Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Aloha Means Goodbye -- What Did You Think of [Spoiler]'s Exit?

Hawaii Five-0 Catherine LeavesHawaii Five-0 86’d a long-running character this Friday night, though not necessarily in a fatal, forever kind of way.

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As previously reported by TVLine more than a month ago, Michelle Borth — who made her debut during Season 1 and got promoted to series regular for Season 3 — has parted ways with the CBS drama.

To facilitate that exit, Five-0 revisited a bit of Catherine Rollins’ past, when in the midst of a (very fun) charity poker night, she received an unexpected, staticky phone call from Amir, an Afghani father she had met during her tour of duty eight years ago. In flashback, we saw how Rollins saved Amir’s son Najib from dashing out into a possibly land mine-filled field to fetch a soccer ball. (Instead, she summoned a military mine-sweeper to clear the way, so that the toy could be retrieved.)

Amir remembered that kindness of a foreign stranger a year later, when he found a gravely wounded Catherine in a field. He sneaked the American soldier into his and his wife’s humble home, tended to her injuries and even hid her in a secret tunnel when Taliban grunts came snooping.

As such, when Amir reaches out to her in the present day, to report that Najib has been taken by the Taliban — likely to be used as a human bomb (as many children are) — she has no choice but to do what she can to help. McGarrett at first bristles at the “crazy” idea, but ultimately calls in a favor from Joe White and gets both of them dropped into Afghanistan, where they soon find a wounded Amir, but no Najib.

Ultimately, McRollins get a bead on and intercept a Taliban convoy that’s toting many children, and while they’re successful in spiriting away the young ones (though no Najib), Steve is KO’d by a grenade blast, then taken away by the baddies. But before the Taliban can torture out of him the name/location of the woman who was assisting him, the U.S. Army storms in and saves the day.

Forced back home by angry military/CIA brass — yet after a really nice hospital scene with a very J. Crew-looking Danny, who traveled all the way to Afghanistan to make sure his best friend got out alive — McGarrett gets a call from Catherine, who stayed behind in Amir’s village and is resolved to finding Najbi, who has since been taken across the border, inching closer to a dire fate. Steve offers to lend another assist, but Catherine knows he can’t, and before she saddles up and rides off into the Afghani sunset, the lovers exchange “I love yous” and then an “Aloha,” which in this sad case means goodbye. At least for now.

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  1. jbrown says:

    hope they will bring her back it wont be the same without her.

    • Travelover says:

      I liked Catharine from the moment she appeared in Season 1. She humanized Steve, and she was his equal. And I hate they wrote her off. I cannot understand why writers cannot write for couples on television dramas. Very disappointed in the show.

      • Susan M says:

        I liked them, too. But I don’t think they wrote her off as much as Michelle wanted a break…at least that’s what I’ve gotten out of her Tweets and other readings online. I think the fact that the writers didn’t kill of her character means she departed on good terms and they’re open to having her back when/if she’s ready. I just hope that they don’t try to match Steve up with someone too soon (or at all) or at least not with a stream of Lori-type bimbettes. Cath and Steve had such a mature, balanced relationship.

      • Carolyn Scott says:

        me to she showed the soft side of steve they need to keep her on the show forever!

    • Bella says:

      I didn’t see the orginial article on here about MB leaving, how disappointing, loved Steve & Catherine.

    • bo says:

      Thank goodness she’s gone so that we can forever be rescued from the ridiculous plot-twists needed to seem to make her relevant to the show. Besides which, she can’t act worth beans, at least not with clothes on! But, then, who on this show can act???

    • Tracey Maloney says:

      Is Michelle borth leaving because 5-0 refused to sign her contact or was she sacked

    • Caddy4BP says:

      I felt she was a very good addition to the ensemble cast. She made McGarrett show a more human side and could chip in for tactical support when needed too. Sorry to see her leave the show.

    • Leanne Peters says:

      I hope they bring her back. She added a lot to the cast. Don’t change what’s not broken!

    • Suzie says:

      I loved what Catherine brought to the series. Hopefully she will come back even now and again if not in seasons to come. Love this show. Grew up watching the original series. Thanks for bringing it back!

      • Tracey says:

        Well Michelle want be in season 5 at all and people are saying she was sacked and if that is not the cast it only leaves season 6/7 available because thats what o’loughlin has signed up for so once he has gone so is five-o because his fans have stated theres only one star of the show and thats him I love oliughlin have before five-o was on paper but scott caan is my favorite has been for years but I guess it doesn’t say much for the other stars of 5-0 then does it I just hope that if michelle is replaced by someone else I hope its not alex oloughlins so called wife not a fan and was not a fan when I meet her in the early 90’s troll then and still a troll now but if she is in it they will have to change the name to hawaii porn-o and I hope it flaps with a very big bang

  2. Olivia says:

    I hate that she was written off the show. I hope that they will bring her back as a recurring character sometime in the future and that they will show in S5 how Steve deals with her absence and show his worry for her, but I will not hold my breath. This show tends to not follow up on character driven plot lines. Like what has happened with Kono and Chin. With good writing, Steve would in future episodes mention how he hasn’t or has heard from Cath, maybe in a conversation with Danny, even mention how worry he is something could happen to her and him bit being there to protect and help her. But what I expect from the show is for Steve and everyone else to go about their regular, forgetting Cath even existed. I really hope I am proven wrong, but my expectations are low. One of my favorite characters was outed from the show and I am upset.

  3. JC says:

    At least they didn’t kill her, which is what I expected. This leaves the door open for a return somewhere down the road, even if it’s just as the occasional guest star appearance.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’m just curious how they’ll keep her off the canvas for any significant stretch of time. Will she forever be looking for Najib? Will she find him/stay with Amir? (Maybe the mother dies?) A(n ill-fated) November sweeps rescue mission for McDanno?

      • JC says:

        Ha. Yeah. A sweeps rescue mission sounds about right. I don’t know. It’s true they may yet kill her off. Or maybe she’ll come back and then join the CIA with Doris. Lol. :)

      • Amy says:

        Didn’t they already do a sweeps rescue mission (or something very similar) for the character Larisa Oleynik played?

      • Julie says:

        Maybe she’ll recur periodically? I must have missed the news that she was leaving so when I realized their goodbye sounded like a permanent one, I googled it and found your article from March. I lopiked Catherine – I felt like she did give Steve a more human side but I don’t think the writers knew what to do with her. And to those who think she took major screen time away from Danny, etc. I would love to know what show thypey were watching because I think she had less screen time than when she was recurring. Wouldn’t mind seeing her back at some point!

        • Adrienne says:

          I totally agree! Calling her a series regular is a joke. She was more of a recurring character. I blame the writers for their failure to commit to their relationship because they never developed it. I think the acting is good but the writing has been deficient. In my opinion Hawaii 50 works best when you have a balance of your crime fighting, McDanno bromance and McRollins romance. It is unbelievable to me that Steve could be so one dimensional and not have a love interest. I hope the writers up their game or this show is doomed to fail.

      • Sara says:

        Yeah, it just doesn’t seem like a long-lasting farewell. What a weird way to permanently send away a character!

      • 4theloveoffilm says:

        Yes! That is what bothered me at the end. Why was this such a sad and seemingly permanent goodbye when she is just going to track down a kid? It doesn’t fit. Obviously, it’s a dangerous mission, so she could die, but otherwise it isn’t a forever mission, and certaibly not one that necessitates breaking up. If they wanted to have less (or no) Catherine or Michelle Borth wanted a break or wanted off the show, I don’t think this particular written situation was the best way to facilitate that objective. And if Michelle did not want out and they just wanted the character out, doing so this way doesn’t make sense. It seemed like there was no purpose.

  4. Tran says:

    Hawaii Five-O won’t be the same without Rollins but it looks to me that she’s not going to appear in next week’s season finale

  5. Alicia says:

    I liked the episode, but I didn’t think it was very final which is good and bad. Yes, I understand she wanted to leave, but it seems just like she should be walking back into e task force headquarters like the second of third episode next season. I’m with Mitovich on how long do they keep her on the hunt for Najib. For me it would have been better if she had been offered a like private contractor job or something away from Hawaii which still allowed for guest appearances in upcoming seasons!

    I feel that Catherine could have been a great character, but they had no idea what to do with her and I think it was contrived that she left the Navy and ended up working at Five-0. They shouldn’t have killed of Justin Bruening’s character and kept her working for the private intelligence firm. It’s not like he was on Grey’s past the 12th episode this season!

  6. spartan says:

    Feels like Hawaii Five-O has gotten slow and sappy, recycling the same tired plots — how many times has EVERY CHARACTER been abducted at this point? — and with characters going nowhere. Hate this, as I used to enjoy the show and I like all the cast except li’l Scott Caan. The fact that McGarrett actually was in a good relationship was unusual in an action show … but that got blah as well when she became just another member of his team. Ugh.

  7. Anice says:

    It was so much better than them killing someone off like so many shows do when a character leaves. I would like to see at least a follow up as to what happened, even if its just a mention in the next season.

  8. eli says:

    Didn’t know this show was still on the air.

    • Sharon Jensen says:

      Yes, well, if it’s a choice between watching this or some piece of reality junk, I know which one I’d choose. At least my eyes don’t hurt watching “Five-0” (especially when I
      spot Mr. Gorgeous AKA A O’L) like they do seeing something featuring a bunch of nobodies famous for being, not famous, but idiots with nothing between their ears. Until
      reality TV came along, I had no idea what a blinding headache looked like. Which I definitely do not get when I watch “Five-0” (pretty good start to my weekend, really! Can’t complain!).

  9. K says:

    I don’t buy for 1 second that Steve would be “love you, bye” and not be going back for her.

    • J says:

      I do. The sergeant was adamant about Steve never returning to this part of the world again. And as a former navy man, he know’s how serious he is. There’s no was for him to sneak back in unless he flew to somewhere like Turkey and walked rest of the way. But even him flying into Turkey would raise red flags and the CIA would be watching him like a hawk. Unfortunately, it’s very safe to say that he won’t be going back to the middle east again.

    • Julie says:

      Totally agree! I thought it was strange that he actually listened to the order about getting on the plane and flying back to the U.S. in the first place! I get that they had to write her out somehow but it was completely out of character for him to just acquiesce to an order he didn’t agree with. He went to freaking North Korea at one point! They couldn’t have found a better way to write her out?

  10. Mike says:

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t have had her and Grace Park do undercover work for the team. Dress those two up and they’d solve lots of crimes. Also, it was good to see Danno act like a caring friend rather than the old nagging wife he usually portrays…

  11. meah says:

    Am so sad too see cath go.I hope in future eps they’ll drop hints about her whereabouts ,but H50 hardly ever does that.won’t be back for any episode.would miss AOL

  12. Katie_Mead says:

    As a recurring player, she made a useful ally as an intelligence asset within the navy, and as the occasionally seen semi-serious long-term girlfriend (making “moments” with every passing female – as overused in most procedurals over the decades – an unnecessary plot contrivance).
    As a regular character, she was a spare cog that just didn’t fill Kono’s shoes in her absence, lacking charisma and credibility as an action figure. Still. the character had a bit more depth than the other failed attempts at evening out the gender spread at Five-0 HQ.

  13. sallyjo says:

    I loved the episode, but there’s one thing I didn’t get. The last time Catherine saw Steve he was being blown up and hauled away by the Taliban. When she finally talks to him on the phone, she doesn’t even ask him how he is???? I thought there was true love there!

    • Trish says:

      What confused me is that she tells him how she realises she has to lay low for a while. As she says this, she’s in the middle of an Afghan village, with her long hair uncovered and she’s talking on a satellite phone. Oh yeah, that’s really discreet!

      • Dianne Harrell says:

        Trish, I learned to love this show by subscribing to the creed of “Suspend belief all ye who gaze upon Hawaii Five-0.” Once I got over expecting reality, I look forward to each episode!

        • Sharon Jensen says:

          Who watches “Five-0” for the story-lines or plots? If you’re female like me, you
          pretty much just watch it to gaze longingly at Amazing Alex- especially if he takes
          his shirt off and shows us his six-pack (abs, that is! It’s a wonder I haven’t worn
          out my DVD copy of “The Back-Up Plan” yet! That tractor scene is truly sublime!).

  14. judy Adams says:

    I happen to really like this show. What is the harm of having Steve’s girlfriend disappear for a while, she can still reappear again. Better then letting people think she will die. She can come back at any given point. Love the show!!!!

    • Vancouver, BC says:

      We want her back CBS do something about it. When Friday night comes we tune in to Hawaii 5-O and all of a sudden saying goodbye that sucks, tears on my eyes. I enjoyed watching Steve and Cat together. Please bring her back.

      • Dianne Kotcella says:

        I agree with you. It doesn’t make sense. I cried too. Please bring her back. she’s a great actress

  15. drhenning says:

    Loved the opening Poker game with a number of old Hawaii based TV show cameos!!! I will say Rick has certainly put on the poundage… His buddy with his own show in the next hour still looks great… I love that H50 does these homages to some of the previous shows in Hawaii incuding TC’s copter!!

  16. Coal says:

    The success of these type shows is the comradery formed between the team members over the years and sad to see a member go. All the best to Michelle.

  17. Grace says:

    I liked Cath a lot but agree that she was much better as a utility/recurring player. Anytime they try to add a fifth member to the team it just doesn’t seem to work out. I thought Danny going to Afghanistan and literally wringing his hands while Steve was being rescued was very sweet, as was Steve thanking him for coming. (The sweater in Afghanistan made me laugh though–he looked SO out of place.)

    I hope Cath comes back safe and sound for a guest appearance at some point. I think she should rejoin the Navy… her leaving never quite made sense.

  18. Ally Oop says:

    I won’t be watching after this season. This show has become too much of a boys club.

  19. Bruce says:

    Love H50 show. Always wondered how they would continue to have Cath in the program as a regular. She is a good actress but Danno is the only ” odd-characte” not from HI therefore Cath did not fit. Hope to see her back.

  20. Anna says:

    What did I think? Meh, who cares, she was about as two dimensional as it gets.

    • G. says:

      So … you’re saying she was well-written?
      Usually being multidimensional is a good thing in a character.

  21. A.D. says:

    Hate she’s leaving!

  22. Beda says:

    I may be the only one who is glad that Catherine is gone. The show is about McGarrett, Dano, Chin and Kono. Bringing the “love interests” to me are boring and take away the original intent of the show which is to solve crimes. I want to see less of the personal lives and more of the crime solving.

    • Amally Arruda says:

      no, you’re not alone! Five-0 is on major crimes and not a novel of personal dramas!

      • Dianne Harrell says:

        Beda, I also am glad to see Catherine Rollins leave the show. As reflected by other posters, I liked her when she was a recurring character, but once she became a regular she never seemed to fit in. And after she left the Navy and Billy was killed, her character was a dead weight. I do disagree about “love interests.” The main characters are more interesting when we have some insight into their personal lives, though the love interests should be heard about more than seen.

        • Bobbi Piper says:

          I’m glad Michelle Borth left the series. She wasn’t too bad as a recurring character but as a regular she just didn’t fit in. That said, for some reason I’m glad they didn’t kill off her character. Love Steve & Danny moments.

    • Betty O'Brien says:

      I totally agree! I like to watch the cops in their work. Ditch the love interests. Bored with Danno’s kid and ex-wife. And Kono’s boyfriend. The original show didn’t have any that I remember. Just stick to the crime solving. Cath was tough and Steve’s equal, which I liked. But I liked her much better when she was in the background and helped the team from time to time. I hated the way she dressed. No real female cop would walk around with bare arms and breasts hanging out. Regulations wouldn’t allow it.

    • Sharon Jensen says:

      No, you’re not the only one who is glad she has gone (but why didn’t they kill her off? Of
      course, since I’m from Australia, I haven’t seen the episode in question, but I have always
      found Catherine Rollins to be a rather tedious character who is just a little bit too smug
      for my taste. And no, even seeing it will not change my mind about that view! That is
      about as likely as winning the lottery or kissing A O’L). She did have her moments though, such as when she told that snake-in-the-grass journalist who was filming a so-called “documentary” to “put a sock in it” (oh, alright, she didn’t exactly put it that way, but it’s what I would do!). No, for me the first series can’t be topped, and since then
      Alex has pretty much been pissing his talents away on what has become a bit of a mess. But still, that money sure is good, ain’t it, Alex? “Five-0” just seems to have become just another excuse to collect a pay-cheque. The man in question is beginning to
      look as though he would rather be anywhere but there, and everyone else is looking bored out of their minds too. Please writers, give this talented bunch something to work
      with (and don’t bring Catherine Rollins back, unless you do plan to bump her off !). I can
      just hear the screams of indignation about what I’ve written here. But I ain’t backing down.
      I just can’t force myself to like someone who is more a liability than an asset (and no, I
      am not saying this to tear someone down, though it might sound like it). I just want “Five-0” to be better, because it truly has the potential to be.

  23. Fireball says:

    Sad to see her go. The almost beheading was gut wrenching! You knew Steve would be saved, but still……

  24. Cherilyn Taylor says:

    So she just rides off into the sunset & we never hear from her again. Wasn’t Steve in love with this woman? So what, he just say “Oh well, she’s gone”. She has to come back sometime. Also, I thought the episode was a little far-fetched.

  25. antisocialbutterflie says:

    While Catherine wasn’t my favorite character, I am pretty disappointed with how they handled her as a whole. This season they developed a number of story arcs that, on paper, would have given the character some depth, but then they only gave the actress three minutes of screen time to make it happen. It is no wonder that people had difficulty warming up to her. Even here, the writers undercut what could easily have been a strong, heart-wrenching episode that gave a proper goodbye with a mediocre case of the week.

    On top of that there was absolutely no closure whatsoever. Given the unpleasantness between the actress and the fans it seems highly unlikely that Michelle Borth will agree to come back. From a writing perspective this paints the narrative into a corner. McGarrett can either pine for someone he’ll never see again (bad for character development), move on like nothing happened (making the entire “I love you” meaningless), or kill her off in absentia and have the team receive a death notification (the character deserves better than that). As an aside, they also painted themselves into a corner by not letting McGarrett back into the Middle East/Asia. The crazy international off-books missions/main character getting captured have been their sweeps bread and butter. I really enjoyed this show, but the writing this season has been short-sighted and lazy at best. I’m not looking forward to whatever horrible thing they are predictably going to inflict on Kono for the season finale.

  26. Sara says:

    Was sadder than I thought it’d be. I didn’t really start liking her character until recently, to be honest. No real reason why, just didn’t get a relatable vibe, I guess. But I cried. Didn’t think I would but I did. The people who are upset with CBS should look farther into this – from what *I* understand, Michelle Borth wanted to leave. She didn’t get written out because CBS didn’t like her, or she wasn’t liked. She wanted to leave. It wasn’t another Jennifer Esposito situation like with Blue Bloods. It sounded amicable. I could be wrong, but that’s what I’ve taken away from the situation. The plus is that they didn’t kill her, so she can always come back for a special appearance. I wholeheartedly expected them to kill her off, so…that’s something.

  27. Laura O says:

    I’m happy that Cath has left the show. I think Michelle Borth is a great actress but the Cath-Steve relationship always seemed so forced. My guess is the character will die off screen (or be missing and unable to locate) next season to play into Steve’s PTSD storyline.

    • Julie says:

      No way she’ll be missing. Having her go missing without Steve flying back to the Middle East, orders or not. Would be completely out of character for what we’ve learned about Steve McGarrett over the last four years. My guess is she’ll die or get offered a once in a lifetime career opportunity in some location other than Hawaii.

  28. Eric says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that Danny is now in the most stable relationship? Kono’s beau is MIA; Chin may or may not be dating someone and Cath is now riding off into the sunset and the Pakistan border with no backup. I agree that the writers can’t seem to handle stable, strong relationships. Please bring either Cath back or kill her off and bring back the Lori Weston character.

  29. Julie says:

    I didn’t know anything about her leaving until last nights episode so I googled it when it seemed like her goodbye was final. I started to read about the back and forth on twitter between the actress and fans of the show. Maybe she shouldn’t have stooped to their level and just ignored the obnoxious fans of the show that obviously dislike both the character and the actress but seriously – some people really have GOT to get a life. disliking the actress because her character came between Steve and Danny? It’s a freaking show people! And again, maybe she should’ve taken the high road but I honestly don’t know how much I would be able to take before firing back. There’s one nut ball who’s twitter account seems to be devoted to her dislike. I think you need some help sweetheart!

  30. tv2day says:

    Killing her off would have been better TV. I check on his show every now n then. Has seemed to go downhill since end of season 2. They still haven’t answered questions that began in season 1. Steve’s mom had a lot of answers but they removed her for the whole season without answering anything. Also, what happened to dano’s ex-wife? How the heck did he end up with custody of the kid. Where’s the yakuza boyfriend of the other female cop, chin’s cousin?

    • Katie_Mead says:

      Danno’s ex-wife moved to Nevada with her husband and infant son, but Danno got a court order to prevent them taking Grace from Hawaii, so has custody unless or until they return.
      Adam seems to be busy off-screen but back in Hawaii with Kono (either as a stay-at-home boyfriend, or cleaning up his business Empire of any remaining Yakuza ties).
      Doris McG (whose continued existence is meant to answer most of those Season 1 questions) is off doing spy stuff somewhere or other – or something else entirely.

      • Sharon Jensen says:

        While I am one of those who was against the Steve/Catherine relationship, at least it was
        out in the open and not kept secret, like the one between Kono and Adam during Season
        2. To keep that relationship going, Kono pretty much had to lie to her cousin and hide the truth from her work colleagues, since she was well aware that her involvement with
        Adam would be frowned upon. And it only made it worse when Chin did find out. Not
        exactly a good example of an honest relationship or healthy self-esteem, is it? I thought Kono was supposed to be smart, and yet, she got involved with a man who is basically a
        magnet for trouble. I felt sorry for Fong, because I believe he’s not-so-secretly in love with
        her. But, hey, he’s just the “nice” guy, considered too “safe.” Guess even intelligent women find the “bad” boy more appealing.

  31. D says:

    I like Catherine, and it’s sad to see her go, but at least the door is open for her to return. Hopefully, Lori will resurface (if only for a while, as she’s battling fires and women on Chicago Fire).

  32. karen1228 says:

    The episode was good and it solely belonged to Steve. I’m not sad to see Cath go either. While Alex rocked the emo regarding the ILY, the chemistry they once shared, disappeared and the ending was forced and cliched. For all intents and purposes It would have been a merciful end had tptb killed her off rather than leave the door opened for a possible return by her or a possible future relationship for him.

  33. Kris says:

    Why do writers ruin a good thing! I really liked the Catherine & Steve relationship, I really hope she comes back into his life. Really disappointed!.

  34. Mary says:

    REALLY Disappointed with Michelle’s departure
    Disappointed to post something about any TV show for the first time!

    Been waiting for Catherine and Steve to figure their thing out – its an aspect of why I enjoy watching
    Otherwise Steve’s character lacks for warmth and depth – everyone has, should have a personal life – otherwise he’s a good looking Rambo
    I spent a lot of shows looking for/waiting to see their relationship develop
    The 2 actors made it simmer and seem quite believable
    Won’t be nearly as motivated to watch next season – not even that psyched to see season finale
    I think the writers and CBS blew it – but no one really cares what I think, just saw the episode and had to get things off my chest
    Plenty of other shows and things to do on Friday night

  35. JBC says:

    Maybe Catherine will meet someone as she helps in the search, another military guy. She can always send Steve a letter and tell Steve she is engaged, but what they had was very special. This way we can watch Steve go through heartbreak with Dano by his side and the eventual blind dates he just isn’t interested in, b/c of his devotion to Catherine. Then if the actress does want to come back, Steve gets another letter saying she broke up and was stupid to ever leave Steve, and if not he gets the scoop that she indeed got married. End of Story.

  36. TV Gord says:

    I find it interesting that her fate is left up in the air, so that means there’s no plan for McGarrett to have another love interest for the foreseeable future, since he’ll always have her on his mind. I think that’s the real intention of this story.

  37. Ines says:

    Just FYI, bc I see it everywhere (your text here inlcuded) and have even heard it on various TV shows, H50 included – It’s called ‘Afghan’ sunset and ‘Afghan’ father. A person from Afghanistan is an ‘Afghan’, not an ‘Afghani’. An Afghani is Afghanistan’s currency.

  38. Bob says:

    I want to know who gets her Corvette?????? I have a spot in my garage, you know, if she only going to be gone for a short time, I can take care of it!

  39. Lynn says:

    This show is so boring now , specially when it is an Alex O. centered episode, OMG , the man is wooden and cannot put any emotion in the character . Numbers for the episode dropped , it’s clear the man cannot carry the show. I say use more SC and DDK.

  40. Larry Reilly says:

    the show needs new writters….

    • Sharon Jensen says:

      Ditto to that! Too bad they ain’t hiring, because that’s where I’d come in. That’s no empty
      brag, I really can write. Not what I put down here, but yes, I do write. Thing is, only the
      people in my creative writing class have heard it, and strangely enough, they like it. Can’t
      really say why, but they do! I knew from the moment I first saw Alex O’Loughlin on the
      screen that “I just have to write something of substance for this man.” I definitely see potential there (even if others don’t!).

  41. anna says:

    I m so glad Catherine no die :)
    I will hope she will be back maybe in season 6 to continu the story but with a diferent way I love McRoll, they are a beautiful couple ans hope they are stay together with thé distance between Hawaii and Afghanistan <3

  42. Nik says:

    I like the bromance between Steve and Danny way better than anything he had with Rollins. Good luck to Borth wherever she goes but I’m not sad at all that the writers wrote her character off of this show. Her character stagnated and the chemistry just wasn’t there between Rollins and McGarrett. If they’re forced to bring back the Catherine character, let them wait until the series finale to do that because then who cares anyway.

  43. gyri says:

    I would have liked this episode better if I liked the Catherine character (I used to). However the actress’s atrocious behavior towards fans on Twitter and other social media nixed that for me. Be gone and good riddance. They weren’t writing the character very well up until that point anyway.

    • suzi says:

      The people Borth were responding to on Twitter were not her fans. It’s a shame that viewers have so much hatred for a actor and/or fictional character who they feel is messing with what THEY want from a show, putting their own obsessive-fan nonsense above common sense.
      I liked Steve and Catherine together, and hope we see her again.

      • gyri says:

        So what if they weren’t HER fans? I saw when it all went down in the beginning and she could have taken the high road by not engaging, but instead continued to stir the pot. She has now recently been stalking people’s Twitter timelines—people who don’t # or @ her name, who even just allude to her—and she lashes out publicly in a very nasty way. Recently she ridiculed people who write fan-fic. As I said, I liked her and her character at first, and I am a “McDanno” fan. But her actions have really sullied my opinion of her.

  44. K Buck says:

    It’s interesting to me that many people feel there are no committed, stable, sustainable personal relationships on H5O for any of the characters. There in one stable “relationship” since day one…Steve and Danny! That is the relationship that is the backbone of the series, and will continue until the end!

  45. B. Robert says:

    Writers need some creative writing lessons. They see only killing off characters or making them disappear as creative writing.

  46. Danielle says:

    Im soooo happy she’s gone!:))

  47. Tracey Maloney says:

    Did Michelle borth leave on her own accord or was she sacked they fring in wannabees and get rid of the best well I guess we will not have to worry soon it will be all over

  48. Ella says:

    I genuinely was not a fan of the characters or her relationship with Steve so I’m glad she’s gone. She didn’t have much to do anyway.

  49. DiverKlein says:

    I also missed the article that said she was leaving, but its not to surprising. Once Kono came back, the team became to top heavy and it was obvious someone needed to go. Certainly didnt want Boomer gone cause she’s way to hot, but so is michelle.

    I do wish theyd recast Dannos hands with something much less animated. People that talk with their hands so much bug the heck outta me, its distracting and looks like he’s carrying on two different conversations.

  50. sarah says:

    I liked her on the show. Weeks ago it was posted that she was not returning next season. I did not read all the other things online but there are rumors that she was fired for her behavior and posts she had on twitter when people did not like her and her comments back to those tweets. I am not sure what is true and what is not.
    She was not killed off, so she may return. However it sounds like she will not. I am not sure if Catherine can look for Najib for indefinitely so I have this feeling next season we will be told she rescued him but was killed in the process.