The Originals' Joseph Morgan Previews Klaus' Reaction to Haylijah, Mikael's Dark Plan and More

The Originals SpoilersThe battle for New Orleans finally begins tonight on The Originals (The CW, 8/7c) — but with an endangered baby on the way and a vengeful father crawling back from the Other Side, Joseph Morgan tells TVLine that Klaus’ attention is pretty divided at the moment.

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Below, Morgan previews the final twists of Season 1, including Klaus’ reaction to Hayley and Elijah’s kiss, as well as Klaus’ own “huge” moment at the end of next week’s finale.

TVLINE | Elijah and Hayley finally kissed last week. I imagine Klaus won’t be thrilled.
I don’t think it’s going to go down too well. Klaus is very possessive over his siblings, and he wants to be the center of attention. That comes from his childhood, from being the outcast of his family. He tries to force his siblings’ affection and love, and someone else being the subject of that won’t sit well with him. Also, the fact that it’s Hayley and she’s carrying his child will be really difficult for him to get his head around. The truth is, they’d probably be better without Klaus. In a time of peace, when they could make a go of it as a family, Elijah would make a good father.

TVLINE | Speaking of good fathers, is Mikael really coming back?
He’s only back in dreams and visions at the moment, but I’d say that’s still pretty terrible news. He’s the monster who monsters were afraid of, to quote Klaus. He wants nothing more than to put his bastard son to rest once and for all. I always felt like, when Klaus staked Mikael on The Vampire Diaries, it was almost too easy. I felt like, “That guy’s coming back at some point.” He’s a threat to be reckoned with, and now he’s trying to break through to life — or, to unlife, him being a vampire and all. It’s a terrifying prospect.

TVLINE | I love that the Other Side’s collapse on TVD is also being felt on The Originals. It’s like a mini-crossover.
It is like a mini-crossover, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to say, “After this point, we can’t just bring anyone back anytime we like.” The stakes are higher. What it also says is there’s a very small window where anyone who we’ve seen could potentially come back. Until the Other Side is gone, there’s a chance for anyone.

klaus-jenna-blogTVLINE | Let’s talk about that window. Who would you like to bring back?
It would be nice to bring Aunt Jenna back. I feel kind of bad about that one. Consider this my public apology to Aunt Jenna. I know it was bloody years ago, but I still feel terrible. It wasn’t a great way to come into Mystic Falls. I didn’t make many friends, initially, having done that. So, yeah, sorry about that one.

TVLINE | Hayley’s due date is fast approaching. Will we see a baby this season?
You know, I hope so. It’s the one thing that’s kept Klaus’ humanity. He’s slowly coming around to the idea of this baby, and if that baby isn’t born — or is killed after it’s born, or is taken from him — that will send him down a very dark path. And he’s made so much progress this season, it would be a shame.

TVLINE | I understand Klaus makes a “heartbreaking decision” in the finale. Can you elaborate?
Well, it’s very heartbreaking, it’s a decision and he has to make it. That’s all I can say about it.

TVLINE | I get the feeling you’ve already been asked about that.
[Laughs] I have. Surprisingly, I have. I’ll tell you this: It’s the last scene I have in the entire season, and it was very emotional for me to play. It was also very necessary for the character.

TVLINE | Will that be the finale’s cliffhanger?
First of all, the last two episodes are absolutely action-packed and emotionally-charged. They’re huge episodes, and my last scene is going to be big, emotional, huge. It’s everything coming together. And then you’re going to see another scene, and that one’s going to make you go, “Oh, I want to watch Season 2 right now!” That’s about the sum of it.

Browse photos from this week’s episode below, then drop a comment: What are your hopes for the end of the season?


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  1. Luz says:

    Too bad Aunt Jenna can’t come back, it was already explained, she died as an innnocent, she’s not on the other side.

    • wordsmith says:

      And by “innocent”, you mean a non-supernatural. There are innocents on the Other Side – technically all Werewolves are murderers, but you don’t actually have to kill anybody if you’re a vampire or a witch.

  2. Molly V says:

    Unless Caroline is coming, I don’t care.

  3. spindae2 says:

    great interview! I love to hate Klaus. but only one major mistake happened, in Mystic falls spring break happened and Klaus impregnated Hayley in March, so the timeline thingy isn’t really working.

  4. Daniel says:


  5. yamshams says:

    I am so ready for this show to be done for the season. The plot is all over the place, the characters feel inaccessible, and it just feels like a huge disappointment all around. Next season, please give us more Originals and less random love interests. I don’t care who Klaus is jealous of, I really do not. All of these female characters are awful and insubstantial and that needs to change, or they need to create a new female lead that we can RELATE to. I don’t care if it’s Caroline or the Queen of England, I’m just over the “PLEASE LOVE HAYLEY, SHE IS SUPER DUPER SPECIAL” campaign and it’s made me actively hate a character that I was previously neutral on. Davina is okay, but obviously tertiary. Camille is boring as heck and I can’t even be bothered to be annoyed by her. I’m just sick of these white dudes and their problems. Please give us better female characters (and a better story), ok?

  6. veepster says:

    oh goody 2 brothers fighting over a brunette mary sue somebody alert the media to this brand new original storytelling!
    God every single thing about this show sucks so bad, i can´t even it had all the potential in the world but nope we got a year long pregnancy, crying originals, werewolves and witches. Not the story about the original family that we were told this was gonna be…

  7. li says:

    WhWhy do I have this feeling that this ‘another scene’ will be about the ridiculous baby staying alive? If so, no I don’t want to watch s2 at all.y do I have this feeling that this ‘another scene’ will be about the ridiculous baby staying alive? If so, no I don’t want to watch s2 at all.

    • veepster says:

      I know right, if it lives season 2 will be all about the baby and who´s gonna try and steal it this week.

      • may says:

        Yes, I have really hard time sticking to the show with the stupid twilight pregnacy, if they keep it alive I’m done.
        JOMO you are cute babe but not so cute to make me watch ‘two vampires and a half’.

    • someone will steal the baby and the first half of S2 will be about searching for the baby or it will be about lets protect the baby storyline.

  8. jessica dart says:

    i am scared that somehow he will have to choose between his baby living and Marcel living since Marcel is also like a child of his. i will be ticked if they kill Marcel!!

  9. cece says:

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode! Soon the baby will be born, Klaus will put someone else first! Loving The Originals.

  10. Rocío says:

    Sorry, but Klaus’s redemption through a baby, without Rebekah and Elijah babysitting everyone is not my idea of a show for The Original Family. For those who watched The Vampire Diaries and loved the Originals on Season 3, this is a joke.

  11. Fran says:

    I guess I’m the only one who likes Hayley…. I thought the whole pregnancy storyline was lame initially, but I’ve actually been enjoying it. Oh well.

  12. Escarlata says:

    Haylijah romance story is the worst I’ve seen in a TV series, have forced all season, and now Elijah father of the girl, no, I like Klaus with Hayley,i must be the only in the world but I want they to stay together.

  13. Mikael says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull an “Angel” and have the baby get taken and then come back grown up. If that does happen, let’s all hope that it’s not nearly as insufferable as Connor was. He basically ruined the show. I love that JM said that he thought Mikael was killed off too easily. That always bugged me. They were all terrified of him and he was staked so easily. Also, I hope that next year they trim down the plot. This year was crazy with the Klaus vs. Marcel, Celeste, Davina and the harvest, vampires vs. witches vs. werewolves, the baby. They packed in like 2-3 seasons of plot!

    • veepster says:

      I would not put it past Julie Plec to pull an Angel and pretend like the plot is an original idea in the hope To viewers didnt watch Angel.

  14. lei says:

    Just a wild guess about the heartbreaking decision he has to make. Since the Guerrera wolves’ strength is from Klaus, he will sacrifice himself to save Hayley and the baby?

  15. pv says:

    I just watched the episode and I just have to say this is a game changer. The best episode of the season, at least the top 3.

    • Ivan says:

      Yup game changer all right..if Only they would get over the whole witch thing.. Vampires, Werewolfs ok, witch? lame and boring..

  16. Stephine Watson says:

    The show is amazing, dont want to see the baby die or even Claus..And for those haters, why post if u hate the show so,do u not have a life?

  17. jane says:

    Looks like hayley might be sacrificing her own child could that be the big twist and is klaus holding the baby at the end hope not would be so gutted sorry i watched trailer for finale lol

  18. lorna says:

    Less witches’ please. Tvd needs to bring Alaric back to breathe some life into this horrendous season.

  19. Kathy says:

    i’m thinking that either Klaus will have to choose between his life and his child’s or that of Haley and the child. I do find it interesting that in one pic klaus is over Haley with a stake at her heart. ????

  20. lisa says:

    This show is awesome! Love the character’s and I hope none die. Can’t wait for the finale.

  21. Timothy Steele says:

    If he kills Haley is can still live because of the hybrid baby bloods, that’s in her system.

  22. Memi says:

    I am a huge fan of Elijah an Haley. He really loves her and I feel she is coming at around and loves him. Jackson as her intended is just a stupid roadblock. If she were to pick him over Elijah I’m will be so pissed. I prefer Marcel and Cami more so than with Klaus. He is meant to be with Caroline (Sorry I’m a shipper). I hope that baby doesn’t die because there is no Originals without Klaus so the theory he sacrifices himself for mother and child so that theory is out. I don’t see Haley out due to her relationship to Elijah. Hate that main harvest girl that killed her aunt because she wasn’t a true harvest believer. She looks more like a bug eyed capped tooth alien than a witch and hope she dies. Mikel is good but to bring him back in the flesh is totally unnecessary . The Guerra she-wolf is irritating I bet they keep her sorry furry butt. I hope season 2 is not a search for baby Mikaelson will get old pretty fast I hope the don’t do an Angel and bring her back as older. Seeing her grow up and her relationship with Klaus will be priceless.

  23. librocks says:

    I love The Originals….i think Rebekah’s leaving wsa justified becoz in a way she deserves some time away from her family to sort out her life
    Whoever thinks the baby plot is like Twilight is just commenting without reading the book…..Twilight seriosuly sucked with the baby plot because it was not able to show us emotions with some super fast growing monster baby that could not live one day with hurting Bella inside her
    The Originals is able to make the baby plot really amazing…’s never remained the focus of the story and it definitely did not turned out like Twilight…..did Klaus hate his child for being alive or had he become a 24/7 mute crying robot like Edward and when was Hayley just lying here and there becoz of baby….she was so active and slowly she started accpeting and loving her child…….Bella actually loved her child becoz it’s Edward’s but Hayley loved her child despite having Klaus as it’s father (obviously she never thought Klaus would be suhc good father)
    TO has done pretty well with baby plot and one can understand why despite being so ruthless and heartless, Klaus loves his child
    I am neither Halijah’s fan nor Klaroline’s becoz i don’t get any sense in any of them…..Halijah has zero chemistry and Klaroline despite having chemistry does not seem to fit together and it’s clear that both have moved on
    Anyway i am definitely eager and full mood for season finale and next season too…..i’m actually waiting to see how Klaus’s daughter turns out to be

  24. mykol says:

    U knw i always tot nik was invicible turns out he was bested at his own game by some lame witches,wanna see more of his wolf side in season 2,NIK DNT U EVR TURN! At least i enjoyed tyler in dt aspect.