Katie Cassidy Talks Laurel's Team Arrow Role, Black Canary's Legacy and a 'Whirlwind' Finale

Arrow Laurel Canary SpoilersThe CW’s Arrow let loose with a long-awaited reveal when Laurel not only became privy to Oliver’s secret identity, but then found herself in the Arrowcave, encouraging her emotionally defeated ex to keep fighting the good fight. As the hit comic-book drama serves up Season 2’s penultimate hour (airing Wednesday at 8/7c), TVLine invited Katie Cassidy to assess enlightened Laurel’s new role, ponder one day picking up the Canary baton and tease the bejesus out of the May 14 finale.

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TVLINE | Did you know ahead of time that Laurel would be finding out Oliver’s secret, or is that something you read for the first time in the script?
It’s something that I read in the script; I definitely had no idea. And I was absolutely excited when I found out, though it was like, “Great, now that I’ve found out who the Arrow is, something drastic is going to happen to my character! And I have no idea what it’s going to be — something bad, or something good.” But it ended up being something good.

TVLINE | Plus, now you get to “play with the cool, masked crime-fighting kids.” I imagine the past season-and-a-half has been a bit of an exercise in patience in that regard.
I still don’t know what’s going to happen [as far as Laurel’s role on Team Arrow], but yes, I definitely have been looking forward to getting more involved in the action. But you never know. We’ll see what happens!

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TVLINE | What has learningStreets of Fire the truth done for Laurel’s impression of Oliver? Do you think it was 100-percent surprising for her?
It was definitely a shock for her, but it makes the way she looks at him… She loves him that much more. Like Tommy says [to Oliver] in Season 1, “You’re supposed to be with Laurel because you are who she thinks you are.” She loves him so much for [being Arrow], because he is doing good, and she’s a good-doer.

TVLINE | How would you describe the current state of the Laurel/Sara relationship? Are you glad they steered away from the catty aspect of it?
Yes, I am, because I give 100 percent of myself when I work. [Laughs] I love that this season they wrote some really great scenes and great episodes for me and my character; I was really fortunate enough to have been able to do that. But I’m also glad that I’m not crying on set every single day now! Laurel loves her sister, and I think Sara feels the same way. Laurel’s smitten by her. She thinks she’s pretty incredible.

TVLINE | I understand the two of them have a very important scene coming up….
We’ll see…. There’s a lot of good stuff happening, that’s for sure.

Streets of FireTVLINE | All told, what is Laurel’s role with Team Arrow moving forward, in these last two episodes?
You’ve seen Laurel grow throughout this season; this definitely was her season of evolving. And so you get to see her get stronger. You get to see her and the Arrow interact with one another, even more so now that she knows [who he is]. There’s just a lot of big, changing things that happen for her. You get to see her stand up to disaster, or tragedy, or trauma, instead of hiding. Instead of being the “damsel in distress,” you get to see her fight back a bit and be a survivor and help protect other people. It’s a really nice layer for her.

TVLINE | And in one of the photos that’s out there, we’ll even get to see her hold Arrow’s bow.
Yeah! She has the bow. Whether she knows how to shoot it or not…. You’ll find out. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I was recently remarking to Caity Lotz how well she has been received by the viewers, which as we know is no easy feat with comic book enthusiasts. Birds of PreyDoes that make it all the more intimidating for you to take the baton as Black Canary, at some point down the road?
It’s definitely intimidating, because I want to make the fans happy. And because of the way that I am and the way that I study my craft, I will do a ton of research. I’ll read as many of the comics as I can, bone up on Black Canary…. Everybody has asked me if I have done that already, but I’m not Black Canary at this point, so no, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I need to be true to the moment and what my character’s state of the mind is. So as soon as, and if, and when that happens, yes, I definitely will try to portray her in the best way possible.

TVLINE | Without revealing what it is, have the producers confided in you the longterm plan for Laurel? And is it something that has you excited?
Yes, yes, yes — they have. And no, I’m not telling!

TVLINE | Lastly, chose any series of adjectives to tease the Season 2 finale.
Action-packed… jaw-dropping… shocking… fantastic… beyond entertaining. I mean, “entertaining” isn’t even the word to describe it. It’s a whirlwind of events that are huge plot points, and pivotal twists in our story. It’s really good.

TVLINE | Will the very final scene serve up one last little stinger before we go into summer?
I think the fans will be very happy!

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  1. spindae2 says:

    I like Katie, and I enjoy her most of the time as Laurel! I think season 3 will be really big for her to see if she really can fill in those BC heels

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Hiring Caity Lotz is so going to backfire on Cassidy, Lotz carries herself so well as a strong courageous badass without crossing the line into bitchy with the added bonus of her physicality and balance that I’m afraid Cassidy will never achieve

      • jackson says:

        They should’ve hired Caity as Laurel, and kept the Sara story-line for the Laurel character. Completely erasing Laurel’s story-line and back story. It’s not comic canon, but neither is Laurel’s backstory. Plus Sara’s story line is way more interesting.

      • Mélanie says:

        Totally agree. Lotz has a physical training Cassidy will never achieve and that makes the on-screen action so real. Although I’m curious to see how Cassidy will work and how that transition will be made. I guess it fits with the character of Laurel being inexperience as Cassidy is.
        I’m still gonna be extremely sad IF Lotz has to leave Black Canary.

    • BC says:

      Laurel is completely contrary to everything Black Canary is in the comics. Black Canary is a ‘world class’ martial artist. She’s one of the best fighters in the world. That will never be Laurel, I don’t care how many self-defense classes she takes. Black Canary isn’t whiny, weepy, self-centered, & self-righteous. Secondly, she acquired her skills & earned the mantle of Black Canary BEFORE she even MET Oliver. He did not train her and she is as skilled, if not better, than Arrow is.
      Sara fits the bill with the backstory the writers have given her with the League of Assassins. I have no interest in seeing a beanpole drama queen who treats everyone around as if they are beneath her, turned into Black Canary. And the idea of Oliver training the her, if that’s what they’re planning, is really offensive to anyone who loves Black Canary.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Oh Bc they are my thoughts exactly except I’m not as eloquent a writer as you are but yes to your whole post

      • Delirious says:

        I hope you’re seeing the mistake in your argument… None of the Canary versions in the comics trained with the League of Shadows, so I don’t get how she “fits the bill”. We have a florist who is trained by her cop husband, said florist’s daughter (with help from her mother’s super associates), and recently a young misfit/criminal who seeks Zatanna for help. And none really go with either Lance girls in Arrow, tbh.

        The show is both close enough to the comics to relate to them strongly, and distant enough from them to be able to dra its own storylines and developments.

        PS. while I completely agree (like I’ve said here before) that Cassidy’s Laurel seems nothing like what could become a Black Canary version, whatever it might be, the biggest mistake we could make is “say it sucks because it’s not what we know from the comics, nor it can be eventually”, or however you/they/we wanna say it.

  2. Rosie says:

    Great interview Matt! Katie is the reason I started watching Arrow in the first place. Can’t wait to see her become Black Canary!

    • JC says:

      Me too, I was sold into watching Arrow because I adored her in Gossip Girl & The nightmare on elm street! Like I’ve said in a previous post, the fans of Arrow are passionate, I get that. But they should be patient enough to give Katie a chance. She did say in this interview that she wants to make the fans “happy.” You have to appreciate her effort :)

  3. Jake says:

    I am glad they are finally writing some quality stuff for Katie. I know a lot of people don’t like Laurel, but I honestly think that Katie can only do what she is dealt. Looking forward to Laurel’s progression on Arrow.

  4. Mikael says:

    If they are dead set on Laurel becoming BC, I really hope that they don’t just kill off Sara. Just have her leave town, so it leaves it open for her to return. Caity Lotz is such a great BC. Katie Cassidy is going to have a really tough time filling her shoes.

    • I still suspect Sara will die.

    • Christina says:

      I’m really not convinced at this point that Katie/Laurel will ever be as good of a BC as Caity/Sara. If she’s not, it’s going to be real hard to keep watching.

    • ? says:

      If Laurel HAS TO become Black Canary, then maybe they can have Sara train her over the course of next season before she has to leave to go rejoin the League of Assassins or something. If Slade kills her at the end of the season, then Oliver would have failed to stop him from killing his mother AND his girlfriend. I think he needs a win . . .

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Agreed if Slade wins in the end what kind of hero is the Arrow?

      • Ben says:

        I really really really really really really wish Sara would survive. But how many of us believe this will be true? I think very few.

        • GreenArrow12 says:

          Most of us think she will die, and that’s why authors need her to survive (they always try to be unpredictable)

    • GreenArrow12 says:

      I really hope Sarah could survive this season finale and maybe go back to nanda Parbat! Besides I hope Laurel would receive BC’s cry as superpower! In this way she could become BC faster, and after that she can acquire battling skills!

  5. cj says:

    Maybe now her character will start to appeal to viewers. Ive had my doubts but its definitely obvious now that Laurel will become a force to be reckoned with

  6. CBWBDK1 says:

    Maybe she should try giving it 50% and stop overacting every scene.

    • mary says:

      Hahaha, mte

    • Lizzie says:

      LMAO! Got it!

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Yes to everything i enjoy subtlety in a performance much more this i find is where Amell and Lotz are really good at especially after re-watch

    • maina says:

      Mwahahahahaha. I don’t think she’s a bad actress–but her acting is jarring in comparison to the rest of the cast…it’s just…different. It’s like Arrow has a whole different feel when she’s on the screen. I can see how it would work on another show, but on Arrow, it changes the feel of the show. Amell is pretty subtle in his acting, and in contrast, Cassidy isn’t…and I think that might be why their chemistry is so off. Also, her eyes flicker an awful lot…she had the same response to Oliver being the Arrow as she did to Oliver telling her he loved her in S1. You should watch it…exact same expression. I’m surprised no one’s done a GIF to compare the two expressions.

      • Sara Trindade says:

        Ahahhah apart form the toxic relationship with Oliver…. This way of acting from Katie really changes my pace watching the show, in a way I do not like it.

        But this week she actually had cool scenes with Sara… with Stephen was the same overacting as before!

    • Silversurfer says:

      Well you find her overacting the directors/writers obviously not.

  7. Jules says:

    Sounds great. Thanks for the interview. I love Laurel and I love the Laurel/Ollie relationship. Cant wait for the finale and Season 3! EEEEEK!

  8. chrissy says:

    Can’t wait for more Laurel and her growth!! And I can’t wait for her to get the sonic scream and become the REAL BC!

  9. David F. says:

    They really are trying to shove Laurel down our throats, aren’t they? I don’t think its going to go over as well with the fans as the writers hope.

    • Rosie says:

      Which fans may I ask? The vocal minority who claim to be speaking for everyone?

      • Linda P says:

        Rosie, you are the vocal minority.

        • Tina B. says:

          That’s mature, ganging up on one person. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even one person.

          • Tina B. says:

            Need to clarify I was talking about Rosie not Linda P.

          • wonderwall says:

            Tina, it’s impossible for one person to gang up on another person.

          • Ben says:

            @wonderwall – I guess Tina’s point was bringing out the ‘you are a vocal minority’ card is a form of ganging up (just not a very successful one when its quite clear the majority are the ones who really like Sara and don’t like Laurel as much).

        • Kristy says:

          Nope–she’s not. I love Cassidy and think that your comments along with David F.’s are mean-spirited and off base.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Rosie if they push out Sara for Laurel I’m well and truly out and i know I’m not the only one

        • Linda says:

          OK bye!

        • Phantom says:

          No you aren’t the only one. I cant stand Laurels acting……or say “no acting skills”. She just doesn’t have chemistry with Oliver. She was good in other shows…..but just out of place in this show. Sara, on the other hand, is fantastic in her acting and the show.,

      • JC says:

        Rosie has a point, people from around the world watches Arrow and I doubt that most of them hate Laurel. The vocal fans in these forums who dislike Katie/Laurel so much do not represent the majority of the viewers. The character was written badly the first season but they are improving on that. You go Rosie ;)

    • Tina B. says:

      Agree with shoving Laurel down our throats! First Laurel tries to steal Felicity’s job to be on Team Arrow and now she is replacing BC?! I would’ve hoped to see more love between the sisters and Oliver off limits for both like he should be. Sara pretty much passed the torch to Felicity to be with Oliver and help him. Loved Caity Lotz kicking ass. Katie has big shoes to fill and it’s not encouraging to know she knows what the long-term for her character is and has not started research on BC. If she is BC and Sara is killed, I would hope Laurel would feel guilty and make it more about her sister then herself. Also I would be disappointed in Katie if she knew she was going to BC and didn’t bother to do any research, doesn’t show much caring for the character.

      • Mark says:

        What would be even more disappointing is if she has known for so long and like other Actors and actresses in similar roles hasn’t started preparing by taking martial arts / fighting classes up in her spare time. Otherwise the fights scenes are going to be horrific something the training of Caity Lotz can not be replaced. The thing that amazes me though is when they cast this part why a person with a background like Caity wasn’t hired in the first place if they the produces have known all along Laural’s end game why hire some one like Katie Cassidy with no stunt or fighting history / training except for gymnastics. Granted I have no beef about her she is skilled as an actress and as an attorney plays the part well, but as and masked vigilanty hands down Caity Lotz wins — will have to see hope she has started to work towards the so called future the produces have talked about that’s all…. Otherwise a swift end will come to a great show….

      • GreenArrow12 says:

        Excuse me? Why, according to you, is Laurel trying to steal Felicity’s job? She only asked for a radio!! And to be part of the mission! She didn’t say “Come on, I can do whatever Felicity does! You can leave her here, and bring me on mission!”. Plus Katie said she would start reading comics IF authors gave her BC role! And that’s right! I think in one week you can read a bunch of comics if you want and if you have time.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          ITA, the “Laurel tried to steal Felicity’s job” argument is hugely flawed.

          • JC says:

            Haha the Laurel haters are pathetic, they bring up the thinnest argument there is, Matt don’t waste your time on them :)

      • hannah says:

        It’s not called shoving a character down your throat. Laurel is a main character. She is and always will be one of the most important characters on the show. And Laurel’s not trying to steal Felicity’s job. And Laurel was always going to become the black canary. This is not news. And didn’t you read the article? Katie said she’s gonna do research and give it her all to honor that character.

    • suzyku says:

      I agree, I can’t stand Laurel! Why can’t they just get Oliver and Felicity together and be rid of Laurel altogether!

      • hannah says:

        what does oliver and felicity have to do with laurel? its like you’re saying you only don’t like laurel because she might stand in the way of oliver and felicity being together.

    • It won’t be the first time some head-in-the-sand producers have ruined a show.

  10. Luis says:

    I’m sorry, where did these people come from and where have they been for the last two seasons? Poor Katie probably feels like Swiss cheese if she’s been reading the internet the past two years.

    • maina says:

      Oh Luis…unfortunately, Laurel has never had many fans…that’s why I suspect EBR became a regular and Caity Lotz was brought on. And she’s an actress…I hope Hollywood peep in general have learned never to google themselves!

  11. Linda P says:

    All I can say is, wow. They’re really pushing Laurel/KC right now and I feel kinda sick about it. Sorry guys, she ruins the show for me. Glad you like her though.

    • Tina B. says:

      Agreed Linda P. If people like Laurel fine but they don’t have to be nasty about it. Felicity has been a part of Team Arrow from the beginning and always by Oliver’s side, Laurel has been written to turn her back on Oliver everytime except for now she knows, People who made up their minds about Laurel based on writing etc. are not going to change their minds over night and don’t deserve to have a character shoved down their throats because they want to change the story.

  12. Belmaco says:

    Will this we can all pretty much assume that Sara won’t die this season and will be back for season 3.

    • anna says:

      I’m laughing at this comment because I only clicked on the link to see what she had to say about other characters…and THIS! THIS! I couldn’t care less about Laurel, but if Sara stays, I might…

  13. jc says:

    I sort of was part of the Laurel hating train but I decided against it and wish Laurel the best. Hopefully she gets a good storyline, sarah doesn’t die, felicity stays cool as always, and all three to stay away from Oliver in a romantic aspect because they all deserve better. Yes even Laurel.

  14. Ali B. says:

    “Like Tommy says [to Oliver] in Season 1, “You’re supposed to be with Laurel because you are who she thinks you are.””

    This is the thing that annoys me about the writing on this show. WHY did Laurel ever think he was a good person? He treated her like crap. He cheated on her and lied to her. They’ve shown us all of this in the flashbacks. They’re barely friends in the present. What good was there to see? Her loving him more because he’s the Arrow is just so superficial. MOVE ON, GIRL

    • Juliana says:

      I absolutely agree with you. I don’t get why either of the Lance sisters would follow on any romantic feelings towards Oliver, to be honest. Laurel doesn’t deserve all this hate but i understand why people can’t connect with her, ’cause it seems like she doesn’t have self respect. Sara is great, but why on earth would she be w/ Oliver knowing that Laurel would be devasted? I don’t even know why this plot was written this season. It lasted like what? 5 episodes? Completely unnecessary.

    • laura says:

      since when is it superficial to fall more in love with a person because their strong, brave, and a hero? you’re making no sense.

  15. Justin says:

    The more I feel like this show is ordering me to love Laural, the more I feel like no longer watching.

    • Mike D. says:

      Right there with you friend.

    • Rosie says:

      I feel the same way about Felicity. So tired of the writers shoving this minor superficial character down our throats.

      • JC says:

        Shut Up already, the minority fan base this show had is your dear Laurel. the most Basic, Boring and annoying character in this show. keep living in delousional land. The only character in this show that matter is Oliver the star. Stephen at least, red and research about his character, still knows his comicbook canon , No this clueless Joke of BC 2.0 that Nobody is buying . Since the pilot of the show.

        • wonderwall says:

          No need to be feisty. I love Felicity, but really, you shouldn’t tell Rosie to shut up about sharing her opinion.

          It’s funny because Felicity is far from superficial. We’re slowly getting to know more about her and i think that adds a layer of depth to her character. I’m sure we’ll learn more about her later. And I don’t see how Felicity is being shoved down our throats… She barely has 3 minutes screentime. Whereas Laurel…. :/

          • Tina B. says:

            ITA wonderwall, everyone can like who they want to, no need to say shut up and Felicity needs more back story. Enough with Laurel for me!

          • JC says:

            Did i mention Felicity anywhere?…… basic reading comprehension.

            I say that to Rosie, because everyone here is sharing an opinion about the Laurel character and she is trying to turn this into a no so subtle character vs character / fandom vs fandom battle already.

            At the end of the day .This show is about Oliver journey to be Green Arrow, no Emo Laurel trying to be BC 2.0 Ep arc shoving down our throats.

          • wonderwall says:

            No the second paragraph wasn’t directed at you, it was directed at Rosie. You need to calm down.

          • Carl says:

            No, please. Felicity was a lot on screen this season. Laurel missed 3 episodes at least, while Fel was in everyone!

          • wonderwall says:

            Wrong. Felicity wasn’t in the first few episodes. And even so, if you take the aggregate of the amount of screen time both had, Laurel had way more screentime than Felicity. Just sayin

        • Anna says:

          HEY HEY why so furious over someone’s opinion?Relax.Noone will hurt Felicity just be telling his opinion.

          I’m starting to think that the Felicity fandom is consisted of 12-year-olds.Which is odd because she is my favorite character next to Diggle.

          • JC says:

            Did i mention Felicity anywhere?…… basic reading comprehension.

            I say that to Rosie, because everyone here is sharing an opinion about the Laurel character and she is trying to turn this into a no so subtle character vs character / fandom vs fandom battle already.

            At the end of the day .This show is about Oliver journey to be Green Arrow, no Emo Laurel trying to be BC 2.0 Ep arc shoving down our throats

        • emily says:

          no one wants your hate here

      • Tina B. says:

        LMAO, are you freaking serious?! Minor huh? you really like that word! How is this for minority, Emily was supposed to guest on one episode and because of the chemistry she had with all the characters, mainly SA, and the MINORITY fan base loving her and wanting more, she got upgraded to series regular within the week! Yeah minority,lol

    • Christina says:

      I totally agree. I used to really like Katie Cassidy too, but at this point I just can’t. Idk, maybe if they ease off of her and just have her quietly get better for a season, then fine. But right now I just can’t. Not with Sara around.

    • Ray says:

      Arrow has lost over a million viewers just over the last 3 months. They were getting over 3 million viewers weekly and now they are barely get 2 million. At the beginning of the season, they were getting their biggest numbers ever, then come the Laurel-centric episodes and the continued annoying soap opera that just drags the show down. The best parts of season 2 have been Caity Lotz, Manu Bennett, and of course Team Arrow . If they’d focused more on that and less on Laurel-drama, I don’t think they wouldn’t be hitting series low numbers in the ratings.

      • JC says:

        Eh. Okay, I am the last person to be pro-Laurel but that said, I’d be careful about using ratings to prove your point on this. Ratings always drop in the spring – Originals and Vampire Diaries have also dropped, and even SPN isn’t getting what it got in the fall. Plus Arrow’s has a lot more breaks this spring than it did last year – the Olympics kind of messed up the scheduling. The drop post-Heir to the Demon that others have mentioned was also after it had been off the air a few weeks due to the Olympics. It’s possible that the storylines have had an effect on the ratings, but with all the other factors, it’s hard to say that definitively.

    • I will likely keep watching, but I may skip the Laurel focus episodes and just read the recaps … and use the scenes w/ her in them to go get a snack. [shrug]

  16. kikiyo2011 says:

    I like Katie, I really do. I enjoyed watching her in Supernatural, even tolerated her in Gossip Girl, but I REALLY do not like Laurel. She drags the show down. Especially during her scenes with Stephen Amell. I sort of enjoy Laurel interact with Detective Lance and even Sara, but I CANNOT stand her needy, superficial interactions with Oliver.

  17. amy says:

    if you want to keep shoving laurel down our throats. Fine. But remember, the original team arrow dynamic is the reason why so many people watching, don’t mess it up just for her sake.

    • chrissy says:

      Our throats? Um speak for yourself. Laurel is my favorite character and the main reason I watch. Don’t speak for everyone.

      • cameron says:

        THANK YOU. It kills me when one portion of the show’s fanbase acts like it can speak for everyone. I love Laurel!

        • Ninja Skyden says:

          Yeah, I’ll give you a can’t stand list. 1)Felicity (Akward, useless, and just because fans like her, and she’s a “everywoman” dork they keep her…ugh) 2)Lyla 3) Deadshot (I just can’t stand the character, among the worlds greatest heroes and he shoots? WTF?) 4)Detective Lance(The accent “The LawR is steady, the LawR is sacred.”). 5)Thea (I was really surprised because outside of Arrow, I had never heard of Willa Holland and was excited to see what she could do, now that I’ve watched I know…nothing, but whine and make upset faces about people lying to her)

          Who I LOVE 1)John Barrownman 2) Manu Bennett. 3) Kevin Alejanrdo. 4)Katie Cassidy (Apple)

          Stephen Amell is alright, I mean LEAPS AND BOUNDS above Justin Hartley’s one-liner interpretation of the character. Caity Lotz is awesome, but one my bias is because I LOVE BLACK CANARY and two because I would marry Caity Lotz in a heartbeat, she is so beautiful. I also like Cynthia Addai Robinson (I think she plays a solid Amanda Waller, and she is the one I can understand what she is saying the most on the show out of all of the cast, she speaks clearly and slowly, also have been in love with her since Spartacus). I’m not a big Summer Glau fan, she was ok as Supergirl, Cameron, and River Tam, but that’s about it. Dig is the safest actor on there to me, he is trying not to push his character too much because he is an African-American male and this is a lilly white audience so if he tries to break out too much it will be like Pete in Smallville and one day have to “Go away” for some reason. To me you can’t beat John Barrowmans interpretation of Merlyn, while not as BLINDLY psychopathic and single minded as his comic book counterpart, I think Barrowman and Amell’s characters will become the gold standard and quintessential interpretations of the characters for years to come. They need another damn face-off!!!! Seriously, in MY opinion, I can’t stand Felicity. I love Laurel, because to me Felicity seems more like a closet bitch than Laurel. Laurel has known rich ass Olver Queen her whole life and had the chance to get her bitchiness out. To me Felicity still has hers bottled in, and every line of the character is just AKWARD with a capital A. Notice how half of her statements are ignored by the main cast during the latter half of these episodes. It’s like ok Felicity we will listen to you when it’s play time, but once seriousness goes down we are straight up ignoring you.

      • amy says:

        I spoke for arrow fans who are worried that laurel joined team arrow will destroyed one of the best thing on arrow

        how about that? And if you don’t believe me about team arrow dynamic what make this show great, look at all the nominations arrow receive or when critics put arrow on best list, team arrow are mention on so many of them, laurel? None

      • Anna says:

        I love Laurel as well.Can’t wait to see her as the REAL Black Canary!

      • Linda says:

        I feel the same way. Laurel is my favorite.

        • Linda, I love Laurel too! Add me on facebook, we have a group.

          Olicity fans stop being so annoying, rude, and selfish! I used to like Felicity character, but her fan base of 12 years old girls who only watch the show because a stupid shipp makes me sick.

          • Ninja Skyden says:

            That’s awesome, I completely agree, Olicity overrated. Felicity, EXTREMELY OVER-RATED. I don’t mind her character naturally, but all of the fan hype and BS she gets for just being a dork, knowing the cool guy only gets with the dorky girl to use her (which I see in real life all of the time so why would I want to see it on a show?). I mean come on, if Olicity were to date, what would they talk about? What would be the basis of that relationship? “Hey Felicity remember when I saved you that one time?” “Yeah Oliver that was nice (awkward dialogue or pause).” END OF RELATIONSHIP Laurel just fits better, and to all of you non-comic book fans. Laurel and Oliver are freaking soulmates. Laurel and Oliver end up getting married later in the comics, spoiler alert.

          • GreenArrow12 says:

            Completely agree with you! Lauliver is the way!

      • Carl says:

        Laurel’s the best!!! :D

        • Bash07 says:

          I´be always love Felicity, she is obviously the funniest character in the show. But people just need to get over it man. She is not gonna end up with Oliver, and it´s ok. Katie Cassidy has been doing an amazing job and Laurel´s evolution was really well done. I love her as The Black Canary and was the main reason I enjoy these episodes so much. GO LAUREL!

    • kath says:

      At this point, I pretty much tune in for the original Team Arrow.

      The last episode, where it was All About Laurel, was a disappointment.

    • Tina B. says:

      Agree with Amy, tired of the pimping of Laurel

    • Actually if you want to go by original Team Arrow dynamic it was just Oliver, no Diggle and certainly no Felicity who only came by later in season 1. And if we look to the comics the Green Arrow family is in fact – Green Arrow, Black Canary, Speedy, Arsenal, Speedy, Red Arrow and Sin. Certainly no Diggle and no Felicity. So if you can’y accept change, then you really are not following the story line. All these characters are coming into the expanded universe of ‘Team Arrow’.

      • Dennis says:

        Good grief. Comic book “purists” keep harping on how Laurel is canon, Felicity and Diggler aren’t, etc. The show runners have not only turned canon on its head already, but have spun it like a basketball trick performed by LeBron James. Does anyone think Felicity and Diggle should be removed from Team Arrow to make room for others? After two seasons? And look at the last three episodes of Season 2. Who, once again, was Oliver’s conscience? Who kept him on his chosen path? Who did he trust with the penultimate attack on Slade? Felicity. The last 2 episodes make Laurel’s “I know you best, Olly! You can’t give up!” speech look even more preposterous. Remember, EBR was a one-shot character actor, and now she’s an integral cast member. So enough with the “It’s Fate!” analysis. The show runners can take their show in any direction they want, but that doesn’t mean it might be contrived and false to what they’ve already done.

  18. Pat says:

    Matt, this was a very good interview read. I like all the characters on Arrow, of course I root for the good guys the most. I am anxiously waiting for the finale and I know that I probably will not be able to sit quietly as I watch it.

  19. Mike R. says:

    Glad to see Laurel getting some quality storylines. Laurel/Black Canary is such a great character across all mediums, and I really hope now that she is in the know, her character will only continue to improve. Looking forward to the end of the season. I don’t want Sara to die however for Laurel to become BC.

  20. Jenni says:

    One of my biggest problems with Laurel is that I don’t understand why she loves Oliver so much….He was mostly horrible to her. At least that is what I feel they have shown us. I cannot remember a lot of times where I thought: Oh, now I get why they are in love.

    I can buy them being old friends and caring but this intense love, I just don’t see it and frankly it makes me dislike her character. (Why would she still love him after all he did to her? Frankly she could and did do better) For me, if they were to dial down on the epic love and just let the story unfold a little less forced, maybe people would be more accepting. Who knows?

    I actually like her with her father. When they are interacting the characters make sense and it is enjoyable to watch (for me). They make a good team and it usually also helps the plot. That I can fully support.

    • FC says:

      This a million times, TBH! The show keeps telling us that they are soulmates and are the 2 pieces of an epic love but I’ve yet to see that! They showed us through flashbacks that they were pretty much toxic to each other – Oliver kept lying and cheating and Laurel didn’t see that and just pursued him. Where is that epic love? I can understand that the idea of Laurel kept Oliver going on the island, but we didn’t actually even see that this season. And they have terrible, terrible chemistry.
      Just develop Laurel on her own without any romance thrown in the mix and make her own person – she is currently simply defined as Oliver’s ex and nothing more.

      • Ninja Skyden says:

        It’s in the comics. Sorry pure TV fans of Arrow but it will be a cold day in hell before DC lets anyone end up with Oliver besides Black Canary. Maybe in the films they will twist it up, but that’s why. It happens in the comics, they get freaking married in the comics. Don’t know why they would make the sister-love triangle though. I guess just to attract the female viewers with scandalousness, women love talking about what bitches OTHER women besides themselves are.

        • Kambria says:

          They also get divorced in the comics. They didn’t have a lasting relationship and BC was kind of a…yeah. So your argument is mute. Plus GA and BC didn’t end up together in Smallville’s version. So not every aspect has to be followed in a show mirroring the comics. Not bashing on the actress in a malicious way but her portrayal of Laurel in Arrow is very out of sync with the show. Honestly they could pull that character out and it really wouldn’t affect the show to much. I like the current BC or was current you can say. Now honestly when I first started watching Arrow I really really wanted to like Laurel but episode after episode it just made me dislike her character more. To me Felicity has more chemistry with the show and Oliver. But most of all I love the dynamic of the Arrow Team and all the other comic characters that pop in from time to time. Just love the show overall except for a couple minor things.

    • kc says:

      I wholeheartedly agree! The only times I enjoy Laurel’s scenes is when she’s with her father. At least those feel real and organic. And also, Tommy. They had this chemistry that I, personally, don’t feel when she’s with Oliver. So to me, her scenes with other characters always feel so forced and uncomfortable to watch. And this thing about Laurel and Oliver being “cannon”… I’m just not buying it onscreen… plus, they’ve changed Oliver’s back story and laurel’s too. So how can they be cannon just because they share the same name but are completely different characters because of their backstories?

  21. cameron says:

    While I know some people enjoyed Sara as BC, I personally didn’t feel that she lived up to the character from the comic books. Sara is very much concerned with her own self-preservation – understandable, of course, considering the time she spent on the island – but I think it continuously manifests itself in ways that are unattractive, and as Sara herself points out, detrimental to Oliver’s growth as a person and hero. Laurel, however, has constantly shown herself to be someone who fights for justice and good and the people who can’t fight for themselves, and I see her, more than Felicity even (who fails to change Oliver’s mind about anything), as the moral compass Oliver needs in his personal life as well as when he’s the Arrow.THIS is the BC I read about in comics, the heroine who is compassionate and always concerned with morals and justice. I think Katie will do a fantastic job (plus, I’m excited for her to have blonde hair again – I loved her as Ruby in Supernatural). Laurel’s (and by extension, Katie’s) journey this season has been wonderful to watch, and I’m looking forward to the next stage of her character.

    • Ninja Skyden says:

      You are right. Black Canary’s essence is her sense of morality, she is comparable to Superman in that right. She is to the letter of the law, everytime and feels a strong sense of justice because of her father.

  22. sarah says:

    Glad to see that Laurel will get better storylines.
    See Katie did not like going to set every day and crying! :)
    I do like her and hope she is on the show for a long time.

  23. wrstlgirl says:

    This is going to be all about the transition for me. If it’s to quick or seems forced I will hate it and Laurel even more than I already do. If other great characters, yes like Sara, are sacrificed in order to push Laurel upon “me” I will hate it. But I’m willing to sit back and watch, give it a chance and see if these writers can change my mind.

    • kath says:

      These two episodes are going to be the deal-breaker for me.

      I haven’t been really happy with the show since Three Ghosts, the writing has been too disjointed, characters I want to see have been minimized and the Oliver And The Lance Sisters Drama has turned me off. I’ll wait and see what the show does for the last two episodes but pushing Laurel to the front and Diggle and Felicity to the sidelines the way they did last week isn’t going to make me come back.

  24. Annie says:

    I sampled Arrow (just caught up with all of the episodes) after being a big fan of Smallville, and I have to say that Laurel as played by Katie Cassidy is one of my favorite characters on the show. She’s dynamic and layered in the sense that she is challenged a lot and changes based on those challenges, and you get to see her deal with a range of experiences that few of the other characters do. I especially like how she complements some of the more exposition or action heavy aspects of the show; yet I’m incredibly excited to see Laurel’s journey to becoming Black Canary and becoming more immersed in the action. Hopefully, she won’t leave her civilian life as a lawyer behind, though, because that’s one of the things about Laurel I love most. So thanks for the interview Matt! I hope to enjoy more and more of Katie’s and Laurel’s awesomeness in the future.

  25. Dj says:

    It will never happen, but I rather Sara stay BC. The best part of this season has been Caity Lotz and Manu Bennett. Both have stole the show.

  26. wonderwall says:

    “It was definitely a shock for her, but it makes the way she looks at him… She loves him that much more… She loves him so much for [being Arrow], because he is doing good, and she’s a good-doer.” — and this is one of the main reasons why I could never respect a woman like Laurel. She really has no self respect does she? I hope this isn’t where the Arrow writers are going with Laurel.

  27. amy says:

    girl, that man slept with your sister (not to mention cheated on you with her) have some self respect and just stop with this whole tragic epic love thing, go back to a guy who did that to you is not epic love, is insanity

    • kath says:

      Oliver slept with Laurel, and then with Sara, and then with Laurel when he got back, and then with Sara again, and now…. he’s going to pick up with Laurel again?

      Do the EPs think they is attractive? And that we would be rooting for Oliver/Laurel after this?

      • martina says:

        THIS…I don’t understand how anyone can root for Laurel-Oliver. I mean, give me ANYONE else. I’ll ship Oliver with Anyone-Who-Isn’t-Laurel.

      • FC says:

        I completely agree!!!! It’s just a weird, rather incestuous relationship!

      • Don’t forget — he slept with Laurel, then baby momma, then Sara, then Laurel, Helena somewhere in there, then his father’s mistress, then Sara again. :P

  28. fatalsin says:

    Sara will die and Laurel will pick up BC to honor her sister…. it seems cliche but this will probably happen… i like all the characters… but I really do think sara is a better BC and Laurel is better as the human so to speak..

  29. Laura says:

    I am so happy that Laurel will become the Black Canary. i almost stopped watching the show because i really can’t stand the actress that plays Sara.I don’t like the way she speaks, it grates on my ears. i was so happy she left for a while. Yay for Laurel Lance.

  30. JC says:

    She Really think, That her character in this show and Oliver are some kind of Love level Lois and Clark soulmate 2.0. This type of Delusion is astounding, and Not in a good way.

    • Linda says:

      Do you even speak English?

      • wonderwall says:

        Does it matter? I find it cool that people outside the country enjoy such an amazing show and like to share their input. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Anna says:

      When one pf the prinicpal wirters of the show call Laurel/Oliver “Lois and Clark” i don’t think it’s delution on her prt to also think that way!

    • Anna says:

      Also you call Katie delusional for comparing the pairing to Lois and Clark but i’m wondering what were you saying about Ameel when he described Laurel as “the person that Oliver will alway pursue.The love of his life”

      • JC says:

        Well you , the other two and even the writers of this show, Are really Delusional if you all think this two can be compare to Lois and Clark Epic Love; is actually an insult to the Iconic Couple that Clark and Lois are. so yes i call delusional if she think they are like them. when KC won’t even do character research for her own character.

      • wonderwall says:

        It’s funny you use that quote because it was said before Season 2 even started. I haven’t seen Stephen mention anything about how him and Laurel love each other and are meant to be ever since the start of the second season… I think the only thing he said about Laurel was the fact that his favorite scene with her is when he’s yelling at her to get her head out of her self righteous butt. which is quite hilarious.
        It’s obvious Stephen’s opinion about Oliver and Laurel has changed unlike KC who keeps on spouting the same ol’ nonsense. I was disturbed that she even brought Tommy into the conversation. What is KC thinking?! Out of Oliver and Tommy, Laurel only had an honest, true relationship with one of them. And that person doesn’t shoot arrows in green tights. I hate how KC demeans other relationships just to prop up Laurel’s supposed epic love with Oliver. I mean last month at the Calgary Expo she said Felicity probably doesn’t even mean much to Oliver than Laurel does and that Felicity would probably be a fling. No wonder fans got mad at her.

        • anna says:

          I think what she said was: “Oliver and Laurel were meant to be…Felicity is great…but come on, it’s Laurel.”
          I agree it says a lot about KC as a person that she doesn’t point out the ickiness factor between Oliver-Sara-Laurel, and still thinks that’s true love. But…I also think that she’s playing the fans. Ever since that convention, everyone is talking about Laurel. It’s not all good, but it’s attention…so…that being said, if you don’t like Laurel, the best thing you can do is stop talking about her. Don’t post anymore. Don’t comment. No more attention. When they do a post an article about the characters you like–Felicity, Diggle (not a huge Oliver fan either)–then comment to show support. Even if a lot of commenters are spouting dislike, this article still got over 150 comments. The Tomorrow People finale post got 50 comments in contrast. Guess which one is in danger of cancellation. So…guys…I understand the hate…but we all need to move into indifference territory. Indifference is a lot scarier than hate.

          • wonderwall says:

            I think people would be indifferent if they didn’t think Laurel was going to be a huge part of season 3. That’s why people are being vocal about it you know? I don’t want to end up fast forwarding 20 minutes of an episode because Laurel is in it. I’d rather keep her in the background while the show focuses on more important things like Oliver’s journey in becoming a hero, Digg and Felicity’s story, Malcolm Merlyn and his plot against team arrow, Thea’s relationship with Oliver. Some screentime is already wasted on Laurel at the expense of other the characters’ growth… I don’t want to see the show waste even more.

        • Ugh says:

          Yeah! I read that interview. Made me super mad. I mean, I get she wants to preserve her character’s arc and all of that, but she tried crapping on a ship that Olicity fans are VERY enthusiastic about! It was so unfair! I hated her smugness.

          • speedy says:

            It wasn’t about shipping for me. I think if she had said something along the lines of Laurel being a strong, independent woman, and that everyone will have to wait and see what happens with Oliver, but they’re really going to have to earn it, I would be okay with it. But to say that Laurel is “meant to be” with someone who cheated on her so many times, got someone pregnant–and then got back into a relationship with her sister–was really disappointing. I was a KC fan until that point (see, I can try to invest again in Laurel, but I will never be on board with Lauriver)…I really feel strongly that she should have advocated for her character first, and the love story second, but she basically said no matter what Oliver does, he and Laurel are meant to be, and that sends a terrible message to women everywhere.
            I remember an interview with Emily Bett who was asked about the same thing about Olicity, and her answer was that Felicity needed to be more than Olicity moments, and that Oliver and Felicity would need to earn a relationship together (even though they’ve had a fairly healthy friendship up to this point)–and that was an answer I liked because it put Felicity-as-a-character ahead of Felicity-as-a-love-interest. It’s sad to me that KC reduced Laurel to a love interest with that comment. I mean, even Paul Blackthorne, when asked he thinks Oliver should date, answered “No one with the surname Lance.”

          • Becky says:

            But that wasn’t what she said. All panel, she talked about her character, and how she can be Black Cnaar, and how they built up the family dynamics with Alex, Paul and Caity. There was ONE single question about Lauliver, and this was it. She wants to have a storyline more, than Laurel to be with Oliver. You’re overanalyzing the whole “sending the wrong message to women” thing. Cause obviously, if theirs was an abusive relationship, then Oliver shouldn’t really be with anyone else on the show either. But I don’t ship her with Oliver either, I just can’t see what she sees in him, or I just can’t understand what made her fall in lovewith him pre-island. The writers really need to show that.

          • Becky says:

            If you watched the actual video, you probably saw, that she talks like that about most things. She wasn’t being smug, she has this joking tone, and way of answering things. She said in several interviews, that she thinks Felicity is awesome, but she cannot possibly tell people to ship Olicity, because even though it is a popular fanon ship, the writers main goal overall is not to make people ship Olicity. They would want people to ship, what they “want them to ship” if that makes sense. And while I think you can get away from comic book canon in many aspects, this is surely one thing they do not want to let go of. So she repeats what they are telling her, but you know what? Stephen Amell has said similar comments very often as well. For example: “Oliver will always pursue Laurel – [she’s] the love of his life… but so much stuff has happened,” he explained. “They’re in a good place – Oliver and Laurel, but Laurel and the vigilante… not so much!”

  31. Lucas Mills says:

    What I want most in the show, and to see the evolution of Laurel until it becomes BC. I could never stand the fact that they put Sara (fraud) as a “reference of heroin.” Because, Sara demonstrated’s been away from being a heroine, she is more to murder. Black Canary that I know has a sense of justice and seeks to put the will of the people first, giving up his. Has a sense of justice and tries to be fair in all situations is what Laurel did and continues to do. And in my view, was the only character from the beginning of season 2 that evolved, unlike the others which have remained the same, without any novelty.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Sara a murderer argument is so ridiculous.Oliver killed over 30 people last year,Diggle would have killed plenty in war,Laurel murdered the police officer this year,Sara since being back has killed 3 people 2 assassins and a serial killer but lets just make out that its only Sara that is a murderer hypocrite

  32. Alan says:

    hopefully this interview is all just a misdirect to hide slade killing laurel by the end of the season, because if we have to keep laurel and lose sara im just going to stick with the flash from now on over on the dc front.

    • kath says:

      I hope you’re right. If Laurel dies, I will mourn her and think of all her good qualities.

      If she replaces Sara or Felicity, I will get ragey.

    • emily says:

      why are you reading this article if you hate laurel? people like you annoy me so much. if you can’t be respectful, then you shouldn’t say anything at all.

  33. Lucas Mills says:

    Dinah Laurel when they take on the mantle of Black Canary, goes be wonderfully thunderous! Wait and see

    • anna says:

      There already is a Black Canary. Her name is Sara Lance! And she’s already wonderfully thunderous (what an awesome description btw).

  34. kath says:

    Katie Cassidy sounds very happy about what’s going to happen on the show for Laurel, and that’s nice for her.

    For me, Laurel is one of the weakest characters on the show and all the pushing of the character to the front over characters I’d rather see, like Diggle, Felicity, Moira and Thea, means I’m less interested in the show than I was in the fall.

    I’m afraid that if Katie thinks the fans will be happy with the season finale, I won’t be.

  35. Lucas Mills says:

    The person who says Arrow fan and forget that this is a story about the evolution of the heroes, and not about a hero ready. Hero is not done overnight. Someone who risks his life for others, must have gone through many good and bad things with intituito to mature and gain heroism. And that is exactly what I see in Laurel and throughout the history of Arrow.

    • kath says:

      Diggle and Sara and Felicity have done it even more, even Roy has. I don’t mind if Laurel takes her place in line but I really don’t want her jumping to the head of it.

      • TootyFrooty says:

        Not everyone can be a hero though. Besides Sara is already a hero in her own right, and things seem to be pointing to Roy gaining hero status as well. I agree with Lucas. Laurel has made mistakes, suffered and learned and has earned her chance, imo.

  36. Jay says:

    they will never kill off Laurel, BC is named Dinah Lance or Dinah Laurel Lance there is no Sara. I highly doubt the show would get permission to change BC so much and kill off the character that is suppose to become BC

    • Alan says:

      in the comics lilah michaels is the name of the amazonian harbinger, here she is a government agent; in the comics shado is a villain who does awful things to oliver, here she is a love interest; in the comics felicity is the stepmother of firestorm and has no connection to green arrow or the hero world at all, we all know thats different here; count vertigo is royalty in a small european country, here a low level drug dealer; my point here is that the show has already taken a lot of liberties with the source material and it wouldnt be a big change for them to take another, especially when it would improve the show greatly.

      • GreenArrow12 says:

        Shado was also an Oliver love’s interest. And Oliver Queen in the comics is funny! Just to ad something.

        • Alan says:

          shado was most definitely not a love interest of oliver in the comics, she raped the guy once, she may be a love interest now in the crappy new 52 for all i know but she definitely hasnt been before.

    • ? says:

      In the comics there’s no Moira or Thea or Diggle, Felicity is completely different and has nothing to do with Green Arrow, Roy is completely different, Deathstroke doesn’t have some miracle drug in his system, etc. OF COURSE they have the leeway to keep Sara the Black Canary if they want to. They’ve changed literally just about everything else.

      • Alan says:

        actually comic deathstroke does have a bit of a healing factor and some super strength so he is like the comics in that regard. i dont disagree with your point though.

      • ? says:

        I mean, except that there’s a guy named Oliver Queen, he’s a billionaire, and he shoots arrows at people. That’s it. What does the character of Laurel on the show have to do with the Black Canary from the comics except for the name “Laurel Lance?” Exactly nothing. So really, comic book fans, what is the name worth? How much does a name matter, if a character with the name of Sara is more like the Black Canary you know and love than the character with the name Laurel? I just don’t get this insistence that Laurel NEEDS to be the Black Canary because of her name, without regard for the actual substance of her character as it was written for her on the show.

        • Jackson says:

          I’ve been reading comics since I was 8. GA is one of my favs and I love Dinah, but Laurel is no Dinah. I am all for Sara remaining as Black Canary, and Laurel doing something else. She is Dinah in name only, beyond that she’s nothing like her.

          • Jay says:

            Eh KC was a bad ass as Ruby in Supernatural and i think if she had better writing for the character she could pull it off. Just simply killing her off would be a huge diservice to both the character and the actress playing here when there is so much potential that the character actual has if the writing was there

          • jackson says:

            I never said to kill her off. I agree, her writing is terrible. However, after having Sara as Black Canary I will never buy Laurel in that role. I think they can still fix Laurel, in a sense. Keep her as a lawyer, she can be a liaison for Team Arrow, but before all of that – she needs some major writers rehab. Her writing is not helping her at all. At least for me, it’s to the point where, I don’t want them to kill her, but if they did… I wouldn’t care. That’s saying a lot because I’ve always been a Dinah fan.

          • Jay says:

            tbh i never actually said she should be BC either all i said is that the name is BC and that the character is a major part of the GA lore that killing her off would be just wrong imo. Would i one like to see her become BC sure, hell the earlier flashbacks of SA playing Ollie before the island when he is a whiny spoiled rich kid is annoying as hell, I’m sure KC can change like that as well.

            On a side note has anyone had the notion that Slade is just doing this cause he wants Ollie to kill him and that he ment himself when he said only one more person has to die?

      • GreenArrow12 says:

        There is Moira in the comics!

    • Jay says:

      I was simply saying that they wont change one of the main characters in Green Arrows life so much all those others are minor when it comes to to BC and GA. And by your notion there is no Sara Lance in the comics either. They wont take a character that doesn’t exist and all of a sudden make her BC and kill off the person that is suppose to be BC.

  37. Lysh says:

    I really like Laurel and I can’t wait to see her grow into the Black Canary, even though I think Sara is the perfect Canary. I really loved her scene this season with Helena; I think if she got her sentence shortened or something, they could make a great team (and go find an Oracle/Barbara Gordon). The girl power in me dislikes the thought of her and Oliver – Oliver was the absolute worst boyfriend to her – but we’ll see how that goes.

    Great interview! I keep forgetting there’s another episode between now and the finale and I’m looking forward to it A LOT.

  38. JC says:

    A good interview. Katie Cassidy seems like a very nice person and I’m glad for her that she’s so excited about the direction her character is taking.
    Unfortunately for myself, I think Arrow and I are getting close to parting ways. I just can’t like this character, no matter how nice KC is, and the more attention Laurel gets, the less interest I have in the show. Not to mention that I deeply dislike the Lauriver pairing. I’m only hanging on right now to find out what happens to Sara, and if Sara dies then that will be it for me. I guess we’ll see what happens May 14.
    Side note: for what it’s worth, I’m not the same JC who posted above.

    • wonderwall says:

      Yeah, that’s going to get really confusing! I dub you JC1.

      I’m sort of disappointed in the writers who think that Laurel/Oliver are an epic couple. No. There’s a difference between epic and toxic. I’m sort of disappointed in KC and Arrow writers for sort of telling people it’s okay if your boyfriend cheats on you a million times. As long as you love each other then that’s all that matters. I hope they don’t go down the Laurel/Oliver path again. It’s not right. And it doesn’t do any good for Laurel’s character to be with Oliver again. It makes her look worse actually.

      • JC says:

        JC1….ha! :) There’s another JC also who is pro-Laurel, so that makes three JCs now commenting on Arrow posts. I really should have picked a more original screen name I suppose when I started posting here.

      • kath says:

        Apparently it’s okay if your boy friends cheats on you with at least 12 other women, successfully lies to you for 7 years and tells you he’s done with you — you’ll still love him when you find out that he’s a hero. and know him better than anyone else does.

        It makes me wish that there were no comics so that they could write Laurel for who the character they’ve created is, rather than forcing her into the BC role.

    • anna says:

      I dub you “JC that I like and agree with.” But JC1 is probably easier…

      • JC says:

        Thank you! :) Actually, Matt, do you mind if I start using JC1? I know you’ve been asking us to stick to one username per IP address, but this multiple JCs thing is getting confusing.

  39. Jackson says:

    As a fan of the comics, I thought I would be looking forward to the day Laurel transitioned to Black Canary. However, the writers ruined Dinah on this show, so, so badly. I wanted to like Laurel, but to me she’ll never be Dinah- not even close. Neither will Sara. However, I don’t expect Sara to be like Dinah, because she’s not meant to be.

    Originally, I thought I would hate someone other than ‘Dinah’ taking on the Black Canary role, but Sara was a welcomed addition. Sara Lance is an interesting take on Black Canary, and I like how her story mirrors Oliver’s. In my opinion, they should have waited and introduced Laurel/Dinah, the way they did Sara. She should’ve already been BC, not Oliver’s past love who allowed him to treat her like dirt. <– That's not Dinah, she forgave Ollie for a lot, but she was a strong and dynamic hero in her own right, and in most cases a much better one than GA.

    I think Laurel needs to go through some writing rehab, before they even attempt making her BC. Her writing has been so inconsistent, it's as if they write her in last minute because they forgot to. I think if they really put some effort into it Laurel could be interesting, but as it stands, to me, she's the least interesting character on the show – and it pisses me off. She is supposed to be Dinah Lance, come on.

    Another thing, if they seriously planned on making Laurel BC, they shouldn't have given the role to someone else. They can say that she's just the beginning all they want, Yao Fei, Bill Wintergreen, all had small roles. Sara has been in every episode this season, which is more than the shows female lead. Now if Laurel does become BC, and too fast, it's going to suck. Most of the viewers will be comparing her to Sara, and I don't see her fairing well.

    Lets be real, Caity Lotz in is top physical shape for the role. Katie Cassidy is tiny, if she's going to be BC, I'd like to see her beef up. Before you start insulting me and calling me names, let me be clear: I don't see anything wrong with KC or her body. However, I will always compare her to Lotz who is her physical superior. I know CL isn't the best actress, but neither is KC, at least Lotz brings that physicality to the role, and I believe she's a badass. I do feel bad for KC though, I imagine it must suck to watch someone else play your part. Nonetheless, the part of me that loves Arrow hopes that doesn't change.

    • Alan says:

      imagine if a real dinah had been on that boat with oliver and had come back with saras storyline from this season, that would have been a fantastic way to introduce the character, instead we get a badly acted, badly written storyline that makes me think the writers cant stand the character and were forced to use her.

      • Jackson says:

        That would have been awesome. Seriously, I don’t understand how you take a character like Dinah, and decide to write her like Laurel. If she would’ve had a version of Sara’s story, she’d be badass and no one would be questioning her. Also, lets not forget that Dinah is actually a better fighter than Ollie, something Laurel will never be – I doubt she’ll ever be an equal, let alone better.

        • wonderwall says:

          I feel like people are fixated on Laurel becoming BC because ‘Dinah’ is in her name and not because her character merits it. Which is quite a ridiculous reason for Laurel to become BC. Laurel is nothing like Dinah. In fact, it’s an insult to Dinah to compare her with Laurel.

          • Jackson says:

            I sometimes wonder if the people who argue the whole: but she’s Dinah Laurel Lance, she’s gonna be BC, have ever read a comic. Hell, they could name Diggle Dinah, and yet he wouldn’t be Dinah. It’s just a name, and it’s meaningless if the character traits don’t match up. At this point, I am all for Sara remaining BC, and Laurel a lawyer. I think if people picked up the comics, they may see things differently.

          • wonderwall says:

            I don’t mind Laurel being a Lawyer. I mean, what’s the point of her blackmailing her boss in order to get her job back when she doesn’t even go to work/ take advantage of the fact that she’s a lawyer to help team Arrow? The shoddy writing in regards to Laurel baffles me sometimes.

  40. Justin says:

    Losing Sara will make me not want to watch.

    • wonderwall says:

      Killing Sara is a cheap plot to advance Laurel’s character. It just won’t make Laurel be more likable. I love Sara. She gels well with team Arrow, whereas Laurel doesn’t. Digg and Felicity don’t seem to care for Laurel either. It was just steely in the foundry when she was there.

      • Alan says:

        i think a lot of that coldness was just the actors, from looking at social media it seems like the cast are good friends who hang out a lot, to the point that actors who have never shared scenes seem to get on really well, with the exception of katie cassidy, she seems to be totally non existent when it comes to others posting stuff on social media. stephen amell is ridiculously active on facebook, constantly posting pictures and videos and talking about the other actors, but in the entire time ive been following him he has mentioned katie once, and that screamed that he was doing it out of courtesy because it was about some business or something she was involved in.

        • wonderwall says:

          I wonder about this… Does KC actually get along with the entire cast? Because she’s barely ever converses with them through social media. We never seen twitpics of her an the cast nor do we see her tweeting them/instagramming them etc. whereas EBR/SA/DR/PB/CL all advertise the show like crazy. They have viewing parties, take photos with each other on set, go to conventions together etc. It seems like KC always seems to be the odd one out. This paired with the fact that she has terrible chemistry with most of the main actors (EBR/SA/DR) makes me truly wonder what their relationship to KC is like…

          • I kind of wonder this as well. It’s not like we’ll likely ever find out — at least, not till after the show is over, and maybe not even then — but her absence among all the rest of them hanging out seems odd. Save with Paul Blackthorne — I read someone say that they rehearse their lines quite a bit, and if true, it definitely shows in their scenes together.

        • kath says:

          Laurel was dismissive of Felicity and Diggle in that scene, treating them as if they’re servants to be dismissed. She always has been, whereas Sara bonded with both of them.

          If the writers want us to like Laurel, they shouldn’t write her as being snobby about Felicity and Diggle, two characters who are a lot more popular than she is..

          • Becky says:

            She just asked them to leave, because she wanted to talk to Oliver alone. Also, Felicity and Diggle both made some not so sweet comments about Laurel throughout the two seasons, Refering to her like “the allmighty Laurel” etc, so maybe you should notice that part as well.

  41. EP says:

    Love Team Arrow Oliver, Diggle and Felicity!!! Have always had a hard time with the character Laurel. But she did okay when she played a lawyer. The chemistry with the original three just really is outstanding. The are why I watch Arrow. Really like Thea and love Detective Lance. Hope they don’t mess with the core group.

  42. Ida says:

    I like Katie I really do, but Laurel…. She’s probably one of the most annoying characters in TV right now. No character, no charisma, chemistry between her and Oliver is nonexistent. She’s the only part of Arrow I can’t stand.
    From girls I really love Thea, Felicity and Sara.

  43. Ashley says:

    Ehhh. I see why the writers want to make us like Laurel but personally, it’s a lost cause and shoving her down our throats is only going to make me hate her more. The Laurel Lance character had such potential but Katie Cassidy’s overacting has reduced her to a whiny, blubbering mess of a character that has me tuning out for most of the scenes she’s in. I live for Team Arrow moments and Laurel Lance intruding on that dynamic is doing nothing to change my mind about her character.

  44. LC says:

    I have a feeling that if Laurel takes a more prominent roll in the series, becomes a member of Team Arrow and/or becomes Olivers girlfried again the CW will lost more than half of their veiwing audience. Sorry, most of use are disgusted by the going back forth between sisters thing and don’t like Laurel at all.

  45. Shannon says:

    When I started watching Arrow, I wanted to like Laurel. I really did! Unfortunately, she and Oliver have about as much chemistry as a pair of wet socks. Then came the sister swapping. And the struggle with addiction that lasted all of 3 episodes. And the panicked effort to shoehorn her into TA. Let her be a lawyer. She’s good when she’s with Papa Lance, and crime fighting that way. But please stop using her in these forced storylines. It makes watching painful!

  46. Jenna says:

    I just love (like really love) how people go crazy everytime they TALK about Laurel. They aren’t shoving her down your throats, people. She is part of the show and sometimes she will do things, just like everyone else. It’s not because you don’t like her that everything she does is to hurt you or make you love her. She was already a big part of this show from the start, they always said she is on her way to become Black Canary. It is your choice keep watching Arrow even if they follow their plans.
    They don’t have to please you and kill Laurel just because you don’t like her. There are lots of people who actually enjoy her journey, and each day I see more people saying how they are changing their views about Laurel. So yeah, she will be around. Cassidy made it clear they are not killing her off, so Laurel will be around, and she will be Black Canary and part of them Team, because Black Canary IS part o the team.
    You can enjoy everything else, you can give her a chance, or you could stop watching the show. I know for sure Laurel fans don’t love every single character, and we are here, we watch everything, even when Laurel isn’t a part of it.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you! I love Laurel and I think the character has a ton of potential, I would love to see Katie play Black Canary. I’m wondering if the “Ollicity” fandom is comprised of a bunch of 12-year-olds with nothing better to do than post hate in all Laurel Lance and Katie Cassidy articles. So done.

    • anon says:

      Katie Cassidy should start practicing the salmon ladder as the first step to make a believable Black Canary. If she wants to make anyone believe that she can become BC, she should put on a bunch of muscles, especially after seeing Caity Lotz kick some serious butt.

    • Nate says:

      Jenna, I could not have said it better

    • I have a couple of great ideas about what can be done with Laurel on the show, and KC playing Laurel on the show, and neither involves killing her.

      Stop with the straw man fallacies and the histrionic melodrama.

      KC would be an interesting mayor / ally to Team Arrow.
      She’d also be an interesting DA / not-exactly-ally to Team Arrow.

      Both give her plenty to do, especially given that she knows Oliver’s secret now.

      But her acting SERIOUSLY needs to be reined in, and her wardrobe needs to be more appropriate for what she’s doing — if she’s going to be doing more crimefighting. And the writers have GOT to stop making her deliver god awful lines like the “I know you like my bones” speech. I feel truly bad for Ms. Cassidy that she had to deliver that.

    • Carlos says:

      You said it all!!!!! I love Laurel, I don’t really like Felicity that much! but i won’t stop watching Arrow only because one character is annoying!

  47. sophia7470 says:

    I’m worried that if Katie Cassidy thinks fans will be really happy with the finale, l really won’t be.

    I’m not a fan of laurel, and i’m not a fan of the writers trying to make me think Oliver and his interchangeable sisters routine is anything other than completely tasteless. One episode ago he was asking Sara to move in with him. Now it looks like the final two episodes are going to be all about the epic laurel love. I mean really.

    • Linda says:

      It’s always like this isn’t it? I will be super happy if they finally give Laurel the importance she deserves.

      • wonderwall says:

        Laurel doesn’t deserve importance. She needs to earn it. Right now she hasn’t earned it.

        • TootyFrooty says:

          And just who exactly gets to decide that he’s earned it? You? Me?

          • TootyFrooty says:


          • wonderwall says:

            The writers with a clear conscience of course. But also, to some degree, the viewers. Right now the writers are trying to push Laurel into a plot line so hard that in order to do so, they have to make the other characters look incompetent. I mean come, on. Who time stamps a document like that? Why wouldn’t Oliver use his trick Arrow on the mirakuru soldier before he got into the that chokehold? Why did Oliver give up like he did at the start of the Season? I thought he grew as a character and would actually strengthen his resolve to kill Slade. But no, all of this was done for the sake of ‘almighty Laurel’.

          • TootyFrooty says:

            See, this is exactly what makes me roll my eyes at most Laurel haters. You think that everything that amounts to Laurel having some sort of storyline this season as having being created to prop her. Plot points are used all the time on all shows, but as soon as they are linked to Laurel in any way, shape or form, it’s “forced”.

            Furthermore, you do realise that not all viewers are embittered against Laurel like you are, right? There are some of us who think that she deserves every bit of importance she gets.

          • wonderwall says:

            Tooty, I’m not really going to apologize for thinking that they’re rushing Laurel’s arc, so much so that they’re doing it at the expense of making the others look incompetent in order to fit her in. Not everything in the storyline is created to prop her character up, I agree. But there are glaring holes that people notice such as the ones I’ve mentioned before. Laurel’s not become a better character like this.
            And I don’t need to realize what I already know. Every character (good/bad/terribly written) have fans. I didn’t say there wasn’t. It was just my opinion that they’re pushing Laurel too hard too fast that her progression doesn’t even make sense anymore. They didn’t lay that strong foundation for Laurel. There are other characters who have that foundation that aren’t getting enough screentime because apparently they’re not supposed to be the BC (such as Digg, Malcolm, Felicity, even Thea) and that’s frustrating to many.
            I don’t mind having Laurel have a piece of the action. I would be happy if she was the one who killed Blood or at least put him behind bars. But other than that, I see no point in her character. I don’t see what she brings to the table other than the fact that she can catch incompetent idiots in the act (Blood)…
            You may roll your eyes. but people have some real issues with Laurel which is putting a damper on their experience. I wish the writers would rectify their mistakes. Slow Laurel’s progression down so it actually makes her a believable character… That’s the biggest issue people have with her. It’s difficult to connect with a character like Laurel. So before they make her a bad*ss, they need to work on building her character first.

          • GreenArrow12 says:

            @Wanderwall. I repeat my comments again:
            Yes. You may be right: Arrow could have used his special trick before on that man, and so on.
            Bu there are other examples of fight-plot-“mistakes” that were done only to put the story or one character under the lights. I make some examples:
            1) BC against the cloackman: Wasn’t she able to defeat him without Felicity? She could have used her acustic device and she could have won very easily. But in that episode Felicity needed a scar, and to feel important again: so she saved Sarah from the Cloackman.
            2) Arrow, Roy and Sarah against Slade in 2×18: Oliver uses a special arrow to make Slade sleep. And then what? You call Police officeman Lance?!?!? He could have called Amanda Waller! But that was too easy; you can’t win that easy in 2×18 episode, since you have 6 episodes left.
            3)Arrow aginst dark archer: He puts an arrow through his breast and then he jumps on a motorcycle?…
            Theese were the facts I believe to be the funniest!

    • Jon says:

      That was actually a really brilliant reversal. Since it was commitment issues/Laurel wanting to move in that made him get on the boat with Sara in the first place. Now HE’s the one talking about moving in and and shortly afterwards she’s breaking up with him.

  48. anon says:

    The more they try to prop up Laurel, the more I hate the character. Maybe it’s the way Katie Cassidy plays Laurel, there is an underlying current of nastiness in Laurel and I simply want to fast forward her scenes. Talk about miscasting. Now, if Katrina Law had played Laurel, then I would have looked forward to Laurel taking up BC’s mantle, but Katie Cassidy is simply not doing it.

    • JC says:

      if Katrina Law had played Laurel
      anon, that’s cruel. Don’t tease me like that. :( (I can totally see it.)

  49. martina says:

    You know, I used to be a Katie Cassidy fan. I had NO idea who Stephen Amell was and when I found out Ruby-from-Supernatural had a new show, I was completely on board. And then I met Laurel…and I jumped ship. Three episodes in. Not completely her fault: Amell didn’t have the acting chops when this show started either. He’s gotten consistently better, and KC isn’t a terribly actress–she’s just not good in this role, in my opinion. And the chemistry between her and Amell, coupled with the most toxic romantic backstory, and I just couldn’t get on board. When the show moved away from this, and arrived in Netflix, I binge watched, and I liked the alternative–the Team Arrow stuff, the Tommy-Laurel relationship, the Oliver-McKenna/Helena (before she was crazy) relationship, the Oliver-Thea dynamic, Malcolm Merlyn as the big bad, Moira-don’t-mess-with-me-Queen. I thought the first half of S2 was great, but the moment the show decided to try to weave Laurel back in, that was when they lost me. I stopped watching live, and now I’m considering dropping the show completely.

    • anna says:

      It isn’t just Laurel’s character, it’s what they’ve done to the show’s formula and to Oliver’s characterization to prop up Laurel. They spend a season and a half developing the awesome trio: Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle, and their partnership, but when it came time to show who can talk Oliver out of giving up, they choose Laurel to give him the speech that highlights the worst writing in all of Arrow’s episodes thus far. Now, Laurel fans loved that she did this, but here is my problem with it: First, they had Oliver regress to the same thing he did when Tommy died: he gave up. Threw in the towel, decided not to be a vigilante, and then took it a step further and opted for suicide in the guise of it being better for everyone. Who wasn’t sitting there thinking “you really think that’s the solution Oliver? Are you that stupid?” I couldn’t understand why they would re-hash the same story, thereby tearing down two seasons worth of growth, until she gave him that speech. Oliver HAD to give up and make a stupid choice so Laurel could have that moment. Then, she tells him she knows him in his bones. Um…she JUST found out….and that speech then erased 7 years of character growth; it suggested the Oliver-she-dated is the same as the Oliver-that-returned-from the island. And he ISN’T. The whole show hinges on his hero journey. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they have her save him with a pipe when he obviously had the explosive arrows and should have used them to take care of the Mirakiru super soldier–to prop Laurel up, they made Oliver incompetent.
      If they had written a storyline where Laurel took down Blood using the law–because she’s a lawyer, maybe I could have gotten on board. If they had written her asking Oliver questions instead of giving him a pep talk that really, really should have been from Thea or even Diggle, I would have said, “that makes sense.” But they didn’t. They created a contrived plot and sacrificed character development to retcon the character, and as a result, the show’s quality has gone down for this viewer. There’s a huge difference between what they’re trying to shove down my throat now and the story they’ve been telling thus far. They’ve been showing me the relationship of the original trio–they’ve shown me TONS of conversations where Oliver confides in Diggle, but then they throw in the Laurel speech with no build up (when she said, a few episodes ago, that she knows him better than ANYONE and that he thinks he doesn’t deserve to be happy, but he does, I laughed–the guy cheated on her repeatedly…the guy she knew obviously thought he deserved to be happy more than she deserved a loyal boyfriend). In the same episode, they have a storyline with Felicity interrogating a bad guy playing to her strengths. It made sense. It was organic. That’s NOT what they did with Laurel.
      And, also, if they had never introduced Sara Lance/Caito Lotz as BC, I might have been interested in seeing Laurel’s superhero journey. But I’m not. I’m simply dreading what they have in store for Sara, and the assassination of that character, in favor of propping Laurel up yet again. But, thankfully, I’ve learned in the last few episodes is that there is a disconnect between the aspects of the show I enjoy and the story the show runners want to tell. And it’s their show–they can do what they want. But I’m not going to sit through anymore inconsistent characterization (alcoholic, pill popper, but can hang out at the bar; pissed at sister and then ex-bf, but then dishing out relationship advice) for Laurel Lance.

      • FC says:

        Anna – I completely agree! The show kept showing that Laurel actually really didn’t know Oliver at all. He kept cheating on her when they were together, hell, he got a random girl pregnant and then he left with his sister. She wished he was dead when he came back and then got with Tommy, and they were adorable actually, and then when he died, she swore vengeance on the Arrow. And now she is all ‘I know you in my bones’.. really? How?
        I am still in the belief that she kept Oliver from giving up because she said Blood and Slade were working together and not because she basically paraphrased what Felicity said a scene before (also not to forget that she completely disregarded Digg and Felicity who are his team and she basically has no respect for them). She is really, really inconsistent and for me, she is bringing the show down. I wish they’d make her Team Arrow’s ally on the law side of things, along with her dad, instead of becoming BC.

      • This… all of this.
        I wanted to like Laurel and I did, the first half of season 1. then they did the whole Oliver/Tommy/Laurel love triangle and i lost interest.
        The show itself was/is great when its focused on Team Arrow. Trying to find a slot for laurel , not so much.

        I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Laurel never becomes canary. I’m also hoping they never ever go down memory lane and get Oliver and Laurel back together. Toxic doesn’t even begin to describe their relationship.

      • GreenArrow12 says:

        In comics Oliver wants to quit a lot of time. (once just becouse he found out there was an archer better than him -.-”) Besides this entire story it’s his fault! I find more reasonable for him to give up now instead of last season! According to me Laurel’s speech was intended only for the new Oliver: she understood him from the very beginning of first season “No, Ollie. You have changed. Now you’re telling me the truth” or something like that at Olly’s “I’m alive party”. She’s no more thinking about Olly previously of the island! She knows Olly how he is now!

  50. Tommy says:

    It always the same thing with this Laurel hate – she’s being “shoved” down our throats, she’s “whiny” and “bitchy.” Laurel hasn’t even appeared in every episode this season – how is she being shoved down our throats? And to the people threatening to “stop watching” the show because of Laurel, then go ahead. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and stop watching and stop coming to these comments section repeating the same thing over and over again.

    I can see why people disliked her toward the first half of the season but the writers/producers gave her a much better arc in the second half. The last couple of episodes have been great and I’m so eager for the for the next 2. I’m sure all of the actors are going to absolutely kill it and based on the stills/clips, it is going to be awesome.

    Great interview by the way!

    • zoe says:

      Yes, they gave her a better arc…but they didn’t build up to it. If they had slowly shown me Laurel’s development, I could buy it, but you just said it perfectly–she was barely featured and then BAM! Laurel, Laurel, Laurel. So, I can kind of understand where people are coming from. That’s a writing issue, not so much a character one, in my opinion (but I’m a writer, and the writing for Laurel is on the list of don’t do’s in terms of characterization).
      As for the comments, I would argue that everyone commenting–even those who say they aren’t going to watch–are still invested. People who aren’t just stop watching. So the show runners probably appreciate that people are still commenting–positive or negative, it means people are still watching. Every commenter here represents a pie of the viewing population–most viewers are just not invested enough to read articles/tweet/go on FB etc…but I doubt the show runners would encourage anyone to stop watching if they don’t like a certain part. They probably appreciate feedback more than silence. Unfortunately, at a certain point, all this passion/hate for Laurel IS going to turn into indifference, and at that point, people won’t be posting or commenting or talking about why they hate the character; they simply won’t watch…and that would not bode well for the show.

      • GreenArrow12 says:

        2×14: Laurel starts “rehab”
        2×15:She’s not on screen
        2×16:She has 2 scenes speaking to Ollie and Sarah
        2×17: She’s on screen as much as Oliver and Sarah
        2×18: she has 2 scenes: one with Blood, the other on with Slade
        2×19: episode quite Laurel-centric
        2×20: she’s only in one flashback
        2×21: normal appearence on screen as Thea or Felicity

        Now, since she’s “reborn” do you really think she’s BAM! Laurel, Laurel Laurel? I don’t think so..

        • Ro Jones says:

          Completely agreeing with you. I’dont buy her like the Black Canary.

        • Bash07 says:

          She has been great! Her character´s evolution was really well done, Katie Cassidy is doing an awesome job as the Black Canary, I never expected to enjoy these episodes as much as I did and she is probably the main reason. I have to say, Felicity has been always my favourite character but I love what the show is doing with Laurel… she deserve these and more. A Birds of Prey path would be sublime.

    • Taylor says:

      I agree! Many people are being quite spiteful and complaining about the same things over and over again. Some are even inexplicably enraged by Laurel that every little thing she does is “soooo annoying”

      • jackson says:

        While some people do hate her, just to hate her. There are some, like myself, who are big comic fans, and are disappointed. I had big hopes to Dinah Laurel Lance, and now I can barely tolerate her. It’s frustrating that the writers have ruined such an iconic character. Unfortunately, they gave us another option with Sara, and many, like me, have embraced her. The thought of losing Sara, in order to make Laurel BC is frustrating. It’s obvious they write well when they want to, so why didn’t they do that with Dinah from the start? If you haven’t read the comics, and you’re interested in who Dinah is, I suggest reading them. i think perhaps, then you’d see where some of us are coming from (if you’re not familiar with the source material).

        • And there are some who are like myself are big comic fans who are excited about the journey of Dinah Laurel Lance’s journey to hero. I was more disappointed by the Sara Lance arc as the beginning of the Black Canary story line than anything. For me now that Laurel has come out of her crucible she is displaying a lot of the Black Canary personality and hero traits. While Sara has displayed fight skills, she hasn’t shown the fight for truth, preservation of life and being there for others. The cheater/assassin/killer is just too much for me to ever embrace Sara as the Black Canary. She’ll only ever be the beginning of the story line and inspiration.

          Laurel is Dinah Laurel Lance and she will become the Black Canary. Katie has the looks and the shape for the Black Canary, and her hair is even getting lighter.

          True there has been some aspects of the writing I haven’t agreed with, like the pill popping and alcohol arc, but it is now behind us and we look forward to Laurel being totally BAMF. Go Laurel!

          • Jackson says:

            Well that’s great that you can get behind this version of Dinah, I can’t. You’re the first comic fan that I’ve encountered that’s OK with Laurel. While I’m sure there more comic fans that like her, I don’t know any.
            I have to disagree on Katie having the look and shape of Dinah.
            Dinah is a shapely and muscular woman, and I’ve seen photos of KC in a bikini. While she is fit, she’s very very thin. Compare her body to that of Sara, and there is no competition. This is another fault of the writers, they shouldn’t have cast someone else in that role, if they were serious about Laurel becoming BC. I can tell you that many people will be comparing the two, myself included.
            The thing about Sara as BC, is that I don’t expect her to be like Dinah, not at all. I do, however, expect that from Laurel, and so far besides her name, the resemblance is non-existent. As for the hair, that is not an issue for me seeing as Dinah started as a brunette.
            I’m happy Laurel has her fans, and for two seasons I’ve tried to like her, but for me, the show has failed Dinah (and other things too, but not as bad). I think Laurel needs some major writing rehab if they’re ever going to really sell her as Black Canary, in the interim, they should keep Sara on board.

          • GreenArrow12 says:

            Jackson you can add another Comics fan who really appreciate Arrow’s Laurel!

        • zoe says:

          The problem is that the longer they keep Sara on board, the clearer it is that she’s the one who fits with the cast in terms of chemistry…plus she rocks the action scenes. If they had never introduced Sara, I might still be willing to invest in Laurel’s journey to BC…but they introduced the absolute best version of BC I could have hoped for with an awesome comic book-worthy backstory, and I would hate for anyone else to take over at this point. The more I learn about Sara, the more I love her (plus, she just fits…Laurel’s presence always feels a little jarring to me). And the more invested I get in the character, the harder it is to write a storyline that feels organic with Laurel becoming BC.

        • GreenArrow12 says:

          Completely support TheAppleFour! GoLaurel!!!!