'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Grey's, Nashville, Once, TVD and Other Shows Are Faring

They say that April showers bring May flowers, and for a few happy TV couples this is true. But other, not-so-lucky pairings may have to deal with the not-so-sunny forecast for a bit longer.

To see which lovebirds are enjoying some extra Spring in their step and which ones are stuck in a rainy muck, check out this installment of ‘Ship Shapea recurring feature in which TVLine provides you with the latest developments for TV’s hottest duos — and then offers our forecast for each pairing.

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Don’t see your favorite love match represented here? Give ‘em a shout out below and maybe they’ll merit a mention the next go-around.

And with that said, this ‘ship is about to set sail, so click through the gallery below and hop aboard!

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  1. Babybop says:

    I’m glad Zoe and George are going to be just friends. I never liked George’s personality when he was “in love” with her, he was always so boring. He’s been a lot more fun in the last couple of seasons.

    • Katherine215 says:

      George has been SO much more fun the last two seasons. I firmly believe Zoe being with Joel was basically a look at what Zoe and George would be like. They were the same kind of guy. And seriously, Zoe and Wade have a ton of chemistry just standing next to each other, let alone when they actually talk or fight.

  2. justjack says:

    They had BETTER NOT break up Leonard and Penny again. >:(

    • Patrick says:

      Now that they have to stretch the show out for 2-3 more years, they sort of HAVE to mess with that relationship. Sheldon has to live with Leonard or the show falls apart. And Leonard can’t get married to Penny, or even move in with her, if it means abandoning Shel.

      • Sam says:

        Yeah so he has Amy now.

      • Sam says:

        They don’t have to do anything, no reason they can get engaged soon and then married, in fact thats my guess. Its an engagement at the end of the season and the EP is trying to throw us off.

    • Sam says:

      Don’t worry they won’t

  3. Kat says:

    Adam and Kim from Chicago PD next please. Or are they already done again? :(

    • Beth says:

      This!!!! Everyone is talking about the Jay and Erin/Kelly and Erin dynamic but that relationship is the one I love on that show :). I think there may be more there especially after how concerned he looked for her about her niece and that hug he gave her in the waiting room. The pesky fiancé just needs to go.

  4. Stormy says:

    I don’t care for Belle or the actress playing her, so if that relationship fades I’m Ok with that.

    • Caiti says:

      You know, I actually like Rumbell, but I’m starting to think… maybe it would be ok if he had someone who ‘got’ him a little bit better. Its one thing to not want him to be going around murdering and causing general chaos, but to demand that he not take action against the person that tortured him and murdered his son? I don’t know if I could do that IRL.

      • liz says:

        or someone that got Belle a bit more. Like Regina imprisoned her and tortured her, Hook tried to kill her, Rumble has done some horrible things to her and she’s the most forgiving person. She might be served better by someone who gets her too……someone like Ruby maybe.

        and ya, Rumble would do better (and probably more evil) with someone more like him. There’s a reason he liked Lacey more.

        • “Like Ruby” Are you kidding me!? Belle is not gay. And no, sexuality isn’t something that changes. Sorry. Get over it.

        • Crysania says:

          Yeah Ruby did such a great job getting Belle. She chained up the girl who had been chained up and imprisoned for 30 years and then let the folks at the hospital sedate her for God knows how long . Yeah Ruby SO got her. Rumple and Belle have some serious communication issues (you would too if you were kept apart as much as they are). They just need to figure themselves out.

    • tp says:

      I think she is a horrible actress. It’s like she has something in her mouth that makes her not be able to talk properly. Why, for the love of all that is holy, do they insist on putting her in shoes she obviously can’t walk in?

      • NicN says:

        It’s called an accent.

        • tp says:

          Her accent has nothing to do with her speaking as if there is something in her mouth. It’s like she’s choking the words out. It’s called being a horrible actress..

          • murley says:

            I think it actually has to so with her annunciating through her accent, to make sure she is understood by an American audience. I was really bothered by it but then I realized that was probably what it was and started looking at her eyes when she spoke instead of her mouth and find her performance much more enjoyable.

    • Connie says:

      Yes! I’m so glad I’m not the only who doesn’t care much about Belle. Seems to be an unpopular opinion around here… But yep. I’d be fine if Rumple and Belle break up, and Belle goes far, far away.

    • Leo says:

      Hater to the left missy…

  5. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    The Following: I agree w/ the whole Ryan and Joe thing it’s NOT over. Joe maybe in jail this time around come season 3 I think he might still control more up and coming followers (if) there others.
    Orphan Black: I like Sarah and Cal cause well…..he is Kira’s father but I don’t think it last long w/ all the Sh*t that’s going on.

  6. tp says:

    Elijah and Hayley: I like Hayley and LOVE Elijah but I could take ’em or leave ’em as a couple. Klaus doesn’t want Hayley but loves his baby. I think it could work out for all of them. I think there will be more drama for Elijah/Hayley from the werewolf side than from Klaus.

    Cristina and Burke: Loved it! How Cristina told him she wanted to be him. Burke admitting that his marriage would be ruined if they worked together. Perfect way for Sandra Oh to exit.

    Leonard and Penny: I’m tired of the back and forth. If they break them up I might be done with this show.

    Rumple and Belle: They always seemed mismatched to me. I never saw their chemistry. His marriage proposal with the fake dagger will surely be the end of them…for about 2 seconds then she will forgive him.

    Zoe and George: I wish the writers had at least given them the chance of being together.

    Lindsay and Severide: HOT!! I love these two together. It lets them each have a love interest without having to focus much on their home lives too much. I liked the possibility of her with her partner but it would mess with the unit as a whole.

    Jane and Lisbon: I wasn’t really buying them as a potential couple until this last episode. Simon Baker really sold Jane’s epiphany or shall I say acceptance of his feelings for Lisbon.

  7. Bianca says:

    The way the McDanno bromance is being pushed to the forefront in every episode, one might start to think Scott Caan might actually plan on showing up for every episode next season….or maybe they’re just making the best of it when he actually did show up….
    (I used to be a big McDanno bromance fan, but it’s become annoying now. Whenever SC has the time between all his other projects and of course all the surfing, to do more than just walk through a scene or two, claiming to go to NJ/PT/whatever [or he just doesn’t appear in the ep at all w/o an explanation] it seems like they try and cram as much McDanno into an episode as possible. It just feels so forced now.)

    I’m not sure if I want Jisbon to happen. Feels kinda strange after all this time. But they would be cute together. And they both deserve some happiness for sure.

  8. you know says:

    You didn’t put Skye and Ward.Now,that forecast I would like to see!

  9. enri says:

    The Mentalist is killing me! He’s already told her he loved her a few seasons back then denied it. They are both hurting. He took a step in the right direction but he has to go further. He wouldn’t know what to do without Lisbon who has been a part of his life for 12 years.

  10. Brittany says:

    What about Dawson and Casey from Chicago Fire??

    • Beth says:

      The head writer tweeted that if she becomes a firefighter it won’t be a deal breaker for them. I love those two together, I know there is a lot of Dawson haters right now but they have great chemistry!


    • Naazneen says:

      ERMAGAD YES. Like we’ve only been waiting for what feels like forever it. The chemistry between these two! Cant wait to see how the finale ruins all the things for everyone. Love the originals!

  12. I’ll immediately snatch your rss as I can’t to find your email
    subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do
    you’ve any? Kindly allow me know in order that I may just subscribe.

  13. Francine says:

    Vampire Diaries- they need to decide whether Elena and Damon are going to be together… or not. Drama is one thing on these types of shows, but they literally keep repeating the same conversations every episode. It’s beyond tiresome.

  14. GildedRose says:

    It looks like Mentalist is coming to an end so I’m really hoping that they end this nice and don’t disappoint. Lisbon and Jane have been through a lot together and that feeling of “more” to their relationship has clearly loomed for many seasons. So if this is the finale curtain call? Let Lisbon and Jane take the bow together and let the show end on a happy note after years of doom and gloom and loss for both of them.

  15. Bonnie Maynes says:

    Last night’s episode of The Mentalist showed us for a fact that Lisbon and Pike have nothing in common. Jane needs to realize that Lisbon doesn’t really want to go with Pike and that it’s OK for Jane and Lisbon to find love. I can’t believe that this awesome show hasn’t been renewed yet. It needs to be on TV.

  16. Cara says:

    I had stopped watching Mentalist long ago though I’ve always loved the dynamic between Lisbon and Jane. Having been curious about how the show progressed I started to watch again this year. I can’t say I liked how they closed RJ case and the new FBI look but on Lisbon and Jane front the last couple of episodes were very emotional. I hope the final two episodes fare well for them. And hopefully we get a new season and we can see those two as a couple following interesting cases together.

  17. The Mentalist was so epic. Heartbreaking but still so great. I love the fact that everybody sees how Jane and Lisbon feel for each other – especially liked Abbott playing match maker. And I think Pikes Casablanca summary really nailed it and you could see that they both knew it and it was a very awkward moment between Pike/Lisbon. And the ending was just awww – hard to watch but important and great in terms of Jane/Lisbon finally getting to the bottom of their feelings for each other! Can’t wait for the last two epis and hopefully another great season. They can’t cancel it – I really love the new characters now (Whiley is such a sweetie with great ideas, Abbott has a kind heart and Fisher is pretty cool) and of course everyone wants to see Jane and Lisbon being together and solving crimes !

  18. tamysnape says:

    rumebelle es lo mejor de toda la serie,, ningún comentario mal intencionado me hará cambiar de parecer … solo espero venga algo bueno a futuro para ellos .. sin quitar el drama .. es lo que los une mucho mas…

  19. Gerry says:

    I want to see Lisbon and Jane together, but how about Deeks and Kensi, Mary and Francis, and best of all Andy and Sam from Rookie Blue

  20. Mary says:

    Such a lovely surprise to find McDanno mentioned in this article! Steve and Danny are two of the best characters ever written and their relationship is simply the most beautiful one on television IMO. Alex and Scott bring so much to these characters, they really are two amazing actors, this show is so lucky to have them. Please, more of them together show!

  21. Taty says:

    McDanno is the happiest ship! Steve & Danny shine bright everytime they are together :)
    Alex O’Loughlin & Scott Caan are two very talented actors and have such an incredible chemistry…. I am loving this final part of H50 S4 so much! :))))

  22. Rumbelle is perfect.
    Haters gonna hate away.

  23. Sam says:

    Its obvious that the BBT EP is trying to fool us, my money is on their engagement in the finale.

  24. Leo says:

    I love Rumbelle with all my heart but, what the writers did with a moment so important for us, after all the things that they keep doing to the shippers is to cry. I love Rumbelle and I’m happy with the engagement but with the show…that is another history. The only reason I keep watching is the episodes where the amazing chemistry of Robert and Emilie playing Rumple and Belle appear. It’s sad because It’s one of the most interesting love tales in the show that keep been not used…but of course personal opinion

  25. I love Rumbelle and I’m happy for their engagement is one of the most beautiful histories in the show. I just watch for them, because Bobby has a sensibility to give us a beautiful performance and Emilie for being the queen of our ship!!

  26. Grace says:

    Yay for McDanno!! They also said “I love you” to each other… two episodes in a row. Most adorable couple on television, hands down.

  27. Anna says:

    … actually, i can’t wait to see Belle’s reaction when she finds out. I totally understood why Rumple did what he did, but not like that. Well, i don’t know, for me is just the beginning of another round of angst for these two. ( And i’m not complaining, i really want for Belle to stand up against her fiancé. ) I’m not and hardcore shipper of ‘ Rumbelle ‘ but i’m just happy for theirs fandom, really. These two can’t catch a break, jfc !

    Another little note: Emilie is australian, people. Her accent is strong, really really strong and she choose to keep it to play Belle. If you don’t like Emilie as an actress it’s fine, if you don’t think she’s a good actress just because of that, it’s … meh. Just sayin’.

  28. Louise says:

    Love, love the McDanno bromance! Scott and Alex have awesome chemistry! I hope more focus is on them in Season 5! They are THE SHOW!!!

  29. MiaB says:

    As soon as they got Avery and Juliette together on Nashville, they started breaking them up. The best thing about Avery and Juliette together was how he calmed down her crazy and how she had enough confidence not to be a whiny mess who broke down every time he didn’t come home on time (hey, Scarlett?). But they got them together and threw all that out the window. Now she’s jealous every time he talks to Scarlett, who can’t hold a candle to Juliette, and he’s suddenly not available to her when she has issues, even though he always was when he wasn’t with her. Annoying, Nashville writers!