Criminal Minds' 2-Part Finale Has 'Insane Stakes,' Spills Some Secrets and Promises No [Spoiler]

Criminal Minds Finale PreviewThis Wednesday night at 9/8c, CBS’ Criminal Minds will kick off its two-part Season 9 finale, which showrunner Erica Messer says boasts “the most action-packed two hours that we’ve ever done.

“The stakes are insanely high,” she continues, “because the whole team is in jeopardy in a way they’ve never been before.”

But before you fear the worst, as Season 9 draws to a close, hear Messer out on what all is — and isn’t — on tap for the next two Wednesdays.

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Part 1, titled “Angels,” takes the BAU team to a small town in Texas, on the trail of what appears to be a serial killer who’s targeting prostitutes. “It presents as completely right up our alley,” says Messer. “It looks like torture, but the cause of death is a gunshot wound, which doesn’t really make sense. One points to sadistic behavior, while the other points to putting somebody out of their misery. So, what are we dealing with?”

Simply said, and without spoiling much of anything, “Somebody is trying to cover up a bigger crime,” Messer reveals. And then as Part 2, “Demons,” unspools, and Hotch & Co. delve into the questions of who and why, “We end up not being in as safe an environment as we’d hoped,” she warns.

On board for the “Angels”/”Demons” CriminalMinds_Cullenone-two punch are Esai Morales, reprising his role as BAU section chief Mateo Cruz, who last was seen being terrorized with JJ in Episode 200. “Cruz’s friend is the one who bring us to Texas, and then when everything hits the fan at the end of the first hour, Cruz and Garcia join the team on the ground,” says Messer, who wanted to give viewers an update on Morales’ character. Guest stars, meanwhile, include Brett Cullen (Person of Interest, pictured at right) and Michael Trucco (Battlestar Galactica) in roles that “allow them to be bad together, sort of one-upping each other with how bad they are.”

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A year ago, Messer was robbed of some suspense-building when CBS aired Criminal Minds‘ two-parter back-to-back on the same night, leaving viewers to mull the shock of The Replicator targeting Strauss for the duration of one entire commercial break. But this time around, she gets her proper mid-finale cliffhanger. “The last two minutes of [Episode] 23 are going to leave you like, ‘Oh my gosh — what just happened?!'” she hopes. “If we left the season like that, people would be freaking out. But they’ll only have to wait a week.”

Amidst the season-ending case and the high stakes that come with it, a bit of time will be carved out to touch on some personal matters for a BAU agent or two. “Rossi and Blake Demonseach share something about their lives that we never knew,” Messer teases, explaining: “I’m a sucker in that I love to write about what makes our characters tick, and the stories these two share are really heartwarming and give a lot of insight.” Specifically, “I think people will connect with Blake in a way they hadn’t before.”

As Part 2 draws to a close, next Wednesday at 55 minutes past the hour, viewers can expect… well, “Everybody taking a deep breath,” Messer assures. Meaning, though shy of another festive party in Rossi’s backyard, Season 9 will not leave us with any semblance of a life-or-death cliffhanger. “The out of our first hour is so great, you really can’t top it,” the EP notes. Instead, “I wanted our team to be like, ‘OK, we survived that one. Now let’s get some rest.’ There’s no cliffhanger, I promise!”

Helping set the soothing segue into summer and ultimately Season 10 is a new tune from songstress Lily Kershaw, whose music has memorably been featured on Minds in the past. “She happened to have a song that wasn’t on her album but which she had recorded, and it’s just perfect,” Messer raves. “You’ll know it when you hear it.”

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  1. Angela says:

    *Deep breath* Okay, the “no life or death cliffhanger” has me feeling a little less nervous about this finale now. Whatever crazy ideas they come up with for the story/case is fine with me-just so long as I know everyone’s okay and will be coming back next year, I’ll be happy :).
    Curious to hear more about Rossi and Blake as well, and aw, cool that they’ll be using Lily’s music again. I like the songs of hers that showed up in previous seasons.
    Sounds like it’ll be an intense two weeks here-I look forward to seeing this! Thanks for the info!

    • Heather says:

      I agree with you totally. I thought there would be death to someone. I was ultimatly searching the net for contracts that have not been extended. Whew…..breathing again. lol

  2. Kvivik says:

    It’s about time Brett Cullen gets to play a bad guy. Looking forward to Wednesday.

  3. Paul says:

    The commercials say before the end of the hour 2 BAU Agents go down!

    • Judy Barnett says:

      I watched Part 1 of the the season finale last night. I was upset because Reid and Morgan both got shot. Everyone that is in the BAU or rather the main characters of the show, I want them all back for the next season. I am totally hooked on this show, have been for 7 years. Please never cancel this show. I love this. It brings so many things that actually happen in real life to television. I do not care about the hairdos or who always seem to get the most action, that is immaterial. The show is about catching the bad guys and how they figure out who the bad guy is.

      • Jo Ann keys Theus says:

        Me too, I just about had a heart attack, when Reed, then Morgan, went down and then Garcia, pulls a gun. Oh my. That was to much. I love this entire cast, do not mess with any one. I watch reruns on A&E and ION, plus the ones I have recorded to keep on my DVR. Am I a fan or what. Do miss Prentiss, but getting use to Blake.

    • Loretta says:

      I know, and two BAU agents did go down. Morgan and Reid, but as far as I can understand, their contracts were signed – The show wouldn’t be the same with the team that they have now. I mean, (not to sound mean), but I don’t see where Blake is all that good. Everyone really loved Printess. Wish she would come back. Anyway, if one of the main members go, well I think that the ratings would go down. They just make a great team, but the writers do need to let them have a life outside of the BAU.

  4. So Garcia isn’t going to croak. But the previews still have me worried. I’ve learned to never trust what Messer says. If she says there is no cliffhanger, there probably will be one. I’ll have to see what happens tomorrow night then. I’ll still be freaking out though.

    • chickenbee says:

      If MGG hasn’t renewed his contract I am afraid he is gone next week. I cannot imagine the show without him or Vangness (or any of the other regulars). I have nothing invested in Blake or Cruz and I doubt that will happen because if Gubler or Vangness go so do I. Taking a look the morning after at different social media I don’t think their viewing audience is disagreeing with me.

    • Loretta says:

      Messer better leave well enough alone. The ratings will go down. Don’t mess up Messer – I’m telling you that the BAU is in everyone’s living room and Wednesday nights and even re-runs during the week. Leave our team alone.

  5. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for the article, Matt. You cover all my favorite shows!
    Soooo happy to hear we’re getting another Lily Kershaw song. The past two have been so perfect. It wouldn’t be a CM finale without it!

    • MF says:

      All but Tripplehorn and Gubler have a contract since last year, and they will be back for next season (IMO, unfortunately, in a few cases).

  6. Eric says:

    Are all the actors signed on for next season?

  7. MF says:

    I don’t trust Messer at all. She is always saying a lot of things, and then half of them are plain lies and the other half are just half truths. For season seven she said someone of the team would be in danger, and then we just saw JJ’s husband and Henry being in danger. S, plain lie. And then, in season 8 she said someone belonging to the team would die, only to find out that Strauss, a unit chief and not a BAU member, just die… In addition, I don’t see why we have to put up with yet another character. Cruz should have stayed at his office, so he wouldn’t take away screentime from the actual members of the team. This cast is already too big to keep adding more people. And whats up with Garcia going to the field? Is Messer now trying to change Garcia too, as she did with JJ? Will she now be in the field, shooting and getting shot? It is not enough that she is now, in her own words, “the resident genius”, while Reid is now the resident “butt of the joke”?
    What is wrong with Messer? This is criminal minds, not alias or super agents of shield. If I would enjoy action shows I would be watching one.

    • Jael says:

      So Erica Messer is the American equivalent of Steven Moffat (writer and current show runner of Doctor Who). There is a common saying among Whovians, and it’s “Rule 1: Steven Moffat Lies”/

    • Katy says:

      Garcia being in the field isn’t exactly unheard of, she has been before, off the top of my head the Alaska two parter several seasons ago and THIS PAST SEASON with her hacker ex sl!!

      • Julie says:

        And NYC when Hotch’s SUV exploded a few years back. 2008 season finale and premiere maybe?

      • MF says:

        True, it is not unheard, unfortunately. In every single opportunity they got her out in the field it was unnecessary, unprofessional coming from an elite FBI agents, and ultimately unbelievable.

        • anne says:

          unbelievable is that a profiler is on the field, running after the unsurbs, but we like it, and accept it, love Garcia going to th filed too

      • anne says:

        and season 3 “lo Fi” and maythem episode, love that 2 episodes. the whole team (includding Garcia) were in NY. They did a great job

    • anne says:

      i love Garcia, i woud like to see it on the field. And i Love Reid. Love the whole team and would like to see them working like a team, they are like a family. I don’t think Reid is the resident But of the joke, Love him always. This is a show, i always spect something special ffrom a show

    • anne says:

      if you think about it a profiler don’t need to be on the filed catchig bad guys. Love to see Garcia on the field too I love Reid he is smart and now he is fun too.

  8. Pam says:

    Sounds exciting. Can’t wait. I’m sure we will have the negative nellies.

  9. jess says:

    someone fire erica messer please

  10. *sighs* Is Erica capable of any other type of finale? I mean,based on her description it sounds like the same basic formula as the previous two finales- “heartstopping” action in the first hour, only to wind down to an underwhelming finish, and some cloying “family” moment with a Lily Kershaw song (by this point, the nepotism is becoming obvious) playing over the end. Erica better bring the writing this time around, because based on her interview, my excitement for the finale has just been lowered a bit.

    • Angela says:

      Is Lily Kershaw related to anyone on the show? ‘Cause if not, then it’s not nepotism.

      • Lily Kershaw is the daughter of Glenn Kershaw, one of the directors on the show. And not only that, he has been the director for the past three finale episodes her music was featured on. So yeah, there is some nepotism going on.

        • Angela says:

          Did not know that. Thanks for the info. All I’d have to say to that then is that nepotism tends to be a thing in Hollywood, so…*Shrugs*. I understand where it could irk people, certainly, but it doesn’t surprise me.

  11. Julie says:

    The best news that EM could give me is that she somehow convinced Paget Brewster to come back. Sadly I know it’s not going to happen. Hey Matt (or anyone else) did Paget’s pilot get picked up? For her sake, I hope it does but there’s a small little part of me that hopes it doesn’t and she decides she misses her CM buddies too much, :)

  12. collen says:

    What’s going to happen with Hotch? Doesn’t he have a decision to make from 905. I’ve been waiting for the writers to tell us he’s dumped the putrid Beth and hooked up with Emily. I know…wishful thinking. But I’ll never give up hope. The one great thing about Season 9 is Beth hasn’t been in it. That has made this season the best season since season 5.

  13. DiverKlein says:

    sounds like a good series ending bad its not

  14. B says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the family moments. Those scenes are nice when they’re unique and sparse, but there has been a lot of them lately and I’d rather see some conflict inbetween the team, or a dramatic, team centric cliffhanger.

    Also, I’d have loved some follow up with JJ’s arc in the finale, which we could still get, but probably not. I felt a little deflated by the end of 200. That episode should have ended before the bar scene and had better follow up than it has had so far.

    I’d have preferred to see a cliffhanger at the end of the second episode. But who knows it’s been a good season, it will hopefully be a great finale.

    • anne says:

      i like family moments, because they are not robots,

      • B says:

        It’s not so much the family moments, it’s when they choose to do the family moments (like after 200), when it kind of ruins the intensity they managed to achieve. Or how they keep on repeating the same moments just slightly altered, (all the drinking and toast making scenes).

        I like to see how different members of the team are close, or aren’t that close, but as long as they keep switching it up, instead of Rossi/Hotch, Morgan/Garcia, Reid/Blake, perhaps gets some Blake/Garcia, JJ/Hotch, Rossi/Morgan etc. I’d like to see the team having boring moments, just getting lunch on a case, or after a case etc, it’s dull, but I’d prefer those little scenes to the bar/Rossi’s place toast making scenes.

      • Sharon says:

        I like the fam moments. I just wish they would find someone for Reid

      • Gerard says:

        I suggest you watch “Little House on the Prairie” :)

  15. GS says:

    I wish they’d just kill Blake. Doesn’t matter how much Messer tries to make her a part of the team, she just doesn’t fit. I honestly don’t give a crap about her character and I love the rest of them. Nothing she says in this finale will make me connect with her because that character is as bland as white bread. Still my favorite show.

  16. tamsa says:

    So Reid(MGG) isn’t in any of the promo pictures, so Im gonna assume that these episodes will be all JJ/Morgan ALL THE TIME! Again?? I was tired of this since episode 3 of this season. Total suckfest

    • Thanks, TVline!

      you guys why not wait and see before jumping to conclusions??

      Reid may not be in the photos but he was in the promo with a big OMG! WTF?! scary moment. I don’t think he’s forgotten or will have a small role. Maybe he’s the one seriously hurt and fighting for his life? we’ll have to wait and see. (there’s a part of me still thinking it’s a big misdirection somehow and maybe Rossi/Blake gets seriously hurt um) & TBH to me the final(s) feels like a team episodes.

      Also I don’t understand the complaints.. maybe this season is a bit focused on JJ/Morgan
      but I tell you I honestly seen every character getting their character centric episodes, everyone got their past/issues addressed and everyone got to shine.
      Let me think.

      Hotch – I honestly thought him and Reid were amazing in the two-parter premiere with Reid figuring out the praying mantis angle and Hotch figuring out the mom.. I need to re-watch but I was so impressed and I LOVED Hotch’s terrific long distance shot in 9×03 (still wow about that) and of course 9×05 was very emotional and beautiful, 9×09 he had a cool little chase, on Gabby he was terrific.. in 9×14 he saved JJ (and Cruz also, and he was great in dealing with State Department lady & calling Emily for help)… oh in 9×04 I think he fooled the Unsub (from Alias! lol) thinking his transmission was shut off lol and I can probably come up with more.

      Reid – aw yes where to even start? tbh I really haven’t seen 9×17 in a while because I find the whole underground thing a bit dragging and boring (but I should re-watch!) but yes he really was great in the episode fooling those guys, um, people may say Reid has no action and granted he could use some more :) but he saved Blake in 9×10, he helped Morgan in 9×18..I remember him tricking the 9×07 Unsub that the baby is in trouble and to give him the scissors & he delivered a baby (which I think was named Spencer), I love him walking that scene in 9×03 calculating reaction time which got them to realize it was it was victim number 3 ..and I could probably come up with more because maybe not enough action but Spencer’s brain surely never cease to amaze me and I think he contributed plenty. He doesn’t feel to me like some distant shadow/person he really isn’t.

      I can probably do Rossi and Blake and Garcia also lol but it’s probably better to stop right here.

      But I honestly feel everyone got to shine so maybe it was a bit focused on JJ/Morgan this season,
      but previous season was sorta focused on Reid/Blake and season 6/7 feels a lot like Emily (7 actually feels like the aftermath of the whole Doyle thing and quite a few Emily/Morgan scenes) season 4/5 I guess goes to Hotch and 3/4 I guess maybe Rossi .. you see where I’m going with it? so it’s a bit focused on Morgan/JJ it’s not bad.. in JJ’s case it’s really about time. I mean think she’s there from s1e2 and yet she never had a really big arc until now.. also she went away in 1 episode (JJ), she returned in like a scene at end of season 6, there was this time jump in beginning of s7 her change was barely explained/touched in season 7.. you see where I’m going there? and think Hotch, Emily, Reid.. not only had big arcs but also aftermath episodes. So yeah I don’t see some JJ/Morgan focus as a bad thing and I don’t feel they’re overtake the show. They’re just a bit emphasized this season.

      Just my opinion :) btw I know it’s impossible but I wish everybody would somehow end up enjoying the final and that there’d be something for everybody. Happy Criminal Minds Wednesday!

      • Angela says:

        you guys why not wait and see before jumping to conclusions??
        Because that would be too easy and simple a thing to do for some people, apparently.
        Nice post, by the way. I adore Reid, and am more than happy when he gets focus on the show, but yeah, there are other characters as well, and each season they take turns focusing on certain characters a lot. That’s kind of the point of an ensemble series. I won’t argue that I wish they’d dealt a little more with the aftermath of everything with JJ from “200” onward this season-all that buildup and it’s barely been noted and dealt with since-but I’m fine with her getting a big storyline.

      • Joy says:

        Well Said and Amen, This has been my favorite show since the pilot I love all of the characters both old and new. The only thing I would like to see that I haven’t is Mandy Patinkin making an appearance, I miss him so very much. My ONLY concern is that everyone is ok and coming back next season, I seriously don’t think I could watch without Reid. As far as Jean Tripplehorn I like her I think she fits well with everyone, they may not really be family but they are as close as one and we don’t choose our family we just accept them with open arms. He is by far my FAVORITE character. The show would never be the same without him ( i mean really he has been with the show since day 1). Anyway that’s my 2 cents. Thanks 4 reading my rant its so nice to see so many people love the show as much as I do.

      • B says:

        Thank you @adorkableau, it is JJ’s time to get some focus and tbh, I don’t think they really achieved it this season. Sure 200 was great and there were two episodes that properly led into the episode, but this season for me has been more about Morgan and Garcia’s friendship and their love lives.

        Reid is (80%) always a big part of a case! just as Garcia is, so when they aren’t featured as much! it’s a relief for me. Morgan always gets development in a season, he has done since season 2, it might not always be standout, but if you go back, he’s always had something, either his awful past, his family, his career, a big case – there’s always been something.

        Hotch, I love and could always do with more and I’m sick of Beth and his love life being the only focus of his episodes, so I have loved this season for Hotch. I like when he’s clearly the boss and being in charge.

        Rossi and Blake are quickly becoming one of my favourite pairings. I hope we see more of them together during cases, as do I want to see more JJ and Hotch pairing up. Rossi also gets a few episodes a season but he gets a lot of development and reoccurring story lines such as his ex wives and his marine days which really add to who he is.

        Blake has been a great addition. She was introduced a lot better than Seaver and seemed very week established from the beginning. She hasn’t been on the show long, but she’s already had a lot more focus than JJ had from season 1-5.

        I get annoyed with all the anti JJ talk. Sure she’s had focus since she returned. That’s what we all wanted when she was forced off the show. She’s getting the same screen time as the other profilers got from season 1. But they didn’t give JJ a stand alone big arc, because she’s always shared those episodes, and they evolved JJ without explaining it until season 9 and now they begun to explain things in 200, they’ve just not developed on it or really acknowledged it and I think that adds to the anti JJ sentiments (because she seems fine) and annoys JJ fans (because she shouldn’t be fine).

        I hope we get some more JJ development in season 10 and in the final episode!

  17. tamsa says:

    And yeah, we all know that Erica HATES Reid–its not a secret, she has said it herself…

    • Angela says:

      Where in the world have you heard that? I’ve not come across anything of the sort.

      • MF says:

        Google for it. She actually said that she doesn’t like the character, and that it is difficult for the writers to write him. Of course, she is talking about the team of writers she brought to Criminal minds once she was promoted as a show runner and turned this crime drama into a pseudo drama/action show. The former writers were a lot better, but once Ed Bernero abandoned the ship, this show dumbed Reid, allowed the character to be bullied by his own teammates and made him the butt of jokes. She even went as far as writing the story line of headaches in season six (she was the executive producer then) for an episode of the first half of the season, when the negotiations of the actor contracts were up by the end of that very same season.

        • Angela says:

          I’ll look, but saying a character is difficult to write for isn’t exactly the same thing as saying they hate him. My guess is she was probably joking in that moment, saying, “I hate writing for this character because they’re so difficult to write for!” Because Reid IS a tough character to write for-he’s a great one, but with his intelligence and whatnot, it does make getting him down as a character difficult.
          And I will agree that they’ve kinda put some of Reid’s intelligence by the wayside in recent years, but I do not get the impression at all that the team has bullied him. It’s good natured teasing and jokes. Happens all the time within groups of friends. Besides that, that’s not exactly a new thing-even back at the beginning of the series the team would tease him about this and that. Rossi was uncertain about Reid’s enthusiasm when he first joined the team, Gideon would get a bit snippy with Reid at times, Morgan teased him during the LDSK case…it’s always been part of the show.

          • anne says:

            totally agree

          • Joy says:

            Also, agree. and lets not forget Prentiss poking him and saying ” He’s so life like” lol.

          • Angela says:

            @Joy: Exactly! And Rossi saying he was “left in a basket on the steps of the FBI”, and JJ not really paying attention to his Comic Con thing, and Morgan getting up and leaving right in the middle of one of Reid’s rants about ‘Star Wars’…

            Yeah. It’s been a long-standing thing. But for as many moments as the team teases him and makes jokes, there’s also plenty of wonderful, heart-warming moments between all of them, too.

          • chickenbee says:

            I always had the impression that the team looks out for Reid in a lot of ways. He is the brilliant mascot lol. I have never seen meanness or bullying just every once in a while one of them will bring him out of orbit and back to planet earth again. The entire cast is supreme (well not caring much about Blake or Cruz) I really would rethink watching anymore if Reid or Garcia were gone. They were my hook to begin with. There are a plethora of cop shows on television. Criminal Minds is different because of the quirky characters. That is what caught my attention and it is what has kept me tuning in for 9 seasons. Pretty much the only one I watch other than the Following and that one is probably down for the count too.

          • Angela says:

            He is the brilliant mascot lol. I have never seen meanness or bullying just every once in a while one of them will bring him out of orbit and back to planet earth again.
            Perfect description :). I totally agree.
            And I agree with your comment about the quirky characters. That combined with the strong chemistry between the cast was what got me watching this show, too.

      • Joy says:

        Me either. How could anyone hate Reid?

      • TISA Navarro says:


    • anne says:

      we all llove Reid, i think Reid and Garcia would be the perfet bromances. He is smart and now even funny, i love it

  18. erica giving spoilers .. this is going to be jj/morgan again
    cant believe this they are doing it in finale
    hope they really give something on rossi & blake or i’ll be so dissapointed

  19. Haha so I wrote this long, long post in here about Criminal Minds season 9 but accidentally got it posted as a response to another poster. . oh well ;)

  20. faye says:

    the only thing I hope they all come back I have watched every episode from the beginning I still miss Emily

  21. JP says:

    So, the teaser at the end of part 1, “You won’t believe which profiler will say goodbye forever” isn’t true, or Messer isn’t truthful. And, isn’t it a shame we’re only now getting something to help us connect with Blake. Does the show realize it should have made a better choice in casting or a better character if they are still trying to get the audience connected after 2 years.?

    • Angela says:

      Eh, not technically, no-there is still truth in her statement. Whether someone just simply leaves, or whether they die, they’ll be saying goodbye for good either way and the show still won’t be ending on a cliffhanger.
      I actually like Blake, myself. But since Jeanne and Matthew are both up for contract renewals, if I had to pick someone to leave, I’d definitely much prefer it be Jeanne. It’d be incredibly weird and sad to not have Reid on the show anymore.

      • Bethan says:

        If a “profiler” actually means one of the main cast members, then Forever probably means the Summer then by 10.02 everyone will be back together again.

        It’s been hinted that MGG is already decided to come back. He’s directing atleast 1 episode next season. JT might not resign, but I think they all want to be back for season 10 based on other interviews

        • Angela says:

          Really? Those last sentences make me feel a lot better if they’re true! I sincerely hope that’s the case-I just think Matthew enjoys working on the show too much to leave, and I can’t imagine him leaving when everyone else is coming back and the show is guaranteed another season. And the others, save for Jeanne, already had contracts signed through season 10, so that takes care of them.
          You raise a good point about the “forever”/summer thing, too-that’s a good way to look at it. I will stick with your line of thinking for the time being :).

    • Maripat83 says:

      I totally agree. I wasn’t crazy about Rossi at first because I loved Gideon. But they didn’t have to do anything to help him and the audience connect. He is so warm and fits in so well it just happened. Blake comes across as a bland boring cold fish. Enough already. She needs to go.

  22. Cynthia says:

    Maybe Morgan will be less sanctimonious, that would be a relief. I keep waiting for the character to walk on water. And stop with the mega teeth whitening already. Tripplehorn, big yawn. Otherwise, great show….

  23. elaine says:

    Oh goodness- I hope it’s Blake who’s leaving. It’s about time. If it’s anyone else, I am kissing CM goodbye!!!

  24. TISA Navarro says:

    Who cares Erica don’t like Reid I don’t like her she jealous cause Reid smart then her.

  25. aspierabbit says:

    I swear, if Reid walks, I walk, six years of loyalty be darned. I don’t want any of them to leave, not even Blake. I’m tired of the cast changing. I think in the entire history of the show we’ve had a total of two seasons (1 and 5) where the cast wasn’t altered in some way: Season 2, Elle leaves, season 3, Jason leaves and Rossi shows up, season 4, JJ gets temporarily replaced by Todd, season 6, JJ leaves and Ashley shows up, season 7, JJ returns and Emily leaves, season 8, Blake shows up and Strauss dies, season 9, Cruz replaces Strauss. I’d like to have two seasons in a row where the cast wasn’t changed in some way. Granted, most of these changes weren’t the writers’ fault; they were a result of actors leaving or CBS being stupid, but still, a complete cast for more than one season at a time would be smashing.

  26. Sandra says:

    I love, love this show. Please, let’s keep everybody alive and coming back. There are not many shows I watch on national TV anymore. Criminals Minds and NCIS are just about it. All else is “cable.” One of two of the best shows on TV.

  27. sharon harp says:

    I love crimnal minds its one of my favorite shows i hope it stays on another 5 to 10 years i really love this show i love all the cast they are really good actors.

  28. If I saw what I think I saw, Blake left Reid’s apartment without her badge and credentials and called a taxi. I’m thinking Jeanne Tripplehorn is not returning… All that talk with the missing kid and missing time and our future is behind us… doesnt bode well, and I’m not sure she ever caught on like Prentiss and JJ.

  29. zana says:

    Thank god Reid and Morgan survived, if they should get rid of someone, it is Blake. She is not needed on the team, her chemistry and acting doesn’t fit and she reminds me of every irritating whiner I have ever met. Prentis was much better

  30. Brenda Spencer says:

    I think they new member last season Does’t fit in with them. They should have used that other blond. This one is too old.

  31. Brenda Spencer says:

    Are they adding anyone new?

  32. Nikki says:

    I think that Reid should find someone to love in the next season and as well as bringing back Emily.

  33. Connie says:

    I cant believe Criminal Minds is nearly over. Not understanding, is this a season closer or over for good. I wait all week for this show. I only wish Spencer kept his hair trimmed. Otherwise it’s the best show on TV. CM is #1 of my tv habit .

  34. Skye_Australia says:

    I’m in australia & this episode (Demons) is airing right now BUT A GIANT STORM TOOK OUT MY RECEPTION!

    For the love of God someone please tell me how it ended!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  35. Naomi says:

    :( Jason is gone like for real on the show I was waiting for him to come back :'(

  36. Naomi says:

    Why did they take Jason away :( I really was wishing he made a come back :'(

  37. Claudette says:

    I used to love the show but what I started to dislike is the show focused to much on Agent Morgan. I find him arrogant and self centered. The show should have been called Agent Morgan and this thing about calling Penelope babe, baby girl, sweeten , mama and so forth is soooooooooooooo unprofessional. Every time one of the other agents talks the camera goes back to agent Morgan to show his expression on his face …I don’t get it ….I thought this show was about 7 agents not just one. I got so sick of it cause the show was starting to be soooooooooooooooooo predictable….I can see why now why they are getting rid of some of the main character ….now they can focus more on agent Morgan….what a drag…what was the word again ….theres no ”I” in team work …ya right ….more like look at me me me me said agent morgan