Arrow Recap: Did Laurel's Journey Just Begin?

Arrow Recap Sara Joins TeamThis week on The CW’s Arrow, Oliver Queen was in a very bad way in the wake of his mother Moira’s cold-blooded murder. In fact, he had gone AWOL, ultimately discovered in some “back-up” lair. (Thanks, A.R.G.U.S. and your nifty, Felicity-fetished computers!)

Yet even once found, Oliver was at a loss to process the tragedy laid at his feet as what he chalked up as the latest casualty of his not killing Slade years ago. Instead, he decided, the only course of action was to surrender himself to his tormentor. To give up his life.

But cooler heads intervened.

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Subdued with a doped-up dart before he could rendezvous with Slade, Oliver awoke in the Arrowcave — face to face with Laurel, who of course knew his secret but now reallllly knew it. What’s more, she came bearing vital intel — that Sebastian Blood is Slade’s puppet, freshly installed as mayor as result of Moira’s death. (Thanks, brightly flashing computer-snooping gizmo!)

Armed with this info, Oliver intercepts and taunts Sebastian some, but to little effect. Instead, Blood moves ahead with rallying the Mirakuru army, the first major step toward his restoring Starling City to the “jewel” it can be again. With Sara gone and Roy still incapacitated, Team Arrow 1.0 — Oliver, Diggle and Felicity — set out to stop Slade’s army in its tracks, literally, by dropping the street above onto them. In the course of infiltrating their sewee line-adjacent assembly room, Oliver loses the upper hand to a roaming grunt, but Laurel pops up uninvited and kinda sorta in a way saves his bacon, swinging a steel pipe. After Oliver properly fells the baddie, he and Laurel make a run for it, but not before Oliver sets off an explosion that implodes the tunnels.

And yet, the season-ending battle has just begun.

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This week’s episode, by and large, was set-up for the final two hours — next Wednesday’s 24-style, real-timey episode, which Oliver spends entirely in the Arrow suit, and then the finale. Yes, Slade’s subterranean army has been slowed, perhaps decimated. But there are super-strong minions all over the city — seizing the train station where Thea is about to bolt town, and the cop shop where Quentin’s being lobbed around like a sack of potato chips. Diggle, last we saw, has his hands full, ready to face off against the resurrected, Ravagered-out Isabel Rochev, who’s all too anxious (practically hissing/seething) to kill him as he “killed” her.

And Slade himself is somewhere out there, of course.

What did you think of “City of Blood” and the foundation it began laying for the finale? Were you glad to see the original trio manning the Arrowcave? And how are you feeling thus far about Laurel’s read-in?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jules says:

    OMG I loved Oliver and Laurel this episode. SQUEE! Bring on the remaining episodes!

    • Leo says:

      Laurel’s on fire this week. I love how she is the one finding out about Blood. Her scene with her dad and that hilarious cop (he’s dead :( ) is a highlight of the otherwise boring episode.
      I wish they don’t go the “hit you with a steel pipe and then cowered in fear” route but it’s a great scene when they run off together. And I like that Laurel is the person that snap Oliver out of his mopey groove.
      Mopey Oliver is a major turn-off and how he wants to keep everyone “safe”, at this point it’s just drinking-game-worthy.
      The Laurel/Katie’s hate is getting out of control below so yikes! Maybe y’all should focus on the larger picture. And use that energy for something positive rather than trash an actual living person/character.

  2. anon says:

    Why is Laurel the worst character of the show, getting so much focus. It sucks the joy from the show. And her comparing herself to Diggle and Felicity and wanting to join Team Arrow was annoying as hell.

    • sara says:

      Totally agree.

    • Charissa says:

      Agree. Her following Team Arrow after Oliver made it clear it was important for it to be just the three of them shows no respect for Oliver or the rest of his team. She’s selfish, reckless and untrained. And just plain annoying. I’ve never liked her, but this episode really turned me against her.

      • aunni says:

        is there another show where the supposed leading lady is this much hated? that the network and audience compled the writers to make an newbie actress the lead ??

      • MB says:

        I’d give you reckless but she certainly isn’t untrained. Her father gave her self defense classes, she can wield a shot gun and she’s demonstrated reasonable investigative ability. This was all covered in S1.

        The difference is Ollie and Sarah are Olympic standard while she’s “healthy civilian”.

        • Charissa says:

          That’s really what I meant by “untrained” she has the level of self-defense skills you would expect from the daughter of a cop, but when it comes to dealing with the criminal element Oliver deals with on a regular basis – and the army he was about to face – she is completely out of her depth, and doesn’t even have the experience of working as a team with the others. Which is obvious in that she can’t even take the simple order to stay home.

          • GreenArrow12 says:

            Excuse me?!? And what about Felicity in 2×14??? She was told to stay home, and instead of doing that she goes outside hunting the Clockman…come on: make an effort and look at the whole picture!

          • neatbow says:

            Felicity wasn’t told to stay home. She went to the bank because her computer system was fried, so she used the bank’s system. When Oliver asks her what she’s doing, she explains it. Was she being smart, no. That episode completely missed the mark in terms of Felicity’s character, so I’m not defending that plot line at all…nor am I saying that Laurel should have stayed. I’m just pointing out Felicity was never told to stay in the lair.
            For me, it isn’t that Laurel went…it’s that seeing her with Team Arrow cemented, for me, that she should be doing her own thing. I wish they had written a plot line where she takes on Blood and defeats him in her own way…rather than trying to integrate her into the Team Arrow storyline….kindof like how they had Felicity interrogate and threaten the guy in HER way. I thought Laurel’s presence in the foundry, and with the team, was jarring. It just didn’t fit. The chemistry (taking into account it’s subjective for everyone) wasn’t there. I felt the entire plot line was contrived to show Laurel can handle being BC…and that’s what fell flat for me. I really love Sara Lance as BC–I like her characterization, and I love her backstory. If I have to sit through flashbacks next season (assuming I’m still watching), I hope it’s of Sara being trained by the League of Assassins). And, finally, I love her chemistry with the rest of the cast. Sara as part of Team Arrow fits.

      • Cheri says:

        Well, I really liked her for once. I appreciated her for coming to Oliver and gave him other options to fight Slade and co. She now knows what he has been doing and the fierceness the obstacles he and his friends will face. She just wants to be a part of it. Since she has always been his foe. I guess, she feels guilty, for that. I’m on board for Laurel. Way to go, Laurel. Looks like next week will be awesome.

    • She’s Black Canary. She’s like meant to join the team and become Ollie’s partner and all that. She’s not necessarily the worst character on the show, she’s just the one whose development toward becoming a superhero has been the slowest. She still has her feet in the “real world”, as it were, and hasn’t moved too far into the world of superheroes and all that. That’s coming, slowly (far too slowly, really, but it’s not a race).

      Once she starts dressing in black with the fishnets and all that, people will stop complaining anyway, lol.

      • Laurel needs to be less “Melrose Place” and more “Supernatural season 3”

        • meg says:

          Tonight, it hit me why Laurel always felt out of place to me on this show. It’s because Katie Cassidy should be on a soap opera. It was one thing that I never felt the chemistry between her and Stephen Amell. It was another that the writers created the most toxic love story ever. But the final straw is that she doesn’t seem to have chemistry with anyone else on the show…and I really think it’s because she was miscast. The scene in the foundry convinced me–the kind of drama she does is the kind of drama Arrow could do without.

          • Heidi says:

            Whenever she’s on my husband comments, “Aaand here’s General Hospital”. She packs the angst around with her.

          • Lizzie says:

            Yes! I just rolled my eyes every time she was there. It’s like she invaded our inner sanctuary and it’s tainted now. I couldn’t agree with you more, Arrow is all about the subtly when it comes to the drama it doesn’t look for the over dramatization of TVD and today Katie Cassidy just killed it. Come on every single facial expression that was done in the foundry was ridiculously over done. AND And her trying to tell Oliver not to die was just sad when it followed that amazing Olicity scene.Felicity didn’t beg Oliver to stay, Laurel did she freakin thew herself at him (ugh) No doubt Katie Cassidy just can’t compare to Kaity Lotz and Emily Beckett Rickards.

          • Natalie says:

            I don’t like the actress that plays Laurel. I feel she is too I don’t know……wrong, and I feel like laurel feels like she has a sense of entitlement to wanting to follow Team Arrow in tonight’s episode. Like when she said to Digg and Felicity “can u escuse us?” when wanting to talk to Oliver, she delivered it like she thought the other two were beneath her. I also don’t see the chemistry with her and Stephen Amell, it feels forced and not natural. To be honest I prefer Sara, but at the end of the day, I watch because there is something so deep between Oliver and Felicity, it’s not forced or anything, it’s just there.

          • Tanya says:

            spot on. She just tears up and hams her way. A really bad actress.

          • janet says:

            agree i felt like she was trespassing. not at all happy that she followed them when he made it clear that team arrow is the three of them.

        • Jodes says:

          I totally agree. I loved her as Ruby in Supernatural and if she brought some of that to this role there would be less haters. I don’t mind her, I’m just waiting for her character to change.

        • Mikael says:

          If only Laurel could channel Ruby from Supernatural. That’s why I’m sort of inclined to blame the writers for all the Laurel hatred. She has zero chemistry with Amell though, whereas on Supernatural she had great chemistry with the boys.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Maybe, just maybe, she is the Agent Ward of this show? (Not suggesting that he’ll wear fishnets, but that a major plot twist will “flip a switch” for Laurel.)

        • Lol. Exactly. I think that twist will be Sara dying, which will inspire her to become Black Canary in her place.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            LOL that makes me want to vomit :-(

          • janean137 says:

            Vomiting too lol…we are so dramatic haha

          • wrstlgirl says:

            janean137 – Hahaha, the whole Laurel debate is pretty funny. I hate Laurel but so far I’ve been able to put up with her, IMPO I think it’s a true casting mistake. If they make her a true main sidekick to Arrow, who is losing my interest also, that may be enough for me to call it quits. Other than looking pretty Stephen Amell has never impressed me with his acting skills. I actually laughed during his mothers death scene his “agony” cracked me up, is was so bad. The show has already been put on DVR status this season vs watching live. The main draw for me is Manu Bennett.

          • Jessie says:

            I liked Laurel in season one and couldn’t wait until she became Black Canary. The problem now is that the writers made me not like her anymore. They destroyed Laurel so bad that I don’t see anyway for me to like her again. I love Sara as Canary and don’t want her to die. Laurel for me now is unfixable and the blame goes to the writers.

        • patrice says:

          One can only hope Matt…that they give up on comic canon, keep Sara as the BC, and bring Laurel down the Ward path.

          • Comic book canon is that the first Black Canary was the mother of the second Black Canary (Laurel). For the show, they changed it from mother and daughter to sisters. If they keep to the canon, Sara will pass the mantle to Laurel, either because she’ll retire or because she’ll die.

          • MW says:

            I would love that! Keep Sara as Black Canary & turn Laurel into a “Ward” as you put it- like ‘White Canary’ from the Birds of Prey series. That would be interesting, but as far as I’m concerned the Black Canary role is taken. Caity Lotz is a badass.

        • kath says:

          Having her Agent Ward would be the only thing that would save her.

          Unfortunately, in this episode she’s Skye, the Mary Sue character.

        • Gwen says:

          Thank you, Matt! I like that idea, and I like the Laurel character. I know I am in the minority on this. But even if I didn’t like the Laurel character, I wouldn’t blame the actress like so many commenters do. She isn’t acting on the fly…she has a director and writers.

          • mtvee says:

            Actually, that occurred to me too–I don’t know what the director was thinking letting Laurel act the way she did in that foundry scene. I’d love to see what was in the script…I thought Laurel was okay for most of the episode except during that “I know you better than anyone” scene…I agree the acting was overly dramatic, but I think the director and writers would be as much to blame as the actress, if not more.

            As usual, I loved Felicity and Diggle. The original Team Arrow is the draw for me.

        • thefreespirit18 says:

          The Agent ward. That made me laugh and then cry. I really dont know why you all hate her! Shes an awesome character, yes she can get extremely annoying at times but so can felicity and oliver! You guys are saying Laurel is untrained, what about Felicity! Whenever something happens felicity screams and cowers! Dont get me wrong i love felicity and ship olicity, but she has no physical training what so ever, where as Laurel has shown time and time again that she can kick some butt, which makes me love her. Also, she can learn. The whole alcoholic storyline was stupid but it did have a place. She is the Black Canary and if you guys dont like it stop watching.

          • wonderwall says:

            I don’t know why you’re bringing Felicity into this. She has nothing to do with Laurel. The reason why no one cares if Felicity is completely untrained (which btw is false because she’s been slowly training with Digg) is because she’s not meant to be a person who physically kicks peoples butts. She brings something to the team that no one else does, and that’s brains. Whereas Laurel, a woman who’s meant to be the black canary, who’s meant to be kickas*, isn’t and needs to constantly be saved by Oliver. If Laurel doesn’t help Oliver/Digg in the field, what else does she bring to the table? She’s not as smart as Felicity, she’s not as trained as Oliver/Digg to actually help them… She’s utterly useless to team arrow considering the writers refuse to let her help the team as a lawyer. People hold Laurel to a different standard because of who she’s meant to be. if Felicity wasn’t as smart and was consistently wrong about things, we would question her abilities and her position in the team but she’s doing brilliantly so your point doesn’t hold.

          • JC says:

            People hold Laurel to a different standard because of who she’s meant to be.
            This is an excellent point and needs to be emphasized. Much of the increased level of focus on Laurel is due to who she is supposed to be, A) our future Black Canary and B) the love of Oliver’s life. Felicity did not come onto the show with any of those pre-set roles. Much of the frustration with Laurel is due, I feel, to feeling like, due to her name, the show is already locked into a predetermined outcome where she is concerned, in Oliver’s life and as BC, and if you don’t like it, tough. I think that’s why people reacted so badly to Kreisberg comparing Oliver and Laurel to Lois and Clark – again, it’s the feeling of being locked into a predetermined inevitable outcome. Felicity didn’t come in with any of those expectations. If she didn’t work out, she probably would never have been seen again. There’s no set destiny for Felicity, and thus not the same level of expectations leveled at her character.

      • DS says:

        Yeah, no. Saying Laurel will become Black Canary is an insult to the real Dinah Lance/Black Canary from the comics, who is one of the most badass and interesting female characters of all time. The Arrow writers should go read some Birds of Prey to maybe realize how offensive the character of Laurel is to longtime Black Canary fans.

        • One doesn’t have to like the idea of Laurel becoming Black Canary, just accept it.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            IF the writers were to flip it and keep Sara as BC and kill off Laurel would you be so easy to accept it, just curious.

          • Such a decision would most likely be based on audience feedback than on any plan they might have for the show moving forward. People clearly like Sara more (I think she’s the best live-action Black Canary ever), but that’s not a good enough reason to change things. Laurel Lance is the Black Canary. People don’t have to like it, it’s just the way it is. What they need to fix is the way the character is written, bring her in deeper into the world of superheroes and start her journey.

            The show has only been on the air for two years. It took five years for Oliver to transform himself from who he was when he arrived on the island to who he became when he left. It took Sara that long as well.

            We’ve only seen glimpses of who Ollie and Sara were prior to their arrival on the island. I’m certain they were no different than Laurel has been these past two years. If we had followed their journey on screen before they arrived on the island, I’m sure people would have many complains to make about them too. Imagine two years worth of pre-island Ollie. You wouldn’t think he has what it takes to become Green Arrow You’d probably hate him.

            ONCE Laurel’s journey begins, she’ll become a different person than the one we’ve seen these past two years, just like Ollie’s and Sara’s journeys changed them. And that’s what’s missing. Someone has to push her off the ledge to get her journey going.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            That’s all well and good but you didn’t answer my question :-)

          • That’s the thing. They won’t flip it. They won’t kill Laurel and keep Sara. That may be something fans of one and detractors of the other may want to see happen, but it won’t happen. It’s a what if with no chance of happening.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Anything can happen, not saying it will, but… I will take that as a no. LOL.

          • JC says:

            That’s ridiculous. No one has to “accept” anything – it’s a TV show. If we don’t like something we can stop watching, and it’s looking increasingly likely that’s what I’ll be doing next season.

        • MW says:

          I believe Sara (Caity Lotz) is a perfect Black Canary as well. The writers brought in this fantastic character, who happens to be a mixed martial artist in real life, showed us her backstory, her transformation on the island, then gave her a legitimate explanation for her abilities – YEARS of training with the League of Assassins. A kudos to the Arrow writers, I fell in love with Black Canary. I love that she EARNED the title – Oliver didn’t train her, and she’s as skilled if not better than he is.
          Unless Laurel is going to leave the show for years of training, there is no way she will ever be a believable Black Canary to me. If it only takes a few self defense classes and a vendetta, ANYONE could be Black Canary.
          If they kill Sara off to shoehorn Laurel into the Black Canary role, which makes no sense, simply because she has the right ‘name’, I’m done with Arrow.

        • BC says:

          Laurel is completely contrary to everything Black Canary is in the comics. Black Canary is a ‘world class’ martial artist. She’s one of the best fighters in the world. That will never be Laurel, I don’t care how many self-defense classes she takes. Black Canary isn’t whiny, weepy, self-centered, & self-righteous. Secondly, she acquired her skills & earned the mantle of Black Canary BEFORE she even MET Oliver. He did not train her and she is as skilled, if not better, than Arrow is.
          Sara fits the bill with the backstory the writers have given her with the League of Assassins. I have no interest in seeing a beanpole drama queen who treats everyone around as if they are beneath her, turned into Black Canary. And the idea of Oliver training the her, if that’s what they’re planning, is really offensive to anyone who loves Black Canary.

      • Lyle Anderson says:

        This is so very true, and if you look at Caroline from The Vampire Diaries it was a very similar situation. They didn’t seem to know what to do with her in the first season but, as soon as they drew her into the vamp world at the beginning of the second season she quickly grew to become the favourite female lead on the show.

      • JC says:

        I am so ready for her to become the Black Canary but I have to agree that it needs to be natural. She is getting there! stop hating on Katie

    • Lucas Mills says:

      Why is Laurel the worst character of the show?????

      Did you still not understand, that she is the co-star of the show? And same that you enjoy the Team Arrow, the Future of laurel is to be the heroine Black Canary that fact will not change. you do not like this —> “Crying is free”

      • nate says:

        THANK YOU!!

      • kath says:

        Maybe she is the co-star of the show and maybe her destiny is to be the Black Canary and equal with Oliver

        But over and over again they’ve shown how clueless she is about who Oliver really is and how she’s in love with the image of The Arrow, not with Oliver himself. Even back in the past she was so stupid that she didn’t understand that Oliver wasn’t ready to settle down with her, that he was cheating on her with a dozen other girls. Now when he tells her to stay safe in the lair, she puts on the brightest most eye-catching coat she has and follows him into danger, then squeals “Ollie” and he has to try to save her.

        Add to that that Katie Cassidy is one of the weakest actors on Arrow.

        It’s awful to watch. Destiny or not, they’re killing their show by this.

        • GreenArrow12 says:

          What?!? It’s Laurel who saves Oliver from that man…

        • thefreespirit18 says:

          Katie Cassidy is one of the best actors! Laurel saves Oliver. She shoots a frickin bow and it hits is mark true! She didnt know because HE WANTED IT THAT WAY are you going to say Thea is stupid cause she didnt know? Or Walter? Cause she does now and shes a freaking badass. Get off your high horse, you are sitting watching a show while Katie Cassidy is making a heck load of money.

      • Justin says:

        Nothing is set in stone. The show has already changed so much.

      • She’s barely in the show much lately, and the scenes she is in, they seem to completely kill any momentum. Best thing they could do is put her on a bus somewhere.

      • GreenArrow12 says:

        People are so focused on Felicity (Who is a flat character…Who likes Felicity is a superficial persone.I mean, she has no story line! Authors should put her in a bda situati on, as They did with Laurel…then we would see how many puns she makes!) and They don’t realize that everything Laurel’s been through is just to make her more aware of herself! To let her journey begin to become BC..I don’t like spending time trying to let people understand that but i really think i am right…plus I don’t understand all that hate for Laurel..

        • neatbow says:

          I don’t understand why you feel the need to 1). tear down Felicity to prop up Laurel (women should NEVER be pitted against each other in that way. If Felicity is a fan favorite, leave that alone. Tell me why you like Laurel, but for the love of women everywhere, please do not try to belittle Felicity’s character to argue why Laurel is better), and 2). attack Felicity fans as superficial. What IS superficial is chalking up Laurel dislike to Felicity love–that is shallow, simplistic, and untrue. I never liked Laurel, long before Felicity became a regular; my dislike didn’t grow simply because I happened to enjoy Felicity. One has nothing to do with the other. And, for the record, I love Sara Lance. I am allowed to like more than one female character.
          And yes, I think I’m right too…that’s why it’s called an opinion. But my being right in WHAT I THINK and HOW I FEEL does NOT make other people wrong.

          • GreenArrow12 says:

            First of all, maybe I wrote that badly, but with superficial I didn’t mean to insult anyone. I meant superficial in watching a tv series, not in real life (One can also watch arrow just to spend 43 minutes relaxing, I watch it trying to analize characters, that was what I meant with superficial, if I offended you, i’m sorry! I didn’t mean to :( ) Second of all I think making comparisons between characters is helpful for all conversations about tv series, even about everything! I really like comparing things. I could have chosen any other characters, but Felicity in my opinion is the only one who doesn’t have a storyline! That’s why I chose her, not because I hate her or something like that. I really appreciate a lot Felicity, except for something, maybe her jokes are too many but it’s her main characteristic: being able to tell jokes about a bad situation, and even if i find it a little bitt exagerated sometimes, i like that most of the time!

    • aunni says:

      every showrunner of every show in love with a character whom the fan hate from heart…. even braking bad was no exception

    • She’s starting to grow at least. That might have been the best performance Katie Cassidy’s gotten to do during the show’s whole run, her yelling at Oliver. And while she did a lot of the classic mistakes at least when she first tried to tag along she offered a practical reason. I do still find her annoying but, much like with many other characters (remember Felicity pre-Arrowcave?), she’s now got room to improve upon knowing Ollie’s secret. Hopefully she’ll finally be salvaged from the heap of annoying characters.

    • Lucius says:

      Agreed. I was so happy to see Team Arrow the focus of the show again but Laurel was LITERALLY following them around.

    • Tanya says:

      Laurel is the Grinch that sucks the joy out of everything and makes every scene she is in dull and cringe worthy.

    • GreenArrow12 says:

      Cos she si the main female character in the show!

    • Trish says:

      THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Emily says:

    Ok I’m not a Laurel hater and I am also not a laurel fan. I’m pretty indifferent, which is probably not a good thing. But even I have to admit that the writers are really forcing her character.

    • Alichat says:

      OMG yes. Her little pep talk with Oliver felt SO forced. It was just painful to listen to her say over and over that she knows him. If anyone is going to talk him out of his suicide plan, it would be Felicity or Diggle. Even Sara would be more convincing than Laurel. And if she’s going to force her way into the Arrow club, at least bring a weapon. A knife…..gun….something.

      • patrice says:

        THIS. I hated that scene. HATED IT. The lunging hug. The acting. Sorry, I don’t want to hate on the actress but it was all so Melrose-place awful (for me). And I don’t know why the writers keep pushing this “I know you better than anyone.” Did she know how many times he cheated on her? That he has a kid? That he was a hooded vigilante for TWO YEARS? They keep pushing something that isn’t actually on the screen. It might be in comics, but in the show, all I’ve seen is how little Laurel actually knows Oliver. It’s just annoying.

      • Sara says:

        Totally agree! That speech would have made way more sense coming from Felicity or Diggle. The only thing she brought was the info on Blood. It was really self centered of her to sit there and say that she knows Oliver when for the past 2 seasons she has basically (with only a couple of exceptions) gone off on and blamed him for ruining her life over and over and over again.

        • Ali says:

          I totally agree with you. I just felt like that was a way make Laurel more apart of the story arc. When she told Oliver, that no one knew him like she did, I wanted to scream at my tv ” if you know him so well, why didn’t you know he was the arrow?!” But in all honesty, it would have been better coming from Digg or Felicity, because in that moment he had given up and he needed a real reason to continue to fight, Laurel didn’t invoke that for me. I think that Felicity speaking to Oliver in the second lair accomplished that more than anything Laurel said. I understand and respect the comic canon, but I really just don’t see Laurel as Black Canary.

          • Sara says:

            Its like, I get respecting the comic canon, I really, really do. But THIS version of Laurel just does not seem like she can be Black Canary. If the writers had made any attempt to make her character development in anyway natural instead of as forced as it has been on us viewers, perhaps my opinion would be different.

          • Ali says:

            Sara I totally agree with you. But the tv manifestation of Laurel makes it very very hard to envision her as BC. I know that it takes time for characters to develop, but for Laurel it just seems to have the opposite effect. Perhaps if she were developed like you said maybe we would feel differently.

        • Heidi says:

          Too bad Felicity can’t be the Black Canary. She’d be amazing.

      • MB says:

        The general gist would have sounded far more sincere if she’d actually compared her situation post Gambit sinking to Thea’s situation now. She’s been that surviving family member left isolated with a whole load of questions and no way of getting answers and closure. Begging Ollie to not do that to Thea would have landed far better than saying she knew who he was and could fathom his trauma.

        Even going back to the part where she’s seen good in Ollie because she believes the best in people could have worked since I’m sure that’s what they intended. It’s something that has been put into Laurel’s Character Sheet. Unfortunately how they put that on the screen was flat.

      • kikiyo2011 says:

        Yeah, I totally hated how she made the whole scene about herself, and what’s up with her just up and hugging Oliver all the time lately? It feels forced like hell. That scene was torture. She’s needlessly whiny, defiant and foolish. I do not like her character one bit, and I highly doubt that’ll ever change. It’s a shame, because all other female characters on the show, while flawed, are still compelling, unlike mighty Laurel.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Blow away by this episode. Have been a casual viewer (DVR them and eventually catch up) but the last couple of episodes have me watching in real time.

    Very well done! Can’t wait for the last 2.

  5. david says:

    wow great episode. I loved the cliffhangers i had to google to make sure that there are really 2 eps left and not ending next week because that was a great set up. Dont want to spoil anything but promo looks amazing

  6. Summer. Glau. As. Ravager. Yes. Please.

    • ninamags says:

      I’m sorry but I thought she looked completely ridiculous in that outfit. Her appearance gave me a chuckle.

      I don’t know the comic-book characters so I don’t have any idea who she was supposed to be.

      Still, it looks like a stiff wind would knock her over.

      Not believable as any sort of kick-ass warrior, or whatever, at ALL.

      • John D. says:

        The outfit was awful. Worst costume ever.

      • ChrisGa says:

        Well, her costume was very similar to the comics(of course in the comics the Ravager character was Slade Wilson’s daughter Rose, not Isabel Rochev). Either way, there’s nothing believable about the scenario because Summer Glau is TERRIBLE in the role. And no chance of a stiff wind knocking her over; I think her wooden, stiff “acting” will protect her just fine, thanks.

    • Lucius says:

      The Costume is how it is in the comic book but I love Summer Glau.

  7. KE says:

    She doesn’t interest me one bit. The writing for her character is awful.

  8. Charissa says:

    Arrow has come a long way this season, and these last couple episodes have been excellent. That being said, Laurel is really holding this show back. She’s by far the least interesting (and often most annoying) character on the show. I honestly don’t understand why the writers keep trying to make her relevant when clearly she really has no point in the story and the show would be so much better without her. Her storyline has felt so forced and unnatural this season. She’s the only thing keeping me from really loving this show.

    • KT says:

      I agree with you. Arrow is my second favorite TV show, but if they force Laurel on us through the finale, I honestly cannot see myself tuning in for Season 3. My husband explicably called her ‘rude’ when she told Felicity/Diggle to give her a moment [in their own cave]. When she goes on to name the people Oliver should stay alive for, she just calls them his ‘friends’ as opposed to getting names. She may have reached out with information, but she made the entire seen about her. As somebody said above me, she THREW herself at Oliver. If they want to keep her a hero, give her a hero’s death in the finale. I still do not understand the push of Katie Cassidy on the Arrow fandom. Again, another person mentioned her lack of chemistry and the fact that she was miscast. I agree with that as well. After sleeping on last night’s episode, I decided that the only reason Laurel brought Oliver back to his senses was because of the intel and not because of her. I refuse to believe in a Laurel/Oliver on this show and this representation of Green Arrow.

      • Charissa says:

        I agree. Last night Laurel demonstrated complete disrespect of Oliver, and disregard for the people he trusts the most. And I’m really tired of feeling like she’s just being shoe-horned into the show. I’m not sure I’m at the point where I can give up just because of her, although if they do give her a bigger role next season and try to restart her relationship with Oliver I just might have to think about it.

      • Lucius says:

        Felicity and Diggle SHOULD have said: “Do You Mind, We’re trying to save our friend and the city but I think the local bars are still open.”

    • Trish says:

      I really can’t take much more of this. This is not what I want to see. I just want my damn Team Arrow going after Slade and being heroes. Why is that so much to ask? Now they put her in that as well? UGH!

  9. Kara says:

    Loved so much of the episode, particularly the Thea moments, and the return to Team Arrow. But once again, found Laurel jarring and her presence in the lair awkward and unnecessary. Still stunned by how the writers keep altering their relationship, and hoping the audience doesn’t notice: Laurel really understands and knows “Ollie” to his bones, despite the fact that when they were dating, he was regularly cheating on her and absolutely someone who quit all the time (four different colleges)? The disconnect between “Ollie” and Oliver was palpable, and Laurel doesn’t have the nuanced understanding of Oliver’s transition that Sara or the rest of Team Arrow (or even Thea, who sees other sides of her brother) does. Even when she knows the secret, the poor writing and characterization of Laurel over the past two seasons ensures that she still remains separate from the rest of the story.

  10. Anghjulina says:

    Laurel is a joke.
    Really screaming out loud OLLIE when he’s in arrow’s feet. I hope he doesn’t worry about his secret.
    I didn’t like her in the foundry
    She just felt so out of place there, out of place the entire episode Imo.

    • nica says:

      I HATE her in the Foundry. I have a real issue with the chemistry Laurel has with anyone who isn’t her dad on this show. And Tommy. I liked her with Tommy, but I’d ship anyone with Tommy.

    • max says:

      I didn’t catch that, but you’re so right. She said Ollie. Hahahaha. That does make her pretty dumb.

    • Morisot says:

      It feels like EVERYONE knows that Ollie is Arrow — shhhh, don’t tell anyone!

    • Every damn heist she’s gotta start yelling my name…

    • JC says:

      She wasn’t out of place in this episode, this was one of her best episodes to date. BTW Laurel/Katie Cassidy haters if you are going to reason please be logical. Enough with “I just hate her” or “She is so annoying” :o

  11. Mélanie says:

    I understand the need to prep for the big battle coming up, but this episode was soooo boring. I liked Walter stepping in back in Thea’s life- as short as it were. Definitely trying to put Laurel there too much, her giving orders to Felicity definitely not liked it (not directly but by asking to be alone with Ollie, then saying she can get a camera or something, pffff). I really hope she does not become the Canary as Sara is doing an awesome job. Bring her back ASAP.
    Summer Glau awesome!

  12. Liz says:

    I’m not liking that they’re gearing up to make Laurel the Black Canary. I know. I know. She’s Black Canary in the comics. But Laurel does nothing for me. I actually said out loud to my television, “Bring back Sara!”. I want to love her but I just end up rolling my eyes at her and tuning out. It’s like the writers have no idea what to do with her and they’re just trying every angle to see where she fits. Tonight she’s in the Foundry bossing every one around and next week she’s telling Oliver “Let’s go save the city”. Slow your roll friend. You’ve been in this for like an hour. Leave it up to the pros.

    • Nate says:

      And at what point was she “bossing” everyone around. Maybe you should watch again

      • Liz says:

        She went down there and told Diggle and Felicity to leave. To leave their space. A place that she’s never been before. A place that is Team Arrow’s home. A Team she is not a part of. So that she could tell Oliver yet again that she knows him best. Even though she just found out his secret a week ago. Then she’s adamant about going with them saying Felicity can give her a radio and she’ll be fine. When Oliver refuses she goes against him and goes anyway. Did she knock that guy out? Yes. Did she save Oliver? Yes. But are the writer’s shoving the “Laurel is going to be great as Black Canary” down our throats? Yes. If her becoming Black Canary felt more organic I think I’d be all for it because I generally have always enjoyed Katie Cassidy. But something about Laurel seems off. I want to love Laurel. When she beat that guy up at the club very early on in Season 1 I was pumped for what was to come. And now I’m having trouble getting on board. Maybe it’s because I’ve really enjoyed Sara. I’m not sure. But I’m hoping the writers figure out what they’re really doing with her.

        • wonderwall says:

          To be fair, Laurel didn’t knock that Mirakuru soldier out. She just hit him, dude turned around, Laurel cowered, then Oliver hit him with the special arrow. Which begs the question, why didn’t he use said special arrow before? I said it below in my own post and I’ll say it again, it’s because the writers want the audience to see Laurel as totally not useless… Basically they’re forcing Laurel into the plot which isn’t working for me or a lot of the people on this comment section apparently.

          • Liz says:

            I agree. I wish I could pinpoint where the Laurel switch flipped for me. I didn’t have much of a problem with her last season. But this season because she’s all over and now the writers want her to be a badass I’m not feeling it. Laurel is useless because the writers made her useless. She beat the crap out of that guy at the beginning of this season and was all kickass and then drank herself into oblivion for really no reason. Like what was the point of that? It’s not like she went to rehab and came back and was all “Look at me I know Krav Maga now”. That would’ve at least set up something.

          • Heidi says:

            I wish they could leave her as a lawyer as she seems productive there – even make her mayor. But as Black Canary? Do the writers realize the learning curve it will take for her to be a viable super-hero? It took Sara and Oliver five years to become what they are. And they expect Laurel to suddenly be able “leap tall buildings”? Make her the DA or something and leave the physical crime fighting to the big boys and girls.

        • GreenArrow12 says:

          She asked only for a Moment alone, not to go away, infact they were still there! I think from now on her character will be better figured out as authors said.. Once a person comes to know Oliver’s secret, it makes him/her more relevant in the whole story..I really like Laurel..I don’t get all that hate she receives and I feel bad for Katie Cassidy..

          • JC says:

            I agree, the hate is so much. This reminds me of the hate that Andrea on The Walking Dead used to get. It was nasty as hell.

  13. Nate says:

    Loved laurel this episode

  14. DS says:

    Whenever Laurel’s on screen I zone out and go do something else like check Facebook or go get a snack from the kitchen. She’s boring, she has no chemistry with anyone, and the way the actress delivers her lines always sounds so goddamn whiny, I keep zoning out to ESCAPE HER. She brings the whole show down. At this point nothing they do will make me interested in Laurel, except if they kill her.

    • janean137 says:

      Oh whenever i see Laurel I literally fast forward…because I aint got no time for that nonsense! lol She is soooooo boring! Even if you made her black canary, hearing her whiny voice is going to make me go crazy next season!

    • KT says:

      Agree 100x over!

  15. Sebastian says:

    Why the hell would Oliver have left the lair under ownership of Queen Consolidated? Is he really that much of an idiot? The rest of the episode was great, but I had another questionable moment at Blood having the file on his computer, for anyone to find. Also, I didn’t really like the mask on Rochev. Rose’s blond/white hair really makes it work, and without it, the coloring was off. The framing the mouth instead of stopping in a straight line was also an odd decision.
    Different thing, when you use the word decimate, are you using it properly? Because either way works, but they were probably hoping to off more than one tenth of Slade’s Miracled forces.

    • MB says:

      Tax reasons? I have no idea and really Thea should have known/Ollie should have told her if Verdant wasn’t owned outright.

      • G. says:

        Gotta agree with MB here — Thea is the one who refused to sign the paperwork so the Queens wouldn’t go broke. How stupid of a woman is she to do that WITH HER OWN CLUB? How does she not even know who owns the property of the club she has *countless* times talked about how hard she’s worked on?

        Thea really deserved her fate, choosing stupid pride over business sense.

  16. Allison says:

    Only if her journey is meant to be backwards. Otherwise everything about Laurel fails.

  17. wonderwall says:

    “I know you like I know my name” – Can someone explain this crappy line to me? WHO SAYS THIS. Also, I don’t understand why Oliver didn’t use his explosive arrows to take that mirakuru soldier out. Maybe it’s because the writers wanted to make people see that Laurel is totally not useless? I mean she served her purpose well by figuring out everything with Blood and telling Oliver, but beyond that, she was just a burden and an annoying one at that. It was truly awkward seeing her in the foundry, and I hope to never see her there anytime soon. And the fact that she literally was offended Oliver didn’t take her to a mission just annoyed me even more. :/

    While the rest of the episode was fantastic, I thought that Laurel and the flashback scenes were the weakest link. I just wish they spent more time in the present than the past (considering the present is far more interesting)… Also Laurel’s speech to Oliver felt forced and something out of a soap opera…

    I’m all for Laurel being a badass… But stop forcing her into the plot and into team arrow. It’s not doing her character any favours.

    Enough of Laurel, did anyone else find the Diggle/Felicity scenes amazing??? I love their brother/sister relationship. I love that this episode showed that they can hold their own without Oliver. I love that it also showed that out of everyone, Oliver respects both of them the most. I was also glad to see Lance in this episode! He truly grew on me over the past few episodes…. Stephen Amell did a fantastic job as usual!

    Overall I would give this episode an 9! Despite Laurel and the flashbacks, it truly was a wonderful setup for the finale

    • aunni says:

      bitch with wifi stole the show, amanda plz hire her coz she is jobless n drooling on ur computer. with her big bro digg is free

    • paul says:

      “I know you like I know my name” – Can someone explain this crappy line to me? WHO SAYS THIS.
      I hated the entire speech she gave Oliver. Worst lines in the episode by far. My girlfriend turned to me and said, “Did someone else write her lines? They’re really bad.”

    • GreenArrow12 says:

      Yes but why didn’t the Canary pay attention to the cloackman and use her acustic device instead of being saved by Felicity? Only because she needed a scar too…it’s the same!

      • wonderwall says:

        Why are you making this about Felicity? it’s not about Felicity. It’s about Laurel. Stop talking about the faults of one character to prop another character up. It doesn’t make Laurel look any better, trust me.

        • GreenArrow12 says:

          I wasn’t doing that, trust me ;) besides even if I had, this could have been normal, since every Olicity fan does that! I was just saying that authors write the fights only to fit the plot!
          There are a lot of mistakes that way. Except from that I’m pretty sure I’m right: Canary had the skills to defeat cloackman, she should have paid attention to him to make that real! I find more reasonable Laurel saving Olly from that supersoldier; He was defeated once by Cyrus Gold, so it could happen to loose against him. I don’t really understand why you don’t get Laurel’s growth!

        • neatbow says:

          Thank YOU Wonderwall. I swear, the more I read, the more I don’t understand why it is that Olicity/Felicity fans get so much damn hate. Almost everyone coming to Laurel’s defense feels the need to either assume we are all shipping Olicity OR tear down Felicity to prop up Laurel. It is DISGUSTING. Women should not be pitted against each other. And GreenArrow12: EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion. Telling us you don’t understand why we feel this way contributes nothing meaningful to the discussion. I don’t understand why you feel the way you do. Does that change your mind and get you to see where I’m coming from? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

          • wonderwall says:

            I like you neatbow. :p Also, I don’t take anyone who says what GreenArrow12 says seriously and neither should you. People should realize that characters are their own separate entities and their worth isn’t gained from being pitted against other characters. Their worth is gained through the merits of their actions, personalities, characteristics etc… and some people don’t get that. The fact that people can’t really list a specific reason why Laurel is an amazing character without hating on other characters to defend her case just means that Laurel isn’t that much of an amazing character. Just sayin’

          • GreenArrow12 says:

            What you are complaining about is just my last sentence, sorry if I didn’t add anything with that, but I think the other part of my comment added something, and answering that could help improveing this conversation. I’m sorry if you don’t see or get it (I’m not american, I could have written something badly, if you don’t understand something tell me, I write that again trying to be clearer) I’m a reasonable person, and i’m allowed to make comparisons between scenes or characters, because making a comparison could help a lot. I don’t hate anyone, i’m just sharing my point of view about the whole plot!
            @Wonderwall thank you for underestimating my opinion and not considering it, that’s so mature! I could list a lot of reason why I love Laurel, but I see you don’t care my opinion.

  18. Lucas Mills says:

    I love Laurel more and more! My BLACK CANARY TRUE, is finally getting into the action. This girl will still kick ass many! Who does not like, again I say —> “Choro is free” …. Cry, cry at will, LAUREL WILL REIGN!

  19. rxs44 says:

    Loved Felicity’s interrogation. She is amazing in each episode.

  20. sladewilson says:

    Oliver stating about Digg and Felicity – it started with us and now it’s time we get back to that… I loved it. Plus Digg and Felicity really were THE team tonight, esp. that interrogation scene which was hilarious and scary at the same time.

    • aunni says:

      1000000000000000% agree

    • Lucius says:

      TOTALLY AGREE. I tweeted that line back to writers. Maybe They’re finally listening to the fans and getting back to “TEAM ARROW”, Oliver, Diggle & Felicity -> not “Team Arrow and our friends that no one cares about.”

  21. Wattz says:

    I’m shocked to read that ppl love Sara. I can’t stand her. She is so whiny and annoying. As for Laurel, I’ve always liked the actress but lately, idk she’s difficult to watch, I think she has hit the botox too much and it makes Laurel come off completely emotionless and boring. Her face just does not MOVE and I find it terribly distracting. I’m ready for them to kill off Sara tho and have Laurel become the Black Canary

    • Sara has chemistry with Ollie, they have more of a past than he and Laurel, she’s got half a decade of martial arts and stealth training, she’s physically built for the role, she gets on great with Felicity, she has connections, resources, is multilingual, often is willing to make the hard choices, is just about the only one who can stand up to Ollie, has intimate knowledge of all types of enemies, great with technology…
      Then we have Laurel… who apparently: knows her own name, likes to drink during stressful situations, only ever does what she wants, has taken 6 self-defence classes, incessantly complains, orders others around, extorts people when she doesn’t get her way, is unwilling to face any consequences for her actions, insists she knows best even when she knows nothing, shoots a man dead and apparently couldn’t care less, likes to get ex-boyfriends killed by saving paperwork during an earthquake, chooses a bright red coat with a blue shirt for ‘creeping around enemies’.

    • Trish says:

      Psst, I don’t like her either. But then again, I have no use for Laurel either. If I absolutely had to chose between the two, I’d keep Sara.

  22. Hodan says:

    “I know you better than anyone Oliver,” says Laurel right after she was done discussing all the things she didn’t know and still does not know about Oliver. LMAO! I swear the writers are just punking us at this point.

    Loved Diggle and Felicity in this episode. Felicity is soo getting a job at ARGUS in season 3.

  23. Jillian says:

    Can’t believe there are still 2 episodes left! tonight felt like a penultimate episode instead of episode 20. This show continues to blow me away each week.

  24. paul says:

    Nothing makes me miss Sara more than Laurel scenes. If I had to choose one Lance sister, it’s Sara all the way. Please, show. Sara Lance as the BC. It works. Stick with what works.

    If anything, I have come to the conclusion that Katie Cassidy definitely belongs on a soap opera-type show. She is miscast in this one.

    • They’re unlikely to kill her, mostly because it would make most people side with the bad guys, but she seriously needs to leave town.

      • JC says:

        They’re unlikely to kill her, mostly because it would make most people side with the bad guys,

        HAhahahaha ok I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it. It’s a little too true.

  25. Sparky says:

    Was glad when Ollie said that it was time to get back to this been the three of them or words to that effect. I have to echo everyone else in that the Laurel and Ollie scenes just felt so forced. There was bucket loads of chemistry in that scene with Ollie and Felicity and even when Diggle added his five cents there was more sincerity in their interactions than with Laurel. Send Laurel back to the DAs office to do whatever she does over there and let the grown ups worry about saving the city.

    On another note I thought the ‘interrogation’ scene was pretty funny. Felicity gets so many good lines – ‘bitch with wifi’ was pretty good!!!!

  26. Ali says:

    Arrow has really been really great these past few weeks. But I’m inclined to agree with others, Laurel just isn’t cutting it. To me it felt like she was forced into the Arrow world, it just didn’t seem authentic to me. I really want to like Laurel but something just isn’t clicking with me. I find myself not really feeling invested with her character. I also found myself really feeling for Thea, I hope that things improve for her soon. I was also happy for Walter’s brief appearance. As per usual Felicity and Digg were the bright spots for me, they really held Team Arrow down until Oliver returned. I’ll be really glad when Isabel Rochev is gone, I like Summer Glau, I’m just over the character and seeing the preview of her in that mask didn’t help matters.

  27. Riana says:

    So Malcolm’s coming back in the next episode. We finally get to see Thea with her daddy.

    • Ali says:

      First off I have to say that I LOVE John Borrowman. Anywho… I am definitely interested to see how Thea will react to Malcolm more so since Moira is gone. Right now Thea is in a lonely place so she will need and want someone in her life/corner. I’m really excited that Malcolm is coming back, I happen to think that he will fight with Oliver and Co. to save Starling. I CAN’T WAIT!

  28. kara says:

    Nothing Laurel does will make her haters aka Olicity fans like her. Everything she does is so “forced” Please the only forced fanservice crap is Olicity scenes! In fact the lance girls r the most developed female character. With Felicty being the weakiest.

    Laurel was amazing this episode! My favorite character actually. Can’t wait for her to take her mantle as BC!

    • Ali says:

      Speaking for myself it’s not about shipping because I like Felicity. I like the pairing because they have chemistry. Oliver and Laurel just don’t exude that to me.

    • Peter says:

      I don’t ship Olicity. But I still can’t stand Laurel. I hate it even more when my points for why I think Laurel is the weak link is chalked up to shipping. I think she is inconsistently written, and I agree the speech given in the Foundry was utterly ridiculous. She just found out and they write her as saying she knows him best? Please. He was cheating on her on a regular basis? If she knew him so well, she should have dumped his ass years ago.

      I think Laurel fans like to blame Olicity shippers for why people dislike her character. The show isn’t about shipping…read through the comments–people have VALID reasons for not liking the character, and how many mention Felicity as the reason why. But by all means, blame Olicity shippers, because that’s easier than dissecting the MANY ways the writers have failed this character.

      • kara says:

        Girl bye! Come back when Felicity gets a thing called character development or when Thea gets a purpose.

        • wonderwall says:

          Peter is a dude though… Chew on this: Even though Felicity doesn’t have a proper arc and that we don’t know much about her, people love her way more than Laurel who’s a more fleshed out character… Doesn’t that speak volumes to you?

          As far as I can tell, Felicity doesn’t need character development as of this moment, she’s already a pretty outstanding character whom everyone can root for. What she does need, however, is more of a backstory, something that’s her own. And let me tell you this, I’m 100% confident that when we get this, people will love her even more, unlike Laurel.

          Have a good day.

          • kara says:

            Who cares if you love felicity lol Laurel is the main female lead and she’s not going anywhere! Suck on that haters. She WILL stay on the show and she WILL be black canary.

            But keep finding pathetic reasons to hate on her cause all us Laurel fans will just sit back and laugh when our girl gets her Canary scream and Felicity is stuck in a van somewhere with her computer ;) And Sara is gone somewhere.

            And the whole “oh I’m not a shipper” bullcrap no one is buying it.

          • wonderwall says:

            I’m not going to lie, I support Oliver/Felicity’s relationship, but that has nothing to do with how I view Laurel. Sorry to burst your bubble, but people CAN be objective you know. But alas, I see that no matter what I say, nothing will get through to you. So go ahead, call me an ‘Olicity’ shipper who only sees things through rose colored olicity shipper glasses, makes no difference to me!

            I’m glad you’re getting your Laurel fill. I really am. But that doesn’t mean you can generalize that it’s only olicity shippers who are voicing their valid opinions and concerns about Laurel’s arc. Just stop.

          • AJ says:

            I’m all for people sharing their viewpoints on different characters and plot lines, even when they don’t share the same view they can still have a discussion about it and support their views/theories. Personally, i tend to immediately discredit a response or a comment someone makes once they’ve made fun of a any fan base (whether it’s one i like or don’t). Especially when they make fun of the fan base or ‘shippers’. It’s just childish and does absolutely no good.

            Now that i’ve said that. Whilst Laurel has had more character development than Felicity i don’t see it as being a pro for her. Personally with the way her character has been written and portrayed on screen it’s made me completely indifferent to the character. If i were to look back at the episode the only thing she brought was intel on Sebastian Blood.
            Whilst i do think the writers wrote that scene in the foundry to hopefully change people’s mind about the character and redeem her in a way, it certainly didn’t for me. He is not ‘Ollie’ anymore. Also can i just say two things; Laurel when going into a building filled with men with superhuman strength, don’t wear a bright pink jacket. Also when being cornered by men with superhuman strength don’t yell out the hoods identity. Thanks.

            Felicity and Diggle were amazing in this episode, i agree with everything the other comments have been saying regarding these two and the ‘trinity’.

            Lets have a mini crash course on Oliver and Laurels relationship;
            -Oliver and Laurel date
            -He cheats on her countless times
            -He cheats with her own sister (Sara) (Granted Sara is to blame too)
            -He then proceeds to take said sister onto The Gambit with him that proceeds to get ‘shipwrecked’ and Laurel ends up finding out she lost her boyfriend AND sister and that they were sleeping together.
            -During those 5 years Laurel and Tommy(Oliver’s best friend/brother) get together a few times
            – Oliver comes back…and we get that love triangle. In which Tommy ends up dying.
            -Then Sara comes back from the dead too when Laurel is about to go over the edge.
            -Laurel, in attempt to pull back from the edge has a family dinner at her house and invites Sara. Sara shows up with Oliver in tow as her boyfriend just when Laurel is trying to be in a better place.

            I mean if that doesn’t define a toxic relationship then i don’t know what does. I truly think Oliver staying with any of the Lance sisters is definitely a no-go when it comes to a romantic relationship.

            That being said, even though i haven’t mentioned it at all people will still assume i said (well wrote) all that because i’m an ‘olicity shipper’. While i do enjoy Oliver and Felicity’s relationship and the chemistry they have, i would not be opposed to them possibly having different love interests and end-games in the future. I just hope if that does happen that the writers continue to keep their relationship.

            Felicity, for me, has brought more of a light tone to the show. The difference in the episodes before her or before she was ‘heavily’ featured is palpable. It’s made it slightly more light-hearted whilst still keeping the badassness (not a word but roll with it) of the show. Also in reagrds to her character development, it’s understandable with everything that’s been going on they haven’t really had time to breath and delve into her backstory as much as people would have hoped. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen her grow. The past two episodes themselves have shown how much stronger she’s gotten and how Diggle and Oliver are less opposed to her coming with them in the field. Gratned she didn’t do any fighting(and was in the van this episode) but that’s not what she does. She’s the eyes, ears and brains.

            Anyways that’s what i think. I doubt anyone will read all that but yeah this is my first time commenting and i just felt i had to let out my opinion.

          • GreenArrow12 says:

            So please make Felicity go through everything Laurel passed!! Could she bring it? I don’t think so… Laurel had a development and people who can’t see that, well I feel sorry for that! She could be miscasted I don’t know but I love her the way she is!

        • GreenArrow12 says:

          Oh my God!!!!! Finally someone who noticed that!!! It’s easy to say “Felicity is the best of all!!” She has NO story- line! If they put her in an unconfortable situation (as they did for Laurel), we would see how many puns she would make!

      • Ali says:

        Thank You Peter! Shipping has ZERO to do with it, nor does it have to do with being a “hater”. Laurel is just a poorly written character. When she was having issues with alcohol and pills, I found myself not caring at all. More than anything I just felt like it was sympathy trope. Last week she found out that Oliver was the Arrow, and now she’s trying to join the team and give pep talks??? It just seemed very forced and ridiculous. I’m always willing to give a character a chance, but IMO the writers haven’t given a reason thus far as to why you should invest in Laurel, outside of her becoming the Black Canary.

      • wonderwall says:

        Peter. You’re pretty much all kinds of awesome. Have a good day, sir.

    • Mark says:

      Uh…I’m a comic book fan and the character of Laurel never resonated with me either. I see how they are trying to fix her, but to me, Sara Lance is the perfect BC…so I’m okay with changing comic canon in this case. As for the shipping part of it…I don’t really care, but the whole sisters love triangle makes me not root for Oliver with either of the Lances.

      • Luli says:

        ditto!! I love Sara as BC, and I hope she comes back soon. Preferably without Nyssa…

      • Yes. This.
        I’m puzzled as to how the writers think they’re doing Oliver a favor by having him have swapped female juices between sisters AND NOW also his father’s mistress!? Gross.

    • JC says:

      Oh please. What would you do if you couldn’t blame “Olicity” for the Laurel hate? For your information, I can’t stand Laurel, and I couldn’t stand her before Felicity ever even appeared on the show. And I don’t care who Oliver’s with just as long as it’s not Laurel. He can be with Amanda Waller for all I care. I liked him with Helena, with McKenna, with Shado, with Sara. I even would have liked him with Isabel had she not been, you know, evil. ;) The only one I don’t like him with is Laurel. So yeah go on, blame it on me being an “Olicity fan.” That’s hilarious.

      • nica says:

        I don’t like Isabel but even I have to admit there was more chemistry there than between Laurel and Oliver. I can’t believe how little chemistry those two have. I literally cringe when they’re on screen together. And then there is that backstory…

        • JC says:

          Yeah, I thought Stephen Amell and Summer Glau had some real chemistry in the Russia episode. As far as Laurel goes….Gahhhh. Is there such a thing as negative chemistry? And the backstory. Do the writers really not realize how they’ve undermined their own story here? You can’t show us flashbacks of them together before the island where Laurel’s living in fantasyland planning out their perfect life together while Oliver cheats on her multiple times right under her nose, and then pull out a line like “I know you like I know my name” and expect us to buy it. The show is telling us clearly that she doesn’t know him at all, and her saying things like this just make her look naive and clueless, at best.

        • kath says:

          There is more chemistry between Oliver and the salmon ladder than there is between him and Laurel. And they’ve written Laurel as completely clueless about who Oliver is and then expect us to believe she knows him better than anyone else.

          Another problem is that some actors, like Susanna Thompson, raise Stephen Amell’s acting game, and others, like Katie Cassidy, lower it. In the scene with Diggle and Felicity, Stephen Amell was so good, I hurt for him. In the scene with Laurel, he’s like a block of wood.

          The showrunners need to take a good, hard look at what they’re producing, what works and what doesn’t, and get rid of the bad stuff instead of trying to tell the audience how amazing it is.

          • I’m no longer convinced the showrunners are able to see the forest for the trees when it comes to Katie Cassidy. They’ve decided to support her and stick by her. I commend them for their loyalty, but it is going to cause a tremendous loss of viewers someday.

          • Heidi says:

            I agree. I hope the writers read articles and comments like these and get a clue. It’s as though someone far removed from the other writers is dialogging for Laurel — or maybe the writers themselves are in a corner with how to project believability into her characterization of Laurel. They have given us many reasons to dislike her, now they’re trying to do a 180 to make us believe she’s not clueless and selfish? She’s been sober what…two weeks now when she should still be detoxing from pills and booze? Keep her on the lawyer side of things to help them. Then they’ll have a cop and a lawyer in their corner. But as a super hero or even someone who “knows Oliver like she knows her own name”? Nope. I don’t buy it and by this thread, a lot of viewers don’t either.

            And pardon my ignorance, but what the heck are the “shippers” people are referring to??

          • wonderwall says:

            Heidi, shippers are basically a group of people who support a relationship on a show, for example there are Oliver/Felicity shippers who are generally the majority of the internet fandom, then there are the Sara/Oliver shippers etc. You get my point :)

          • Heidi says:

            Ah! Thank you for the clarification!

          • Gerri says:

            I agree 100% they need to eliminate the weakest link asap Too much Laurel time could lead to a failed series. She is just not likable and definitely not watchable.

    • max says:

      I don’t quite understand why Olicity shippers get so much hate and Laurel/Lauriver fans get a free pass for comments like this. We’re supposed to be talking smart TV, and the Laurel fan just reduced everyone’s valid opinions about a character to shipping? And it’s the Olicity shippers who get crap?

      • wonderwall says:

        I see it like this: If a truck and a motorcyclist get into an accident, who will be to blame? Most probably the truck because they’re larger and should be more careful. The truck being the Olicity shippers (I’m under the impression that they’re the majority) and the motorcyclist being the Laurel/Oliver fans (the minority). IDK if that made sense at all, maybe I just sound like a regular nut. But still, if anyone knows the toxicity of a bad reputation, it’s most probably Oliver Queen.

      • kikiyo2011 says:

        Extremely valid point.

    • Marc says:

      That fact that you believe the only reason people who hate Laurel must be because they are Olicity shippers is quite simplistic, kinda like Laurel’s so-called character development. Never mind the detailed and VALID reasons that people have outlined so many times on this board with most of them having nothing to do with Felicity.

    • Gerri says:

      I am sorry but that is so wrong. Laurel is an extremely weak, terribly written and even worse performed character. KC is absolutely awlful. My husband said it best in the funeral scene at the graveside he remarked that they finally found something that KC could do, stare blankly. If you watch that scene you will see that is actually all she does. Yet she is supposed to have known Moira well, infact for almost 8 years. I find her obnoxious and so boring that I along with dozens of people I know fastforward through her painful to watch scenes. The producers need to kill her off or lose so many loyal fans. She will never be likable, she is not even believable and not the least bit interesting. She also brings down the spirit of the show every time she makes an appearance. U almost stopped watching the show until Felicity was brought in to the series. You may not want to accept this but Emily B R is the one who made the biggest differnce on the success of Arrow. Even Steve A says she is a major reason the show is doing so well. The chemistry between Oliver and Felicity is amazing and I am sorry but KC has zero chemistry with anyone on the show. She is the weakest link…

    • Nina says:

      Ok first of all please don’t assume that all Oliciters are Laurel haters, I will ship Olicity to my grave but I love Laurel. On the other hand, friends and family of mine are not Olicity shippers but they despise Laurel. Don’t generalize.

      Second of all, Olicity may or may not be fanservice, yes they are a huge deal to the fandom and the writers may be feeding us scenes for ratings or just to please us but it’s also possible that they realized they struck gold with the Emily Bett Rickards/Stephen Amell chemistry and decided to make the most of it. The difference between Laurel/Oliver and Felicity/Oliver is that Felicity and Oliver have more of a natural, organic chemistry that was there from the start, it doesn’t feel forced in the slightest and their scenes are few and far between. Laurel’s scenes with Oliver are heavy, very dramatic and people just don’t respond well to it, thus they feel forced. Particularly since they seem to be so stubbornly sticking to the Laurel/Oliver Clark/Lois kind of thing even after such a negative response.

      Also when it comes to backstories keep in mind Felicity was never supposed to be a main and is a minor character in the comics. Her time will come, they’ve just got to WRITE it first.
      I don’t know why you feel the need to drag Felicity down to bring Laurel up. They are two completely different characters.

  29. A says:

    Laural is such a Britta

  30. M3rc Nate says:

    I was hoping Oliver would take Mirakuru (however its spelled) and heal his knee (sorry but he gets his knee SMASHED…obviously tearing every tendon in it, then hes got a brace, then a limp, then jump kicking badguys in the span of 1-2 days? lol) and then being able to take on all those guys and Slade….but then STAR labs finds the cure and he is cured along with Roy.

    Id say one of the most exciting things in this episode to me was seeing the previews for next week, because Malcolm Merlyn is back!

    My predictions? Laurel is on the path to becoming BC (sadly)….i think Sara aka Caity comes back for the Finale to help fight as BC, and gets killed (thus Laurel takes up the BC mantle and is taught how to fight etc by Oliver)….i was SO thinking Thea would be on a path of badness but that last talk he gave her seemed to bring her back to being purehearted and remove the darkness from her heart.

  31. Sara says:

    Ok, enough about how much of a disappointment Laurel’s character is. How about the teaser for next week that had John Barrowman?! I knew he was coming back, but it still made me giddy!

    • Ali says:

      I am extremely excited about Borrowman’s return. I really think he’s going to team up with Oliver, Sara, Nyssa and Co. to take Slade down. That is going to be very fun to watch.

      • Sara says:

        That would be kinda awesome! I figure he is there to protect Thea and in his weird way the city, since his whole reason behind destroying the Glades was to make the city better. I can’t wait to see Barrowman tear up the screen!

  32. rk535 says:

    Its hard to see such good acting with Felicity with such lacking moments with Laurel. This whole “i know you better than anyone ollie” crap… HE’S ARROW AND YOU JUST FIGURED IT OUT. What a dork. lol. I’m rooting for more felicity, but I think it would be a tragic but brilliant twist on the writers part for something tragic to happen to our favorite IT girl. It is wishful thinking to have laurel be “accidentally” written off, but who knows!

  33. azu says:

    I haven’t watched this episode yet. Seems like there was a lot of laurel. Yuck! Vomit!!! I dislike that character so much. I don’t know if it’s the acting or the writing or a combination of both. Most of the actors on this show aren’t that great but they make it work. But laurel? Just no!!!

    • SonOfCoul says:

      There really isnt a LOT of Laurel in this episode, just that there’s a few big moments that really stand out that are annoying the hell out of(nearly) the entire Arrow fanbase.

  34. kath says:

    It was a really good episode… until they brought Laurel in to save Oliver with her amazing understanding of him (that’s never been shown on the show, all she does there is completely fail to understand him).

    In the promo for the next episode, she’s shooting a bow and arrow. That, like everything else, is totally unearned, unlike Sara, Diggle, Roy or even Felicity.

    If the choice is to accept Laurel as Oliver’s leading lady next season or not watch, I’m not watching. The few minutes of Team Arrow/Quentin/Thea scenes can’t make up for this.

    • stacy says:

      “In the promo for the next episode, she’s shooting a bow and arrow. That, like everything else, is totally unearned, unlike Sara, Diggle, Roy or even Felicity.
      If the choice is to accept Laurel as Oliver’s leading lady next season or not watch, I’m not watching. The few minutes of Team Arrow/Quentin/Thea scenes can’t make up for this.”

      I’m with you. It’s unearned. They’ve tried to incorporate her into Team Arrow in such a simplistic way, it makes me dislike her more. And if it really looks like she’s part of the team, I’m done, too. I might stick around if they keep Caity Lotz, but if they get rid of her to make room for Laurel? Nope.

    • JC says:

      If the choice is to accept Laurel as Oliver’s leading lady next season or not watch, I’m not watching. The few minutes of Team Arrow/Quentin/Thea scenes can’t make up for this.
      I agree 100%.

    • Gerri says:

      I agree with you 100% if they are going to force the worst character and weakest actor on the show on us so much I will stop watching too. KC just makes me want to turn off the tv she is just so boring and downright bad. She was completely miscast no chemistry with Stephen. Bring on the Olicity

  35. James D says:

    some nice work by Stephen tonight he has come a long way as an actor this season. I guess I’m in the minority but I think Laurel more spacifically Katie has come a long way since last season, she might not be peoples favorite but at least she has the balls to get involved dispite not having any training or gifts. I personally am looking forward to seeing her journey towards becoming Black Canary take place. and not to start any flame war here but I don’t really understand the vitriol toward her. too each there own I guess. good episode can’t wait to see the final episodes. If i were Ollie I’d call Dick Grayson so he can go all nightwing on Slade and his cronies, never hurts to have backup :)

    • stacy says:

      I don’t hate her…I just don’t care about her anymore. The acting between Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy made me cringe…I actually changed the channel midway (but from what I gather from the comments, it got pretty bad, huh?). I guess it also has something to do with how much I like Caity Lotz as the BC…

      I also hated how simplistic Laurel’s story lines have been. She got through being an alcoholic fast…and she hangs out at a bar…with her bartender sister…that’s probably more a CW-trivializing-alcoholism-and-addiction-thing than a Laurel thing. But the blackmailing her boss twice? That’s just stupid.

      I think Arrow would love to have Nightwing on board, but they don’t have the rights (I think I read that somewhere). If they did though, I’d ship Dick Grayson with Felicity. I think EBR and SA have amazing chemistry as actors, but as characters, I think Oliver should be celibate. Sex with him is bad luck. Laurel…turned into Laurel. Sara was shipwrecked. McKenna was shot. Shado died. Helena’s in jail. Isabel’s evil. I mean, really…I want Felicity as far away from him as possible.

    • Pat says:

      A nicely written comment, James. I agree with everything that you have said in your post. So I guess you can add me to the minority.

    • Heidi says:

      Maybe the call from STAR labs was that “The Flash” woke up and will help them defeat Slade’s army. And you’re kidding right, that Laurel “all-of-a-sudden” is able to effectively use a bow and arrow? What? Did she learn that in college? Come on, writers!!

    • Gerri says:

      I am sorry but everyone I know dozens of people can’t stand her on screen and actually fastforward through her moments. I have to she is so irritating and her delivery of lines leaves a lot to be desired. The worse thing tptb could do would be to make her the Black Canary. That could truly kill the series. There is no way KC has the skill to pull off the character.

      • Luca says:

        She was chosen also for her skill of building up her body to (maybe) become BC. I don’t think she’s a bad actrees. Stephen instead is the worst one!

  36. Tina B. says:

    This episode was a sleeper cause it centered around the most boring character! Maybe she was supposed to be swinging a lead pipe but it sounded like a tap with a feather. I’m bored with this Laurel crap! Fail!

  37. anne says:

    Laurel always seems so forced in the plot line for me, it’s never organic. She was a drunk and a drug abuser and then in one episode she is sober and giving relationship advice for her sister and ex-boyfriend and then she blackmailed her boss twice and now she tells Oliver she knows him, she didn’t know that he was the Arrow for 2 years, Slade told her.
    If she becomes BC instead of Sara who is a badass and has great back – story i might quit watching in season 3. Caity Lotz really nailed the part plus her chemistry with Stephen is way better. And her action scenes are great to watch.

    • Luca says:

      Something in tv-shows happens backgrounds, not on the screen. And Laurel’s romantically advices are in 2×16. She had 2 episodes to grow as more awarness person. The show can’t be entirely on what Laurel does! There are a lot of plot-things, not concerning Laurel, that doesn’t fit at all on show. For example: Where was Roy in 2×13 and 2×14? He wans’t in the foundry, and that’s not natural: He had just entered Arrow’s world! I think people should watch the show as it is..there are a lot of little mistakes one can complain about, but other tv series are written soooooooo bad! Arrow is one of the best! And please stop hate Laurel everytime she does something! For action scenes they have stuntmen. And Katie Cassidy told at her panel, that she may be taken also for her capability to build up her body!

  38. bean says:

    I loved the Thea-Oliver scene. I think that was one of my favorites. And Oliver waking up, looking at Digg, and saying: “What the hell Digg?”

    Not a fan of either Felicity or Laurel speech…mostly because Felicity should have grabbed him and given him the Laurel speech (wasn’t she the one who said “Go, get Thea”) and because…I really want to go back to when Laurel didn’t know and I could fast forward through her scenes without missing the parts with the characters I enjoyed. See, I didn’t mind Laurel so long as her storyline was far removed from everyone else’s and I could just skip her scenes…but if she’s part of Team Arrow…then fast forwarding won’t work…and that’s gonna be a problem for me.

    I hate that everyone knows who Oliver is now. I mean, seriously…did the show just decide it was gonna switch from Batman Begins to Iron Man? Season 3, he’ll be mayor of Starling City and giving press conferences about being the Arrow.

    • janean137 says:

      You and me both. I too was a Laurel fast forwarder. I enjoyed this because A. it allowed me to reduce my already extensive TV watching down by a few minutes and B. I hate her character and it felt good knowing I wasn’t missing anything important. And now that may all be jeopardized because she is going to become the freaking Black Canary.

    • GreenArrow12 says:

      I think authors are going to do that as in the comic boom.. The only thing is tha the killed people, so becoming public is not that easy!

  39. wonderwall says:

    I’m actually really curious… I wonder what Matt Mitovich thinks of Laurel… Matt? You there? Can you hear me?

  40. janean137 says:

    Oh whenever i see Laurel I literally fast forward…because I aint got no time for that nonsense! lol She is soooooo boring! Even if you made her black canary, hearing her whiny voice all of season 3 is literally going to make me go crazy! (i am so dramatic lol) But seriously, all of season 3 is going to be a lose /win because I am going to have to deal with Laurel and her being black canary.

  41. Mia says:

    I loved her last night but not as much as I LOVE when all the haters’ heads exlpode because of her XD

    • Gerri says:

      You may love her buy she is the weakest link and making her the Black Canary could kill the show. KC is just not that talented. She is not the least bit believable and is truly dragging down a great show.

      • Luca says:

        Please…if she’s not talented, who’s? (In the show I mean) You may say she has no chemistry with Amell, but I think Stephen Amell is one of the worst actor I’ve ever seen..ALWAYS the same facial expression! Always! At least Katie pretends to have those feelings!

  42. JC says:

    Well. That was a fantastic episode. Or rather, that would have been a fantastic episode if it had not been completely destroyed by Laurel Lance. Wow. Seriously. If this is what they have in mind for season three, count me out. As far as I’m concerned, she completely ruined every single scene she was in – every scene she was in came across as incredibly forced, artificial, and heavy handed. (And, ok, I’m sorry, I don’t usually do this, but can we talk about her makeup for a moment? Because wow, the makeup department must have had it in for her this week, because that heavy lipstick and eye makeup was doing her no favors. It was totally distracting and not in a good way.) Everyone else was amazing….Thea, Walter, Felicity, Diggle, Quentin. But what the heck are they doing with her? They keep giving us mixed messages… week we find out Oliver got another girl pregnant right under Laurel’s nose, and the next she’s giving him pep talks and telling him she knows him better than she knows her own name. One minute Oliver’s saying “this started with the three of us – we should get back to that” (and the fandom cheers) and the next he’s running down the alley hand in hand with Laurel! What are you DOING writers? I don’t get it. Not even a little bit. It’s too bad, because in every other way, it was a great episode. Too bad they had to ruin it by the blatant Laurel promotion.

  43. JC says:

    On the bright side, maybe this episode can finally kill off all those “Ivo is Felicity’s father” theories. Because if Felicity’s mother was a Vegas cocktail waitress, it’s highly unlikely she was also Ivo’s sick wife. If Felicity’s father was anyone on the island (and I’m still very much hoping not at this point), I think it’s more likely to have been Pete, the guy who just sacrificed himself in this episode. I’m still hoping, however, that Felicity’s backstory ends up being totally independent of the whole island drama.

    • wonderwall says:

      I have a theory that Felicity’s dad may be Kent V. Nelson (Doctor Fate). Maybe not the full on magical version, but the more realistic kind… Someone intuitive and a genius (thus Felicity being a genius). It sort of fits. In the comics he has a daughter and is divorced. His headquarters is also in Las Vegas! I think it would be interesting to see the show bring in a character like this!

  44. Decent set-up episode. Kind of plodded but there was a lot to go over. Main waste of time was the ARGUS bit really, though hopefully that’ll pay off next episode. Secondary lair too.

    I actually didn’t mind Laurel this episode, but she felt like an improvement on regular Laurel, so that helped. She’s definitely not a good character yet given how awful she’s been written (and how bland she’s been performed, which isn’t entirely Katie Cassidy’s fault since I remember seeing a few times, well, she was at least more alive if anything) but once again we have a character more annoying than anything suddenly having at the very least potential to improve now that she is active in the Arrow’s world. I keep being reminded of how annoying Felicity was before she joined the team, or how uninteresting Sarah being still alive initially was. Hopefully this is the start of an epic saving throw to salvage the character and justify her being around.

    • wonderwall says:

      Actually, Felicity was wildly popular pre-arrow-business. She was only supposed to be there for one episode, but because so many people loved her, she slowly became a regular. And if Arrow’s main goal is to ‘salvage’ Laurel, count me out because I’d rather focus on the interesting characters. I’d rather focus on Felicity’s backstory and her life outside of the lair. I’d rather focus on Digg and his years as a soldier. I’d rather focus on Thea and her precarious relationship with Oliver. there are so many good things about the show… but dedicating time to retcon a character who’s been so unwatchable isn’t something I look forward to tbqh :/ Especially with the way they’re rushing Laurel’s development. And because this is the CW, I’m pretty sure her character development is going to revolve around her relationship with Oliver (which in my opinion is a joke. Their relationship should be in the past where it belongs. I would like to see a friendship between them though).
      I wish I could share your enthusiasm! I think you’re lucky that you’re so positive about Laurel, unfortunately I can’t be :/

      • GreenArrow12 says:

        Laurel is my favourite character. I don’t like her storyline as well, but at least she has one, pretty big one, instead of Felicity who didn’t forse theese 2 seosons…Laurel could be miswritten or miscasted, but all that hate..I don’t really get it. She has been through a lot and sher reacted as she could. She can’t be strong (emotionally speaking) as the arrow is right now. But I think that if Felicity was taken everything from her, maybe you ould see her in a different way..just saying..

        • wonderwall says:

          Even though Laurel had a larger arc than Felicity, it’s glaringly obvious that more people like Felicity despite how underdeveloped her character is. Just goes to show how hated Laurel is. Also, It’s not hate if people have legitimate reasons towards thinking that Laurel has been miscast. Just because someone doesn’t like your favorite character doesn’t mean they’re hating on her. They’re simply criticizing her. There’s quite a difference.

          I don’t even know why you’re bringing Felicity into this conversation. It’s not about her tbqh. But okay, I’ll indulge you I suppose… First of all, you can’t really tell how Felicity would react if everything has been taken from her because it hasn’t happened. But from what I can tell you, from what we learned this episode, Felicity is one of the most resilient characters out there. We could tell Felicity didn’t have much in Nevada. She was poor, she had to overcome her father leaving her, she isn’t really close with her mother, she left her home and moved 2000 miles away to go to college instead of stayed at home to become a cocktail waitress, started working for QC then the VIGILANTE… Felicity built a life of her own out of nothing and with no help. That to me shows a heck of a lot more character than Laurel has ever shown on this show. Just sayin’.

          • GreenArrow12 says:

            If you read some comments below that there are 2 “I hate laurel!”. My comment was a general one. Besides I think I am allowed to make comparison between 2 characters! I think Felicity’s character is strong enough to bring all that burden (about being Vigilante’s coordinator and so keeping that secret and so on) because of her past, and now she’s nice and pretty but MAYBE when she was in her dark period she could have been less pleasant, but I don’t know if we ever get to know that! I would like to know more about her since I told you, she has a lot of scenes, but no story-line! I would really like that to happen! I am sorry if something is mispelled or badly written but I am not american :/

          • wonderwall says:

            Sorry dude, but what you’re doing isn’t called comparing. You’re just listing all of Felicity’s faults and trying to list all of Laurel’s strengths. That’s not what a comparison is supposed to be. A comparison is looking at both the weaknesses and strengths of both characters and comparing them. That’s why no one can really take your comments seriously because you’re not doing it right. Felicity has had her dark period. It was in her past where she had nothing and no one (not even her own mother I presume). How did she take it? She didn’t accept it and wanted better for herself so she made it happen. Felicity was proactive whereas Laurel’s just getting everything handed to her. She blackmailed her boss to get her job back, blackmailed her again to get her dad out of prison. She recovered from her addictions seemingly overnight, she got over Sara and Oliver being together overnight even though she had a right to be upset with them. That’s not development. That’s just Laurel having things handed to her on a silver platter. Laurel’s ‘arc’ is a joke and oversimplified. Maybe that’s why people can’t take her seriously.

          • GreenArrow12 says:

            If you keep telling no one cares about my comments, please stop answering. Just to be coherent. Besides you can’t really compare Laurel’s journey that lasted at least 12 episodes with Felicity’s one that was told in one minute of conversation. Laurel’s admitting she’s an alcoholist or drug addicted and trying to solve that is character development.

    • Trish says:

      This is a good post, although I’m still not on the Sara boat yet.

  45. Justin says:

    I really hated tonight’s show. Laural just brought the whole thing down. I browned every time she appeared on screen. I will hate it if Laurel becomes the fourth wheel to Team Arrow. I miss Sarah. At least she fits in. But she’ll probably die next so that Laurek and be forced into being a member of Team Arrow and Canary. Sigh. They’ll probably kill Isabel off too. Summer Glau has really been wasted. So disappointed in this show right now.

  46. Mr. Sunshine says:

    Wow, that was a great episode to set up the finale this season!! I’m not a fan of Laurel’s character, but I just don’t get all the hate from her here. People it’s just a show; there are wars, people are starving, and so many are homeless. In the grand scheme of things, if you don’t like what they are doing with the show there is a remote handy I’m sure. Oh well, can’t wait for how it’s all going to end in the next few episodes. I was a huge Smallville fan; I’m enjoying this show as much or more than that one! Of course, I was a huge comic book fan as a kid. :-)

  47. Kate says:

    Pretty ironic that although Kathy Cassidy is one of the reason I began watching this show (I loved her as Ruby in SPN), her character is the reason why I’m considering not watching anymore.
    Laurel feels very cold, and seems to be high and mighty to me. This acting choice was great when KC was portraying Queen B and evil characters with no humanity but Black Canary is supposed to be a warm and sympathetic character.
    It’s like when she’s acting compassionate, it comes to me as hypocritical, like she’s not sincere, not feeling it. Comparing that to all the other “good” characters in Arrow who I feel I can relate to even when they’re making bad choices, it makes her scenes cold and not interesting to me.
    To the point that even when I’m supposed to feel sorry for her (she got screewed pretty badly by oliver and Sara and her life has not been a peace of cake), I don’t care at best and at worst, I’m feeling for the one who wronged her and just want her to disapear from my screen so that the great parts of this show can come back !
    I tried really hard to like her cause I realise that per canon, she’s supposed to become a really important part of the show and I really don’t think the writers will have the guts to go against canon and either make the actress they engaged to be the female lead play to her strengh wich is playing b!tchy character either get rid of her. In vain…
    Too bad cause this show can be really really good and the other actors really all have great chemestry with each other.

  48. lu says:

    I hate Laurel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. mary says:

    I don’t think they’ll kill Sara this season, they’ll save it for future but it’s obvious they’re gonna stick with original plan and make Laurel BC which is a horrible idea and it will only make people more furious. They are too stubborn to admit that Katie Cassidy is wrong for this part, I really tried to like her but last night’s episode proved that no matter which storyline they give her, she’s the same. That scene in Arrow cave was cringe-worthy.

    Sara will forever be better BC so when the times comes and they decide to kill her, I’ll be done with the show as well.

  50. Ncooke says:

    I hate Laurel! And i hate all of the flipping Masks