Exclusive: Entire NCIS Cast Signed for Season 12

NCIS Season 12 ContractsCBS’ NCIS had dodged its annual agita attack this year, with the re-signing of five series regulars whose contracts expire this spring.

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TVLine has learned that Michael Weatherly‘s new deal to return to TV’s most watched drama for Seasons 12 and 13 is due to close imminently, while Sean Murray, Pauley PerretteDavid McCallum and Rocky Carroll already have signed on the dotted line. UPDATE 5/16: Weatherly is now officially signed, for two years.

Fellow series regulars Mark Harmon, Brian Dietzen and Emily Wickersham are working off different contract cycles.

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NCIS airs the penultimate episode of Season 11 this Tuesday at 8/7c.

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  1. Ann says:

    Glad the current cast will be back for next season!

    • Tracey Maloney says:

      Thats the best news ever it beats most other shows

      • Eveline Grimes says:

        I whole heartily agree for it has been my favorite since it’s inception. JAG was great & as a retiree of the U.S.N., I rank NCIS & the L.A spinoff & most assuredly the N’Orleans spinoff will be liked by me too. Now if they could only do a NCIS-L.A. Dodgers spinoff – well…

        • nemi says:

          Ncis had lost it’s Mojo or like Tony said it’s PAH! Not just because of Bishop who just doesn’t fit but because of its poor writing this season andg that is not Bishops fault.

          • drhenning says:

            you realize that Bishop is a character.. Emily Wickersham is the actress…

          • Ann says:

            I have to agree NCIS has lost its mojo
            I don’t even watch the series after its been been recorded for our daughter it is rubbish I have every series on dvd but no longer will I buy them the whole series should end get rid of Bishop the series has been ruined with her character unless all the cast want this.

          • Rob says:

            All the case does want Wickersham on board and seems to be huge fans of their work.

          • E. Trekco says:

            I don’t think Bishop will ever fit–character is weak and has no balance. Gotta get a Ziva or Kate replacement.

          • Mychal Love says:

            I’m glad NCIS will continue. I love the show. I remember when Cote joined the cast and I’m not sure we all loved her immediately. It took some time. They need to delve a bit deeper into Emily’s character so we can get to know her better and they need to stop treating her character as a blonde. She is supposed to be as smart as MCGee, only in a different way and thus far we have seen nothing to prove that. We get she is quirky and quirky is good, but give the character some substance and let’s see where it goes.

          • lsperling says:

            I personally liked Ziva from the get-go, but after a full season of the Bishop character, I still don’t think she fits in. I don’t know if it’s the scripts, the character itself or the actress, but she definitely has not brought much interest to the show. She hasn’t done it single-handedly, to be fair. They killed off two of the best characters – Eli David (before Cote de Pablo announced her departure) and Mike Franks. Unfortunately, Ralph Waite passed away or there would be some familial interest. We could use more Fornell and more Agent Boren not to mention some story line with Jimmy and his wife and possible new baby. The scripts are flat and it seems as though the characters are just going through the motions.

          • Pamela Germany says:

            I would like to see Ashley Judd take Bishops place. She is a dedicated actress and has been in several movies that shows her strength and fortitude. She is a no-nonsense girl. She would whip them all into shape.

          • lsperling says:

            I hadn’t considered Ashlye Judd, but I do like her and think she’s an accomplished actress.

          • Anna Dance says:

            I agree with nemi about Bishop and the writers and please don’t all the time trying to fix Gibbs up with a girl!

          • Scarlet says:

            You’re right-they chose a bad, unbelievable replacement!

        • Don Fisher says:

          Is that where they arrest the Dodgers for impersonating a baseball team? LOL

      • rob14922 says:

        Bishop was good in her first show, but the writers seem to have left her behind. writing has dropped off, storylines are getting old, need to go back to the roots of the first 5 seasons.

        • Dido Twite says:

          I think she was fine as an analyst. When they made her an agent, it doesn’t work any more. Her analytical skills are rarely needed unless the writers do some acrobatics. As an agent, she can’t keep up. They should have kept her as an analyst.

        • mike says:

          I am so glad that everyone is talking about how they would rather not have Bishop on the show.
          Maybe they will read these and get rid of her. I would love to see Lt. Colonel Hollis Mann return. The chemistry between her and Gibbs was great.

          • as524 says:

            the last thing this show needs is a lovesick Gibbs walking around…..

          • Kate says:

            I totally agree. They should try to get Cote de Pablo back as Ziva and also bring Susanna Thompson back as Hollis Mann. Both characters really added to the show, Bishop simply does not fit.

          • Steven says:

            Really, how in the world do you get someone “back”, (Ziva) when they are the ones who left in the first place? She. Wanted. To. Leave. No one forced her out, they tried to keep her and she blew them off. So, please tell me, what amazing, persuasive techniques should they use on someone who didn’t want to be there anymore?

          • SandraM says:

            Just about ever single female guest star this season would have been a far better choice to replace Ziva.

          • s m conklin says:

            Ditto, Mike. Gibbs needs some “sexual tension”. {I volunteer)

          • V Carnegie says:

            I don’t look forward to NCIS nearly as much since Emily Wickersham joined the cast! She has an annoying permanent frown, and her character does not fit in with The Team. What sets NCIS apart from NCIS: LA is the camaraderie in the Team (apart from Bishop’s frowning lack of interaction), even DiNozzo’s egotistical ways are somehow “lovable”. NCIS:LA does not have this light hand in characterizations and is just not as enjoyable to watch. I look forward to NCIS:New Orleans with hope for a better spin-off.

          • bonniew88 says:

            The Bishop character has ruined the show for me….her one facial expression of intense concentration…her sitting on the floor, please!….she’s a mess. How could the people who put together such a fantastic cast over the years think she’s a good addition to the show? Ugh.

          • Cameron says:

            Because all the characters at NCIS are unique, have their flaws and quirks and most of all have Developed into a Great show.

          • cindiy says:

            Evidently they don’t read these since no one has liked her from the get-go and she is still on the show!

          • I think someone with more Ziva like qualities would work. Like the actress that plays Shaw on person of interest. She is tough funny and has grit . All the things Ziva had. Bishop is like a fish out of water. Does not fit in.

          • Wendy Shipps Hatchell says:

            That is very good idea to have Lt. Colonel Hollis Mann return they did have a connection between them they played their rolls well together.

          • Robert says:

            I agree biship does not fit in They need to get Ziva back on the show for sure

          • Wendy Shipps Hatchell says:

            They really should get Ziva back on the show she play’s a very good roll as Ziva and stood her ground as the person she played-took nothing from no body specially Tony and any other person she had a lot of balls for being a woman and played such a good roll.

          • Cameron says:

            If you keep getting the same ‘Type’ of person to replace another the show would truly stagnate and then where would we all be???

          • PF says:

            I came across Emily Wickersham while watching reruns of the Sopranos and Law & Order- Criminal intent. In those she played totally different characters and was good at playing them. I think her problem on NCIS is the way the character, Bishop is written.Emily can only do so much with an ill-fitting character. They needed to replace an agent and instead got an analyst. I would have rather seen Dornegut promoted to the Quantico NCIS.office.

          • Terry Lee says:

            ooh rah. I was hoping so much to see her take the slot.

          • Pearl says:

            Get rid of Bishop character. She has no impact at all. We’d rather have Rachel Nichols, pretty and has proven herself to be a kick ass agent, both in Contiuum and Criminal Minds.

        • Tracye says:

          Would that include slapping Dinozzo every week?

        • diggz says:

          avid fan missing you know who

        • RobW says:

          I totally agree. Stopped watching after about the first 15 min of Bishop’s first show. First it was way too much of her showing up the other NCIS team members, now it’s just the poor writing that’s starting to show. Oh well, there’s still NCIS LA.

      • barb johnson says:

        i agree but without bishop!-send her packing

    • I use to really enjoy watching until this last Season, don’t care for the blond at all, she does not fit..

      • Pat says:

        I agree with you she just does not cut it

        • Amy says:

          I third that she’s really doesn’t fit. She just seems out of place. I want cote back.

          • Pearline says:

            Having Ziva back is a mistake. She made made it clear that she had other options. Cote and Tony is over. They need another strong woman who can handle Tony’s silliness. I vote for Janet Leigh to come back.

          • It’s not Janet Leigh it’s her daughter Jamie lee Curtis.

      • Mac says:

        I agree that the blonde does not fit at all. I hope they keep looking for another personality to replace Ziva. I miss that character and the skill set.
        Jo Mac

      • Pearl says:

        We agree. We don’t like the blond replacement of Ziva. She does not fit. She looks trying hard especially with the thick brows that looks nice only on Ziva.

    • Betty says:

      I haven’t watched since Michael Weatherly made that awful YouTube. Still waiting for his apology.

      • as524 says:

        have fun waiting…..freedom of speech & all that…

        Hope you’re also lambasting Sarah Silverman since, you know, it was HER project

      • NoChance says:

        That will never happen. Michael stood by his involvement in the project. He had the right to attach himself to the project just as you have the right to no longer watch NCIS.

      • SandraM says:

        I don’t look to actors for my moral guidance. That said I COMPLETELY support his video, and I’m a Catholic. Go chew on that.

    • snappy says:

      I just saw the season finale last night. No longer any chemistry on the show – this used to be one of my favorite shows.

      • leia says:

        do you know what chemistry is? this show has it over most by a long shot. Go enjoy Castle where the two top cast mates don’t even seem to like each other.

    • Vicky Hussong says:

      I can’t believe the show will be back for another year! I tried watching the show this year even though I was upset that Ziva left. I was disappointed in the writing the entire season beginning with Ziva’s exit to Ralph Waite’s tribute. It is as if the old writers left and high schoolers were brought on to replace them. The characters were all different(and not in a good way), the way they interacted with each other was different, and the cute one-liners were gone. The last episode showed Tony as an agent who couldn’t handle a case on his own; a McGee who couldn’t think for himself; and a Gibbs who thought work was more important than his father’s funeral. Bringing NCIS back next year will only mean that it is a show that aired 2 seasons too long.

      • Cameron says:

        Yes and No, I am disappointed in a lot of the things that went on this year But if the show and the people their see how the fans of the show care and are well informed and know what they are talking about then the improvements in one liners and inclusion of all characters like they where in the beginning. They better be listening it is still a good show that could be GREAT AGAIN…

      • I have to agree the old writers have left. Need some good writers that UNDERSTAND the show.( or rather the viewers interpenetration of the show) We want that magic between the actors that they have lost. Unfortunately Bishop is not the team player the rest of the cast is. She seems to be on the outside looking in..Sitting on the floor is childish. Would your boss let you sit on the floor? I know she cant help her looks, but that is what they have makeup artist for. TRIM THOSE EYEBROWS

    • TheRebal84 says:

      That is Great…..all except Bishop who is a useless actress, she really really sucks and should be kill off soon, she can not act, does not fit with the team is a freaking ass dork, and could she please do something with her freaking ass eyebrows she looks like a freaking ass clown~~~

      • tejasjulia says:

        Bishop, who is a character remember, is a fresh face in the squad room, which the show desperately needed.

      • Tom Stern says:

        I agree that the Bishop character does not fit for a number of reasons. The fact that Emily Wickersham can’t act has a lot to do with it.I don’t think they should kill her off; just have her husband transfered out of the country and she goes with him. I have noticed that her role is minor compared to the type of role Ziva played. Unless they replace the Bishop character I think that NCIS will in it’s last two seasons.I agree that they need new blood, but Emily Wickersham is not it and the sooner they fix that problem the better.

    • janet says:

      Already wanting the next season to start. Only recommendation is drop Bishop and bring Katherine Bell from JAG to the show. Strong intelligent with heart.

    • Jean says:

      Me too! Love every character, including the new newbie.

    • So glad my favorite show is coming back with all on board. Just wish they would bring in a new character and get rid of Abbott. She has no chemistry with the rest of the characters.

    • MaryLynn says:

      Indeed, they have perfect chemistry!!!!

  2. Tonyfan Ncis says:

    What about Emily Wickersham?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “Fellow series regulars Mark Harmon, Brian Dietzen and Emily Wickersham are working off different contract cycles.”

      • Laurie Hill says:

        In other words her contract was not expiring this year

        • Margarete says:

          Although my whole family watched NCIS from day 1 Bishop made us stop watching! She is the most silly and useless character on TV these days. We all missed Ziva but were willing to move on with a great replacement but if Bishop comes back in s12 we won’t! Thanks for 10 wonderful years, all actors apart from this new blonde thrilled us and if CBS wants to lose viewers because they chose a cheap actress, well …

          • yes, she's gone says:

            It’s sad that great news like the re-signing of the cast to NCIS can’t be appreciated because some people have to bash Bishop. Margarete, most of us don’t care what you think of Bishop, and most of us don’t care hwether you’ll be comoing back next season. So go find you a show without any blondes, good luck with that, and I believe the cheap actress left the beginning of this season.

          • Agree. The blonde adds nothing to the show. Love all the other cast members but I don’t know why they added this less than talented member to the show.

          • Kathy says:

            I agree–cant stand the blonde gal. She truly does not fit in the mix. Too many geeks, not enough detectives. Gibbs and DiNozzo are the only true workers in the bunch now.

          • 100% agree..have not watched since she showed up..shame they had to ruin a fantastic show that I have watched since beginning!

          • Lisa says:

            I completely agree with your assessment of Season 11. I have already stopped watching at this point. I was hoping to read that Cote was coming back or that Wickersham was leaving and a new team member would be introduced. Oh, well. It was a great 10 years. RIP NCIS.

          • Grace says:

            My daughter and I totally second that! We are totally annoyed and irritated by this “not even a pale imitation” of a replacement character for Ziva…LOL
            She is a complete liability and an anchor to what was once a really great ensemble.

          • Jayne says:

            I love NCIS and I was so sorry to see Ziva leave. I know it’s her choice. I would never abandon the team because of her leaving and the new girl joining. Especially since Mark Harmon is the only man for whom I would leave my husband. (of 35 years) So out of 8 characters, I don’t like one. Maybe, just maybe they can critique her part and make it better. Gibbs needs to be more Gibbs like with her. I thought Kate was ok. I like her much better as Maura in Rizzoli & Isles. She seems more suited to that part. I loved Ziva from day one. I think by not killing off her character, it gives us a little hope. I’ve never seen Emily in another role so I don’t know if she’s better elsewhere or not. I was never a huge fan of Jenny as director and it took me at least one plus season to warm up to Director Vance. As he became more a part of the team, I liked him. Just my opinion.

          • Uoldar says:

            besides the fact that no one (of the officials) cares as long as the rating is up (and it IS up) I can not understand how someone who likes the show can’t watch because of one person .. There were lots of episodes in this season where Bishop was just a side note ..
            I personally have no beef with her, it’s not a really strong character, but not as bad as seom of you think ..
            and as another side note .. It#s almost the same as the ziva bashing after kate left .. exactly the same remarks .. I sometimes really feel like I am in a time machine reading old posts where Bishop=Ziva

          • flootzavut says:

            Buh-bye, don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way out.

            Amazes me how people can claim to be such huge fans but disliking one character is enough to make them jump ship, AND then they actually go online to whine about a show they no longer watch. Seriously, what’s up with that? I do not get it.

          • Maggie says:

            Completely agree. I enjoyed all the previous cast changes, including Ziva. This Bishop character just is awful. My husband quit watching over her and my kids think she is lame. I’m the final holdout in my family but now that I know she is returning, I will not watch next season. We watched faithfully for 11 years.

          • John NYC says:

            Bye Felicia.

            One addition and you’re all gone?

            Well you’re missing some nice work by Michael, David, Brian, Pauley, Mark, Emily, Rocky and Sean. And tonite you missed a great delivery by Meg Steedle.

            Well, good luck with whatever you’re viewing or not viewing instead.

          • SandraM says:

            she is HANDS DOWN the worst casting decision they ever made. And I was VERY EAGER for fresh blood on the show. It has stagnated for years. Wasted opportunity from HELL.

          • V Carnegie says:

            Agree. Bishop needs to go! I still watch, hoping things will get better, but often choose re-runs of The Waltons.

          • Cameron says:

            Why is it that everyone thinks that a replacement is to be perfect when they walk in to it. Even Kate and Ziva had to be taught some of the finer points of the job. True both Kate and Ziva where more in your face action types but Bishop is more of an evaluator and looks at cases from a different angle and thus giving the boys a chance to get in on more of the action instead of (Tim) sitting back and helping from the office…

          • leia says:

            really name calling is uncalled for. Would you like it if someone addressed you as a cheap poster Margarete? You imply that you’ve already stopped watching. Too bad for you because you missed probably one of the finest written season finales for any show.

          • Jean says:

            Seriously, if a minor character addition can make your entire family stop watching a series you supposedly love, you were never much of a fan to begin with.

          • Robert says:

            I agree but still watch ncis even reruns of Ziva Yes we want Ziva back on the show and bishop is silly not that good Ziva was the best so if you think of a way to get a list ut for people to sign to get Ziva back on the show let me know I will sign it it if we get enough to sign it then maybe they get Ziva back on the show

      • Patricia D'Amore says:

        get rid of her when her contract comes up for renewal

        • Sk says:

          I am a die hard fan of NCIS however I do think she is not a good fit and would have preferred if they could have brought the character Abigail Boren on board

          • TL says:

            Totally agree. I have tried my best to like her – but she just doesn’t fit. When her contract ends, have her go home to be with her family.

          • Jayne says:

            Totally agree. I have tried and tried but she just doesn’t fit.

          • SuzanneTessier says:

            totaly agree

          • Amaryllis says:

            so Sk, you are a die hard NCIS fan, but you can’t even spell Borin’s name right ???

          • George says:

            I totally agree. She adds NOTHING to the program.

          • yes, she's gone says:

            Why would Boren take a demotion to work on Team Gibbs? I’m glad she didn’t, I don’t care for the character.

          • prg says:

            Yes, Boren would be a great fit for Gibbs. Bishop brings the profiling aspect to NCIS.

          • Maggie says:

            Bishop took a demotion to join team Gibbs, so why can’t Borin? She is great.

          • BJG says:

            The difference is that Bishop is starting a whole new career while Borin would be taking a step down doing the same job even though it’s a different agency. That’s a big difference.

          • Dido Twite says:

            Totally agreed. She makes everything grind to a halt. Everything is slower. With Ziva on the team I was always on the edge of my seat. Now I fall asleep during a lot of the episodes, which NEVER used to happen.

        • I’m sure her contract has an escape clause in case she completely sucks, which she does.

          • Tom says:

            My wife and I hoped that Ziva comes back but if she doesn’t CBS execs must have lost their minds thinking viewers will accept this substandard Bishop actress as a permanent part of NCIS! She ruined most of season 11 and I am sure she will ruin the Ralph Waite episode too! CBS should pay her to leave because Bishop makes NCIS simply unwatchable!

          • yes, she's gone says:

            Another voice from the “Peanut Gallary”. Lucy I see you have shown your true colors didn’t you say in your other personna that you liked Bishop? How do you keep your lies straight, do you use a scorecard?

        • charlene colwell says:

          I don’t get Emily Wickersham part in the show. No action, No nothing is she just space. she don’t bring anything to the table, they need to do something with her part, upgrade her to something if she stays. She can be supper wife, with a touch of supper mom.

          • sheilah says:

            Supper wife and supper mom? Do you mean super by chance?

          • Sharon says:

            Wickersom does bring something to the table, as a statcition she works out strategies that the bad guys use to commit a crime,I too loved ziva, and I’m not sure about Emily but I’m giving her a chance to settle in it will prob be next season when you will find whether you truly like her or not, give her a chance

          • Maggie says:

            She’s basically a floor warmer who babbles nonsense all the time.

        • LIL says:

          NO MORE BISHOP — PLEASE !!!!

      • Rob says:

        Matt, is Harmon signed for 13, do you know? Anyone else beside Weatherly signed that far out?

        • NoChance says:

          Look at the story Matt wrote – Michael, Sean, Pauley, David & Rocky are all signed through Season 13.
          Mark, Brian and Emily? I don’t know the status of their contracts beyond Season 12.

      • Ali Sr says:

        Hats off to cast and crew… Their synergy is wicked awesome – characters come and go, visit Ducky and Dr.Dietzen in the autopsy room and everybody keeps living happily ever after👍 Only on NCIS terminations are SWEET – CONGRATULATIONS 😂😂😂 Continued success 👍‼️

      • B.Kelly says:

        while I want Mark Harmon toremain, the expendables are Emily Wickersham(Bishop) and Brian Dietzen–

    • Mary says:

      The article states that she, Mark Harmon and Brian Dietzen are on different contract cycles.

    • JAN says:

      she signed when she was hired mark signed last yr

    • Dawn says:

      Hopefully they’ll get rid of her and find some one better to fill the female spot. This chick is awful

    • Eveline Grimes says:

      Please leave Ms. Wickersham alone for I think she adds favorably to the show. She bears a striking resemblance to a local newscaster in Knoxville, TN. Go VOLs & LADs.

  3. SandraM says:

    Best of luck to them next season. Since they are going to have the exact same lineup, I will me on my way. It was a great ten years.

    • tajivet says:

      All you people complaining about the bishop character remind me of a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. NEWS FLASH!!! Ziva chose not to come back. There is a button on your remote for turning the channel. Use it. The storylines were great this year. Bishop hasn’t been singled out in one episode. She is blending in with the rest if the cast. You people are so busy trying to find something wrong with the bishop character, you are missing the show. Dial; 1-800-CRY-BABY.

      • Bob wright says:

        I agree leave bishop alone and give her the chance we all gave kate and ziva after all she deserves it, if you don;t agree then watch something else…

        • Dido Twite says:

          Kate was in the Pilot so she didn’t need any chances. Ziva had a tough job and she stepped up to the challenge. I liked her right away, I didn’t have to get used to her. She made the other characters better versions of themselves. Bishop does the opposite.

          • as524 says:

            Better versions of themselves?

            How in the world was turning Gibbs into the Team daddy, turning Tony into an imbecile & nothing but the ‘T in tiva’, dumbing Abby down to a baby & turning McGee into an insulting snarky, never leaves his computer’ making any of the characters better?

            The singular BEST move for this show was getting rid of ziva & bringing in a new character.

          • Bishop is a young person. The writers seem to have given her a unique personality with a few quirks. The actress has only been on one season with very tough shoes to fill. Give the writers a chance to give her a good story line and let’s see how she lives up to it before all this hate.

      • A Bar says:

        AMEN. I am so tired of folks hating on Bishop. Cote wanted to leave so she left, at least they didn’t try to bring back a clone of Ziva. Hang in there Emily you’re doing great!

        • Guest(whose real name shall never be revealed) says:

          Most people liked Ziva because SHE unlike your precious Bishop was a fan-favorite. Yes Cote wanted to leave BUT her fans didn’t. Of course the Ziva fans have to be patient because SHE will not be coming back anytime soon. Bottom line is this if people don’t like Bishop that’s their opinion.

          • Linda Conley says:

            Totally Agree its my option. The blond is married so that stops Tony from being himself, she should not be smarter than Tim, Abby and her don’t fit, and Gibbs has lost his bluster with hew character. she just don’t fit like the others do, sorry!

          • Dani says:

            The Bishop character has ruined the show, but like another poster said earlier, the writing and plots are just lame. They got rid of too many of the good characters that it really needs to go off the air. Having NCIS on cable rerunning non stop is not good either. It’s run its course.

          • Rhonda Blaski says:

            Dani, Ziva was not only my favorite character it was what she brought to the show. And what she brought to the team on a whole. NCIS has gone through loss before and the show never missed a beat. If Bishop / EW is a good enough actress she would have brought that to the table sometime in the first year. I do not believe she has. And apparently many don’t think so either. I think Tim’s on air girlfriend brought more than Bishop. So either the writers should beef up their writing or it’s the actress. One way or another they need to fix it. Because as it stands the character isn’t cutting it.

        • NCIS is my favorite show and have always bought two sets of each Season and will keep buying them. I myself agree that we need to give not only her a chance to fit in, but give the writers a chance to give her more to do. I at first wasn’t I would like her but I am beginning to like her and am looking forward to see what the writers have in store for her in Season 12. Everyone does a great job and I can’t wait for Season 12&13.

        • izzybella says:

          This! I liked that they brought in someone completely different from Ziva. For me, Ziva is irreplaceable so a Ziva, version 2.0 would have annoyed me way more that someone so completely different. I’ll give Bishop a chance to grow on me. Though to be honest, I kind of like her already.

      • NEWS FLASH, she’s god awful and most fans hate her.This website is a well known nest of Ziva haters for many years. Everywhere else hates Bishop. Look at the yahoo version of this same article and people are falling all over themselves to say how bad Bishop is.

        • Gayle Scheff says:

          Wrong! Everyone else does not hate Bishop! I like her and think she’s a good fit for the team. I loved Ziva but she chose to leave and I respect her choice even though she is greatly missed. so speak for yourself and I will speak for me.

          • Joni says:

            Words like “everyone” “all” “no one” “most” and other definitive words like “never” and “always” should be discounted.
            People claiming they speak for millions is not only wrong, it’s weird.
            Until the technology exists to actually ask each and every viewer who they like and who they don’t on any given TV show we can’t really know how “everyone” feels about Bishop so the network has to go with ratings and they’re still great.
            I am *certain* that CBS is very happy with the ratings “NCIS” has gotten in their 11th season (pretty damn impressive if you ask me). Even when (and yes, it’s when) “NCIS” ceases to be #1 (drama and often scripted) and it drops to say #7 it will still be on the air. Look to “CSI” as an example: for years it was #1 and it’s not anymore but it’s still on the air. “ER” stayed on the air long after it ceased being #1 and so did “The West Wing”.
            With “NCIS” as long as Mark Harmon wants to do the show and as long as it’s still worth the money to produce, “NCIS” is going to be around.
            The ratings for “NCIS” didn’t tank as some predicted over the summer of 2013 and on into Fall and then into 2014 so the option for those who don’t like it anymore due to the exit of one actor/character and the introduction of a new actor/character is to move on to a show that they can still get pleasure from. Why torture yourself by watching something you have seemingly more dislikes for than likes? I’ve done it and though I went through a bit of withdrawal, eventually the “pain” of TV show loss passed. Might not be easy, but it’s doable.

          • Dido Twite says:

            Lucy didn’t say EVERYONE.

          • Dido Twite says:

            I read a few most posts and there is clearly some history here, so I am excusing myself from this conversation.

          • BJ says:

            Gayle, are you any relation to Jason? Just curious, not apropos of the convo at hand.

          • Donna says:

            I agree I did love the Ziva Character, but Bishop is good also. Abby doesn’t fit into any mold. Why should Bishop. I love NCIS all of them, those past and present.

        • flootzavut says:

          “Most fans hate her”
          “Everyone else hates Bishop”

          Oh, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. You really, really need to be less liberal with your use of words you don’t understand. You hate Bishop, I get that, I really do, you’ve been saying it forever, but outside in the real world (and I don’t mean “other places online” I mean the regular world where people watch the show and don’t think about it for another week) most people don’t have such overly passionate feelings about fictional characters.

          The show has lost some viewers, though not nearly so many as people like yourself insisted it would. On the whole, for a show that skews older in its eleventh season, going into its twelfth, it is doing really well. If “everyone” or “most fans” “hated” her, it would show.

          Even within the online fandom, outside of extreme places, I don’t know anyone who _hates_ Bishop – even amongst die hard Ziva fans. Some people like her, some are indifferent, some love her. I’m sure there are more people out there like you, who waste your energy hating people who don’t really exist, but don’t fool yourself you’re in the majority. The facts don’t back you up.

          • Angela W says:

            FYI – I hate the Bishop character. I’m reading thru comments here and had to reply on this one bc I fit into this category only bc I’ve tried to wait and see if I’d adjust to her, she’d fall in line with the team, etc. But none of this has happened. I still can’t stand her in this role and she REALLY NEEDS TO GO.

        • yes, she's gone says:

          Lucy, I don’t see any z haters on this website, must be sad to finally have your delusions shown to you for what they are, a product of you and your army’s loss of reality. Maybe if you stomp your feet, plug your ears and scream a little louder, you can keep reality away a little longer.

        • KeithH says:

          Re your “Most fans” meme… most of the loudmouth malcontents who post on internet & social media may make it look like a majority are unhappy… Newsflash: Happy people do not complain. Ratings are stable – NCIS was #1 last week… the behavior of the CdP zealous fanatics makes me wish the showrunners had “closed the door” on Ziva.

        • Dean says:

          Welcome back baby killer.

      • Maggie says:

        I’m liking Bishop! I really don’t get all the negative. I think she a good fit. I’m glad she’s not going anywhere

      • TL says:

        No one is talking about Ziva-she’s gone, but this Bishop character is just not a good fit.

      • I like thw Biahp charachter. Does a great jos – ans give it a different spins whicn modernizes it just a touch – .Stay the course!

      • Julie says:

        @tajivet Not one person until you mentioned her said anything about wanting Cote back. In fact, there were a few posters that made several other suggestions. Someone just had to go and turn this into a fight.

      • Guest(whose real name shall never be revealed) says:

        They can complain about the Bishop character all they want! You know why? Because it’s their opinion! If people were to stop watching, then it would not be tv’s number 1 drama anymore now would it?! I praise it for lasting ten-plus seasons BUT what if it declines in quality? What will all the viewers including you watching NCIS say about the show WHEN AND IF it were to happen? All of you would be dialing/calling 1-800- I CAN’T BELIEVE MY FAVORITE SHOW HAS JUMPED THE SHARK!

        • Guest(whose real name shall never be revealed) says:

          I forgot to put @tajivet before writing my sentences.

        • flootzavut says:

          What d’ya mean “if”? Of course it’ll eventually go off the air. Shows do. It isn’t that big a deal, but the fact is, NCIS is still doing well, and while certain people like to whinge about Bishop, clearly there are lots (literally millions) of people more than happy to tune in every week.

          If you dislike Bishop so much, it beats me why you are even still watching the show, never mind going online to talk about it. Maybe you should stop watching, since it pains you so much.

          But that would be common sense, something lacking in some people, it seems…

          • Guest(whose real name shall NEVER be revealed) says:

            There’s only one teeny problem… I DON”T WATCH THE SHOW! I am not planning on it. Why? Because it’s the same thing in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! I don’t need to watch it because I KNOW how it’s gonna begin and end. I know that it’s following a formula (all types of tv shows does it) BUT when you do the same thing over and over again you will get tired of it. Ratings maybe ok for now but you can’t deny the fact that it has fallen. Note i’m talking about the show online because everybody keeps talking about this show.

      • yes, she's gone says:

        Their dreams have been shattered because they were waiting to celebrate their illusion that MW wouldn’t re-sign. And bashing Bishop is their fall back project.

      • Pennagirl says:

        Most of the Bishop bashing comments were NOT saying bring Ziva back. They were plain bashing Bishop comments. YOU’RE the one that started the “bring Ziva back” comments.

      • SandraM says:

        I did not mention Ziva. I don’t enjoy Bishop even though I tried hard, and gave her many chances. I don’t enjoy the new dynamic – I find it flat, static, and dull. It has been a wonderful run and I’m not demanding anything, I am just moving on. Have a good evening.

      • Chloe says:

        “All”? So it’s not even remotely possible that someone can dislike Bishop and not be a crybaby? Or that someone’s dislike of Bishop is unrelated to one’s feelings about Ziva? Besides being dismissive and rude, you’re being fallacious. I was never a big Ziva fan. I liked her occasionally. However, the actress was good and the character fit the show (most times; I hated the Israel storylines). More importantly, the writing was decent. I don’t think the writing was as strong this season. That includes the writing for the Bishop character. The actress portraying that character had only two facial expressions. So I have not enjoyed this season. Funny, I don’t need any tissue to wipe my eyes.

      • denman says:

        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Angela W says:

        I’m entitled to let the network know my opinion and that’s exactly what this forum is set up for. I’ve given it plenty of time and I’m still not happy with the Bishop character. Believe me, I don’t have to search for something to be wrong with it. Every time I watch, I can’t help but notice her character and those stupid eyebrows. But I’m great at multitasking, so I don’t miss the show at all. Thanks a lot for the phone number, but I’m using this forum instead and I have no need to cry to anyone. Thank you very much.

    • Gramma Tootsie says:

      I’m glad the cast will be returning. That makes me happy, the little blonde spitfire is a good addition.

      • Maggie says:

        Did they hire a new actress? I see a blonde wet noodle.

        • BJG says:

          And again some have called people who didn’t like Ziva haters. What is this that is being thrown at EW.

        • William Denair says:

          What cooking show are you watching? The only “wet” I see, are the same wet blankets who show up every time NCIS is mentioned and start their continual bashing of Emily. One person is responsible for Ziva being gone. That is Cote, she didn’t want to stay and left. Pleading and begging for her return should be addressed to her, think there will be an answer? No. As far as Emily, well, God love her, for having to put up with all this anonymous internet garbage from people who talk big hiding behind their screens. I believe in giving people a chance to find their footing–what’s worse, this total lack of respect is showing EXACTLY what kind of people you all are–anonymous or not. Big talk for some very small people.

    • yes, she's gone says:

      No, it was a great three years, the eight in the middle were horrid.

  4. What does imminent mean? Does that mean he still hasn’t signed?

  5. Leo says:

    Next season
    Gibbs will build a wooden ship.
    Abby is going to have his bat … uh abbymobile
    Jimmy discovers that his twin brother is Ducky.
    We discover that the husband of Bishop does not exist or has been dead for years.
    Tony will be cast to play Fat Tony in The Simpsons.
    Otherwise he will go on a diet (It is not too early).

    • Pat D. says:

      “We discover that the husband of Bishop does not exist or has been dead for years.”

      ….and guess who the #1 suspect is? LOL

      • wallace says:

        why can’t we get rid of Bishop!!!! can’t stand that character…she ruins the whole series.

        • Linda says:

          I can’t warm up to her either. I still have the Ziva blues.

        • Denise says:

          I agree !

        • Gretchen says:

          I totally agree! She needs to go!

          • MeekoB says:

            Completely agree with the posts regarding the character of Bishop. She adds nothing interesting, She actually “dumbs down” the cast. It’s too bad. Ziva’s character was intriguing, complex and portrayed an incredibly strong, capable and intelligent woman. Talk about a complete opposite as a replacement. Sigh.

          • Dido Twite says:

            Bishop seems to have been written “reactively” to be the opposite of Ziva. Turns out the opposite of Ziva is a bumbling ditzy bore.

        • mabanks66 says:

          I thought I was the only one.

        • Cat says:

          I can barely stand to watch it with her.

        • Linda says:

          I agree she does nothing for the show, she is no action person like Zeva or Kate I just don’t like her in the show. She has no interest or even gives you the edge on your seat like Ziva, Ziva just can’t be replaced, her and Tony should have gotten hooked up….the show just isn’t the same her role is boring…..

          • Bill says:

            Ziva just can’t be replaced. Emily Wickersham is too bland and boring.

          • lamar says:

            I agree I really do miss ziva, ziva come home what is wrong with u CBS I think the replacement was the BIGGEST MISTAKE. U went from the most watch show to the least most watch show I rather watch NCIS-LA Instead…..sorry

        • yes, she's gone says:

          Because the producers, cast and show runner like her. Your “we” deon’t matter. I for one am glad she’s there, I like her a lot and she brings a new perpective to the show.

        • Dido Twite says:

          Every time she comes on screen, I cringe. She needs to go to acting school.

    • Patrick says:

      In the other article he mentions that he is going to spend the summer training for a triathlon in the fall, so he should be relatively svelte by the time they start shooting again.

      I hope Nathan Fillion signs up for the same program.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Talk smart about TV, please. Thank you.

        • mskrislarsen says:

          Thanks for the gentle reminder, Matt. As a smart man once said, “It costs nothing to say something kind. Even less to shut up altogether.”

        • yes, she's gone says:

          I just want to say, Thank you Matt for the great news, I’ve been a viewer since the beginning, and I think NCIS is getting better. I can’t wait for next season, and will be looking forward to season 13 as well.

      • SandraM says:

        Lighten up! people get older, bodies are harder to maintain. you’ll see. I think they both look hot not matter what.

    • Dee says:

      I think the writers need to let the viewers know more about Bishop, like show her husband for Pete sake !!!!, let us know about the rest of her family, etc. It’s like they just plopped her in the show and didn’t let us know much about her except her previous job and she likes to sit on the floor to figure out things. Why are they being so secretive about her private life ???!!! ….just my 2 cents worth.

      • Ruthanne H. Elencovf says:

        @Dee: In what season did we learn about Gibbs’ first wife and daughter? Then how much longer was it before we learned that his father was alive and well and living in Pennsylvania? Personal facts have been revealed gradually about the other characters as well. When writers add background info to cast regulars a little at a time, it gives them more dimension and helps explain their “quirks”. Perhaps in a future episode we’ll learn why Eleanore Bishop sits on the floor to work out a problem.

      • Annie53 says:

        You can’t tell everything about everybody right at the start.

    • anthony says:


  6. Ali Sr says:

    Color me HAPPY 😂👍‼️The cast and crew are AMAZING – they move us to laughter and tears; WICKED AWESOME … I know – screaming … Can’t help it, LOVE NCIS from day One … Still here-CONGRATULATIONS‼️Pun intended Mr.Dietzen 😉👊

  7. BJG says:

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!! If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands – CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP…

    Thanks for the great news!!

  8. Me2 says:

    Oh happy day!! Best news ever!

  9. Lori says:

    So happy to hear they’re all extending their contracts! I have been enjoying season 11 & am looking forward to season 12.

  10. Lorie says:

    Great news!

  11. Excellent news! This cast is the best in the business.

  12. I’m delighted that the entire NCIS cast is going to return! NCIS has been my favorite show from its beginning, with a cast that works exceptionally well together. They make you care about them. Some shows just never “click” the way this one does; and NCIS does it better than almost every other show on TV! I am so thrilled about this bit of news I could almost dance!

  13. KeithH says:

    The Zbots are going to be unhappy with this news… Schadenfreude.

    • John NYC says:

      Not at all, they’ll welcome the news. Just another opportunity to vent and hyperventilate over “eyebrows”.

  14. tv2day says:

    The show goes on. But as an ncis fan it did not get interesting until Ziva and the moussad storylines came aboard along w/ director jenny shephard (who went out like a boss BTW). Bishop is okay. A little more girl next door than the exotic, mysterious ex assassin spy that ziva was. But also makes bishop less layered and less interesting. I’m sure the writers will get more in depth soon.

    • John NYC says:

      “assassin spy”: been there done that, so open new pathways. Especially for an investigative unit that’s not IN the assassin business…..

    • Terry says:

      I agree. Bishop has to be more creative. Anybody can do grunt work, get her involved now that her secret husband is exposed.

    • Helen J. says:

      Got tired of the Ziva Show. Now it has gone back to being NCIS. I like Bishop and see tremendous growth potential. I think the writers will work in season 12 to really flesh out her character and allow her to grow.

      • Sgilligan says:

        I like Bishop, too. She’s a brainy woman, but is intrigued by the action aspect of the job. I wonder if all the Bishop haters were welcomed in their jobs the first weeks and were at the top of their skills from day one.

    • Maggie says:

      The idiot savant has been done over and over. Mossad assassin was much more interesting.

  15. John NYC says:

    I’ve long appreciated the long lineage and repertory nature of this show, happy to see it continuing.

  16. Pete says:

    Never doubted it, but never the less it is nice to have it confirmed.
    Best wishes for a relaxing summer to all of them.

  17. Ashley says:

    I’m glad we can go into the hiatus without all that drama about who and who may not come back.

  18. Jacks says:

    So glad everyone is back with the exception of Bishop. Her character needs to go. Maybe the old cast chemistry would come back if she was gone.

    • Gretchen says:

      I agree! Her character has no substance!

    • Cook says:

      I love NCIS, but this has been their weakest season, and the new girl just does not seem to be clicking. And, this year we have had more reruns than any other season. I keep thinking it is because the plots with the new girl have not clicked. Don’t know, but as much as I love NCIS there has been some times this year, the first time ever, I have switched it off because something else was more interesting, and that has NEVER happened before this year! Want it to be good, but miss Ziva.

      • Pete says:

        This season has not had more reruns, but it proves that viewers have very short memories.
        As I understand it the ‘season’ is 36 weeks and there are 24 episodes, which means that one in every 3 weeks is usually a re-run or a pre-empt.
        In season 11 we got 9 straight brand new episodes back to back before there were any interruptions which, it seems, very few viewers appreciated. However, that meant that for the rest of the season there were almost as many weeks with re-runs as there were new episodes, with 2-3 week gaps at times.

        • NoChance says:

          Thank you for pointing that out, Pete. Twenty-four episodes in the Season is twenty-four episodes, same as last season.
          And don’t forget that CBS didn’t air new episodes during the Olympics.

        • Maggie says:

          The problem is that so many of the episodes were boring, people actually forgot them.

          • William Denair says:

            And you are now speaking for all the people? I remember every episode. Perhaps your memory is going.

    • Helen J. says:

      Disagree with your comment about chemistry. There is chemistry, but it’s not the ball breaking/overt sexual chemistry as before. It’s much more subtle, therefore, perhaps, some people miss it because they’re not being hit over head with a bat.

      • NoChance says:

        I like that team chemistry is back like it was with Kate. It stopped working with Ziva the moment she assaulted Tony in Israel. That the writers then began pushing the idea of the two characters for that will they or won’t they dance was disgusting. I don’t know about anyone else but for me I would never start or continue dating someone that did that to me. Maybe it’s different for men. Maybe it wouldn’t be a preventative to having a relationship . Maybe men would think it was hot that a woman dropped them to the ground and pulled a gun on them.
        I can’t help but wonder if the people who love Tiva would still have loved Tiva if he’d been the one to assault her in the same way she assaulted him.

        With Bishop it’s like we’re getting back the feel of the show’s beginnings in 2003 and I like that a lot. I like the team feeling like a team again.

        • John NYC says:

          There’s definitely a relaxed warmth amongst everyone. Abby, Duckie are notables in how they’ve clicked with Bishop, part of what they test screen for I expect. Actresses, like Emily has displayed , who can click with the established ensemble.

          Casting directors fo earn their pay. Well earned in this instance.

      • Maggie says:

        Sorry but the great chemistry is so subtle now, it’s invisible. The magic the whole team had with Ziva was wonderful and now it’s dead.

        • William Denair says:

          Well, if that’s your opinion–whose fault is that? Who left the show to go to greener pastures? It must be Ziva or else? Why not write Cote and demand that she haul @ss back because you say so. I’m sure she will hop on the first jet………

        • as524 says:

          Magic with ziva? Where? The snarky insult humor? The wobbly lip & pulling the daddy card? The constant wondering if she would actually have their backs in the field?

          So glad that dead weight character is GONE

        • Dean says:

          Go kill a baby in the name of your goddess Cote.

      • Dido Twite says:

        Sorry but I don’t see the chemistry at all. Everyone seems disconnected and awkward with each other, except TOny and Tim. I do love that Tony/Tim have really bonded this year. Otherwise, everyone is off on their own.

    • SandraM says:

      She has been a real disappointment.

      • Daniel says:

        Maybe to you, but I find her entertaining and a real asset. I am glad she will continue and am very happy with the entire season. Season 12 is looking great with everyone coming back. Go Bishop!!!!!!!

    • Tonyfan Ncis says:

      I agree Jacks. Bishop is one of the worst characters ever to appear on NCIS. I hope they get rid of her.

  19. Joni says:

    Thanks for posting the story about contract news, Matt. It’s great going into the end of Season 11 knowing that all of them (my moniker for them is “The Elite Eight”) will be back for Season 12 – it fits with “Honor Thy Father” not ending in a cliffhanger – and that in itself is a wonderful thing.
    As the years move along do you think that all 8 might eventually be on the same contract schedule?

    • Rocky says:

      And your elite team includes Bishop! Can’t stop laughing now, Emily Wickersham is the worst actress I have seen on that show since JAG! If they don’t get rid of Bishop she will bring this show to an end because she doesn’t have any acting skills! I think almost every actress in Hollywood could do better than her AND I am not a Ziva fan!

  20. David says:

    Not exactly crazy about Bishop. Think they’re going too out of their way to not make a Ziva clone.

    • Ashley says:

      That, and they rushed getting the character out – they didn’t take the time to infuse her with nuance so she’s basically just a package of broad strokes. For me, she’s like the parsley garnish on a dinner plate: I don’t know why it’s there and could certainly do without it, but as long the rest of the food is good I’m okay with ignoring it. As long as the rest of the cast and the stories are entertaining, I’ll do my best to not let her get in the way of my enjoyment and just ignore any Bishop-centric episodes.

      • SandraM says:

        I REALLY don’t think they had to rush the part. They could have kept rotating guest agents. That was really fun and there were great moments. This character was just poorly conceived and the actress has no connection with anyone. She can’t play off any of the characters. I just really wish they would have taken their time and kept bringing in guest agents. Most of the guest stars had better dynamics with the team than Bishop.

      • Dee says:

        Agree 100 % Ashley !!!!

      • Dido Twite says:

        Parsley garnish! perfect!

  21. KeithH says:

    Check out the Mark Harmon interview with Larry King on ora dot tv that’s out today… some good stuff in it.

    • Dido Twite says:

      I saw the questions submitted by fans. Good questions. Too bad Larry didnt ask any of them. Total softball interview.

  22. Kathleen says:

    I havent watched the show since ziva left

    • Teri on the Sandbar says:

      then you’ve missed some great TV.

      • teresa says:

        I watched several episodes with Bishop. I really wanted to maintain my interest in the show that I watch since de very beginning. I loved Kate and Ziva and I wanted to love Bishop, but she is unbearable, boring, an alien there without the spirit the other girls had. Just doesn’t fit in. Obviously she was not the best choice to replace Ziva. Of course I want Ziva back, but if it is not possible, pls get rid of her.

  23. mbnelsen says:

    Was hoping for the good news that the new girl wouldn’t be back.

    • Julie says:

      I also thought the good news was that someone was replacing the bishop character ! I agree the guest agents were great, i loved Kate and zivas characters but this replacement just does not fit at all ! I now tape the show and watch blacklist on the other side and am now in no rush at all to watch what I’ve taped it’s just not the same . Côte is gone true we will get over it but surely they can find someone more suitable to be part of this show . And people who keep saying if you don’t like her turn over can’t love the show as much as they make out cos if we all turned over the show wouldn’t be airing much longer .

      • Dawn says:

        I agree with you mbnelson. I still turn on NCIS but am no longer riveted to my seat. I go do some house work til its over. The whole cast seems different -they us to click and now there’s a clunk in the mix – it’s like they HAVE to be tolerant of the new cast member. I’m glad USA plays reruns

      • Daniel says:

        Well, when Cote left, the cries were many of the select (same) grousers, saying they wouldn’t watch it without her. According to them, NCIS would fail miserably because, they would never watch again. Well, 17 million people are watching, so, the grousers must have not done their job–or new viewers were added. The true fans of the show are the ones who do watch–all 17 million of them, so we do love the show very much. Sorry to disprove your theory.

  24. Alisa Neely says:

    SUPER NEWS…..just STOP making tony look like a COMPLETE JOKE all the time…..he needs to be SHOWN as the WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER AGENT we know him to be….and have the others SHOW HIM RESPECT…..ESPECIALLY GIBBS.

    • SandraM says:

      TOTALLY agree, so tired of watching him as the butt of all jokes.

    • That hasn’t been happening since Ziva left, thank god. We have the return of competent Tony, with a dash of goofball once and a while.

      • Dido Twite says:

        I must have missed those episodes. I saw Tony being mistaken for Bishop’s father, Tony talking about bath salts, Tony who barely has anything to do.

        • Really? I’ve seen Tony taking charge of Eillie’s training, Tony keeping himself and his charge safe in France, even when she was working against him, Tony supporting his teammate during a difficult time in his life.

    • Amen to that Alisa. I am sick of that kind of Tony. I really loved the Tony of s9 and 10. I want him back.

  25. Lidi says:

    Not complete without Ziva. Need a cameo or something !

    • John NYC says:

      Have to recast, de Pablo is gone.

      • zoyarose says:

        Oh, Cote de Pablo is never gone and she can make cameos….all CBS has to do is ask her. She’s already stated that she’s open to making guest appearances, no matter what season it is. :)

  26. lisa says:

    Im in the UK so am on season 10..so still no news of Ziva coming back..and im hoping tony and gibbs are going to still be there..the would be no point to ncis if they arent in it

    • KeithH says:

      Ziva’s final appearance is in Season 11, episode 2. She’s not coming back.

      • I hope she does come back!! The show was so much more layered and interesting with her.

        • Daniel says:

          Kidnapping is illegal in the US, so, outside of that happening, don’t hold your breath. She chose to leave, perhaps you should direct all your letters to her and see if she replies. If she didn’t want to do it anymore, why can’t you honor her wishes?

        • Dido Twite says:

          She can always come back.

  27. Alyssa says:

    That’s awesome!!! I love everyone except Bishop! There’s something about her that just doesn’t for in with the clan… Can you please please please bring back Ziva!!! Her and tony make the show!!!!

  28. cindy says:

    It’s not the entire crew if Zeva is not back… that new cast member doesn’t cut it..

  29. Owen says:

    Am I the only one that likes the “New Girl”?

    • Dee says:

      No, you aren’t alone. It just feels like it.

    • Joni says:

      You’re not alone, Owen. I like Agent Bishop too. It’s great for McGee to now appear like the low man on the totem pole even when he wasn’t. I love that both Tony & Tim have a Probie and Bishop fits that bill very well. I think the investigative team works really well as a team and I like that Abby took a liking to her right away. All eight of them mesh really well.

      • Joni says:

        “not” not “now” (could we please have an edit feature – even if it’s for a limited amount of time” (90 second countdown, for instance?).

    • SandraM says:

      from looking around the internet, it seems you are in the minority. I’m happy you are enjoying her and I really wish I could say the same.

      • Casey Hammond says:

        So, you believe everything on the internet? Wow, that’s sad. No, Owen, you are not the only one–I like her as well. Don’t believe everything you read, a certain group of people multitasking under different names can promote their hate as much as they want–the ratings show the truth. A bitter pill for some to swallow.

    • LittleMissR says:

      No I really like her now didn’t at first but she has grown on me

    • Rob says:

      I like her too.

    • yes, she's gone says:

      No, there are many of us that do, we just aren’t as laoud or as aggressive as the Bishop bashers.

    • John NYC says:

      Not at all, I like her AND the refreshed tone of the entire show.

  30. Jerry Adamson says:

    Wished the returning cast included Ziva, Bishop not much of a character.

  31. Tracy says:

    Wow! Seriously people. Cote Pablo made the decision to leave. Please get over it and give Bishop a chance. I LOVED Ziva, she was my favorite. But I am not going to be hating on a new cast member just because she is gone. It was her decision so quit asking for them to bring her back!!

    • SandraM says:

      I loved Ziva, no doubt. The new girl doesn’t sit right with me, not because of Ziva. I really really wanted to like her. I tried and tried. Never had this problem with any other character. She just doesn’t fit.

      • Julie says:

        I agree with you completely. I miss Cote and the chemistry she had with not just MW but also Mark Harmon and Sean Murray. And I miss the character of Ziva. I really missed Kate when she left as well and I kept watching because I really loved the show and wanted to like the new girl. She grew in me but so far this new character isn’t. I just don’t buy her capability as an agent. It feels forced. But I keep pushing through because I want it to be the same show I loved. I won’t stop watching but it’s not as much must-see tv as it has been in the past.

        • Dee says:

          I feel the same way Julie. I still watch the show and still love it but it’s just not as exciting or something like it used to be. I liked Ziva but I was willing to give the new girl a chance but like you, I feel like it’s forced. The easy banter between the agents is gone….it’s like they are faking being friendly with Bishop, etc. Some person commented on here that Bishop was a little spitfire. I think that is the farthest from the truth. Ziva was the spitfire, and they need another spitfire to keep the show exciting. She doesn’t have to be Israeli but not dull Bishop ….(sorry but that’s how I feel) I will definitely keep watching but if I happen to miss it, I won’t be upset.

          • Dido Twite says:

            I totally agree. Tony and Tim are best buds now, which I like, but all interactions with them and Bishop feel unnatural. She is a wet blanket. No sense of humor at all, no connection with any other character.

    • I’m not hating on the new cast member. I dislike the character of Bishop. And i will keep saying that until i decide to stop watching the show.

    • Guest(whose real name shall never be revealed) says:

      (IN MOJO JOJO VOICE) AW SHUT UP! As i told tajivet most people liked Ziva because SHE unlike everyone’s precious Bishop was a fan-favorite! If people don’t like Bishop that’s their opinion. Give the Ziva fans some more time to heal because they’ll get over it soon enough. (IN HIM from the Powerpuff Girls voice) BUT NOT IF PEOPLE LIKE YOU TRACY KEEPS CHIRPING AT THEM!

      • NoChance says:

        I must be really old or you must be really young because I have no idea who “MoJo JoJo” is nor have I ever seen The Powderpuff Girls.

        • Daniel says:

          Well, you and me both NoChance. I’ve seen other comments by this person and most of them make no sense, I guess I’ll ask my 8 year old son to try and decipher the hidden code here. Even he might be too old……..

  32. Cindii says:

    Please bring Ziva back, she is a lot better than Bishop is.

  33. DesertMadness says:

    You guys need to get over Ziva being gone. Gone like Mr Ed. There’s still reruns. Get on with your lives.

  34. Jia Kim says:

    I’m reaaaaally happy to see them again!!!!!
    I live in Korea and since I’m one your biggest fan, I’m going to America next year to see where they shooted and where they went!! I hope to see them also:)
    But…..please bring me back my ziva….. I loved her so muchX( please……??

  35. Colleen says:

    Not watching till Ziva comes back :(

    • KeithH says:

      Well, she’s not coming back. Enjoy whatever you find to fill the time-void not watching NCIS gives you.

      • I wonder how you know that. I have heard just the opposite, that she is coming back in s12.

        • Casey Hammond says:

          Where pray tell did you hear that? Unless that statement can legitimately be backed up, kindly stop blowing smoke and innuendos.

        • Rob says:

          Where, pray tell, did you hear this? No spoiler site has mentioned it, and industry insiders haven’t indicated this, at all. In fact, some of the articles are pointing to just the opposite.

  36. Brandy says:

    Well since you’re still not resigning Cote De Pablo as Ziva David then I guess this will be the end of me watching all new NCIS shows. Reruns will have to do. Tony and Ziva are the BEST together! Bring her back and you’ll get a lot of your fans back!

  37. CBS can you just send Bishop over to NCIS LA, better fit over there, or just get rid of her, she don’t fit in…or send her to her husband never to be seen again, or at the very least have Abby slap her like.

  38. Krista says:

    This is great and all, but you guys got me excited, I was hoping that we fans would be pleased because Cote was coming back and that Ziva would be a regular on the show again. Guess not, thank you for crushing my dreams…

    • NoChance says:

      Ziva can’t be a regular because Cote doesn’t want to do a weekly series anymore. From the interview with Michael it appears she might be living outside the US since he said she’s 5 time zones away from California. NYC is only 3 hours (time zones) away so that’s not where she’s been.
      Can’t you all just be happy for her since she’s happy with her decision?

      • SandraM says:

        I read the interview, sounds like she is in LA! he was talking about seeing her the next day! I am happy she is happy. She had a great time in Chile doing her film and I can’t wait to see it. Excited to see what she does next. If she decides she wants to do some NCIS episodes I would be thrilled.

      • Jayne says:

        My understanding is she was homesick and moved back to Chile’. She made a movie playing the wife of one of the rescued coal miners.

  39. Jan says:

    I don’t mind Bishop – give the writers some time to develop her character. I didn’t like Ziva in the beginning because I loved Kate. I stuck with the show because the rest of the characters were great. Ziva grew on me in her second season. Let’s not give up on Ellie just yet…you just never know when something mysterious might emerge from her past!

    • matt says:

      Halalua what a great comment. Give em time to develope her. I love her personally. Just like i loved Ziva and Kate.

    • Dee says:

      I hope it happens soon Jan !!! Her character is too dull !!!!!! We need to know more about her to care about her !!!

  40. becky says:

    Ziva needs to come back. Still an awesome show but just not same. Bishop does not complete them, it a little out of place. Without ziva they seem to be acting differently. Please come back Cote.

  41. Lisa says:

    The only thing that would make this better is Ziva returning. The show isn’t the same without her. I miss her terribly. Bishop is fine to stay but Ziva is clearly missed

  42. Sorry – but I change the channel when Emily Wickersham’s character comes on. Worst casting ever. Wish Cote would come back – or bring in another replacement to Bishop’s character – but right now – it just isn’t working

  43. ann says:

    pleez come back ziva…there’s so many fans who miss you…ziva is unique and ncis is unsettled without you…a great puzzle but just one important piece is missing…that’s you ziva and really it’s the actress cote who made ziva brill

    • NoChance says:

      There is no Ziva. She’s fiction. She was portrayed by an actress, an actress who decided to move on with her career.

    • John NYC says:

      Who would you suggest they consider for the recasting?

      An actual Israeli for authenticity or another Latina for nostalgia?

      • Dawn says:

        I think the other Abbey would be a good replacement -She has made several appearances the last couple of years. She fits in with the rest of the cast. They need to get rid of the bland cottage cheese personality of Bishop.She is not even a mediocre actor.

        • John NYC says:

          Boten’s too senior so within the myth of the show it doesn’t work.

          An ex-NSA analyst offers some new directions for an investigative agency. Much like Ziva I grew tired of all the killing.

          • Dawn says:

            The new direction you speak of should be flushed along with the Bishop role. This role feels like unnecessary fluff -like lets fill the void till we find something better.

  44. matt says:

    I’m in the UK, on season 11 and love the show. I think those that say bring back Ziva need need to look at articles as to why she left. It was her choice. I also think Bishop is great and i love how she is completly different. Also if you dont think Gibbs gives Tony respect then please stop watching NCIS as you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

  45. Bree says:

    If Bishop doesn’t fit why not bring in the ever so kickass Abagail Boron (Coast Guard special agent) I think she would compliment the team and in the meantime have Bishop randomly liase with the team but based elsewhere? I get that NSA stuff is a plotline they havent had before and can go in interesting directions but where is the sexual chemistry and badass chic power without Ziva? Need someone who isn’t married as the chic in the Special Agent Role. As for Michael Wheatherly. I havent noticed him put on any weight hes still gorgeous as ever!!

    • Joni says:

      Borin is already a team lead so she’d have to take a major demotion if she joined NCIS on Gibbs team. With a demotion would come a huge cut in pay. Even if she took the 2nd in command behind Gibbs it would mean a demotion for Tony and Tim and Tim would be back in the Probie position again.
      That’s simply not going to happen.

      • SandraM says:

        Bishop took a 5 grade demotion from NSA analyst to NCIS probie, which would have cut her pay in half. So writing that for Borin is not a stretch.

        • NoChance says:

          Maybe I missed it but I didn’t hear anyone mention Bishop’s pay grade at the NSA but even if they did it’s a different job; from analyst to field agent. Big difference from Borin going from investigative agent team lead to regular field agent if she got assigned to Gibbs team. I don’t want Tony & Tim demoted either so I’m quite happy to have Borin as now and again visitor.

          • Daniel says:

            No, you didn’t miss it–I never heard any or that either. However, there certainly is a great deal of innuendos and creative writing going on with this site. Plus, a great deal of sour grapes as well.

          • It’s easy to look up. An entry level NSA Analyst starting pay grade is GS 11 which would be about $63. Since she is supposed to be a high ranking analyst, she would probably be GS 12 or even 13 and could easily be making in the neighborhood of 100K. An entry level NCIS agent is the equivalent of GS7, which is about $42K. That’s one hell of a demotion.

          • Casey Hammond says:

            Seriously, you are basing a fictional character’s salary on what you “looked up”. Yes, but you see, that is a (wait for it) fictional character–not a real person.

          • Ashley says:

            @Casey Hammond: it’s a fictional character, but it’s not like she’s an elf in fairy world or anything like that – the world that character occupies and the department she works for exists in the real world, so it stands to reason that the pay grades that apply in real life also apply on the show. However, I guess you did add a supportive element to @LucyVanPelt’s point: going off your argument, it would be unrealistic for Boran to leave CGS and join Gibbs’ team even though she’s a team lead at CGS because she’s a (wait for it) fictional character – not a real person.

          • TullaT says:

            We’ve been told that Borin can’t join the team because of her rank. But Bishop dropped several ranks and that’s fine. I’m willing to overlook Bishop’s mega demotion, but that opens the door for Borin. And I’m a huge fan of Borin.

          • Casey Hammond says:

            @Ashley, my point (which might have been missed) is, looking up and arguing over the pros and cons of salary on a fictional character is a bit much. I never said that the organizations didn’t exist or the people that were being presented in a fictional (please note that word, again), show were elves. When I watch a show like NCIS, I watch for many things–what their take home pay isn’t one of them. Somehow, (and I might be wrong on this), I don’t believe the writers are sitting there going–“Hey, how much money do they get paid?” when writing about espionage and terrorism and the US Navy. So, excuse me for finding that whole scenario slightly ludicrous.

  46. Jen says:

    Brilliant news! Although I didn’t really think they wouldn’t resign their contracts, they all love the show to bits, just like us :)

    And please shut up about ‘bring Ziva back’. Cote LEFT the show. How on earth do they bring Ziva back when the actress left. Grow up omg.

  47. Jm rulla says:

    Bring back ziva…pls

  48. dramawife says:

    I’m really glad the gang will be back. I would miss DiNozzo or any of the regulars, if they were not there. I was so sad that Ziva didn’t come back, but I realize actors have to make the best decisions for their career. I’ve so enjoyed David McCallum’s character and have loved him since his Man from UNCLE days. As for Bishop, I’m going to be patient and reserve comment until she has spent another season with Team Gibbs. Characters take a while to form and evolve their own background stories. I think Bishop is peculating for now. I’m glad she’ll be back on-board.

  49. Ash says:

    I wish Bishop wasn’t on the show. I miss episodes now and I’m not upset about it because of her. The beginning of the season after Ziva left the show was still better before she showed up. She should move to the Louisiana spin off next season. I get every season on DVD and really this is the first season I don’t care if we get or not. I’m not saying bring back Ziva if Cotè doesn’t want to. There doesn’t need to be a 4th team member. Have Rocky (vance) do more work with the team or something.

  50. Sue Holland says:

    Please guys, give Bishop a chance! She was a quick addidition to make up the team after Ziva left and her character is different from Kate and Ziva. She is peobably still finding her feet!
    We are about 6 or 8 weeks behind you here in the UK and I’m sure her character will develop in the future. Ziva made a big impact on all of us and we all still miss her as we greived for Kate. Give the girl a chance!! Sue from London

    • SandraM says:

      give it 6 or 8 weeks and maybe you will understand our complete exasperation. THat’s a lot of episodes. Ziva was so great she helped me get over Kate. Bishop only makes me miss Ziva more and more.

    • Daniel says:

      Actually Sue, you are right. She’s just finding her feet and is a great addition to the team. Unfortunately, there are some continual people who started attacking Emily Wickersham when Cote left. Welcome to our world. Cote made a choice to leave and despite this, some people are taking it out on Emily–it’s not her fault, but, I’m sure if you follow the comments you’ll figure out the mindset. Sadly, some people will not accept change.

      • Kathie says:

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one able to face reality! I hated to see Kate go (Love her as Dr. Isles) and hated to see Ziva go. But life goes on and I think Bishop’s character is a breath of fresh air for this show BECAUSE she is so different from the other women. The level of vitriolity in these comments shocks me and I don’t understand how there could be so much nastiness. If they don’t like her and think she ruins the show, watch something else. There are so many REAL fans out there that the haters won’t be missed and the show will go on.

    • Maggie says:

      The Delilah character fit right in with the guys, and she was on just a few episodes. She seemed to find her feet just fine. I wish they made her the new team member, but they had to paralyze her and send her to Dubai.

      • John NYC says:

        An inter-team romance was NOT what the show needed and the character was introduced explicitly as a love interest for McGee.




        • mike says:

          We also don’t want mindless robots. Comedy and Excitement. Every show on the tube needs to eventually take a step back and reevaluate what made there show a hit. NCIS may have done that but they can’t seem to find that little thing that made them great and they are losing followers.

          • John NYC says:

            Characters can be smart even when not simpering at each other.

            Soaps are being canceled for a reason.

        • TullaT says:

          Were you not hugged enough as a child? In life there is romance. As long as it’s not the main focus, it’s fine.