/that hair

  33. Ace says:


    I take you at your word, Oldie McCreakypants.

  34. Danny says:

    Dang, this show sure cuts em down fast. Last night my 3 favorites were Kat, Sisandra, and Kristen. Rocker chicks never seem to do well on these types of shows. It’s almost like a top 5 is their ceiling. I hope Kat breaks the trend.

  35. Jan says:

    Sisaundra did herself no favors by consistently performing songs that were 20, 30, 40 years old. She never positioned herself as someone who was relevant to the current music industry, no matter how great of a singer she is. This happens pretty much every year on The Voice — an older female vocalist with a great voice gets voted off early because she isn’t current. Not sure why anyone would have expected a different result this time around.

    Kat will likely be gone next week, so I don’t know if it matters that she got saved — again.

    • Jaxguy says:

      The problem is most of the newer songs out there could be sung by a trained seal. They don’t require great vocals just someone in a studio. America doesn’t love great singers anymore especially the young America that votes for these show’s contestants. Just listen to the total crap played on the radio. Average at best.

      • HTGR says:

        Largely agree. Will there be any Whitney Houston, Ann Wilson, etc. to emerge from 2010s?? Did we even have that from 2000s? Not that I put down pop today as much as you do and the singers aren’t as bad as you claim (and some of them are in some ways harder to sing in that some rely totally on specific vocal tone or one particular trick the singer has or certain auto-tune tricks and without that they don’t work at all, so both easier and harder at once). But the real great beyond great voices combined with great beyond great artistry….
        as I said in another post it’s weird because whine about how there are no greats like that like their used to be and yet anytime sings remotely like that they are like yucky that sounds like rock and roll that’s old, yucky all she does is belt and scream and screech.
        When people stop calling rock and roll outdated (which sounds so crazy since that was THE one thing that had always been considered cool and now coffee house is considered cooler!?! all the darn hipsters hah and hip-hoppers and grungers have ruined it haha) or big female voices outdated maybe we will once again. Until then….
        Are you gonna use 90s rap and grunge to show off your voice? I don’t think so. (Although that one group on the xfactor did some cool rap type stuff, but even then, their best was a rapped up POP song hah at the judge’s house and again that is not something that would work for the singers on the voice anyway)

        • MrTemecula says:

          “Did we even have that from 2000s?”

          Aguilera? Blige? You are right about this decade. I can’t think of anyone new who stands out. Adele perhaps.

      • Jan says:

        I disagree. There are a lot of great current songs that she could have chosen. For example, she would have killed any number of John Legend’s songs. Or why not cover a Justin Timberlake song? Or a more obscure Adele song that hasn’t already been done to death? Or an Alicia Keys song? You are disrespecting a bunch of current artists (far more than the few I’ve mentioned) who have very good voices. Not to mention the songs themselves — there are a lot of very well written songs on the radio. Sisaundra easily could have looked at any of the current radio charts and found several songs to try and cover.

    • MC says:

      Exactly. Sisaundra is a hellluva vocalist, but the blueprint for success can’t be singing Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin on back-to-back nights. That was a good formula in 2004 on AI, but in 2014 younger voters want more current stuff. Viewers, especially the younger ones, need a personal frame of reference to connect to a song selection. They’re going to prefer more current tunes and, as a result, they are naturally going to drift toward Christina (for example) over Sisaundra. I’m an older viewer and even I’m tired of Tina Turner and Aretha. I imagine the younger viewers are just completely disconnected from that material.

      • giselle says:

        But everybody sings the same “current” stuff, and that gets boring. Lots of times the same songs are done on “Voice” and “Idol” in the same season. Shouldn’t the coaches be the ones to help mix things up (current vs. oldies) and guide the contestants keeping that in mind? Seems like this show should be renamed “The Coaches” because it is becoming more about them and bragging rights than it is about helping the contestants grow. Sorry–sometimes the unfairness of these shows really gets to me.

      • Barnard says:

        And this is how Blake screwed Sisaundra.

        • pmet says:

          I’m not sure how Blake “screwed” Sisaundra. He stated that she picked the song she sang Monday night, which, imo was not a good choice for this competition. He actually picked better for her. I’m not saying she was his top priority, but I don’t think he threw her under the bus. I believe he thought she would make the top 5 prior to Monday.

          • Kelly says:

            I agree…Sisaundra picked the right judge as far as I’m concerned…If you follow the other two wins, which were not country you will find that Blake really does care, even after the show…he will help them get a record deal just he has with his other winners…He didn’t throw Sisaundra under the bus and you are correct, she picked her own songs (most of the time) I still say Audra & Sisaundra have beautiful voices.

    • trimaran12 says:


  36. growth says:

    As soon as the blind auditions are over, the show ceases being about “the voice” and becomes centered on “the coaches.”

  37. monicaplace says:

    Um, Adam, Kat compared to Terry McDermott I might believe…but you forgot about Juliet Sims. Kat would be #2 or #3 in that lineup. Still nice to shake things up with a rocker.

  38. Haas says:

    I’ve grown tired with this show. I believe this will be my final season with it. Judges antics (Adam’s hair is the latest) galore, complete lack of ANY constructive criticism due to the “coaching” aspect, Carson’s pitiful emcee capabilities, and unending weeks of battle nonsense. I foresee a major ratings decline in this show’s future.

    • Jaxguy says:

      The critiques last night were pathetic. And if you want to summarize this show I have 3 names: Amanda Brown, Judith Hill and now Sisaundra Lewis. Sickening, just sickening.

  39. AlyB says:

    Obviously I would have preferred to see Sisaundra safe over Jake but when push came to shove and I had to choose who I actually wanted to see next week, I tweeted to #VoiceSave Kat. Of the 4 up there, she’s the one I was most likely to actually enjoy in coming weeks and maybe even buy her iTunes. Sisaundra has impeccable vocals but her choice of Natural Woman and the dramatic delivery reminded me of the things I really didn’t care for about her instead of giving me a reason to want to hear more. In the end, knowing that not just Sisaundra but also Delvin and Audra were unlikely to ever do anything on that stage that nailed what I like, I went with Kat. Sisaundra is an amazing talent and I do wish her well. Overall, with the exception of Jake, I’m pretty pleased with the results. Everyone I wanted to see make it through; Josh, Christina, Kristen and Kat, is there. This was a brutal elimination though. I’d like for them to condense all the upfront auditions and battles into less shows and give us more live weeks with single eliminations.

  40. Wendy says:

    I think I am suffering “The Voice” fatigue. I find myself uncaring. That’s never good. I usually get so invested in these shows, but the filler and the ridiculous amount of time that Carson Freaking Daly spends drawing out the “suspense” before announcing who is safe, makes me want to throw something at my beautiful TV. My DVR officially doesn’t care anymore. I can read about it. :)

  41. Stefany says:

    Vici Martinez. Amanda Brown. Amber Carrington. Sissaundra Lewis. Way to keep dropping *TALENTED* women. Still love the blinds, but losing faith in the rest of the process.

  42. skrable2 says:

    The blind auditions are the best thing about this show. The voting by “America” is the worst.

    • skrable2 says:

      And by “America,” I mean the fact that it isn’t America voting … it’s small segments of people, dominated by those with established fan bases.

      • Timmah says:

        It’s pretty amusing to me that they leave 3 eliminations up to people on Twitter, excluding everyone West of the Mississippi from the process. I’m glad I stopped watching this mess a few weeks ago. Sounds like the show is getting the awful outcome it deserves.

        • trimaran12 says:

          This. And yes, people out west can vote on twitter but it’s hard to do at work or in your car during your commute.

          • Timmah says:

            And that’s only if you happen to remember that the show is on and you don’t mind getting the results spoiled.

        • giselle says:

          Wonder how many people are removed from that voting who do not have Twitter accounts? I’ll bet there are actually people out there who don’t.

          • Francine says:

            There are a LOT of people out there that don’t use Twitter… though I imagine the majority of people who watch The Voice do, so I dont know if its an issue. I don’t use it so I’m out of luck as far as the save goes.

      • ME says:

        I agree with this. I live in the Houston area not far from Jake’s hometown and the support for Jake here is relentless. Just about every business has a sign up asking for people to vote. If you want to know how a seasoned singer like Sisaundra got beat by someone who really needs to spend a little more time sharpening up their performing skills that is how.

  43. Tina says:

    No point in watching it now…I’ll just read the recap after the finale to see that Shakira or User did not win

  44. Random says:

    1. Christina
    2. Josh
    3. Kristen

    The results for season 6 of the voice

  45. Eurydice says:

    I don’t have a problem with Sisaundra being voted off. She started out fabulous and ended up as a caricature. If she could have performed even one song with some delicacy instead of bludgeoning everything over the head, the results might have been different. As for who’s the better representative of country music, Audra may have a better voice, but Jake has the better authenticity, commitment and, weirdly, enunciation – and those seem to be more important to storytelling than having the best voice. In any case, it seems like Christina or Josh will win.

    • MC says:

      I agree that Audra’s enunciation was a huge factor in her downfall, but on “Done” I thought that she finally cleared that hurdle. Too little, too late. It’s something Audra needs to consistently clean up if she wants to go far in country music.

    • ETG says:

      I agree about Sisaundra; it got to the point where she was just being too melodramatic every week and I am not entertained by drama. I also agree with your assessment of Jake over Audra; he’s also better than Kristen by a mile, as far as country music is concerned.

  46. Terry says:

    Wow, i thought Sissaundra and Josh would go to the end, although my favorite is Kristen.
    Does anyone think the show is somewhat rigged? Between Kristen barely being shown in the Battle rounds, then her mike shutting off, and finally yesterday’s production in which the band was balanced much louder than her it seems like something funny is going on. How many times have we seen the singer perform the wrong song for them? I would love to be able to know more about how the show is made, but of course no one is allowed to speak.

  47. MamaLis says:

    I hesitate to say this bcuz apparently we have an Audra (once-removed?) family member in the crowd – and I’ll preface it by saying she’s a lovely girl with a powerhouse voice.
    BUT…. The Coaches did her a huge dis-service by not providing REAL feedback on her performances and helping her with annunciation/DICTION!
    Literally, again tonight, I heard this: “I don’t wanna ssupp aa puuppa-tom ppuu. I sum ta-da bum da pupda-pum. All I wanna be is DONE!”
    Perhaps she wouldn’t be done if they would have helped her a bit.

    • HTGR says:

      Weird. I’m even from the North and even with her twang and accent and not even having heard the song all that much before I understood every word just fine.
      Anyway, if one of the country singers from Blake was to go through it shoulda been her.

    • Matrix says:

      I thought every word was totally clearly – not sure what’s going on with your tv speakers, mamaLis.

      • Matrix says:

        * totally clear

      • HTGR says:

        Sometimes I really wonder if the fact that most viewers probably listen on ultra low end TV speakers or other weird equipment that might be pricier but have a weird balance or some resonances that react really badly with some voices, etc., (heck even the best flat ones have some weird thing or another that may smooth out or grate up at least one person’s voice a touch) doesn’t alter opinions at times. I’ve been mostly listening with Sennheiser HD600/HD650 driven by Benchmark DAC1 PRE headphone amp and occasionally with NHT Threes speakers. But some speakers are really harsh for treble (even many an expensive one) and some, especially TV speakers, have really feeble bass and poor SNR that can jumble things up a lot, they have soo little defintion (it’s stunning how much more you hear using some equipment than others, it can be revelation to hear better equipement for the first time and realize that you can actually hear each instrument distinctly and sounding like it’s particular instrument instead of a sort of mush of notes coming from who knows what, sometimes able to hear exactly where each and every instrument is on stage).
        Mostly it’s probably not too big a deal, but sometimes I wonder.

    • Mike says:

      Zactly! I tweeted during her performance that I could only understand every 6th world.

    • LG says:

      I understood most of Done, actually. I thought she did much better with her diction on that song. However, on the last two songs she has sang…”You Lie” and “Forgive”, I couldn’t understand at least half of the words. I also didn’t know the songs, so hearing the words would’ve definitely been a benefit.

    • Joe says:

      MamaLis – I couldn’t understand a word she said either.

  48. Sarah says:

    Sisaundra OUT?!?!? Well I now have zero interest in this season of The Voice. Rather than waste hours each week, I will spend under two minutes voting for Josh Kaufman, then move on with my life.

  49. Jake>Sissaundra?!?!?! Gah…that’s ‘MERICA for ‘ya.

    • HTGR says:

      I wonder what the results would be if America as whole voted. I can’t help but think Sisaundra would’ve pulled ahead. I think reality tv viewership is slanted Southern/Middle America and radically less by % watch in the mega-population bases of LA and NYC and such. I could be wrong, but I gotta think, at least she would be close. Man as I said though, you can’t take any of it seriously though.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Word. It’s so strange to me, but hey, that’s democracy in action. I have the rare ability to never vote for a president who wins despite voting for both dems and republicans. It’s a skill I have.

  50. Mike says:

    First of all the decision to go from top 8 to top 5 is ridiculous. This show started the season after idol and will conclude before idol. What is the rush? I remember it lasting until June last year. This decision was horrible and it will show.

    • trimaran12 says:

      So true. Regardless of who should have left, how many weeks of voting rounds are we getting this year? Five?

    • HTGR says:


    • Ana Andrade says:

      Last year Season 4 premiered near the end of March. This time it premiered at the end of February.

      • Mike says:

        Yes but if there shouldn’t be these few voting rounds. We should have more. It felt as though the other rounds were all extended. anything the greatest cuts should have been in another round, not this one. Top 8 to top 5 is absurd.
        It’s not called ” America’s” Voice so we have no right to complain I suppose.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Yes, and it’s not like it was a bad season either. If they wanted to rush because they knew their talent was weak, then I’d applaud the production decision, but this is simply stupid. Even TJ and Dani weren’t terrible and i’d have been more than happy getting another week of performances from either of them. That season with Michelle Chamuel and Danielle Bradbery they needed to do this where they quickly cut to the final 2 because the leadup was painful. That season sucked.