Glee's Chris Colfer on His Writing Debut, Klaine's Rocky Future and 'Possibilities' For Season 6

Glee Season 6 SpoilersTuesday’s Glee (Fox, 8/7c) marks the first episode written by star Chris Colfer, who tells TVLine he was only given two guidelines for his script: “I couldn’t break up with Blaine and I couldn’t kill anyone.”

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Below, Colfer reveals more details about his Glee writing debut, then gives us a look ahead at the show’s future: Will Kurt return next season? And if so, could he find himself suddenly single?

TVLINE | How long have you been planning to write your episode?
I never wanted to do this, or gave any indication that I wanted to do it. It’s not my world, these aren’t my characters and I thought I’d hate tampering with it or ruining it. But then they came to me and said, “Would you be interested in writing an episode? We want you to.” It was an opportunity that I could not turn down.

TVLINE | Can you set it up for us? What’s it all about?
Everyone knows I’m a very selfish writer, so the main storyline is about Kurt being down on his luck and looking for something to validate him as a performer. He ends up joining an assisted living home’s production of Peter Pan, and something happens to the woman playing Peter, so he has to fill in. The biggest compliment I got from the crew and the cast when the script came out was that it reminded them of a Glee episode from Season 1. And we got some amazing people to be in it.

TVLINE | Yeah, let’s talk about those amazing people.
June Squibb, Tom Conway and Billy Dee Williams; I was shocked. I never expected that we’d get names like that, especially June Squibb, coming [off of] an Oscar nomination. I have to say, June blew me away. People need to watch this episode just for her performance. At 83 years old, she was on her feet 14 hours a day, singing and dancing and keeping up with the rest of us. She was just impressing everyone around her. She was incredible, and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves. She blew all of us away.

TVLINE | What was most important for you to get across in the episode?
I wanted it to be very much like classic Glee. I wanted to do a story about underdogs; I think that’s why we have such a passionate audience, because it was a show about a group of kids that had never had something represent them before. My two favorite things in life are animals and old people, so I definitely wanted to incorporate both of those into the story.

TVLINE | Was there anything you wanted to do, but couldn’t for whatever reason?
They only gave me two guidelines when they gave me the job: I couldn’t break up with Blaine and I couldn’t kill anyone. They really gave me so much freedom with this. I was terrified going into it. I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t know if I’d be able to tell the story I wanted to tell, but the writers gave me so much room to play with. It was an incredible experience.

Glee Season 6 SpoilersTVLINE | So we shouldn’t expect Kurt to break up with, then murder, Blaine?
No, no that won’t happen in this episode. Maybe Season 6, but the blood won’t be on my hands. That’ll be someone else’s episode.

TVLINE | How do you feel about where they are now, and where they could go from here?
They’re very young and they’re engaged, so I’m not sure where they’ll go after. Engagement is already a pretty big step. I’m very lucky that’s not in my hands.

TVLINE | Do you know if you’ll be back full-time next year?
I have absolutely no idea. I have heard very little about what’s going on with Season 6, so I have no idea.

TVLINE | Ryan Murphy recently said something huge happens that sends everyone on a different path. Can you elaborate?
Season 5 has a really nice conclusion that I think our audience is going to be really happy with. It sends every character on their own way, which will open up the door to a lot of possibilities in Season 6, depending on what they want to do with it. Every character gets a good send-off.

TVLINE | What are your hopes for Kurt’s future, generally speaking?
Selfishly, I had so much fun working with June, Tim and Billy Dee, I hope he has a future in the assisted living home that I created. But I just want to see him happy. I hope to see him find validation within himself. I think that would be a great lesson for the kids watching, that you have to find approval and happiness within yourself. You don’t get it from someone else.

Now that you’ve read Chris Colfer’s take, what are your thoughts (and fears) about Glee‘s sixth and final season? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Nate says:

    And the Klaine bashing starts in 3…2….1

  2. J says:

    I hate that I always get the feeling the Chris Colfer is out to get and destroy Klaine. Thank goodness they told him he couldn’t break up with Blaine, because I feel like he would have. I get where he is coming from, drama is probably a lot more fun as an actor, but haven’t they had enough drama for awhile? My favorite period on the show is when they were dating and drama free. (Around the time they did the Christmas special episode.)

    • bamabunny says:

      Well, I mean, if they broke up for good, they wouldn’t have any drama then either, because they wouldn’t be together to HAVE drama. And Chris and Darren LIKE having the scenes together where they argue and fight. Say what you will about unhealthy relationships…they’re not boring! (And remember, they’re also fictional!)

      • J says:

        That’s what I was referring to when I said I know it is more fun as an actor to have drama. The relationship is only unhealthy because they are determined to keep them fighting all the time. They’ve backed Klaine into an corner of unhealthy. To deal with the boring thing, they need to stop focusing on Klaine to build drama and focus on the characters as individuals. And that can still happen while they are dating.

      • J says:

        I think that is one of the biggest problems with tv shows today, they think the only way to keep things interesting is to throw wrenches in the main relationship. A few tv shows have been able to do relationships right (Monica and Chandler from Friends. Lily and Marshall from HIMYM. Castle and Beckett from Castle are currently pulling it off (fingers crossed they will continue to)). They are able to keep traction in a show without resulting with constant (unhealthy) fighting and adultery.

        • nzponywriter says:

          And Tami and Eric from ‘Friday Night Lights’ – the most functional married couple I’ve ever seen in a TV drama. Forever the benchmark.

          • EJ386 says:

            Yes Tammy and Eric were awesome! Huge plus they weren’t even just the side-character parents in a teenshow. They really had a lot of screentime [arguable the most of any characters] and their own storylines.

      • primisfer says:

        That is true ;)

      • rini says:

        Chris also had said that he still liked singing with Darren. I don’t know if that what he still feels, anyways.

      • other couples yes with kurt and blaine no

    • Apple says:

      And i wonder why he would since his character was destroyed in order to keep that klaine thing living. As much as the random klainer would cling to “lots of factors” to glee’s downfall the truth is that those millons of viewers lost have not stayed because of the klaine.

      • those millions of viewers? Proof?

        • Jess says:

          Um, they’re called RATINGS and they’re readily available on the internet. Last weeks episode, another Blaine-filled fiasco, made a new SERIES low.

          • rini says:

            can I have a link to see these rating figures? are they valid?

          • Sara says:

            @rini: you can look them up on this site yourself. They post the ratings of all the network shows the next day. And they are usually pretty valid.

          • Bess says:

            Well, this latest episode that focused on Kurt and was written by Chris Colfer did nothing to increase the number of viewers and instead made a new series LOW, so I guess the blame is not solely on one character. IMO poor writing for ALL characters and ridiculous plot lines has contributed to the decline in viewership for a longtime.

    • Harley says:

      Eh, it’s just TVLine. I’m pretty sure Darren Criss tinkled in Ausiello’s cornflakes at some point because his Klaine coverage is always ridiculously skewed and not at all representative of the actual show content. Its a joke now, how far hell try to twist comments out of context to fit his weird agenda.

    • Cmk says:

      I am scared Klaine is going to break up in season 6 :(

    • Ucanthandle says:

      He’s only doing what we all know is that they don’t have chemistry together and frankly hate each other. You’ll never catch either of them hanging out off set or even on set for that matter. Frankly its painful to watch there scenes together

    • Mike says:

      Personally I don’t think their characters are compatible enough to stay together without the fighting unless they massively changed already established aspects of their personalities.

    • MLO says:

      They probably said he couldn’t break up with Blaine because that’s already been written for the finale.

  3. jr. says:

    If Chris’s episode is a huge success, maybe Chris can colaborate with Ryan, into turning season 6 of Glee into even more future seasons of GLEE!

    • rini says:

      I totally agree with this. But, it doesn’t have to be a huge success. Just a success or little success will do, considering that there’s basically no significant success with Glee now. Their only success right now is maintaining their existence in TV, nothing more.
      In every company, it’s clear that bringing a fresh mind with fresh ideas like Chris Colfer will certainly be a new boost a company needs to enhance their business – the term “company” here refers to the Glee writers room.
      Seeing his story plot for tomorrow’s episode (5×19) we must admit that his ideas are very new to Glee, never been tried before, carrying fresh breeze to the show, in a very good way.
      We have seen some episodes in season 5 that are clearly a story-repeat of past seasons. The actors must be groaning inside at some point, when they read those new-but-old story lines – such as in “The Back Up Plan”, “Frenemies”, etc.
      Even we have not seen Chris’ episode being aired, we can tell up to now that he’s got the brain needed to restart and refresh the Glee power.

  4. sam says:

    Great interview. The episodes from season 1 were the best so that is a great compliment. Also, I hope the “fans” don’t send him too much hate for the klaine comment.

    • Apple says:

      They are just the klainers. No one else will be that dumb. Anyone inflicter by their whining already knows.

    • KC says:

      I ship Klaine and I don’t get why people would be upset about that comment. He wasn’t saying anything negative about the couple. Just that he was told he couldn’t break them up (which doesn’t necessarily mean it was a thought in his mind, it was just a plot related guideline in the same way killing a character was) Same goes for the validation comment. Relationships are wonderful, but they shouldn’t be your source of validation. That’s not healthy.

  5. qj201 says:

    Klaine is the most boring neutered romance on TV. If they make eye contact and then “hug” like sisters one more time…my eyes are gonna get stuck in the back of my head.

    • Notice how stupid you are and wrong?, is it wrong for them to have a gay couple? not alot could relate to just lesbians, alot would accept lesbians just cause they like to see them make out, I love klaine, I find their story interesting

      • Sara says:

        Uhhh, the original poster wasn’t saying it was wrong to have a gay couple on tv, the poster was saying that they aren’t physical enough and act more like friends. Not much kissing, way too much friendly hugging. Kinda think you are doing the whole stupid and wrong thing there, buddy.

        • Bailey says:

          As much as I love Klaine kissed, relationships aren’t just all about physical. It’s emotional and whether or not they have chemistry or not. They absolutely adore each other and they’re head over heals in love. On the other hand, yes they should be more like boyfriends rather then friends but it’s their relationship and they can do what they want. Most of you wouldn’t want people telling you what to do about your relationship…

      • Angry Lesbian Blogger says:

        How nice to see your prejudice towards lesbians? Why are gay men more relatable? Because you find them hot? Brittana has encouraged people to come out, and they’re still beloved.

        Who needs enemies with allies like you?

      • A Real Ally. says:

        Notice how homophobic you sound? Why are lesbians harder to relate to? Because you don’t find them hot? Um, yeah, we need more representation than just gay men. This is part of why more people are hating Klaine. The comments of this group is appalling.

      • EJ386 says:

        If they could have a full on relationship like QAFs Brain and Justin or Shameless’ Mickey and Ian or even a more toned down one like Teenwolfs Ethan and Danny. The original poster is right they are just best friends who look at each other slightly longer then other people, but there is no relationship there except that they call it a relationship. It’s a valid life choice, but not interesting to watch.

    • I am friends with a gay couple and in the ten years I’ve known them I have NEVER seen them kiss or hold hands. Even hugging is rare. In fact one of the guys hugs almost everybody except his boyfriend in public. Its not necessary to make a public spectacle of everything.

    • Lou says:

      That was season 4 Klaine. Now there’s PDA and…gasp….references to sex. In fact, outside of Artie’s manho binge, I think Kurt and Blaine are pretty much the only two characters on the show to make it obvious they are getting some. My how times have changed.

  6. James says:

    i love how every other interview they asked him about how hard it was to write and other stuff people would like to hear about, but TVline asks him if he planing to kill of Blaine and Klaine i like Klaine but this episode isn’t about Klaine of all the questions they could have asked they ask this.

    • Lyle says:

      TV Line loves to try and cause trouble. Chris didn’t give them much to work with in succeeding with that, though.

    • Boiler says:

      So you took the 2 things Chris said in the question before and turned it into TV Lines fault? No way

    • Apple says:

      I’m amused how haw ‘we don’t want to know about klaine’ klainers are when it’s not reassuring of their eternal status.

      Tvline is the only one not that far un blarren’s a** and not on their mission to please a bunch of whining teens (of all ages)

    • Sara says:

      The original question wasn’t even phrased to lead him to respond in that manner! TVLine didn’t ask him if he was planning on killing off Blaine and/or Klaine except as a jokey follow-up to Chris’ previous response in order to lead into questions about the relationship, which Klaine fans probably would like to read. If that was how you misread the interview in order to see some sort of anti-Klaine propaganda, that speaks more of your bias than TVLine’s.

  7. Lyle says:

    “I hope to see him find validation within himself. I think that would be a great lesson for the kids watching, that you have to find approval and happiness within yourself. You don’t get it from someone else.” Great quote.

  8. Predictable says:

    “I just love how all season from TVline it’s like “Klaine hard times!” “Klaine fighting!” Klaine break-up?!” “Klaine rocky future?!?!?” And…none of that is ever what they imply it is. Ever.”-wise person

  9. Lou says:

    Really looking forward to this episode!

  10. Nik says:

    “I hope to see him find validation within himself. I think that would be a great lesson for the kids watching, that you have to find approval and happiness within yourself. You don’t get it from someone else.” Great quote. But I also think it’s him throwing some shade on how Blaine and Rachel always rely on others to validate them. Kurt has to get validation from within because this show will never hand him success on a silver platter like they do Blaine and Rachel.

    • Sofia says:

      That’s the point of Kurt and Blaine’s different stories. Blaine is more liked by people because he’s an extrovert and, generally, he has a more “traditional” beauty and set of talents. Kurt is unique, special and amazing, in a way that very few people can see (for now). They have different paths and different things to tell. Keeping count is useless.

      • Nik says:

        It’s not about keeping count, it’s about how this show expects Kurt to live by a different life philosophy than the others because they will never give him validation from others. So he’s expected to be happy with personal validation when everyone else gets to have their successes handed to them without much effort. Everyone keeps talking about no one can see how talented Kurt is ‘FOR NOW’ but after 5 seasons, if you think they are ever going to have that recognized, you are not seeing the writing on the wall.

        • Lyle says:

          Exactly. I like the sentiment, but it’s too bad it’s something Kurt has to learn over and over for these reasons.

  11. Erin says:

    Isn’t it funny how TV Line is always the only one Chris is so gloomy to about Klaine’s storyline. Heck, he doesn’t mention Klaine half as much in other interviews as he does in those from TV Line. Are you sure that is what he said or is it what you wanted him to say and wrote that anyway

    • James says:

      Chris could be winning a oscar and tvline would find a way to make it about klaine

    • Sam says:

      And yet TVLine is the outlet Chris chooses to give exclusives to, like his Hot In Cleveland casting and the news that he was writing a Glee episode. Stop looking into drama that doesn’t exist.

    • Mike says:

      Except that Chris is the one who brought it up in the first place by including Klaine as something he couldn’t break up when TVLine asked about guidance he was given for his episode and they followed it with a goofy joke then asked a very open ended question about how he feels about where they’re at right now. Everything involved with Klaine that could be read even slightly negative was brought about by Chris himself.

  12. James says:

    “So we shouldn’t expect Kurt to break up with, then murder, Blaine?” what was he wanted Chris to say what a waste of a question

    • Mike says:

      Calm down James, it was just a joke that was related to combining the two things Chris said he wasn’t allowed to do and Chris played well with it.

  13. Ben says:

    Interesting what he said about Season 6. If he were to be back full time I’m pretty sure he would have heard something by now. Especially considering he has a book tour this summer and will need to work out the dates. Also, hasn’t Ryan already said the 3 major players for next season are Lea, Darren and Chord? Chris doesn’t really seem to be on their radar.

    • rini says:

      If Chris is not the in their radar anymore, BYE GLEE for me. I would even promote Bye Glee to anyone I know – offline and online. Seriously.

    • Amee says:

      I doubt it. The list of the casts will be confirmd only in June and if it was decided, the list would have been released by now. Plus, Murphy said that season 6 was open to every main character who wants to be a part of it.

  14. Adam says:

    I am sick and tired of TVLine always trying to Klaine in a bad light and then has the nerve to put Chris on the spot to make look like he has to get Klaine seriously if these guys can’t be professional and report it fairly then don’t report it at all.

    • Mike says:

      How is any of this not reported fairly? Chris is the one who brought up Klaine in the first place by saying he couldn’t break them up (which wasn’t prompted by TVLine) and TVLine made a joke about his comment which Chris played off of very well, I didn’t get the sense that he seemed “put on the spot” by it at all but rather he made a joke right back about it. The main Klaine question they actually had was very open ended allowing Chris to say absolutely anything in regards to his feelings about Klaine.

  15. Malfoy says:

    How does Ausiello to still have a job after all the crap he has written in the past?

    • cc says:

      Read the interview, Chris is the one that brought up Klaine. Chris is not a big fan of Klaine, because it has pretty much neutered him. For a very long time, he has not had his own story, he became part of a pretty vanilla relationship. Take your shipper goggles off sometime. Do you think Chris would have won his Golden Globe, or an emmy nomination based on the acting done in the Klaine relationship? Chris is an actor, let him act.

      • they asked him how about the writings and he told them that ryan gave him to guidelines, no klaine breakup or murder, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like them, Both him and darren like and adore klaine, but they’re not soo sure about Marriage because they want them to take things slow, hiding under a rick much

        • cc says:

          when has Chris said that he has adored Klaine? He keeps making statements that he would like to have second love interest? He and Santa had more chemistry than he and Darren. Why do you think people keep commenting on why does it look like Chris could be less interested in their pairing?

          • how late are you, I’ve watched most of the interviews when he talks about KLAINE, he and darren like them and want to see where they are headed, Ever since the hate came from people like you they don’t talk about it.

          • Lisa says:

            He doesn’t “keep” making statements that he wants a second love interest. He supposedly said it to TVLine, once. Funny how they were the only ones who heard him say anything even remotely against Klaine in a press event that involved dozens of journalists. Secondly, if you really think that Chris as Kurt doesn’t look interested in Blaine, even though he is clearly written to be in love with Blaine, then I guess you think that Chris is pretty unprofessional and not that great of an actor. Because you know who else thought that the engagement was a bad idea, even moreso than Chris? Darren. And yet, I have never, not once, questioned whether Blaine loves Kurt. Personally, I think Chris likes Klaine just fine, though he doesn’t find the story all that fun to act. Who cares, though, if he likes them or not? His job is to act the role as it is written, end of.

          • Sara says:

            Lisa: Just to clarify why TVLine was “supposedly” the only one to hear Chris say at that press event that he was interested in a new love interest: often at those types of events, individual journalists get to have one on one time with the actors to ask questions for their individual sites and stories. So, the other journalists probably weren’t eavesdropping on TVLine’s interview session and/or didn’t ask the same questions.

        • Mike says:

          I don’t think that Chris feels irrational hate towards Klaine…but I also don’t think he’d be unhappy if they broke up. I’ve seen him making some comments that could maybe at least show he likes aspects of Klaine though (and not just from TVLine) he seems more interested in them fighting than getting along. If you have some quotes showing that Chris “adores” Klaine as you say, I’d love to see them because I haven’t seen any from him that show that strong of positive emotion from Chris in regards to Klaine. He appears to feel it was way too soon for them to be engaged and prefers them fighting. When asked a general statements about Kurt’s future, he only mentions his hopes for Kurt’s individual growth and nothing about what he sees for his future relationship which okay they asked specifically about Kurt but obviously this engagement is a huge factor in Kurt’s future so to me it says something that he’s more thinking about Kurt the individual than what will happen with any potential marriage or whatnot.

    • Sara says:

      Ausiello didn’t even do the interview. Read the Byline.

    • Sam says:

      How are you so illiterate?

  16. jazzcolfer says:

    I can’t wait for chris’s episode. I love this article. Chris is so funny and sarcastic, “breaking up with blaine and then killing him” lol I wish. Yes, Kurt hummel definitely needs to find hapiness within himself because noone is going to hand him anything. It will be a great lesson and way more thruthful and interesting this way. Chris is so mature. Also I love the way he talks about June squibb. I haven’t watched an entire glee episode for years, only edits, so it’ll be weird for me to watch this episode from beginning to end and I know I will love it. I can’t wait :)

  17. Donna V says:

    If those were actually the instructions Chris was given, I’d laugh so hard. Because it would show that they know he’s not vested into the Klaine relationship anymore. And if he were given free reign, I think he would break them up. And I for one, would not blame him one bit. #FreeKurt

    • jazzcolfer says:


    • KC says:

      Not necessarily. It’s much more likely the guidelines were in place so that he didn’t unintentionally screw up their plans for those characters. That’s definitely why the “no killing anyone” rule was there. Nothing Chris said implies that he hates Blaine or Klaine. Just that he wants Kurt to find himself. You don’t necessarily have to be single to do that. If you take off your hate goggles and think objectively for 10 seconds, and you’d understand.

  18. Valeria says:

    This is TV Line, aka Klaine hater central so I’m not surprised they are trying to make it sound like Klaine is on the rocks (even though nothing Chris said implies that) or like Chris hates Klaine! They will always goad Chris to say things about Klaine that they can spin into something that sounds negative. I mean, isn’t it funny that TV Line is the only outlet that writes about Klaine like this? And gets these kind of “quotes”? Think about it. No, Chris will never be the world’s biggest Klaine fan, and that’s okay – I daresay many actors aren’t huge fans of the couples that they are part of on their tv show. But that doesn’t mean he hates Klaine or that he would break them up first chance he gets. Having said all this, I am VERY much looking forward to the episode Chris wrote! Kurt has been my favorite character since season 1 and it will be really great to see him the way Chris sees him – and for Kurt to actually have the main plot in an episode for once. Also, the promo looked really great and I have a feeling this could be one of Glee’s best episodes ever!

  19. Maria says:

    I love everything about this interview, especially Chris wanted independent, self-reliant, happy Kurt and the show being more like what it used to be in season 1. He’s so passionate anout his work and he has a wicked sense of humour. Thanks for asking the right questions,TVline!

  20. zaynah says:

    Chris Colfer always says things very well-said!!! :)

  21. Who is “TOM Conway?”

    Typo aside, very nice interview. It’s sad it takes the actor to come up with a script that gives Kurt some validation and gets away from the Beaten Wife Syndrome he’s been suffering for years now (of course it has to be sandwiched in between 2 eps which continue to demonstrate why that “relationship” is so toxic for him).

    “So we shouldn’t expect Kurt to break up with, then murder, Blaine?”

    If only…


  23. Ray says:

    please dont let them break up klaine! theyre the main reason im watching since cory died

  24. KC says:

    Tv Line puts Klaine in their headline to gets hits in their site. That’s it. Chris is always a part of Glee and of course will be part of Season 6 – he just can’t confirm that to the public.

  25. TD says:

    I just have to wonder how many of you people saying Chris hates Klaine have missed all the moments where he’s admitted to loving all the fan fiction and the majority of sai as can fiction is about Klaine. So if he really hated them, I don’t think he’d enjoy reading it. Just because he wants the chance for Kurt to maybe experience other things doesn’t mean he hates the relationship. I’m a Klainer and I love them together but if Chris really wants to try him in another serious relationship than I say go for it. As amazing as Klaine is, neither Kurt nor Blaine has ever had the opportunity to be in another serious relationship on the show. Kurt dated but Blaine didn’t even reach that much. He was obviously very head over heels for Kurt.

    In any case, I do look forward to what the future holds and Ryan has said several times that Klaine is end game and there will be a future wedding. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be walks with other people before they get there.

    I love both Chris and Darren and I respect what they’re doing for the world as a whole. I hope they keep on inspiring people for years to come.

    • simonew says:

      “admitted to loving all the fan fiction” – what Kool-aid are you drinking?! Throwing shade at the mere notion of fan fiction is NOT loving it. He’s made it clear that fan-fiction makes him VERY uncomfortable.
      It’s also quite clear that he’s grown weary of the show’s focus on Klaine and this storyline he wrote himself proves that he’d like more focus on Kurt as an INDIVIDUAL. Thank god, it’s about time.
      There’s many of us who don’t give a flea about Klaine. Bring back Elliot. Chris’s scenes with Adam Lambert were the highlight of season 5!

    • Mike says:

      Yeah but with Ryan you never know because he changes his mind and contradicts himself all the time so anyone taking him at his word could easily be setting themselves up for a let-down. For all we know there could be a future wedding immediately following by a divorce. Show me exactly where Chris says he reads Klaine fanfiction and loves it because I don’t buy that for a second.

  26. My only fear for the sixth season is that Klain is gonna break up. The only thing I want when this show (sadly) ends is for Blain and Kurt to be together. They don’t have to be married (though I would be very happy if they were). I just want them to be together as a couple. I don’t care what happens with the rest of the show as long as Blain and Kurt are together as a couple.

  27. suebrody says:

    I love that no one is actually focusing on interview but just on Chris’s comment (which I’m sure he said half in jest) about Blaine. See, this is why Chris actually got to WRITE an episode…so he could actually give Kurt a few minutes of his own storyline. Cannot wait to watch the episode.

  28. No More Blee says:

    Chris speaks for us all, we want to see Kurt’s story, not annoying Klaine.
    Klaine should end, it no longer has any real purpose. Klaine happened because Kurt was lonely and Ohio was homophobic aqnd he was Blaine’s last option. (Blaine rejected Kurt 3 times, Truelove5eva right? -.- )
    , He is is NYC now! Why should he be traped to his ex who cheated on him and likes him when he is weak? Klaine is just toxic, I hope one day Glee wakes up and breaks them up, Chrisw not excited about Klaine anymore, it is VERY obviouse. He never tweets about Klaine or talks about happy Klaine in ANY interviews, so just end that hot mess of a boring toxic relationship

    • rini says:

      I agree on your reasons & facts. But I think we will be more thrilled and satisfied if Blaine is made aware and learn his lessons in life and seeing Kurt succeed without him, while still being in the relationship. And I support you 100000% – No More Blee, PLEASE. :)
      So Kurt can only have a storyline if Chris himself writes the stories. After that, back to Blaine singing 3 songs per episode, being on-screen 60% of the episode – wow I really prefer not to see that.
      Can we have Chris write more episodes for Glee every once in a while? or at least co-write, please?

      • No More Blee says:

        It is sad really, reading another Interview of Chris, he said exactly how the rest of s feels, he wants a story about Kurt, not Kurt relationship, yet Glee wont let him. I just read some new interviews, and he is NOT rude to Klaine or Klainers, but he is obvious sad and disappointed that after his episode Kurt will once again be tied to Klaine and it makes y heart break for him. This is not FAIR! Klaine do not have to be together, Blaine if he is so ‘loved’ can still be on the show without being tied to Kurt’s ankle. People grow up and move on, Kurt should not have to marry Blaine for cry babies that do not even like Kurt. I swear after Chris episode, I am DONE with Glee. This will be the 5th Glee episode I watched this season. Only episode I watched was The Quarter Back, the Christmas one, and mistakenly Bash because I thought Kurt would get screen time and last but not least, Tested, which only PROVED to me that Glee hates Kurt and I am DONE. I can not take this anymore, I want what Chris want, Good season 1 Glee feels and Kurt independent with his own story line. Instead I will get more of the Blaine and Rachel show with Door mat Kurt and I am not here for that. YES I DO love Kurt but I am not stupid, he is Rachel’s and Blaine’s door mat and he allows them to treat him badly and as a fan of his it hurts to watch and I just can not watch this anymore.

    • you are toxic we need klaine wedding if you don’t like it that is to bad for you

  29. TheTruth says:

    Damn the two things I wanted to happen the most he couldn’t do. Kurt needs to break up with Blaine and someone needs to kill him off. That would be perfect, I mean they have no chemistry together. Kurt deserve someone older and more mature

  30. dman6015 says:

    Finn is coming back???

  31. Jess says:

    I love Blaine and I love Kurt but I think the stories would be better if they were’nt together.

  32. santanalopezfan! says:

    God this guy is insufferable. We get it Chris, you hate Darren. LET IT GO already. Try acting professional for once, you spoiled little brat. I agree with the poster who pointed out that their scenes are painful to watch. At least Darren makes an effort, but you can tell how disgusting and unprofessional Chris is in every single Klaine scene.

    • Mike says:

      Yeah okay, I said right here in several of my comments that I don’t believe Chris would care if Klaine broke up. However, I also don’t see anywhere here that he is acting unprofessionally towards Darren. As far as Klaine scenes, Chris has acted exactly how he’s supposed to as Kurt in them. There are a number of times that Kurt’s been annoyed with Blaine lately (for good reason) so it’d be stupid if Chris was still playing Kurt like he’s happy and loving towards Blaine in that scene. However, in the scenes where Kurt is supposed to be showing he still loves Blaine, Chris has shown that too (the way he looked telling Blaine that their relationship was special to him, pretty much the entire last episode where he was behaving very maturely even despite Blaine hanging out with someone who hated Kurt for no reason).

  33. Scott says:

    Billy Dee Williams playing someone in an old-folks’ home. (sigh) I am old.

  34. Emily says:

    I loved the episode! Well done Chris!

  35. Raven says:

    I know that Kurt and Blaine are a bit young to be getting married, but I think it would be a great way to end their story in the final season. It would definitely give me closure. Ever since they got engaged I’ve been waiting to see their wedding. I think it would be huge, and it would probably mean something to some of the fans out there. Especially those who support gay marriage. :) I’ve mostly continued watching Glee to see my favorite couple (Kurt/Blaine) grow up, so I’m mostly anxious for what season 6 means for Kurt and Blaine. And Chris did an amazing job with his episode. Very well done. :)

  36. Crystal says:

    I love kurt and blaine and i wish i could see them get married

  37. Breigha says:


    Even though it’s not coming :'(

    Chris is great at writing these episodes in my opinion. WE WANT CHRIS

  38. hollehx says:

    Chris just tweeted that he’s leaving the show… so there’s a heavy spoiler for season six.

  39. we need kurt and Blaine wedding

  40. Varfee says:

    Why no

  41. Alexis says:

    I’m scared the Kurt and Blaine will break up…AGAIN. It was pain-full the first time and i don’t need that happening again cuz if it does I’ll be crying so much my face will be red and I won’t be able to talk. I wanna see a Klaine wedding, and see them as a happy married couple. Please writer, have them marry or I won’t be able to live through another break-up. The first time it happend I was so depressed I didn’t even wanna eat, it was that bad.

  42. chantel says:

    I love kurt and blaine it would be wrong to let klaine fans down.we want a wedding make us happy

  43. H Eck says:

    I’m really afraid klaine will break up. They are such a good couple and are so perfect for each other. I really want them to get married and live together. They would be such a good family.

  44. Bader Yousef says:

    Does that mean kurt and blaine wont get married?? :(

  45. I need blaine and kurt to married in season 6 I don’t want to break up please blaine and kurt please get married