Vampire Diaries Recap: Enzo the Unfriendly Ghost

Vampire Diaries 520With all this Traveler/Other Side drama going on, Elena and her pals treated themselves to a nice, relaxing getaway in Thursday’s Vampire Diaries. … Wait, did I say relaxing? Scratch that. It was pretty much the weekend from hell.

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Taking advantage of the thinning between worlds, Enzo executed his revenge plan on Stefan and Damon, trapping the brothers in a burning woodshed. Fortunately, he underestimated the resolve of Team Salvatore, so not only did the brothers escape, but there’s no bad blood between them. (OK, fine, it also took a right-hook to Stefan’s jaw, but he and Damon are officially on good terms… for now.)

But the gang’s not out of the woods — literally, metaphorically, etc. — just yet! The episode’s final moments found Elena being swarmed, and kidnapped, by Markos and his nasty band of chanting goons. I do believe it’s officially time to panic.

CAROLINE’S THIRST IS REAL | We’ve always known that Caroline thinks Stefan/Elena are endgame, but this week — for the first time — she actually said “Team Stelena” out loud. Her ship-fest continued during the world’s most awkward game of Never Have I Ever, in which she attempted to get Elena to admit she’s been hooking up with her ex… which she hasn’t. “Where did that even come from?” Elena eventually asked during a walk in the woods, to which Caroline responded honestly, “I have no idea.” (Of course, we all know where it actually came from: her intense Steroline-fueled paranoia.) Stefan and Caroline shared a cute scene at the end of the episode (“I don’t want you to think any less of me,” he told her) which proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that she wants it. She wants it bad.

Vampire Diaries 520KISS ME, YOU FOOL | Of course, Caroline doesn’t really have to worry about Elena snatching Stefan away from her, because she’s still all about Damon. After apologizing for lying about Enzo, she and her ex had one of their classic “What the heck is going on with us?” chats, which ended with Damon planting a big ol’ kiss right on her mouth. I don’t think this constitutes a full-blown rekindling of the Delena flame, but it’s definitely a spark in the right direction. (Side note: Remember when Damon and Elena kissing was actually a big deal? That ship, pun intended, has sailed.)

SWEET TORTURE, BRO | In an attempt to learn more about the Travelers’ plans, Matt and Jeremy chained “Tyler” up and force-fed him vervain water. Honestly, there was a lot of Tyler torturing this week — in various states of undress, I might add. (Raise your hand if you disapproved. Oh, no one? Cool.) Bonnie and Jeremy were eventually led to the secret location of the Travelers’ real bodies, but the welcome wagon showed up to snatch Julian’s body first. I believe Jeremy said it best: “Worst date ever.” (Meanwhile, Bonnie is maintaining her residency on the Isle of Denial, at least as far as Jeremy is concerned. When will she tell him she’s going bye-bye forever?!)

Did you enjoy this week’s trip back to the woods? Are you as blatantly thirsty for Stefan as Caroline is? Browse pics from this week’s episode below, then drop a comment with your take.


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  1. Christian says:

    This episode was a snoozefest. Hopefully they end it next season with Kevin Williamson writing the series finale.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Honestly, it felt like I was watching a rerun. Damon and Elena’s kiss, the cabin, Jeremy poking around a cave with a flashlight… I got major deja vu.

    • kevin says:

      there’s just a lack of urgency in the episodes, I remember the final stretch of season 2 where it was like a non-stop ride to the finale. Now, eh. I think the biggest problem of season 5 is the pacing of the reveals. Markos could’ve been great if the writers allowed him to have great moments. The only thing that keeps me watching is the friendship between these people, definitely not the romantic stuff which is emphasised WAY too much at this point.

      Looking back, the episodes written by Melinda Hsu Taylor has been the more exciting ones. Unsurprisingly, these are also the higher rated episodes on this site.

      Caroline Dries and her writing team desperately need better writers that can build tension. I feel like the writers who are good at this went to work on the originals instead. The current writing team is only good at writing relationship stuff. I felt s5 of tvd has some of the most honest dialogues between characters, but I came here to watch for the action and intriguing mythology too.

      I’m giving tvd one season to pick itself up after it has split into 2 shows. Let’s just hope the finale is truly game-changing, and hope s6 will be great, at least better than s5.

  2. 80s says:

    I am really starting to like the Stefan and Caroline pairing. They were cute.

    I don’t feel bad for Tyler. This show has a bad habit of undoing plot. He’ll be back in no time.

    I don’t care much for Enzo without his humanity. We have bigger problems, man.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I didn’t even mention in my recap that he lost his body. Considering there are pictures from the finale that show him in chains, I assume he’ll be back.

  3. marina says:

    A really awful episode and I am sorry but the writers should finally come up with a storyline for Caroline instead again with a love interest (her 4th this season), this whole I-am-falling-for-my-best-friends-ex storyline feels not only forced but also very childish and destroys all the development caroline had over the seasons (becoming a strongand confident young woman). Her jealousy was very shallow and kinda embarrassing to watch.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Yikes, I forgot this was her FOURTH. (Tyler, Klaus, Enzo, Stefan.)

    • 80s says:

      How does falling for Stefan undermine Caroline being a strong, confident woman? — Or her character development, for that matter?

      • marina says:

        Because shehas been only reduce to a love device. Did you notice that Caroline cared far more about Stelena than being back at her fathers house? than being angry/sad that her fathers house was haunted and burnt down by Enzo?

    • 80s says:

      I think there is more to Caroline’s character than her guy of the week. The writers suck, but at least they’ve done a good job establishing Caroline’s character beyond her love interest. Complaining about her number of love intersts just sounds a bit like slut-shaming to me, especially when we evaluate this in the context of her characterization (Though we can talk about the lazy writing aspect though…)

    • jerrired says:

      I agree with you. I was completely annoyed that the writers had Caroline stir up drama because she was jealous. We haven’t seen Caroline this insecure since season 1, and it’s really ridiculous. The show seems to continue to forget every characters development.

      • ALB41 says:

        I didn’t mind Caroline being somewhat immature in this episode, i think it’s just human sometimes when jealousy gets the best of you, she really has grown as a character over the past 5 seasons, but she is still Caroline…the writing has gone down a bit, and i read another comment about deja vu, hopefully they up their game next season…i’m tired of the travelers too

  4. Timmy says:

    I ship Caroline + Storyline! any ship name ideas? maybe we can make it trend on twitter, for the writers to finally notice that people want an actual storyline for Caroline

  5. io says:

    so tired of this delena crap every week, and damon is a hypocrite acting like a todler, this show is awful this season

  6. Sarah says:

    I feel so sorry for Candice! I wonder how she actually feels when she reads the script and sees that yet again Caroline is getting a love interest instead of a storyline! Do the writers really think that this is right? Or do just not care? Either way I wouldn’t be suprised if this episode hits a season low in the ratings. they deserve it. what a pity, TVD used to be awesome and now its just a trainwreck

  7. jerrired says:

    There were so many things wrong with this episode, but the thing that annoyed me the most was that no one mentioned how Damon killed Stefan’s best friend, who he had for way longer than Damon knew Enzo! I at least expected Damon to at least wonder if Stefan did it out of revenge. I hope before the finale at least one person goes, “Well you killed Lexie, so you guys are kind of even.” But I feel that would be too much writing continuity to hope for from the current production team.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      amen. Also…why not just tell Daemon what happened? he would understand (to a point)… Stefan: ” So he was beating me cause hes older, i grabbed his heart while i was on the ground, he said that doing *this* would hurt us the most, and pulled back, ripping his own heart of his chest leaving me on the ground holding it”… hard is that?

      • jerrired says:

        Exactly. I was thinking that too. Stefan didn’t even really kill Enzo. Enzo set it up. I don’t even get the point of this storyline at this point, esp since it looks like Enzo has already let it go so he can return. That’s one of the big problems with this season, and the previous one, of TVD, they have way too many storylines going on and they’re not really given any of them enough thought to actually develop into something that’s interesting and makes sense.

  8. Lars says:

    So Caroline has been with every guy on the show (soon Stefan too) but Jeremy. WOW, I truely have no words left to say. kudos writers, you have outdone yourself!

  9. Traci Lovett says:

    You need to go extreme and get Elena and Damon married! They are HOT together and you could finally move on from the constant”who’s Elena gonna choose” theme which is getting so old. Commit them to each other and pick a new story line! The witch is getting old too! Stop bringinng people back to life! Once you decide to kill them off, move the heck on!!!!!!

    • Dmav says:

      I think we have a different definition of hot, I find them boring as hell. They are toxic with each other and the last thing they need is to get married. Ugh. This show has already gone downhill along with the ratings and it all started when Delena happened. Coincidence, I think not.

      • Hmm says:

        They’re boring because they are not being written properly anymore. Remember how insane their chemistry was before they got together? The writers killed them with horrible writing, and now they are stuck in a loop doing the same ish on a different day. REALLY lame.

        • Dmav says:

          That is the problem. Some characters have insane chemistry before they even get together , the dance so to speak but when they get together it is just wrong and awkward. I think that is Elena and Damon, being together has brought out the worst in them and I don’t think it is just the writing…their pairing seems off and almost creepy. The Dalena ship has sailed and they took the ratings with them.

  10. sara says:

    My thing with the while Stefan and Caroline pairing is that they have told us over and over again how she believes Stefan and Elena are meant to be, that they are soul mates, making it hard to believe she would ever want to be with him knowing that he will always love Elena and that she believes they belong together! She has also shown herself to be a much more loyal friend than other people, cough Elena cough, one that would not date her best friend’s ex. Plus she deserved to be with someone who will only love her, whereas Stefan is going to always love Elena.

    • sara says:

      Plus her and Stefan are great at being friends, love their dynamic, and contrary to popular belief guys and girls can be just friends, we’ve even seen it on TVD with Stefan and Lexie! Just really hope they nip this “Steroline” crap in the bud before it gets ridiculous

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Lol no, girls THINK guys & girls can be friend…and yes on the basic level it comes off like friendship, but the truth can be seen when you search on Youtube : “Why men and women cant be friends” and watch the first video. Women can be just friends with men, putting them into a friendzone with no sexual attraction there…but men if given the opportunity will hook up with the female friend if she gives him the opening to do so.

        Personally…i accept they have all banged each other and its gross and all that…so i like Caroline and Stefan, they have GREAT chemistry and i think would have a very healthy adult relationship…and though the actress said she feels like they are just friends, this episode just adds more credence to the argument that Caroline has feelings for Stefan.

        Basically i think this big cycle of who gets with who and scripts are all basically the same (aka plot points recycled) and barely any characters ACTUALLY die….will continue until the finale…the creator/showrunner herself has said they are gonna keep bringing people together (especially Elena/Daemon/Stefan) then tear them apart…that “thats the show”…which shows how this show is a cash cow on the CW for teens/Young adults who want a super hot cast of mystical (vamps, Werewolves etc) but arent adult enough for True Blood. They will continue with this lame stuff with all of us complaining in comment threads about how unoriginal the plots are and lacking in any suspense…and the deaths of main characters will happen when the actor/actress wants to leave, not a creative decision to make the show exciting. Then i can only imagine the finale will be a huge bummer cause if this is the quality of the past multiple seasons…i highly doubt this team can write a good satisfying finale.

        • Mike says:

          Oh lord, I guess if you’re a man with no self-control or respect that statement would be true….. But not for all men. It’s just another stupid stereotype that, while it may be true 90% of the time, isn’t always the case. No YouTube video on the internet will tell me otherwise. I have a female friend I’ve known for years and thinking about being with her in a sexual way makes me want to throw up. Ridiculous.

          Other than that, I absolutely agree with you about the show- what it’s been doing, what it will continue to do, and where the finale will end up. The first two seasons were so good though that it’s hard to believe it’s even the same show. They had me fooled.

        • sara says:

          Really?! I should YouTube it?! Uh no. I have many male friends that I have never had any sexual ayytat to and who would say the same for me, we are like brothers and sisters.

  11. Robert says:

    I am hoping the group step up their game in the season finale and put major fear in the travelers! I am surprise that Bonnie have not tried to find away to be a witch. Why is Olivia is so much more powerful then Bonnie? They are wasting a potentially interesting, character. like Luke by making him so weak compared, to his sister.

  12. Katie says:

    I care way more about what’s going on with the Other Side than the ships, or the constant Delena vs. Stelena. The very LAST thing I want is for Alaric and everyone else’s souls to just vanish into nothingness.

  13. Babybop says:

    I’ve started to fast forward through the Damon/Elena scenes. They’re just so pathetic I can’t even stand to watch it.

    It’s not that I want Stefan and Elena together. Honestly, I think Elena makes them both insufferable. I wish they would kill her off.

    • TheVanerialDisease says:

      Yes. I hated Stefan until he had moved on from her. I liked Damon until he got with her. She ruins them both. She needs to die. Let Katherine permanently possess her and change up the show. Elena is the absolute worst character on the show and has been since day one. I hate Jeremy and Tyler as well, but maybe if Elena went away, they’d become more entertaining somehow, too.

  14. Emmy says:

    Let me start by saying I am a huge supporter of Caroline and Stefan (and I’m not even a delena fan) but I think the writers should have approached this differently. I would have had Stefan start to realize he had some feelings for Caroline first. The way they did this is kind of making Caroline’s character take two steps back. She is my favorite girl on the show and she deserves a good story and good writing. I will be happy if they remain best friends or if they venture into a relationship but please write her as the strong character she has proven herself to be.

  15. Allen says:

    I get that the writers need to manufacture some drama, but let’s take a beat here….so anyone else on the planet tries to hurt Elena and Damon kills them…but now suddenly Enzo hurts her, and he’s just going to hop on a plane and make him come APOLOGIZE to her? Just so the writers can show us Damon should be mad at Stefan for killing him? Ok.

  16. Michi says:

    I am really bored with the Travelers storyline, eek. Character and relationship development-wise, though, I think this was a pretty nice episode.

    I’m all for Stefan and Caroline getting together. I know people are complaining with the amount of love interests for Caroline but I honestly think this is going to be the last (read: endgame). Caroline deserves a guy who isn’t a d*ck to her, no? And I’m glad they talked about the Stefan-choosing-Elena thing over her this early on: it’s not a matter of Elena being on top of Caroline in his priorities, it’s just… different. I’m really glad they talked about that this early instead of Caroline going crazy over it when they finally, hopefully get together.

    Very excited about where Caroline & Stefan’s story is headed. Cannot say the same for everything else, though. Surprise me, TVD.

    • Dmav says:

      And you know this how. JP and CD are never going to let this triangle go and if you believe that Stefan and Carolyn are the end game you haven’t been watching. Elena will get insanely jealous after they hook up and chaos will ensue. Blah, blah, blah

      • Dmav says:

        Damn autocorrect. I meant Caroline.

      • Michi says:

        You make me laugh. Don’t tell me I haven’t been watching. You’re the one that refuses to acknowledge the developments this season, i.e. Stefan and Elena finally being over (“You can either be friends with someone or in love with them.”) and Stefan and Caroline growing closer. Maybe you’re the one who hasn’t been watching. Elena will definitely get jealous because she’s whiny and terrible, I’ll give you that. Doesn’t mean that Stefan and Caroline have no shot at being endgame.

  17. Lies says:

    what a terrible episode, seeing caroline like this made me sick, She really was caroline from season 1 all over again. And the only reason why they make her fall in love with stefan is because they don’t know what to do with her character. And people can say what they want about klaus but he is the only man who loves her complety and only her, with stefan we all know that he wiill always love elena. And caroline was always team stelena it made me very angry that she was talking about them like they were crap. I think that the actress candice also doesn’t like it, she loved the way caroline was supporting stelena. As for damon and elena come on….. no matter what they do to make damon look like he is the best boyfriend ever, i don’t buy it and i never will, and i don’t see any chemistry between them anymore, also the way ian talks about delena makes me think that he hopes it is over soon. So im very sad and i hope that this show will get back to normal next season because i don’t want to give up on it.. Also i do believe stefan will die next episode. He is the one who liv has to kill he will offer himself up for elena That’s why damon is so heartbroken in the last episode.

    • Michelle says:

      Um what? Somehow being with Stefan – her best friend, the guy who has been nothing but supportive of her since season 2 and is pretty much the only guy who’s never hurt her – reverts Caroline’s character development? And somehow being with Klaus – who has done nothing but hurt her and her friends – is good? Hahahaha A+ logic.

      • Kit says:

        +1 for your comment.

      • Lies says:

        That is not what i am saying. I am saying that Stefan will ALWAYS love elena. And caroline deserves more than that. She deserves a man who loves her, who wants to do everything for her. Stefan is great sweet the perfect boyfriend but his heart will always belong to someone else. And yes klaus did bite her once and let tyler bite her once, but he saved her so many times, the rest of the things he did was to the people she loves, but hey who cares? Damon put elena’s friends and family trough Hell and everyone forgives him for that right? And btw Klarolines love for eachother was a BIG reason why their characters became so famous and better. Joseph said it himself! That’s what he loved most about klaroline, their characters grow so much because of their love! And it doesn;t matter anymore because klaus and caroline will never happen i guess, but matt or tyler would be more perfect for her then stefan and again not because stefan isn’t good for her but because he will never love her 100%!

  18. wrstlgirl says:

    Ugh, this show brings nothing to the table anymore.

  19. Oyekemi says:

    no more watching vampire diaries. I used to watch it with my brother and i lost him in october. No more vampire diaries without him. I wish i can have him back justt like Elena had Jeremy back but this is reality.

  20. LoveTree says:

    They need to kill Elena already, her annoying act for attention all the damn time is getting on my nerves. And this whole back and forth with Damon and Elena is getting old. I want to see more of Caroline and what she has to offer other than her being paired with some love interest. I hope Alaric has a cameo since all this crap is going on from The Otherside. There’s nothing that would satisfy me even more to see that beautiful man.

  21. Liz says:

    Caroline also said during the game that she has never kissed a salvatore brother…which isn’t true because she kissed damon in season 1. I know he was compelling her but still…I don’t like the way they seem to gloss over things. Like the way Damon killed stefans best friend and actually meant to. Stefan didn’t even kill Enzo…Enzo killed himself.

    • 80s says:

      She said she hadn’t kissed a Salvatore brother “TODAY”. That was the key.

      And you’re so right! Stefan did not deserve the blame for that.

    • emmy says:

      If I remember correctly after Caroline said she had never kissed a salvatore brother she took a drink…i could be mistaken though.

      • Liz says:

        Oh maybe she did…still…I just hate that they made it a big deal about stefan “killing” Enzo. And stefan hiding it from Damon I thought was also very unlike his character. I understood his reasoning…but Damon couldn’t really be all that mad at him after He killed Lexi. I really wish they would have mentioned Lexi. It would have made the show seem more realistic. I don’t like the whole Caroline and stefan thing. I think that’s also very unlike Caroline’s character after she has always been team stefan (for elena). She should just be the “Lexi” to stefan. That makes much more sense.

  22. Cheli says:

    I actually enjoyed this episode, first in a while. It was like a cheesy I know what you did last summer spin off. Damon seemed quite passionate when he went in for that kiss, genuine feelings instead of the boring lust fest in previous eps. Also I’m totally on board with this whole Steroline thing…she seemed slightly jealous of Elena and Stefan.

  23. Deion says:

    I might be done after this season. I’m really beginning to hate Elena. To a degree that will make me walk away. And the end of this episode? You KNOW the enemy is on the way and all of you just HAVE to say what you have to say before getting in the car to leave? Goodness that was frustrating.

  24. temmetopboi says:

    i luv stefan and caroline 2geda o….