Post Mortems

Reign Post Mortem: Francis & Mary's 'Bittersweet' Reunion Revealed, Plus More Relationship Scoop

Reign SpoilersThursday’s Reign found French Court’s finest fighting for their lands, their loves and their lives. Let’s begin with Mary, who outsourced her first murder/kidnapping in an effort to save her mother.

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Over on the battlefield, Leith suffered a nasty wound battling alongside Francis, who urged him to live for someone back home. When Leith revealed there’s a girl he loves above his station, Francis promised him land and a title (when he’s king).

Meanwhile, back at Court, it was revealed that Lord Julien is flat broke — and intended to run off with Lola’s dowry — but once he confessed all of this, he decided to stay.

Below, executive producer Laurie McCarthy, along with stars Adelaide Kane and Torrance Coombs, preview what’s to come for the key couples at French Court.

Reign SpoilersMARY & FRANCIS | “The reunion between Mary and Francis is going to be somewhat bittersweet,” Kane admits. “With any couple, if you spend that much time apart, there’s going to be a disconnect when you come back together. And then, of course, with Lola and the baby and [Mary] still remaining childless, she’s had more time to focus on the fact that she can’t have children. Just because they love each other and he’s been away at war, that doesn’t mean they don’t still have conflicting patriotic duties. That’s never going to change.”

BASH & KENNA | While Kenna has been fairly self-motivated thus far, McCarthy says her marriage to Bash will soften her: “Love changes you. That’s when you learn to sacrifice, so it’ll be interesting to see where that takes her.”

BASH & MARY | “They have a bond that is never really going to go away,” McCarthy admits. “We write to that bond and we honor it, but they’re moving in different directions.” Adds Coombs, “There are those people in your life that you don’t fully get over, but you do move on. … Nothing, in particular, is coming to a head.”

Reign SpoilersGREER & LEITH | “With Grier and Leith, they said goodbye and really thought they were never going to see each other again,” McCarthy explains. “It will change everything when Leith comes back [to French Court]. He’s a different person. He has different opportunities and different ambitions, we’ll come to find out as well.”

LOLA & JULIEN | Not only will skeletons continue to creep out of Lord Julien’s closet, but McCarthy also confirms his bride will give birth in Season 1 — and not without potential danger. “A lot of women died of childbirth [in that time],” McCarthy warns. “We hear that Julien’s first two wives died of childbirth. It’s not an uncomplicated thing to give birth to a child.” Gulp.

Reign fans, what’s your take on the romantic drama at French Court? Which relationships are you rooting for? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Sarah says:

    It is so terrible to ship Mary/Bash, and then have Bash suddenly develop feelings for Kenna….who slept with his father…and others…..and still love Mary??? I’m just disappointed that’s who he now is.

    • ... says:

      The only reason Francis even became interested in Mary was because he saw the genuine connection that she was forming with Bash. He didn’t want her and he didn’t want anybody else to have her, either, especially the brother he’s always been made to feel superior than by their parents, so their marriage is founded on his insecurity and the messed up power dynamic between them. He refuses to help her country when that’s the point of the alliance; he locks her in a tower “for her own good”; he’s more interested in weaseling his way into Henry’s good graces than in making a connection with or being there for his wife. But let’s all pretend like Bash is the bad guy because it fits the narrative in your head that Francis + Mary = TWU WUUVV 5EVA.

      • Zingy says:

        I just wish there’s more Mash moments…if not now then later in the other seasons to come..otherwise I enjoyed watching!

      • Radha says:

        OMG. Are we even watching the same show? No one else finds this diatribe above completely bizarre?

        He only became interested in Mary when he saw her bond with Bash? Seriously?!? Francis bonded with Mary from since they were kids, lost touch with her when she left for the convent and you could see they bonded with each other once she came back. Or have you forgotten Catherine asking Francis “Is the pull so strong?” (Meaning is the pull so strong towards Mary) and he answered: “Yes. Yes it is. If anything happens to Mary, you will lose me, Mother.” Because Catherine was trying to have Mary killed. Where was Bash bonding with Mary in all of that, I have no clue. I honestly didn’t know there were two different Reign shows airing. When does the one you watch come on?

        I am all for people shipping different couples, but I HATE when they re-write the events on the show to suit their delusions. Mary first kissed Bash BECAUSE SHE WAS MAD AT FRANCIS. Mary only bonded with Bash after she decided to wed him IN ORDER TO SAVE FRANCIS’ LIFE. She didn’t try to get Bash as King because she was in love with Bash. Everything that happened with her and Bash, stemmed from her trying to save Francis because she loves him. And Francis loves her. I don’t care if Bash loves Mary—that wasn’t his right. Because she is his BROTHER’S FIANCEE and you don’t go after your sibling’s fiancée or their spouse. EVER. Because that is wrong. In no way is it ever right.

        Mary was never on the market for Bash to go after and, the fact that he did, is wrong. And I like Bash, I truly do. And I’m not saying Francis doesn’t make mistakes either, but don’t act like Bash is an innocent in these proceedings and Francis is not.

        • Skim says:

          Spot on! Was thinking the same thing for a while now and you just wrote it all out. Agree with every word. Including liking Bash.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I totally shipped Mash but I’m really enjoying Kash now. Maybe I’m partial to Bash in ANY relationship because I like Torrance Coombs so much? Regardless, I like the way Bash & Kenna’s relationship has evolved (he’s made her more grounded & likable, she’s helped him let go of Mary), but I also like that Mary still confides in Bash in a platonic way. I accept that Mash will never have anything romantic but I hope they’re portrayed as friends despite their marriages. I just wish Bash & Kenna were more involved in the other storylines. Sometimes it feels like they’re isolated in their own little world.

    • tp says:

      Kenna hasn’t slept with anyone but Henry. Why can’t he develop feelings for Kenna, he needs to move on. Who wants to see him pine over Mary while she and Francis try to have a happy albeit short life together?

    • Ian says:

      Yeeeeah, it really sucks for the Mash shippers, doesnt it. I’d invested in them and at least hoped they really would get their time, but it all was pretty much just ripped away and amounted to nothing. All for naught. I just dont care about Francis, and Lola’s having his baby ffs, and now I have to accept Kash too. How about something sweet to go with all this bitter, McCarthy?
      I adore Lord Castleroy too. I’m really anxious as to where Greer’s heart will really lie when Leith returns.
      And lastly, Tahmoh Penikett!!!! Such a delicious man. Keep him around please. And its exhilirating seeing Mary learn from Katherine and come into her own power. That’s certainly one of the greatnesses of the show, watching Mary become formidable.

      • Danna says:

        Why would people invest in mary and bash given that historicly mary married francis. It was clear from the beginning that those 2 never had a chance. Bash is more interesting now than he has ever been, he has his own storyline apart from that damn love triangle. I like Francis and I couldn’t stand Bash until they paired him with Kenna, now he is intersting.

  2. li says:

    Please kill lola!!!!! Never have I wished for a characters death. But I can barely watch anymore. I forget its even on. Went from diehard to not caring in a season like many others. Theres daring writing and then there is just careless paceless crap. Im sorry but were closer to the later.

    • Sara says:

      Don’t watch then. I’m not sure they will have sleepless nights having lost you as a viewer. Unlike you, I will not speak for everyone who apparently don’t ‘care’. My friends and I love Reign.

      • MaryR says:

        I agree. If you don’t like the show, stop watching. It’s as simple as that! I for one love the show. It is not like any another teen/CW series where all plots revolve around love and triangles but there is also battles and betrayals which is awesome! I hope this show lasts for a very long time!

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  4. Dee says:

    I think it’s pretty bad-ass of Mary to have her own people now. She is learning that she cannot rely on others and if she wants things done, she will have to do them herself (or people that she can buy loyalty from).

    I’m loving this show more and more.

  5. Sara says:

    I don’t get why there is so much negativity. The show’s dam good…ok, it has its problems but what show doesn’t. I love Mary/Francis and surprisingly, Kenna and Bash too. What started off as them making the best of a bad situation is turning into something more. And, Leith…I’m happy to have him back.

  6. ninergrl6 says:

    Tonight’s ep felt Game of Thrones-ish in a lot of ways: battles, scheming, double crossing, beheading, disconnected storylines, etc. I like that this is the direction of the show, less soapy & more fierce. I do wish the storylines & the pacing were more consistent though. Characters disappear for episodes at a time (just like on GoT) which hurts the continuity.

  7. Nikki says:

    Am I the only one who is sad that Leith is back? I’ve really come to like Lord Castleroy, he’s been so sweet to Greer and done so much for her.

  8. A says:

    Don’t break Lord Castleroy’s heart Greer!

  9. Brandy says:

    I hope they don’t kill Lola and don’t change Kenna too much.

  10. C says:

    I too love Lord Castleroy! He is honorable and very caring. He doesn’t want to own Greer and he cares about her happiness. I feel Greer is the more grown up and mature of the ladies in waiting and she deserves happiness. Please don’t break his heart or turn him I to some crazed jealous lover/husband when this love triangle comes to pass. That won’t be true to his character.