Glee Recap: Wish Upon a Fallen Star

Glee Peter Pan RecapA blonde Santana? A solo-less Blaine? Glee truly went to the dogs this week — in more ways than one — as the gleeks attempted, once again, to figure out their next steps in life.

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YOU CAN FLY! YOU CAN DIE! | A chance encounter with legendary Broadway flop Maggie Banks (special guest-star June Squibb) lead Kurt to a retirement home production of Peter Pan, and a chance death (RIP, Debbie!) landed him the title role. Things took a touching turn when Kurt attempted reconnected Maggie with her daughter, a super-busy lawyer who still harbors a boat load of resentment for her mom, who always put her career before her family. Fortunately, in true Glee fashion, everything turned out all right in the end.

PUBLIC RELATIONS | Desperate to salvage her reputation in the theater community, Rachel — with help from budding publicist Santana — launched Broadway Bitches, an organization dedicated to… something with dogs. I’m kind of fuzzy with the details, as was Rachel. She eventually came to her senses, though, allowing Kurt’s retirement performers to sing at her big adoption event.

TRAINING DAY | Sam, meanwhile, found himself in the doghouse when he surprised Mercedes with a tiny terror named McConaughey. (It’s all fun and games until someone’s weave gets chewed up!) Through the magic of musical montages, Sam and Artie managed to whip the pooch into shape, but that didn’t immediately squash Samcedes’ issues. In fact, little McConaughey ended up being re-adopted by a nice elderly couple, much to Sam’s dismay.

And now, we play the Rating Game…
Sam, Rachel, Mercedes and Artie: “I Melt With You” — Rating: B-
Kurt and Maggie: “Memory” — Rating: A-
Sam and Artie: “Werewolves of London” — Rating: B-
Kurt and Maggie: “Lucky Star” — Rating: A-
The whole crew: “Take Me Home Tonight” — Rating: B+

What was your favorite song from this week’s Glee? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your review of the Chris Colfer-penned episode.


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  1. Shazay says:

    I didn’t like any of the songs this week, there should be a “None of the above” option.

    • Clau says:

      so….you are a gleek since season 4 o 5, uh?! you newbies that think that the original glee is all pop, no continuity or irrelevant storylines and is all about Rachel and Blaine.

      • Emily says:

        Wow….way to jump to conclusions. Not every episode has amazing song choices, no need to bite the poster’s head off. They never said anything about it being all about Rachel and Blaine just that they simply didn’t like the song choices. And this week was not the most memorable when it comes to songs.

      • dude says:

        I’ve been watching since episode 1 and I didn’t like any of the songs either. Doesn’t mean anything except I didn’t like those specific songs. Also, I don’t think ANYONE became a fan of Glee in season four.

        • Liz says:

          LMAO! Yeah everyone seemed to jump the boat around season 3.

        • KevyB says:

          Nothing better than the people who treat shows and celebrities like they are their grandchildren. Yeah, I like Melt with You, but it definitely wasn’t the greatest selection of songs. And ANOTHER Madonna song? And, really, ONCE AGAIN to the “Rachel is self-involved and treats her friends badly but learns how to be a real friend in the end” well? Please can we see THAT storyline a few dozen more times??? How many times does her “best friend” Kurt have to be treated poorly before he just tosses her to the curb? Honestly, can’t they find anything for Artie to do other than filming his friends whenever they do something stupid?

      • Shazay says:

        Clau, I’ve been watching since season 1, thank you very much. I know what I’m talking about. I don’t know why you had to react like that just because I disliked the songs this week. There was a time I’d actually buy songs week to week, since last year I just haven’t loved any of the music. I loved the show, and loved the music, but that hasn’t been the case lately. I’m allowed to have an opinion, and even if someone has been watching since season 4 or 5, they are allowed to have an opinion too. You need to relax, and stop being offended by comments others leave, that’s psychotic.

      • Jess says:

        lol the show has always been about Rachel…ever since the first episode. Blaine is just a gay Rachel.

    • rini says:

      I love Memory, And I really like all the songs. I’m sure you have close to zero followers?

      • Shazay says:

        What are you talking about? Followers? I have no idea what you mean. I think you got lost on your way to twitter.

    • Angela says:

      I have no problem with the songs themselves…but I did think some of them were oddly shoehorned into scenes. But this show often has strange segues in that regard, so…*Shrugs*. Also, I don’t know if Chris was able to help pick out the music for this episode, considering he wrote it, but whomever did, they clearly love the ’80s :).

      • rini says:

        Chris picked the songs for Kurt, and co-picked the others. The writers room handed him the choices of songs and he picked the ones that match the story line. There’s a background to him choosing Memory and Lucky Star. It’s explained in interviews in other websites.
        It’s actually a real coincidence that the songs are all from 80s. It’s also in the interview.

  2. Joel says:

    Omg, that was horrid!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to this show? It was badly written, lots of disconnects, didn’t make sense.

    • OMG, what are you talking about? That was one of the only good (or even quasi-bearable) episodes they’ve had in years.

      • dude says:

        You think THAT was the best episode they’ve had in years? Not a terrible hour but by no means a season highlight nevermind series.

      • Yackov says:

        That was one of the worst episodes of any show I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Laura says:

      Hi, darren.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I thought of it as more of a one-off episode. It sort of existed outside of everything else that’s going on with the show.

      • ANON R says:

        “it sort of existed outside everything else that’s going on the show.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
        Do you see the irony of that sentence.

        • Andy Swift says:

          I sit atop the throne of irony.

          • rini says:

            Andy, why is the review so short this time? I hope you’re not trying to treat Chris Colfer’s penned episode differently. And why must you put a solo-less Blaine in the title? That’s obviously not one should grasp from watching the episode. Blaine didn’t have solo in some previous episodes, too, and you didn’t highlight that, why must you do that now?
            It’s better to put something like “Another Kurt Solo, at last” coz really, this is only his 2nd solo in season 5, so he has only the first and the last (2) coz next week there won’t be any solo for him too. Maybe you could ask for a switch of reviewer staff, if you dislike Glee – better than torture yourself for always have to make recaps about it? just suggesting.

          • Shazay says:

            Andy, I had no clue you wrote the recap, I just thought you were a random commenter, but I agree with you on most all of your comments regarding the ep, but you were way too forgiving of the songs this week.

      • Sol says:

        Blessing for being so. It’s the only one bearable.

        • Clau says:

          yeah is so sad for my too Sol, i mean Chris is so busy being a New Yorks Times Betseller writer!!

          • Sol says:

            And he’s comming back this summer to that list. Let blee go down in their blarren juices. Chris’ got a great future everywhere else.

      • rini says:

        Andy, that’s because Kurt has major development only now ever since – season 5 started. Before, glee only tells about his relationship with Blaine. I’m confused as to why you can say such things, coz other story lines just never really connect, actually.
        Now in this episode Kurt got the validation of character that he needs from season 1.
        If ppl don’t like this episode, I’d say Kurt/Chris just don’t need to be in Glee and create a show of his own – which more likely will have much more dedicated viewers.

      • Mike says:

        I actually thought it worked as a good bridge episode. Rachel was dealing with the fallout of messing up with Funny Girl last episode, Samcedes relationship was progressing with Sam actually not acting like such an idiot that the writers have obsessively been writing him as the last 2 seasons, and Kurt was dealing with nearly all of his friends from high school having these huge publicly-recognized professional opportunities.

    • the best episode says:

      Angry, Jealous Darren/Blaine fans desperately need to tear Chris down but a great episode is great. So much respect for this young hard-working writer!

    • rini says:

      actually this episode connects with the entire arc – even stories from the season 1.
      so, this one is really written well, compared to other episodes.
      the ideas are fresh too, since we’ve seen so many previous episodes playing around with too many dream sequences and unreal fantasies – which doesn’t make any sense.
      I don’t know maybe you said this because you want to get Colfer down – since he wrote this episode himself. I think maybe the purpose of a penultimate episode (right before the season finale) is to make light stories and such. And I find these negative comments here amusing coz the previous episodes just sort of disconnect between one another, too, – the extra character come and go just like that, the flow of the stories on and off.
      In this episode, Kurt is getting the main storyline. Maybe you think it’s off the story because Kurt hasn’t got any major storyline of his own, other than his relationship with Blaine.
      we as fans really like this episode and want more emphasize of Kurt stories such as this one.

      • AngieD says:

        I agree that the episode was well written. None of the characters was doing anything that was out of character – it was more consistent with their histories as compared to some created by the regular writing staff. He made Samcedes more real than any of the other writers, as well.

    • rini says:

      which parts are disconnected? can you even give one example?
      I think all are interconnected very well, even more if we see how connectionless the previous episodes are. That’s just how Glee is sometimes, actually. No story has to be entirely connected. Remember “Tested”? That one has no connection with other stories, yet no one complained like this. If you can’t answer me, that means you only wanted to make bad name for Chris and never actually watched Glee. If you don’t like, stay away and make no comment, better.

    • AngieD says:

      Chris Colfer wrote the episode. I thought he integrated the history of the characters really well, as well as involving personal notes (i.e. Lea is a member of PETA). Granted, it wasn’t a hard edged episode, but it was certainly better than Blaine’s puppet hallucination.

      • sharialynn says:

        I thought he did a stellar job of it better than the really writers have. Racheal, seriously worried about her rep on Broadway. Like a girl from Lima who made it big would be. Sam reminding people of all things that prove he couldn’t be an idiot.

        Plus, Santana finding a career path. Mercedes planning on her tour. The big grou number. The only thing that I think could have been done better would have been using their featured stars a little better.

    • Mike says:

      LOL you can clearly see where the Darren stans are. So sorry that your idol didn’t dominate an episode of Glee for the first time in what feels like forever. Don’t worry, it’ll be back to “all about Blaine” in the finale.

  3. Sharon says:

    I say Colfer might better stick to acti… err.. singing.

    • Clau says:

      oh gosh sweety!! I think you’re referring to darren

      • Sol says:

        I think they are confused too, but poor music industry that has to employ darre, tbh. He wails like a suffering cat.

    • cesar says:

      Acting, singing, writting, producing. And his only 23 :)
      Also nominated two times for Emmy and winner of a Golden Globe.

    • rini says:

      gosh, ppl who don’t really watch this show should think 100 times before giving comments! there are ppl reading your comments out there!!

  4. S says:

    Zero plot development. Zero character development. Songs that don’t fit. Misleading previews meant to rile up the fandom. It was a typical Glee episode. I don’t know why I expected more from Chris. Nor do I understand why I still torture myself by watching.

    • Clau says:

      yes please!!! go away!! go to play with your blainers stand and leave the only good episode that glee has had in 2 years!

    • Sol says:

      To catch for a glimse of darren’s criss excuse of acting and confirming he wasted a lot of money he’s got to spare on a degree that clearly gave no fruits? I’m going with that in your case.

    • Nat says:

      So, I’m guessing you didn’t see Sam because you were too busy looking out for Blaine? Because Sam had more character development in that one episode than he’s had since Season 3.

      On a side note, interesting that most sites seem to be downsizing their involvement with Glee, which is hardly surprising given the ratings – that was the shortest review/article ever.

      • Nat says:

        Oh, and also every single one of those songs (whether you liked them or not) fitted into the storyline of the episode and made sense within the episode. So, how about you stop just flinging words around that you obviously don’t understand – there’s bitter and then there’s stupid.

      • Carmen says:

        You might want to check out the lengthy,detailed and favorable review of 519 in Entertainment Weekly.

      • S says:


        I can’t stand Blaine so your entire comment is completely wrong. I also can’t stand Sam. One grown up monologue from Sam isn’t enough “development” to erase 3 seasons of nothing. Chris tried but didn’t succeed. However, that’s not entirely his fault. That’s the fault of the regular writers.

        And no, the songs did not fit. Before you try to give a vocabulary lesson, you might want to use the correct words yourself since you used ‘fitted’ wrong. You managed to be both bitter and stupid.

        It’s hilarious how all of you assume one negative comment MUST mean that the commenter hates your fave.

    • rini says:

      I object 10000%. Kurt has huge plot and character development+validation + justification for himself, Rachel + Santana has development, even Sam+Mercedes has big development.
      And everyone’s got to sing.
      Maybe you just want to give bad name to Chris. That’s why other commenter think you’re blaine stan coz this is usually something blaine stan will do (proofs from comments in general).
      So, your argument and comment here is 1000000% invalid and not true. No proof whatsoever to validate them.

    • Shazay says:

      S, I totally agree with you! 100%.

  5. Glee says:

    That was kind of hit and mostly miss. Some humorous stuff with the old people and Rachel with the dogs. Not a big fan of Sam or Chord Overstreet’s acting, Amber and the dog carried him this episode.. just way too much Sam for me to enjoy the episode. I also don’t care for Chris Colfers voice on Broadway songs like Memory, that was like C- for me. Rest of the song were not very good. And it doesn’t seem to matter who writes, Rachel is always played as being in the wrong and having to grovel to Kurt. It’s gotten old!

    • Sol says:

      Glee, stop trying to cover your a**. We know you do a nowadays abysmal job at doing your job.

    • rini says:

      it seems that you dislike the entire show why bother watching + commenting?

      • dcl33 says:

        why commenting? because everyone has a right to comment if they want too… this is open “forum” right? I people like and dislike this show. I am sure there’s a forum where people can kiss and lick the floor RIB walk on but this here… its open for negative thoughts also… deal with it cupcake

        • rini says:

          there are many negative comments classified as rude and it’s wrong according to the rules of commenting, actually. But about the negative comments here, well, it makes us that actually like Glee, grow tired and sick of reading it, too.
          It’s better to spread positivity compared to negativity. I can read that some negative comments here has no basement and good reasoning whatsoever, just “bad” “worst” etc without any reason at all. That’s not right coz it can hurt the feelings of ppl who work for that show, too, right? You don’t need to kiss and lick the floor RIB walk – even I don’t want to do that ever. But it’s not right to just bash all feelings we have to others, too – plus if there is no justification to the comment. Well, I hope viewers here are mature enough to know which is valid and which is not. All and All, for Glee viewers since season 1, this is such a good episode and dare to say one of the best in season 5 – no matter what others may say about it. And I am not alone in this.

          • dcl33 says:

            I’d spread positivity about Glee if I’d seen any, bust since mid season 3 Glee sucks a**. You cannot expect people to not be happy about the bad writing, bad story telling, no continuity, poor PSA being shoved down our throat and pretty much RIB p***ing on the fanbase. There is a reason why the show is sinking and why ratings are that low. People showed their support for the show when they went to the concerts and when they buy music and what do we get for that? Good show turning bad cause they cannot make an effort to write a good script. You have professional writers writing this cr*p and if they get their feelings hurt because people dont like the below average writing then they are in the wrong business. Seriously, I read better fanfic stories written by teenagers who are writing for a hobby.
            And here you are being all high and mighty because someone wrote a negative comment about this show.
            I loved glee when it was great, I loved glee when it was good and I loved it when it was just ok. But nothing about glee is good nowdays. Having Colfer write this episode just shows you how desperate they are to make the show likeable again but thats just 1 OK episode in a season, and thats pathetic considering how many rewards this show has won in the past. So yes people are bitter and angry and disappointed and they have every right to express that.

          • netta says:

            This ep also shows that continuity can be done if they care to. Chris did. In general the writers don’t. You shouldn’t expect viewers to put up with being taken for granted and having what we care about — what was set up for us to care about from the start — treated badly. Ratings are still tanking. If we don’t say what we don’t like about what’s been done to the show, those running it and other shows will be in the dark about what’s wrong. Ok so we’re not terribly constructive with most of the feedback, but it is still feedback. And a “creative genius” who made money hand-over-fist from fans at the show’s height shouldn’t have to be coddled.

      • Shazay says:

        Rini, I loved the show, and I’ll stick with it to the end. This doesn’t mean we can’t be disappointed with the way it’s being treated. The writing has been lackluster, and it’s a shame. Someone previously said songs feel shoehorned in and no development is made. When I started watching from the first episode, there was humor in every episode, and the songs were worked into the scenes/show seamlessly. This isn’t the case anymore in my opinion, and thats ok. You don’t need to be defensive over someone having an opinion that doesn’t mirror yours. Don’t take it so personally, it’s just a tv show. No one needs to give you an explanation as to why they watch or comment.

  6. Lyle says:

    Really enjoyed this episode. Had quite a few funny moments. Love the song at the end. I think that’s the first proper group song, or at least the first with everyone, since the transition.

  7. Jen says:

    I really liked the episode. There was actually continuity with regard to Sam and his story lines in seasons 2 and 3. Santana was spot on. Great episode. Hope Chris writes another one.

    • Sol says:

      Same here. For once many people that don’t normally get focus, got it and in a genuine way. Really refreshing. Sadly everything is gone and going back to horrid normal-ness of blee.

    • rini says:

      I do too. and many other people not related to TV Line, really do.
      I think Colfer should write more Glee eps, or at least co-write. Kurt needs major storyline such as in season 1 where all the awards went to Glee.

    • EJ386 says:

      I have to say I usually hate Kurt in every episode, but he was actually tolerable this episode. Chris should write more, I liked the stories and I liked the songs, I loved Sam and Arties Werewolves of London. I must admit that my taste is often a little off compared to most Glee-fans. My favourite characters are Sam and Blaine [and Puck], I liked the new cast and one of my favourite songs they ever did was Red Solo Cup. So I’m all for more episodes written by Chris, as long as Blaine gets a little more screentime. [Also I’m rooting for a Kurt and Blaine break-up, I believe Blaine could be much more fun without Kurt.]

  8. Georgia says:

    Colfer starts off his stellar writing skills with a cheap shot at Clay Aiken? Not surprising it went downhill from there.

  9. hk says:

    Yeah… Not a good episode. Nice try though Chris.

    • Clau says:

      actually….is not a good show!! I think Chris try to remind us that glee is a comedy!!

    • Sol says:

      Actually it’s the best episode in two years. Or let me guess, you find genius in Dynamic Duets. mhm.

      • abz says:

        I don’t get why people keep saying it’s the best episode. That’s a bit of a stretch. I can list like ten episodes from this season and last season that were better. This was just an okay filler-y episode with pretty poor song selection.

        • rini says:

          Well, everyone has different opinion. But to people who craved for a major development and character progress for Kurt, this episode is heaven. Also to people who wanted a success of Glee repeated from season 1. Also to those who wished for continuity along the story arcs. Plus, animals & elderly are fresh ideas and really great ones too. Nobody though of that before.

          • Shazay says:

            Rini, elderly and animals are fresh topics? Where are you from that those two topics are fresh? I appreciate that this was Chris’ best effort, but I don’t think the producers were doing anyone a favor by having Chris write and direct this episode. I know he’s incredibly talented, I get it, but this episode was a failure in my opinion. You don’t need to defend Chris to me, don’t burden yourself that way.

          • sharialynn says:

            Rini, U know where my heart normally lies. Im a Blaine lover. BUT I LOVED this episode. The songs made me reminiscent of the first seasons where every song wasn’t a radio playlist. If anyone didnt laugh when the dead guy swung through the window & pissed off the other oldies,they are dead inside. Honestly, I almost peed myself & cause I had skipped Tuesday & DVR’d it instead (my mistake) I think I hit the rewind button twice.
            I also loved these characters these were my Glee people. Santana’s blow off was the Santana of past. Blaine played well with others (his screen time & successes are the writers). Sam was the Sam we met. A lil off but not as rock stupid as they made him be for Brittany. Artie’s side comments were hilarious.
            PLUS, IKR more,plus I LOVED that Chris wrote in Kurt telling/ demanding a little respect. Not just taking it. I know someone is probably going to bite my head off here (Rini, snicker) this is how I thought Kurt should be after he stood up to his high school bully, after his pep talk with Blaine. I thought this was how their relationship would have been about. I liked that we got to see that this was how Chris saw it too. Never one to withhold credit I say well done. To the writers I say pay attention. I mean who doesn’t love old people.- I would say and puppy’s but someone just recently gave me one. It chewed my shoe. I’m with Mercedes it’s a freakin gift of responsibility.

  10. They had Tim Conway and didn’t really use him!!!! Tim Conway!!!!

  11. Anne says:

    I thought it was a sweet episode and I actually liked Sam in it.

    • Lyle says:

      Me, too. For the first time in a while. He wasn’t too dumb like they sometimes write him.

      • rini says:

        see, that’s thanks to Chris as the writer :) at least some alteration to the ironic image that Sam has. I remember in season 2 Sam was not pictured as dumb as season 4-5, up to this episode.

  12. TJ says:

    Once again Rachel is selfish and wrong and St. Kurt has to show her the way. So tired of the same theme we have had almost every episode. The music was pretty weak, not going to bother buying anything this week. One of the weaker outings for Glee’s NY arc.

    • Claire says:

      Please! Kurt is ALWAYS there to support Rachel. ALWAYS. Even when he got a callback for NYADA, he had to comfort Rachel. I love both characters, and I love their friendship, but Kurt is always at the bottom. I’m really glad for when Rachel realizes this and supports him. Chris balanced it very nicely.

      • TJ says:

        The problem is every episode is lets teach Rachel a lesson because she is always wrong. It’s old I was hoping to see a more mature Rachel. Its the same very week, she makes a mistake and has to tell Kurt and everyone else how wrong and sorry she is. Shouldn’t she have learned by now?

        • Amy says:

          Isn’t that problem with *Rachel’s* character then, not Kurt’s? There’s nothing saintly about being called out for being treated poorly, and unfortunately there are people out their like Rachel, who can be absolutely amazing but also entirely self-centered at times, and who repeatedly slip back into it. When she does it, what do you want? For Kurt to allow her to walk all over him? Honestly, people who have a problem with “St Kurt” should really be having an issue with the characters they clearly prefer being jerks, and the writers who refuse to develop them for fear they’ll have no future ~conflicts. Kurt isn’t a saint, he just isn’t a pushover.

          • netta says:

            You’re talking about these characters like they’re real people, not written. There isn’t some independent Rachel acting out, or an independent Kurt deciding how to react to her. They’re both written as part of the story. So, the problem is with how Rachel is treated — made to act out and make mistake after mistake so that all of the people around her, who strangely she still calls friends, can tell her she is awful and horrible and completely selfish and doesn’t care for anyone other than herself. This is how the story has become. It’s terrible, and a very far cry from Season 1 where everyone had their own selfish tendencies, and Rachel had some wonderful moments where she supports others.

            The decision was made to make Rachel horrible and have to grovel before the perfect Kurt. It does a huge disservice to both characters, and to long-time fans of the show. Even last season was better, there were some great moments where Rachel supported Kurt and helped him.

            It’s not like I’m saying Kurt is terrible, though he is really mean with how he calls out Rachel. I’m saying that the story is. So yes, I have a problem with “St. Kurt”, as a writers’ decision, because it’s part of an overall problem with the characters and the story.

          • netta says:

            Though at least in this ep Kurt extends an olive branch himself; my guess is that this was Chris toning down the overall situation (for Rachel’s SL) that was given to him, making it at least more bearable.

        • rini says:

          the story is following up from last week. She made a wrong choice last week, remember?
          this episode actually continues from that one. So there’s no use to complain now.

    • abz says:

      I thought it was an okay episode, but not the best compared to others this season. But I too am so sick of what they’re doing to Rachel. All of the growth and yet they continue to have her needing to learn a lesson each episode. They make her go on a TV pilot audition and almost get fired (I get that she’s young and stupid and will continue to make mistakes but it’s like they have to reteach her things over and over). This episode just reminded that I saw this similar type of drama between Kurt/Rachel back in the Bash episode and how at the end she realized how she’s acting was wrong. It’s just tiring.
      I knew once she got Funny Girl that they’d completely abandon it after Opening Night and move on to the next thing. I wish they’d have stuck to it a bit more. Show more of Funny Girl. Show her interactions with her coworkers. Not make her audition for a pilot a month after she achieved her dream and making it seem as if that accomplishment didn’t mean much.

      • rini says:

        This show isn’t supposed to be Rachel all the time. This episode shows the Kurt story. Rachel in this episode is trying to righteous her wrong choices.

        • abz says:

          I never said that it had to be about her all the time (although she is the biggest character on the show and IMO there would be no show without her). My comment was talking about what they’re doing to her specific storyline only on the show. If you read it, you’d see that I was expressing disappointment about the show continuing to undermine Rachel’s growth and maturity by constantly having her need to keep learning the same lessons over and over. Even in an episode about Kurt, she is still not moving forward and all the growth she’s previously had they write as if it goes in one ear and out the other.

          • rini says:

            I meant, the show doesn’t have to be Rachel all the time as response for your comment in the 2nd paragraph about showing more Funny Girl, etc. We’ve had enough of Funny Girl show-off, 2 weeks ago. that’s enough. Kurt has also undergone abuse of character, even more than Rachel. Rachel in this episode tries to amend her wrong actions. And I think all her words define her real character – which in real life, our true selves cannot change that easily, especially one as strong and dominant as hers. I think what you think also applied to Kurt in last week’s episode-regarding his performance. That one fits your comment more. As to Rachel, But I also agree that the story from last week is kind of disappointing.

    • sharialynn says:

      I really hate how the writers have made Kurt into a Saint too. (Chk some of my post last week). But I didn’t get that “I wanna rip his self righteous throat out!” feeling this week. I got a more “It’s about dang time. He stood up for hisself” feeling. Rachel kinda came to the decision of coming to the show on her own. I think this show should remind people that all of the cast is important and of what this show could be.

  13. Lou says:

    I really liked this episode. It felt like Glee season one. Loved the scenes with Sam and Mercedes and the songs really fit the story.

  14. Abby says:

    This episode was above and beyond what glee has done lately. It gave closure to fan loved characters, remained consistent with seasons past, and was true to the old glee that used to be enjoyable…. I just wish he was given more episodes so we could see where he would really take the characters over a multiple episode arc.

  15. I was really looking forward to this episode when I heard chris was going to write it but I was disappointed .Chris Colfer should not write for himself, he’s too self-serving,obnoxious and tries to victimize himself just like his character on struck by lightening. I did like the sam/Mercedes scenes and Santana as a publicist. Do not like him writing for Rachel especially after chris had said he didn’t want to do repetitive stories with her then proceded to write the same old bad Rachel begs for kurt’s forgives stuff which have been going on for quite a while now. I guess I’m just sick kurt thinking he’s morally superior to everyone all the time and I guess Chris must also feel like his character is better than the rest.

    • Del says:

      Beyond rude. This episode was endearing and funny without being offensive, and Rachel hasn’t managed to learn a lesson all season, so it was NICE to see her actually turn around and get it for once.

      • huh? says:

        They have Rachel turn around and get right at the end of every episode. This was just more of the same. I don’t know what Chris meant about not doing a repetitive SL for Rachel because that is exactly what this was, only he used dogs for the comedy parts.

    • Sol says:

      right, kurt should always serve everyone and never call out anyone on it. that’s what the st. kurt whinning lot like. I see.

    • rini says:

      Yes, I agree that you are beyond rude. You’re probably so jealous of Chris’ success and being a genius. This episode is for Kurt fans especially,since Kurt – like he said in the episode – hasn’t got any meaningful character development in Glee ever since he moved to NY other than going to school. Chris only writes this one episode, so you cannot blame him for Kurt being superior to everyone coz that’s written in the entire arc not this episode only.
      I’m also sick of Kurt not getting any song to sing and any major plot! Glee was so good when Kurt got all that in season 1.
      Lea Michele herself loves the story Chris got for her. And I think Chris really went to his cast mates before confirming the script.
      We can see that all the dialogues are very well written, even got flashbacks to previous seasons. Your argument is really invalid.

      • netta says:

        I miss season 1 too. I miss when Rachel was someone that could be rooted for and was a key person in supporting and helping others, not someone that was to be repeatedly made an example of. I don’t blame Chris though, since the direction on Rachel’s character, or what’s left of it, would be set by the showrunner.

  16. webly3 says:

    I thought this was a great episode unlike some of the commentors. I think Chris Colfer did a good job.

  17. breaking badly says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and felt Colfer did a fine job in his first attempt at TV writing. This episode was fun and touching, sort of how this show was in seasons 1 and 2.

  18. Gina says:

    one of the best episode of the season! Bravo colfer!

  19. Raistlinsama says:

    It wasn’t perfect but this episode had some of the best writing of this season. I really loved “Memory” and ” Lucky Star”. Congratulations to Colfer also for remembering past story lines.

  20. Claire says:

    Best episode of the season BY FAR. Chris clearly didn’t want to mess with already cemented storylines too much (which is totally understandable), but he used what he had and made a very good and entertaining episode, which is what Glee is supposed to be. No BS’d PSA, not TOO much music (and all the songs fit into the context). Especially loved the ending number and how it fit in with the dogs being “taken home.” SO cute. Please write again, Chris! :)

    • abz says:

      Umm no, I hardly think this was the best episode. There were several episodes that were better this season including The Quarterback, 100/New Directions, and even Opening Night was pretty great (when you ignore all the Sue-related scenes)

      • Claire says:

        Of course, The Quarterback was super emotional and remains extremely special to me– and I think all Glee fans. It was dedication episode that was sort of separate from Glee (at least to me), so I’m not really including it? But yes, if we’re including it, The Quarterback was the best episode this season, even if I’m not sure I could stomach a rewatch without breaking into tears.

        Aside from that, no. Opening Night was really… meh. Lea was great, but other than that? Meh. New Directions was admittedly pretty good, but I liked this a thousand times better. And 100 was awful. Of course, millions will agree and millions will disagree. However, I think the continuity in this one would be a tough issue to argue. It has its flaws, but I overall think Chris wrote the characters true to how they were written in S1 (with the inclusion of the actual legitimate character development that’s taken place over the last four seasons), and stayed true to the message Glee USED to try to deliver.

      • Claire says:

        Also, just realized that I thought you were referring to New New York, not New Directions. No, 100/New Directions were both awful, especially considering all the hype. New New York on the other hand was actually a pretty good episode, even if I did enjoy this one much more.

      • rini says:

        your comments are beyond wrong. 100 has no plot – it’s just a party going on for all the extras.
        it had no story. New Directions also blah- another competition as a good plot?
        Opening Night was good. but The Quarterback is an in memoriam for Cory, not necessarily a good one in terms of general story.

        • abz says:

          Who are you to tell me that my comments are wrong? Just because I’m not fawning over Kurt/Chris doesn’t mean I can’t express my opinion. Claire, said she thought the episode was the best of the season and I gave my opinion as to which episodes from this season that I actually liked and thought were of better quality.
          And did you actually watch the “New Directions”? The episode you’re referring to with the competition was City of Angels. New Direction was about attempts to save the Glee club and accepting when they couldn’t. I personally enjoyed 100/New Directions and a few others better than this episode. I’m not forcing you to agree. Also, while yes The Quarterback was a tribute episode to Finn, it still was an episode part of this season that did have an effect on the general story for Rachel and the Glee club.

          • rini says:

            No need to be rude, I can express my opinion for your comments freely, too. Just because one is not fawning over Kurt/Chris doesn’t mean one should say things that bring him down-just saying. I’m sorry though, i got mixed about New Directions and City of Angels – maybe coz of the title. you’re right about that -it’s a good one.
            I myself personally did not enjoy 100 – and just fine for The Quarterback – nothing special. I think Frenemies is a good one too, also Tested.
            But this episode has fresh ideas, – really fresh and new, also continuity from season 1, and some justice done for Kurt and Sam and Blaine – from the dialogues. (not just Kurt).
            Kurt has not have any major plot line prominently – so it’s good for audience to actually see this strong character has something important to do – not just being a good BF to Blaine and best friend to Rachel.

  21. Frank says:

    I wonder if some people here watched any other episode of Glee? This episode felt more coherent and was more entertaining than Glee has been for weeks. It seems like Colfer has a better grasp on the characters than the writers themselves. Shame it’s a one-time-thing only (so far) and next week we will see the show continue falling into the deep dark abyss of failure it has been heading to for months now.

  22. I gotta admit, it doesn’t surprise me that people who are still invested in Glee at this point (i.e. the people in this comments section) can’t spot good writing/storytelling when they see it. That was one of the very few Glee episodes in recent years that felt like it had continuity with previous story-lines, consistent characterization and wasn’t blatantly offensive at any point. Chris Colfer out-shined Glee’s professional writers. Most of you are just pressed because Chris didn’t feature Blaine or Klaine.

    • rini says:

      I agree with you mostly, but I must say your last sentence is not entirely correct. Blaine and Klaine are featured – there’s even a kiss in the peck. In the make-up/dressing room, remember? And it’s really sweet. Blaine’s dialogue also remind us of the charming, deep character that was Blaine in season 2 – whom everyone including I, adores.

  23. Mike T says:

    This episode was amazing. We actually got laugh out loud moments as well as touching heartfelt and poignant moments and there was CONTINUITY!!! Each story arc was given an even amount of time and Chris really had great insight into all the characters. He’d obviously done his homework. The humour was sassy and snarky, but not offensive and the songs were driven by the action. This episode truly reminded me of the good old days of Season 1. Absolutely brilliant. Well done Colfer.

  24. dome says:

    I loved it! it was so funny and sweet, and loved all the songs specially Memory, it was beautiful.

  25. sam says:

    I thought Chris did a great job with the writing. He gave Santana some great lines. Sam and artie were great. I loved Kurt’s story line. I hope he gets the chance to write another episode.

  26. Mayara says:


  27. cesar says:

    I love this episode. Chris was asked to write an episode of Glee without being tied to much for the main plot, that’s the reason why he accept it. He also used some of the previous storylines for the character, which is rare on Glee. About he writing “for himself”, that’s not true, we had Samcedes, Artie (who has been very underused), only Blaine didn’t show up too much (because come on, he doesn’t need to). I think most people critizing him are just jealous because their favorite didn’t got the chance Chris had, but that’s ok, there’s plenty of us who recognize what a wonderful writer he is :)

    • Del says:

      There are three main plots here. I’m baffled as to how giving Kurt one of the three is making it all about himself. Kurt hasn’t had an independent storyline since the Adam’s Apples, and that disappeared.

  28. Jenn says:

    That was so good. Tim Conway (needed more of him) and June Squibb were fantastic. Loved Mercedes and Sam, and Rachel and Santana the publicist were hilarious. Love it when Lea is given comedy to do. Funny lines and moments for everyone. I liked how we were reminded that Sam isn’t an idiot and took care of his family. Also liked how Kurt spoke about his mom. Dani and Elliot’s absences were explained. So much continuity I wasn’t sure I was watching Glee. Memory was such a sweet moment. Loving NYC Glee!

  29. Kristen says:

    This episode was amazing for many reasons. We didn’t have to listen to Blaine sing, whine, or have him go on and on. Same with Rachel, though seeing her flounder was a good time. And also, no heavy Klaine. Having Kurt FINALLY sing was a breath of fresh air. And all the continuity, things made sense! Even the Samcedes was pleasant to watch!

    The songs were fun and really enjoyable. My week is not ruined like it usually is due to Glee.

    It was nice to watch GLEE and not BLEE.

    This is one of the best episodes to air in a very, very long time. And there probably won’t be anymore decent episodes following it.

    The worst part was next week’s promo, because the magic is over and the lousy writing will be back again.

  30. whotakesyouseriously? says:

    Mediocrity typical of the past three seasons. The episode was blatantly self-indulgent on Colfer’s part. C-

    • Mel says:

      The writers asked Chris to write for Kurt especially, because Chris could voice Kurt’s POV as he knows him the best. Chris only did was he was told to do. If the writers/producers had not approved of what he wrote for Kurt (and the others) they would have told him to rewrite it.

  31. Trina says:

    This was seriously the best episode of Glee I’ve seen in a long time! Chris Colfer is an amazing writer, and I loved every second of his episode. I was particularly happy to see Kurt take control of his own life and call out (most of) the negativity in his life. Chris sounded positively angelic in Memory, and the guest stars were wonderful! Well done, Chris! And thank you, Glee, for giving him this opportunity!

  32. Del says:

    I’m not sure some of the commentors here even watched the episode. I found it extremely funny. Laugh out loud funny at parts, with none of the offensiveness that Glee usually trots out as humor (one Santana line, and that’s in character and not as bad as they usually give her). All the characters had their histories intact, and they were used to make the characters endearing, dealing with the problems brought up in that episode. I even felt like I liked most of them, which isn’t always true. And yes, the songs actually fit for once (and included MULTIPLE VOICES). I like Chris Colfer’s voice, but I don’t really like Lucky Star. Now that I’ve seen it, the song is becoming an earworm. I think this was a really good first effort from Colfer for television writing. Gleeks who have been here since S1 will appreciate this episode.

  33. Molly Annice says:

    I liked this episode. Kurt was able to have an opinion about something, he had a story outside of Blaine or Rachel. He was able to tell Rachel off. I remember that comment Rachel made about Elliot being her “new gay” and calling Kurt a traitor. Blaine was almost likeable in this episode. Rachel was likeable again. I love that Sam and Mercedes communicated about their relationship which doesn’t happen on Glee. I love that we finally got to know what the hell happened to Elliot and Dani. I hate that glee for the longest of time has only told us of break ups that happened when I didn’t even know that the couple in question ever dated. That stuff really needs to stop. This is the first time in a long time that I actually looked forward to Glee. It is the first time in a long time that I actually enjoyed watching Glee and didn’t leave the room spitting in anger. It has also been the first time in a long time that I watched Glee. The last episode I watched was The Break Up to watch Klaine break up

  34. Louise P says:

    Fantastic episode – well written, entertaining and all 3 arcs connected perfectly. Really hope Chris will be invited to write some more for the show next season.

  35. wise-writing says:

    This was one of the best episodes ever! Writing-wise, Chris filled in plot holes that Glee would have never bothered with (like Dani and Elliott), showed that Glee can handle continuity again, gave Mercedes and Sam actual screentime together, had Rachel actually learn from an experience without providing fanservice to her, and gave characters some real interaction with each other, and the story line for Maggie and her daughter was very touching! Kurt also got to deal with things that have built up over other episodes. The songs made sense, and the performances of them were great! I haven’t enjoyed Glee this much since Season 1, and I’m fairly sure the people complaining here are complaining because they think they aren’t getting ”enough Blaine”… even though the rest of the Glee episodes give us TOO MUCH Blaine!

  36. M says:

    Haven’t watched glee in over a year and only watched this for Chris’ writing, which was clever and cute as always. Given that it would always have been meant to stand separate from the rest of the episodes since Chris wouldn’t have been able to make any drastic changes I thought it was very well done, and it was nice to see Kurt getting to speak his mind for once rather than being thrust to the side like he has been for so long. It’s also nice to see that Chris (unlike apparently the other writers) knows a thing or two about continuity and bringing up past storylines like Sam’s homelessness rather than making him out to be a dimwitted dudebro like Glee has turned him into. Would love to see Chris write something other than Glee for TV in the future :)

  37. Paola says:

    I really enjoyed the episode. Also loved how Chris gave a quick line about where the missing characters (Elliott and Dani) are, because you know the Glee writers are too lazy to even address that themselves. They just like to randomly drop characters without any explanation.

    Good job for Colfer, I tuned into Glee tonight just because of him, and I don’t regret it. I enjoyed the episode very much.

  38. Mary says:

    It’s so sad when people want to spread hate just because they think it’s funny. When you said that the episode was horrid you must explain why. Not just ‘ewwing’ around. Also full of disconnection? It talked about Kurt’s mum, Sam’s family, Elliott..all things that were forgotten by Glee writers. And I’m sure Chris would have been able to talk about other forgotten aspects if they’d given him more episodes to write. Also next episode will be all about Rachel and Blaine so it was a perfect episode focused on the other ones. So kudos for Chris, and thank you Glee for this opportunity. We missed the old good Glee. And thank you Chris, and the so talented guests, and the lovely puppies.

  39. Dee says:

    This was the best and most coherent episode in ages. The reality is Colfer was true to the characters. Rachel has always been written as self serving and short sided (and still getting rewarded for it in the end). He cannot be blamed for continuity. Not can he be blamed for it being Kurtcentric instead of Blaine and Rachel’s show, we have had 3 years of that with more to come.

    He remembered characters that the writers droppe without a trace. More than that he paid tribute to an age group often neglected. He also did have the characters take responsibility for their past actions, a novel thing on Glee (or any Ryan Murphy show)

    He did all of the above and kept it entertaining as well. Well done, Colfer

  40. Emily says:

    I thought the episode was amazing! I was happy about everything in the episode.

  41. Roxy says:

    so so good. easily the best episode in YEARS. Please come back full time!!

  42. a.porter says:

    I absolutely loved it – I can’t remember the last time any episode of glee made me laugh or cry like this one did. Well done Chris for such a great job

  43. victoria says:

    I liked it. It was filler but I laughed more in this ep than the past few.

  44. Casey says:

    I loved the episode! omg. Santana was so hilarious. and so was Sam. I really like where Samcedes is going.

  45. Katy says:

    I just can’t hate on an episode that heavily featured adorable dogs, they melted my cold heart.

  46. Jenn says:

    I don’t think there’s been a great an episode of glee in a long time. I heard about it and decided to watch cause I used to watch the show a lot before it went downhill with the many characters and silly plot twists. So glad I did watch it though. (and it didn’t make me embarrassed to be watching it with the family). Colfer really blew me away this episode. I don’t think I’ll watch another episode again because this show probably won’t make another episode like that much less any back in the earlier seasons, but if he’s writing an episode I’ll watch it.

  47. Sol says:

    Best episode in years. Actually someone remembered things from previous episodes and managed to feel endearing and honest and, for everything that’s precious, not like the plot was chosen mixing random ideas on cards. I loved this, it was amazing and as such it was a once in glee’s lifetime events. Next week we are back to awful blee show with horrendous actor blarren criss to front the mess. Good luck glee and your way to being defeated by CW.

  48. Abi says:

    I really enjoyed the episode. It was warm and funny in places. I laughed and cried and was overjoyed to see continuity and characterisation that made sense. Sam was lovable again rather than a ghastly dudebro; Rachel / Santana was funny; Artie was on point and Kevin’s voice was used soooo well and, most of all, Kurt had a s/l of his own. So good to see Kurt having a moment to shine and an important message about the old being imparted but without being too heavy-handed (after all Maggie had been at fault too). The ep was entertaining and moving. Thank you, Chris.

  49. GM says:

    This episode had the feeling of the old Glee of seasons and 2. Chris did an amazing job as a writer, with many continuity remarks (Elliot+Dani, Sam talking about taking care of his siblings, Kurt’s mom) and good characterisation.
    I don’t begrudge Chris giving Kurt a decent storyline for himself: it’s about time! I also loved how he used the songs ‘Memory’ and ‘Lucky Star’ in his storyline: the old folks joining Kurt when he was singing ‘Memory’ made me tear up.
    But besides Kurt’s storyline (and remember that Chris was specificly asked by RIB to write for Kurt this episode) there was enough to enjoy of the other characters, with an emphasis on the friendships for the most part. Pezberry working together to save Rachel’s reputation, Sam and Artie working together to train Sam’s dog, Samcedes actually talking like mature people, and who can resist all those cute dogs!
    Well done, Chris.

  50. Carlos Alvarez Jr says:

    Really enjoyed this episode. Bravo to Chris Really felt like a season 1 glee episode. The songs fit in nicely with the story. There was actual continuity like Sam taking care of his family. One of the best episodes this seasons. Thank you to Chris and Glee for allowing him to write this episode and also amazing guest stars. Do wish though they would have used Tim Conway and Billy Dee Williams a bit more but June Squibb was amazing. Loved her storyline with her daughter. It made me cry just like Glee has done in the past.