Tomorrow People Boss Previews 'Bittersweet' Moment, Finale Cliffhanger and 'Adult' Season 2

The Tomorrow People Season 2 SpoilersIf The Tomorrow People survive to see another day — and that’s a big “if” off- and on-screen, with the CW series still awaiting to hear about a renewal as the characters fight to stop the end of the world — their story will become a much more mature one.

Season 2 would find Stephen’s adolescent questions replaced by more adult issues and “unencumbered” homo superiors in a whole new setting, executive producer Phil Klemmer reveals.

But first, there’s an apocalypse to avert, a death (…or two, or more), a God-like Jedikiah and a “bittersweet scene between John and Astrid in Monday’s finale (The CW, 9/8c), which ends with an “Everest-sized cliffhanger.”

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TVLINE | With the show’s fate up in the air, how did you approach crafting the finale? Is there a good amount of closure?
I don’t think I would have approached it any differently had our future been a little more certain. I’ve always defiantly gone into this with a pretty reckless energy because I just don’t think any show can really afford to play it safe or predictably. Preparing ourselves for Season 2, I’ve been pretty determined since the beginning to resolve the stories that we’ve set into motion, but at the same time blow them up in a way that we can’t return to the world of Season 1. When I consider doing another 22 episodes, I don’t want them to be the same 22, and the only way you can do that is to blow up things in a way that you have to reinvent the world.

TVLINE | You want viewers and the network to want more at the end of the season. So will there be a pretty sizable cliffhanger?
Yes, like an Everest-sized cliffhanger. Season 1 was very much a show about an adolescent hero dealing with adolescent issues, and Season 2 will be much more a show about adults. That means jumping into the future. Stephen’s quest has been to understand who is and what he is and to bring his family together. But as we’ve seen in Episode 21, he’s lost his family. Season 2, I want it to be not about the Tomorrow People hiding and being on the run. I want it to be what they would do if they were unencumbered. The way we’re leaving things at the end of [Episode] 21, it looks like humankind could very well be doomed, and that’s a distinct possibility.

TVLINE | Things looked very dire at the end of the last episode with Roger being strapped into The Machine. How are they handling this development?
Not particularly well. Things continue to go poorly. The end of [Episode] 21 was not a dramatic fake-out. It’s not something that will be swiftly resolved at the top of the finale. It’s a very real, impending doom that will tick down until the last frames of the season.

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TVLINE | Last time we talked, you said there will be some death. Can we expect to lose more than one person?
You can certainly expect that. You can certainly expect to lose people and Tomorrow People. And in a way, you can expect to lose all the people.

TVLINE | Does that include any of the regular characters?
Alas, yes. That’s the wonderful thing about Warner Bros. and The CW. When we first pitched out Season 1, Mark Pedowitz, the head of The CW, was beating the drum that cable television has upended all of the conventions of network [TV]. He, basically, empowered us to follow this story wherever it took us. The reverberations of [Game of Thrones‘] Red Wedding have been felt in network television, and I think that’s a great thing.

TVLINE | What’s Jedikiah going to do with his newfound powers?
It certainly looks like at the end of [Episode 21] that he’s going to enjoy using them. But nothing comes without a cost. Maybe playing God isn’t quite as simple as Jedikiah thought it would be. He’ll have an awful price to pay.

TVLINE | We’ve seen that a human can get powers. Does that mean someone like John can regain them?
It certainly could. But like I said, playing God is a complicated and dangerous game. It also comes with unforeseen consequences. John getting his powers back, who’s to say that he would be the same man? In a lot of ways, what John has lost can never be replaced. That’s what makes his fading love story with Cara so tragic. Both of them want to go back to who they were, but that’s something that nobody, not even paranormals, can do.

The Tomorrow People Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | Cara definitely seemed to take notice of the development between John and Astrid. Will she have some feelings or opinions about it in the finale?
She will, absolutely, but the specter of what is about to happen is so huge that it dwarfs any one person’s personal feelings. When you’re looking at the end of the world or the end of your own life, there’s really no time to dwell on your own hurt. For me, that’s what’s really interesting about the finale — it plays out nearly in real time, and our characters are forced to make real-time decisions about how to survive. But then they’re also forced to make, essentially, death-bed confessionals. They’re forced to unburden themselves of all the things that are in their heart because there’s no way you can say them when you’re dead. I think people will be very interested to hear how our characters really feel for one another.

TVLINE | Amidst all this action, is there is time for more John and Astrid romance?
Oh, my God, there might be a little bit too much time for it. [Laughs] There is, absolutely. There’s a very, very bittersweet moment for the two of them – their version of Titanic, “clinging to each other as they freeze in the Arctic.”

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  1. Josh says:

    wouldnt be suprised if jedikiah and roger both die in the finale. in fact, its hard to see how they would factor into a second season…

    if not, rusty or john is the most likely to kick it i think. dont really see them killing off stephen, cara or astrid. although how great would it be if they killed off stephen and john became the shows lead? :)

  2. tv2day says:

    They have to get out of that underground bunker n into the real world. That’s what’s killed the show

  3. yurie says:

    The show has gotten better though. It should renewed although I could do with less romance and more character moments and action sequences!

  4. jm says:

    I think either John or Astrid will be death. I hope the killed off Russell and Natalie. But we will see. I love this series and Star Crossed… too bad it is impossible the two of them will survive… (either both)

  5. Kevin says:

    I don’t want a cliffhanger in the finale, considering it might not get renewed.

  6. Davin says:

    In the newspaper this morning, it said this could be the last episode

  7. GhostWolf says:

    I don’t see this show getting renewed and a potential cliffhanger – think The Glades which had a cliffhanger and got cancelled with no resolution for the fans. Plus, more focus on Stephen – ugh. He was the reason I stopped watching in the first place.

  8. Jane says:

    If they kill Jedikiah I won’t be back even if the show gets renewed. Mark Pellegrino is the reason I started watching the show to begin with since I loved him on Supernatural, Being Human, Revolution and other shows. I like John but the rest just act like children, no matter how much they pretend they are adults.

    • izzy says:

      I kinda agree with you they act like kids and then have loads of soppy love stuff

    • boss says:

      ikno, nathali russel n the others that helped turn in roger made me so mad trying to make decisions on their own as if they have done anything helpful for them to earn that right of decision -making

  9. krendall says:

    Don’t believe what newspapers are saying, they only report what they are reading about online.

  10. David E says:

    Everybody please watch the finale tonight. I want the ratings to get higher and higher.
    There should be 3 million viewers to tune in.

  11. Viv says:

    Cliffhanger? I don´t want a cliffhanger! As much as I love this show, there is a high possibility that they won´t get a second season (is there any renewal/cancellation prediction that has them not as “almost certainly cancelled”?). I hate shows that end on a cliffhanger…

  12. Adam says:

    I don’t want the show to get cancelled. Cassie got killed, Hilary exploded, john loses his powers and now likes astrid. Cara might be dating stephen since john dosen’t like her anymore.
    The show is getting more interesting.

  13. Quinn Mallory says:

    Roger and the Founder are probably gone. I think John will also bites it to set up a scenario of Jedikiah leading TPP in a potential season 2.

  14. Juju says:

    Based on the recent ratings for this show, I hate to say it, but TTP is defo canceled! The 100 is a safer show. So enjoy the finale! We’ll know for sure by next Thursday’s upfronts if this gets a Season 2!

  15. Linda says:

    Why would they do a cliffhanger when they knew their chance of renewal wasn’t that good? That is complete BS for the fans.

    • Tpfan1980 says:

      Well they have already ignored cara/john to satisfy some tweenie wish for astrid/John. He’s late twenties and she’s a teenager. It’s ridiculous as was last episode’s John. All season it’s been about his love for cara and even only a few episodes ago he declares he still loves her, belongs by her side. Then suddenly he is all over a teenager? It’s insulting to long term viewers and if it means a finale with all these astrid/John scenes, count me OUT! I’m interested in the SEASONs stories being finished, not some rushed ridiculous romance at the cost of two established characters screen time! They should be dealing with Stephen/ family sacrifice, Russell’s betrayal, johns betrayal to cara, John/Jed. I’m assuming that the world breaks out or the humans dies, meaning season 2, if renewed, would be about the tps. Which I an only assume astrid dies in the bittersweet moment, with Jed offering his powers up to save John or something. Does astrid no longer love Stephen then, as two episodes ago she was all jealous and all about Stephen. Is that forgotten about now?

      • Kim says:

        I agree that the John/Astrid pairing felt very rushed, normally I prefer a little bit of slow burn but if tonight is the last episode then I’m glad we got to see them together. Of all the pairing the show tried this season John/Astrid are the only two that I felt had any chemistry.

        • hycent says:

          Sure it not normal like that I think no matter what Stephen do to love cara I think Astrid is the perfect girl for him instead of jhon

          John is met to be with cara not Astrid

      • izzy says:

        I wanted Stephen and cara to be together even though its kinda predictable

  16. Jared says:

    Id be surprised if TTP got renewed for a second season. The CW renewals can be unpredictable especially if the network wants to get into the Summer scripted business. I guess will find out next week.

  17. DiverKlein says:

    I have the last 5 eps on my DVR (i refuse to watch live. Cannot stand commercials) If it gets picked up, i’ll catch up, if it doesn’t, I’ll just delete them and move on. Had such potential to be a hit. The !00 is at least behaving in more mature manner.

  18. James D says:

    Darn it this better not become another Alphas where they leave us hanging indefinitely. this show has been one of biggest surprises for me this season, i loved the original as a kid but when i saw it was coming back on CW i had my doubts but it has been a very decent show to watch this year. My guess is Roger will die and Astrid or John will as well. I really hope John survives as Luke Mitchell is one of the best things about this show. can’t wait for tonight and my fingers are crossed for a renewal.

  19. Gerald says:

    PLEASE RENEW please renew Please Renew.

  20. pep says:

    yeah It’s CANCELLED it can’t even maintain a million viewers which sucks because it has had the best development as far as CW programs go. They need a new night because it just died on Monday night. Good luck TTP I got about 20 people watching you and all of them will be pissed that I got them hooked on a cliffhanger finale with no season 2. Can’t it air in the summer when everything else is on hiatus?

  21. Kim says:

    Yeah, I’m expecting tonight’s episode to be the series finale. It makes me sad because TTP turned out to be one of the better networks shows to debut this season, it started out weak but once they started focusing less on Stephan and more on the supporting characters the show got a lot better. John should have been the focus of the show from the beginning. If TTP does get cancelled I hope Luke Mitchell gets a leading role in a decent show next season.

  22. A says:

    I really, really hope this show gets renewed for a second season. Especially if it ends on a cliffhanger. It has so much potential and has gotten so great lately. The show was doing better ratings-wise on Wednesday night so the CW basically shot itself in the foot by switching it to a new night mid-season and barely promoting it on the network. Please give this show another chance for season 2!

  23. Nubion Thomas says:

    its so hard to say because of the twist adopted from Game of Thrones “Red Wedding”. Didnt like how Jedikiah turning evil again. sigh. Didnt like that Roger died. Im Happy Stephen was able to absorb his Dads powers and become more powerful. but then again there seems to be some after effects as he save Cara. Hope there is a season 2 to unravel all this!

  24. Cyber-X says:

    i 100% agree 2 Nubion Thomas on hoping to c another season of TTP season 2

  25. Alexandria says:

    Please let The Tomorrow People be Renewed for // Season 2.

  26. alice says:

    i am hope that if got season 2 , i wish john and astrid love each other , cause they r the reason i watch this drama series ,

  27. Dawn Chase says:

    Please keep the TTP ON. it’s a good show.

  28. AShane says:

    I love this show! PLEASE, bring it back

  29. Chris says:

    Please bring back TTP :( We want to watch season 2!

  30. Cynthia says:

    Can Jedikiah from ‘The Tomorrow People’ kill now that he has their powers?

    • Cynthia says:

      What I is meant is can Jedikiah from ‘The Tomorrow People’ kill now that he has their powers, since he wasn’t born a tomorrow person so does that mean that the barrier won’t stop him? Please explain, I’m a bit confused.

    • an says:

      he shouldn’t be able to kill because they’re species cant kill but there is a possible chance

    • Reid says:

      John explains that the human body rejects their powers after an unknown amount of time. When Jedikiah is breaking into Ultra to free his brother, his powers stop working when he tries to throw the last guard. At that point, he is human again and can kill.

  31. Shannon says:

    I am pretty devastated that this show has cancelled! Me and my entire family watch it, and we’ve all been into it since the first episode. CW are making a couple of mistakes not renewing great shows like The tomorrow people and Star-crossed. In the UK, we don’t have the CW channel I believe, so I only get to see the series online :( I’ve really been enjoying both series and I think that the CW should give their shows a chance instead of allowing the series directors/producers/writers to leave the audience in suspense, on amazing cliffhangers!

  32. awaiting season 2 like rain from the sky,

    Probably, I will not be so much contented with season 2 if jameson is among those wil die but my serene peace of mind is giving me that as the last episode shows that jameson being the leader of the homo superior and finding out the power to regain happened thing to there exact place, jameson will gonna led season 2 to the finale.

    • Chantall says:

      Oh! Please steven is kinda annoying ever since the start of the show i never liked steven i use to like cara but when she cheated on john with steven i didnt likr her anymore i hated when they made her leader..i mean the guy was off supporting a friend(russel) whos dad just died and she sleeps with steven i hope johm takes the lead in season2 he is waaaay cooler

  33. PLR critiques says:

    I have absolutely loved TTP and want another series, please!
    The Founders’ character could have been sucked into another dimension, where simply he can reconnect the machine to transport himself back to where he wants to (as the machine got sucked into the vortex with him).
    I agree with many others that after seeing Astrid quite openly fancying Stephen, it was weird to see her suddenly switch affection, and going for John – even after removing the bullet from him before.
    If there was another series, I’d perhaps like to see Stephen and Astrid getting together, or even seeing Cara at least temporarily getting together with Stephen? These seemed the most likely pairings at the start of Series One. Hilary’s demise was quite a shocking one, but I did like the twist that meant the evil Founder survived, with the kind of disfigurement often seen in films’ most villainous characters.
    Felt as though ‘ends’ were too quickly tied up with the so-called “Refuge” just being marked in paint onto the walls of the HQ building and nothing happening with Stephen and his family. If he was able to turn back time, why then couldn’t he turn it back further still to the death of his father? Why did Jedikiah shoot his brother in the same wound site he’d been previously shot in, a bit inconsiderate, eh? What about his baby with Morgan – homo sapien or superior?

    So many open-ended questions and possibilities… it clearly needs resolution and could easily be done in another series.. Go on..we’re owed it!

  34. says:

    I am wounded that they said that the show is not going into a season two so what is that just it. Watched every episode and I enjoyed every one of them. Need to know what happens next :( please make series two.

    • izzy says:

      AGREED!!!!!! :-) I love the show its actually a believable si-fi show except the machine looked really dramatic with that lightning blue stuff!

  35. Sexy Luke says:

    I feel so bad for Luke Mitchell. Such a good actor and sooooo sexy! I watched the show cuz of him.

  36. Samar says:

    I have seen every episode of The Tomorrow People and I can tell you that I am dying for more! This is the first TV show that I have loved to bits and am impatient for another season (and maybe even another after that)!
    Please don’t cancel it…Please x

  37. Aruzhan says:

    Dear Mr. Klemmer,

    In do all respect sir, I think u made a huge mistake, just because it didn’t get a lot of views at first now there maybe even more viewers wanting more and feeling upset that u stopped an awesome show……but I am sure that if u put a second season it will gain sooooooooo many viewers……I love the tomorrow people and if u don’t put it back on I will have to just watch 1973 or 1992 and I actually real want to watch 2013-2014-2015 tomorrow people……….,please bring it back🙏or atleast if uncoils email me the whole story🙏

    Regards, Aruzhan (11 year old who loves tomorrow people)

    • mya says:

      With you on that one if he gives it to you give it to me … I really want to know what happens this was a great show and yall were wrong to cancle it if you did.

  38. simona says:

    Koga izliza 2 sezon na the tomorrow people?

  39. Michael says:

    so there wont be season 2

  40. elibarick mghashwa says:

    i wonder if there will be no season 2 coz da way it’s end real it need another season, and for sure it will be great coz we need to humankind will be dead and left homo superior or? And if so how are they run da world

    • elibarick mghashwa says:

      real it’s good by the way bt need another season to da project of JED and JOHN ’bout superior-soldier

  41. strauss peter says:

    i’m realy eager to watch the season 2

    • Mariana says:

      I’d like to say about this wonderful series..
      In season 2 would it be more like what’s life to the tomorrow people not to run? Or not to hide to survive from JED..because in season 1 all had been about the break-outs, finding roger..but since there would no be season 2 afterall.. I just commented to say that this season was Wonderful in all of the ways :)

  42. Jenny says:

    This is definitely too late to say so, but ESPECIALLY because of the cliffhanger at the end of the finale, is there any way this show could be brought back?

  43. Diane says:

    Waiting to find out WHEN the series will start. Just loved it!

  44. courtney says:

    Please renew please! Bring them back I have been waiting!!! I can’t wait. Please don’t take them away this is one of the best shows!!!!!

  45. Josh says:

    I think it was a shame that the blonde girl killed herself to try and kill the founder is there any romance between cara and Stephen or did begin and end with series one

    • David knights says:


      It’s just about to stop showing in England It’s currently being shown on a channel called e4. I’m sure the ratings will be huge here in England I know lots of people are fans of the tomorrow people Lots or people are gripped by the story’s and great writing on TTP IT WILL BE A HUGE MISTAKE NOT A MAKE SERIES 3 Please I’m begging u make a series 2. E 4 have just shown series 1 in the uk. It’s huge here in the uk PLEASE MAKE A SERIES 2

  46. I like the show and hope it doesn’t go off the air. I read the new ideas for the show and it sounds like it should work. Bring the people out of the tunnels from darkness. You cannot see the group because of no light in the room. I can’t wait for the new season to start. John and Astrid are good. Keep the main characters Cara, Jedikiah. Stephen etc.

  47. Gary says:

    When is series 2 of the tomorrow people going to start I love this show its awesome and I can watch it over an over again thanx for putting something good on t.v better then any I’ve seen

  48. Julie says:

    I’m a bit confused. Is there a season 2 or not?

  49. Doug says:

    I can’t believe Tomorrow People is being cancelled, with all the drivel that’s on television these days, and I mean there’s a lot, this show was something original in my opinion and had some great acting in it. I, along with the rest of my family looked forward to it every week, and couldn’t wait for season 2. If nothing else another network should pick it up. Your crazy for dropping this one

    • I agree 100% so much this show was great it would have picked up for season 2 to many networks give up after 1 season they don’t give it a chance. People that like it after season 1 are going to tell other people about it and others I’m sure would catch up on Netflix and watch the new season. This show was great I hope they bring it back whether on the CW or another station.